2009-02-27 (PreU) Rise and Shine B

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Rise and Shine B


Who: Buffy, Faith
When: February 27th, 2009
Where: Faith's Apartment


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The lump on the bed is slowly starting to move inside Buffy's temporary apartment. The blonde slowly sits up, letting out a large, dramatic yawn and stretching her arms. She throws back the blanket and slides her dangling legs over the bed. This whole strange lack of direct sunlight and patrolling in a mix of night/day has thrown off her internal clock.

Faith knocks on your door and calls out, "Yo B! You up yet or what?" as she stands outside holding a thermos of coffee and a bag of doughnuts.

Buffy turns her head towards the door at the knock, recognizing the voice she hops up in once quick fluid motion and pads over to the door. She's still dressed in cute lollipop pajama pants and a tank top. Guess they didn't have any yummy sushi ones at the store.. She opens the door, still sporting a touch of bed hair. "Good... morning? Day? Night..? Good whatever time it is." She steps back to allow her to come on in.

Faith snickers a bit at Buffy's new look as she walks in, "Afternoon I think it is." as she glances around for a table so put the food on, "Brought you coffee and doughnuts." she grins, "Thought you could use a pick-me-up B."

Buffy furrows her brow at the snicker, then follows that Faith's eyes are on her hair. She quickly flattens it out, making a half smile 'Oh..' face.. She shrugs a little, closing the door behind Faith. She eyes the doughnuts and coffee, "Mm, breakfast of champions again? Guess we don't do grapefruit around here." Reaching out she scoops up a jelly. She stares at it strangely for a few moments, .o( ... I miss Giles. ) They were his favorite, after all. Shrugging, she takes a bite. "So what's the what? I meant to come by and let you guys know about what happened a few days back. Big hairless demon things, really strong, two of them. It was almost like they were following me.." She takes another bite, "I figured it's no big though, not as important as finding a spell to get us back." One track mind much? No, just avoiding that they're back to square one, on another hellmouth.

Faith blinks as she walks over to the cabinets and looks for cups for the coffee. Finding a few, she walks back over to the table and pours a two cups then sets out the cream and sugar from within a small bag. "Easiest thing to get ahold of though. And you'll love this 'coffee'. Jack calls it Raktijino." as she sits down and sips hers. "Big hairless demon things? Sounds like what Jack and I ran into over at Molly's. We got some papers off them that he and Red are trying to translate, but it's slow going." then smirks and reaches into her jacket to pull out a familiar red axe, wrapped with a pretty pink bow. "We did get this from Molly for you though."

Buffy finishes off the jelly doughnut, though she doesn't drink the coffee just yet. She picks up her cup and sniffs at it, "So.. what's Raktijino? It's not like some crazy tentacle-infused drink or anything, right?" She shrugs, setting it down on the table without taking a drink. As she's about to ask where Molly's is, and what kind of papers, she sees the familiar scythe in Faith's hand. "Where'd you.. what..." She reaches out a hand to touch the shining red handle, immediately sensing the same connection she had from the weapon back in her world. Her lips curl into a large smile, "How?"

Faith grins, "Raktijino is apparently Klingon Coffee. Beats the hell out of the stuff from the Pump, that's for sure. Jack's gotten me addicted to the stuff. Just don't EVER give any to Red. Ever." she shudders violently at the memory. "Molly collects weapons. Specifically weapons belonging to what he considers 'Warriors'. Stuff like King Arthur's sword and shit. When it came through a portal, he picked it up for his collection." she shrugs, "I was supposed to fight him for it, but those demons crashed the party. Molly was nice enough to let me have it once we kicked their asses. It's a real sweet thing."

Buffy shakes her head as Faith finishes talking, twisting the scythe around in her hand to reaffirm it's feel. "Sweet thing? Faith, this thing was made for us, and only us. Didn't you notice how it felt to hold it? This is the thing that we channelled through to call all the potential slayers into power.. Sweet doesn't cover it." She sets it down between them on the table, taking a seat opposite her. Buffy brushes back her hand from her shoulders and picks up the coffee cup, "So this Molly guy gave it to you, and the papers, and the scythe? How'd he know what it was, and better yet, how'd you guys know where it came from?" She pauses, "Wait, I'm sure I know the answer. Jack, right? You know Faith, I just don't trust that guy.. Nice and all, not too hard on the eyes, but seriously way too all-knowing."

Faith smirks, "Oh trust me, I noticed. It was interesting to try to explain exactly how it feels to Red. It's like you and I are voices in a song, and that thing is the music." Her eyes rest on the Scythe for a moment, "Molly's not exactly a guy B. He's a demon. But put him on your 'no slay' list. He's pretty nice. Hell, he has a picture of me up on his wall. That's what he does, decorate his walls with portraits of warriors and replicas of their weapons. But yeah, he gave me the Scythe. The papers came from the demons that attacked, the one that nearly killed Jack in fact." she shrugs, "What can I say, Jack has access to those gates of his. And he doesn't know everything. If he did, we'd have the papers translated already."

Buffy furrows her brow as Faith talks, she does that a lot, doesn't she? Buffy, without thinking, idly takes a drink of the coffee and immediately her eyes widen to the point that she shakes her head and puts it down with a very decisive plop that says she probably won't be taking another drink ever again. She smacks her mouth a little, "I just don't trust him Faith, it's too convienant. We show up in a world, rearing for the next apocolypse, just add water.. on a hellmouth, and there's a guy here who has some kind of ultimate power to see between time itself? And wants to help us? And knows an, apparently good, demon who has our scythe?" She shakes her head, "You know in the horror movies where people just keep on going towards the sound in the eerily dark room? I just get that feeling. Maybe I'm wrong. Wouldn't be the first time." She leans back in her chair, "So you, Will, and Xan are working hard on trying to translate the papers?"

Faith sighs, "B. Jack's not like that. He and 'Gi... Well, if it weren't for them." she shrugs, "They've done alot to help me. You know what I was like after I came out of the coma. Even when I first got here, I was penned up in my own sad little pain filed world. " she shakes her head. "Well, Red and Jack are. I'm not so much help translating shit ya know." she shrugs again. "And I dunno where Xan is. We were sitting on my couch talking and he got pissed off for some reason and took off. I was kinda hoping he was staying here with you. But I haven't seen him at all in weeks. Giving him space ya know."

Buffy's arms are starting to show little goosebumps as she sits there, it seems a little cold in her. She hops up from the chair, listening while Faith talks and respond as she does. "I get it Faith, believe me. I do. I just don't... Well, let's put it this way. I haven't got conflicty with him yet, have I? I just can't get over how he knows so much about us even with the time/gate watching.. It's creepy." She grabs a sweater from the pile of neatly folded clothing and slides it on. Pausing for a long moment, she turns on her heels to look back at Faith. "Xander's been wandering out there.." She puts specific emphasis on, ".. -alone-.." Pauses again. She immediately starts to strip down her pants. What?! Don't worry, she has underwear on... she slides on a pair of jeans. "I'm going out after him." Her tone sounds short.

Faith sighs, "Believe me B, I've been out looking all the time. All Jack will tell me is that he's safe and that I should leave him alone for now. Jack says he seems like he needs time to himself." shrugs, "It's a guy thing I guess. Besides, Xan CAN take care of himself you know."

Buffy waves a hand dismissively as she walks over towards her shoes. She sits down on the chair and starts pulling them on and lacing them, "I know what he's capable better probably anyone else." She leaves that hanging. "I'm still going." She finishes tying the last shoe and stands up from the chair.

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