2009-02-28 (PreU) Let's see some action!

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Let's see some action!

Summary: Part 2 of 2

Who: Caliga, Devi, Faith, Herr_Major, Kaldrath, Killiara, Kyle, Mei, Tyler, Vash_Kobayashi
When: February 28th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street

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The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface. A fight seems to have taken place here. Many of the buildings are utterly ruined and there are chunks of stone embedded in the street.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Evil_Devi appears in the Middle way, the heart of Twisted. Face twisted with disgust, she walks casually through the street, despising it. "To hell with your happy land." Grinning, she raises her hand towards a chunk of building. Her head rolls back, red eyes managing to glint behind their glow as she lets loose a cannon like stream of power. Resting on one building, she watches as it starts to smolder and disintegrate. Smoke starts to rise in a billowing line as the buildings supports give way and send it crashing into it's neighbor. The beam from her palm fades, and she tilts her head. Devi eye's the UR, crinkles her lip and decides against it. After all, the UR can't really be destroyed.. At least not the bar. And she's already burned it to the ground once.

Evil_Devi turns to a building on the other side of the street and shoots it with her glowly purple energy. As soon as the stone starts smoldering, she stops and laughs. "Oh, god, I wonder if I can do that." Walking up to it, she lays her palms on the stone and closes her eyes. The building seems to shudder and from it's base, it starts to turn royal purple. She cackles while she does this, opening her eyes to watch as the whole thing is covered and bright in the sky. Skipping along, she moves down the line, filling each building with her power. After a few minutes, over half the street is glowing brightly. If there wasn't a sun, this could possibly a realistic light source.

Evil_Devi grins evilly and poofs into Vash's coat, his trademark glasses perched upon her delicate nose. Rising her voice in song, she sweetly sings,"Total Slaughter, total Slaughter, I won't leave, a single man alive. Laa Lee Dee dee, Geinocide, Laa Lee Daa Daa, and ocean of blood." Surprisingly, she's got a really nice voice... If you don't count the lyrics. She continues on down the street, fueling up another building.

Tyler comes blazing in from the sky, his armor's boots flaring at full power as he rights himself from his head long dive at the last moment. He slams into the street before Devi and rises slowly, cracks radiating out from his armored form. His armor pulses dangerously, "You've got one chance to stop this. There are innocents in the area, and I WILL protect them." His amplified voice booms out across the street as the electrical hum of his suit kicks into higher gear, rising up out of the human range of hearing.

Three portals suddenly appear behind Devi, two of which spit out Faith and Killiara onto the ground. The third, shimmers, then cracks, before exploding outwards. "OH DEeEeEeEEEVii!" A teenager in a red jacket suddenly steps out of the violently burning portal, glaring at the woman with a grin strangely reminiscent of the homicidal maniac himself. "NoW noW..." He suddenly stops, and clutches his head, shaking it violently, going silent. His fingers dig into his skull, as the fingernails start to embed themselves into his scalp.. "Come on Devi.. Blowing up buildin's? Really..." There's a bright flash of light, and standing there in the place of the teenager is Caliga Satanas, complete in his shiny shiny armor.

Faith grumbles as she picks herself up off the ground and dusts herself off, "I'm going to shoot that fucker right in the nuts until I run out of bullets. With both guns." and reaches into her coat to pull out both pistols and make sure they're ready.

Killiara stumbles a bit as she gets spat out, hands going out to stabilize herself. "I don't think I like portal travel..." her eyes look a bit dazed as she recovers her balance, looking about as non-combat-like as one might expect of an elf-maid. "And... right into danger..." She takes a step behind Faith, having seen how the other girl can handle herself in trouble but not knowing how to fight herself.

Eyeing Tyler, Devi continues filling the building, stepping back after it's started glowing. One slender finger rises and ticks back and forth, a tut tut sound rolling from her lips. She presses her fingers in 'Shh' and tiptoes comically to the next building, her hands resting on the gray stone and fueling it too. She flashes a grin at Tyler. The building starts glowing, and Devi straitens to face Caliga. "Oh dear me, Caliga, you scurvy dog you. What are you doing out of your gilded cage?" Her surprise at Caliga's mannerisms is lost in her current anguish, and she hides it all well. Devi's eyes roam over the new comers and she smiles twistedly. "Let's let the chaos begin, shall we?"

Tyler tilts his helmeted head forward, his 'visor' brightening rapidly, "You're making a mistake..." He takes a moment and cross references his computer, "Devi...Ah...you're involved with the incident with Mei's child." He points at the buildings, his arm rearranging and opening as a device pops out and begins siphoning kinetic energy off the buildings, quickly stabilizing them. He sends a glance towards Caliga, "Caliga...you helped me design my armor, I hope you're willing to help save innocent lives."

Faith blinks and looks at the hard hat in front of her... Not sure if she should trust him or not. She does take it, but doesn't put it on yet...

Killiara snaps out one hand, one with a crystal bracelet wrapped tightly around the wrist... and the bracelet shimmers into a flute made of the same crystal substance. She brings the flute up to her lips, fingers poised on the notes as she tries to figure out what she wants to do. So many things, not enough control to pull them off... wait... "Master of the Dancey Dance?" Okay, now that's just silly, what's he gonna do, Macarena this girl to death? Very well. Let's give him something to dance to. She takes a moment to secure the helmet in place, and begins playing Whiskey in the Jar.

Evil_Devi glares. "Mei consumed her child, I didn't kill it, and GODDAMNIT, I have proof." She pouts as she feels him trying to take her powers from the stone. "Poo, You take my fun away Sir. But not too much." She grins. The ground rumbles and the buildings groan as pressure starts mounting inside. The glow flashes brightly and the buildings burst. Each chunk of rubble burns with power, smacking into the ground, and hopefully, into the people confronting her. The chunks that hit the street will fuse and start melting. They cool quickly however, and are stuck in. Sadly though, Tyler managed to drain half of what she'd set up. From the long overcoat, Devi pulls out a tiny gold and black box that plays a methodical little tune, haunting and beautiful. Her fingers press a center button and within a few seconds, she's opened it. The lights on the street go out; a cold chill settles over the Middle way, and a heavy fog rolls in. Terrified screams and moans echo off what's left of the street, all sounding from behind Devi.

Kaldrath slowly comes drifting in from above, his black jumpsuit blowing softly in the eerie air as he touches down next to Caliga, "Caliga...I feel her strength...she's a challenge." He allows himself a grin as he clenches his white gloved hands. He settles completely to the ground his heels clicking on the pavement. The twin tribal braids on his shoulder begin to raise gently as a white-blue glow covers his body.

Tyler moves quickly dashing in front of the others around, his shields snapping to full as the molten rock strikes against it, sending sizzling sparks into the night air. He growls inside his helmet, "HOW DARE YOU! THERE COULD HAVE BEEN PEOPLE IN THERE!" He crouches and dashes forward, his armor shifting about him as weaponry springs from his shoulders, unleashes twin metal canisters sparking towards her. They each explode, sending a hardening, holding foam crackling with magic and a mix of technology.

A look of annoyance appears upon Caliga's face as he extends both of his hands forwards. "Oh no you don't Devi. We both have shit to deal with regardin' my wife.." A slight grin comes from the man as he looks to the hulking Saiya-jin landing next to him. "How long has it been, since you and I have done this together?" His body shimmers as he lowers his hands down to his side, seemingly letting the box continue with its duty. "First things first though... Slayer broad. Hold your guns up high, and repeat after me. This bullet of mine is glowing red! It's loud roar tells me to defeat you!"

Faith stares at Caliga, "Fuck you! I don't trust your ass remember!" she waves her gun in the air then fires a few shots towards Caliga's groin. "You're as nutty as a peanut!"

The bullets seemingly vanish and Caliga turns and grins. "Repeat after me, if you want more power babycakes. This gift is free of attachments. Call it leveling a playing field if you will. Besides.. You gotta break into hell sometime, and what're you gonna do with real bullets? Throw 'em at em like chicken nuggets? Now.. This bullet of mine is glowing red! It's loud roar tells me to defeat you!"

Faith sighs, "I swear if you blow me up, I'm coming back to haunt your ass." She holds her guns up in the air and repeats in a deadpan sarcastic tone, "This bullet of mine is glowing red. It's loud roar tells me to defeat you."

Killiara blinks. She doesn't break her concentration on the song to speak, but instead warps a small illusion of herself talking, a little chibi-version of herself perched on her shoulder. "Anyone else feel like life's taken a turn for the surreal today?"

Kyle is coming down the street, seemingly lost in his own thoughts, muttering to himself under his breath. As he gets closer to the fight he's pulled out of his reverie by gun shots and shouting. "What the hell...." His hand does go for his blaster, just in case, but this probably isn't the best place for him to be wandering around.

Evil_Devi phases out, becoming nothing more then a shimmer as Tyler's rockets fly towards her. They go through her and a large mist of blood rises from behind her. Screams of pain sound off above the din and Devi pulls sharply back into focus. "Innocent? No one's innocent, aside from children." She's not about to tell him that she's evacuated the people before hand. Oblivion really doesn't approve of total slaughter. As Kal flys in, and Kyle shows, Devi cackles loudly,"WHAT A GATHERING I'VE SUMMONED. LOOK AT YOU, FIGHTING TO SAVE SOMETHING YOU DON'T EVEN WANT!" Forms emerge from the heavy fog. Beings like no one that hasn't been to hell have seen. Nurses with skin wrapped around their faces, shuffling with lead pipes in their hands, heads twitching unnaturally. The ground is covered in tiny tiny worms, acid spitting from their maws. The Gray children, small child size monsters, crying and reaching their arms out pathetically towards the group. Above in the sky, the sound of wings being beat , scores upon scores of beings. "How many can you fight then? I've got an army and more." She smirks and vanishes, only to reapper miles above the hell on earth to watch the show comfortably.

Kaldrath casually looks up at her, never losing track. "Think you can contain my energies, Caliga? I feel like I might be able to let go for real this time." He lifts back off the ground before he explodes in a bright blue aura coming to stop before Devi. He smirks and clenches his fists tighter, until they pop. "I remember you. You weren't this strong last time we met." He chuckles, "But you might be able to handle me this time. I will be your opponent. The others can handle your minions. Lets see if you can handle me." Around him the air begins to shake and pulse with the energies gathering around his form.

"ERUPTING! BURNING! BLAST!!" Once Faith says this, she'll notice the difference, and the extra weight in her guns. Caliga grins and looks over his shoulder once more. "Use them only when 'ya have to cutie. And please, keep them outta my wife's hands, k? Now then.. Rightio..." The man slowly floats into the air. "You sure?" He slowly starts swirling his hands about, creating a very small white ball of energy between them. "All right.. Kaldrath Smash!" He grins evilly as the ball of energy vanishes. His body starts to glow as he places his left hand upon Kaldrath's forehead and nods. "Hop to it Biggy."

Tyler curses inside his helmet, the mic off to contain it. He dashes over to the foam and looks at the bloody chunks in it. "Anti-magic field...the creatures are magic." At this point a black cat goes walking by and looks up at Tyler. it says one 'word', "NYah!" At that point an explosion goes off near by sending it scurrying off. Tyler turns at that point and kicks on his mic, "The creatures are magic. Hit them with anything that can nullify magic and they'll go down without a fight!" He boosts into the nearest creature and hits it with a tazer like shock, sending an anti-magic pulse through it, putting it down instantly.

Faith blinks, "what the hell?" and holsters one of her guns to check the other one out, pulling a large red crystal out of what is normally a clip, "..." she shrugs and shoves it back in then points it towards the group of minions and pulls the trigger to see what happens.

Killiara changes tunes suddenly, to something that sounds almost like a jig, fingers dancing over the keys to produce the swiftly changing tune. Fire blooms in front of her, swirls, crackling in time to the music as she sends it along the ground, trying to scour the worms from the street. Such things are an abomination, and should not be tolerated on the face of this planet! She sways slightly back and forth to the music she's creating, lost at least temporarily in her magic as she tries to control it enough to only burn what she wants to burn, and not those gathered here in defense of this place. She is magic, she can't fight with anti-magic, silly.

Kyle stares rather blankly, then in response to Tyler. "Oh that's easy for you to say!" He unholsters his blaster, muttering "I guess you only live once, besides, I have a feeling running won't help." He levels the blaster towards the nurses and fires off a few shots, powerful enough to punch through a steel wall.

Evil_Devi blinks as Kal shows up with her. "I didn't think you remembered that. That was a while ago, dude." She shifts onto her feet, Vash's red coat fluttering around her ankles softly.A soft smile surfaces on her lips. "So why are you here, again? What do you care about these people?"--Down below, the waves continues on. As Tyler tries to ravish Devi's ranks, Faith's shot shoots through numerous baddies, causing some to violently *POP* in a burst of blood, others to burn from the inside out. Once the shot hits the ground, it sounds like someone has dropped a bomb, and a large burst of fire takes hold in the middle of the beasts. Killiara's tune lures some of the worms, their tiny tiny bodies working quickly to reach her. Those who don't burn automatically hiss acid at her wherever they can before melting down. The *thwap* of sound closes in on the group, and large skinned dino-like birds swoop down to try and chomp at Tyler and Faith's head. Anguish fills the air, making it seem colder and the fog denser. Kyle's shots blast through the lines of nurses, bodies piling up upon each other, only to disintegrate. They leave behind them small piles of meat and blood. How many of these people have ever been involved in a war before?

Kaldrath grits his teeth as his energies grow rapidly. His hair begins to pulse a golden color as his aura suddenly springs into existence, slowly beginning to spiral about his form, tugging his jumpsuit upwards slightly in slow waves, "I was my earth's protector. But here...I'm searching for a challenge and to keep the powerful in check I suppose. I'm testing myself, and I'm going to test myself against you, and I'll best you or die trying." His aura swirls faster becoming an orb of golden energy as a growl escapes his throat. The growl rapidly grows into a shout as the orb explodes outwards, sending an expanding shock wave of energy outwards across the sky. His hair stands on end as electrical energy sparks about his suddenly HUGE form. The top of his jump suit rips immediately from the rapidly expanding mass of muscle. A golden tail wraps around his massive waist as he levels his pupiless eyes onto Devi. He glares at Devi, his aura burning about his form as a spark of power shoots past his vision.

Tyler ducks, a blast of energy shooting up through the beast that swooped at him from a suddenly appearing weapon on his back. It folds itself back away as his armor once against goes sleek. He sends a fist into another creature, sending it hurtling against a wall. "Block out what you see. I don't think they were ever living!" He is of course thankful that blood can't strike his armor through the energy shields. He sends a few snap white-blue shots of power from his palm emitters at a couple of other creatures.

Caliga says, "Now.. Tyler was it?" Caliga looks towards the armored man and laughs at his current state. "Really... Do your best to keep everything off me, or else the Incredible Hulk up there will level half the known universe." He shakes his head as he drops down to the ground, crossing his legs and taking a deep breath, entering a trance-like state. The energy the Saiya-jin is giving off, and that Caliga's giving off himself are strangely similar for those who can tell..

There's a flash of orange, and Killiara is suddenly in the air, held tightly in a blonde teenage boy's arms. As for the worms that were attacking her, there is almost nothing identifiable of them left. The girls rescuer grins slightly. "I'm Vash, and I'll be your saviour today. We appreciate your patronage, and remember there are no complementary peanuts or drinks on this flight. Now hang on tight, and lemme get you back down to the ground." Vash glances over at Devi, then down to Caliga and Kaldrath, seemingly catching on quite quickly to whats going on. "Fine.. I'll get my rematch later on." The blond haired teen phases out of sight, before re-appearing on the ground where Killiara once was, setting her back down. "Now.. Lemme focus on this horde of uglies.. You ladies stand back and watch in awe as I clear a path to safety for ya!" He turns and smiles brightly at Faith and her friend, a slight sheen of light coming from the corner of the smile. It'd look cool and all, until he gets tackled by one of the nurses. "HEY! GETOFF!" The nurses friends however, take this as 'DOGPILE!' and all lob themselves onto the poor boy.

Killiara continues playing intently, seeming to not notice when acid hisses through the fire and hits her skin here and there, small licks of fire dancing over her skin to burn the acid up before they can deliver more than first or second degree burns. She continues to sway back and forth, the music picking up in intensity and fire, literally, as the flames around her leap higher and spread out further, doing her best to eliminate every single one of those acid spitters.---------------------- at least, she was until Vash grabs her and leaps her out of the way. "Aak!" she says rather intelligently, flailing for balance. And she has to wonder, just how big is the sign that says 'damsel in distress' on her back. With the music cut off, the flames die. "Sir, for future reference, DON'T GRAB A MAGE WHEN SHE'S CASTING!" She lets out a small huff, about done with men in general at this point.

Faith acks at the airborne assault and ducks down, firing a shot towards the creature above her, "This is SO fucked up. Damn it Xan, where are you when a gal needs to take care of the H&Hs!" She starts firing off shot after shot into the minions.

Kyle looks about ready to sick up at the sight, but he keeps firing with one hand, his other reaches into a pouch on his belt pulling out a vial. "Let's hope this works like it should..." He stops firing long enough to chuck it towards the oncoming group of baddies. On impact the vial explodes in a burst of alchemical napalm, any who know might see Mei's handiwork in that vial.

Evil_Devi laughs as she's blown backwards by Kal's boost. As his clothes rip, she lays a finger on the side of her chin. "Wow, that's... sexy." Giving a lecherous grin, she poofs again, her clothes changing into her normal black baggy cargo pants, heavy boots, and tank top. Cracking her knuckles, fingerless glove fade onto her skin. "Bring it on, big boy." Her eyes charge red as she waits for his first attack.--Tyler continues to get exactly what he expects. Things going *pfffft*. It looks like the numbers are dwindling. Perhaps. The beasts press on, attacking, biting, clawing and what few worms are left spitting acid. The Nurses claw angrily at Vash_K, and won't let up until their un-dead, again. Faith's shot into the air hits it's mark, lodging it into the fliers chest, and the bird explodes, showering everyone below it with blood and guts. To bad there is one more about. As Kyle throws the vial, 10 of the creatures that are near him and managed to escape the napalm turn and rush towards him, while another good chunk of the horde burn. The smell must be unbearable!

Herr_Major appears to be sitting somewhere on the street, not far from the center of the ruckus. He doesn't have his usual cronies, though the sight of the creatures that flood the streets doesn't seem to bother him. Who he HAS brought with him and two rather sharply dressed Schutstaffel officers, who seem oddly appropriate for the scene. They grin at the various creatures in the street, baring a mouth of sharpened fangs. Of course, they would never allow the Major to leave their care, he decides they have had enough sitting around. Standing up, he finishes sipping his tea, setting the cup and saucer aside. "Isn't this wonderful... lets go meet the architect of such a beautiful work of art." He says to his men, they easily pave their way through the monsters, seemingly unaffected by them, being as much a part of the grotesque populace as any monster there. The Major waves to Devi, hoping she will take the time to notice his approach.

Kaldrath twists his face into a frightening mask. He shifts his massive bulk with no sign of the immense weight he must carry with such a form...and promptly fades out of sight. He reappears to her right, his massive fist hurtling so quickly towards her that no normal human being would be able to detect any movement taking place at all. He lets out a shout of power induced rage.

Killiara's eyes widen as she finally's able to recognize what's going on around her. Well, he did try to help her... She runs over to try and pull one of the Nurses off of Vash, aiming to grab an ankle and yank backwards, hard. "Hey, leave him alone!" she yells loudly, small crackles of fire happening around her head, little aftershocks of magic interrupted earlier.

Tyler looks towards Caliga before boosting over to him. He cuts his jets and lands next to the man with a mild stoney thud as he backhands a creature away from Caliga. "I'll keep them off you. My sensors are going crazy from the power coming off of him." He extends his shields around Caliga and begins blasting creatures from around the other combatants.

Kyle gets the most wonderful look of 'oh fuck' on his face as the group of creatures rush towards him. He turns to run, but he's no fighter and gets over taken rather quickly. One with a grip on his leg pulls him down, do he just twists and starts firing at the one on his legs and the others right behind, muttering a little panicked like the whole time.

As for the teen, there's a loud crunch from beneath the dogpile. "HEY! I NEEDED THAT! Wai- HEY! STOP THAT! THAT'S MY EAR YOU CRAZY BITCH!" The moment Killiara grabs a hold of his ankle and starts yanking, there's a huge surge in energy, and the creatures fly off him. What was once an earring in his left ear, is now a mangled piece of metal that is just barely pinching his ear. "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow." He rubs his ear and looks towards a slowly clearing path. "Ladies, if you're going to leave.. there's two choices. I can get you two out just fine... Or we can try to blast our way through the army of whateverthefuckthesethings are..." There's a bit of a rip on the top of his gi, and he grumbles.

Faith looks around to make sure there are no more of those bird fuckers about as she shoots another pair of rounds into the mobs of minions, "This is fucking nuts!"

Mei guhs, falling from a puddle, causing a noticeable amount of rain to fall. Her staff rather noticeably is in hand, causing her to flail a bit to slow herself before landing on her heeled boots. Of course, a noticeable change in feature is the appearance of actual curves. Her red hood is wrapped rather calmly around her head, scarf adjusted a bit. Her eyes sharpen as she notices the skirmish ... and her favorite of favoritest people. "Bastard." she rather abruptly stands straight, her eyes giving a good look around at the scum and villainy assembled. It seems she's chanting just faintly, Her hands going out in front of her as she spots Kyle. A rather funtastic wall of water should form in front of him to help keep him from getting devoured. Of course it takes her concentration to maintain the wall so Kyle might wanna high tale it.

Evil_Devi glances down long enough to eye the Major, and an ear length grin comes up. She vanishes but not before Kal's hit clips her head. She appears in front of the Major and Salutes,a bruise already showing on the side of her eye socket. She shoves a note at him before returning her her fight. Suddenly she's on Kal's head. "Oi. I wasn't ready." Grinning she vanishes again, popping in and out of being overhead the battle below. "Where you ever good at tag, Kaldrath, my boy?"--Seems the group is doing rather well, considering. The nurses sizzle and burn as they die, and what few are left Tyler and Kyle are taking down. Kyle's got a bit of motive though. He manages to shoot the majority of monsters that are attacking him. Mei's wall of water holds the two that are left at bay. Faith kills the few that are in front of her, their bodies falling and twitching lifelessly on the ground. The Major's SS offices will only have a few to kill, as he has arrived in between waves. After all, what kind of fight is one where the numbers all fall in at once?

Vash Kobayashi says, "Right... Well... Shall we?" Vash doesn't even really give the two women time to argue, as he suddenly has one arm wrapped around Killiara, then the two vanish, and the other arm wraps itself around Faith. "Kal's gonna beat me for leaving..." He grumbles as he suddenly takes to the air, and makes a beeline straight for the Apartment Complex in the city-ruins. "Hang on tight.." Are the last things heard before a loud sonic boom erupts throughout the sky.

Herr_Major salutes in kind, the usual 1940's German way, before taking the note and looking at it as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Taking out a small pair of glasses which... promptly become snatched away and crushed by another monster in the street. Blinking a bit, he snaps his finger, taking the monocle which was presented to him by one of his body guards, placing it over his eye and reading the note. "Ahh... Well well!" Herr Major adjusts his tie and looks to his compatriots... "Gentlemen... lets make art today... Kill whatever pleases you..." it was at that moment that eyes from the shadows suddenly come visible. Several more ranks of soldiers come creeping out from behind buildings and shadows, carrying a small arsenal on their backs... Mp40s, Kar 98 Mauser rifles, stielhandgrenate... They form ranks with the Major for a moment before they peel off after the heroes and monsters alike.

Killiara lets out a brief squeal as she gets scooped up. "First the portals, now this... what am I, a sack of potatoes today?" she asks rhetorically as the sudden movement has her eeking and throwing her arms around Vash for support as they fly off.

Faith acks as she's picked up and carried off, "WHAAAAAATTTT THEEEEEE FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK???!"

Kaldrath narrows his all-white eyes at Devi, "Hide and seek wasn't something we played. Growing up I was on a battle field." He pops his neck and launches himself towards Devi, his fists blurring out as his aura flares up higher. He sends strike after strike at Devi, aiming to over power her with speed and strength.

Kyle stumbles to his feet, shocked by the wall of water, but not shocked enough that he doesn't move. He scrambles away, and seeing Mei, towards her. "Good to see you, fun little thing he seem to have stumbled into. And I just wanted a burger." He gives the ever present smile of his, which soon turned to a frown at the onslaught of... "Nazis....? Gad damn it!" He raises the blaster again, aiming a few shots at the soldiers.

Tyler turns his head towards the on rushing vampires before turning to Kyle and Mei, "HEY! GET OVER HER UNDER THIS SHIELD!" He turns full on towards the onrushing group, his armor opening at all seams, revealing arrays of small barrels. Suddenly, small rockets erupt from each barrel, sending hundreds of small rockets through the air, each one striking into the group of soldiers, sending brilliant bursts of light, pops of sound, and masses of anti-magic foam.

As Tyler yells, Caliga's eyes slowly start to turn and focus upon some a group of about four or five soldiers slaughtering some of the monsters. His mouth opens, and a large blue beam of energy flies forward, creating a rather impressive explosion that leaves behind a smoking crater. A few moments pass, then Caliga seemingly re-enters his trance.

Mei smiles "I've given you time. I can't do much more Kyle." she bounces up to take in a deep breath, a small container taken out to hold in her hand "SO Caliga, darling, is this your doing?" she yelled out, eying Kyle and judging a bit of math it seems. She takes a deep breath and tosses the container at the advancing monsters, dropping the wall suddenly with a woosh. The container explodes rather spectacularly in a black and red flash, seems it was simply a bottled fire spell. She blinks at Tyler and is pretty much quick to do as suggested. At Caliga's oral display she face palms a smidgen, grabbing Kyle's free hand and jerking him into a dash for at least cover. "Kyle have you ever used an Aetherists' charms?" she asked, grinning like a mad woman.

If Devi had time to look down and see Mei, she'd laugh. Mei is the last person she expected to show up at a show like this. But it's bound to get more interesting since the Major has shown up. But, as she's got a big ass dude trying to smash her. She darts around, trying to outrace him but she realizes that it won't last long. He'll soon start knowing where she's going to end up. They flash around the sky, in a beautiful dance of battle. Her fists strike out at him, in any area she can get to, including his.. ahm, groin area. Her fists glow with her power, the standard purple, meant to burn every spot that a fist might land. -- As the Nazis roll in, a line of monsters arrive at their back. This lot is different then the last, bigger, badder monsters. Pyramid heads, their Great Knives dragging upon the street. Tall stringy men with a skin apron, and pyramid shaped rusted heads. Full figured women in thigh high red boot/heels, the tops sewed into their skin. Their upper bodies are restrained by strait jackets, faces hidden by the fabric and a long bit of razor wire hanging out of their sewn cowls. Dogs filter between the lines of troops, as they were, skinless and oozeying gooey stuff. They snarl and charge into the fray, gnawing at the SS soldiers and trying to attack the 'Good Guys'. While Herr Major gave his troops the command to kill whatever they want, Devi doesn't have that kind of control over Alessa's troops. The pyramid heads look up, then back at the group of beings. They buldge, gaining a few feet in height and a foot in shoulder length. The Great Knives they seem to weild with ease, the tip not laying on the ground as much as before.

Herr_Major's soldiers seem to halt in their tracks as Caliga's blast kills a few of them in one blast... easily the most losses to their platoon in any single battle, and it has just begun. They look to loose heart, looking back to their commander. The major laughs at this, having a grand old time. "Go! Als der Terror der Feind meine deutschen Brüder!" he starts up with his hands, clapping at the chaos. The soldiers respond to Tyler's blasting by dodging behind building and corpses alike. One soldier is caught up by the blast, knocking him lifelessly to the floor. The soldiers grin at eachother... finally a challenge. They slowly begin to break into song, singing a good German war song while they set themselves up, adjusting their tactics. A group of about six disappear into the shadows, then reappearing from inside one of the buildings... they have lined up, their machine guns at the ready. They aim for Tyler first, presuming him an easy target. They open fire into the crowds of monsters and men, singing all the while, other soldiers setting up MG42 nests elsewhere, and getting ready to toss grenades. For a small group, they intend to do as much as they can.

Kaldrath moves fast for such a large man, and has been fighting longer than most people have been alive. He strikes from far enough back that his long arms are able to reach Devi, but keep most of his form otu of the way. As the purple energy burns his knuckles as he strikes against her hands as his 'block' he quickly focuses ki into them, each fighter's energy striking against hte others sending up small shockwaves. The booms fill the night sky like a demented lightning storm. He shifts and suddenly blurs away, his palms out towards Devi. A 'shell' of Golden-Blue energy focuses down around his hands before launches twin spheres of massive amounts of energy towards Devi. At the last second they split to either side of her and explode, sending twin shockwaves through the night. As the superheated air of the blasts meet the air swirls like a firey tornado capturing the ki energy and spinning it about Devi.

Tyler grits his teeth as bullets strike off his energy shields. He reaches down as two discs launch into his hands from his thighs. He promptly sends both into the group of creatures, one to the nazis and the other to the nightmarish creatures. Both discs suddenly ignite into massive stasis fields, shutting off gravity in the area. His shoulders pop open as he sends a canister at each field, filling it with a cryo-gel designed to put anything into a cryogenic sleep that touches it. (Note: It's both magic and technological based)

Once again, Caliga's eyes seemingly start to focus once more. This time, two brilliant purple beams of energy fly out, striking one Pyramid Head, causing it to explode violently. He does this two more times, before returning back to his trance-state. A wooden sign however, appears next to him that reads: "BEWARE THE ATTACK TURRET, k?" At the bottom of the sign, a signature that reads: "Kami." is all that is left to be read.

Kyle mutters, still firing off blasts randomly at monsters and soldiers as he lets Mei drag him towards the shield. "Can't say I have used them, considering magic doesn't exist in my world.." He still manages to wear a smile, even though as power goes here, he's definately on the bottom. So either he's really brave, really stupid or just really really oblivious.

Mei'd put her money on the second choice. "Darling boy you're going to get killed." She takes her hands into her hair and hands Kyle some vials. Strange orange filled liquid vials. "The only suitable solution is to kill them. With fire." she stated, dully, Yanking Kyle behind a chunk of .. Well it appears to be concrete. "THrow these at them, its concentrated greek fire. Try not to hit Tyler, as I do think he's a peachy kid. I'm going to be trying to make this more viable as a shield and still be able to help you, but it takes a minute for me to get to work." She zones out a bit herself, drawing energy and beginning to form a one way dome, allowing things out but not in.. The soft chant seems to be elvish. In a moment or two a rather strong defense dome would be up.

Evil_Devi grins turn to grimaces as she stops screwing around, and starts to fight. Usually she mocks people before she beats on them, but this guy is obviously diffrent. As his Shells fire at her, she vanishes and comes back in behind him, kicking her feet out. Normally, she'd go strait astral, but he seems to be able to follow her there, and she can't escape him. She's caught on the outside of his tornado through, and she sends a burst of power around her, and out, trying to force the wind away from her. If she was more capable, she'd shoot beams at him. He has been fighting for longer then she's been alive, and while she's not to small with the people of Twisted, the 'gods', she's definatly not up to his level yet, and she knows it. But she'll fight til she can't anymore. -- Tyler's discs work, partly, and the army rises from the ground. But Devi's army isn't all stupid and brainless. The dogs and the women work their legs, trying to get towards their targets and failing miserably. Their crys scream out towards him, hatefilled and insane. The Pyramid heads that survive Caliga's attack, numbering at 37, take the Great Knives and use them to work their way forward. Tyler's nifty little disk is getting scraped as the GK's hit it. Will it hold? His stais, while brillant, seems to be mostly unaffective with these creatures. Ice forms around their bodies, but crackles and floats by them as they slowly try and work.

Herr_Major's soldiers arent many in number... in fact, they're quite small given the number of potential combatants on the field. Why is this? Because they dont need any more. These men, in life, were hardened veterans of warfare, knew extremes of the seasons around the world, and committed atrocities that set the standards by which all future warcrimes were judged. They were mankind's first masters of the modern barbarity. Then, they were experimented on to produce the harshest breed of super soldier. These men knew war. It was a love of theirs. Their practiced craft. when they see the cryogenic can, for all they knew, it was a grenade... and they treat it the same. Though the Anti-gravity seems to have them suspended, their ethereal vampiric nature allows them to ignore gravity in many senses. And in zero gravity, objects have perpetual inertia. Knowing this, they simply open fire upon the canister with the MG42, the high calibur bullets seeming laced with something more deadly than mere metal, possibly made from a researched metal special for the Major's troops. They cut through the canister in mid air, long before it can reach them... by this time at least 3 MG42 nests are set up. "Bereit, die Waffen !.... offenen Feuer" The three nests open fire simultaneously on Tyler's location, the approaching dogs and pyramidheads, and on Mei.

Kaldrath phases out and appears behind Devi, leaving an afterimage behind. He shouts, letting out a burst of power to push her away. he doesn't want the fight to end....yet. He stares at her with those blank white eyes, when he speaks his words are laced with power, "There's no running away with me. You have power, but much to learn about how to use it. You still fight with yoru eyes!" He blurs again, and this time he doesn't stop moving, striking from all angles as rapidly as he can, his fists laced with ki.

Kyle takes the vials, begining to toss the greek fire towards the machine gun nests. Appearantly Tyler has the Silent Hill creepies handled, so he's more than contect to ignore those. "Damn, I really need to learn to do something useful.." He continues to mutter as he chucks the vials. "Maybe I could get a magic sword or something.."

Mei's hands curl up as she floats her staff upwards. " Feuer .. feue.. Fire. Fuck." she seems to be mumbling out loud "Holy goddess who grants the world monsters kiss my forehead with mercy and protect my chosen targets." she whispered, her fingers. And Mei unleashes her own energy, the staff working as an amplifier. "Kyle. Please. Throw the damnedable bottles. Or I'm going to loose my concentration and leave you sitting here fucked." she hissed. The wall spell was thankfully a dome, letting them roll off the surface to the ground. The fire does however require Mei to hold the field up. The contents of the vials appears to be akin to Napalm. Which might be why she suggested he NOT hit Tyler.

A slight grin comes from the Caliga-Turret, as he opens his mouth once more, the energy slowly starting to gather and form into a ball. He turns his head and aims towards the floating group of nurses and dogs, and releases another beam of energy from his mouth towards them. Then he turns his head, and aims towards Kaldrath's back, two beams of energy flying out from his eyes, zigzagging around Kaldrath's body, moving to strike Devi.

Tyler stares at the soldiers through his visor, his computer taking readings slowly, gathering data. He suddenly chuckles, "So that's what they are..." Another disc pops into his hand as the rounds bounce harmlessly off his energy shield. He slings it towards the vampires again, but this time slings it upwards. It inverts itself at the last moment...and sends high intensity solar radiation over the area, brightning the street like a noon-day sun in the Sahara. He then turns towards the pyramid heads and the other horde. He takes a few quick mental calculations, takes a step forwards and points his palm towards the approaching nightmare creatures. Suddenly a disc flashes otu, launching over the other group and begins sending targeted beams of high-energy blasts into the army, like an energy anti-personell mine. It hoepfully cuts a huge swath in the advancing forces of darkness.

Evil_Devi is still young enough to fall for this trick, and so she does. Flying forwards, she spins to face him. Caliga's eyebeams graze her forearms, and she manages to hiss at him in the middle of it all. She doesn't bleed, merely nothingness would be seen should anyone look. Growling, she can't really say anthing back to Kaldrath. This is the first fight that she's actually had to worry. Vanishing, she starts moving between buildings, hopeing to catch her breath for a moment, and gather her thoughts. (DAMNIT! Oh if only I could go asteral for a minute, I'd be a bit more ok!) She curses at him with her mind, having not really expected this tough of a fight. Knowing he's following her teleportation patterns, she leaves tiny balls of power in each spot on her way, hoping to do some damage. At least get a hit in, God! -- More of the Nightmare troops fall, and one of the Pryamid heads get the bright idea to stab the bright shiny disk, pircing it. The GK twists and tears at the device. Seeing how they can't get to anyone, there isn't much else they can do.

The soldiers seem to recognize something is up, but they are too involved in fighting nurses, dogs, and other assorted creatures to really do anything to counter what is about to take place. The soldiers in the buildings are spared from the fate that some who are caught in the open cannot avoid. As the sun blast takes places, at least a few are vaporized instantly, while other suffer severe burns on their faces. Keeping to the shadows, they are still filly capable of manning the machinegun nests, occasionally tossing a grenade or two. However, this is not satisfactory. Packing up their guns, they move position forward... in time to be nearly engulfed by the capsules that exploded... several vampires catch on fire, but they dont seem to mind it as much, even shedding limbs without much care. They appear to be rushing to melee... taking out their knives, they seem to desire to take Tyler, Kyle and Mei appart with their bare hands. The vampires holed up in the building still maintain their position, cherry-picking their targets to enjoy watching them fall. It seems Major is nowhere to be found, but he is likely watching.

Kaldrath puts two fingers to his forehead...and suddenly anyone with the ability tos ense his power...senses he is gone. Suddenly his power manifests itself again as he appears behind Devi, already sending a haymaker with a fist the size of a small dumpster. "You're just broadcasting your location! Use your other senses!"

Mei's grin comes out a she takes a serum out of her shirt. "So their weakness is light." Mei's fingers spin the serum, dumping it in her mouth "Uh Kyle, you any good at fighting, Or are you going to take it personally if I run to higher ground and try to haul ass?"

Tyler drops a portable shield generator behind him to cover Caliga, Mei, and Kyle should they all be in the location of it, and boosts towards vampiric soldiers. he launches three more discs like his last one off towards the Silent Hill Horde, working ot keep them at bay as he tries to stop the more well trained soldiers. His armor visibly seems to shift for a moment, and the bright blue glow of his armor shifts to something that looks like the sun. He begins to emminate solar energy as he sends UV light towards any soldier he sees. "I'm far more than you can take on with your weapons...even with your enhanced abilities. I suggest you back off while you can, or more of you will die again."

A large countdown display appears above Caliga, with a large flashing arrow pointing down at him. It starts counting down from 30 seconds, as if it were trying to signafy something. "Caliga-Turret fully warmed up." He grins slightly as he starts to let go of Kaldrath's power, and focus on his own. He starts to rise into the air, as small yellow orbs of energy start to litter the air around him, each one casting off light and causing the shadows to shrink. More and more the air around Caliga starts to fill with the orbs, that is until the timer hits zero. [!]##DESTRUCTION RAINS FROM THE HEAVENS!!### The orbs suddenly become beams of energy, which start to rain down upon the hordes of creatures, sometimes hitting them, sometimes missing completely. This however, continues to go on for quite some time... YAY! DESTRUCTION!

Kyle tosses the last few of the exploding vials, leveling his blaster again. "I can shoot a gun well enough, and if I get shot, well, you'll just have to heal me. I'll be fine." He takes a moment to aim along the barrel, firing for headshots on the soldiers running at him. He just blinks at the sudden rain from Caliga. "Show-off" But he keeps his firing up.

Mei ers a bit "I really can only heal so much and they have knives.. which can do a lot of damage." she sighs "Its Magic, not miracles." she scolded. Her weight does however move to get better cover within the dome. Which seems like its about to collapse due to the crowd. Tyler's sunshine causes her to coo though, her fingers beginning to pull in water.. a deep surge of energy causing small ripples to form around her face.. she's planning what may be a very nasty attack to clear the monsters out..

Taken by surprise, she can't really counter his blow and she's knocked from 3 story's into the ground, denting the pavement. "Damnit." She vanishes again, to reappear in the sky. Breathing deeply she waits to feel him pop into exsitance again, assuming of course that He's going to *bamf* again. If he appers, her legs will swing out towards his head. She's moving as fast as he is, so it would be barely even a blur.-- Now that the disk is broken, the Monsters fall to their feet, and get all of maybe a foot, before being lifted again. The monsters howl in frustration, then are blown to bits. A few of them manage to hold on longer then the rest, but nor for long. Chunky bits cover the area, and Devi's army is officially demolished. The Great Knives litter the street; the cold and the fog lift letting warm light enter the battle field. There's not much left of the road, but at least the UR is intact right?!

The Vampiric attackers seem heavily affected by the waves of sunlight, even dashing their own health to attack in their current fervor. Though not every body is accounted for. After a while, it seems that the platoon has melted away. Easily, more than half of them fell, but they have left their guns behind. Apparently, they could care less if they left it behind. Weapons were props... part of the scenery orchestrated by Major. they had no more value to the Vampires that used them than the plastic swords had to the actors who wield them in their performances. It was all part of Major's wonderful orchestra. The lives... the deaths... everything. His actors had played wonderfully... though the true playwright was Devi. He admired her performance most of all. The Major simply sat in a secluded area, watching the carnage... he suddenly lets loose an appreciative cackle which echoed in the quieting streets... the madman slowly crept back into the shadows... his eyes still wide with joy and admiration.

Kaldrath doesn't fall for the whole two dimensional flat plane thinking. He doesn't have to teleport to a side of Devi...He comes in well above her and boosts himself down to her from above using his ki to propel him faster than his body ever could on it's own. He strikes from above, sending her careening into the street. The unique effects of Twisted however, come into play. She strikes the immovable ground and is bounced back up at high speed. It would save her, but Kal palms her head as she comes back level. He studies her for a moment, most of her face hidden. "Your power is tainted with evil...but it's not truly evil. You need tempering. Training to keep your own dark urges under control. I know just the person to temper that darkness in you. He's fought it himself. He can also help you control your power. Looks like I get to see home." He suddenly appears higher in the air with her still in his hand. He lets out a massive shout after focusing his energy. A little white light seems to appear in the air for a moment...and then a rip in space appears. Kaldrath steps through it and the hole closes behind him and Devi.

"Tell him Hi for me." Caliga grins as he ups the intensity of his attack, ensuring every last thing that was once on that street, no longer exists. "Now for the fun stuff..." He closes his eyes and vanishes, seemingly off to the same place Kaldrath took Devi.

Tyler stops moving for a moment as he watches the rain of destruction. He clenches his fist tightly as the portable shield snaps back towards him, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" He rushes towards the blasts, his armor reconfiguring into a human sized shield generator, looking almost exactly like a medieval shield over Tyler's head. He leaves his helmet on as he snaps the shield up to full power, protecting as much as he can from the raining blasts. He falls to his knees under the onslaught, but holds his ground as the energy shield touches the ground. "That damned bastard...He left the energy falling. These are people's homes!"

Kyle grumbles, jamming his blaster back in its holster. Oddly he whistles something to himself some might identify as the victory song from Final Fantasy VII, isn't that charming. He looks at Tyler, then at the falling energy. "I'd help if I could." He spreads his hands apart, shrugging helplessly. He looks over at the UR, slightly wrecked. "Damn, so much for my burger..."

Mei's hand dips, sending a huge.. bubble up over Kyle and herself. Generating it from her own person, to shield him. Old Kyle may however notice Mei pretty much is completely zoned out in the process .. small words are uttered mostly 'that bastard Caliga' She sort of waits for the destruction to stop... and releases Kyle to sort of let herself stumble backwards into a pile of rubble and pant uncomfortably.

Tyler grits his teeth for several minutes, waiting for the energy to stop raining down. Finally the incessant blasting and thudding of power stops. THe armor reforms around him and he slowly stands up. He takes a deep breath, "there's just enough juice in her to get home..." He looks to Kyle and Mei, "There's a couple of bunks available at my place if you two need someplace safe to crash...Mei has the instructions on her phone. I've got to throw my armor on automatic now." He stands there for a moment as the armor stops emitting solar light and shifts back to normal. He suddenly lifts off the ground, the armor following it's course to its home base, pulling a half unconscious Tyler with it.

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