2009-02-28 (PreU) I'm not insane! I promise! WEEEEEE!

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I'm not insane! I promise! WEEEEEE!

Summary: This is the connecter log for '2009-02-28 (PreU) Let's see some action!'

Who: Caliga, Faith, Killiara
When: February 28th, 2009
Where: The Twisted Street - Distorted Way


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The Twisted Street - Distorted Way

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness.

Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen.

The Distorted Way.. One of the most dangerous areas in all of Twisted. The floating skyscrapers randomly collide with one another, causing debris to go flying every which way. A strangely dressed teenager stands there, as a half of a brilliantly green building suddenly makes a divebomb towards him. The teen doesn't seem to be phased, as he quickly spins around, and jams out his right index finger, striking a corner of the building before it hits him. "Bakusai Tenketsu." The words seem to carry a little power behind them as large cracks form in the base of the building, before exploding into a fine powder. A light *KTCH!* sound echoes out, and a small red orb of light appears within the smoke. Once it clears, the teen is left standing there, both hands in his pockets with a lit cigarette lazily hanging from his lips.

Faith is walking along with Killiara. "Hopefully we'll find some vamps here. Jack and I have been hitting them pretty hard, so they seem to actually be trying to hide from us today it seems." she grins, "Not that it'll do them any good in the long run."

Killiara glances around in either direction as she walks along. "I think the archetecture would take care of any vampires..." she says a bit dryly as they continue. "It dosen't seem like an area friendly to any kind of life, normal or un."

A slight shimmer of energy appears around the teenager as he suddenly takes to the air, kicking the other half of the building with his right foot. A large chunk of debris suddenly flies off the building, and hurtles down towards the two women. "Tch.. Figures. I get bored, decide to clean up some clutter, and /her/ friends decide to wander about..." The words carry easily over the air as the teenager vanishes, then reappears directly infront of Faith. She'd easily recognize the kid from the other day. "Didja think about my offer any?" He holds up his left hand, as a deep blue swirl of energy appears around his feet. "HAH!" A wave of invisible energy flies out, causing the building to stop dead in its tracks. "If you're going to do something, do it now. Or please, get outta my way, 'k?"

Faith raises an eyebrow at Cal, "Yeah, like I carry high explosives around with me. And yeah, after the advise of some friends, gotta so no to your offer." she nods to Kil, "Come on Kill, lets get out of his way." and heads off to the to the side to get out of his way.

Killiara nods, and follows Faith over to one side, not wanting to get into the gentleman's way. "I take it this is a friend of yours, Faith?" She asks curiously, a new enough arrival not to be familiar with Caliga as of yet. "So, it's okay to blow up buildings in this area?" she tacks on to the end of her last question, suddenly noticing what the teenager's doing.

"You mean the advice of Mei. What? You gonna try to kill me too?" There's a slight shift in the air around them as a faint blue aura starts to build up around Caliga's body. He closes his eyes, and lowers his hand down to his side, causing the building to start floating back down. That is, until a rather large portal suddenly appears infront of him, causing the building to vanish within it. Another portal appears off in the distance, as the building flies out of it, striking into the ground with a loud thud. A deep breath of relief is given from the teenager, as he looks towards Killiara. "It's one of the unstable areas of Twisted. It's better then these buildings floating over the populated parts, and striking into habitable places. But then again Mei'd have you believe I'm a horrible monster hellbent on killing her. Oooo.. Look at me! A kid. Spoooky." He waves his hands about like a lunatic.

Faith smirks, "Her and other friends. Every seems to think I should stay as far away from you, TASK, and the Council as possible." she shrugs, "Sounds like good advice to me really. There aren't many people that I think I can trust around here."

Killiara can't help but giggle just slightly at the arm waving. "Well then, are you a horrible monster hellbent on killing someone and doing target practice on buildings?" she asks in a lightly teasing tone of voice, linking her hands behind her back and rocking forward and back slightly on the heels of her feet.

"Psh. Lemme see. Mei's insane, and this is easily proven because she thinks I tried to have her killed. Seriously? If I wanted her dead, I'd have killed her like I did a member of the council. Oh. Wait. People forgot I did that too. Stormed into the council chambers, and killed one demanding things change and get better for the denizens of Twisted. But, remember boys and girls. I'ma monster! Grrr! Rarrrr!" Caliga lifts his hands and hisses loudly towards the girls. He then shakes his head and takes a long drag from the cigarette that still somehow is within his mouth, exhaling a long trail of smoke from his nostrils. "I'm me. But as your friend there says, I can't be trusted. Kinda funny in its own right 'ya know?"

Killiara tilts her head to one side. "You do realise I only arrived a couple days ago and have no clue who any of those people are, right? The people I know in this world I can count on one hand." One of her pointed ears twitch. "Wouldn't it be better to rant at someone who has the context to understand exactly what you're ranting about?"

Faith shrugs, "Like I said, Mei wasn't the only one. Others have warned me away too. Not like it's just you either. They had bad things to say about TASK and the Council too." she glances to Killiara, "As I understand it, Mei is his 'ex'."

"FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Caliga starts screaming loudly, waving his arms about like a lunatic as he looks towards the more inhabited places of Twisted. "YOU WANNA See HOW FUCKiNG UNTRUSTWORTHY i AM?!" Caliga starts screaming towards the women at the top of his lungs, a look of pure rage crossing his face. "LeTS GO See WHaT tHe HeLL iS gOiNG oN! SHaLL We?!" Three portals suddenly appear in the air, which then make a dive bomb down towards the two women, moving to envelop them and take them straight into the frey.

Killiara would start to slowly back away from the crazy man, but, the portal sweeps down and she dosen't know how to move to avoid them. She lets out a brief scream, covering her head with her arms but too startled to throw up any kind of defensive shield. Geez, no wonder she was found held captive by slavers...

Faith says, "Hey! Go do your own shit, leave us outa it! Jeeze, Mei and Skeeve are right, you are fucked in the head." she starts jumping backwards as she's reaching into her coat for one of her pistols, acking as the portal nabs her too.

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