2009-01-23 (PreU) Dark Creatures Rising pt 4

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Dark Creatures Rising pt 4

Summary: Evil Cale returns as a mammoth black dragon trying to squash Datenshi's manor. Datenshi opts to test his 'godhood' against him. Luna decides he is more interested in Yukina elsewhere on Twisted, and ditches the manor. Datenshi gives chase via shadow. Worth Noting: The Thousand Sunny is almost destroyed by Luna!

Who: concordance, datenshi, evil_cale, guarlesia, suzumi, yukina
When: January 23rd, 2009

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Concordance nods her head, though in acceptance of Datenshi's statement rather than confirmation, the magical aura of this being looks different from the Cale she had pointed out to her by Lalorien months ago. Even if it was a brief focus of herself back then, it's easy to remember it enough now. It still begs the question though, if Datenshi is starting down this path, does he even desire help from her? Her smiles, which never left her face, looks over at Datenshi, "He is insane, if it's him. Why is he so attracted to you? Jealousy? Desire? I will teleport him to prison with technology. It is his weakness, one Lalorien should of used, but she had a similar disdain. Elves." Most elves she's come across don't like technology, although Luna is actually a dragon, but whatever, he has walked around as an elf before, so you can't call him one or the other. Truly, is he even a he at this point? One is what one becomes, not what one was. "This is your place, if I can capture him, since I'll give no promises in this world yet of what I can or can't do, do you want me too, and do you want him as a gift?" You never know what someone wants unless they tell you, or pick it out of their mind. And Concordance, while having just met Datenshi, or rather, get to know Datenshi a bit more than before, has no idea if he would like to get rid of such an opponent, or deal with it himself while she watched. - Guarlesia takes the bottle of champagne and pulls the top off! Yeah! Why doesn't all wine come like this? She lifts the bottle up and drinks it down, getting a mouthful, and then proceeds to lower the bottle and sray the liquid out towards Azure! "GAHHHHHPOPEHDHSHHSHHSHS!" She cries, wiping at her mouth and throwing the bottle to the ground, "Oh that's sickening! What was that?! Ew! Ew!" She wipes at her tongue with her hand, ignoing the conversation again. --- The mist pulls away almost as quickly as it formed, leaving in its place a massive hundred foot long dragon. It screams, its voice echoing and shaking the air with its volume, "I AM REBORN!" Cale screams, and his wings fan out to either side of him as he dive bombs downwards, though not for Datenshi or Concordance, but for his mansion, intent on simply obliterating it underneath his massive weight and power! His left pupil is enlarged, leaving no white whatsoever within its depths.


A giant black dragon. It spreads out over a hundred feet long. It is massive, it is black, and it is powerful. The wings and tail seem to stretch on endlessly, and the talons reflect light back upon itself, sucking in the light around its body. And yet still, for all its sheer might, power, and beauty, there are some splotches here and there. A small piece of scall that has changed from pitch black to a duller shade, a spike along its spine that has broken, a chipped ridge here and there. The dragon is old and emits power from its sheer presence, and its eyes are green and hungry. And it is also completly, and wholly, insane.

Carrying nothing. (Currency: 2 EXP)

Datenshi seems to make a split-second decision, though the dark angel's mind works quickly within a second. Truth be told, his whole life has been within seconds of thought. But those seconds are strewn within an eternity. And even more strangely, the Dark angel acts on impulse... yet every decision is made in battle from every angle. If one were to examine his thought processes, taking away such considerations such as those souls that push on his mind at every instance, it would be quite a study. Perhaps this is the hallmark of madness, the chaos of the mind. Yet while there is peculiarities, everything operates constantly. Until, of course, what Concordance just said. "No, I will deal with him." The dark angel raises a hand, and suddenly his claw resonates with a dark purple energy.... then dispels it. o O ( No, that is the mistake from last time. ) Trying to keep Luna alive is too much effort. He will take a leaf from Satyrn's suggestion, and just murder him. It has been a long time since he has slain a powerful dragon. --- Luna should rebound against the shielding that Trinune put up, as if hitting a wall of sheer force, reverberating out and shaking the ground outside the mansion. However, everything inside the manor will stay oddly still. The most evidence of this is the trees, which move outside the manor and shake yet are tranquil inside. --- As Luna hits the field, Datenshi takes the moment to make his move. Leaping backwards in that all too familiar step, his shadow stays perfectly still... as he lands on top of it. Of course his foot slips in the rippling mass, as his body completely dissapears. Where does he appear? The dark angel makes a shadow at Luna's back, if he hit the shield and had his back facing the air, or on his stomach, if that was up. A blinding slash, barely a blink, is made with Masamune, pouring blinding white energy into the wound to burn deep into the flesh should the blade pierce it. A strike not meant to kill, but pester, for Luna's sheer size. --- Azure gets a mouthful of champaign in her hair, eyes mouth and nose, and it splatters all over her dress. She's wearing the same shocked expression, then realises her eyes are burning! She drops the tray with a mouthless expression and the glasses shatter, wiping at her face in strange movements! Owowowowowow! Of course she can't answer what it was, even if she could, and then the worst thing happens. With her frantic hand movements, her arm comes off... and she stops. Looks down at the arm, which sort of waves a little at her. Oh, drat. She moves to pick it up, totally soaked.

- Concordance nods her head at Datenshi's words. That's the response she really wanted, that's what she was hoping for. Wether or not their paths cross again, she has no idea if Datenshi will be fighting her, with her, or simply to the side, but it was good to meet him and understand some of his desires and see his darkly beautiful house. It's time to leave though, battles are something she has seen time and time again, and while magnificent and lovely in their own right, there are other places she wants to visit, other people she wants to talk too. There must be some here on Twisted that desire to worship her, or seek something to worship. "Gegoshi, teleport to our previous location." - Guarlesia looks down as Azure's arm comes off and lands on the ground. She opens her mouth to say something, but isn't sure what to say. She didn't know getting her wet would make her arm fall off like that, I mean, how was she to know? "That wasn't wine." Is all she can think of to say, since sorry doesn't even occur to the girl. And then, Concordance gives the order to teleport, and Gegoshi gives a, "Teleporting!" Remark, and the three disappear in a white flash of technological teleporting energies. --- The black dragon smashes into the shield protecting Datenshi's house, a great impact before he expected it, how long had that been there? The entire time?! His body comes to rest atop of it, slamming down but not doing much to the shield. He roars, a deafening dragons roar that rips through the area, and then Datenshi appears on his back and stabs Masamune into his body, it arcs off its target however. The dragons scales are full and thick, and while Masamune can cut through anything in most cases, and while it -does- cut into the dragons scales, it still veers off and doesn't go as deep as it could, and will be wedged in place for a moment. The dragons tail comes sailing down at tremendous speeds, the dragons body not slowing it down at all. It simply attempts to smash Datenshi, as a black mist starts rising up around its form, "NO NO NO!" The dragon screams, it's voice gutteral and old, "I am the black dragon of Lunar! All is mine! The beyond of infinity! The crossed wheel! ALTHENA! You are NOTHING to me!" His head snaps off into the distance, the dragons large left pupil searching, looking. Yes, there, there...far off in the distance of Twisted. Yukina, why is it here? It should be there! Feelings of remorse and agony well up within the dragons mind, leftover form the recent clash of sanity and insanity imposed upon him before his most recent rebirth, and the dragon screams again, the clouds parting in the sky from the sheer wind it produces.

Datenshi has an ice cool demeanor, a heart and mind of ice and eyes of fire. Possibly if his mind was not so cool, it would overheat with every single thought that was rushing through his mind. Datenshi is a god, and therefore, this task is far from insurmountable. If it takes it, he will kill Concordance or Damon singlehandedly if need be. There is a supreme confidence and unwavering resolve to kill or destroy in the most efficient manner possible anything that simply gets in the way of his ambition. Right now, that object is Luna. She's cluttering up the area above his manor with this insignificant tantrum. o O ( Perhaps you were useful, once. ) But not anymore. Previously, Datenshi had held out on the idea that Luna would prove to be useful, to return to old times back when they worked together. Now, the evidence was clear. Not only was Luna incapable of anything, Datenshi was simply beyond needing such a thing. It is a surprising concept, that such an old creature such as he is capable of any sense of growth. Perhaps being stagnant, lost to the winds of time, unchanging. Everything that the Dark angel hates. Chaos breeds growth, and for too long he had avoided the fires of chaos to be comfortable, stagnant, and silently superior. Now he will slay, murder and maim and through the blood that spills from his and Luna's body, be borne through the skies to godhood through wings of deathly crimson. He is, and will always be, death incarnate. With this in mind, his ice-cold thoughts are moving as the sword jams... and usually this would phase him just an inch. Today, not at all. The dark angel hears the rushing of wind with his sharp senses long before the tail reaches him and beats his magnificent wings, propelling himself at breakneck speed to the sideand well clear of the tail and away from Luna's behemoth body. The impact should drive Masamune deeper into the scales, though more by accident than any calculated incident. He reaches up a clawed hand and a shadow should wrap around Masamune- as it should dissapear from Luna's body and suddenly eject itself from Datenshi's hand to be caught soon after with a snapping movement. If this should happen, the dark angel turned (perceived) dark god should bring shadows into his other hand, writhing around the claws as if holding the essence of pure nightmares. Landing with both feet on the outside of the shield protecting Wraithshadow manor, disinviting himself from his own home. It should look quite unusual, Datenshi standing on his own manor roof. Oh... no wait, he's not standing any longer... he's knocked to the air by Luna's yelling. That was something Datenshi wasn't prepared for in the least, as he attempts to maneuver himself back to solid footing while waiting for a counter assault while trying to correct himself.

The black dragons wings snap out to either side of the beast, sending a shockwave of wind from around him as his scream dies away. The tail he had sent after the bug on his back slammed into Masamune and did imbed it, though it's taken into shadow without any resistance. The dragons about as concerned about Datenshi as Datenshi is concerned about him, that is to say, almost not at all. In fact, all thoughts of Datenshi have left the dragons mind as his talons dig down into the shield that stopped him from crushing Datenshi's home. The thought that he somehow didn't notice the shield, that he was blind too it, doesn't even faze the dragon whatsoever. Draconic words are roared from the dragons mouth, blasphemis in the ancient tongue against the goddess Althena, and his fourt legs hurl him from the shield and into the sky hundreds of feet in an instant. Why did he even come here?! "For nothing, yes?!" The dragon screams, twirling in the sky as its wings arc and it curves its body. There! Down in the distance now, it can see through the ravage enviroment of Twisted the one it truly desires! The one thing that can make it all better! The one thing that can remove the agony and madness, the regret and the past! "For the anvil has set itself upon me! Beyond the ringing of time comes the dawn!" The dragons wings snap down into its body, becoming a sleek giant spear, which heads directly for the heart of the City Ruins of Twisted. Where Yukina is, he knows she's there, and it's all his mind, raging with madness is focused upon. Magic has begun to crackle around the dragons body as he plummets, and his voice roars across the skies, "YUKINA!" It screams, agony and loss drenched with in the voice, for truly the dragon has wholly lost his mind.

City Ruins - Center(#2011R)

Here lies a large fountain from which four wide paved streets stretch out in what is assumed to be the directions of a compass. Water doesn't flow from the fountain anymore, but the cracked, and seemingly chewed, remains imply it was once something amasing to behold. There is water at the base of it, likely rain water, but it has become stale and stagnant. Algae and moss has grown over it and from the sounds several frogs and mosquitos have made this their home.

There are a few ruined shops here, but the fountain is the main focus of attention. This was likely once a great city before the shift to Twisted. The surprisingly well crafted street here seems to prove this. You'd almost think it was alive...

Yukina is sitting here rather innocently, minding her own business, as she's sitting on the edge of a very old fountain. Perhaps it has a very long story, and she'd be interested to find out. If she could ask it. Since she can't, however, though she'll listen to what it has to tell. Meanwhile, she'll sit back and while away the time watching the crumbing ruins. They give her a sense of revenance. Reaching up a slender hand and brushing back her platinum-white hair, she seems to stare upwards at the stars. Well, there's a section of the sky that is stars. Right now Twisted is in the middle of a sky-dance, as she likes to call it, where the skies reflect sunlight, night-time, a storm, some rain, and a blizzard all at once. It is one of her favorite things that Twisted has to offer. That, and unsolicited peace and quiet. Yukina loves people, but such an interesting place often offers places that seem to offer quiet... yet speak themselves. She believes lakes speak, without a word, stories only their noises can tell. Hence her sitting in the centre of the ruins, on the fountain, with her slender pale legs crossed and beautiful black wings stretched behind her. And then, of course, the sound of thunder. Somehow, it doesn't issue from the storm... Yukina seems to know something is up. Wordlessly, as if that thunder was not part of what was naturally being told to her. Rose-hued eyes turn quickly around, searching wildly for the thunderclap.

Datenshi is knocked back by the wind, but directs himself easier the second time to land on his feet. And then, Luna is gone. For a moment the idea of letting Luna dissapear crosses his cooled mind. However, he won't let Luna escape. And it is what he would call escape in his mind. Too bad Luna got the head start. "You mad insignificent dragon..." In a voice tinged with deadly ice. He's killed dragons like Luna, more powerful than Luna, before. This mad black dragon will lick his feet before this is all through. Raising his clawed hand up, he sweeps it in a movement- creating a massive shadow with those gathered in his hand- before stepping through it. ---- The shadow appears beside Yukina at the fountain, where she just happens to be looking the other way. Unphased, the dark angel turned diety brings his hand up and the shadow he stepped through, instead of dissapearing, gathers back in his hand. Masamune now on his shoulder, no holy or abyssal energy charged as usual, no souls thrown out or Druaga's chains. No, simply a shadow in one hand and Masamune in the other, waiting for the mad black dragon to descend. "... You will never have her, because you are unworthy to even touch a Wraithshadow, burnt little wrymling." Datenshi's voice rings out, even amongst the roaring and plummeting, a smooth deep voice. Calm and cold as the ocean within a storm of black dragon.

The ground begins to shake along with the buildings, while most of them are ruined, some of them still have glass, which begins to rattle in its frames. The dragon comes into shape quickly, hurtling through the skies at blinding speeds, almost a black blur as it comes down. One of its talons snaps up and into its own body, crunching through its scaled armor. A stream of crimson flows through the sky and the dragon comes crashing into the ground a few hundred feet from the fountain and Yukina, but the sheer speed sends the dragon sailing through the ground. Buildings, wreckage, and debry are crushed underneath the creatures mass, slowing it down, slowing it, and slowing it, until it comes to a stop at the center. The impact of sound comes moments after, having long ago broken the sound barrier, it screams in with a horrifying sound, glass shattering around the entire area. Crimson rain begins to fall down from the sky, the dragons own, soaring on its eariler trajectory before the dragon fell, raining down and down. Turning its head, the dragon looks towards Yukina, is left eye completly black now, "There you are, yes? The desire of thy insights, hmmm hmm hmm!" The dragon laughs darkly as its blood rains down, the gaping wound in its chest already beginning to heal itself. "Tell me, my love! Of thy songs and thy symphony's! Of thy dreams and thy wishes! Bring them to me, yes? For the night of sand has fallen, and each tide rings beyond our ken!" Magic begins to spark and sizzle around the dragon, the entire area beginning to become drenched within its magic, though it does not conciously do this, its body nearly out of control along with its mind, it snaps its head to the other side, "Bind thyself to me and I shall be thy slave!"

Datenshi of course appeared before Luna for a reason, and knows the power of blood. Not only that, most of Luna's more powerful spells involve blood of some sort. Reaching into his shirt in a blinding movement, he pulls out... his flask. That one he's drinking from all the time. Uncorking it, and then spinning it in one hand. And then, in one precise methodical movement, sending it sailing towards the direction that the dragon cut itself. Watching his inbound movements with clinical detachment. The ancient Japanese flask seems to sail upwards into the air... as all the blood droplets raining through the heavens should be drawn towards its neck and slip within its insides. At least for a block and a half in a sphere-like area around the flask as it travels. Even if the blood has hit a surface, though it is bleeding a good deal more than that. Even so much as Luna's blood, it will suck it all in. It should of course miss a great deal. But then, it is a hard and unorthodox attack to deal with. It may not even diffuse a potential blood magic spell. However, Datenshi doesn't seem phased by such potential what-ifs. In fact, his clawed hand reaches out shortly after throwing the flask- and suddenly a shadow sphere should appear around Yukina and himself. This shadow sphere will shift all the location into another location immediately on Twisted.

Yukina turns around and sees out of the very corners of her eyes, a strange movement and a familiar magic... a familiar presence in general. And then her ruby red eyes turn to a shade of purest violet, as it does when she's trying to figure something out. Her eyes are then nearly blinded by what she sees, her eyes tearing up. Then without her eyes, there's a sudden whispering of shadows in her mind behind her... her father's familiar spiritual presence. She's absolutely overwhelmed all at once, reaching her delicate hands towards her eyes and suddenly standing up. And stumbling forward slightly, before pulling herself to her feet. Eyes watering severely, she begins to see blurry movements. And then it all hits her, that voice. That voice! She hates that voice! And she wanted to kill it, get rid of it forever. It just kept chasing her. That mad little girl, that wanted to enslave her mind! Even now she felt unsure if to be feeling fear, anger, superiority or disbelief. All of which felt adequite, as she swept her hand around... gathering material from the ground to form a weapon of some familiar sort. "You!" Her musical voice sings bitter, yet sublime dischord. But then everything's moving so fast, exploding, shaking, and bleeding? Blood is raining from the skies?! And then everything is black all of a sudden, as her father whisks her off. Drat.

"NO!" The dragons voice screams, the resonance and wind the strenght of a hurricane as its talon lashes out as the shadow moves to absorb and take Datenshi and Yukina away from it. IT! The black dragon! It's talon lances out, faster than sight, coming to a stop near Yukina and Datenshi, but not at them, the talon has grabbed ahold of the shadow dimension, magic seething around its talon as it should stop dimensional travel. "Thy audience is with me, my child, yes?" Calmer, soft, the dragons voice rings out, sweet and soothing to the ear, nigh hypnotizing to the senses. "I say again, yes? Will thou seek me?! BEHOLD, I am the great black dragon of Lunar!" Wings spread out, covering the sky for hundreds of feet, black smoke issues from its mouth, and its tail snaps behind it, wind whipping like the sound of thunder. "Grant my the audience I demand, yes?! Hmm hmm hmmm! For fate has cried and her river has drowned me to thee! Indeed! For our rivers have flown together before the light faded and into sentience! Speak to me my love! And sing of a thousand sorrows evermore!" Agonizing memories rush through the dragons minds, rememberances of the day past before when it suffered such sorrow, such regret, such madness! "Nay, nay!" The dragon cries, its laughter is empty and deep, an echo within a dried out well.

Datenshi feels a wrongness, as if the shadows are suddenly screaming in his mind. Such a thing has never happened. Perhaps Luna is using a form of shadow manipulation? Though he can still hear the shadows in the shadow plane, it is as if every shadow within that plane has suddenly been held steadfast. Taking this into account, the spell seems to extend to the shadow plane, haulting the shadows within that realm from allowing shifts back and forth from the material realm. However, shadows still physically seem to be able to move in the physical plane, and they are all still whispering to him. Screaming of bloody murder. The shadows hate this sort of infringement on their plane. Datenshi ignores Luna's ranting and makes a few sudden calculations, whipping out his hand in one sweeping movement as if to wipe Luna from existence with his razor sharp claws. It all happens as a a barely perceptable movement, as fast as a shadow can be cast- the speed of light being blocked. The black sphere that was engulfing Yukina and Datenshi should produce a massive hand and explode over Luna's body. At the same moment, the dragon's own shadow should rip up to engulf him along with the shadows behind him. Above, below, around, from every direction the dark diety will will the shadows to encircle the massive black dragon. Even the shadows cast by the massive crumbling buildings behind him should begin to reach out to grab him. The whole thing should look quite unimaginably dramatic from a distance. As long as the mad black dragon continues to restrict transitions to the shadow plane, the shadows will become harder than the hardest material imaginable. And with this, the shadows should attempt to crush the mad black dragon with unrelenting force. Since nothing can move through the shadows, they simply become immovable objects that can be manipulated by Datenshi's will. And they will continue to crush him, if they grab him, until the dragon is either a bloody pulp - or Luna lets go. If Luna releases the shadow plane, the whole plane will move to rip him apart like billions of razors trying to tear those pieces apart, then rip those pieces apart. Every shadow will become like a sea of razors.

Yukina's weapon finishes forming- her trusty cross lance. Hardening and sharpening the material in her hand brings a zinging sensation down her spine, as it does when she creates something new. It gives her a thrill to move things around, reshape them, make them better and more interesting. Though there are some pretty interesting and beautiful things on Twisted that she would never dare touch. It is like a dimmed feeling of watching Damon the Overlord at work. Somehow, when she was watching that she felt facinated. Someone who understood how very beautiful creation could be for its own sake. Of course, it may have been just her imagination. Since she has grown somewhat, a whole year, she's had a little time to mature. "Will you...?" Her lips part as she turns with angellic grace, she swings her head around in a ferociously wild movement and stares at her father- as he flicks his hand out with that aggressive movement. Suddenly she feels the shadows screaming. And she can really, /really/, hear it. While she may only be half Dark-angel, her mother's draconic knack for manipulating light and darkness has allowed her to compensate. She is almost the peer of her father, and with some experience, she may be equal. Maybe even better? Who is to say what time will show. Yukina feels it, and her beautiful eyes cringe... though she stands steadfast despite this. She wouldn't dare fall while that creep, Luna, is around. The concequences are too dire, and she has no idea what happened. She does feel the clashing and movement of shadows, though, and manages to compose herself- shaking out her many black wings and staring at... more black. Beautiful. Well, not really. Now that she has time to think about it, something /very/ unusual just happened. And Yukina asks it, in that a slightly hesitant yet melodious voice, "Um, father, did you just... help me out?" She doesn't dare dream it possible. Perhaps this is a dream. Did she fall asleep on the fountain?

The shadows begin to surround the black dragon, catching a piece of him there, and another piece there. He is black afterall, and so shadows and him are more or less ever present. But, he is old and he is strong. Even as the shadows begin to clench down upon his body, he strains against them, pushing back against their amazing power with his own, "HEAR ME!" The dragon screams, his voice carrying such wind sheer that the building his mouth was aimed at is pulled from its already ruined foundations and crashes into another, creating yet more ruins in the ruined city. "Hear me, child, yes?! FOR YOU!" The dragon screams, his giant eye looking down towards the girl, "All is naught except for your sight! Indeed! For thy mercy is far greater than the hearts! HEAR ME! I speak of thy future beyond pressing! Will you not be with me, my love?! My EVERYthing?! For with you can not even the greatest of madness cease to rattle the chains of immesnity?!" His talon doesn't let go of the shadows either, it's not letting Yukina leave. No. This is where it will be found and settled! This is where the dreams of revenge and sorrow will come to a head. "This is where everything shall begin or end!" "ANSWER ME!" The dragon screams, smoke billowing from its mouth, the ground trembling under its weight. The dragon blood continues to rain down, despite the flask gathering it up, not that it's getting it all anyway, there's so much of it now, falling from the sky, maybe it's not even the dragons blood anymore. "Cry to me, my precious Lost! Sing of the destined and ring out thy chasms! Submit to me and I shall be your slave EVERmoRE!" The shadows and the dragon have reached a stalemate, he's not fully immoble, and neither are they, but they push back and forth against each other, though Luna is barely even trying to deal with them right now.

Datenshi is trying to deal with the shadows, of course, since so many shadows require a large degree of concentration. In fact, dealing with so many skyscraper sized shadows was a tremendous feat. The result of training to adjust himself to Twisted's shadow plane. It had rejected him at first, but now he has reached a proficiency with them beyond that which was capable on other worlds. That is because learning about Twisted's shadows had given him an insight to the making of shadows on almost every world. Like seeing the original manuscript of how everything works. It had made the task more difficult, but more rewarding in the end. And simply by the virtue that Luna aggrivated the shadows is Datenshi able to wield such authority now, turning shadows into spikes and thrusting them at the gaps in Luna's scales. His clawed hand outstretched, Masamune in his other hand. Of course, he can do little else while trying to keep this level of unimaginable control over the shadows. So delivering another form of attack is going to be difficult. Right now, it's a general stalemate. "Offer yourself to him. You do not need to keep such a promise, my daughter." His dark, smooth, and cold voice rings low - possibly too low for Luna to hear. No matter. He doubts Luna pays any attention to the dark angel turned deity right now. That is his mistake to make.

Of course Yukina would never accept such a thing. Even if she would lie, which she would to spare another's feelings, she would not now. She considers what Luna had done - to try and make her submit to him - worse then death. A form of identity rape. Ripping away everything to have her left a mindless drone, infactuated with him through magic. Yukina feels unimaginably violated, and therefore angry and tired and impatient with the mad black dragon. Truly, there is not a miniscule inch of regret or doubt when she speaks her clear, concise words, swinging her dainty hand with a graceful yet furious movement as if to give voice to her rage through movement. Her lips part and her perfectly musical lilting voice is laden with a very audible consonant rage, "I will... NEVER... EVER ... love or accept, or even LIKE... a creature, an abomination of existence such as you! Why were you even born? Was there a point? Or was it a joke? You disgust me, even sick to look at, you dispicable monster!" She almost screams at the end, "You tried to destroy who I was, and for that I can never forgive you. And if you come near me..." Her melodious voice turning lower, much lower, and louder still. The sound of terrible, terrible thunder. "... I /will/ kill you!" And her voice means it. She is the daughter of her mother and her father. And neither of them would stand such a thing, neither would she, and no one should have to endure what she has. For the first time in her life, she truly holds the intent of murder in her heart. And while in the heat of hate, it feels very good, when she calms down she will feel unimaginably sick. But not now. And she will never regret it.

Time slows down for the black dragon of Lunar. Its breaths come in slow and agonizing pieces of a greater whole. It's eyes blink, such enormous eyes that have looked upon centuries of time, passing by again and again, dimension after dimension sought and seen. Souls stolen from each place, taken and used, and the girls hung in chains upon a nigh neverending hallway. Always had it sought such simple things, such powerless creatures to trick and toy with, all but the last here. There was a spark of rememberance within the dragons being at Yukina. Something deeper buried within the dragons depths. The dragons eye blinks again. Memories of the past, so long since buried, resurging as a mornings tide casts his thoughts back to Althena, Althena the -goddess-. Althena who gave herself to a mortal Dragonmaster. One that killed him and laid him to rest once, so long ago, but always was he reborn. ALWAYS is the black dragon of Lunar reborn again, and always does he fall into madness, such a deep neverending pool, deeper then the blackness. "I see." The dragons voice rumbles out, strong, old, and tired. Its eyes look up to the sky's where its blood falls down, even as the shadows begin gouging into his body, only getting in so far before they are stopped in their movements, blood spilling from the wounds nonetheless. This girl, this creature, what must he have her? Is it because of Althena's memory and how her voice, so beautiful and melodious reminds him of her? "Why?" The dragon says next, straightening itself up and shoving the shadows back a bit further from its body in order to do so. "I hate her, yes? So very much. I think I am done. Do you hear this, Althena? Hmm hmm hmm..." The dragon looks down at Yukina now, "Do you hear it? I have lost my pieces." The dragons left pupil shrinks back down to normalcy, "I have thrown the sections into winds, and none have come back whole. I remember it all now, yes? My times of ages past, and how can one not go mad, yes? Indeed, gods and goddesses are but mere whims! Mere jokes! And I am in on the end of it! Yes! I see it all and I understand!" "NEW NEW NEW!" The dragon screams again, the ground rumbling, and then his voice grows soft again, as soft as a dragons can be, which isn't so much, but the tone at least is there, "I think, Althena, nay, it is not you. I think, Yukina, that I shall forget again, and live until madness returns to me." The dragons head comes down to bring its eye to look towards the girl, "I beg of you child, sing me a song, will you not grant me this, yes?" It asks, the dragons eye staring, the pleading of eternities within the gaze.

Well, as time slows down for Yukina while her eyes are still firm, resolute, furious. It is odd to see such an expression in her mesmiric rose-hued eyes. Something that perhaps looks much more at home on someone else, except for those who threaten her sister Blemish. Yet there's a long time between her outburst that she has to compose the tenuous grasp on proper demeanor. Reaching up with a hand to brush back her long platinum- white hair, she recaptures it with a simple mesmirising movement. Now stepping forward as the feathers around her slender foot, she is wary of course. But who wouldn't be? o O ( But I can do better than he can. ) She thinks deep within her mind, grabbing upon confidence with two hands and pulling it forward. And all of a sudden, it's hers again. Her melodic, captivating voice rings out, "... And with this, you will leave me alone?" Hesitant to give him an inch, yet now deciding she has little to percievably lose. While the dragon's ancient tones and looks are not lost on her, it is not the first time this one has betrayed her. Though it, a well-earned maturity has started to grow despite her youthful appearance. What songs does she know? Only that one that she read in that book in the library. Did her mother ever read her songs? Yukina knew her father never did, since she was old enough to remember by the time he arrived. So she sings that one song she remembers, Yuki, because it shared her name. And since she only knows the lyrics, she sings it slowly, with perfect natural pitch. As if the most sublime angel was singing amongst the ruins. For all those who would see, that is exactly what they may even call it. Even though it is a children's song, the way she sings it one would never guess. Her sweet-sounding voice fills up the air all around. She draws on her own images, and that of Damon dancing. And as she slowly sings, things begin to grow. Trees grow from parts of the ruins, from the skyscrapers. "Snow is falling, kon kon... Hail is falling, kon kon... Falling, falling... Flies up high with hail and snow....Snow white cotton caps... All the hills and fields are wearing, on the bare old trees the little snow flowers are in bloom." They are a short distance from the centre, now, due to the fighting... but it now looks completely different. Life has now sprouted all around the ruined street, buildings and debris... and the sun is shining down.

Datenshi is slightly dissapointed with his daughter, yet not totally in disagreement. In fact, if anyone, he is more disgusted with Luna for such a pitiful display. o O ( This is what you've been reduced to, then. ) Miserable. Beaten by his own emotions. If it were not for the fact that the shadows required so much concentration, he would have killed Luna by now. Yet even as he things that, his emotions are changing. Something is resonating within Masamune... annoyingly so... pressing back. And suddenly Luna is not worth killing anymore, merely a bothersome pesk. "... Hmph." The dark angel, turned diety brings down Masamune, driving it into the pavement with a slicing movement. Of course, this whatever moment between his daughter and his former rival in the middle of a fight is just annoying. Really, Luna talking so big as if gods were pesks. Gods are pesks compared to Datenshi, too. That's why they no longer qualify any longer to hold such a title. Only he does. Still, however, waiting to see how this turns out.

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