2009-02-28 (PreU) Street Rat!!

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Street Rat


Who: Kyle, Mei, Raven
When: February 28th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street


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The Twisted Street - Distorted Way

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness.

Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen. (Travellers to Akushuukan must talk to Datenshi for Gate Requirements)

Mei is more or less standing on the side of one of the floating buildings, her hand weighed down with herbs and such. Her soft voice risen in some variety of song. Well its a greeting isn't it?

Kyle appears walking down the street, a pair od headphones seemingly blocking off his hearing as he humms along softly with the music.

"Hello!" comes a voice from seemingly nowhere, almost directly behind Mei. Turning around, she would see a pair of purple eyes glowing in a shadow, and peering at her.

Mei turns to stare at the purple eyes. "Ah hello." She commented, spotting Kyle as well.. Her voice continues to hum the cheerful song, her face a little manic for the moment.

Kyle, sine he is as of yet unbothered, continues on his little walk. However something at the base of one of the buildings seems to have gotten his attention as he moves in a straight line right towards it, kneeling down and fiddling with something.

Raven steps out from her hiding place, eyeing Meis hand "Whatcha doin?". She doesnt know a thing about herbs and the like, so cant help but ask. She is also still wearing the clothes Mei gave her, although their getting a bit thin around the edges. Suprisingly, she doesnt notice Kyle.

Mei smiles a bit unthreatened. "I am gathering medicine so rare it only grows here." she commented "For some of my patients. Do you need new clothing, little one?" Mei asked, her free hand extending to offer itself to Raven as she takes a small berry to flick at Kyle to try to get his attention.

Kyle has something in his hands, flipping it over as he examines it. He looks up as the berry hits him on the shoulder, spotting Mei, we waves, pulling off his headphones. "Hey."

Raven says, "Oooohhhh....". She nods, and shrugs "These still have plenty of life left in 'em. Im used to a lil wear and tear". With the flicking, and Kyle saying hello, she sweatdrops. Howd she miss someone else being here.... (i GOTTA pay more attention.... ugh). She quickly eyes him, curious.

Mei's voice rises politely "Good Day Kyle, should we join you?" she asked, watching Raven "If you insist, I will be more than happy to provide you with new clothing if you so desire it." Mei's hair seems to be in a tight bun instead of flowing today, making her all the more serious looking, the outfit also generally makes her look a bit less friendly and welcoming than normal.

Kyle shrugs, "If you want to, I'd enjoy not having the neck cramp from having to look up." His attention mostly returns to the thing in his hand, which is then shoved into his pocket. Raven is used to people dressed oddly, so doesnt mind Meis clothes. She just knows Mei helpd her out, so she is considered 'off limits'. Kyle, however... hes a different story. She keeps herself relaxed for the moment, however. "Kyle?". She headtils, giving a curious expression. . . . Kyle looks up at Raven, raising one of his eyebrows as he examines her. "Yes, that's my name." He leans against the building, waiting for the others to come down and join him. . . . Mei invites Raven her finger tips, "Come on, Kyle is one of the humans who seems to enjoy me as a traveling companion." she clears her throat "This is a strange place to adventure out, Mister Kyle." she commented, her hands going into her belt, eyes staying on Raven calmly soon enough. Raven follows Mei, still giving a curious look. "This place aint so bad.... if you dont count the murderous monsters all over the place, the natural pitfalls and things that could tear you apart, and such." . . . Kyle shrugs, "This is the place that's been the least scavenged, it makes for good pickings." Which explains the reason he picked something off the ground and pocketed it. "And please, no mister, makes me chafe."

Mei nods to Raven "Dare I ask what you picked up?" she asked towards Kyle, her fingers patting Raven just once as she examines her herbs properly "Its really always a strange place for me.. the buildings floating has never managed to not fascinate me." she commented.

Kyle shrugs, "Techie stuff, nothing really important. Unfortunately, the scavenging for this project is going slower than my last, I need higher level tech, so it's making the going slow."

Raven can be heard off to the side of Kyle "Ooohhh. This is pretty! Whered ya get it!". Shes holding a glass lens she picked from his pocket. Shes smart enough to know to handle such things carefully, which is evident in how shes holding it. "These things were REALLY expensive back home".

Mei ers a bit "You should talk to Mister Everett." she commented, watching Raven "A lense?" she asked, curiously "Only crazy scryers use such things." she waves a hand a bit dismissively, her body settling to lean on the building, her grin showing.

There's a quick slip of a snap, and suddenly KYle has his gun in his hand, trained on Raven. "If you would kindly give that back, it may not be much, but I need it." His usual happy expression is completely gone, in fact he manages a fair good unhappy face.

Raven holds it up to the light "really clear one, too!". She holds it out for him to take back "Whered you get it! I wanna go get one, too! Might come in handy, and might be more where it was". She has that perky 'shiney is good' expression. As for the gun, she doesnt react. She either is used to having such things pointed at her, or doesnt know what it is. Or is just distracted by the shiney. Who can tell with her....

Mei startles at the gun being drawn, her claws extended outwards into razor sharp points as she ends up a few feet up the building defying gravity just a bit. Actually she looks highly alarmed. Mei doesn't like having obvious weapons pointed at her or her friends. "Put the metal toy away Kyle..." she hissed, quietly.

Kyle eyes Mei only briefly before his gaze returns to Raven. "I don't have any tolerance for theft, at least from me. Are you saying you approve of people picking pockets, Mei?" Actually his expression is down right pissed. He snatches the lens out of her hands and puts it back in his pocket, which is followed by the blaster into its holster. And in the blink of any eye his lazy smile is right back, as if it never left.

Raven biidah's him, then finds a nice comfy chunk of floating concrete to sit on. Shes in a good mood for some reason, and for the moment, just kinda relaxes, looking at all the floating buildings and the like. Thats loot waiting to happen, after all!

Mei's body moves, protectively to shield Raven, figuring her body would probably stop a bullet since Raven comes off as a child to her. "No, but I do have a problem with people threatening those I protect." Mei squinted, not entirely sure she could manage to win a fight with Kyle, but fairly sure she could give "Sometimes theft is the only way to survive." Mei's arms curl around Raven once the weapon is put away.

Raven gets... um... hugged o_o;

Kyle shrugs, "I wouldn't get in the way of the blaster if I were you, it's not an ordinary gun." He seems perfectly relaxed, like the entire thing is already past him. "I didn't come out here to argue about petty thieves, though, I just don't condone what she did."

Mei's body settles right next to Raven's "I'm afraid if you're going to threaten me or mine, I'll have to become unpleasant. What is the worse thing you could do to me? Kill me?" she asked, coldness in her tone, way different than her normal, happy vocalization.

Kyle shakes his head, "No, but if you protect those who steal from me, then I will simply ignore you from now on. Thank you for what kindness you have shown me, but this is an insult." He shrugs and starts to walk off.

Raven gives Mei a small kiss on the cheek, stands and smirks at Kyle "I dont condone it either. Ya get used to it when its the only way to avoid starvation. Next time, protect your pockets better". She winks, and.. vanishes? THATS a new trick by her...

Mei clears her throat "Its innapropriate to threaten children. If you think I'm condoning theivery and not simply advocating a firm stance of nonviolence towards children, so be it. Get your crap and never return to me, friend." Mei's tone was ice cold, dangerous.

Kyle shrugs, "A thief is a thief, a five year old is one thing, but someone her age should know better. She's not a child, she is a young woman, and one with a very poor common sense." Kyle seems almost uncaring, he pulls his head phones back on and walks off.

Mei simply chooses to sob when Kyle leaves. Her sigh escaping "If he can't understand my views he wasn't much of a friend anyways." she mumbled, knees pulling up to draw in and she simply surrounds herself with a bubble.

Meanwhile, from a shadowy window of a ruin, unseen eyes watch Mei carefully, perplexed. Mei is seemingly just releasing stress, the reaction is a sudden smash of her claws out wards sending the water out violently to wash away the filth.

From behind Mei, Ravens voice can be heard, voice full of uncertinty, but eyes full of puzzlement. She isnt sure why shes asking, but yet, she is.... "Why did you do that? Defend me, i mean... ?".

Mei pauses "Because you're a child and to assault a child is unacceptable under any circumstance." she offered, her sigh escaping "I won't tolerate harm on children if its within my power to stop it." she commented, voice soft.

Raven brings up a point "How do you know im a child? There are things here that can make themselves look like they are". Prolly NOT the best thing to say, but shes seen them... and worse... out here.

Mei smiles "You've not lead me to believe that you are not a child, If you're going to become some variety of monster and kill me, do it already and don't leave me to wonder your betrayal." she murmured, her ears flattening down. "I have my reasons to think you a child, and its not meant as an insult. I just have a sacred pledge to protect children." she mumbled.

Raven looks a bit sheepish "Im not a monster...... " (least, i dont think i am.... ). "I dunno why i dont look like the other kids i grew up with... those that lived". She tilts her head "No ones ever protected me like that before"

Mei shrugs "If .. I think someone needs protecting, and I can protect them, I should protect them however I can." she commented, her arm out to Raven, trying to invite her closer. "I .. I'm not mean you know."

Raven keeps her distance, although she does eye the arm, clearly nervous "but... why would you do that, if it might get you hurt? even killed?"

Mei tilts over "Because children are precious to me, Raven." she pauses "I know its hard to understand but .. think of it as a form of Mother's love, okay? Mother Echidna who birthed all monsters on my planet decreed a long time ago that we should be kind to her children, regardless of species or race." she offered, voice soft.. "I believe in that, with all my heart. Which is why I'm building an orphanage."

Raven blinks "monsters?" she blinks again "orphanage.. ?". She seems distant "i remember a lot of those back home.... on the rare occurances i was caught, they sent me to one. they were reasonable.... sometimes *fixed*"

Mei watches Raven "I'm a monster you know.. I want an orphanage to home children who need it to protect them from the monsters roaming here.. Raven you shouldn't pick pockets, alright I know I'm not your mother, but if you need money or something, ask me." she offered, voice gentle.

Raven says, "I dont steal that often.... least, not here. food is pretty easy to come by. Back home, it wasnt so much....". She gives a piercing look "You try giving up the only thing youve ever known how to do at the drop of a hat". Her eyes are still full of uncertinty as she looks at Mei.

Mei smiles "I'm offering you help to make sure you don't have to steal. You have a lot of potential you know." she shrugs "In what I don't know, but I'm sure its there."

Raven seems to be thinking a lot on this.... "I need to consider it.... I cant.....". She shakes her head, and vanishes. A moment later, her form can be seen running quickly across the rooftops of nearby buildings.

Mei Seems to stay quiet, her hands in her lap as she takes out a tea set from no where to have proper tea, an extra place set. She even has crumpets out. She's actually pretty mild about everything today.

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