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She's A Little Runaway

Summary: I may effectively be out of commission until the 2nd so it was mandatory, nay, DESTINED that I get one last scene out beforehand. Now, Ms. Manylogs, I have you beaten at your own game, using your own searing fists of RP! And when I return I'll just have to RP with you again to catch up. How'd you like them bananas? My brain is breaking and I need to go to bed, so without further ado... the scene unfolds! In which a beautiful friendship is born. Destiny calls once again.

Who: Devi, Niamh
When: December 27th, 2008
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain

You find yourself standing in around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the North kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Devi runs in from the south, her backpack bouncing on the ground as she stops. Bending over,she puts her hands on her knees and breathes deeply. Cracking her neck, she checks behind her, making sure the prinnies that have just finished attacking her weren't following. "Fuck." Plopping down on a bench, she takes a minute to enjoy the warm sun breaking through the trees, falling in slivers on her pale but flushed face. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" Taking a second, she checks her pack, making sure that they didn't rip it, and she didn't forget her sketch book at the bar. Thankfully, she didn't. Relinqishing one last glance in the direction of the Bar, she shakes her head. "Bloody savages."

As Devi speaks, an amused gaze watches her from on high. As she curses her unseen assailants, its owner shakes her head lightly, reaching up to idly rub at the edge of her mouth with an extended thumb.
"Tut, tut. A woman really should know how to defend herself."
The voice rings out clearly enough; well spoken and most certainly belonging to a female. It echoes a bit oddly though, seeming to come from several directions at once. It's certainly nearby, and a few glances around should at least allow Devi to pick out a pair of booted heels swinging at the peripheral of her vision. Niamh is perched not far from the bench, straddling the top of a lamppost, one hand clamped to her hip and a wide grin smearing across her face once she's spotted.
"But I was thinking a similar thought myself. Clarify, though," she pulls at the edge of her leather helm, rubbing the coarse material as her head tips to one side, bright blue eyes sparkling down at Devi, "'What' the hell... or /where/ the hell?"

Devi jumps slightly, having thought that she had managed to get some solitude, the one thing that she's been unable to find since appering in this weird sci-fi world. She does indeed spot Niamh, only after looking around quickly to locate the source. Devi snaps quickly, "I know how to defend myself." Again her mind wanders back to her date with Nny. The one where he ended up trying to kill her and she left an imprint of her boot in his face. Taking a deep breath in, she trys to dispel her grouchiness. "Prinnies." As if that should be able to explain it all. "They.." She grinds her teeth in anger and embaressment. She won't be able to say it. They groped her. And she usually doesn't let anyone live after even coming close to that, but the Prinnies had the advantage of Devi not knowing what the hell they were, or how to deal with them.

Niamh doesn't seem to hold the same opinion as Devi, grinning back quite happily, and seemingly without motive - it doesn't seem like she's been lying in wait. "Hey, no, I'm sure you can watch your own back just fine," the fey woman responds quickly and easily to the younger woman's assertion, waving her hand in the air and bringing it down just a touch slowly. Just enough to bring to mind the very ghost of sarcasm. Just enough to be incredibly unfuriating to someone who's had a long day.
"Prinnies? Fair enough." The name is echoed back without any form of recognition. She's not bothered about appearing knowledgeable, even quirking a shoulder in a dim shrug. Giving a few lethargic nods, Niamh watches Devi levelly for a few moments, then starts to lean forward. Both hands are atop the lantern now as she bends at the waist, showing off enviable flexibility as she drops her torso almost parallel to the ground.
"You look flustered," the fey points out, her pointed face displaying some concern. Her glance flickers sidelong across the local area, before she looks back to Devi with a frown upon her brow. Her tone shifts gear, no longer chatty; lower, more private, that of a confidante. "Some things one lady doesn't need to say to another. Did... did they try to touch you?"

Devi says, "Fucking demon penguins." She misses Niamhs' body language, and if she knew, she'd be happy she did. She -has- had a long day. Being called names by a medusa style freak, then attacked by.. THEM, it would shorten anyone's temperment considerably. "And flustered is a huge understatement. Insanly pissed, now that's closer to the mark." If she dared going back, she'd hit the gym and let off some steam. But there is no way she's going back on that street if she can avoid it. As Niamh hits the mark of her violation, it clearly scrawls it over her face. "Bloody... fucking... savages." Each word dripping more then the last with true hatred and contempt.

Funny thing, but after two decades as a human being, generally speaking the art of shapeshifting tends to become a tricky one to utilise. Niamh is no exception; she wasn't even that fabulously talented before her transformation. But she makes do where she can, and who said only the Sidhe could control their appearance? The very moment that the suspected reaction appears on Devi's face, the perching prankster breaks out in a devilish fit of the giggles, leaning back and clamping a hand to her mouth.
It's soon torn away as she starts to laugh more loudly, head tossed back with dirty blonde locks flowing. Finally she stops, breathing heavily past a positively huge grin, glancing toward Devi with tear-speckled eyes. "Oh... that's priceless... y-you said 'demon penguins', right? Sorry." The fairy woman pauses to clear her throat, and uses the lacy sleeve around her left wrist to wipe at her eyes, "I love this place already. Seriously, how are you holding up?"
Niamh makes another attempt at looking serious, though this one is considerably less believable, her raised hand going to one side of her mouth as she warns, "I heard there's some rather highly sexed chipmunks lurking around here, you might want to think about moving on..." Because clearly, we can't piss off the poor girl enough.

Devi's face contorts, flashing through numorus expressions as she trys to rationize and attempt to not beat the shit out of this stranger. "Look, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you, goddamnit, but if you got your ass molested by stoned flightless birds, maybe you wouldn't be so fucking happy!" Her voice rattles as she strains it. "Who the hell are you anyway, to mock me? Who are you at all? And what concern do you have for -my- wellbeing? Look, there's plenty of life back at the UR, if you wanna suck someone dry of their pride. Get hoofin bitch!" Her slender frame shakes, pale face beet red from Niamh's jokes and her anger. Fists clenched so hard she's white knuckling, and hasn't even relized that she's stood up, much less starting to shout at this new, insolent woman.

Niamh sits through the explosion nonplussed, calmly watching with blue eyes only a tad unnerving for their lack of blinking. It's not as though Devi will notice; she's quite busy being hauled kicking and screaming into a reaction that's.. pleasing, for a variety of reasons. The changeling is careful not to torment her further throughout the tirade, allowing the girl her catharsis. Wonderful!
"Hmm," she purses her lips once it's over, considering Devi with a somewhat lofty stare down her nose, chin canted upward. Then, her lips quirk, her teeth bare, her baby blues glint. "I /like/ you! If I promise to feed you, can I keep you?" She wiggles her shoulders in a manner which might be cute, in other circumstances, and then promptly fades from view. Her image is a shadow-struck blur, before it momentarily exists in two distinct positions; up on the post, and directly in front of Devi.
"I'm not going to go anywhere. I wouldn't even if I didn't like you," she explains matter-of-factly as she fades into solidity, hands clasped behind her back, feet clapped together beneath her skirts, "Because you just mentioned exactly the place I'm looking for. Besides which, I was here first. Technically you owe me an apology." With this next attempt at annoyance she shifts forward, smiling demurely at her enraged victim, "Did they really take you between the buttocks?" She's a nice person. Really. This is just too much fun!

Sighing, it feels to Devi that this is going to be one of those people that she's gonna have to beat over the head with a baka mallet in order to get something across. She's suddenly very happy she's not blonde. Gritting her teeth at Niamh's last comment, Devi restrins herself and decides to be the 'bigger person' as it were, and not grace the jab with a reply. You really must admire her control here. And thank your Gods that she's not with the rest of her mind, or powers."I am not an animal, and you may not keep me." Every word spoken deliberatly and with an air of finality. Devi ignores the fading blur, keeping her eyes locked on the figure in front of her. No need to look like a total prat. "Tehcnically, I don't owe you shit, and the UR is that way." She bows sarcastically, and motions towards the South exit. "Help yourself." She sits back down and crosses her legs under her, waiting for Niamh to leave or bug her more, so she can decide if she even wants to try to pull out her sketch book and work a bit.

"How rude..." It's spoken in an amused sotto voce as Devi plops herself back down, the Sidhe watching her with a curved eyebrow, otherwise unshifted from her position. She draws in a quick breath and then curls forward into a swift bow of her own, though it's a gesture of the merest courtesy. "You were supposed to at least hit me, you know," she expains helpfully as she straightens, and strides over to the opposite end of the bench. A hand slides to the hilt of her sabre as she uses the other as a point of balance to swing herself into a seated perch on the back of the seat.
"I still like you," she adds after a moment in silence, turning her gaze away from Devi to look out across the park, a sedate little smile on her previously teasing lips. "You're very... normal, though. Is that healthy, here?" Bright blue eyes alight on the other woman once more, the words accompanied by a questioning tilt of the head. "So far I've met an idiot savant with limbs of rubber, who lives in a galleon on top of a tall building, and a whole host of folk who didn't seem too happy to see a newcomer." Her fingers thrum meaningfully against the lacquered hilt of her weapon.
"You," she lifts a finger toward Devi, then leans back with a chuckle, "You're a human, and you've either got a perfectly rational, mundane sort of mind or a very finely balanced form of insanity." Thin lips tug into a half-grin. "Which is more or less the same thing, really."

Devi snorts faintly. 'Well, thank god I didn't.' She still isn't sure if Niamh liking her is a good thing though. The girl still seems fairly harmless. A jokester, to be sure, but over all... At the finger point (of DOOM), Devi shakes her head. "Maybe I'm normal here. It'll be a change. I've only met a woman who resembled Medusa, a half dead girl, and the demon penguins. So, my bright new happy outlook on this place has diminished quite a bit. " If Devi had to bet on the mundane or insane mind, she'd have to learn towards the insane. Having woke up in the middle of Twisted Street with only her backpack, a couple of bucks and no idea how she got here, it's bound to turn anyone insane. If only she hadn't quit at the bookstore. "So who are you? You still havn't told me your name, or... what you are." Obviously not Devi's definition of Human.

"Gorgons, demons, and the walking dead?" Niamh muses, eyeballs rolling upward and lips pursing to a thoughtful pout. She peers at the distorted heavens for a couple of seconds, then looks down with a soft 'hmm'. "It's almost as though this place exists to plunder various mythologies, dragging them kicking and screaming," Relatively serious or not, she savours those two words, grin flaring back into life, "Into a sprawling arena-world, where they do battle for the dark enjoyment of the bloody-minded gods!"
"But," she snaps back to reality without realising she'd wandered into fantasy land, "I wouldn't know anything about that, really. I'm just like you; new, clueless, and human." As she speaks the last word she reaches up and whips off her headgear, goggles and all, sending burnished locks flying. Dropping the helm into her lap, she then pulls her hair aside to reveal a petite, very human and normal ear. "See?" She offers as though this were all the evidence Devi could require, tweaking the lobe with a dextrous finger.

An actual laugh, Niamh manages to drag from Devi D. The first in a while, though she won't admit to something as personal as that. "Yeah, I'm sure the Gods would revel in the blood their creations must spill." She chuckles and shakes her head, cropped black hair shimmering in the sun. Looking at Niamh's ear, Devi smirks. "I don't think that a human can do that trick that you did. I've seen a lot of people and I'm faily positive that none of them could do something like that. Well, slight of hand maybe, but not the real thing. If people can get real fangs attached to their teeth, your ears can be fixed to look like humans." She laughs lightly again, thinking of the Club, and the stupid 'vampires' that layed within that shit hole. "No, I don't think you're my species."

Laughter makes the world go round! Given that Twisted's twisted streets and chaotic wastelands seem to rotate their pattern on a second-to-second basis, a laugh in the right place at the right time /here/ could cause a fully fledged dimensional shift. Which would just make for even more good times. Where's the fun in being staid and serious when you can have a blast, and possibly get even more bang for your buck? Niamh's habitual devil-may-care flash of teeth greets Devi's train of logic as it pulls in at the station. "You're far too smart, missy," she notes, allowing her hair to once again cover the dismissed ear and shrugging broadly, palms lifting to either side, "Guilty as charged. I must be losing my touch - twenty two years, four months, one week, and you're the first to get it at the first meeting." She doesn't actually seem surprised; impressed, yes. Though at the girl's attitude more than her reasoning.
Setting her hands in her lap, she raises her posture and heaves a mock sigh before rather grandiosely delivering her next words. "I'm a bona fide fairy of the Unseelie Court, chosen to switch places with a human child in order to-" Hesitation, then laughter, as she slumps back to her previous position with a dismissive shake of her head, "Okay, I'll admit, we just do it for fun. That's what life's all about, much as you people seem to strive for some greater point and purpose."
"Niamh," she offers at last, extending one hand across the bench toward Devi, "Niamh mac Lir. Normally I'd tell you I'm a two-thousand year old queen, but it's been a weird day and frankly you've proven you're a bit beyond that kind of tale. I doubt my identity counts for much around here anyway."

Honesty? That's somthing that Devi didn't think would happen. Most -would- say that they were some big powerful Bad-ass come to eat the world or something. Devi apperciates and respects honesty. Shaking hands, Devi says, "Devi D. Bona fide homosapien." Her hand drops back into her lap, and she picks at the felcks of dryed paint on them. "Usually, it's better to be thought stupid, but with the day I've had, I don't feel like setting up the pieces for it." It's a complicated game! "A fairy? Really. I thought you guys were tiny and hyper, and stole peoples' keys." 'I don't think anyone counts for anything around here.', Devi muses to herself. But then again, no one really counted for much of anything back home either. Interdimentions, and the people are still the same, just in a diffrent skin. As much as Devi would like to brush off the honor of not being fed a tale that's been around for 22 years, she can't help but feel a little honored. "So what's a fairy doing in a fucked up place like this? Doesn't really seem like the kind of things fairies would do." Then again, remember how diffrent Devi's world paints the feys, vesus what they really may be.

Sometimes honesty is just as fun as tricks and duplicity... it's a fact Niamh often seems to forget, but then how many people are willing to be open and frank in the first place? They're among the precious few. To similar end, a slight nod follows Devi's assertion that it's better to be thought of as stupid, and the fey even flickers a self-deprecating sidelong glance at the frontal sweep of her hair. To the understanding of her culture, she barks a laugh.
"I could be tiny and steal keys if I wanted to be tiny and steal keys," she rattles off quickly, rolling her shoulders in a careless shrug, "But we're usually a little more mysterious and sinister. I'd supply some of the other names we've been given - fairy /is/ a little misleading - but... eh." She waves a hand dismissively, "You can read about that stuff. I don't even think of myself as belonging to anywhere in particular. I'm Niamh. I laugh, I cry, I enjoy my little life... who cares who's what?"
She pauses for a moment, looking into the distance with what might be either boredom or thoughtfulness; her gaze goes a little blank, it's hard to tell, but when she looks back it's with a wide grin once more, "Oh, I didn't have any choice in coming here. Did you? I assumed we were all in the same boat. But now I'm here, well, I'm looking for the self-same 'same boat' I arrived in. It crash-landed out in the chaos somewhere. The rubbery pipsqueak suggested I should come and check out the UR, look for an icy lady..." "Do you want to get a drink? Food? Apparently the food's good!"

Devi smirks at Niamh's comments. "We may think that no one should care but, eh, humans and most humanoids care very much." Frank truth about her race, should she say so herself. Shaking her head, Devi sighs,"Nope, no choice. I woke up in the middle of Twisted Street and have yet to figure out how I got here. And I'd give my.. well, I'd figure out something I'd be willing to give away to get back to my own world. You'll find a collection of weird people/things in the UR, and your ice lady might be there. But I won't go back, at least not for a bit. I'm going to hunt around, and see if there's a place where I can crash, or at least camp out. If you're really eager, I can meet you there." After the attack, Devi wants some time to chill before she steps foot back in that joint. "But next time, those damned prinnies have it comeing to them. If I had a main purpose, I think it would be the utter destruction of those things." She shakes her head. "Bastards." Yeah, she's kinda stuck on it. Deal.

"You think they don't care that we don't care? We're better than them!" Niamh grins out to Devi, fixing her with wildly sparkling eyes before she bows her head with mock solemnity at the negative response to her invitation. It figures; though she was going to offer a helping hand with the demonic assailants, perhaps that can wait for a later date. Demons being demons, even penguin demons, they won't be leaving their hunting grounds anytime soon.
"As you wish. But you've got some potential, Devi o' the humans," she sing-songs the moniker, accompanying the words with another sacharrine wriggle of the shoulders, "So I'll give you a very special gift. Next time you're bored, lonely, molested, or whatever else you don't like being, we'll meet up again." Suddenly she bounces down from the bench, landing lightly in weighty skirts and heavy boots, and taps herself on the chest as she turns herself to Devi and begins to pace evenly backward - toward the south.
"I'll be less than pleased if I'm in the middle of something, but whenever you fancy, give me a call. Three calls. 'Niamh mac Lir, Niamh mac Lir, Niamh mac Lir!'" With each repetition she raises her voice and adds a tonal quality, practically opera-belting the third, rising on the tips of her toes as she does so. It's no enchanting lilt; she's brash and she likes it that way, but neither is it a horrible cacophany. Grinning broadly, she spreads her arms to either side and executes a dandy's bow, before spinning about and striding away.
"Just remember, if I'm grouchy it's only because I was busy! See you soon, Devi D.!"

Devi raises a hand to the departing fey, a warm smile resting on her thin lips, and a light feeling in her heart. Not bad for a mythical critter, not bad at all. As she watches Niamh meander away, Devi pulls out her book, breathes deeply, and mutters to herself,"I like her."

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