2009-02-27 (PreU) Random Chatter in the UR

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Random Chatter in the UR


Who: Faith, Ranma
When: February 27th, 2009
Where: The UR


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Faith walks into the UR with a sigh, crushing out a cigarette in an ash tray on a table as she passes and heads towards the bar., "Yo, scutters. Get me a cheeseburger with the works, chilicheese fries, and a beer." as she pops her shapely ass onto a barstool.

Ranma is sitting at the bar, eating french fries with gravy. He looks a bit flushed and sweaty, perhaps he just came from the gym? He looks up with a smile as you enter and waves, "Hey there."

Faith glances over to you, then looks you over for a moment and smirks, "Hey yourself." as the scutters deliver her beer. she picks up the bottle and takes a swig from it.

Ranma munches a french fry and licks his fingers. "I'm Ranma Saotome," he introduces himself, in case it gets him free food.

Faith smiles, "I'm Faith." she glances around the place, "Must be a slow night here. Maybe the scutters won't screw up and give me a raw burger again."

Ranma says, "Nice to meet you, Faith." He guesses you don't know him, or Happousai. Just as well, really. "Slow, yeah, it's been empty all evening. I've been working out in the gym, but when I look through the door, no one's been around."

Faith says, "Probably cause there was a freak mind fucking monster in here the other night." she shakes her head a bit, "Probably stay slow for a day or so after something like that."

Ranma ahas, looking a bit disappointed. "I'll hang out here in case it comes back, then." He smiles confidently.

Faith says, "I'm not sure it will. Think my friend scared him off. Besides, I want a piece of the thing." she grins and cracks a knuckle. "Owe the fucker some pain."

Ranma drats about it being scared off. "Well, maybe something else will come along? I'm pretty new in town, so I don't know much about what's going on."

Faith snorts, "Oh, there's always shit going on in this town. Between having a Hellmouth here and an apocalypse looming on the horizon. Not to mention the normal shit running around."

Faith snorts, "Oh, there's always shit going on in this town. Between having a Hellmouth here and an apocalypse looming on the horizon. Not to mention the normal shit running around. (re)"

Ranma looks intrigued. "Sweet. I was worried that it was gonna be boring or something."

Faith snorts, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Jack and I go jumped by a bunch of demons just the other day. If it weren't for him nearly dieing, it woulda been a blast."

Ranma hrms? "Demons. Like Oni and stuff? That sounds like a good challenge after Saffron and Kirin. Sorry about your friend, I hope he's okay?"

Faith says, "Yeah, it was a bit touch and go for a bit, but hell be fine. He's a fast healer." she shrugs. "And yeah, real demons from a Hell dimension. 15 big hairless ones and 1 giant one with metal parts. My friend B got jumped my some of the hairless ones too. So they're are more around here."

Ranma wrinkles his nose at that. "Yeah, I've fought one or two deities and stuff, and a couple strange demons. I need to keep facing stronger challenges, though, to keep up my training."

Faith blinks and turns to look at you just as her food is arriving, "What kind of training you do? You a demon hunter or something?" she wonders.

Ranma munches his last french fry and shakes his head. "Not specifically. I'm a martial artist, though, heir to the Anything Goes Martial Arts school. It's a martial artist's duty to protect people. Demons, bad guys, whatever."

Faith snorts, "I saw a vampire tear apart a blackbelt in under a minute once." before picking up a burger and taking a big bite of it and chewing. "Before I could get to them. All I could do was stake the fucker and make sure he didn't turn the girl that was with him."

Ranma nods sagely. "Yeah, I can do that to most black belts, myself. Black belt is the beginning of /real/ training."

Faith smirks, "Oh really, you fancy yourself some 'super' martial artist or something?" as she munches a few fries.

Ranma nods sagely. "Well, pretty much, yeah. I've been training all my life and stuff."

Faith raises an eyebrow, "I really didn't start doing any training till I turned 15..." she shrugs, "Didn't really have any choice in the matter."

Ranma hrms? "You're a martial artist, too? Cool!" He doesn't really think too much of someone who didn't start til 15. He doesn't know about special slayer powers and so forth.

Faith shrugs, "Not really. I train to kill vampires and demons and things." she smirks, "You might call me the boogey man to the boogey men."

Ranma thinks about that, nods slowly. "That's hard training to start off with, but I guess you'd get strong pretty quickly."

Faith shrugs, "Wasn't a matter of getting strong. That happened pretty much overnight. It's a matter of learning how to fight and use weapons."

Ranma says, "Strong isn't just power. It's knowing how to use it effectively."

Faith shrugs, "Most vamps and shit don't have much fighting style to speak of, so I'm just now starting to learn anything like that. Jack's teaching me to use one of those Japanese swords..." she pauses a moment, "A katana is it? I just have to buy a new one, my last one got melted fighting a dragon over some chili dogs."

Ranma nods gravely about fighting over food. "I had to fight a panda barehanded for food for the last few months. It's good motivation and good practice. Yeah, a katana is one type of Japanese sword, the famous one that Samurai used."

Faith nods, "I kind of like it. It's a nice fast blade. Much smoother to use than the broadswords I'm used to."

Ranma says, "It's fast, but light. It'll be harder to beat someone down than it would be with the heavier blade, but it'll be easier to put it where you want it."

Faith nods, "Well, I'm mostly using a sword to lop off limbs and heads. Or for a stab through the heart. Not so much about beating them down as killing them fast as I can."

Ranma winces at the mention of killing blows. "I guess with vampires and stuff you'd have to. If he's using a weapon, you'll be concerned about a parry against a heavier weapon giving your opponent control of your weapon. Or pushing his weapon away with your attack, if you can. Or him doing it to you."

Faith asks, "Most don't bother with anything but pipes or knives. Though there have been a few that like swords." she shrugs, "If need be I can always shoot them too. The knees work well, slows them way the hell down. Ya use what ya got ya know?"

Ranma beams and nods, "Use what you have is one of the basic tenets of Anything Goes Martial Arts."

Faith grins, "Sounds very practical to me. Hell, B once staked a vampire with her high heel shoe if ya can believe it."

Ranma looks impressed. "Quick thinking."

Faith nods, "Yeah. Though I think boots are more practical." she nods to her own footwear.

Ranma says, "Walking in heels is good exercise for balance, though."

Faith blinks, "You walk in high heels often do you?" she smirks.

Ranma erks. "I mean, that's what I heard!" he tries to recover, though his tone had the sound of experience.

Faith shrugs, "Hey, none of my business if you want to dress up as a girl and walk around. I've seen weirder shit."

Ranma grumbles, "I ain't a crossdresser." He's sure of this in his mind because being a girl and wearing girl clothes isn't crossdressing. Sundaes and heels are OK in girltype in his distorted perception.

Faith says, "So it's just the heels then? I guess I can understand. B loves to shop for shoes."

Ranma acks, no, "I don't, I mean... my .. er.. friend wears them. She told me. Seriously. I can go get her."

Faith says, "Hey, buddy, it's cool really. I know people that like all kinds of things. If ya do or don't, that's all you."

Ranma's cheeks are crimson now, and he dashes off to the men's room. There's a small splash of water if your ears are keen, and a girl dressed in the same clothes, looking a bit damp, emerges. "I'm Ranko, Ranma's friend. I was the one who told him about heels. I'm a girl, so it's okay if I wear heels!"

Faith blinks as she watches Ranma go into the men's room, "ooh, nice ass..." then blinks as a girl comes back out of the restroom, "... And you hang around men's restrooms?" she shrugs, "Hey, far as I'm concerned, guys can wear em if they want too."

Ranma says, "Uhm... I was ... just beating up some guy who tried to grope me. He ran in there, and I chased him," she improvises. "Anyway, it'd be gross if guys wore heels. But it's okay for girls. I'll go and get Ranma now," she says and darts back into the ladies' room. There's a splash of water, a sound of someone getting punched, and Ranma, as a guy, emerges with a handprint on his cheek, rubbing it and grumbling as he comes back to the bar.

Faith blinks... "Ranma, it's not like I cared if you wore heals or not ya know. Hell, guys in england wear big poofy powdered wigs. Then there's that Ru Paul guy." she shrugs.

Ranma grumbles, "Guys aren't supposed to do that. Anyhow, it's ... my ... er..." He can't just say his mom would disapprove, that'd fail the macho check pretty hard. "I made a promise. I can't do stuff like that."

Faith shrugs, "Suit yourself. It's no big deal really."

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