2009-01-13b (PreU) Castle Crashing

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Castle Crashing

Summary: Harley meets Morrigan, and the two meet Tyler, and then out of nowhere appears ...Poison Ivy? Yes, it's a very strange night indeed. From blowing up parts of the UR to getting lost in gothic castles this log kinda provides a pseudo-tour of some of the stranger parts of Twisted you might not have known existed. x_x I certainly didn't. Oh, and if you're wondering about that shop window broken in the scene with Harley and Datenshi not long ago? More clues are given. I'd tell you who's shop it was and why it's no longer on the grid, but it's more fun to figure it out for yourself. ^_^

Who: Harley_Quinn, morrigan, Poison_Ivy, tyler
When: January 13, 2009
Where: All over the place...

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UR: Dance Club(#1842R) A sub-division of the UR's main restaurant, built after one of the many times the UR has been damaged. A large hardwood floor, perfect for dancing upon and empty of all hazards that would trip or injure the dancers. It has been built to accomodate most everyone found in MU, with a high vaulted ceiling for those of more than normal height, and also for any fancy flips, leaps, etc that the more ambitious dancers might attempt. Also, the rafters have been left showing so you can just hang out or dance in the rafters! There is a stage against the left side of the wall with stair's going up along both sides, microphone's rest upon it for anyone who might want to attempt some karoake. In the back right corner is a small circular platform upon which is a DJ station with all kinds of CD's waiting to be played. The four corners of the room hold giant speakers for giving that powerful surround sound. A small padded bench runs along the walls so that one can sit and take a breather in between songs.

The stereo is playing a little too loudly in here as a woman in a clown suit dances happily. Of course this does nothing to explain the broken window or the crowbar, but she doesn't seem to care. Dancing to something techno-ish, the harlequin seems lost in her own world. "Now if only I had me some drinks..."

Morrigan slips in from the resturaunt, a bottle of wine in hand, her amusement showing at the broken window "tsk." she herself sort of floats on her wings "heh. A clown." she mumbled, taking her finger to uncork the wine and take a sip directly from the bottle. She rather lazily flicks her lower wings to observe the clown, rather enjoying the outting already.

The bells on Harley's jester hat jingle as she spins around to face the sudden voice. "HEY! I ain't no clown!" The girl bows, "Alright... ya got me." As she stands back up a large cork gun is drawn and aimed at Morrigan. "There ain't gonna be no problems is there, toots? I'm jus' tryin' ta have a good time." The scowel seems to imply she's very serious about this question.

Morrigan peers "Do I really look like I give a damn about what you do human?" she asked.. "Besides, I'm here to have fun too." she pokes the gun "Put it away girl.. I didn't come here to fight with anyone.." she called out, settling onto the ground, her free hand going on her hip before she laughs a little "Now come on, put that away and go back to dancing.." that 'free' hand comes back up to deliver a glub of wine to the teal haired woman's lips.

The gun is twirled as she tucks it away... somewhere. Best not to think about it much. With a smile on her face again, the girl twirls once and resumes dancing to the beat of the music - while trying to keep an eye on the newcomer of course. "Good! Ain't been here more than a bit, wasn't lookin' ta pick a fight 'till I could get the lay of th' land, y'know?" The music stops, and Harley does a cartwheel towards the stage to put in another cd of similar music. "My name's Harley. What about yerself?"

Morrigan chuckles "It is wise to just have fun here, the worst that happens is someone more powerful than you disagrees." her chuckle rolls out, bottle of wine put to her lips to finish the bottle. "Eh not bad.. a bit dry." she flings the bottle into the pile of broken glass without much regard. "I am Morrigan Aensland." she gives a deep noble bow, "I am delighted to make your aquaintance Harley. You seem like... a very fun force to reckon with." she stands up, taking small waltzing steps, with relaxed casualness.

Harley grins as she leaps off the stage with a summersault, landing on her feet like a professional gymnist. Without putting her hands down she begins dancing again, shaking her hips around and randomly twirling on her heels. "Fun, eh? Hah! You jus' wait 'till I can get ol' Red ta join me. She an' me go waaaaay back. I'm itchin' ta paint th' town red." Without a pause she smirks, "'er green, 'er pink... maybe s'me polka dots too!" As innocent as her statment might seem, the wise would realise she's being very serious...

Morrigan hms a bit "Well .. There's nothing worth stealing here, I could however help you stir up some excitement if you'd like.." she offered, grinning a bit, quite obviously amused by Harley "Humans are such interesting little beasts... " she commented, her weight spinning gracefully. "I wonder how the council would feel if we just took to painting the town.. You do mean with big paintbrushes, correct?" she asked, pausing to laugh at the idea.

Harley grins even wider, "Paintbrushes, explosive paint bombs. Maybe we could get us some paintball guns an' go ona shootin' spree!" Spinning once more, she comes to a hault with her hands on her hips. "That's th' second time I heard 'bout this council. What? It's some kinda street council? Plannin' council? Town halls ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout. 'Sides, from what I've seen there ain't no police 'round 'ere. That's just BEGGING fer someone ta shake things up!"

Morrigan waves her hand "The council from what I understand is just a few bastards who keep this place from going absolutely bananas." she spins a hand "I have no intention of directly messing with them, but, baby, I do love messing with people." she offered.. "No, no police, kind of hard to find suits when you're dealing with un human forces." she offered, laughing again.. "I could arrange your idea. Any one you are looking to bother?" she asked, tapping her foot with a wide grin.

"Lookin' ta bother? Anyone ya got, o' course!" Laughing maniacly, Harley hops back towards the stage to sit on the side of it. "Y'know Morrigan? Yer alright! Sorry I pulled a gun on ya, ya kinda looked like one o' them costumed supers that Dat-guy was warnin' me about. He said there's a flock o' wanna be heroes in an' about. Last thing I need is another Bats comin' ta get in my way..." Frowning at the floor the girl sits quitely a moment before shrugging and seemingly moving the conversation back to happier thoughts. "So how long ya been livin' here? Clearly ya know th' place better'n I do."

Morrigan mms a bit "I'm not really sure, I lost track of time. I .. this isn't a costume is it?" she considers.. "I'm fairly sure I'm not a hero, I suppose I could be." she murmured, thoughtfully. "I really have no interest in silly human pursuits like justice, just protecting my castle and myself .. oh.. And having fun." she commented, "Now now, keep on your happy smile, Harley. A harlequinn is to smile and be jovial." she sits right down beside Harley and hug her shoulder. "How about I do you a little favor, any time you want to come play, you can come right on up into my castle and we'll pick on the specters. If I could find other darkstalkers, we could have some real fun." she murmured, her wing wrapping Harley a bit too.. "Now then back to the painting.. How many paintballs will we be needing?"

Harley's smile does indeed return while listening to Morrigan go on about castles and having fun. Her eyes seem to glaze over a little as she imagines it. For a brief moment she's like a kid again until the subject comes back around to the here and now. "Sounds like fun, toots!" Hmm. Paintballs. "Well, certainly th' more th' merrier. Couple thousand I'd say, long as no one gets in da way. 'Course there's always da plan 'B'." She redraws her gun and twirls it around again. "But if we're lucky it won't come ta that 'till we get our fun done first!"

Morrigan's fingers go up and she snaps one "Well then, dear lovey what shall we do for now?" she asked, laughing just a bit. "I do believe you've entertained me considerably. WHere would the humans sell paint balls.. I wonder.." she murmured, wings twitching atop her head.

Harley kicks her feet as she lays back on the stage. "I dunno, but there's a whole buncha shops in an' old part of th' town not far from 'ere. I found one fulla all these cakes an' stuff so I went in an' uh... Well, th' girl there decided ta come along fer the ride. Had ta drop 'er off though. She was fun, but she wouldn't stop screamin'." The mischiveous grin on her face seems to imply she's either serious or delusional. Probably a little of the two.

Morrigan's body shifts, standing up to help Harley up, cheerfully picking up the clown to twirl around "So, who is Red, is she as lovely as you? Is she as goofy as you?"

Harley says, "Red? Naaaah. Red's too serious ta be goofy. But she's fun when ya get ta know 'er. She's got a mean green thumb." Something about this is apparenlty funny as the clown starts laughing at herself. "They call 'er Poison Ivy, but that's jus' a mouthful ta say all th' time. I'll get 'er here sooner or later! Jus' you wait."

The sound of a mechanical whirring fills the dance floor for a moment before a helmeted head comes into a view. An amplified and deep voice rings out, "I'd not get too carried away with yoru plans if I were you. There may not be a multi-man force, but I think I more than make up for multiple people." Tyler's armored form comes completely into view, his armor significantly less bulky than the last time he was showing it off. It's also obviously alot more powerful, if the light hum coming from it is any indication, and the glowing blue lines in the creases of his silvered suit. He taps the side of his helmet, which oddly enough doens't sound metallic at all. "I've been catching bits of your conversation from downstairs."

Morrigan... begins laughing.. rather loudly at Tyler. She stands up "Like the paint would last for a day or two with Twisted's constant twisting." she grins, standing up "Eavesdropping is for bats, cats, and monsters and sweety I do believe you are a boy. We aren't talking about murder.. or hurting anyone, just making a little mess for an artistic statement. Besides, do you really want to start a fight with the queen of Makai?"

Harley jumps up off the stage and spins around to stand beside Morrigan. Putting out her arm she flexes her 'muscle' "YEAAAH! What she said!" Sticking out her tounge at Tyler, the harlequin pulls out her cork gun once more and aims the 'buisness end' at the stranger. Not really a threatening sight with that cork hanging out the side of it. "Ya don't know what'cher dealin' with. I mean, c'mon. It's jus' a broken window. Let it go!" Tyler stares impassivly at the duo, "Stealing is still wrong. There's also the innocents that could be harmed by a stray paintball." He tilts his head slightly, "A certain individual has armed me with certain files. You'd be Harley Quinn. Unlike my 'benefactor' I only judge by what I've actually seen. Twisted is a place of new beginnings. Don't make me have to form a bad opinion. Seriously, it'd be rather cool to prove Batman wrong." He grins inside his helmet. "I'm not here to start a fight. Just giving a warning."

Morrigan hums "When did we say a thing about stealing?" she clicks her tongue, then her heal. "Batman.. What a gay name. Bats are such cute cuddly little things." she commented, poofing one into existence to perch it on her hand. "Oh lord diva.. Oh Savior forbid we bruise the perishables." she mumbled, rather annoyedly glancing at Tyler, her wings twitching, changing shape, spiking for a moment before becoming more or less clouds, and again changing back to wings. "Righteous little humans.. such wastes of time."

Harley glances around. Must be something to do. Suddenly a morbid little smile crosses her face. "Oh dear. We've been caught. Shame on us. You're completly right, y'know. We'll give ourselves up right away. How dare we ponder such horrible things!" Ducking into a roll the clown launches herself onto the stage, yanking the powercord for the stero system in half and pressing the exposed live wires against Tyler's armor. In the same smooth motion she aims her gun at the celing which quickly explodes from the false cork loaded into her gun. The point to all this? The sprinkler system kicks on and the water and electricity find themselves a new home via Tyler's heavy metal armor. "I gotta a SHOCKING surprise for ya, I LIKE doing horrible things!"

Tyler tilts his head as electricity crackles about his form, "Uh...I hate to point this out, Harley...My armor isn't metal and isnt' conducive to electricity. However in a couple of moments the floor will be wet enough that the electricity coursing over the outside of my armor will arc to it...and to you two. Can I suggest removing the cord?"

Morrigan.. looks startled at the water.. her body once again floating "It'd just tingle a bit.." she examins her fingernails, "You bore me. I don't know who this.. batman is but he's most likely a disgrace to the darkstalkers ." she commented casually.

Harley is too focused on the lack of an electricution to care much about anything else that's been said. She simply laughs nervously as she looks up at Tyler's face. "Eh heh heh... oops." Yanking on the cord enough to pull the other end out of the wall, she twirls around away from stomping distance and pushes herself back off the stage. "Well, this is fun. But you? Yer all wet... Let's go Morggy." Quickly she makes her way towards the broken window, picking up the crowbar and tucking it into her costume somehow along the way.

Morrigan pfts "You've ruined my mood child." she looks at the broken window.. moving to stand on the sill, in her hooker boots to look down "Child, the road to hell is paved with nothing but the best intentions, I do hope you know which way you are going." she murmured, her hands going behind her head, grinning a bit.

Tyler waves a hand and the sprinklers shut off instantly. He eyes Morrigan through his opaque faceplate, "Batman is probably the best detective in any universe, and a heck of a fighter for being a regular man with no special powers." He looks at the wet floor and his right arm shifts into a device that he promptly points at the ground. The water begins to disappear rapidly, leaving no damage to the dance floor. He looks at the leaving Harley, "Be careful Harley. Batman is hunting for you and Joker."

Harley freezes dead in her tracks at the name of the Bat-freak. With a heavy sigh she pulls herself out of the window and sticks her head back in. "Bats ain't nothin' ta be scared of. Not like he can do much but slap us on tha wrist 'ere. Wait a few days an' I'll prove it." Sticking out her tounge again, she stands and vanishes out of site outside the building. Well, vanishes from Tyler's eyes. She's not gonna leave her new friend unless she has to.

Morrigan grins a bit, hopping out of the window "Well then miss Harley, where shall we away to?" she's flying so it isn't like leaving through a window is even an inconvinience.

Harley freezes dead in her tracks at the name of the Bat-freak. With a heavy sigh she pulls herself out of the window and sticks her head back in. "Bats ain't nothin' ta be scared of. Not like he can do much but slap us on tha wrist 'ere. Wait a few days an' I'll prove it." Sticking out her tounge again, she stands and vanishes out of site outside the building. Well, vanishes from Tyler's eyes. She's not gonna leave her new friend unless she has to.

Morrigan grins a bit, hopping out of the window "Well then miss Harley, where shall we away to?" she's flying so it isn't like leaving through a window is even an inconvinience.

Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)
You find yourself standing in around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the North kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Morrigan leads Harley, quite pleasantly to a fountain, setting her down "I do so hate meddlers.. its how humans get hurt, honestly." she paces the fountain's edge." she relaxes, her back stretching out.. "Silly little bastard." she taps her toes. "Hm I guess I'll have to quietly reguide him." she offered, lazily"

"Eh... meddlin' kids and criminals go hand in hand, y'know?" With a grin and a shrug Harley hops onto the edge of the fountain and does a balancing act around the side of it. "But, y'know? He can't be THAT bad. He was smart an' didn't chase after us. I thought fer sure we'd trade a blow or two after I blew up th' celin'." The clown stops to stare at the trees in the distance and sighs a little mournfully. "Red would like it here..."

A winsome voice chimes in from the other side of the fountain, Ivy peering at the new arrivals with some interest... the majority of her attention on the familiar face for now. "Well, I'd like to think I'd become less predictable... especially after knowing you for that long." she addresses Harley easily. "But I guess we cant help our habits... and mine is always where sun shines and flowers bloom. Hello Harley." she says with a toned down voice and a familiar half-smile... she is clearly a woman of few expressions. Morrigan glances to the other woman, rather dully observing her.. "Not exactly a human but hello. This is your friend 'red'?" she asked, hopping from the fountain onto the ground, her own half smile showing.. "Out of all the silly things though.. some variety of suited moron trying to wrangle in the chaos, its really all very laughable." she tilts, offering her hand to Ivy "Good evening Miss. I am Morrigan Aensland."

Harley spins around on the wet fountain edge at the sound of the familar voice, but faceplants off the side as she looses control once realising who it is. "RED!!!!" Pretty much the rest of the conversation is lost as she bolts over to her lost friend and hugs her, picking her up into the air in the process. "I figured I'd have ta drag ya here kickin' an' screamin'!!"

Pamela_Isley strained against her sugar-powered confidant's grip... if it wasnt for her super-human abilities, she'd probably have broken a bone... or at least she imagines so with Harley's inability to control herself. "We'll, knowing you, I figure I should tag along to make sure you dont draw too much attention to yourself... ... like blowing up buildings..." she is currently unable to take Morrigan's hand, but she addresses the woman in kind... "Pamela Isley..." she says shortly to the woman... "Suited moron? Did batman follow you too?"

Morrigan mms a bit "I'm going to assume Batman is a homosexual of some kind and this is his little gay lover that wanted attention and a bit of spotlight." she offered, casually. "I honestly have no idea who this batman is.. but the idea that someone might be using my insignia bothers me. She waves a hand. "Some kid is running around in a suit trying to stop wrong doing and scolded us for wanting to quite literally paint the town with coloration." she offered, scrunching her nose."

Harley puts down Ivy, but hangs off her arm none the less. "Red? This is Morrigan. She's my new friend!" She laughs at the conversation, but soon her laugh turns to a disgruntled sigh as she finally lets go of Ivy and frowns at the sky. "Bats is a pain... always runnin' around, gettin' in th' way. If only mah puddin' coulda taken care o' him." She tackles Poison Ivy again. "Ooooh, oooh! Get this! Here in this town? There's NO COPS!!" Her eyes grow as wide as plates as she gets right up into her friend's face to scream this. There's no sugar... she's always like this.

Pamela_Isley lets out a deep breath... not in relief... just to breath. Wanting to reward Harley for not 'handling' her, she lethargically allows Harley to take her arm. Simply to keep Harley satisfied without loosing oxygen... not because she was happy to see Harley... not at all... maybe a little. Her eyes roll at the mention of 'puddin' "Whats wrong with us? We've been far closer to offing that pointy-eared meddler than anyone else." she harumphs and looks to Morrigan. "Honestly... you do have to wonder about men who feel the need to enforce some idiotic form of social conduct that even they desire to violate in doing so..." ... said the woman in a dark green leotard holding onto the arm of a girl dressed like a clown. "Dont they know there is a law above their cities of rock and stone?" Suddenly she is tackled again.. and she falls over like a bag of potatoes. Landing on her butt in the grass.. sneering slightly, her reward system seems to have failed. "No cops?" she suddenly smiles quite a bit more. "Well... this place might not be so bad after all. Seems like the perfect place for us to get our bearings before settling a few scores." Her voice never goes up more than an octave in her excitement

Morrigan chuckles "You are welcome to stay in my castle so long as you do not harm my library or dungeon.. Human vellum is a luxury. Only the finest for grimmeries." she offered. " I'll apologize now but I don't understand human law." she murmured. "I also don't get human men's need to apply themselves as the best or apply it to their heroes. Man should remember from earth they are born and to earth they shall return." she snerks, "This place is more or less run on a premise of don't go through doors which you are not sure you can return, I'd be careful." she pauses calmly "Your hair reminds me of the humans in the towns I visited in my youth in Scotland.."

Harley backflips off of Ivy and onto her feet again. "Ooooh, Red? I like castles! How come we don't live in castles? I'm tiiiired of seedy, broken hotels. Let's go rob some banks, get some money, and move an' be Morrigan's neighbors!" The logic of this is escaping her. "We can be like princesses!" She's off on a world of her own with stars in her eyes. "We could wear dresses, go ta balls, blow up stuff, order people ta be beheaded. Oooh! I know th' perfect court jester!!" She grabs her friend's hand and helps pull her to her feet. "Y'know... maybe we should jus' skip the rest and take ta blowin' stuff up. I liked that blowin' up buildin's idea you came up with! I ain't seen no good explosions in a few weeks!"

Pamela_Isley looks over to Morrigan from her place beneath Harley. "We will consider your offer." She says non-committally, taking heed from Morrigan's own words not to enter any place you're not sure you can walk out of... and she doubts that Morrigan would have come to own a castle dressed as she appears unless she were capable of maintaining it well... and she doesnt appear to be one of the super-rich blue-blood types. "Princesses?" she says incredulously to her friend as she was being pulled up. "Wait... blow stuff up? I didnt..." she facepalms a moment.. once Harley gets an idea in her head, the only way to get her out of it is to distract her with something else... and hope she wants that more. "Well, perhaps in one lifetime, I inherited this form from Irish or Scottish decent... but fate has seen fit to birth me with a new mother. I imagine you may know what thats like... perhaps experienced such yourself... how did you come by this castle... and.." she hesitates a moment... "Do you have.. celebrations... like.. balls" thinking that might be a better idea that alerting everyone to their presence by blowing stuff up... where there are no cops, there must certainly be rivals

Morrigan blinks "You could just live in my castle. No boyfriends though.. Men have a habbit of trying to kick me off my throne to assert their dominance. You don't want to be a princess, Harley, you'd simply die of boredom. I could host a ball for you, if you'd like. My adoptive father left the castle to me." she curtsies. "I am Morrigan Aensland, Current leader of the Aensland clan, the most powerful clan in all of Makai." she considers "If it will please you, I suppose I could appear more human for such an event.." she offered, reaching to pet Harley.. Morrigan is infact a super wealthy blue-blood type, just a very bored one of the succubus variety.

Harley closes her eyes and sticks out her tounge dog-like as she's patted on the head. She's a special one sometimes, isn't she? "No, no, no. That won't work. Sooner or later mah puddin' 'ill be comin' back. He might be a heartless, psychotic monster who's tried ta kill me about a dozen times.... but he's MY heartless, psychotic monster." She swoons a little thinking whatever worrysome thoughts about the Joker that she thinks. "One day we're gonna settle down, kidnap us a Robin or somethin', an' with just a little brainwashin' have ourselves a family! I'm not th' kind for all that 'wonderful joys of childbirth' nonsense..." She can already feel Ivy's gaze peering through her, which is why she chooses to roll her eyes and shrug, putting both hands into the air dramticly. "A gal can dream, right?"

Pamela_Isley does indeed do quite a bit of glaring... the kind of stuff they go through and she still swoons for the idiot whose done more harm to that girl than anything Batman ever tried to do to her. Since Harley has already settled down the idea, she turns her gaze to Aensland. It hasnt softened much, but she still seems to be of moderate temper. "I suppose I could use a change of scenery... if there is a castle, there must be a garden. Wont find that in a Motel." she ponders to herself... before looking over to Harley... "Well... I guess we should head off to the castle." she says warily. This woman was the head of a whole clan of people... might as well mention her own abilities. "You should know, Ms. Aensland... I will prepare my own food... due to my unique nature, I must not be handled by touch... a large series of toxins run through my body and can be quite painful even to those who resist death." Which Harley was easily provided an antidote for... perhaps Ivy doesnt dislike Harley's horseplay as much as she pretends.

Morrigan makes a face "... Even I am uninterested in heartless psychotic monsters, and I am generally froma race of them.." she sits midair, her wings poofing into bats to keep her suspended, legs folding "Harley.. You shouldn't chase a man using you for his own gains who regards you as a convinience rather than a partner." she mused. Her foot bobs as she sways. "Now then, Miss Isely, do you have any psychotic bastards I may have to skewer at some point I should be aware of, or are you equipped with some sembelance of sanity?" she pauses "No one in my castle will bother you, but plants may have trouble due to fact that the sunlight is afraid to shine brightly in Makai." she offers her hands to her friends, wings reappeariing.

Harley doesn't have much to say, but knows when people are talking about her. Rather than say something to make things worse she smiles and sticks out her tounge childishly. Pffft, everyone's getting all serious and talking about plants again? BOREING!! To keep herself busy Harley starts pacing along the edge of the fountain again. At least with Morrigan floating in the air she doesn't have to stop and figure out a way around her when she comes full circle...

Pamela_Isley hrms suspiciously... "No sunlight?" She doesnt really like the sound of it... there isnt a moment when she likes being away from her plants... "I suppose There are always the mushrooms to tend..." Without sun, however, she we probably become very irritable... still, its the last place Bats would look for her. "I suppose it will have to do... and no, I'm not friends with any psychos..." she looks at Harley... "Any dangerous psychos. If any try to come find me, you may dispose of them at your own discretion." Looking over to her best friend, she wonders if she hasnt negociated them into trouble, just in case, she serrupticiously checks her stash of poison wrist darts. Then she looks down at Aensland's hand... checking her gloves once more, she reaches for it to close the deal safely.

Morrigan ponders "We could always make you a few sunlamps or some such." she offered, shaking just gently "delighted to meet you. Properly." she chuckles. "There are no gardens here, but if you grow one I will... take the sun's abuse for you." she smiles "Now then, away with us?" she asked, bending to tap Harley with her foot. tap tap

Harley nearly looses her balance on the edge of the fountain again as she's tapped. The clown spins around again and flails her arms trying not to fall into the water. In the end she latches onto Morrigan for dear life and gasps for breath. "Ya know, gals? I'm startin' ta think that goin' without sleep fer a week 'er two might not be th' best thing for the ol' balance..." She blinks twice before looking down and remembering that the girl was floating a minute ago. Somehow that makes her climb higher until she's hanging off of Morrigan's back where she looks down at the ground again nervously. "Y'know... now I KNOW I'm tired... that ground looks really REALLY painful right now." For a girl who's been known to do backflips off of mutli-story rooftops and use telephone wires as tightropes, this is kinda sad. "You have beds in this castle, right? Like... without rocks or peas, or spikes hidden in 'em?"

Pamela_Isley stands there deadpan to Harley's antics... blinking once she wondered if their benevolent castle-owner wouldnt drop the two of them right now for it. still, she seems to be handling the situation... looking around at the trees and the scenery, she hesitates a moment... mentally making notes for which plants she may wish to bring with her. Certainly something with strong roots and limbs. "I think I could use a nice warm bath and a bed" she says despondently. Her mouth cracks a tiny smile at seeing Harley hanging off of someone else for a change... bringing her hand up to her mouth, she wipes away the reluctant smirk and follows close behind

Morrigan ers a bit "Tell me what kind of bed you'd like and you shall have it. I can even fill it with attractive Pierots if its what gets you your jollies." she sort of oofs, reaching back to hold Harley up, just a smidgeon too polite to throw Harley. "You are ... energetic and truthfully the most interesting people I've met next to the strange little human boy obsessed with trying to pin me with wrestling moves who cried when threw him using my legs." she murmurmed, headed for the main drag and the distorted way.

[Aensland Castle] Approaching(#4061R)
The moon hangs low and bright in the sky at all hours of the day. A forbidding dark stone arch is raised with a gargoyle leering down at you at the base of the hill. A wall prevents simply waltzing around it. The road is rocky and remniscent of the Scottish highlands. The castle, if one can call it that is two joined structures. The first, the portion you enter, is a classic circular citadel. The center appears to have a total of three towes within it.
Splitting the two structures is a bubbling black body of water with a swift current. The bridge between the two. is high towards the smaller structure. The base is a giant grinning skull. A pointed tower rises from the base.

Morrigan leads the two through the streets, and as promised towards the castle. She whistles at the gate, grinning "Welcome to Aensland castle..." she whispered, grinning a bit as she starts in further, towards the gates, calmly. Its really pretty damn creepy, ain' it?

Harley blinks as they start waking off. "Just a kind with pillows an' some sheets an' maybe a puke bucket on th' side of it." She's lookin' kinda green on Morrigan's back. Still, she holds it in as they walk off - of course trying very hard not to look down as well. Along the way the clown starts dozing off and even snores once or twice until it's announced that they're near. Blinking and wiping her eyes with a free hand, Harley ooooh's and aaah's. "Look Red! It's like Arkham without all the screaming and yelling!" She finally swoons a bit at her romantacised view of her past and drops off of 'Morrgy' landing square on her butt and fighting comical tears. "Owwwwowowowowowww..." She stands and rubs her rump before looking around. Realising she doesn't really have much right to start complaining about her seating arrangements, the girl sighs and starts following behind everyone.

Pamela_Isley looks around the place.. Harle was right... there wasnt much difference between this and Arkham... and she didnt exactly favor the resemblance. Still, it makes all the difference being outside of the bars... and inside the bars. And here, she was very much outside and that made it far far more palatable. Still, it was... erm... grey. "You sure you wont miss all the yelling and screaming?" she knew Harley's taste, if it was anything like the Joker's, would probably be able to sleep through it like a lullaby. Ivy herself preferred serene silence. "Thanks again for having us up here... it seems the nicest people I know are all women... and they always want to help out their fellow women. Unlike the rest of the backstabbing machismo pigs." And she was thinking of at least one out of two examples at the moment. One of them had a stupid laugh.

Morrigan snerks a bit "That is because women are the guardians of existence. Of that I'm convinced, Come in, its a bit further, Would you and Harle like to share a room or will you be prefering your own? Also if you hear screams ignore them, it doesn't happen often, but every so often we get bum rushed by idiots." she offered, grinning a bit. "I have no reason to distrust you nor do I own any treasure humans would buy." she offered, shrugging and letting the castle open up, sliding through the gates calmly..

[Aensland Castle] Gates(#4062R)
Ah the castle gates! Tangled roses bloom along the walls, making the castle more forbidding in appearance. The road way is cobbled near the gates. Two stationary golems stand near the entrance to the castle, a series of portcullis prevent unwanted advances. Along the inside of the gate.. Within the gates one may notice an abundants of arrow slats and ceiling slats. Judging by the nice lovely red tone of the stone beneath and drainage pipes, one may assume this little murder trap has been used several times.

Harley shrugs at Ivy's comment. "Eh... it grows on ya. Ya know how things grow on ya, don'cha Red?" She grins again. Yes. More bad puns. Luckily she doesn't offer much else in the way of a comment as they pass the gates. With an emotionless 'huh' at the sight of them, she glances back to the castle in question letting her mind fall back into that fantasy world. "Wow, it's like a total dream house! All it needs is a few hienas, maybe some exploding jack in the boxes.... ooooh, and a circus tent in the backyard with onea those ball pits the kids like so much?" She frowns realising she's the only one enjoying this fantasy so she adds to it a little, "Maybe a great big HEDGE MAZE full of trap doors and SPIKES!" That's probably more to Ivy's liking...

Pamela_Isley clears her hair from her vision while looking about. It certainly didnt have that warm tropical feeling she was acustomed too... but it did have its uses. Ivy visibly deadpans Harley's joke, her mouth being a bit more drawn... Inwardly, she fought a tiny smile, but had been more prepared for it. "I think we would like to have our rooms sep..." she hears Harley's comment about the hedgemaze... Her eyes soften a bit at that, and now the smile was a bit harder to hide. "Together, please." she says calmly, as if it were her intention the whole time.

Morrigan rubs her chin "The last one, I can arrange, .. the others are a bit goofy.. But how about we try to find you some people you can enjoy." she chuckles a bit "Neither of you are bothered by the roses? They tend to give some humans migraines.." she mumbled, starting for the citadel portion, opening the doors again calmly. "Do come in."

Harley doesn't have much of an opinion about where she sleeps. It's all the same to her as long as there's a bed involved at this point. "Huh? Roses? Plants ain't nothin' after that shot Red here gave me ta keep me from gettin' poisoned. I don't even have allergies any-" She sneazes. Go figure. "Wow... maybe Mistah J is thinkin' about me!" She smiles happily again. Ugh..

Pamela_Isley places two fingers between her eyebrows... it seems she is getting a headache, but perhaps not from the roses. "I wish you could stop thinking about that ... ... MAN!" thats the worst insult she can manage... "and why would they harm me... they're my family." she says with a very bright smile now... though the way her eyebrows knit together, it does seem rather devious. Reaching over to one of the wall roses, she leans in to give it a tender little kiss... causing the rose to swell and bloom almost immediately, even in the darkness. "Such a lovely species..." she says toying with it like one plays with a loving partne.. erm... friend.

Morrigan smiles a bit "They're the rarest flower in Makai, due to the wars, they only bloom here.. To let them die would be a sin, you see." she watches Ivy, chuckling, sitting mid air. "So your friend is something akin to.. a mage but with life?" she asked toward Harley, digging into her breasts to take out two small shimmery rings out to toss one at Harley and wait for Ivy to quit making out with the roses. She's pretty calm, as if she's seen odder..

Harley shrugs at Ivy, "You jus' don't understand true lov-ugh." She rolls her eyes, "Yer not gonna do that to every single flower we come to t'night, are ya?" She turns to Morrigan and whimpers with huge tearful eyes. "Can we pleeeease hurry ta the part where I get some sleep?"

She catches the ring and peers at it, even biting it at one point. "Eh? I told'ja she's gotta green thumb, well... I guess some other stuff too but that's not lady like ta talk about in public." Wait? WHAT? She starts cackling. Maybe she's kidding....

Pamela_Isley raises up with a hand and takes the ring when Morrigan eventually tosses it at her. "Perhaps Harley is right... we should get some rest." Facepalms again at Harley's comment, almost as if to hide her laughter, but her own face seems to color a light pink... "Lets... lets just get some rest."

Morrigan snerks a bit at that "You'd think I was a lady or something." she teases, chuckling at Harley " Where she is or is not green is none of my concern unless she makes it my concern." she offered out calmly, leading the two up, into the castle yawning a little bit, her head wings twitching faintly.

[Aensland Castle] Great Hall(#4070R)
A great hall for a great family of nobles. Woven tapestries representing great tidbits of Makai history and especially Aensland occurances. A large painting of Berial Aensland resides over two heavy, gilded thrones that are set on a platform. A skeletal orchestra constantly play melodies for dancing, keeping the mood light and airily pleasant. Wine bottles are ready to be served, feasts ready to be served. Guests are often catered to as soon as they come.

Harley wobbles more the further they walk. She eyes Ivy blearily. "I'm startng to regret th' whole castle thing, Red. Maybe if it had an esc'ilater 'er somethin'." She grabs onto her arm dramaticly hanging off of Ms Isely in a rediculous show of exhastion. "C-Can we just sleep in th' hallway or somethin'?"

Pamela_Isley reaches out to pull Harley along... she knew her games and... personality. This was just one of the many quirks of living with her. "we're almost there... just a few feet... then a nice soft cozy bed to sleep in." she said with a tiny little encouraging smile. "I promise" she looks to Morrigan. "She's... different." she says apologietically almost.. "But nice."

Morrigan reaches out, picking up Harley for them, chuckling "Whats an escalator?" she asked, starting up the stairs.. Harley is a little thing ; so it isn't terribly hard.

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