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Summary: It's been a few hours since a rather shaken Jack Karrde fled the home of Faith, and the newest resident for Faithville is sitting on the couch, facinated by this weird invention humans have come up with called TeeeeeVeeeee. Specificly, she's laughing her ass off at a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Who: Faith, Killiara
When: February 26th, 2009
Where: Faith's Apartment


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Faith comes back in to the apartment with NY's best contribution to food... Loaded Chili Dogs with cheese and onions. "I'm back! Brought food!"

Killiara looks up from the mouse shaped dent in the frying pan sticking the tounge out at the cat to look at Faith. "You really have very resilient mice," she notes aloud, and gets up to hold the door open for Faith as she enters the apartment.

Faith blinks, "Resilient mice?" as she puts the food down on the table, "Not that I've noticed really... Do we need to get traps for the apartment or something?"

Killiara shakes her head, and points at the tv. "Well, that one can survive pokers and frying pans..." she says with a small shrug at the continuing cartoon. "I don't remember mice in the forest being that... mischevious."

Faith blinks, "Ahhh, no that's just entertainment. Mice aren't really like that." she grins.

Killiara whews. "Good... I'd hate to have to try to make something to catch mice like that, they seem rather bothersome... if adorable." She pauses, thinking. "Though, they seem sentient, so... it might not be right to."

Faith snickers as she unpacks the bag of food. Ooh, she brought cheesey fries too. "Yeah, you really don't have to worry about that. Though there's no telling here in Twisted. Anything's possible."

Killiara nods. "It'd be interesting if that kind of mouse was living in the place Jack secured for us." She thinks a second. "You know, I think he was busy freaking out earlier over the water so much that he didn't even notice the nightgown..."

Faith smirks, "Oh no, he noticed all right. Trust me on that. A bit shorter and you'd have fried his brain good."

Killiara tilts her head sideways at Faith. "He noticed? I thought he was too busy panicing over the thought of turning into a girl to notice a girl..." she thinks about the hemline of the nightgown. "Think I should wear a shorter skirt for when he takes me on a date then?"

Faith grins, "Oh yeah, When is your date? We'll have to go shopping before then. There are some really nice places in the mall."

Killiara smiles warmly. "We haven't set a time yet, but, should be fairly soon. He gives the sense that he wants to get it over with and make it as un-date-like as possible to try and discourage me."

Faith grins evilly. "We'll have to head that off then. If I have to follow you guys around and send strolling violin players or something your way. And this definately requires shopping. And possibly taking you into Victoria's Secret."

Killiara tilts her head to the side again, curiously. "And what is Victoria's Secret?" she asks curiously. "I'm thinking... showing lots of skin... and possibly leather, teevee seems to indicate that's what guys find 'hot'."

Faith gets up and rummages through a pile of clothes and pulls out a bit of cloth and tosses to you... It's barely enough cloth to be called underwear. And what there is of it is green lace. There MIGHT be enough cloth in total for a semi okay ammo patch for a slingshot, but that's about it.

Killiara blinks, catches the cloth thrown at her, and looks at it. "Wow, I thought human society in general had a massive nudity taboo... I'd wear this in public." Which probably emphasises just how great the societal norms are for different cultures. "At a formal affair."

Faith says, "It's mostly a public nudity taboo, what's done in private though..." she grins as she sits back down.

Killiara aaahs. "So, if I timed it so I was coming out of the shower in just a towel when Jack arrived to pick me up..."

Faith grins, "Yah. Or if you're really daring, just as you're dropping your towel to get dressed."

Killiara giggles. "I think he'd run screaming for the door if I did that... not to mention dropping the towel says I'd already be dry at that point... I'm thinking water glistening on skin."

Faith smirks, "Save dropping the towel for the second or third date then."

Killiara mms. "Maybe compromise the first time, use something like this?" she focuses, cups her hands, then concentrates. A small illusion of herself appears over her hands, naked, towel wrapped around her. Towel drops right as a door opens, and a chibi-jack walks in. The illusion-killi turns around, clutching the towel to her chest in a way that she completely shows off back, backside, and legs, but hides the front of her body, blushes, and runs back towards the bathroom. Scene fades.

Faith smirks, "That will work just fine I think. Maybe turn around and drop the towel accidently and have to bend a bit to pick it up."

Killiara nods. "That much nudity might scare him off though, I think the implied nudity works better, especially if I have to leave the bathroom again to get clothes, and only use illusion to get them... and 'accidentally' brush by him so he can feel that the clothes are illusion and I'm naked underneith."

Faith snickers, "Yeah, that would work great I think." she grins. "That's a good idea. He won't know what hit him."

Killiara giggles. "No, he really won't. Especially if I hug him, ask him to wait a couple minutes while I get dressed, then blush and go, "um, oops, I forgot to include tactile illusion, didn't I?

Faith laughs! "Yeah, that should freak him out just enough that he won't run away."

Killiara giggles wildly. "Do you really think that level of boldness would work though? He seems really skittish..."

Faith says, "If you make it seem accidental, yeah. Don't let him know what you're doing." she grins.

Killiara nods. "So, lots of blushing and acting embarassed then, got it."

Faith nodnods, "Also, use the fact he probably doesn't know your culture to your advantage. After all, he shouldn't know that giving topless backrubs after a date isn't something everyone does where you're from." she grins.

Killiara gets a thoughtful look on her face. "I think the topless part might be pushing it... I mean, water plus hug did equal mindbreaking earlier. Best run him through a few 'stress tests' before anything topless."

Faith nodnods. "Yeah. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Got an appointment early tomorrow to beat some info out of a demon that likes eating children." she grins.

Killiara nods once, firmly. "Set it on fire a couple times for me, would you?"

Faith nods, "She won't be leaving alive."

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