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DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! .. .. .. Wait, no, that"s not right... I"ve got the title around here, somewhere, where did it--*crashing sounds* *transmission cuts off*

Summary: Well, I had intended to post this about six or seven days ago, but it looks like it will just have to be part one of a multi-part conflict. For now, I present the result of what happens when a thief who's left to his own devices too long gets the bright idea to enact a little carnage on his own. Find out what happens in this, the first installment of...

Who: alessa, alexa, datenshi, Harley_Quinn, rystan
When: January 13, 2009
Where: The Waiting Room

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Ah, Twisted. Rystan feels on top of the world again. It seems to come in cycles. Rystan feels happy. Something comes to shatter his happiness. He deals with the something, usually ending up a little better off than he was before. Then he's happy again. Today the thief is walking towards the park, with a particular aim, but with a stroll that says he's got nowhere in particular to be. He's happy, alive, and feeling good again. So it stands to reason that today will bring him another threat to shatter his happiness. Strangely, he doesn't feel worried, though. The cycle has been undependable in the first place, and more importantly, he's got a plan today. Why sit around and wait for it to find him? Yes, today, he's decided, he finds fate before it finds him. That's the plan. And so he walks towards the park.

Of course Alexa hasn't had enough. The Lotus has apparently taken great care to make sure of that. She's like a cat with a mouse, now, playing with her food...at least, that's how she sees it. Rystan's fun. He was VERY fun last time...she'll have to see if he's more fun this time.
She flits over the rooftops effortlessly, her footsteps silent. Pausing in a crouch on a ledge that overlooks Rystan's path, she watches, silently, with a smile upon her face. He's had a few days to cool down...now's a good time to give him that second taste, get him addicted. With a small, inaudible laugh, she steps off from the building, landing soundlessly behind the boy...then, she begins to follow him. She'll wait and see how long it takes for him to notice her...though the first indication is that sweet, almost addictive smell of the pheremones that hover around her...

The thief doesn't give any sign that he notices Alexa's silent descent, save that he pulls out his dagger again, tossing it up and down in one hand. That's obvious enough, even if it's /very/ casual looking on Rystan. He just continues walking towards the park, even when that pheremonal scent that he's a bit more familiar with than he'd like wafts into his senses. .oO( Oh, I am not letting myself get distracted, now. Fate always chooses how to throw adversity my way. Today it's my choice. Today I throw adversity Fate's way. ) Hmm.
He's ignoring her. Such a strong-willed guy. So, with a blur of motion, Alexa's walking next to Rystan, looking up at the sky. And that smell...those enticing pheremones she uses so well when hunting are thick in the air, clouding the senses. "This place is so fascinating, really. So chaotic, yet almost...routine in it's randomness." She tilts her head towards the boy, grinning. "And such strange, strong-willed people...I think I'm beginning to like it here." Musical laughter escapes her mouth, as she slowly skips alongside the thief.

With a casual glance to his side, Rystan's only sign of tension is the way he threw his dagger just a little higher before Alexa arrived next to him. He catches it by the point rather than the handle, between his thumb and forefinger, and looks ahead again. "You like to show up out of nowhere, don't you? Stir things up? ... ... Come here often?" A wall of fog awaits him near the end of the park. It's not just curiosity and his adventurer's sense that leads him to the area, but information gleaned from the minds of many... many dead. Enough information to lead him to suspect what he'll find through those walls. And he had best hope so. If it's a thousand spinning blades, he might decide better of going in. Maybe.

Alexa shrugs, now practically dancing along next to Rystan, her movements graceful. "Why yes, I do. It's quite enjoyable..." She grins widely at Rystan. She's basically just going where he's going, hardly paying any real attention to her surroundings. The Lotus made certain that she would hang around the thief as often as possible. At least she's keeping her distance for now. "Where are you headed off to? You seem like you're a man on a mission."

_*So, Aster, remind me why we are coming here again?* ( Remember when there was that lovely battle that seemed to have removed our front lawn, and was responsible for the mausoleum being surrounded by a giant crater that makes getting in and out a serious pain? )Oo. Rystan looks around as he pushes through to the fog bank, looking for the door he's heard (in a manner of speaking) so much about. If he finds it, he'll open it up and step inside. "Hmm? What? Nowhere in particular. Just to file a grievance. I went to mow my lawn, only to find out I didn't have one anymore because of a very big /hole in the ground/. You'd be surprised how that sours your day." Actually, it was quite a while back it happened, but noone's going delay him based on that little technicality. Today feels like a day for wrath.

The vampiress tilts her head to the side, falling into step behind the thief. "Mmm, I can imagine how that would anger you just a bit." She nods a bit. "If I were in the same position, I would be rather angry, myself." She nods a bit, folding her hands behind her back as she follows him. She cringes to herself when she realizes that she's following the boy around as if she were a lost puppy...but despite her distaste at her current situation, it doesn't do a thing to stop her from continuing.

Rystan and company are going to find quickly that the Waiting Room is just that. An ugly depressing room filled with people sitting around on benches being quiet. I wouldn't call this a 'static room' but some of these people are growing cobwebs and even a few spider webs from sitting and waiting. Why would someone keep a room like this? No one here seems to be dead, but no one here seems to care about the world around them either. No one moves. No one speaks. Everyone simply waits. Somehow, however this room sees a lot more traffic than you'd expect, but no one here would know this yet...

"Hmm? Angry? Yes, I suppose you could say it makes me angry." Rystan calls back loudly to Alexa as he steps into the room, pushing the door open wider so she can enter behind him. He wouldn't go so far as to say he likes the vampiress, but it's the little things about his actions that reveal he's not /actually/ a sexist, perverted pig. Well. He's not a pig, anyways. "Anger and wrath go hand in hand. It could work for me, right about now." He doesn't /sound/ angry, though. *So, to be clear, you are here, literally looking to start a fight? With whom, exactly, if you do not mind my asking?* .oO( What? Don't you remember what this is a waiting room for, according to all your information gathering? ) *... The rumors? That it is a waiting room for hell? Wait. No, no, allow me to guess. You wish to pick a fight with hell. Yes? Really, Aster, does that not sound a little self destructive?* .oO( What? They wouldn't let me in when I died, and they blew up my land. I'm justified. ) * ... ... I am not sure how to respond to that, Aster.*
Of course, a few people try to shush Rystan as he speaks, but white daggers seem to slam into the wall next to their heads shortly thereafter. It's a nice trick, considering Rystan never let go of the one he's holding now, except for occasionally tossing it up and down. He walks up to the receptionist, not looking like the kind of person who's going to be satisfied waiting. "Excuse me, may I speak to a manager?" How ... polite.

The courtesy of holding the door open doesn't go unnoticed, and Alexa can't help but let a small smile touch her cheeks. "Well then, I hope you can get your problem cleared up." She smiles pleasantly. She pauses for a split-second as her gaze trails over the waiting room, one eyebrow arched. "Fascinating...if not a bit disconcerting." She almost instinctively stays near Rystan, idly staring at one of the spider webs that hang off the people here, crossing her arms over her chest. She then turns her gaze back to Rystan's back, and stands so still that she seems to become a statue...she doesn't even breathe.

Hell has better things to do than cater to the likes of Rystan as he should have realised by now. Infact, the best he gets is a glass window being slid open at the recption desk and a horrible woman with her skin pealed around her face like a mummy, wearing a nurse's uniform no less, looking back at him and chattering her teeth. "Sssssssit-t-t d-d-downnnn unnnnnt-t-till we c-c-c-call uponnn you-u-u." Clearly these people have waited a long time for that to happen. One must wonder how long it will take for Rystan to be seen. Any further argument is lost as the glass window is slammed shut again and anything behind it seemingly vanishes behind it's frosted glass.

About this moment, speaking of picking fights, a small black spot appears on a distant wall between an old lady knitting and a young mand with his head in his hands. Between these strange souls, the small black spot begins to spread silently... rippling as it expands. It emits no sound nor presence, apart from that which any other shadow would. And soon it is the right size, as the two souls shuffle slightly over. The old woman looks suitably unimpressed, while the young man looks panicked. But then, he looked slightly panicked. But then that could have been his predicament before the black anomaly appeared. Regardless of reaction, the path is now clear for an entrance. So one is made. A black clawed hand pushes through, followed by demonic red eyes. They radiate positively incandescent crimson and are followed by familiar features- at least to Rystan. But right about now he's dealing with the receptionist. Soon the whole figure steps out, of course Datenshi, the first steps he makes is tugging at the end of his glove. Masamune, as always, in his other hand. Must take a lot of practice to be able to make small gestures like that while holding such a weapon. Yet, the dark angel seems to have eternity to practice such things. That, and the weapon isn't particularly heavy for him. How cliche. The ol' 'weapon weighs a ton for everyone else' trick. Still, goldies but oldies. Datenshi seems to stare up through strands of hair, brushing them back and looking around the room with what can only be described as a bored expression. Same dead souls. Perhaps he's looking for the Hell Council members. Senior... deborah... dire bolo... whatever the name was. He seems to ruffle out his wings, then notices out of the corner of his eye... Rystan. And a vampire. The vampire isn't really of interest, though why a vampire would be in the room of the dead. Still, not too strange.

"Right, of course. Sit down." Rystan shrugs, turning to look at Alexa. "Why didn't I think of that? Sit down. Right." He turns to look at rest of the waiting room for a second more, not seeming to notice the growing black spot, before his obsidian shortsword, Depletion flies from its makeshift sheath, light and electricity pulsing around it as he slams it towards the frosted glass window. Datenshi's arrival is heralded by a brilliant fury of light and sound as Rystan misses his entrance entirely. Wolves howl, thunder peals, and phantasmal creatures slam against the glass around the stab, the first time in a while since the thief has used the blade to actually hit something. It's not a pretty sight. Somehow, the backlash manages not to turn the rest of the room upside down. It's a bit controlled in its fury. "... No waiting."

The vampiress' lip curls up in distaste at the woman. "How rude." She sniffs once, then frowns, shaking her head. "It stinks in here. These people REALLY need a shower." She shakes her head a bit, leaning back on her heels and halfway glowering around the room. That's when her attention is drawn to the black anomaly...and the claw...and the red-eyed man who is surprisingly...handsome. She tilts her head to the side, examining him with a curious expression tinging her features.
Of course, then Rystan stabs the glass and all the noise and crazy shit starts happening, and her golden eyes flit to him, arching a brow. She wears a surprised expression...but other than that, she doesn't seem too startled. Just curious...this is all new to her, after all...

Somehow, the damage to the glass does nothing. It's almost as if this place is phased out of time somehow. The people barely react. The glass barely seems to be scratched, and the rest of the room... well, you get the idea. Anticlimatic, of course but then what is isn't in this place?
Well, the set of eyes watching all this from the corner of the room of course. Before anyone else can react to anything else this woman stands, drawing a gun from under a heavy coat she's wearing and with a white gloved hand puts what appears to be a corkgun to the side of Rystan's head while using her other arm to hold him and keep him from wiggling away. "FREEZE!!! NOBODY MOVE!!! I've been waitin' in this stinkin' retirement home for TWO DAYS after trying to hold it up an' not ONE PERSON has moved a FREAKIN' INCH! Well... I had a feelin' a place this weird would have somet'in good happen if I sat aroun' an' here it is!" Trying to drag Rystan along she makes her way towards the door. With a shake of her head she wiggles out of the wig and hat she was wearing revealing her face painted white and some sort of red and black jester hat previously hidden by her disguise. "Yer gonna help me make a lot of money, sugar! Now... if no one wants ta see Mr Magic here get the blunt end of cap in his head, they'd best stay where they are! I MEAN IT! I'LL DO IT!!!" She ends the speach by going so far as to kiss Rystan on the cheek smearing black lipstick and white cake makeup on him. "This is almost as much fun as the old days with mah puddin'." Yes, things -can- get stranger around here...

Datenshi flits his eyes over towards the not-so-exploding glass and a supposed hold up, and seems to pay it no mind whatsoever. His eyes look barely curious, as he's sure this will end messily. So he takes advantage of the moment and lazily brings his feet into motion. He seems to move casually towards the receptionist, moving right near Rystan, the old woman and the vampiress. His wings seem to shed black feathers as he moves, only a few, that hit the ground and dissipate in small bursts of dark purple electricity. They should be moving- barring drastic movement from Rystan- to face in the opposite direction to him as he moves to the reception desk. Of course it's not guarunteed, but then the Dark angel doesn't seem to care. It constitutes moving... but then when did Datenshi care if Rystan gets capped in the head? If, such a thing is possible. Either way, Datenshi should move to the desk and wave a clawed hand as if waving the deformed receptionist to pay attention. "I wish to speak to Senior Di'bolio." In a deeply amused voice. It's not the right name. But then, why would he?

Rystan isn't used to things not breaking when he stabs them with his word. The last time something managed not to be cleaved in half was back in that backwater planet, the man with the green hair and the big broadsword. What did he call it? Master Ramune? Why anyone would name a broadsword after a Japanese soda is beyond him, but hey, everyone has their own quirks. That was a pretty good sword, it met Depletion's slash evenly without getting hurt. It surprised Rystan then, and it surprises him now to see it happening to a glass window. How fancy. More magic. "... That wasn't as badass as I had inten--mph." Rystan blinks as a rather slow moving individual wraps her arms around him and puts a pop gun to his head, pulling him back towards the door slowly. "... There is no way anyone is stupid enough to pull a gun on me." His left finger twitches slightly, and the sound of blades whizzing through the room is heard, but there's no motion seen to account for the sound. ... That is, until the gun falls apart as if it was literally unscrewed and disassembled entirely, except for the cork, which falls into Rystan's left hand. He doesn't make any move to be freed of her grasp, though, looking almost ... amused. He still seems to have failed to notice Datenshi. A mistake that's nearly gotten him killed once before, and actually /has/ gotten him killed once, too.
"... Do you know who I am? ... She must not know who I am."

Everything happens all at once! The sword stuff doesn't do anything, and then some strange lady puts a gun against Rystan's head, and that weird dude with black angel wings walks around. Any normal human would probably have a heart attack thanks to all of this excitement. Then again, a heart attack requires a beating heart. Alexa's eyes widen at all of the action, then narrow at the woman. She shouldn't really be so protective, but something about that boy makes her strangely...possessive over the thief. And the gun, plus the kiss on the boy's cheek...well, it really pisses the vampire off. She DOES freeze, albeit briefly, and only to allow an animalistic snarl to escape her throat. Then, in a blur, her hands fly at the woman's arm around Rystan. At first, it seems she's only trying to grab the woman's arms and pull them off of the thief. But, should she succeed in grabbing hold of the arm, she attempts to squeeze and shatter the woman's bones. All the while, she hisses and growls, quite a strange sound when it's coming from a humanoid's mouth...

The receptionist glass slides open once more apparently oblivious to anything else that's happened just now. The woman, nurse... thing... looks up at Datenshi and shakes it's head slowly. "Sssssssenior Diablo leffffft here wittttttth our new c-c-c-council memberrrr a weeek-k-k agooo. Taaak-k-ke a ssssseaaat-t-t unt-till we c-c-call you..." Of course the glass is quickly shut back. Run by hell or not, this waiting room really doesn't seem any diffrent than a real one. Good thing it's not an emergency, right?

Harle seems ready to pull the trigger until the gun falls apart in her hand. Glaring at it's remains as she slowly turns her hand and drops them, the girl notices a blur moving towards her and of course chooses to get the hell away given her options. Using Rystan's spine as a diving board she digs her long heals into it and leaps away in a quick movement that pushes her almost to the door. In the process she manages to fling off the coat she'd been wearing revealing a a matching red and black bodysuit to go along with the jester's hat she'd been wearing. Drawing what appears to be a grappling hook from seemingly nowhere she points the end of it at the room around her and blows a bell away from her face as part of her hat falls down in front of it. "FIIIIIINE THEN!! I THOUGHT THINGS WOULD WORK BETWEEN US!!!" She sniffles, putting on a black mask over her eyes. "I guess we'll have to go back to basics then." She continues to step back towards the door, clearly ready to make a run for it. "Freakin' town full of freaks! Is this anyway to make a gal feel welcome? Sheesh, try to make a new start in a new town an' end up right back in the same mess you left... good thing there's not no bat problem here yet."

The Dark angel seems to quirk an eyebrow as if pondering if it truly would be worth waiting, since he does have an eternity to waste. Yet something about spending time amongst these... mortal souls... does seem truly condescending. And while Rystan may find himself angry due to impatience, Datenshi finds himself more irritated by the suggestion of sitting with these other things. "... Perhaps I should clear the line." Datenshi muses in a deep voice out loud, raising up a clawed hand. o O ( These souls would make good feed for Druaga. ) Suddenly black flame erupts around his wrist, and a metal ring of purest black appears there. Seventeen chains appaear around the wrist, severed, yet floating in invisible winds. Regardless of if they are body-bound or not, every creature in the room should feel a tearing sensation as if their heart... or their very being... is being ripped out by force. The dark angel sends out apulse to knock all souls from their body, then draws them in to his right hand to be devoured. The vampire may have no soul to be torn out, and Rystan may have other measures. Still, that's not factored into Datenshi's actions. Will or personality should have no effect on the assault's effectiveness. He attempts to harvest the souls in the room for his own benefit, to feed that thing on his arm.

A small child bounces in the door, past everyone she can, and stops, eyeing the Dark Angel. She smiles cheerfully, light and goodness seeming to ooze out her ears. "Who're You?", she asks up to Dat. "And what exactly are you doing? I think these souls are quite comfortable here, surly you can find somewhere else to feed? Nurse?" The Nurse opens the glass door and nods, sliding it shut again. Rather brash for a child her age, Alessa is, but what can you expect?

"Ah?" There's a blur from Alexa, a kick to the /spine/ from Harle, and Rystan spirals forward towards the wall, a sickening crack sounding from his back. A crack that's repeated as the thief stretches and flips in the air, landing on one of the few vacant chairs, crouched. "Really, now... what is it with the women I meet?" He'd complained to Alexa similarly when she tried to /eat/ him. Just once, he'd like the first time he meets a woman, for their greeting to be 'Hi', and not attempted murder. Ah well. There's that sound again, and suddenly Rystan is next to an slightly behind Harle, his arm settling in around her shoulder like it would on an old friend. "... Really now, what was this you said about making money? Surely you don't want to leave already." He's got a grin on his face, and he looks up, holding a hand up towards Alexa as if to tell her he's alright, when he spots Datenshi.
Well, shit. Rystan's face changes in an instant, his expression darkening, his grin disappearing. Blackness starts to wriggle somewhere in the pupils of his eyes, and his arm around Harle tenses. *Dark Angel!* .oO( Yes, I can see that. Chakra. Now. You've got plenty. ) Before he can even say anything, or do anything, he feels a pull. It's a familiar pull, but the last time he felt this, it was a slow, langorous thing, irresistable and frightening, but with enough time to figure out what was going on. This time, it's a wrenching sensation, and he narrows his eyes. Black fog seems to slowly appear around him, as if cloaking him in darkness... and... ... because he's holding onto Harle, too, it cloaks around her, too. Well, hell, that's certainly not what he meant for it to do, but at least it wasn't Alexa. That would just be strange. An astral layer suddenly clamps down on Harle and Rystan, encasing them quite nicely in a sheath... as well as Depletion. The black obsidian sword seems to diffuse, and what's left at Rystan's side after the fog settles is a grey, dull, useless looking shortsword that bears no real resemblance to its former pitch-black self. It's actually a beneficial thing, but Rystan's not about to explain it to Harle, or anyone else. All he knows is that the wrenching sensation has halted, and he's moving 'slowly' again. Which is to say, normal speed. The sheath nullifies any haste spells completely and utterly, which is quite unfortunate for the thief, as he has perma-haste, but one can't complain about not being feasted upon. "... Wrath." ... Hmm? "... So much wrath."

Oh, sure, Rystan, completely forget about your pet Vampire! Don't protect Alexa at all, even though she could lose her soul from all of this! Of course, you'd have to be alive to really have a soul. And seeing as how Alexa really isn't alive (more like a living statue that likes to drink blood), she doesn't have a soul. So while everyone is experiencing the pull of Datenshi's little...feeding thing, Alexa is just glaring Daggers. She's actually about to throw herself at Harle and have a nice drink when Rystan grabs hold of her, and then...she just kind-of stands there, looking confused at this scene.
"Really...this place is fucked up." Alexa frowns as she says this. Doesn't change the fact that the next chance she gets when Rystan isn't holding on to her, the Vampiress is going to go after Harle. Trying to hold a gun to her toy's head...then KISSING him...she won't tolerate that, dammit. She's the only one who can attempt to kill Rystan, in her eyes...

Datenshi doesn't seem so bothered that not one soul seems to be pulled out of their body by the phenomenon, bringing his writhing arm back down. Apparently the thing on his arm seems to mind. If you can consider a black ring with chains as a 'thing' but it certainly seems to have a life of its own. His other clawed hand seems to rest on his weapon, which he brings up onto his shoulder in a rather lazy movement. Demon-red eyes ablaze with amusement, yet he seems still coldly calculating within. Glancing around to see why, exactly, that didn't work. Of course the voice is a dead giveaway. That little girl bouncing in, with not a care in the world. Never trust a kid who seems to be standing in an impossible environment with a smile on their face. "Well, it would be unreasonable to expect there were not measures." Datenshi speaks out his mind. Otherwise it would have made a fantastic feeding ground. And a good way to knock the doors to hell. "I presume that was you." Endlessly curious what spiritual power this child must possess to stop such a thing. Curious more than annoyed. Of course Datenshi still pays a slight amount of attention to Rystan, cloaked in the black, presuming that he may attempt to attack him. You know, that whole thing about ripping out his wife's eyes. Really, some people are just so touchy about these things. Those eyes are in close proximity, of course, Suzumi rarely leaves Datenshi's side ever since the Arshiva incident.

Harle lets out a loud 'urk' as suddenly something deep within her is yanked painfully. Her makeup, and the mask, seem to blend with her tears as two drops of blood appear to trickle out of the corners of her eyes and down her face. This seems short lived once darkness flows over her and the pain just seems to.. stop. Giving her apparent savior a brief blank stare and a blink Harle comes to her senses and peers. "Wow, I guess I had'ja pegged wrong hot stuff. So here goes. How's about you an' I go hit up a few banks. Make a name for ourselves. I could use a new band of Quintets y'know." There's that brief moment where she can FEEL the stare from Alexa to which of course she responds as maturely as she possibly can. She sticks out her tounge and wiggles her ass, pulling down one eyelid with a gloved finger in the process. Well, the moment's past. Up comes her palm into Rystan's chin as she tries to duck out the door behind him. What's up with people getting in her way today?

Alessa just smiles, sweetly as ever. "You still didn't answer my question. Are you a fairy, maybe? You're awfully big to be a fairy... Mister." Her eyes narrow ever so slightly. She doesn't really care who the rest of these people are, -they- didn't try and ruin the souls here. Nope, just this one.. guy. Her head tilts, as she mutters. "Maybe he didn't hear me... OH! Maybe he's older... Yeah, I'd better speak up." She nods, and stands on her tip toes. " HEY MISTER FAIRY WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE THESE SOULS AWAY?" Uh-huh, he should have heard her now. She giggles softly, that insane creepy giggle only little girls can pull off. Imaging, Alessa, a Goddess, taking time out of her day to play with mythical flies.

It's a strange trick of the light, or perhaps the fault of an inattentive mind. That's the only real explanation for why Rystan is standing on the opposite side of Harle than he was a moment ago, and her palm flies through open air. The thief doesn't even so much as look at her, but simply extends a foot back to kick the door open before giving her shoulder a good yank, intending to send her sprawling out of the waiting room and into the park like someone thrown out of a saloon in a bad Western. If that was the only strange thing, though, it would be a pretty calm day for Twisted. Rystan seems to flicker in place, appearing just a few inches left and then right rapidly, as if the universe weren't quite sure where he was supposed to be standing, or the physics engine running the world glitched. When he moves, it'ss without warning, zooming towards Datenshi at high speeds despite never having pushed off of the floor in the first place. He rushes in without much concern for the girl yelling at the dark angel. After all, he's certainly not going to kill the little girl for yelling at Datenshi. If anything, he'll give her a prize. And it's not like she can stop him from driving his dagger right into Datenshi's face, right? ... Right?
Ok, better to be safe than sorry. One moment, Rystan is in a dead charge, and then there's the sound of a blade tearing through the air past Datenshi's ear, and then the same sound behind the dark angel, and then Rystan's on the side of Datenshi that the legendary sword isn't on, obviously not a fan of getting hit by the blade. It wouldn't quite be accurate to say that he brings his daggers up towards Datenshi's side, because that would be to imply that they weren't already at Datenshi's side, literally nanoseconds away from tearing into the Dark Angel.
Complete control of teleportation, that was Rystan's reward for mastering his abilities. It's not that he moved fast, it's that when he teleported, he also changed his position from that of someone in mid-dash to that of someone in mid-stab. Or mid-stab-rend-tear, if one wants to get technical. Yyyeah. He doesn't like Datenshi much. It's terribly hard to imagine why, really, innocent guy that Datenshi is. No attention is spared for Alexa... again, leaving her to chase after Harle.

Harle flails her arms as she's thrown out the door, coming to a skidding halt on her face with her butt in the air. Jumping to her feet and spitting out a mouthful of dirt, the clown-woman glares angrily at the doors as they swing shut on their own. "SCREW YOU!!! I DON'T NEED YOU!! I DON'T NEED ANYONE!!!" She actually goes so far as to stomp during her fit before pausing to check herself for anything lost. She finds her goal on the ground as she lifts up her grappling hook again and holds it in the air above her. "Oh well, there's gotta be some other joints aroun' here without the costumed theatrics. Up up and away!" With a comical POOF! the harpoon gun fires and she zips out of sight. Well, obviously not quietly. Loud thumps against the top of the building and angry moans of displeasure never accompany quiet exists. Still, a successful one is a good one as Harle vanishes from the scene for now.

Frowning, Alessa pokes at Datenshi, producing a -boink!Boink!- noise, very anime-ish, and plops down into a seat. She taps her finger against her chin, thinking. Out of no where she pulls a bullhorn, and takes a deep breath. "HEY OLD MAN!", she screams, the force of the bullhorn shattering the Nurses' glass door. "WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE THESE SOULS AWAY? THINK ABOUT GETTING A HEARING AID! IT MIGHT HELP!" Depending on how well Rystan and Alexa can withstand it, they will be thrown against the wall, or.. Ya know.. not. "Tsk. Someone really oughta open a home for these poor bastards. I bet her smells old to." Her nose crinkles, and she peers past every to see Nurse replacing the glass, and nodding again.

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