2009-01-05 (PreU) Gentlemen, I like war

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Gentlemen, I like war

Summary: More devilish problems brewing on the horizon. The war steps up another notch as more long forgotten faces of the past step out of the shadows...

"Attention all soldiers of the Millennium Battalion, this is a message from your commander.

Friends... Let's bring them hell." ~Herr Major, Hellsing 'Ultimate' OVA IV

Who: Jack_Karrde, Senior_Diablo
When: January 5th, 2009
Where: Somewhere in Hell

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Hell, well, one of the many Hells. A place where the damned burn forever and a dark lord sits upon a throne. At least that's what this hell was until some years ago. When a demon tainted warrior wrested the throne from the Dark Lord. Now, this hell, is even worse. Demonic warships cover the skies, and soldiers march to and fro. Seems this place is busy. And upon that dark throne sits a man, with black eyes, and red hair, clad in a trench coat. Jack Karrde? Nah, couldn't be. He's vanished and all that.

A loud soul-splitting squeal breaks through the noise of marching soldiers. The shadows, the darkness that surrounds, all suddenly shimmers like the light which is here suddenly can't decide from which direction it's coming from. A large sweeping shadow makes it's way across the floor resting in a pool at the foot of the throne. Suddenly a hand reaches it's way out of the darkness as if it where a hole falling down into the depths of the hells themsevles. A second joins it, followed by a massive metal spike. The spike is actually a helmet and seconds later a seven foot tall beast is standing only a few feet from the throne weilding a blade roughly the size of it's body. It does nothing but stand there however, as the darkness suddenly begins to pull itself into the air forming the shape of a slender man. Well, a slender man with a skull like face and horns petruding out of it at odd angles. It's eye sockets seem to be more like the eyes of an insect as it brings it's weighted gaze upon the man in the throne. "Jack Karrade I presume? It's not easy to find you, you know. Choas Herald? Black Phoenix? Whatever names you have for yourself at this time." The demon looks around the throne room and smirks, "You've been quite busy I see... Perhaps I've come at a bad time?"

And Karrde, the demon, looks at Diablos, "No, you did not. Just having the generals go through some drills. A celestial realm was trying to infringe here." he says tiredly, "They seemed to think this place was weak after the.." and he pauses looking for the right word, "..retirment of the previous lord." and he turns to look at Diablos, "To what do I owe the honor of a visit from a fellow Hell Lord?" he asks with a arched eyebrow. Standing from his throne he gazes out the window. He knows this will be interesting.

Senior Diablo smiles, "Ahh. Good. I can dispense with the usual theatrics then if you know who I am." The hulking beast beside him simply stands and breathes heavily. Diablo gives it a curious glance. "Strange, normally these blasted bodyguards try to kill everything around them and I have to keep them distracted. This one seems content. Maybe it will be a good day after all." This of course, was said more to himself than anything. But as always he's made no effort to keep it to himself. "No, I come here on buisness" he says, turning his attention back to Jack. "As you may have noticed there's a vast number of worlds in the multiverse and slowly the barriers between them are coming down. This is the nature of the world, I'm afraid and one I try to welcome with open arms. This is our fate and fighting it is foolish." He pauses to give the lord of this domain a chance to comment.

And the Demon version of Jack Karrde nods, "..I was long wondering when this would happen. When Dimensional travellers such as my other self, and the one called Skeeve, think creation is their plaything and travel from plane to plane, alternate reality to alternate reality, there is a price to be paid. And it's being exacted now." he states with utter calm, "...Very well..your offer for my support?" and he grins, "You did come here for support in case of encroachers did you not?" he asks with a hint of amusement to his features.

Senior Diablo asks, "Actually my domain, my Hell, has long since become one of a legion which have merged into a single domain. It actually grew to a point where we've been forced to forge a Council of the unified relms to keep from fighting amoungst ourselves like the spoiled children that seem to become the horrible monster which later serve to do our bidding. This relm, clearly, hasn't quite fallen to the point of joining our hell away from home... but we all know that won't take much longer if things go the way they do." From out of the air itself, Diablo plucks a wine glass and sips from it. So much for doing away with the parlor tricks. "We've run into opposition, however. Another set of worlds connected to what has become known as the Twisted Street has it's own self righteous council who seems content at fighting nature at it's source and using obscene magics to continue to keep the worlds apart. Perhaps some of this story is familiar to you?"

With a grimace the Demonic Karrde nods, "All to well. In other worlds and memories." he hmms as he taps his chin, summoning his own glass of whiskey he thinks, "...It;s the nature of mortals to fight nature, thinking they can tame and master it. Fools one and all." he hmms, "You're planning to take out Twisted so the barriers can be dropped, correct?" he asks, he can see where this is going. A Alliance to deal with the Twisted Council.

Senior Diablo nods his head and smiles, "We've tried once before but their 'leader' was less than friendly about it. My goal is to at least take control of a part of this 'Street'. That way the innocents born in Hell can be freed and we can begin to work against this self riteous group without dragging the rest of the landscape down with us. But at this point any chaos we can create would help in the matter. Perhaps your soldiers and warships might like a bit of a vacation? Maybe a training exercise or two in the scenic relm of Twisted?" His smile grows wider still. "Someone with your abilities should have an easy time of it, I'd think."

With a hmm Karrde looks out a window at his domain, and the forces under his command. Yes, this would be interesting. "Very well. I join your council and in return I'll detail two battlegroups of my warships and their support. Also about a few thousand soldiers. There will be no talking from me. My words will be the actions, and." like that that grin turns downright evil. "..I'm a firm believer that actions speak louder than words."

Senior Diablo nods his head once more, "Excelent. I'd offer you a seat at our table, but clearly you have your hands full here. Plus, I think Goddess Alessa might try to kill me if we place another chair beside her." The demon cackles at the thought. Clearly being killed hardly worries him. "Still, we shall see what damage your soldiers can do. Perhaps we can do better than simply a seat if all goes according to plan. Our archives of knoweldge alone can be more than a temptation. We have libraries of knowledge that would put most worlds to shame - but that's the advantages to a shared relm. It always seems to connect to so many more...."

Demon Jack nods, "That would be well. And as for my soldiers. They're good enough for what is in mind. There will be no warning, no threats, no calls to talk. I believe someone named Hitler, who I believe is roasting somewhere around here." he hmms, "Or was I flaying him alive today, coined the term 'blitzkrieg'. lighting war." Well, stand to reason he'd be using the worst of the worst for his plans.

Senior Diablo begins to chuckle at that. "I should introduce you to another member of our Council. A man who calls himself 'Herr Major'. A member of the Letztes Bataillon who managed to rekindle the war against Europe roughly a century later and leveled it in the world he spawned from. Took a nasty shot to the head amoung other wounds and found himself in our care. I think the little bastard wants nothing more than war and violence. Perhaps the two of you should consider joining forces? The SS have a bit of a history for that sort of thing, I'm told."

With a dark chuckle of his own Karrde smirks, "Perhaps. But that can wait until..this is done." and like that the Chaos passes the window, "After this strike is done we can plan more forays." he says with a thoughtful look to his face, "..Now I must call my Generals and ship commanders here to discuss a battle plan. Until later Hell Lord?" he asks as he looks at the ruler of one of the many hells.

Senior Diablo takes an elaborate bow, "But of course." He glances at the 'Pyramid Head'ed beast at his side and motions for it to follow. Soon Diablo and his bodyguard vanish into the darkness from which they came allowing Karrde to carry on with his own goals. One must wonder what horrors are now in store for Twisted....

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