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The Return of the Night of the Living Nightmare on Friday the 13th part VII: Johnny Goes To Hell

Summary: "Faster than a bastard-maniac, more powerful than a loco-madman, it's..." Johnny? So Johnny meets Evil Devi and learns the shocking truth that he's been dead for faaaar too long. He learns this too late to do anything about it, however.

Who: devi, grim, Johnny_C
When: February 2nd, 2009
Where: City Ruins - North(#2013R)

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City Ruins - North(#2013R)

As in all cities, some live better than others. Here amidst the city ruins you find a large residential area with several streets that run further into the distance. Either the damage done here was less than the rest of the area, or some repair work has been done in and around here as the buildings here are in much better condition than the damaged ruins to the South. Infact, only the occasional shell of a burned out vehicle seem to remind you that this isn't a healthy metropolis teaming with life. Well, that and the overall lack of people.

Evil_Devi stands on top corner of the Arm's roof, her arms folded and a bitter look on her face. Red eyes flare brightly as she thinks back to her nightmare. Humanity. How disgusting. "Nothing but a waste of time." She growls in her throat as she thinks on it.

Johnny does as he's done often as of late. He's paced. Paced, and yelled at himself. "...stupid fucking Diablo. Stupid fucking puzzle boxes." Sure enough he stops in his tracks and spots a golden music box chirping happily in his path. Picking it up and throwing it as far as he can, the maniac looks down to see another one. "F-U-C-K Y-O-U-!-!-!" Angrily he picks it up and throws it into his backpack. "I hate this town. I hate this life. Why the fuck couldn't I just fucking sit and wait for this shit to be done with me!?" He screams at the heavens, "THIS ISN'T FUCKING FAIR!!!" Suddenly the maniac growls and throws himself into the wall outside the Integra Arms. "SHUT UP!!! I don't fucking CARE what you think!!" Grabbing the sides of his head, Johnny drops against the wall into a sitting position. "QUiT FUCKiNG WAsTING MY TiME!!" Wow, that sounds oddly familar doesn't it?

Indeed it does and Devi must go investigate. Dropping down in front of Nny, Devi tilts her head at the Maniac, and if her eyes could be read, they'd be dead empty. "Oh, look who it is. Johnny. My friend. How are you today? Sounds like your having a -blast-!" This last word is spoken with a clever mix of senserity and heavy sarcasm. Oblivon got rid of Sickness for her, and she's knows that she's running a risk of being overtaken again, just by coming in contact with Nny, but she can't help it.

Johnny looks up at the distorted Devi and after blinking in confusion, shakes his head. After all seeing distorted versions of things isn't uncommon for him. It just usually means that what he sees exists only in his own mind. "Oh yay... A new figment." Shoving himself to his feet he peers into those empty red eyes and laughs. "Yes. Quite. Time of my LiFE infact! Would you like a puzzle box???" Shoving a lament configuration at her, the thing begins to play it's soft melody once again. "Heheh... it doesn't stop! It just KEEPs GOiNG! Just can't get rid of them! They're EVERYWHERE!!" He looks up at the skyline as the randomly setting/rising sun fills the sky with red light. Etched lines seem to flow over the ruined skyscrappers in the copper sunlight, or... perhaps only in Johnny's head. "SEE!?!? Even the fucking BUiLDiNGs are changing!! Ha HA HA!!" He wobbles. If Devi's not taken the offered box he'll throw it down the street at this point. "Maybe I'm just going craaaazy. I've always been a little strange, haven't I?"

Evil_Devi says, "No figment here Nny. Or has your brain rotted enough for you to now know anymore. Can you hear the Doughboys anymore Johnny? I got rid of Sickness, did you get rid of yours?" Her anger fights to rise and she pushes it down. Figment, bah. She'll just insult him until he strikes at her. Then she'll go at it.

"Hee-hee-hee... the Doughboys? You should know, shouldn't you? It's all the same! Always has been! Can't have one without the other. Sometimes they rent houses in Reno." He wobbles backwards, the intention behind his words lost in the delierium. "The voices are here, and everywhere. They're angry y'know? I'VE GOT A NEW ONE THAT JUST WON'T QUIT! ...reminds me of those fucking perfume samples in crappy magazines. Doesn't take long before it taints your whole fucking house with it's god awful smell. Hehehehe Maybe I'm just listening to the puzzle boxes!" He turns around. One is sitting on a window sill above his head and once noticed it begins to play it's repeating tune like all the others. "See? SEE? Here we go again!" Plucking it up, Johnny grins. "Yes yes... I know. I can't fucking just IGNORE YOU can I?" His expression changes, resembling a small child who knows someone's about to be punished. "OoooOOooooh... I think it wants you to open it. WANNA OPEN IT!!?!? WANNA GO TO HELL!!!" Johnny crosses his arms. "...how would it make people go to hell? That's stupid." He scans around the street. "I wanna bagel..."

Evil_Devi screams at him, her rage fireing, heating her blood, making her non-exsitance pulse pound in her head. "GODDAMNIT IT JOHNNY! YOU CAN'T FUCKING HELP ANYONE CAN YOU? TO DRAGGED INTO YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD THAT YOUR TO FUCKING COMFORTABLE TO GET OUT OF! FUCK!" She shakes as she stands there, dispising him for being him, for being blissfully unaware of a single thing going on around him. "WHY DON'T YOU OPEN IT? I'VE ALREADY BEEN THANKS."

Johnny throws the puzzlebox at her head, aiming for right between the eyes. "COMFORTABLE?!?!? WHO'S FUCKING COMFORTABLE YOU PSYCHOTIC BITCH!?" With a practiced flick of the wrist he draws his lone Dread Dagger and twirls it once before gripping it tightly. It's already burning with black energy but if it's from Johnny, Devi, or the boxes is unknown. "i WANTED TO FUCKiNG QUiT! i WANTED TO FUCKiNG GiVE UP! WHaT DiD i GET FOR MY TROUBLEs?!? i GOT FUCKiNG TOLD TO GO aWaY!! i CaN'T EVEN DiE RiGHT!!" He charges forwards, swinging the blade around to jab it into Devi's right shoulder. "WHaT's YOUR EXCUsE!?!?!"

It's Devi's turn to laugh now. She leans her head so that the box clatters behind her. "That's right Johnny, you wanted to quit, so did I. " His dagger slips into her, and if he pulls it out, nothingness will be inside Devi's wound. If he does not, the black that swallows his dagger will flicker across her shoulder. Either way, she leans into it. "YOU CAN'T EVEN STAB RIGHT ANYMORE. What did I get? WHAT DID I GET? I GOT LEFT ALONE! I GOT FUCKING ABANDONED! WHERE'D YOU GO ASSHAT? WHY'D YOU LEAVE ME? My excuse? MY EXCUSE? I FUCKING HAVE NONE! WHAT AM I NOW, NNY? I AM NOTHING MORE THEN A GODDAMNED SERVENT TO A HIGHER POWER." Her face contorts with her speech.

Johnny grabs her other shoulder with his free hand and brings up his knee to connect with her stomach. If he's played it right, it'll make a very large gash in her shoulder. What was that about not stabbing right? The dagger indeed burns blacker still, setting her shoulder ablaze with her own chaotic energies. It also does a good job of turning him black as well. With angered red eyes he peers back into her own as almost a mirror image, gender permitting. "a sERVENT?" He smiles, "Welcome to my world!! WHaT DO YOU THiNK Was WRONG WiTH ME TO BEGiN WiTH!?!?" If she hasn't struck back, he'll back away into the wall behind him. "WHERE....." He glances down at his dagger. "Where'd you think I got this goddamned thing to begin with?" He laughs maniacly. "Sooo... she didn't listen to my warnings... She did ExACTLY what I was afraid of, and I DON'T CARE!! I'M A FORGOTTEN MEMORY!! I'M A WASTED PIECE OF REJECTED SCUM!! If you where fucking STUPID enough to follow in my footsteps then you DESERVE what you GOT!" Ouch.

Evil_Devi bares her teeth in a perverse and insane grin as she phazes enough for his hand to by-pass her shoulder. As he backs up, she follows his steps, stalking him until she's back in his face. "You did this to yourself." She draws back a fist and punches as hard as she can for his face. "You whiney little self-serving asshole." If he doesn't dodge, she will continue to pound the reigon of his face. Stepping back she glares at him. "I didn't follow your footsteps Nny. We may be the same thing, but AT LEAST I'M TOGETHER ENOUGH TO RELIZE WHAT I AM. AT LEAST I HAVN'T HURT THE ONES THAT CARED FOR ME AND GODDAMNIT, AT LEAST I'VE GOT THE POWER TO PROTECT MYSELF. WHO DO YOU HAVE? OR HAVE YOU PUSHED EVERYONE SO FAR AWAY NO ONE IS THERE TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS ANYMORE?"

That did it. The shadows on the street converge on his spot as the maniac lifts into the air. Wiping some spit from his face from the pummiling off on the back of his right hand, he swipes blindly at the air in front of him. "YOU GODDaMNED WHORE!! YOU DON'T KNOW a FUCKiNG THING aBOUT WHaT's HaPPENED TO ME!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHaT i'VE BEEN THROUGH! siXY sEVEN MiLLION YEaRs OF FUCKING WaTCHING a BUNCH OF WaR sTaRVED JaCK asssEs iGNORE THE FUCK OUTTa YOU WHiLE YOU WiPE THEIR assEs FOR THEM?? siXTY sEVEN MILLION YEaRs OF PROTECTiNG PEOPLE AND WaTCHiNG THEM DIiiIE aND YOU WaNT TO TELL ME i CAN'T PROTECT aNYONE!?!!? I QuIt!! I DoN'T WaNT ThIs ShIt AnYmOrE!! I fINaLLy EsCApE ThaT FUcKINg PriSON, FInD My WAy TO THiS SHiT StaIN, ANd HAvE To PUt UP WitH MORaL PeTTy BuLLsHIt LiKE yOU TEllING mE I CAn'T Do A fUCkINg THinG!?!?" He lowers to the ground to get in her face again. "FoRGiVE Me FOr NoT WiPInG YOuR ASS ToO!!" Unless she suspects it coming, he'll throw his right arm out, forming a scythe from the shadows, and swing at her throat. It takes a good thirty seconds, so it's more dependant on her rage than anything.

Evil_Devi says, "YOU QUIT WHAT? BEING FUCKING RETARDED? AFTER 67 MILLION YEARS YOUR THE SAME FUCKING PERSON WITH SOME SHITTY MAGIC TRICKS. YOU WANNA SEE MAGIC TRICKS ASSHOLE?" She jumps back and whips out her own weapon, a katana, and it glows with her engery. His scythe misses her. She laughs openly and harshly at him. "You are losing your touch Johnny. AND YOU CAN'T DO A FUCKING THING! You can't even help someone you called a friend. BEING A GOD IS DIFFRENT FROM BEING A HUMAN BEING JOHNNY C. YOUR NOT EVEN THAT ANYMORE. Some idioctic insane pile of puke who can talk." Her lip curls up distanefully and she runs towards him, stopping and swinging the sword in a upward diagonal cut. If it hits him, it will start eating away at his fleash, much like someone would due to an acid spill. "You can't do anything. Pathetic." Yeah, some of that isn't true, but she's pissed, and she blames him for her pain.

Johnny's eyes twitch as Devi rants. He does nothing to block the attack and peers down at the wound as it begins to eat away at... he blinks. Tilting his head he looks down at the open hole in his stomach as the darkness parts for the blade piercing him. "...huh?" So it didn't eat any flesh, but it made the shadows part revealing... nothing? Johnny's form flickers and becomes semi transparent. Not a good way to win an argument, is it? "Y-your right? I-I guess I am nothing..." The maniac drops to the ground silently. There's no sound as his feet stop at the pavement, but clearly he's standing on it. "...what did you do to me?" His eyes have changed from red to white, but he's not turning back to normal. Infact, it almost looks like he can't...

Evil_Devi is still shaking in the aftermath of her attack, honestly surprized that he took it. She didn't know he wasn't human. She sits down indian style in front of him, the blade across her lap, purple glow around it fadeing. "I cut you. You should have bled. What -have- you become, Johnny? What are you?" She extends her asteral feelers, as it were, to see if she can feel him there, beyond what she would from a normal human. "Abomination.." she whispers quietly to herself. She'd forgotten. That seems like eons ago to her, and her mind hasn't returned to that time for a while. She look up at him, and stares.

All Devi would find if she searched for him asteraly is a random spirit, heavily tainted from demonic tampering. Not a life. Barely an entity. Just a broken, abused ghost. Placing a hand in the 'wound', it seals itself making him pull his hand out and stare at it in further confusion. "I... I don't know?" His voice trembles in a mix seriousness and worry. That horrible dagger of his still stays the same. Solid, black, and burning with darkness that seems to slowly blow through Johnny as he stands there like smoke in a shadow. He blinks again. "I-I'm the same as I've always been.... Uh... as far back as I can remember, I guess." Releasing the scythe in his grasp, it vanishes into nothingness and the maniac gains a little more solidity, his movements have a little more sound to them. "...maybe I shouldn't have let Tabby keep the other dagger after all..."

Evil_Devi throws her head back, laughter bursting from her. "My God. And how far back is that Johnny? Is it normal for humans to live 67 million years? Is that even the truth, or a fabrication of your mind? You're not even alive. No wonder the Doughboys had troubles finding you. Do you even know it? DO YOU? No wonder." She turns her head to look towards the Cemetary. "And how pathetic does that make me, even in my ignorance. To have wished and prayed for the help of someone who doesn't even know he's dead." Her laughter turns bitter and sorrowful. "Blinded you said, by my own will. Right."

Johnny looks up at her, a single tear running down his cheek from frustration. "...shut the fuck up, Devi." He pushes himself off the ground and stares at his body as he levitates. Did he learn to fly from Benedict, or was it already too late then? How long as he...? The darkness and shadows making up his form flare up, burning off the sides of his body, and making him more and more transparent. "We all have a choice. We make our mistakes. We make our deals, our triumphs. I made my choices. I did my time. I kNeW wHEn It WaS tImE to QuIT. BuT WhaT of YoU, DeAr DEvI? ConTRoLEd? DyiNG? A SLaVE? YoU GaVE Up... JusT LiKE I dId. BuT At LeAsT I dIdN'T kEeP WoRkInG foR thE DeMoNs wHEn I ReAlISed i waS bEiNG uSeD. I MiGhT Be DeAd... I mIghT be DyInG... BuT At LEaSt I'M noT a TOoL..." He twirls that dagger in his hand and glares coldly, that red tint washing over his white pupiless eyes once more. "EvEN iF It CoSt ME whAt'S LeFt oF mY lIfE... I StILl HaVE EnoUgH to dRag YoU dOwN WiTh Me.... WeAK AsS PuPPEt!"

Laughter is replaced by snarling. "Hypocrite." An illusion of Sammy appers next to her, broken and bleeding. "I've only killed once. I've only moved plans along ONCE." Terry appers on the other side of Devi, and she bares her teeth again. Not even bothering to rise, she floats off the ground til she's eye level with Nny. "HOW MANY DEATHS ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR? DON'T YOU PULL THAT HOLIER THEN THOU SHIT ON ME JOHNNY. I'VE SPILLED BLOOD ONCE. ONE FUCKING TIME. I HAVE NO CHOICE. I HAVE NO OPTIONS NNY, I AM STUCK WHERE I AM UNTIL SOMEONE CARES ENOUGH TO SET ME FREE. I CAN DO NOTHING. Sammy, Terry, Good friends of your yes? Didn't you.. love her?" Devi points at Sammy's lifeless body. Who else can she pull from his memories. Emi. Sweet little girl. Emi appers beneth Devi's floating body, tears running down her cheeks. "YOU KNOW NOTHING, YOU ARE NOTHING, YOU CAN DO NOTHING. JUST LIKE YOU'VE ALWAYS DONE. SO QUIT YOUR WHINEY EMO BITCHING. KILL ME, IF YOU CAN. ADD ANOTHER BODY TO YOUR PILE OF CORPSES!"

Johnny's form flickers as his rage grows. The voices from his past taunting him, Devi's words mocking him. He bites his lip until he begins to chew through it. Not that it likely matters anymore. The fire in his eyes grows brighter still, and a faint red symbol flickers to life on his brow. From every spec of darkness in the city ruins, Johnny's voice can be heard. "YoU WAnT To DiE, BItCH!! Be MY GuEST!!" He drops straight down into his own shadow, vanishing for a moment, before Devi's shadows shoots outwards, engulfing pavement beneath her in formless blackness. From them comes six chains with barbed hooks on the ends of them, all of them made from the same inky blackness from which they came. One for each limb and another for her head. The darkness sticks to the buildings and ebbs slowly higher upon them in waves like black water crashing on the shore. Waiting a moment to account for any movement on Devi's behalf, Johnny comes rushing upwards from where ever she might have moved, that black scythe in hand, as he once more tries to behead her.

Evil_Devi grins lopsides and vanishes, the images of Terry, Sammy, and Emi vanishing with her. She does reapper in the same spot she left from oddly, but she's taken Sammy's form, and she pleads with Johnny. "Please, Johnny, not again, don't do this to me again. I thought you cared for me." The fake Sammy screams piercingly as Nny swings, her head rolling across the ground and vanishing. Devi fades into view behind Johnny. "Can't even kill anymore Johnny, except people like that, huh?" Her hands begin glowing purple, as she rolls a ball of power at her stomach. "Do you even have feelings anymore, or do you just hate? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DEAD AND WORTHLESS WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT?" She cackles, the ball at her midsection getting larger. "Come on you piece of shit. Kill me. KIll Me. KILL ME JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC IF YOU'VE GOT THE POWER AND THE BALLS. FUCKING BRING IT OOOooNNNN!!"

Johnny glares angrily, his form shifts into Samantha's as well, "If yer gonna walk th' walk, ya gotta talk right to." Smirking mischiviously, he returns to his normal form and laughs as well. "Oh yes, can't kill a damn thing." From behind he pulls out... a small rubber doll painted like a cartoon skeleton? "Yes, well, I didn't need all that power to kill your bitch of a friend, did I?" >SQUEEK< He throws it at her head as he pushes himself backwards, his eyes watching that ball of power growing. Probably that's the reason he dives back into the ground again. The darkness pooling itself in the street grows larger, engulfing the fronts of the buildings completly. As far as Devi can see this section of the street is fast becoming nothing but one big black shadow. No matter where it landed, that squeek is heard growing louder and louder. Edgar Allen Poe eat your heart out. SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! It doesn't seem to be stopping either...

Evil_Devi falters for just a moment before she gives a half sob, half cackle. "Lier. LIER! If you -had- made it home, you would have stayed. You would have gone back to the comfort of your norm. Don't fuck around with me Johnny, you piss ant." Her arms rise, and she slams the ball of power into the ground, continuing her sob/laugh as it rubmles all the buildings in the area. Purple rises and trys to consume all the black across the street. "DON'T YOU DARE FUCK WITH ME! DON'T YOU DARE!" The ball is sending out insane heat, enough to turn sand into rough glass as a matter of fact, but oddly isn't effecting what lays underneth the black goo, aside from the rumble.

The funny thing about shadows... there's always a new one. From behind her once again, Johnny errupts from her new shadow, grabbing her leg, and trying to pull her down with him. If he succeeds she'll find herself being shoved as close to that purple energy as the maniac can achieve safely. If he fails, he'll try to crack her in the head with a standard hardware store-issue hammer of all things. "BACK TO THE NORM? Eh? CheErs WaS cAnCelED A LoNg TiME aGo, DeVI. If Ya HaVeN'T NoTIcED I dOn'T Go hOMe, eVen ThoUgh It'S pArT of ThE CiTY RuiNS nOW. ThE PaST HAuNTs ME EnOugH WiThoUt ME tAUnTINg IT wiTh A STiCK." He picks up the doll... he picks up Spooky again and begins to squeek it anew. SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK. "WhO'S lIViNG iN DeNiLe, DeVI D?" SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK!

In her anger, Devi's not kept in mind to keep half out of this world and Johnny does indeed drag her. The Purple washes over her, and she smiles sadistically up to him. "Fancy a dip?" She swims backward, away from him, popping back up to her feet. "This is me, Nny, this stuff is ME. Do you think that'll hurt me?" She vanishes and instantly reappers behind him, silver dagger, Faith's actually, in her hand and against his throat. "Who's living in denile, Johnny C, the person who still exsits, or the person who's been dead several eons over again?" If he hasn't moved, she'll try to slit his throat.

Johnny cackles, grabbing her hand and trying to force the blade into his own throat. "I dunno.. I'm still leaning towards the one who thinks she can kill a ghost." She'll notice one of two things if she doesn't hesitate in letting him help her attack. The first would be that he doesn't feel quite right. He's hollow, empty. Almost as solid as a balloon which begins to disolve in her arms as it's pierced. The second would be the fact that there is no fear in him. Even if he doesn't feel quite right, there's no fear. No hesitation. As it disolves it shows clearly that it wants to die, much like that of the maniac coming up behind Devi in a silent but direct charge, a hammer clinched tightly in his hand as he goes to smash it into the back of her head. "You gave me the idea..." he'll say afterwards. "I did that to Sammy once before." If she avoids it somehow, the hammer will fall from his grasp as the mainac's darkness vanishes, his body worn thin to the point of a blur. There's barely any substance left to him at all as he hovers there in confusion. Apparently he was farther gone than even he realised.

Evil_Devi manages to laugh as the dagger slices into her once almost love, but the sound corks in her throat as the figure vanishes. As Nny's hammer comes down, Devi turns, the hammer hitting her, but glancing off her forehead. "SONVABITCH!" She vanishes, only to reapper after Nny's gone all foggy. Walking up to him, she peers into his face. "Why?" Simple enough. "Why, Nny, why?" If her eyes weren't all crazy Mazuko red, one could see the hint of tears forming.

Death. The moment we all have to face one day. The reaper appears at the end of the street, his appearence marked by the vanishing darkness. He walks slowly up to them without a sound in his step, and slowly shakes his head at the maniac. "It's time, mon. Hope ya don't have too many regrets."

This... is new. Johnny stares at the strange reaper with the bad accent and blinks. "Whoa... whoa... wait."

Grim shakes his head, "No wait. It's time. We've been puttin' off gettin' ya since ya died after attackin' Metropolis wit dat demon horde ya made. But y'know, ya had some good connections, mon. You where on our 'keep away' list until ya threw yer after life away. C'mon. Ya can't keep 'em waitin'."

Johnny glares a moment, looking ready to... no, he takes a deep breath, shakes his head and follows. Devi might not see what's going on, but even if she does there's not a lot she can do. Johnny looks back and waves at her. "I guess I should be happy, y'know? ...but I'm not. I guess things can't get any worse for me, huh?" The two begin to vanish from sight. Since when did Twisted have a reaper of it's own? Something about all this stinks...

Evil_Devi watches Nny and Grim walk away, feeling more alone and more empty then before. "No Johnny, you should feel lucky." She sits down on the ground, and trys to not cry. She still has her emotions, and regardless of everything else, she did want him to be happy.

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