2009-02-27 (PreU) The Breakfast of Prophecies

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The Breakfast of Prophecies


Who: Faith, Jack_Karrde, Killiara, Willow
When: February 27th, 2009
Where: Faith's Apartment

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Faith doesn't seem to be home at the moment. There's a note on the table saying she had to go run an errand.

Karrde sighs as he gets the note. Going to the fridge he gets a beer and sits down. Looking at all the papers collected he taps his chin and goes to work. "Let's see..cross reference this..shift that around." and yes, he's working away. He needs to get a laptop for Willow and him to use on this.

Faith returns a bit later, a new katana hanging off her belt and carrying a large wooden box in her hands. She's also got a black eye along with a few other bruises and things, but doesn't look to have any major injuries.

By this point. Jack's hit the coffee and looking things over. And he looks up at Faith, "WHat happened to you Faith?" he asks as he removes his glasses. Wait, he's wearing glasses? Don't ask. And he sighs as he goes to heal the black eye up. "Pick a fight I take it?"

Faith grins, "Something like that. I went over to see Molly." she motions to the box in her hand, "Had to pick something up. And I had to stop down at the weapon store for a new katana. Had a 'No Melty' enchantment put on this one."

Karrde nods and he looks at the box and then at the katana, "..If you needed a sword I'd have given you Talon." he says. "Well..I made ya some coffee. And I'm working on the translations, but, it's still slow going. Whoever did this was a...maniac. Or driven crazy by something." he taps the papers, "..The langauges used here no one should know."

Faith shrugs, "I wasn't going to take your sword Jack." then blinks, "Man, we really could use G-man here. He'd be eating that stuff up." before grinning and setting the wooden box down right in front of you.

Karrde blinks and looks at the box, "What's this?" and he sighs, "I wish that Giles was here myself. Between Will, him, and I we'd have cracked this by now." and he goes to open the box, "Let me guess..something for me to give Killi to break the ice? I see that Matchmaking gleam in your eyes."

Faith just smirks, "I'm not really sure that would be an appropriate first date gift." she goes to get a cup of coffee then sits down across from you, "Just open it already Jack."

Karrde nods as he opens the box, "Okay..but if this is a tweed wallet I'm nixing your allowance young lady." he says with a hint of a brit accent to added effect. And he looks in.

Faith chuckles. It's a large pair of revolvers along with a a double gun belt, X style, to go around your waist. The buckle has a phoenix on it. "Now, would I do that?"

Karrde blinks as his jaw drops, "Faith..I..I.." and yes, the All Seeing Guardian of Time is dumbstruck, "How?" he gets out after a moment, "And why?"

Faith smirks, "You said you needed to get a new gun." That's the why. "And Molly helped out a lot. Had to autograph his portrait of me and his replicas for him too, but we finally managed to find someone that could make those." she grins, "He wouldn't tell me what kind of magic is in them, said you'd know though."

Karrde nods slowly, "All that trouble, for me?" he asks as he picks up the silver one and he gives it a deft gunfighter's spin. "..These things were made for quick drawing." he says softly, "..Strong metals and also made to handle punishment." he says as he picks up the black one and does the same, "..The magics..just like the ones in your guns." he says as he closes his eyes, and senses the powers, "..But also can attack a target's astral self." he says softly. Getting up he goes over to Faith and hugs her, "..Thanks." he says softly.

Faith smiles and hugs back softly, "You're welcome. We went with a big bullet for them too. Ya only got 12 shots between the two, but 12 of those rounds..." she grins, "Didn't have any bullets though, you'll have to pick them up at the store. .500 S&W Magnums. Watch it though, the black one's an automatic."

Karrde nods slowly, "These things were made to make sure the foe never gets back up." he says as he picks up the gun belts and buckles it on. "Feel like my old self again. Used to keep a gun in a low slung belt for fastdrawing." and he picks the guns up and slips them into the holsters, "Perfect fit." and he hmms, "But Hydra? Nix? You came up with those and the sayings?"

Faith grins and nods, "Hydra and Nix are 2 of the moons of Pluto. Seemed to fit." she shrugs, "I coulda gone with my first thoughts... Cherry Buster and Castrater."

Karrde pauses, "..Those fit you better." he says with a chuckle, "Okay...well..shall we get back to work?" he asks as he quick draws Hyrda with a single fluid motion and gives it that spin before returning it to it's holster.

Faith smirks and nods, "Yeah, sure. Not sure how much help I'll be in translating this though." she shrugs, "Wasn't my thing back in SunnyD."

Karrde hmms, "Not that hard..really." he taps, "All we can do is match up with what's written to a normal language and go from there." he says softly. "..All we know it it says 'Eternal' 'The Sisters' so far. Yeah..slow going I know."

Faith nods and grabs a book and starts looking through it, "Wonder where Red's gotten off too. Oh, and B's off looking for Xan."

Karrde groans, "I'm worried about him myself. My control over the gates is still now, so all it does is show me flashes. It's kinda like.." he pauses, "Ever see a music video that has images flashing by real fast? It's like that..I know he's okay. But that's it."

Faith nods, "Yah. And B doesn't really trust you anyway. Thinks you're kinda creepy actually. This from the girl that dates vampires." she shrugs and flicks through a few more pages, "... I think this says... 'Smoke. The green. Plant..."

Karrde shrugs, "...Well..she's entitled to her opinion." he says softly as he goes through a few pages and he looks at Faith, and then what she's reading, "It's upside down." he says with a smirk. "But I can understand. I mean look at me. I have the Gates of Time, when they wanna work for me, they show me anything. Can send me to any point in time. Any world really." and he sighs a bit, "..Frankly..she has a right not to trust me. It's so damn easy to go back and 'fix' things."

Faith nods a bit, "Yeah, lets not tell her you can go back to her world... That'd just piss her off." she shrugs, "She's not going to take me wanting to stay here well at all, is she?" ad she flips the book around, "Ah! It's Eat The Blue Fruit!" she grins.

Karrde hmms, "Well, the problem with going to her world. I can't. Like I said, the Gates are sentient and have their own Agenda it seems. Remember..I didn't know Buffy and Xander were coming but it showed me Willow's arrival. Of course she was caught in the time stream. So that mighta helped." and he hmms, "And no." and as Faith makes her comments about the Blue fruit he blinks, "Faith..you're a damn genius." he says as he gets two papers that look similar and flips them around revealing one thing..similar characters, ".....I'll be damned."

Faith shrugs a bit, "Do you think there's really a way for her to get home from here?" she scratches her head, "Debase the beef taco?" then shrugs, "Told ya, I'm not good at this shit." before blinkg at you, "What did you find?"

Karrde smiles a bit, "Faith..one thing I noticed about this..it was all in languages focused on symbols, runes." and he pulls off his necklace and shows her the symbol of Saturn on it, "The mark of my sister, Sailor Saturn." and he taps these papers, "..The person did this all in runic langauges that had a minor similarities, but changed then enough so that the syntax's would be wrong. Unless.." he points at the ones he turned upside down, "..You looked at them like this."

Faith grins, "So you can figure out what this says then? Or at least enough to get the gist of it." she peers at the papers, "That kinda looks like an eye." as she points to one of the symbols.

Karrde nods, "Yes.." and he hmms, "It means, watched, or looked after. It seems to be a language used by Celestials." and he looks at Faith, "The Asura race. Think Paladinic beings that cleanse evil with heaven's fire." he says as he looks it over, "That symbol means, watching or looked over." and he gets the books, "..Whoever did this was smarter than I thought. He purposly did this to make people confused if they look at it and saw a mish-mash. "Now..let's see." and he looks over a couple lines, "..Okay." and he writes a few things down, "....Well..interesting.

Faith nods and peers at the papers, "That one kinda looks like either an ass or cleavage..." then peers closers, "No, wait... It looks more like meatballs." she peers at you... "Meatballs with a moon." she scratches her head. "That can't be right..."

Somewhere on the muck, Devi has connected.

Karrde hmms a bit, "...And the Fallen one will rise to embrace the moon, and be watched by Death, the Eternal One.'" he intones as he looks at what he wrote.

Somewhere on the muck, Devi has disconnected.

Faith blinks a bit, "That sounds ominous..." she peers over your shoulder. "That kind of looks like a Sun there."

Karrde nods, "Yes..from the fire lines coming off it it I can assume, it's blazing. It seems the elements are mentioned heavily." and he hmms, "Let's see..'And lo, the cycle begins anew as the Fallen One rises to embrace the Moon and be watched by Death." and he taps his chin, "Now it speaks of a Golden One and the Wind." he says as he taps his chin.

Faith blinks, "Do we know any 'Fallen One's or 'Golden One's?" she points at another symbol, "What's this one with the pot?"

Karrde hmms, "Mage..or sorcerer, witch. Not the slight red tinge to it. Possibly the type of mage." he says as he taps his chin, "No..I don't Faith. For all we know the prophecy has nothing to do with us, but others. Now the Moon, that could be Usagi. The meatballs make me think that."

Faith blinks, "Ya know, Usagi mentioned that once. Why does everyone associate her with meatballs? " she sits back down and sips her coffee. "Well, maybe the Fallen one and Golden One are some of Usagi's friends then." she thinks, "The Fallen One could be that Beryl chick..."

Karrde asks, "..And the golden one." and he taps his chin, "Venus probably. But for know..we have next to nothing. Because the wind element belongs to Uranus, the Senshi of the Winds." he says as he goes to translating a bit more. "..Red Witch?"

Faith blinks... "I haven't met any Senshi with red... Though... Red is witch?"

Karrde nods slowly, "..None of the Senshi are wiccan. Sailor Mars is a shrine maiden, WAY different" he sighs, "This is about you guys all right. The Fallen one could be you. You fell and rose up. The Moon is Usagi. And Death.." he pauses.

Faith grumbles, "Everyone keeps reminding me I went bad. Now it's in prophecies too." she sighs, "That'd make B the Golden One then right? But she has nothing to do with wind, unless she's full of hot air..."

Karrde asks, "..She's blonde. And I'll bet I'm Death. Remember, I'm the Senshi's fill in for Pluto, who in myth is the guardian of the underworld. And you've seen how I fight..your opinion?"

Faith nods, "Yeah... That sounds about right..." then giggles, "Wait till she heads a prophecy called her an airhead."

Karrde says, "..I'll watch from the Gates, I have a feeling she'll think I planned that." and he chuckles. "...Well..a few more days and I should have this fully translated. If Wills was here less time than that."

Faith nods, "Yeah, Red kicks ass at this kind of thing." she shrugs.

Willow opens the closet door and walks out, covering a yawn with one hand and, in general, looking like she just woke up. ... Wait, did she sleep in the closet? ... Wouldn't someone have noticed that?

Karrde looks over at Will as she walks out and he blinks, "Did you and Killi toss her into a closet or something?" he asks as he looks at Faith. "I know Rooms at a premium."

Faith blinks at Red, then smirks... Can't. resist. pun. "Decided to finally come out of the closet huh Red?" then shakes her head at Jack, "Nope, didn't know she was even in there."

"We did that joke not too long after I got here," Willow replies a bit spacily to Faith, wandering in the direction of the kitchen, hands briefly moving into zombie position as she heads for the fridge. "And I wasn't. I went in to look for something and found another apartment just like this one, but with everything flipped the opposite direction."

Karrde blinks as he processes this and he shakes it off, "So..everything was opposite? Step through the looking glass Alice?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow.

Faith shrugs, "Maybe just the apartment next door..." she smirks. "Hey Red, you're in a prophecy we think. Come have a seat."

"Kinda. Faith was wearing sweats and was respectful of my personal space and you weren't all angsty and constantly moaning how we were giving you grey hair. It was extremely weird. But they had cookies so I stayed the night." Willow takes out a bottle of orange juice and starts chugging it the way some drunks chug whiskey. When she's drained almost half the bottle, she wanders over to the table, still looking slightly asleep. "Yeah? That's not good. Unless it's a prophecy describing Angelina Jolie suddenly discovering the love that dare not hold hands in the bad part of town and declaring her love for a redheaded Jewish Wiccan, then I guess I could live with it."

Karrde says, "I probably made the cookies then." and he looks at Faith, "Am I that bad with the emo?" he asks as he looks at Faith. And to Red, "Nope..standard fare. End of the World." he says as he adjusts his glasses. "And as for the emo..you know..I mean I have been trying to get over it all..just not easy." and for the Elf, he's sitting at a table looking over those paper, Faith hovering over his shoulder. And Willow just walked in.

Faith shrugs a bit, "You do get pretty bad. But hey, at least you don't gel your hair." she smirks and throws Red a wink. "The prophecy does call B an airhead though..." she sips her coffee, keeping the cup far away from Willow. "Its at least been a good morning."

Killiara isn't that far behind Willow when it comes to entering the apartment, she just came in through the front door this time, bearing a box of doughnuts. Looks like someone went out to get some breakfast. "I come bearing food." she announces, a smile on her face as she reaches up to tuck a stray strand of hair back behind her pointed ear. "Hey there Jack."

As soon as Killi walks in Jack's mood shifts and he blushes. "Uh..hi Killi." and he mentally gulps. Oh god.. After the other night he's convinced she's a force of nature. And yes, she's locked her sights on him. "..Uh..thanks." he knew he forgot something. Darnit..no one to save him.

Faith grins a bit. "Ooh, doughnuts!" then leans over to whisper to red, "This is the mating dance of the red headed phoenix." then giggles a bit.

Willow looks back and forth between Jack and Killiara. o.o Why did the room just take on the same sort of atmosphere that it usually did at certain times with Buffy and Angel? But anyway, she pulls out a chair and sits down at the table to start helping translate her doom, while chirping, "Yay, doughnuts, the nuttiest nuts that haven't tried to kill us yet!"

For Willow it seems that the entire mess was written in a code, if anyone else looked at it without knowing the key, it'd be a mish-mash of languages. Yet, now the code's been cracked. Just gotta look at it, upside down. And yes, Jack's done some work already. 'The Fallen one shall rise to embrace the moon and be watched by Death.' some stuff about the Witch of Red, the Wind and Golden one, and the Sun.

Is this something Karrde should be saved from, though? At Willow's comment, Killi giggles, and opens the box to reveal a large assortment. Looks like she fit in as many types as possible out of curiosity. Doughnuts get set on the table near Jack, and she leans over to kiss the side of his temple in a casually affectionate way, then finds a seat. "Definitely cute when you blush." She comments then thinks about the prophecy. "So, the Red Witch is identified, but what about the Golden One, and who's the Fallen one?"

"Well, the Golden One is probably Buffy, what with the blondness," Willow says, looking through some of the pages almost idly. "And the Fallen One usually refers to Satan, but in this case, with the context, it probably means Faith."

Faith nods to Willow, "Yeah, that's what Jack thought." she shrugs, "I usually get called 'The Dark Slayer' most of the time though."

And with that kiss Jack blushes as he looks at Killi and he takes a deep breath. Dammit..she's TOO much like Arikami like this. ANd he exhales. Okay, under control. "And I'm Death." and he looks at the two new arrivals, "I'm the fill in for Sailor Pluto, and we all know by way of myths, Pluto is God of the Dead." and he pauses, "Do I get a badass scythe?" he quips.

"Nope, sorry, we had to give the badass scythe to Buffy," Willow quips. Then she blinks and raises her head a bit. "... Fallen one..." o.o She just sort of stares off into space, as if trying to ponder out something that had clicked.

Karrde looks at Willow, "Okay Wills, I can hear the clicks a clicking. Whatcha got kiddo?" and he sneaks a glance at Killi.

Faith nods, "Yeah, I took it down and gave it to her last night, so she's happier. Even put a bow on it for her." she grins.

Killiara looks from Jack to Faith and back. "Jack, you also fight like death walking through a crowded room," she points out, "So it fits. Who's the moon that's embracing Faith, though?" She asks as she snags a cream filled doughnut for herself, unaware of what's lurking within. She takes a bite... and the cream filling squirts out and drops straight down. Killi looks down at her chest. "Why oh why do these act like a shelf whenever I drop food?" She shakes her head, and not wanting to waste any, scoops some back onto her finger and pops it into her mouth.

"Um, well, I haven't been here as much, and I've been a little out of touch, but," Willow says, pausing for a second, then looking at Faith more directly. "Um, has anyone seen Angel around here?"

Faith shakes her head, "No Angel and no Spike either. You've been the last one from home to show up here." she shrugs, "Sorry."

As Killi does that Jack mentally bites down a groan as he rubs his face. "..Uh no..only vamps Faith and I have run into are the nests we've trashed. Besides if Spike showed up he'd be raising hell demanding royalties from that hair bleach that has his name on it. So he'd be easy to find." and he sighs as he goes to get some coffee..and if he could dump water on himself he'd do so, but the only water Faith has got is that 'Spring of Drowned Girl'. He's tempted..but then he'd REALLY be in trouble.

Killiara blinks. "Jack, what's wrong? You look like you're bothered by something." She swipes a finger along the rest of the cream that fell onto her shirt, licking it off her finger before going back to the rest of the poor mistreated doughnut.

"Hm. That'd kind of fit... well, it's probably Faith, I guess, I mean I don't think there's someone checking these prophecies over to make sure they're standardized," Willow murmurs. 6.6

Faith says, "I wonder what Angel will say about the jars of Angel repellent with his face on it?" she grins and goes over to a drawer and pulls out a small box of what looks like nicotine patches and walks back over to drop them in front of Red. The box actually reads 'Rosenberg's Black Magic Patches.' followed by 'Ween yourself off of black magic in 12 easy steps!'

Meanwhile in the kitchen Jack is well, getting coffee. And he sighs as he downs a while cup in a gulp, and then he gets another cup. Well two..one for him and one for Killi. Coming out he offers her the cup, "Here ya go." he says as he blinks at the package, "No..sorry Willow..no standards here. Hell, remember the headache we were having? Faith figured it out by looking at it upside down." and he hmms, "From what you all told me of Angel, brood over it." he says as he flops down back in his chair.

Killiara only got a couple sips of her coffee last time before Jack spazzed over the 'spring of drowned girl' water, so is very eager this time to have a while cup of it. She takes a large swallow from the coffee, and her eyes widen. "Wow... this is good. Bitter, but good." She takes another mouthful, eyes closing and letting out a small sigh of bliss. Yummy.

Faith nods a bit, "Yeah, you're probably right Jack." then turns to Killiara. "And the Moon is probably my friend Usagi, near as we can figure..."

Karrde sighs, "I hate legends and all. Back home I used to fight against this stuff all the time." he mutters as he looks at the paper. And he blinks as he gets a bad feeling about something. And he looks over at Killi.

Faith says, "Prophecies are never good news. Ever."

by the time Karrde looks over at Killi, over half the cup of coffee is in her, and she's tapping her foot under the table, a rather stuccoco beat. "Yeah, cause no one ever wants to write down a prophecy that says 'cute fluffy bunnies need hugs at 11'. the only ones recorded are doom and gloom and chaos and evil wizards setting fire to said bunnies..."

"Point to the elf." says the Jack as he goes back to work. "Seems the gotta fill their doom and gloom quota." and he hmms, "..Well, maybe if we figure this out fast enough we can head it off at the pass and wreck whoever is behind it."

Faith grins, "I'm always up for some good wrecking. Just point me at them." then cracks her knuckles. " the snags a doughnut for herself."

Killiara takes another swallow of her coffee. "So, Faith, about this Victoria's Secret place you wanted to take me, when were we thinking of going?" Wicked, tricksy, distracting elf, isn't she?

Karrde says, "You and me both Faith, I HATE being led around by higher beings. I spent too much time back home kicking their asses." he says with a grimace. "And now, here I am being led around by them. There's irony there isn't there?" he asks as he snags as chocolate covered one. Just as he's about to take a bite the train of thought is derailed epically. You can almost hear the crash in his mind as he looks at Faith and Killiara. The doughnut forgotten, "...Huh?"

Faith smiles at Jack, "Well, Killiara really doesn't have any clothes with her. Or any good underwear, so I thought I would take her shopping." then turns back to her, "Maybe this evening. That sound okay to you? Red needs some stuff too, so we can make a girls night out of it."

Ah, okay. Just a shopping trip. Makes sense. No evil plan to play matchmaker, with Faith playing the matchmaker (insert images of what Faith could have planned..and we can guess what she'd come up with.) And Jack nods, "Oh..okay." Dammit, he's getting paranoid, which is a stretch for him, he's rarely ever like this. But that weird feeling of doom will not go away.

Killiara nods. "Yes, that sounds good, though it's hard to tell evening from noon in this place with all the cloud cover. I hope they have lots of lace." She comments rather blandly. "Jack, you're really on edge..." she stands up and moves to behind his chair so she's at the right angle to try massaging his shoulders, trying to work some of the tension out of his frame. "Honestly, you look like my teachers after I accidentally got into their brew of tea..."

Faith just smirks as everything is going to plan. "Anything you'd like for us to pick up for you Jack? Shirts? Jeans? A leather thong?" as she munches on her doughnut then goes back to looking at the prophecy. "Hey, what's this symbol for?" as she points to one she doesn't recognize.

Karrde blinks as Killi does that. And yes, he's tense, majorly tense. Like he doesn't relax ever. Just..just as he's about to start relaxing Faith's question causes him to jerk, "..Uh no..I'm fine. I take care of my stuff. And what symbol?" and he goes to look at it.

Faith points to a symbol that looks kinda like the Ark of the Covenant from the Indiana Jones film. "This one here..."

Killiara resists letting out a sharp sigh as she feels how tense he is, and just keeps on working on Karrde's shoulders, trying to ease away some of the tension, even going so far as to channelling a small amount of healing energy into her hands and through there into his muscles. What Jack's in the wrong position to see is how the thought of him in a thong has her blushing majorly.

Karrde looks at it and checks the book, "Arks..more than one." and he points at a following picture similar to Noah's ark. "..Arks..of Doom." he says softly.

Faith says, "Okay, that just sounds fucking creepy. So what are these 'Arks of Doom'?" she sits back in her chair.

Killiara is still in her happy place at the moment from the thought of Jack in a thong. Let's leave her there, massaging his shoulders, shall we?

And yes, Jack's muscles are eventually yielding to Killi's work on him. And he sighs, a nice contented sigh, "..Well..Ark has many meanings. Stuff like the Ark of the Covenant or Noah's Ark. But it means one thing 'vessel'." and he hmms, "Vessels of doom."

Faith sighs, "It really is always doom and gloom isn't it. This time it even says it." she leans forward and points to a little blueish ball on fire. "Bet this means gloom..."

Karrde says, "Uh..actually." he checks, "It means a 'burning of the world'." he says with a shrug, "But close enough."

Killiara shakes her head. "Nope. Blue fire's really hot, so it probably means something's gonna burn hotter than you'd get from a wood fire. Maybe charcoal or gas, or magic." But then again, explosions are a given wherever Jack's involved... she leans forward to press a kiss against the crown of Jack's head, and keeps massaging.

Karrde erks from that kiss and he manages to keep from whimpering. Dammit, force of nature was right. IF this keeps up, he will NOT be held responsible for his actions.

Faith facepalms, "Oh, just great... So we gotta save the world. Again." theres a knock on the door and Faith gets up to go see what it is. She comes back with a piece of paper on it snickering, "Guys, don't use any of the water from the pipes. Apparently some kids spiked it with some kinda pills last night..." she blinks, "What'd you use to make the coffee Jack?"

Karrde says, "..Uh..some water I bought on the way here. Wait..what'd they spike it with?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow.

Killiara looks up at Faith. "What kind of pills were used?" She asks, completely missing Jack's reaction. "I might've had a glass of the water from the sink before leaving to pick up the doughnuts..."

Faith smirks at Jack, "What do kids usually spike water with." she blinks at Killiara, "That probably isn't good...."

Karrde looks slowly at Killiara, "...Don't..tell me Faith." he says weakly. Oh god..he KNEW he was doomed.

Faith smirks, "Something called 'Funky Cold Medina'. Whatever the hell that is."

Killiara tilts her head to one side. "Wonder what that is? And why the words funky and cold had to be put in the title... sounds really unappetizing." she makes a face, continuing to rub Jack's shoulders, letting her fingers linger.

Karrde groans, "It's a song on a few worlds. Talking about a love potion." he says with a grimace. And then he erks and blinks as it hits him who said they had a drink of the water. Uh oh..and he tilts his head as he looks at Killi, "You drank the water, right?"

Faith ponders when she should tell Jack that it was really just Methylene Blue in the water. She smirks as she sits back to watch this.

Killiara nods slowly. "Yes, I did... but... I don't feel any different... especially about you..." which is indeed a puzzlement, as most love potions, well, they kinda crap out if the person's already in love.

Karrde nods slowly and looks back at the table. Wait..that means..but..they just met. How..huh? What the hell?! And with all this on Jack's mind he does the only thing he can do..he shorts out and just starts at a wall.

Faith grins and just folds up the paper and puts it away. This is way to fun.

Killiara sighs out harshly as he just shuts down. "Well, tells me how welcome I and my emotions are." She steps back, letting her hands fall from his shoulders as she goes to sit down and finishes the last of her doughnut.

And throughout it all JAck is just quiet. He's staring at the wall. Of course in another realm the PTB is sitting back laughing over all they've done to Jack, "Man, he used to be one of the worst. Now he's tamed." "No kidding. This is great." and a red light starts beeping, "What's that mean? "OH hell..he's BACK!!!" "You don't mean!" "We're fucked" And back in the normal, or as close as we can get realm Jack begins to chuckle just a wild almost manical chuckle. Standing up he smirks as he runs a hand through his hair. Walking up to Killi he hmms and leans in to kiss her softly on the lips, the entire time a devil may care smirk on his face. His eyes dancing with amusment."

Faith starts to get up to move over towards Jack when he starts to come back to life... THen just stands there dubmly as he kisses Killi... Okay... This is new in her experiance...

Killiara, so certain was she that the BSOD Jack experienced meant she was rejected that the wild laughter throws her off guard. She's about to call to him, cautiously, not knowing what's going on... when she's kissed. Wow. One can almost see the little fireworks go off around her head--- no wait, those are real sparks, she's startled enough that her magic's leaking out. She thought she'd have to do alot more breaking through his shell before he responded like THAT! When the kiss ends she's left with a rather dazed expression on her face. Wow, what epiphany happened in Jack-land?

Karrde steps back and smirks, "Not bad at all." he says with a chuckle. As he goes over to get his coffee cup. Looking down at himself he grimaces, "Black..bleh." and he pulls off the coat and tosses it aside. Pulling a tan one from subspace he pulls it on, "..What? You two are looking at me like I'm some type of weird thing." he says with a wink, "...Which I ain't trust me kiddies." he says as he sips his coffee. "Just old Jack Karrde, one man force of mass destruction, chaos, anarchy, and all that. I make insurance people shit their shorts."

Faith glances over to Killiara, "I think we broke him..." Well at least Jack didn't kiss her too. "Umm, Jack... It was just methylene blue in the water. Killi's just going to piss blue for a few days is all."

Killiara is still just a little stunned from the kiss. "Sudden shifts in personality will cause those around you to react oddly." She states. "And... considering you just went blech to an outfit you yourself put on... I think we're looking at a personality shift... are you... feeling okay?"

Karrde grins a bit at Killi, "..Got it in one sweetheart." he says with a wink. "...Let's start with a story kids. Long story short, when I, the everloving Jack Karrde, lost everything. I kinda sealed away all of it, and rebuilt myself. Calmer, more mature, you name it. But now..seals are gone kiddies." and something in his eyes means trouble is a brewing, "Meaning...let's go find the son of a bitch that's wanting to cause Armageddon and rip his ass off and make him wear it for a hat. Or give him a chainsaw sopository."

Faith just blinks, then grins. "SOunds good, lets go find this fucker and introduce him to pain."

One one hand, no more brooding. On the other hand, she dosen't know this jack. What an odd place to be in. "I get the feeling now would be a bad time to ask what a chainsaw suppository is..." she states. But... she's the one who put that smile on his face, that's a good thing, right? "So, it took the shock of hearing someone's in love with you to break the seal?" Jack, you're confusing the hell out of this poor elf.

Karrde says, "Pain?" he snorts, "..Puh-leaze. I was thinking of using him as a pinata..then feeding him to a vat of flesh eating worms..finishing off with dumping him inch by inch in a vat of acid." and he grins darkly. Ooookay..overkill? Nope..no such word. At Killi's words, "..No..just the shock of the joke. Brainbreaks..gotta love it. And honey, there's only ONE woman I ever loved, she's dead and gone. End of story." Maybe this wasn't such a good switch.

Faith just blinks at Jack... She's starting to agree. And think he needs a good smack upside the head with something heavy. "Jack, you're being an ass ya know..."

and now it's Killi's turn to get a little angry. "Then why did you steal my first kiss?" Rather than let him see the tears his words triggered within her, she stands up, and walks towards the door. Gotta stay calm, like the arctic... but, it really dosen't work and she runs the last couple feet out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Karrde looks at Faith, "Maybe..but ask yaself this Faith, she met me a couple days ago. Love doesn't happen that quick." as she runs out he sighs a bit. "..I better go as well. Got things to do..demons to torture for info. Laters." he says with a smirk as he gets up to go.

Faith smirks, "You're still being an ass. You just made her run out of the room." she shrugs, "And you never know Jack, you never know."

Karrde says, "Well..you ain't seen nothing yet." and with that he's out the door.

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