2009-01-07 (PreU) An Invitation to the Dat-Cave

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An Invitation to the Dat-Cave

Summary: Don'tcha hate when stuff gets posted outta order? Oh well, not much we can do. This log features a character introduced in a scene a day ago which hasn't finished I'm told, but since she left the scene before the pause we can't hold that against her can we?

Well some of us would like to... but some of us are perverts.

Yes. I'm talking about you, Arthur.

Who: datenshi, Harley Quinn, suzumi
When: January 7th, 2009
Where: City Ruins - Center

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City Ruins - Center(#2011R)
Here lies a large fountain from which four wide paved streets stretch out in what is assumed to be the directions of a compass. Water doesn't flow from the fountain anymore, but the cracked, and seemingly chewed, remains imply it was once something amasing to behold. There is water at the base of it, likely rain water, but it has become stale and stagnant. Algae and moss has grown over it and from the sounds several frogs and mosquitos have made this their home. There are a few ruined shops here, but the fountain is the main focus of attention. This was likely once a great city before the shift to Twisted. The surprisingly well crafted street here seems to prove this. You'd almost think it was alive...

Standing here before the large fountain at the center of this desolate city is an ominous figure. Magnificent black wings with crackling purple energy down his wings, standing with an air of indifference to the destroyed structures around him. No... it's more than that. This figure seems at home, or even completely at one, with a destroyed backdrop. Like a carrion crow, perhaps? Or a death-like visage in human form? Well, hardly human. There's of course the silvery trademark weapon on his shoulder, and an ancient japanese-style flask in the other hand. Cord wrapped around the clawed and gloved hand. Musing, waiting? Facing the dead fountain, desolate streets. why is this person here? --- And he doesn't seem to be alone. There's another figure there. Sitting on the fountain's edge, with equally raven black hair, is a stunning looking woman with black eyes. She's wearing hardly modest clothing, cut in a strange japanese fashion if you could call it that. She seems to be playing with sharp wires between her fingers as one would play with string, making shapes. It knicks her finger, and blood runs down the wire. The way that she licks her finger could only be described as seductive or disturbing, depending on who watches it. Either way, Datenshi hardly seems to notice as Suzumi crosses her legs and pouts her lips- now cleaning off her wires.

http://xs124.xs.to/xs124/08060/suzume_uchiha-wraithshadow404.jpg - Suzumi.

The streets are quiet as usual. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Well, until a shop window explodes outwards. Voices erupt from the store as one would expect. Screaming, yelling, paniced fear. And oddly enough, singing. "I would cliiiiimb th' deepest river, swiiim the highest mountaaiiin." One by one a loud >THUMP< can be heard from inside silencing each of the voices in turn until only the singer remains. "I would waash my feet in lem'nade if I thought that would do th' trick! I'd would diiiip mah pig in butter, an' ride him 'round the playground..." Out of the window suddenly jumps the happy harlequin from the day before, this time with a heavy loaded sack of something over her shoulder. "If I thought it'd make ya love me I'd puuuut souuuup on a stiiiick!" The clown skids to a halt as her eyes lock onto the Dark Angel and his companion at the base of the fountain. Skipping over towards them she waves and smiles, "Hiya!! Yer the guy from th' other day, ain'tcha?" It's amazing she's not the least concerned about peoples reactions when she meets them a second time.

Datenshi turns around slightly, mostly his shoulder moving, followed by a slight head shift. The corner of his incandescent red eyes lock onto Harley. He's intensely staring, yet showing no real interest as of yet. It's like he's got a 'default setting' stare that is just like that. A clawed finger seems to tap Masamune's handle, almost as if stating its there. But then since when would Datenshi ever be so thoughtful? "Perhaps." His deep voice speaks out, almost if being deliberately cryptic. Guy from the other day could mean many things. Perhaps he doesn't recognise Harley. Or perhaps he just doesn't want to answer an obvious question with an obvious answer. Regardless, that's all Harley gets. However, he does stare over that sack. Probably menial goods... and useless wealth. --- Suzumi doesn't seem a whole lot better, as she finishes licking her finger.. a small smear of red on her lips is left. Somehow it doesn't look messy, simply... normal. "Hum." Eyes narrowing into thick lashed slits, appraising this woman up and down. She doesn't seem particularly special, at least to first glance. Though Suzumi doesn't stare very hard. She just seems to rearrange her wires, licking the blood off them. And without cutting herself. What an unusual ability. Must do wonders at dinner parties.

Harley's smile doesn't fade. Maybe she's used to the dark and brooding types or something. She drops the sack she's carrying and doesn't seem to mind as an 'oomph' escapes from inside. Taking an elaborate bow to the two of them she introduces herself a bit more formally. "The name's Harley Quinn, th' game's robbin' men. Gimmie a buck, or yer shit outta luck. I'll hav'ta start killin' again." Giggling at herslef she briefly goes into a handstand, grabs the sack off the ground and switches back to her feet throwing it over her shoulder again in the process. "The two of ya smell like blood. Ya know of any good places around 'ere that might be good ta hold up in while a gal gets her bearings? Th' hardest part about a vacation is findin' yer way around..."

Datenshi quirks an eyebrow now and turns fully around... now with his back completely facing Harley Quinn. Well, wings anyway. That's all that's really visible from that angle, that and Masamune. He seems to be utterly confident turning his back to her, how rude! A skilled warrior should know better. Especially one who declares her game is 'killing men'. Still, that's what Datenshi does. His voice echoes out across the desolate street, rather amused. "... So, you ask for that? And you don't know, hmm..." Very, very amused. Is it a coincidence? A ploy? Perhaps. "... I know a place you can stay, Harley Quinn, where none can ever reach you, but you can leave freely. Especially those who would wish to see you face punishment." His voice shows distate for the relative concept of 'justice'. "... Step forward a little more, and I will show you such a place." Why would she need to step forward? She'd be well within the reach of that big weapon if she got any closer. --- Suzumi seems to show a shrewd expression, before she leans back with a facinated gaze. Well well well. "... Master, she reeks of evil. Isn't it mesmiric?" Her voice is enticing even as she gives a cold regal laugh. Datenshi doesn't seem to answer her, which causes her to look slightly disgruntled.

Harley leans forwards at the waist and blinks. "Whoa-whoa-whoa. I know that one. Yer gonna spritz me in th' face with some kinda poison, er try ta stab me wit' that big sword of yers. Oh no. Uh-uh. No way. What happened to the criminal code, eh? Last time someone asked me ta step closer to 'em I had my loot stolen straight outta my apartment." She taps the side of the sack she's carrying. "...an' since this happens ta be all I have in th' world right now, I'm not gonna risk it!" Shaking her head from side to side, the clown takes a step away. "You tell me whatcha got planned if I come over there an' I'll decide if I'm gonna do it." She ponders quietly to herself for a moment, mainly to try and decide if she's making a mistake or not. Suzumi's comment crosses her mind at that moment and the girl leans over and smile. "Mesmiric? Gal, ya shoulda seen Hell with me. I tried to tell 'em there wasn't a jail in tha' world that could hold ol' Harle, and I certainly proved myself right." Standing straight again she stares up at the sky pitifuly. "...lucky thing too. That whole dyin' over an' over thin' was scary..." Perhaps she ment to think that and not say it. Oh well, too late now.

Oh, Suzumi seems absolutely mesmirised now. This wonderous little human has so much resolve, it's very interesting! Even though she's captivated though, her eyes seem aloof yet interested. A poker face, probably something Datenshi had her learn. "... Ahhh, you've been to Hell. That's why you were within the waiting room." Of course, Suzumi was there. Watching and doing a bit more. A practiced lean, hands putting down the wires and leaning towards Harle with interest. "Dying over and over, that must have been very pleasant." Wait, what, pleasant? Her cold symphonious voice seems to be serious. Well, why wouldn't it be? "You must be quite talented to escape such a place, considering Hell would be full of no small number of thieves. Does that make you one in a billion?" Probably more. --- Datenshi seems to be interested also, though for a completely different reason. o O ( As I thought, she feels fear. And caution. ) Musing this, the Dark Angel now turns completely around to face Harley. His demon red eyes stare, for some who stare at them it's almost like staring into a dying sun. His voice is deeply amused... as he brings that weapon off his shoulder with a slow, deliberate movement. And points it towards his right, on the side he carries it, at the ground on an angle. "... Poison I could pour down your throat where the shadows are, right now, if I so wished. But I don't consider that to be `fair'. I prefer to fight dirty in a fair way, if you get my meaning." No... that might be enough to lose most people. "A criminal code is laughable, since a criminal breaks codes. However, I can give you no guaruntee that I won't kill you at any time. However, if you wish to find a place where others like you exist... step forward." A clawd hand is raised, and her shadow should be manipulated to switch sides, barring any intervention on her parth. That is, even though the sun is behind Datenshi, her shadow should now be cast forward. It should then begin to ripple. "... If you have ventured the depths of hell, simply step forward and descend into another realm for those with evil hearts and minds." Interested to see if she will do it.

Harley ponders these two very carefully. She might be crazy, but she's not stupid. On her world she did indeed escape Hell, although not the one of Twisted. Not that she's learned any better yet. So far this honestly is nothing more than another city to her. The evidence of her train of thought is lost quickly as she resumes her childish routine and the smile reappears on her face. "Well, lucky fer me ol' Red made me ammune ta poison." She starts to step forwards, but pauses. Her foot hanging in mid air as she glances down at the shadows on the ground. Harley doesn't know what's going on, but she knows a trap when she sees one. Or, at least she thinks she does. "Tell ya what, big guy. You still haven't told me yer name, an' momma always told me not ta run around chasin' creepy strangers with big wings. Maybe I'll have ta get a raincheck on that one an' find me a bite ta eat instead." It's at this moment she realises something that had been nagging at the back of her head this entire time. Bending her extended leg backwards so she's still standing on one foot, the girl puts a hand over her eyes and peers around the streets. "Hey waits a minute... how come there's no boys in blue comin' ta shoot at us?" Spinning on her foot she looks back to the store she'd ransacked and tilts her head to the side. "Is there a sale at th' donut shop er somethin'?"

"Well, there's plenty to eat at the Wraithshadow manor, of course. But if you find me creepy, I can't disagree with you." Datenshi smiles, tilting his head and showing for a moment the glistening of fangsr. Almost looking like a monster for a moment. He must want her to see them for whatever reason. And there's no way Harley would know that. His hand flexes on Masamune's handle, quite imposingly and deliberate, before bringing it back to rest on his shoulder. "... The laws that exist on Twisted, and those who keep the laws, are significantly different. You'll find there are three forces at work here, at the current time. There are Twisted's Council, the lawkeepers, and their dogs- TASK. They take up what you would consider the role of police on Twisted. They will not bother with you. There is no petty crime control on Twisted other than the so-called Heroes that exist here." Datenshi muses at how much to tell Harle Quinn. Why not it all? "Twisted's Council are currently at war with Hell's Council, the overseers of all hells, who seek to get rid of them and spread chaos to all worlds. A point I do not disagree with. But chaos and ideology, or causes, do not mix. Ideology is law." The whole thing is rather humerous to him. "And then there are the Wraithshadows, who aspire to their own selfish goals without getting involved. We have no goals, nor care for each other. But we have a place of residence, a sanctuary if you will." Reaching a hand out, a note is floating around the street. He seems to grab it, crunch it up, and then throw it towards Harle. It's of course the Wraithshadow note. "I am Datenshi Wraithshadow, Lord of the Manor. This is Suzumi. The location of the manor is on the map... you need not accept now, or at all. It is of course, your choice." -- Suzumi is simply watching, leg crossed over her lap now. Her lord is speaking, so she'll be quiet for now. But you can see in the glinting in her eyes she's interested to see how the small harlequin will respond.

"Huh." Yes, that sums up her thoughts on thing pretty well. Better than than it probably should. She catches the note and reads it carefully as she nods her head casually. This is hardly worth noting except for the ringing of the bells in her hat as she does so. "Datenshi, huh? Y'know... I might take ya up on that offer. I gotta see th' sights first, though. Sow my oats. Take in a show. After I finish a once over aroun' th' town I'll see about droppin' by. If I don't have to worry about no cops and jus' a few costumes, I ain't got much ta worry about. Not like it'll be the first or th' last time I had to dodge a man in tights." Going so far as to sollute the two, the girl spins around again, picks a direction, and stares at it until she sees what looks like headlights vanishing over the horrizon. Skillfully she pulls out another corkgun and aims it in the same direction, firing it, and sending the cork vanishing. Such a childish action must ha->BOOOOOOOM!!!< an explosion sends up a black cloud of smoke into the night sky. That wasn't just a cork, was it? "If this place is as quiet as ya say, I've gots ta have a better look into it! Sounds like my kinda town."

Datenshi seems to be amused by all this and Harley's sudden delight. Well, he felt the same thing when he was banished from a small world- only to find he had access to a seemingly infinite number with no real restrictions. Well, that's not true- at first he found himself on New World and had to rip a hole in the dimensions with Blemish's strange claws in order to find his way to Twisted. That was eventful, to say the least. The corkgun doesn't bother him in the least. He's seen almost all there is to see, and then some. Occasionally something will throw him off, but a cork gun masquerading as something more powerful is not one of them. "... Beware, human. Those who exist on Twisted are far more powerful than those from any single world. They represent the accumulation of power that it takes to reach such a realm, the ability to survive it, and the capacity to adapt. You may find yourself in need of a place of refuge sooner than you believe, from those who seek justice, those who would kill you for amusement..." Of which he would be one, of course, "... and those monsters that lurk between worlds and find themselves here." One such beast he fought just to step foot on Twisted, and has never seen since. "Quiet is not what I would call Twisted." A laugh, genuinely amused, before he wraps himself in his massive wings- suddenly the outlines in feathers becoming invisible. He suddenly dissapears as the black mass shrinks into a ball and out of sight. Soon after, Suzumi leaps into her own shadow and dissapears... and the shadow soon follows.

Harley doesn't turn around as she hears him speak. Which is probably a shame because her next comment probably isn't heard by anyone. "Well, that jus' makes life more intrestin' don't it? A little life threaten' terror never did nothin' but make me wanna..." She finally glances back over her shoulder and her smile fades realising no one is there. She heavily sighs. "What's the deal with people dissapearin' when ya got yer back to 'em? Is it some unwritten law or somethin'?" Readjusting the sack on her back she skips off into the growing darkness towards the bright flames down the street. "Sooooouuuup on aaaaa stiiiiiiiick!!!!!" Maybe she should take singing lessons?

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