2009-01-08 (PreU) The Third Inner Senshi appears!

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The Third Inner Senshi appears!

Summary: And with this log, we baptize a returning player, with Roleplay from Cale and Johnny, plus two members of her own cast. May this be a glorious day indeed.

Who: ami, blemish, Johnny_C, minako, rei
When: January 8th, 2009

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A gentle breeze flows through the playground as an unlikely visitor sits on one of the swings, staring off into the dying distance. A lot has come down upon the Senshi of Fire, and the only thing she can do, is try to make sense of it all. Painful visions, old friends hiding secrets, and leaving behind a friend who can't seem to do anything on her own, to find the friends that have vanished.

Blemish comes walking out from around some trees, though the sound of something scraping on the ground can be heard a good ways off. Behind the girl is a long deadly looking sword, which she's dragging on the ground by one hand. She was told by someone once that dragging it like that is disgracful to the blade, but it's kind of a pain to lean it on her shoulder the way her Dad does. Maybe if she practiced more she'd get the hang of it, but she doesn't want to cut herself open without Yukina around, and lately her and her sister haven't been hanging out together as much as when they were kids...or, when they were younger...she's not very old yet, so she's not sure how to define herself. But, whatever. The girls red eyes look over the playground as she comes into the air, moving in slow but purposeful steps. She's found some good things here before, but sometimes it's hit or miss. She's not currently bleeding, which is a sign. Not a good or bad one, it just happens to be one. Spotting Rei sitting on a swing, which Blemish has yet to figure out the enjoyment of, she starts walking over towards the girl. She used to just avoid humans since her mother was so prejudiced against them, but the few she's encountered and spoken too haven't been bad at all. Her father is much worse in her opinion, as far as explaining things go, and her mothers dead, so she can't go asking her for help.

There's something about doing things on her own that Minako's never had a problem with. But even while she's always been able to do things on her own, she's never quite always /been/ alone. Be it white cat or fellow Senshi, she's always much happier when she can be around those she cares about. And Rei, while she's sure the Senshi of Fire won't admit it, has always needed people around, more than anyone. The one who appeared the most as if she was a loner was the one who always seemed to need her friends the most. Minako was sure of that. But to see Rei sitting all alone on the swing tore at the Senshi of Love's heartstrings. Standing nearby, it's unlikely that Rei's seen her, but she might be in Blemish's line of sight. She offers a nod to the girl, but her gaze slips back to Rei. "You know," she chides, "moping never does anyone any good."

Blemish's eyes look over at Minako and then back towards Rei. She pauses in her walking as the two of them start to talk to each other, listening from a distance. She's heard humans talk together before at that restaurant on the street, but it's usually about boreing things. She's not sure if this will be any different or not, but, she'd still like to ask a few questions. She takes on her instincts inside, part of her says to go interrupt them, since it doesn't matter what they want but only what she wants, and the other...hm, seems to say the same thing. Dragon and dark angel instincts aren't the best to rely on by human standards, but she's not human, and besides, Rei's looking at her now. She blinks and looks down at the sword she's dragging carelessly behind her. Frowning briefly she turns her wrist and twirls the blade up and into the air, she holds it there for a moment, the blade being very light, before she turns the flat end in the proper way and rests it on her shoulder, dipping her right wing down to do so. She then keeps walking towards both of the girls, "...It must be true then..." She says softly, possibly to herself, stopping just short of a normal conversation distance. She looks to Minako again, then around the playground, "...have either of you humans seen any treasure around...?" She asks.

"That entirely depends on what sort of treasure you're looking for." Minako smiles, softly. "Because treasure may be trash to someone, but mean the world to someone else." Her gaze flickers back to Rei, concern in her gaze. Different world or not, Minako's still going to be worried. After all, that's what friends do, right?

"Well, as my friend has said, what is treasure to me, could be trash to you." Rei slowly stands up from the swing, dusting her skirt off as she moves to stand next to Minako. "If you mean gold and gems, then there may be some deep in the City Ruins. I've heard of a jewlery store hidden somewhere in there..."

Blemish looks back to the two humans, her red eyes taking in their words and considering them, when Rei mentions gold and gems though, she feels a deep burning within the depths of her body, like when she looks over her mothers old hoard that she goes to sleep on sometimes. It's all so beautiful...she can't help but want more and more. She looks over to where the city ruins are, then looks the other direction as well, because they move around. It's Twisted, nothing really stays in the same place for very long, though thankfully, some of the places never seem to disappear either. "...those work..." She says, feeling the fire burn down slightly inside of her as her mind moves to other things, "...but there's lots to be found, artifacts and things...people leave things everywhere..." She'll have to assume the humans haven't seen any around, or if they have, they're being selfish and not telling her where it is, she banks more on the latter, since her instincts tell her it's more likely. Her wings dip a bit, and she takes a steadying breath. She was doing a lot of walking earlier, it's nice to just be standing for once.

"A treasure hunter?" Minako asks after a moment. "I am sure you will find what you're looking for. I'm sure around here there are plenty of things to find, should you know where to look. Just takes a bit of investigating, that's all." Her gaze falls back to Rei. "So if that wasn't moping, then what are you doing out here alone?"

"I was thinking." Rei seems to say this with ease, as she stares at Blemish. "They do.. I suppose you could find treasure anywhere with that logic..." A confused look crosses her face, as she really doesn't know how she should handle this type of person. If they were an idiot, ignore them. If they were cool, ignore them. But winged sword carrying girls? Can't really ignore that..

Nobody pay attention to the wondering guy in black with his head down and a dagger twirling impatiently. Don't acknowledge that his clothes are stained in dry blood. Ignore the fact that he's talking to himself, and for god's sake don't listen to what he is saying... "Stupid fucking Diablo. Dragging me out to do fuck knows while I wait for his stupid list. What does he think I am his god damned servant boy? If I had something better to do I'd...." Not that anyone's looking, but the rather angry person tilts his head to the side as if listening to a part of the conversation that isn't there. "FUCK YOU!!!" he screams at his invisible friend. "I've been doing just fine for how many fucking years?!?!? I don't need you, I don't need anyone!!!" He pauses again, then clutches his dagger tightly. "SHUT UP!!!! SHE DIDN'T MEAN A DAMN THING, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!? THIS ISN'T ABOUT HER! That SLUT of a clone was just trying to get under my ski-NOOOO!!!!!" His hands go to the sides of his head and the poor guy wobbles in his path across the park. "GO AWAAAAAAY!!!!!!" Trust me. You don't want to investigate this any further. Just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.

Blemish nods her head at the two humans words. She's still pretty sure they're both hiding something, but she's more cautious than to start pressing them with more questions. She has to be careful when she's alone, even with her sword from her father, it's dangerous if she got into a fight. Glancing between Minako and Rei, she gets the feeling they're trying to have a conversation, but she's there and so they're not. The wings on her back fluff and she takes another step backwards away from the two of them. Should she say something before she goes? Well, now there's someone screaming in the park. She turns to look towards Johnny, tightening the grip on her sword, even if she's terrible at wielding it. Her father may of given it to her, but she didn't get any instructions from him on how to use it, at all. She frowns and tilts her head to the side, opening her mind up to the dimensions so they can talk to her. The words they say and the desires they press on her, wanting her to open them here, close them there, replace a piece of them there, don't seem to fit in with the responses the dagger holding human was saying, so that's not what he's hearing. She starts ignoring them again, and they settle down to a quiet whisper in the back of her soul. She looks back to the other two humans, "...human in distress..." She says to them both.

Thinking was a good answer, and while Minako would like to pry further into that thinking, she does not. Instead, she just lets the question go unasked. If Rei wanted to confide in her about it, then she would. While the winged figure may seem strange, the Senshi of Love takes it all in stride. Compared to the figure just wandering by, a winged girl with a sword is rather tame. She does blink, staring at the screaming figure, but she makes no real move. It's not wise to jump right into something you don't know about.

Enter the shrine training from Rei. The ofuda is already out, and being slapped onto Johnny's forehead. She slowly starts to mutter something under her breath before suddenly stopping, a slight red tint appearing on her face. "Sorry.. I thought you were possessed, instead of just merely insane..." She then bows and quickly makes her way back towards the swing, trying to hide herself from the crazy man now.

Johnny stops dead in his tracks as he tries to figure out just what the hell has just happened. He rotates his head slowly, almost Excersist-like, as he stares at Rei in crazed confusion. "Huh... nope, no. Just dealing with some repressed insanity." Looking down at his dagger, and then to the blood on his clothes, the maniac grins again while folding his hands behind his back and spinning on his heals to face the trio of girls. "So... what brings you to the park today/tonight/tomorow? Y'know this isn't the best part of town to hang around anymore." He lowers his head as his smile tries to widen further. His voice lowers to a near whisper, "There's CRAAAAAZIES out y'know...."

Blemish watches closely as Rei throws the ofuda at Johnny. Some kind of attack, maybe? She taps her sword against her shoulder in a very Datenshi like fashion, looking between the three humans that are here now. She looks up at the sky, which is currently busy being lit by the moon, though there's a very small sun orbiting around it, as if fighting to get bigger, but she's used to the weather here, so she only pays it a little heed before answering Johnny's question quietly, "...looking for treasure, have you seen any...?" She's not scared of Johnny's behavior or his daggers. Her father walked around with his sword out and bared all of the time, so fear of weapons in peoples hands isn't something that's been bred into her. She is curious about his insanity though, she doesn't think she's met any insane humans yet, not that she trusts them one way or the other, but still...somethings to be said for gathering information.

Crazies. "Oh, I hadn't noticed." Minako remarks, trying hard not to make the sarcastic remark, but failing. She glances between herself, Rei, and Blemish before she smiles again, looking back to Johnny. "Well, I'm sure it's not the best part of town, but..." She looks over to Blemish again. "She's got a sword."

"So I can see that." Rei clutches the chains of the swing tightly, before relaxing fully. "Besides, if we needed a reason to be afraid of someone screaming at themselves.. Then we'd be afraid of anyone who has an inner monolouge, and then I'd have to worry about my fire, and where would that leave me?" She seems to have a slight smirk on her face for a few moments, as she slowly starts to swing back and forth once more.

Johnny really isn't paying attention to things the way he should be, so as it's pointed out to him the maniac glances at Blemish's sword for the first time and nods his head. "Ahhh. Well that just solves everything..." Rei's words are lost as he suddenly turns his head to the side. Once more he reacts to that inaudible monologue. "...huh? What? Why? AAAAAAHHHH!!!!! No! Make that stupid music stop!!!" The maniac stumbles back a step and draws out a small cube from out of somewhere. Apparently not all the things he's hearing are fictional as a hauntingly calm melody plays from the box he's clutching. "SHUT IT OFF!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, IT'S FUCKING DRIVING ME INSANE!!!" Dropping it on the ground as he covers his ears again, the box seems to sparkle upon impact and the faint sound of clockwork turning begins to be heard. A small sphere etched on one side of the box begins to turn, and a large portion of it seperates, extends, turns, and goes back inside almost like it's slowly transforming. Sure enough another piece detaches on the otherside and readjusts itself as well. The whole process is strangely mesmerising. Infact, it's also rather distracting as the sky above beings to turn blacker and blacker. Johnny, meanwhile, seems to be having more issues of his own as he continues to back away, screaming at whatever demons seem to have possesed his mind. "I CAN'T DO THAT!! I SAID I WOULDN'T KILL ANYMORE!! NOT AGAIN!!!" Just what the hell is going on?

Blemish looks over at the box as it comes out and the music it plays. She starts backing up, she hasn't heard a lot of music in her life either, and if it can drive you insane, she isn't someone who wants to hear it either. And now it's transforming. She glances at the sky, but again, pays it little heed for the weather in Twisted is chaotic, which might get her into trouble one day. She looks over at the humans, who think she's a guardian with her sword? Wait, maybe that was a joke? It sounds funny to her. She smiles at Rei in response, "...I don't think I should go insane..." Without saying goodbye, she turns and starts walking away from the box and Johnny quickly. Well, at a fast walk, but not a run, she doesn't want to go tripping or something.

He's off doing his crazy screaming again, and now there's a box. A music box. And it's changing. And so is the sky. Minako looks from Johnny, to the box, to the sky, and then back to Rei. "Right. You wouldn't happen to want to... go on a walk or something, would you?" She looks up at the sky again. Mostly because she has no idea what's going on.

It isn't long after the music begins playing, and the box begins unfolding and opening, that a thin sheen appears on the surface of the box. Mere moments later, and the sheen has become a full thick sheet of rime frost, thereby preventing further expansion. It doesn't seem as though the small amounts of frost are the end of it, though, as solid as they look. Soon, a hand-esque appendange of ice is clenching shut around the box, rather forcibly shutting it as far as it can be shut, and hopefully drowning out the music, as well. "... I didn't know they could open on their own..." A quiet, familiar voice comes from behind Johnny, and the form of Mizuno Ami steps out of a fog that was likely un-noticed in all the commotion. She has her left arm draped across her stomach to hold onto her right elbow, and she's biting her lip, very slightly. If everyone else is unsettled, she looks downright nervous and worried. "...Hello, Mina-chan... Rei-chan..." ... Well... that was casual enough. There's a tiny smile as the blue-haired girl says their names, trying to put on a braver face.

"Hello, Ami-san.." The slight iciness to Rei's voice has returned once Ami arrived, slowly standing up from the swing, moving to stand next to Minako, wrapping her left arm around Minako's right arm. "No... I'm sure we should stay right here Minako, and maybe Ami can explain something else for the both of us as well... Like how she knew what that box was.. And how she managed to do what she just did... Considering she's yet to explain that to me..."

Johnny seems to calm once the music comes to a sudden halt. Infact he stands, smoothes his hair back and puts away his dagger. "Oh my god that's better." That distracted look is still in his eyes as he twitches and leans his head to that strange unseen voice again. "Wait... why would I want to say that? That doesn't even make sense!" Nny forces his eyes close and through clinched teeth begins to chant, "Shut up... shut up.... SHUT UP!!! FINE!!!!" Opening his eyes he looks at Rei and Minako. "Your supposed to know that you can't trust.... um..." He peers at Ami and raises an eyebrow, "Her. Something about a small rabbit or something? A small rabbit and Pluto?" He shakes his head as he steps a little farther from the frozen box. To no one in particular he asks, "...what the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Ignoring everyone a moment, the maniac holds a hand to his head and groans. "I thought the voices in my head where supposed to make sense, at least to me. DAMNIT, maybe I really AM loosing my mind..." Meanwhile, not that it matters, the sky begins to clear once again.

It's odd. Ami-chan looks scared, nervous even, about the box. And yet, she somehow knows about them, and the way she appeared was strange as well. At the icy tone from Rei, Minako looks up with some confusion, glancing between Rei and Ami both. She offers them both a warm smile, in spite of all of the strangeness. She keeps her arm hooked with Rei's, a comforting gesture. But it's the strange screaming man that gets her full attention with the words. Small rabbit. Pluto. She tenses up instantly. "Rei-chan..."

"Well... the box, I saw one weekend when Mako-chan and I stayed up late watching scary movies... the other part... I might have forgot to mentio--" She pauses, her eyes widening, as she hears words in Johnny's ranting that she doesn't expect to hear. She was somewhat tuning him out, admittedly, but some words stand out. "Wh-what did you just say? Mr.. ... uh... sir..." Ami's nervous habits flare back up a bit when she realizes she's never even met this person before, and she has to fight the urge to spend the better part of the next ten seconds introducing herself and her friends. "I'm sorry... what did you hear about a rabbit... and Pluto? It might make more sense to... one of us." She winces a little at those last words, having felt that distance Rei seems to have been placing between the two of them.

"Chibi-Usa..." The realization immediatly dawns upon Rei as her eyes suddenly narrow, her arm tensing up against Minako's. A quick glance is shot towards Ami, who is obviously thinking along the same lines as her. "No.." A look of pure horror suddenly starts to cross Rei's face, as she tries to surpress everything the visions have said, this development coming completely by surprise, which unsettles her even more.

Johnny hmm's at Ami's words. Turning back around he bows but stops mid-bow to hold his head with a wince. "Ow... Th-the name's Johnny C. People call me Nny. And, um... I wouldn't worry about it much." Rolling his head around to loosen his neck, he continues to rub his temple. "I-I wouldn't worry too much about it. I mean, I'm crazy. Not like clown-crazy but like needs a labotomy-crazy. I mean, fuck. You don't go through the shit I've seen and come out the other side mentally intact. So just... just don't worry about it." He seems like he wants to stop talking but that pained wince returns and he continues with a role of his eyes. "I-It's just this new voice I've picked up. I've been trying to block it out but after I found that box it just wouldn't shut up. It's quieter now, so that's a good thing." He smiles weakly as if what he says makes perfect sense. Then again, maybe it does. "I dunno. After the box shut up it started going on about telling these two to um...." Johnny struggles trying to quote the dellusion. "...beware the newcomer." He sits up and blinks, pointing at Ami. "Which is you." He winces again, "And something I can't understand about a small rabbit and Mickey's dog being in danger. I guess that means Pluto." He pauses again to shake his head and shrug. "I think maybe I've just been watching too much TV again. ...hmm... wait, I don't watch TV anymore..." The crazed maniac laughs at himself. "No, no. Not the dog. The planet. A small rabbit protecting the planet Pluto? Okay, that's fucking stupid even for me. Why would a girl want to kill a fucking bunny and blow up a planet? Maybe I should try getting some sleep for once..."

At this point, Minako doesn't know what's going on. Right now, her inclinations are towards trusting Rei, and for some reason the strange voice speaking to Johnny seems to make an awful lot of sense for just an insane person. Ami, on the other hand, she's not sure about. It looks like Ami, but for some reason, there's something about not trusting someone, and Rei certainly doesn't seem so comfortable with Ami at the moment. "Maybe we should all sit down and have a chat?" She suggests, though her gaze flickers back to Nny. "Thanks, by the way. You make more sense than you know."

"Beware... of me?" Ami's eyes don't widen further, but they do blink and then remain wide open, this time in clear confusion. She takes a step back and turns slightly, looking back to Rei and Minako. As her skirt swishes, she bites at her lip harder, and tucks her chin in. "Why would I want to hurt Chibi-Usa?" Her voice is quavering, and she sounds a bit upset. She nods at Minako's suggestion that they sit down, and then pauses, her eyes narrowing just a little, pensively, before she turns to look at Johnny. "... This voice, what does it sound like?"

"Minako.. Let's go." Rei slowly starts to pull on Minako's arm, trying to get away from this area, her head slowly starting to throb as things start racing a mile a minute in her head. "It's always a bit convient, that you show up Ami, with these new found abilities..." Something feels wrong about all of this to the Senshi of Fire, and she wants away from it as soon as possible.

Johnny listens to the trio talk amoungst themselves, but barely has a comment to any of it. Well, any of it except the one question asked of him. "The voice? Hah!" He snickers to himself as he shakes his head. "Sounded like Caliga, not that any of you would fucking know that douche bag. Good thing too..." With a wave of dismisal he turns and starts to walk away rambling under his breath, "...fucking wanna kill that sonovabitch after all that crap he did to me..." He keeps on like this as he walks, and unless stopped keeps walking until he vanishes into the distance.

No, Minako doesn't expect Ami to hurt Chibi-Usa, but there's something off about everything and she's got to get to the bottom of it. Detective V on the case! Her arm is tugged by Rei, and the blonde looks back, nodding quickly. "Okay, Rei. We'll go."

Like Caliga. So very close to a connection, and yet so very far. Ami does not know the man by that name. She merely looks confused, and then a little hurt when Rei speaks. "I've told you what happened, Rei-chan... I'm sorry if I disappointed you..." She really can't understand why her friend is saying that, but when Minako says she'll go with her, Ami's heart sinks just a little bit. "Well... You two be safe, then..." What else can she say? She hangs her head, shadows falling across her face as her jaw quivers just a little, imperceptibly, before she steadies it. Her voice is quiet, and it's obvious she's tring very hard to keep the quivering out of it. "... The apartment door is always open to you... if you need a place to stay..." She feels bad... she should offer them a bright smile, so that they don't go off seeing her feel this way. But somehow, she can't bring herself to lift her head. Such a small thing...

"I already told you Ami... you should look into getting a house.. The apartment won't last forever." Rei's words have to be vexing to Ami, but there are bigger things at stake, then whats currently going on. Her voice drops down to a whisper, so only Minako can hear it, as they start to make their way further into the park.

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