2008-12-29 (PreU) A battle is won, or lost, depending on what side you sit on

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A battle is won, or lost, depending on what side you sit on.


Who: Devi, Oblivion, Sickness
When: December 29th, 2008
Where: Paint Room


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This room has blue walls, posters like 'The brain what licked me' With a very large green brain, it's tongue hanging out covering the walls. At the back wall rests an easel, the legs covered with random paints. There are 2 cabinets on each side of the room, stacked with paint bottles, some full, some empty, and some of the most beautiful colors seen. Cans filled with paint brushes and stacks of notebooks add to a very cozy feeling of the room.


Ranting can be heard from Devi's paint room. A obvious insane ranting. Two voices strike out in the silence, one is the broken and pleading voice of Devi, the other, a sinister harsh and cold voice.. of Devi. The Mazoku side of her, actually. Seems there's a small land war happening, and control of Devi is the land. Oh, but what's this? To look inside would show you Devi huddled against a cupboard, a paint brush in her hand, and a canvas covered in black and red. Her old pal Sickness is sitting in the corner, watching her 'Mother' fight, whispering to her, "Let it go, Mother, the madness will surly overtake you. All this pain and suffering your putting yourself through will vanish, leaving you feeling peaceful." "NO!", Devi screams in turn. Seems her humanity, and the horror of what she's done is at least not losing to much ground. Sickness leans back, a glee-filled giggle bubbling up from her.

"Aaawww.... your gonna kill all the fun! The human side of her is PRECISELY what makes her so AMUSING!". Oblivion appears leaning against a wall.... or the ceiling, since he's 'standing' on the wall "After all, i need my general aware of her actions so she can do what i tell her, not gibbering madly as a mouther with morning breath"

Sickness jumps, having been to focused on Devi's struggle to pay attention to much anything else. She knows who this man is. Devi's secondary Master. She shuffles through Devi's knowledge of him, and decides that she has to step very carefully around him, or he'll botch the whole damned plan. Sickness's screw eyes narrow, only slightly. "Nonsense, the human side of her is what is holding her back." Maybe she can talk this one round to her side, just like she did with the Gorgan.. "Would you rather have a 'General' who questions each of her actions, or one who will go out and do what is commanded of her without all those silly emotions getting into the way?" She leans forward, like she's letting him know a big secret.

Oblivion smiles "Yes. That's what makes her, and many others, so fun. If she thinks of some 'loophole' in my orders i missed when i gave them, then it makes for potential hilarity! Her questioning orders could reveal something i missed. Only a fool ignores the advice of their advisers and generals, even if they don't have to listen to such advice". He smiles evily "Not only that, the humanity is where the creativity comes from, and the creativity is where all the FUN comes from, be it painting Senior Diablo's corvette flaming pink, in honor of the lower pits, or evicerating a small puppy and hiding the intestines in a plate of someones speghetti." Oblivion snickers "That, and i left in her being her reproductive cycle, just to ensure those emotions KEPT on the wild side". He smiles cruelly at that part. Mazoku PMS! FEAR!

Sickness's eye twitches. She should come in at a different point yes, 'He'll understand us then.' She grins, sharp pointed rows of teeth glinting in the florescent light of Devi's room. "You misunderstand me, Complivion.. No, -Obl-ivion. Sorry. Her humanity will only bring her down in the end. I won't destroy her mind, she just won't care if she's doing wrong. Surly a high evil like yourself can understand the silver lining in that. No, I won't take your general away from you, just..." Her grin widens impossibly. "Improve her, as it were." Of course she doesn't let her face show that that's not all she plans to do, nor that he'll have to remove her, or shut her down by force, no, no need to show the natives what a perilous time this is.

Oblivion LAUGHS! "Oh, so little you understand. Her OWN torment is just as much the point of this as anything. Orders that make her care, but have to do ANYway are WONDERFUL to an evil master of minions. It comes with selling your soul to a higher power, after all". His eyes flash with evil red light at this. He's already comtemplating these options, considering whether it would be better to try to outright remove this 'Sickness', or considers potentially more entertaining options....

Frowning, Sickness mutters, "Stupid beings, not knowing." Her twisted little gaze moves back to study the writhing form of Devi. All that power, screw the Master, she could separate and become something more then just a figment of Devi's mind. She could not have to link to a host! Ah the dreams of the small. But her patience is wearing thin. First Mei, now Oblivion. A parasite can only take so much. She leaches off the power that Devi has, and is sentient in her own right, but. She has to have a host. And Devi's mind is so very tasty. No. She won't let Oblivion get away with stopping her. The panic rises as she speaks, "She'll be better this way, you'll see, you'll see how much more of an asset she is to your cause, she'S mInE and I wOn'T lET HEr sLip iNtO tHe WoRlD oF pOwEr WiThOuT ME!" She clamps bother her 'hands' over her mouth. She hasn't spoken like that since Devi first tried to defeat her.

Oblivion sneers "Oh really, little plaything....". He tries to lock onto the energy signature that is the being of Sickness, and being that Dev D. is a being also of energy now, finding and seeing the difference between the two might not be so hard. If found, he tries to separate the two, and hold them apart, while allowing the energies that are 'Sickness' to drain into the nether. After all, what happens when you pull a tick off someone, then let the blood it drank drip out?

Being that Sickness has been in Devi since she appeared in Twisted, it's not easy, but not terribly hard either. Devi's line of power would be her color, purple, but Sickness's would be black. However as deep as she is in Devi, there are little tendons of Sickness without the whole of Devi. If Oblivion can separate that, he'll succed. Sickness screams, "YoU cAn'T! YoU'lL rUiN eVeRyThInG! StOP IT! We AlWaYs WiN, aLwAyS!" She writhes as Oblivion starts the separation, 'picking' out the lines here and there, surly savoring every moment of the figments pain. Sickness launches at him, the fury covering her face as she uses her metal spider legs to try at claw at his visor and chest. "LeAvE Us AlOnE!"

Oblivion brings up his hands, grabbing at her extension's legs, using it as a focus to draw the rest of her to the extension. If this succeeds, then, with it all in one place, he starts to 'squeeze' it, metaphoricly, using the aformentioned example, like a tick thats been picked off someone. Why wait for the devoured blood to leak out, when you can try to squeeze it out slow and steadily. His intent is to try to weaken her to as small as possible.....

If Devi where all together at this moment, she'd think of Sickness as the Wicked Witch of the West, screaming 'I'm melting, MELTING!' Sickness flails trying desperately to get away from this... Pulling a phrase from Devi's files, this fucking bastard. "We'Ll CoMe BaCk, YoU cAn'T kIlL uS!" that part is basically true. If Devi comes back into contact with Nny, who is infected with the same 'parasite', there's a chance Sickness will show back up. As of now though, with her final words said, Sickness screams, the jars of water and paint fracturing, then exploding, covering the 3 with their contents. The more Oblivion squeezes, the more Sickness shrinks, and once he gets down to the smallest point, he'll find himself holding a jagged piece of canvas, with Sickness on it, back to her original form. Nothing more then a drawing. But her face is still fearful and panicky. Devi's mind stops struggling, and she sits up, her eyes fading back to the bright red, her face puffy and pale. She looks very confused. "Blivy?"

Oblivion smiles evilly at the small piece of parchment. He goes over to a clear glass jar, pours out the contents *making more of a mess*, and fills it with paint solvent from a nearby can. He then drops the small form into the glass, hoping it writhes a little as the solvent tries to remove it, but indefinitely cant, i.e. like dropping an immortal into a vat of acid. Screwing on a lid, whether it looks to be in pain or not, he peers at his general "THAT definitely was amusing. Were you aware you were infested with an almost astral-based parasite?". He holds up the jar.

Devi stutters, still disoriented, but when she sees the jar and what's inside it, she manages to blanch even more. "Her?" Her voice starts rising. "That little BITCH MANAGED TO GET ME?!?!" The pale skin flushes quickly, turning Devi back into what she's sure most people see her as. Just angry all the damned time. "HOW THE FUCK??!" Getting up off her knees, she races over to her once forgotten backpack and rips it open, tossing things behind her as she searches. Her head snaps up, and her anger has managed to move up a few levels. "HER EYES ARE GONE!" For those that don't know the story, Devi removed Sickness's eyes and put them in her backpack to remind her.

Oblivion tilts his head at this, amused to no end.... "Her eyes? You kept eyes in your backpack prior to your 'conversion'? How absolutely entertaining. They DO make GREAT party favors, or snacks in a pinch". He sneers at the bottle "I take it you DID know about it".

Devi says, "I knew about her being there, I knew I didn't get rid of her, but I thought that she wouldn't dare coming back after me after my 'conversion'. I though I'd be able to keep her penned up!" Her frustration, and anger at being overtaken by Sickness is plain to see. Devi defiantly doesn't like to get fucked.

Oblivion laughs "You should NEVER pen up such things. You have power. Use it. Let it all loose. Just be careful not to get killed in the process. She should be quite comfy in here for the time being". He smirks "After all this, you do seem a bit beside yourself over things". His smirk is NOT a friendly one, either.

Devi asks, "I should fucking say so." She lowers her head. A Thank you is in order, and she knows it. She fucked up, and she knows that too. But thank you has never been a big part of her vocabulary. ell, she must do what she must do. Very softly, she says, "Thank you, Oblivion." If his bond over her wasn't' so strong in the first place, she'd have a strong bond anyway. How exactly do you pay someone back for saving your ass in such a way?

Oblivion blinks, and puts a hand to an 'ear' "'Scuse me? Sorry, my hearing was off. Say again?". How often does HE, a demon of evil, madness, chaos, and sometimes wet wedgies, get THANKED for something? That, and he can tell it isn't an easy thing, and he can't resist....

Devi's gaze flashes up, a quick burst of fire light in her eyes. She knows he heard her. He could hear a mouse fart from 500 yards. "Thank You." She glares, almost daring him to push it any further. At least she's not like the Fonz, and doesn't stutter over the words. "Now, if you would be so kind... I'd like to rest. As I don't know just how long she's been at me, and I feel rather drained." Oblivion nods, smirking evily. The boss always hasta be a pain to the minions, after all. "Indeed. Your roughly at half power at the moment". He waves the jar in front of her, then drops it into her hands "Enjoy!". He KNOWS shes prolly gonna be nasty to it somehow, if she even can in its present state. With that, he vanishes. Meanwhile, from off to the side, ANOTHER creepy evil doll, Momo, watches all this with great amusement, staring at Devi, and giving a soft giggle....

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