2009-02-28 (PreU) Buffy comes calling

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Buffy comes Calling


Who: Buffy, Faith, Killiara
When: February 28th, 2009
Where: Faith's Apartment


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Faith is rumaging around her apartment, cleaning up after Killiara charging off and Jack leaving. She sighs, what a fucked up day this had been. Willow's off taking a nice relaxing soak in the bathtub.

There's a sudden knock on the door, the blonde Slayer doesn't make too much noise when she walks down halls. She calls out, "Faith, it's me." She's holding the familiar scythe in her hand down at her side. She glances at it out of the corner of her eye. .o( I need a holster or something..)

Faith sighs and walks over to the door to open it and let B in, "Hey B, what's up?" as she stands off to the side to let her in.

Buffy lingers for a few moments near the doorway to before she steps all the way in, she quickly looks around, stops. Buffy turns on her heels to look back at Faith, "Where's Jack?"

Faith closes the door, "He left a little while ago B. Why? What's up?" She heads back over to the couch, "Coffee?"

A brief female yell from the bedroom in the back of the apartment calls out, "Jack's being a Jackass, that's where he is!"

Buffy shakes her head quickly at the offer of coffee, furrowing her brow while she speaks. She has a rather classic tone for her, authoritative. "Because he's the one who knows where Xander is. I looked practically all night, no sign of everyone's favorite cyclops. Except for a blobby thing with one eye that really seemed to like my shoes," She rolls her eyes quickly, putting a hand out in the classic signal for 'stop', before continuing on. ".. Jack knows, and he needs to tell me. Xander should not be out there alone. I don't even think I should be out there alone half the time. Kinda' makes Sunnydale look like Mayberry." She looks at the back door briefly, with a questioning look at Faith.

Faith shakes her head, "B, Jack doesn't know. His control over the gates isn't so good yet. I pinned him down on it today." she sighs, "He gets flashes, like watching a tv show in fast forward. He knows Xander's okay, but has no idea where he is." she blinks a bit, "B, this place isn't that bad. I've never had much problem going out by myself here." then chuckles a bit at the comment, "Don't ask B, you really don't wanna know beyond it's a fucked up situation. Oh, and don't drink the tap water, it'll make you piss blue..."

A small chibi figure of an elf appears in front of the door to the bedroom, about as tall as a child, with big green eyes and eggageratedly pointed ears, in some odd green outfit. "Faaaaaaith... that's a good idea. Can I turn Jack into a donkey, please?" The illusion gives Faith puppy dog eyes.

Buffy seems to hardly trust the answer she's been given, as she gives Faith a kind of 'come on..' look. She sighs and goes to sit down upon the couch not too far from her. "I just don't like knowing he's out there. And I could deal with what was back home - but dimensional travel? Not exactly in my range of been-there-done-thats. Though I know Ang.." She stops in mid-sentence, staring at the chibified elf in front of the door. "... Huh?"

Faith says, "Look B, you know me. If for one minute I didn't believe Jack about him being safe and him not knowing where he is, I'd be beating the answers out of him." she sighs, "And I don't like him being alone out there either. But I know he can take care of himself too. I'd love to drag him back here, especially since he ran off cause of me." she shrugs and slumps back against the couch. "We rescued a girl from a bunch of slave traders the other day. She kinda fell of Jack and he turned into an ass. I swear, I'm gonna splash him with that water that turns a guy into a chick."

The little chibi elf looks around, tilts her head thoughtfully, and suggests, "Turn him into a female donkey... that's on fire? I'm real good with setting things on fire and making them go kaboom..." Hands get clasped under the chibi's chin, and it looks really hopeful. "I'm used to being treated like scum, but, to act nice first so I didn't have my guard up when it happened... that's just unnessicarily cruel. Maybe if I turn his pants into a giant spider... that's on fire!" she keeps coming back to that, dosen't she?

Faith blinks at the Chibi, "He's really not usually like that, unless he's been putting on a front the whole time I've known him. I really think he just snapped. Not that I don't want to smack him around a bit for that..."

The chibi sniffs. "So I can't turn his pants into spiders and set the whole lot on fire?" she asks, sounding very forlorn and miserable about the 'no'.

Faith says, "No Ki. You can't turns his pants into spiders and set em on fire. Hopefully he'll be back to normal in a few days... I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to refrain from shooting him if he keeps up with this shit."

The little chibi kicks her foot at the carpet. "Not even one spider, and a few embers?" Geez, she sounds like a little kid, no wonder the illusion-self she sent into the main room looks like a kid.

Faith snickers, "Wouldn't you feel bad about it if he's back to normal tomorrow though Ki?"

Ki shakes her head. "Nope! Cause the Jack we know would probably get in a funk about it and... punish himself... better than I could... dammit." She sighs. "Stupid Jack..."

Faith sighs and nods, "Hopefully, he'll go back to normal soon. Maybe after he sleeps or something."

Chibi-Ki scuffs her toes in the carpet a little. "I think... we shouldn't play with him like that anymore. That really pushed him over the edge. If he comes back, I'm going to stop pushing. Just be myself."

Faith says, "That wasn't pushing, that was a joke." she shrugs, "Jack knows what I'm like.."

Chibi-Ki sighs. "I knew he'd push away if he found out I felt this strongly, but, I didn't know he'd push away this hard... and it's kind of silly speaking through an illusion because I'm too worn out by crying to want to get out of bed, isn't it?"

Faith smirks a bit, "Like I said, this isn't him. Seeing me completely naked didn't even phase him. I's probably just the looming apocalypse and stress and this on top of it."

Chibi-ki looks up at Faith. "Are you sure? I mean, he seems pretty unphased by me too, but... he's always nice to you..." Sometimes, romance really sucks.

Faith says, "He treats me nice cause we're alike. We both have dark pasts."

Chibi-ki vanishes, only to have the door open and a tired Killiara open it, eyes a bit puffy from a long crying jag. "I had been hoping for reassurance that he does indeed get phased by me..." she says a little dryly before walking into the living room and sitting on the floor. "Still, I think I should keep my distance from him a while, don't you think?"

Faith says, "Lets just see what happens. And yeah Ki, he does get phased by you. He's just subtle in his reactions."

Killiara sighs. "Only thing I noticed was him tensing up when I came into the room today." She shakes her head, and leans back against the edge of the couch. "Yeah, let's just see what happens, but... I am really going to keep my distance for a bit."

Faith says, "He wouldn't tense up if he hadn't noticed you." she smirks.

Killiara looks up at the ceiling. "Yeah, but there are all sorts of ways to notice someone. We need something else to talk about, I'm about to start brooding..."

Faith smirks, "Don't you know brooding attracts broody vampiers?" she grins.

Killiara shrugs. "I wouldn't know, I've never met a vampire."

Faith shrugs, "Hang around us long enough and you will."

Killiara sighs. "Are vampires flammable?"

Faith says, "Very"

Killiara thinks a few seconds. "Think we could find some to set on fire? Some part of me still feels tight after all that, you know?"

Faith nods, "We can probably do that this evening yeah. That's always good fun."

Killiara nods. "It sounds like it. I'm still lacking in control, this tight feeling usually indicates I'm going to have some sort of accident soon if I can't loosen up that knot. I don't know why my magic wants to be used when I get angry like this..."

Faith nods, "Yeah, don't worry. We'll go out and find something to beat on in a bit."

Killiara sighs, and buries her face in her hands. "Urg, what's wrong with me? I just caught myself thinking how handsome his grin was in the middle of that change."

Faith snickers, "You got it bad girl. Don't worry, thing's will work out for you." she just wishes her love life would work out.

Killiara shakes her head. "It's not just that, it's.. he was smiling. I've not seen him with that kind of expression before. If he's happy like this, should we really want to change him back?"

Faith says, "I dunno. He must have changed for some reason before... We'll just have to wait and see."

Killiara sighs. "He said... it was a regression. He was like this before, but, because he lost everything, he sealed away the person he was and became a new person, more responsible and mature. I wonder just how extreme the difference in personality is?"

Faith shrugs, "I dunno. Didn't know him before. I'm as much in limbo right now as you are."

Killiara turns to look at Faith, and actually smiles. "So, we'll figure things out as we go along, I guess."

Killiara sighs, and looks back up at the ceiling. "Hey, the other day, when Jack freaked about the water... he said the other building was ready, and that we could move in. It might be small and petty of me, but... it'd be kinda nice if he came back here and couldn't find us."

Faith snickers, "Yeah, but that's alot of shit to move. And then Xander couldn't find us when he decides to come back either."

Killiara mms. "So, we're staying here until Xander shows up then?"

Faith says, "I think it's the best thing. Or at least, I will stay here till he turns up."

Killiara smiles wryly. "We're fools, but, we're loyal fools, aren't we? So, tell me about this Xander of yours."

Faith chuckles, "Not much to tell really. I'm not even sure that I even have a chance with him. Last time I saw him, he got mad and ran off. Jack hasn't even been able to find him."

Killiara reaches up to tuck a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. "Well... that could be something for me to do while I'm avoiding Jack... look for him."

Faith nods, "I'm starting to get really worried. B was out all last night and couldn't find him either. And I've tried everyplace I can think of. Wherever he is, he's got to be hiding on purpose." she sighs.

Killiara nods. "Probably. It sounds like he found some space to think about what was said." She flashes a smile. "I'll get to work looking for him later, okay?"

Faith grins and nods, "Yeah. As long as we know where he's at and that he's safe, that's all that matters. If he needs space, I'll give it to him."

Killiara nods. "That's the hard part, isn't it? Giving someone space while needing to know they're okay..."

Faith nods. "That and B will probably put me back in a coma if anything happens to him."

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