2009-01-23 (PreU) Dark Creatures Rising pt 3

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Dark Creatures Rising pt3

Summary: Luna `dies' to escape Datenshi's bindings, just as Concordance shows up. Concordance and Datenshi discuss godhood, and he makes a realisation. Worth noting: Datenshi says 'thank you'. <- First time /ever/.

Who: concordance, datenshi, guarlesia, satyrn, suzumi
When: January 23rd, 2009


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Luna has escaped, oh indeed has escaped! Or, well, sort of, at least. If you can call letting yourself die an escape. One never knows where one will end up when you die, though Luna has a fairly good hope that she'll end up back at her soul, afterall, when she died last time, her conciousness didn't stay in her body, did it? No, once it was dead, it went back to her soul, waiting to be reborn! And reborn it was. Luckily for her, Damia the blood fairy is still holding his, but, well, that scene's really happening somewhere else, so we'll just have to wait for the end result won't we? --- Satyrn tilts her head, "I know my limits, there's nothing I can do to imprison Cale, I can only destroy her, which you could do, but, as you can see..." She looks up and actually frowns. She was hoping Gegoshi would come by herself and not bring Concordance, or rather, Concordance is bringing Gegoshi, she supposes. Elder. She isn't very good at dealing with Concordance, not since she started moving around and...talking and...careing about things. She isn't sure if she's expected to worship whatever Concordance is or not, but she isn't someone who bows down in fealty. Even if Concordance does have a high level of chi inside of that body of hers. "The saiyan race will come back someday, and I'll be its queen." She says softly at Datenshi's saiyan comment. Even if she has to birth them all herself, dang it. --- Concordance finishes walking through the large doorway, Guarlesia alongside and just behind her. There's no sign of Gegoshi though she is definately there, she's just invisible and a little speckle of matter near Concordance's foot. The door behind her closes and disappears, though the singing remains for a few moments as her wings furl out and the wind trumpets at its beauty. Her eyes look down towards Datenshi, Luna, and Satyrn, and of course, the manor. The gargoyle statues come to life and raise their hands up, their eyes glowing red as they moan and cry, stone wings flapping and feet stomping up and down where they stand causing the ground to shake. If Datenshi's crystal is still out, it's going to start filling up again, there's a lot of magic that just floats around Concordance's body, though it doesn't seem to be the cause of the area rising up to welcome her. She starts, what she's mentally decided to call, pulling herself in, and things begin to calm down. The singing stops, and the wind goes back to its normal paths, and the gargoyle's stop their crying, though they still look towards her, wicked joy etched over their faces. Floating down, she comes to a stop in the middle and back between Datenshi and Satyrn so as not to abstruct their view of each other, but to be near them both. Guarlesia follows down, though her wings are flapping like crazy and she's holding on to Concordance's legs. "Hello Datenshi, hello Satyrn." She looks over towards Luna..or Luna's body, but doesn't greet it. Guarlesia looks at the space between her and the ground, and decides it's further than eight feet, and looks over at the people gathered, "Hello!" She greets as well, though her voice isn't as cheerful as Gegoshi's is, who's voice comes from the air near Concordance, "Calculating teleportion from this area into containment cell! Please wait!"

Datenshi seems to look up with a gaze of distain, no doubt regretting Luna's sudden dissapearance from her body, that is now directed towards those gargoyle heads. They're not supposed to do that. If it were not for his mood right now, perhaps the Dark angel would find them facinating. Perhaps even to his taste. But right now he is frustrated with this turn of events, hoping at least that Luna suffers in some way from what he just did. Composing himself, ever practiced. Datenshi seems to sweep his glorious red gaze towards Concordance and by extension, Guarlesia. Datenshi has pointedly decided, for the moment, to like Guarlesia. Like most things, the reasoning is completely shallow and fickle. He likes her appearance more than any actual attractive quality. It seems white hair and several wings resonates better than just a pair of wings, drawing his ire. Perhaps that is why, not just yet, Datenshi has not killed Yukina. Perhaps it is the resemblance to another seraphim deep within the past. Regardless of the subconcious motivation, it simply is for now until Guarlesia rubs him the wrong way by being good, or obedient, or the usual things that disrupt this fickle mood. Brushing his hair back with a claw and bringing it to point up at Luna, he speaks rather plainly. "... That form is now empty of a conciousness. The soul is of my making. Either Charis is dead, or he escaped." Simply pointing it out. Why does Datenshi not lie as per usual? Well, they'd probably figure it out sooner or later. If not right now or on future examination, when Luna shows back up on the streets. Datenshi also doesn't believe it will phase this seemingly immutable figure, Concordance, nor Satyrn for that matter. Satyrn may even find it amusing that Datenshi was unable to contain Luna. Still, it is an unavoidable side-effect of avoiding future confusion and blame-throwing. "... Though if you want to take the body for future examination, go right ahead." Perhaps the body will have some worth to them that may make this whole venture less than useless. He's hoping to use anything he can to get beyond this rank of 'Angel' and make it into TASK or the Council's heirarchy. It is his power lust, of course. The Council has resources that he would dearly like to get his claws into. Tapping Masamune characteristically against his shoulder, a claw resting on the end of the handle from his smallest finger. The ribbon blows around in the breeze that seems to pass through now. Seems a storm is brewing above. Not surprisingly, this region seems more prone to darker, stormy weather than most. Oh, and blood rain.

The saiyan raises an eyebrow at Datenshi's words. Cale escaped? He seemed to be confined to her...some kind of soul magic? Or perhaps magic in general. Satyrn emits a sigh through her teeth. This means she wasted time, she was about to wash and dye her hair, and now she's out and about. Pointless to go back home now, and there's nothing here to fight either. Though, truly, she's had a hard time finding anything that's a challenge since she transformed beyond her normal state. "Oops." She says, having no other words and pulling out her G-pad and tapping it to make some notes to herself about Datenshi's general performance. It's one of her least favorite jobs, but she still does it, because it lets her keep her job, which is a fun one most of the time. --- Concordance looks over at the body that once held Cale's soul, the wind around her whines and cries out, trying to form the words to explain it all too her, but she doesn't want to listen to the wind right now, so she waves it away with a hand and it soon goes quiet. The ground trembles softly at this movement, fearing to be touched by her, but she doesn't land on the ground, and instead turns her eyes onto Datenshi, "Take it Gegoshi." She says, and wonders if she should say more. Her wings unfurl and and a few fairy's of pure light are born into existence as they move, but are suddenly snuffed out as quickly as they appear when her wings cease their movement. She looks around the area, judging the place over, "This is your home?" She asks. - Gegoshi gives a dramatic countdown from ten on down, yelling out ignition at the end of it, and the body should be teleported away by technology to one of TASK's better holding cells, that kind that things just don't get out from unless let out. - Guarlesia's wings continue to flap, and she looks down, wondeirng if the distance to the ground really is more than eight feet, maybe she should try it and find out, but then she might be stuck in a weird position in mid-air, she decides to distract herself instead, "Wine please!" She says to Datenshi! She's got it a few times by saying that to people, so it never hurts to blurt it out!

Datenshi makes sure to remove the Taint from the soul within Luna's body while Gegoshi is talking. It makes sense, of course, not to let your own little tricks get caught in something that could be examined. Such a quick process would usually damage a soul beyond repair. However, the Dark angel doesn't seem to care an inch if those souls are ripped apart. They will never live again without the taint. What existed of those souls are no more. To others this may be monsterous thinking. To Datenshi, it simply was what the souls paid for not being strong enough to avoid his grasp in the first place. He seems to stare though lengths of hair at Satyrn at his side, a barely perceptable flash between midnight lengths, before looking down at the ground beneath his feet. It is rumbling... strange. Still, he doesn't quite pick up that it was Concordance's doing. Something lost within the movement of his eyes, it seems. "... Yes." Datenshi remarks in response to Concordance, a straight answer. His eyes seem to narrow, intensifying as they do, debating how much to tell. He always speaks too much on these things. "It is the Wraithshadow Manor." If she has any further questions... well, she can ask of course. The manor, appraised under Concordance's gaze, may reveal many things. Part of the structure, and the magical shielding, are created by Trinune. However, a good deal of the structure comes from Nerima. What was left of the original Wraithshadow manor, post-cataclysm, has made it here. On top of that, there are soul weavings through the entire structure- too many to count. Not only does it have ancient magics from the original Wraithshadows, those who lived in the walls, those added by Trinune, Morgen, and Datenshi's modifications to the structure- it also seems to be in a location that resonates unusually compared to Twisted. It seems to be as if this place were made to house the structure, before the structure was even relocated here. Or perhaps it is one of the tricks of Twisted. On top of that, parts of the manor resonate as if resisting existing in Twisted's dimensions at all. All in all, it probably falls under one of the odder structures of Twisted- but not as odd as Twisted's library or the TASK building, perhaps. Of course, it depends on what you're used to. As Guarlesia blurts out the wine comment, he gives her a deadpan stare. At that moment, the humble zombie Azure who was standing near the manor entrance- moving slowly back as Concordance arrived, then forward with the gargoyles, then back with the earthquake kicks into action. She gives a wide eyed stare of panic, then runs inside in a flash. Within a little while she'll run out, with a somewhat awkward gait due to her sewn limbs, with a silver platter with a bottle of two wines and two glasses. One of course red and the other white.

The saiyan finishes tapping on her G-pad and sighs, the tip of her tail flicking. She looks over towards Concordance, grumbling inside. Someday, she's going to ditch TASK and leave Twisted and find some more saiyans, or give birth to more, one or the other, but being the queen of saiyans when you're the only saiyan isn't very much of anything. Still, there's just so many different worlds around here to find people to fight in, it's a hard place to want to leave. "I'm going to leave." She says, not wanting to ask due to her pride, but making it a statement instead. She has a lot of respect for Elders and such, but Concordance is something different, she can't find a way to classify her, and the chi within the woman's body is always fluctation chaoticly. Trips her out. --- Concordance nods in response to Satyrn, not rebuking her statement, people will view her as they view her, though she prefers being worshipped, at least most of creation understands this and tries its best to please her. It gets in the way though, like now with the ground shaking like that. She pulls herself in more, toning herself down yet again and gives a tenative flap of her wings...no fairy's appear this time, and there's only a soothing breeze that passes through, the kind that would come from a fresh day upon the oceans shore. Looking back to Datenshi, she speaks again, "You keep souls, are you seeking worship, power, or wisdom?" She wants to know, she wants to know about almost everyone here on Twisted. She could go around with her mind and start trying to pull it out of their brains, but it's not how she does things, at least not in this dimension and on this world. Every place she exists, she operates just a bit differently. --- Guarlesia decides to not meet Datenshi's gaze towards her, she's not exactly powerful and doesn't want to see what it's like if she gets cut up. She's not sure if Concordance would protect her or not, and with all of her hundred seals on, she can't do much of anything. But, she can drink wine! And at the appearance of it, bottles even, she starts pulling and tugging on Concordance's skirt, "Can we go down? Let's go down! Down down down!" She says. She's not very old, and it's not like anyone ever taught her manners, even if her body isn't that of a childs.

Datenshi might rub Concordance the wrong way, he's hardly worshipful. However, unlike most times, the Dark angel seems to be answering without impertenence. A rare act. It is not a fear of Concordance, but a combination of a lust for power... and the knowledge that leads to that power, and a genuine disinterest in rubbing her the wrong way right now. Right now, he has no reason to. Perhaps it is because unlike Damon, Concordance does not seem to have an abundance of minions that are dogging her every footstep. Well, unless you count Guarlesia in those numbers. Regardless, he's less offensive than usual as he reaches into his shirt and pulls out his ancient flask. The cork is soon pulled out, as he takes a swig. Then, the answer to Concordance in that deep voice. "... I seek power, but I find worship and knowledge are both paths to power. So I seek them all. However, not from souls. The correct answer for souls is sustanance." Souls are a poor path to power. They carry little of the owner's original skills, and souls on their own are not the best method of control compared to the Taint. Unless you want them to retain their identity, which has its benefits. And the knowledge is hard to obtain, at least from him, once a soul has left its body. The one good thing that souls are good for, apart from substanence for Druaga, is creating new and interesting life... and creatures. Datenshi has been very much getting into this lately, with his experiments. And Suzumi and Azure are his more favoured works. Datenshi shuffles his magnificient wings and appraises the effect Concordance is having on the world, and wonders what it would take to make such a creature. Or what she is made of at all. --- Azure is in a pickle, and she's looking about with wide shining blue, almost doe-like eyes. Her hands are clasped firmly on the tray. The real problem is this- there's not really anywhere good to place this tray to pour a glass for Guarlesia. If she puts it on the ground, that's very unclean and impolite. But she can't pour a glass while holding the tray. She's not coordinated enough, and she forgot to uncork the bottles. Also, the best place to do that is inside. But she can't ask if she wants to go inside, because she can't speak. So she's in a real bind. There's a pillar that's broken nearby, but it's hardly flat. So she opts for looking at Guarlesia with a look of panic, after looking everywhere else, including at the bottles.

The saiyan flicks her tailtip and taps her pad again, a large oak doorway appearing in the sky next to her. She reaches out and turns the doorknob, opening it, she takes a step in and then turns to look over at Datenshi. There stands the being that drove her beyond her ken of power and sent her to the next tier of saiyanhood. Should she say thanks? She used to be very polite to her Elders when they taught her new things, even if she surpassed them in strength, much of their wisdom in chi techniques and the like was always more advanced than hers. But, Datenshi just did it trying to kill her, do you thank someone for that? She'll at least wish him good fortune. "May your village prosper and your well never run dry." She then goes through her doorway, which closes after her, barring any interrutption, and disappears. --- Concordance looks at Satyrn as she talks, and wonders why she keeps refusing a position on The Council. It must be the lack of battle, or something similar, that keeps her from the position. While with the ressurrection of a number of council members, the burden that was crippling Gegoshi has been removed, one or two more would be helpful. She's also not sure when The Core will come to collect on their unpaid debt. But, it doesn't worry her, very much. Although it's nice to have something to worry about. Maybe she should worry about the Hell Council, that sounds interesting. "Do you devour souls for your life, or do you make them into new shapes? Are the new one's loyal to you, or do you give them free will of their own to act upon?" Again, more questions from her. She knows who Datenshi is, but she doesn't know the why, and since she's here, she wants to find out. Rarely does Concordance let a place pass that she is at, and not view its contents and understand its ways. She looks down at Guarlesia's insistance, "Do you want to be loved, Guarlesia?" She asks, and lowers herself down so Guarlesia can actually stand if she wants too. - Guarlesia stands on her feet and looks up at Concordance, she blinks and three of her wings, two on the left and one on the right droop down. She doesn't know what kind of question is that, it was much easier when Concordance, her mom, creator? She isn't sure how to refer to her, didn't talk and was just a ragdoll to be carried around on her back. "Um..." She looks over at Datenshi, as if looking for an answer from him of all people, but she notices Azure quickly and waves her to come over! "Gimme that bottle!"

Datenshi notices Azure's desperate eyes, and Guarlesia's inquisitive glance, but does nothing. Not one thing. That is what Azure is for, to solve such problems. He is far more interested at the moment in Concordance. Which is interesting, considering that he would have guessed himself to be more interested in Guarlesia at first- the minion. A deviation from his usual curiosity, which itself is a curiosity to ponder upon. When you've got an eternity and you don't sleep, you tend to ponder about things like this far more than the average person. Well, when he's not thinking of ways to kill others horribly and pin them up somewhere. Another swig, his own gloved hand tight around the flask. Filled to the brim with black daijinko sake. "... No, not for my life." Leaving it at that, for the moment. It would not be wise, of course, to inform anyone of the workings of Druaga. "... I can form new souls if I have to, if I know exactly what to work off, and if they are not too complicated. If the spiritual energy design is not exceedingly difficult." That is something that he bets that Luna has no clue about, nor many other people on Twisted can also claim. The ability to make fully functional souls from spiritual and astral energy. Since it is made of the same materials, it depends only on the complexity. Still, it is preferable and quicker to use actual living souls. "I make some loyal to me by making them extensions of myself, but still give them a mind and independent thought. For those who I give free will to leave... well, why would I make them if I did not intend them to have some purpose?" Datenshi's facial expression, more his eyes, seem to betray the feelings that such a thing would be a little ridiculous. Like building one of those automobiles and letting it drive off on the streets, never to see it again. What would be served if you did not intend to drive it? "Unless, of course, the creation itself gave some pleasure. Some times I have created things just to see what happens." There is another thing- Datenshi would release a creature to cause chaos on Twisted, just for fun. But far be it from him to mention such a thing to Concordance, of all people. --- Azure moves dilligently now, relieved and panicked all at once. Relieved that she's being given guidance by Guarlesia, but unsure which bottle to give her. She runs up daintily, almost tripping at one point, blue hair flying about behind her. When she stops, she puts a hand over each bottle... waiting for Guarlesia's indication, and handing it to her.

Concordance nods her head to Datenshi's words. She's heard similar things before, but she's heard similar things to almost everything that has ever been said. However, when she focus' herself in one time, one world, one dimension, and one universe, she can make things feel interesting again, because no matter how many times you see something, you can always change the angle, and look at it again and see something new. "Then you are worshipped and you are served, while your power grows. You're doing a good job. I applaud you, Datenshi." She admires people who emulate godhood, though she isn't a god or goddess on this world, at present, there's always the chance she might get some worshippers and elevate herself to such. It all depends on what the world wants. Most of the time. She now sets herself down on the ground, and the stones beneath her feet harden and become as new, wanting to be nice and presentable to boots such as Concordances. She pulls even more of herself in at this, not wanting to disturb Datenshi's realm more than she has already. She looks up at the sky, and stares at it. - Guarlesia looks between the two bottles, and reaches over and takes the one with red wine in it, she's never seen white wine before, so she figures it's not what she wants, "Yes." She says, to herself and Azure, then starts pulling on the cork with her fingers. *squeaksqueak* her fingers slip off. She twists her mouth sideways and looks over at Azure, glad that Concordance didn't press that weird question onto her further, "I need..." What was it Caliga called it? "...a bottle open." She says, pretty sure that's what it was, but her perfect memory is Sealed, so she can't recall it perfectly yet. Her six wings straighten up, and she bounces up and down on her heels, wanting to drink the wine, like now!

Out of all the reactions, Datenshi probably wasn't expecting that one. Of course he had heard of the ramblings of fools stating that the Council was out to be god, controlling their every whim. But he had always dismissed it as mortal - or demonic- paranoia, since the council don't do much of /anything/, in his opinion. So this answer is something of a surprise. It takes a good deal of effort to retain his calm, collected facial expression with an open endorsement of godhood seeking from Concordance. But keeping a calm, collected face was something he learned long before he was ever known as Datenshi. And that is an awfully long time ago. The Dark angel's crimson eyes flicker and lock onto Concordance's own, as he tilts Masamune backwards- probably the closest thing he ever gets to being taken aback. "... Ah." Yes, just `ah'. It's interesting. Perhaps he has found a partially kindred soul. But Datenshi is hardly the one to believe so, so many times has this path lead to dissapointment. Not in himself, but in the other being. "So, are you worshipped and served... or do you simply admire such qualities?" He ruffles his wings. While it sounded like that is what she meant, there was no clear signal. And now he's very curious. --- Azure seems to be calm what with Guarlesia thankfully doing all the effort... then there's speaking! OH! Her eyes speak the word even when her mouth doesn't, hair flying up. Her low fringe seems to guard her eyes, unless she looks up or through them- or is particularly shocked. Like right now. "..." She seems to reach around behind her tattered toga-like dress, and suddenly, as if from nowhere, pulls out the desired instrument. It's a wicked looking bottle opener, with a devillish looking spiral and demon wings for handles. It is made of the blackest metal you've ever seen. It completely fits the atmosphere of the manor. -- To the northwest of the manor, blood begins to rain from the skies. Typical chaotic weather at the Wraithshadow manor.

- Concordance squints her eyes as she looks at the sky. There's something there, far off above the clouds and atmosphere, a world familiar to her, discarded long ago. Is it crying to her even now to come back? Did her leaving it really make it such a desolate place and a world without hope? She considers going to visit it, but shifting her focus around is bothersome and not always enjoyable depending on where one goes with itself. Instead, she answers Datenshi's question, "Here, I am seeking what I'm too be. At now, I am a guardian but not a protector, though I am being called to serve this role in this world at this time. I seek worshippers, but there are few who believe, where there is no worship, there can be no god. I am served, but only through placement and manouvers. When this place was first born, it called to me, and so I was born. Though this is place not my beginning. The Council serves me, but they are given freedom. They are my slaves, but by being my slaves, they are no longer slaves and are free." She looks away from the sky and looks back to Datenshi, "I admire your qualities, and hope someday you find that you have become a god, and you didn't know it. It is a hard thing, because once you become one, it is hard to go back to anything else, but being a god, you can do that. I'm being very enigmatic, I haven't had long conversations yet and on one to talk too who has a set of ideals as yours. You don't view yourself as a god yet, and that's correct, but realizing this, is one of the greatest steps to becoming what you want to be. I think you will have a good life on your paths, perhaps they will entertwine with my own." - Guarlesia takes the bottle opener as its given to her! Yes, yes! She sets the bottle down on the ground and kneels, stabbing the opener into the cork, she then starts twisting, straining to get the cork out. One, two, four, POP! She drops the bottle opener, despite it's beauty, carelessly, and takes the bottle into her hand, taking a long drink, "Ahhhh, wine is so good." Concordance is talking a lot, why does she have to talk now? Why can't she be a quiet doll again? She gets up and looks over at Datenshi and her, and their talks of godhood. Maybe she's a god and she doesn't know it because she's Sealed. That'd be something...she should start telling people she's a god, it might be fun. She tips the bottle back and begins to chug the wine.

Datenshi finds this concept endlessly interesting. His demon red eyes don't miss a beat of Concordance's words, perhaps watching her mouth movements just in case his ears betray him. As if such a thing would happen. Here is this Twisted Council member, talking on a concept he had never considered. The idea of becoming a god. Of course Datenshi had always considered himself a being far beyond that of any insigificant mortals, with their petty concerns, easily killed and discarded. Even those so-called greater beings on Twisted have fallen to his blade and abilities, each one's head coming into his possession. Even now, Luna- though failed- had been powerless before him for a short time. His propecies about taking his property by force had been completely empty, since he had not the strength to take it. Likewise, Datenshi had not the capacity to stop him. However, Luna is a being of threat to to multiverse, a destroyer of universes. So why not godhood? A dark diety, of course, who slays rather than saves others. Those few who survive on a whim. And creating life, is that not the staple of most dieties? To create and take life, and be untouchable? Very, very interesting. o O ( Looking back on it now, I /have/ far exceeded the power of the Wraithshadows. ) The manor, a testament to what he admires, chaos and whim perpectuated by power and cunning. And now he is capable of standing alongside both Hell and Twisted's council on his own whim. Did he not take on Damon the Overlord, multiple times, and survive? Perhaps not directly, but in some form? This concept will probably take up a lot of his time now, the concept of godhood. But as amazing as this relevation is, it still does not ring completely true. Datenshi feels there is something missing, something that has not quite been done to secure that seat of godhood. Perhaps it is minions. Perhaps, that is what was missing all along? Luna, despite his great power, is still a mad black dragon. Perhaps it is slaves, or servants, or worshippers that make the final step. Datenshi had always considered them dulling the blade. But then, none could dull his blade. o O ( Endlessly interesting. ) Scaling back from this shocking realisation, the Dark angel stares at Concordance with forcibly renewed focus. "You make valid points. Perhaps I had not appraised myself enough to realise what I should become." Should. Because he deserves it. Every inch, every microcosm of the taint is crying out for vengeance, domination, and destruction through power. How best to enact what he /deserves/? "... Well, I thank you then, Concordance." What? Datenshi thanking someone? That is... well... that... that's never happened, /ever/. Not even to Cale. Thanking would imply indebtedness, or gratitude, weakness. But in this rare instance, that realisation would not have come on its own- or if it did, would have taken a few centuries. His wings stretch out and retract, crackling somewhat. Druaga is hungry, and infuriated, with the loss of souls rather than the collection of. A burning sensation is running up his arm. With a raised clawed hand, the need is fulfilled, as a powerful soul from Akuushuan is offered. A movement of chains is seen, for an instant, before it settles again. Satiated. "... It will take some time, but I look forward to the path." Oh, a challenge. To become a god. It sounds like something new to try. How many people will have to be slain to achieve his ambitions, now? --- Azure picks up the bottle opener, and puts it away- not removing the cork. Still, she's holding the tray. No one has told her not to, of course. And Guarlesia might want another drink. So she waits, dilligently, looking back and forth. All this is way over her head.

- Concordance nods her head at Datenshi's words, and she smiles at Datenshi's thank you. She doesn't get thanked very often, at least, not by non-worshipers. That's the difference, one someone of their free will thanks you for something you have done, not because they have too, but because they themselves want too. It's a completly different kind of worship, a wholly different kind of praise, and it's the hardest, often, too get, when you're the way she is. "You're welcome." It's the correct response, and meant with the same sincerty that the thank you was given to her. It's time she left, any more words might be counter productive, or simply a waste. She's about to say her farewells, when she looks up at the sky, but at a different angle from before. A gigantic black mist is forming just beneath the clouds, hundreds of feet long and quickly. She gestures up towards it to point it out to Datenshi. - Guarlesia finishes chugging the wine down and ahs, the wings on her back sagging behind her, that tastes sooo good! She can't believe it! She drops the bottle and looks at the other one, then over at Azure's face, "Is that more wine?" She asks, there's notihng quite like chugging wine, it's just so delicious! She's never had anything better. How come she only gets to have it outside of the Council room? Not fair! She glances up at Concordance's gesture, because she's not stupid enough to ignore such things, but it's just mist, so she looks back at Azure for an answer! - Indeed, a massive black mist is forming in the sky above.

Datenshi looks up, midnight black hair parting with the upwards movement and crimson bloody eyes staring at the black mist. Perhaps it seems in place, except for the sheer size of it. He's not quite sure if he should be bothered by it, or simply thrilled. It may be Luna looking to return the fight. Surely it would not be out of possibility, even expected, that Luna would want his revenge as quickly as possible. That way, it would not seem as returning from a loss but the continuation of a fight. But would Luna want to continue with Concordance here? No doubt, it would not bother Luna. Luna wants to dethrone that goddess of his, after all. What would be the Council compared to that ambition? "It is probably Cale, once again, though I speak ahead of evidence." Datenshi is feeling fairly high on his own power at the moment, so much so that he feels he /could/ take Luna, on his own, without assistance. So much evidence is falling into place. The statues of him, the fighting with Cale's god, the fear from Demons and Angels from Akuushuan and his potential. It all makes /so much sense/ that he would have the potential to be a dark god, a diety of wrath and chaos, and only a small few details remained. Here, there were few threats left, in the axis of worlds. All that remained were to slay those who oppose him as the rightful heir to the entire multiverse. Yes, that's all it took. So simple, really, when you think about it. And what he couldn't do with power, he would do with his mind. Datenshi is of the same mind of Concordance, and does not say much more in order to spoil the moment of relevation. This mist has caught his attention. --- Azure doesn't notice, she's busy handing Guarlesia the other bottle. Since it is champagne, it doesn't need a bottle opener. How fortunate, since Azure would be at a loss how to get the cork off the opener and still hold the tray. She doesn't have an answer for Azure, except the bottle. Perhaps the best answer?

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