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Meeting Vader


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((((Forward notes And FYI In my verson of Star wars KOTOR2 I always play the JediExile as male 90% of the time, so naturally he is male for my Character Jason Talben. ))))

A wander in black robes is in the area watching, searching, and trying to figure out what he is feeling exactly. Jason Talben The Jedi exile is exploring the area he has sensed this disturbance in. He is using all his abilities to remain unseen, undiscovered, and un-sensed. Jason in his time spent with Kreia that it is possible to reduce one's presence in the Force and the active mind, making it so small as to be unnoticeable. That is what Jason is trying to do. How ever he is not all that skilled with it yet, so as he Skulks around the mountain's area it is possible for him to be at least sensed should another force user of considerable skill and experience be in the area.

And a voice is heard from behind Talben, one he might recognize, but, there's no Force flicker to show his appearance, like the Force doesn't acknowledge him at all. "Well, the Exile, thought I sensed you." comes the voice of one Jack Karrde, and yep, leaning against a tree it's him, but he looks older, and his eyes carry a ancient weight in them, like he's seen everything and touch the face of god.

The Exile whirls around in place holding his lightsaber as he stands there ready to activate it. The first words out of his mouth are, "Apparently I need more practice in my stealth skills if you could not only sense me, but know my identity as well." The man chuckles and stands there lowering his lightsaber down in a resting position to show he is not hostile. "IS there something I can assist you with sir?" he asks not sure what else to say, added tot he fact he just got here a few days ago and has never used the title Exile his interest is to say the very least peeked.

Karrde grins a bit, "..No..just know of you." he says softly. "..And well, I believe I can help you." he says softly as he nods his head in a random direction, "There's a few things in play now. And I think it's best to get forces set up. There's a war going on here and this place doesn't NEED any more headaches. Hence why I want you to see what you can do about this." he states calmly. Okay, if this guy seems to have powers, why isn't he taking care of it.

Jason thinks for a moment and he doesn't understand this universe or the area. As for why is he not taking care of it, he figures it might be worth playing the game. "Headaches and problems in war are a constant source of frustration for all." he says oddly. "Well not sure how wise it would be but sure I'll play along for now. Just be aware, I dislike being manipulated, I have had one person already try to manipulate me to her ends. I did not enjoy it." he explains and pulls back his hood to show his young face. "So what can an Exile and outcast do to assist you, sir?"

Karrde sighs, "..I'm not manipulating. Trust me, I hate that. Just I have other problems to deal." and he nods, "Call me Jack." he says simply, "...Up that path you'll find what you're looking for. Just be careful. He's strong and everything. So no dishonor in escaping." he says simply. "Just watch yourself."

Jason nods as he listens and has been trying to keep his presence hidden. "Thank you for the warning, So any clue as do Who I am fighting? I would rather not go in and endup fighting something I am wholly unprepared for. As for retreating, I know well when to tuck tail and run."

Karrde sighs, "He's a Sith Lord called Vader. Beyond that not much else. But be warned, he is strong." he says simply. And like that he vanishes..just..gone.

Jason blinks and the words Sith lord catch his full attention. A soft exhale comes from his Lips and he says, "Here we go again." and there he allows his senses to open up last thing he wants is to have this sith lord suddenly end up right behind him with out warning as he turns around to face the path again almost expecting this sith lord to be right behind him. "I get the feeling the term insanity unleashed fits this place."

No..no Sith Lord behind him, but he can sense human life forces up the way, down a nearly hidden path. Seems that time has overgrown it.

Jason takes note of the path and redoubles his efforts to hide his presence in the Force. Gathering information is what is needed right now, if he can avoid a fight he will. And there he starts up along the path careful not to disturb it. The name vader is nothing to him, he's never heard rumors of a Person by that name. Much less a sith lord.

After a bit of slow going and all. The Exile will find what he seeks. A Large Starship, crash landed it seems, and hidden due to the overgrowth, almost buried into the side of the mountain. And several troops moving around and on the hulk in patrol patterns. Yes, it's big, a battlecrusier.

The exile takes a look at the patrols and he crouches down in his spot surveying the troopers and the Patrols they make. He remains hidden, his black robes are good to help him blend in with the Brush and shrubs. He watches the patrol patterns as he will take firm note of it and the lay out of supplies and bunkers. He takes care to not how many grenades he has and demo charges. Having been a general in the war he knows to be extremely careful on infiltration missions. Finally when he sees the most likely opportunity to get by unseen he will make the attempt using the force to boost his speed as needed to get into the parameter.

And it will take a bit to find a opening, and when he does yes, he will get through. But even then, this seems too easy. But, once he penetrates deeper into the base, he'll see the ship up close. Seems the ship is not going anywhere, the engines have been wrecked and cannibalized. Possibly for raw materials for the bunkers and other things. A couple of AT-AT's walk the area, heavy armor in case the enemy penetrates into the base. And it seems there are a few functional TIE Fighters, a couple of them buzz by.

Jason will take note of the strange Walkers and fighters narrowing his eyes. Indeed this is too easy. Jason knows he's not that skilled in stealth. So he figures they want to let him in deep, then spring a trap. How ever he's not going to be that obliging. Jason will move to the supply dumbs, and if he can attempt to toss remote triggered plasma grenades, and Thermal detonators, making sure they are placed well out of sight. If he can he will place them by weapon emplacements, powercells. He'll work from the shadows the over hangs, HE will move carefully, quietly, and unlike most force distractions will use Beast control to influence animals to cause a distraction to avoid detection. Jason however might be too cautious for his own good. To avoid clear detection he needs to move very very slowly, as he attempts to keep his senses open for this sith lord. He also has a camera he is using to take small snap shots of places. To make it look like an intel gathering mission and nothing else.

Intel gathering it may be, but something noticed you. Something powerful, and a dark presence appears. Striding from a bunker comes a dark form, and the Force is strong in him, but it's not a raging torrent like most Sith Lords, it's coiled, contained, waiting. And the Dark Lord of the Sith, Vader looks over at a Storm Trooper, "Commander." he intones in a baritone, "..I sense a disturbance, tighten the security net." and the Stormie salutes, "My Lord." and he runs off talking into his comm. And Vader looks around, "Where are you?" he asks softly.

The Exile has also sensed the disturbance and he watches the Stormtroopers respond to the alert and he remains in the shadows holding his position having placed one last charge that should give him cover escaping when he makes his attempt to flee. The Exile is not about to face a Sith Lord with all these troopers here. Having gotten the pictures he feels are needed he starts looking for a way out. He's no fool for some reason he's getting this impression that getting caught in a fire fight with these troopers would be an extremely, extremely bad idea.

Well, there is a bit of activity as the troops go to fill out the orders given by their leader. So he could use that as a opening. Set off the charges and make his move. Vader, for all intents and purposes is like a statue, looking around with a critical eye. Seems he's waiting for something.

When the Exile sees the Perfect chance he presses a button and with that A number of Explosions will Rock the area blowing up a number of areas at once creating a large breech in defense. The Perfect Spot for someone to attempt to escape through with little trouble. The only trouble is Jason doesn't take that route, He makes a running lunges at full speed forgoing stealth allowing his strength in the force to be instantly sensed. And he makes a beeline for an intact section of the parameter. Leaping jumping and pouncing as he tries to get out of it. He hopes as the Stormtroopers see the explosions they will head for the hole expecting what ever is to attack to come that way, and hopes that they will not in the least expect someone from behind their lines to make an escape. Of course last time he tried this was against the Mandalorians. They were not entirely fooled by the trick....

Well, good thing these guys are not Mandalorians. As the explosions hit several troops nearby are blasted to the ground. Others and disaster crews move in to contain the fires that spark off. And his lunges work, a few troopers are cut down, but as he seems to be closing in on his escape, he'll sense a flicker in the force. Vader sees the movements and makes a gesture, causing a fallen tree, a large one no less, to lift off the ground and go screaming at the Exile. Hmm..strong in the force.

Jason will Sense the Incoming force power and then he will leap up into the air. Jason Proves just how strong he is as he holds in the air for a fraction of a Second as he attempts to Take a hold of that tree and then swing it up, behind him and then over his head to throw it back at the sith lord as hard as he can. Jason effectively attempted to take control of Vader's force throw empower it, and then redirect the attack as he drops to the ground. Of course this presents a problem for Jason, a Few fast acting storm troopers most likely will get a few high powered blaster shots at Jason before he can get back underway for his escape.

As the tree comes flying at Vader he leaps up and lands on it, and then vaults into the air, his cloak unfurling like dark wings as he pulls his saber and ignites it. As this happens some of the troops do that shots at Talben. Landing a few feet from the Exile he nods, "You are strong." he admits as he looks at the man, he knows his troops will fail to stop him. But they can slow him down.

Jason notices the Sith lord approaching and a number of the Troopers /if/ they can react fast enough might be able to hit The man with a few blaster Shots. Leaving some blood behind as he works to get out of the trooper's easy reach, Blood that may hold a extremely surprising secret depending on how Vader's Force powers function. He's got no problem fighting the Sith lord, He just does not want to fight him in the middle of his troops. That would be just plan Stupid. But they will slow him down as he attempts to jump up upon a number of ledges to get out of the area, allowing Vader to catch up with him to a point.... Hopefully well out of the range of those many blasters....

Also Vader is not stupid. He doesn't know who or what this person is, just a very strong Jedi. And he holds up a hand, "..Let him go. It will not do him any good." he won't allow himself to be caught in a fight against such a strong force user. Bending down he goes to pick up some of leaves that were covered in blood, "..Get this to the medbay, I want it preserved." Yes, he can tell this place will get interesting.

Jason will take on last look down at the Sith lord and then vanish. That blood will yield a very, very large surprise. When the Midi-clorians are checked. There will be none. Absolutely no trace of them. Yet his power was undeniable.

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