2009-03-01 (PreU) Food & Puppy Piles

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Food & Puppy Piles


Who: Faith, Makoto, Ranma, Usagi
When: March 1st, 2009
Where: Faith's Apartment


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Faith leads everyone into her apartment and pauses only long enough to take off her guns and set them on a stand, followed by a pair of daggers, 6 throwing knives, and a large wicked looking knife. Then she heads straight into the bathroom to strip off her wet clothing, "Glad we're all girls..." she mutters.

Usagi glances around, peeks at the windows, and says, "Faith, I trust you, you're a good friend, but I am not getting naked again in your apartment after photos of the last time showed up. Do you have some towels I can mummify myself in instead?"

Ranma is bare underneath her shirt, so with the rain and all, wasn't hiding anything in any event. Not that she cares, really, peeling off the clinging silk without a second thought. "Um.... oh yeah," she says at Faith's comment. "I think maybe I'd better wait outside til you both are done."

Faith snickers, "Don't worry, Jack warded my apartment, no astral beings can get in here anymore. Wouldn't hurt to pull the blinds down anyway though." she says as she grabs a towel and dries mostly off before pulling on a large sweatshirt that hangs down to her knees. "Your turn in the bathroom 'Gi, I'll see if I can round up a few more sweatshirts." and goes to pull the blinds down and look for the shirts. She glances to Ranma, "Nah, not like we have anything you haven't seen Ranko."

Ranma arches a brow at Faith and mumbles, "Well, since you put it that way..." It's true, Ranma has seen his fair share of boobs, even apart from his own. She nevertheless heads outside, shaking her head, "Akane'd kill me, and Happousai'd give me a medal," she mumbles as she sits out in front of Faith's apartment, topless, wringing out her shirt. "I need to explain something, before everyone gets naked," she says over her shoulder.

Usagi nods at Faith, having completely missed Ranma's stint as a boy, and starts to step into the bathroom when she pauses. "Nah, I have something that'll work." Out comes a slender pink pen. "Disguise power, transform me into a stewardess!" WTF? Quick sparkly transformation sequence later, and she's clean, dry, hair perfectly curled, and in a stewardess's outfit that's made of fanservice. She sits down on the couch, glad to have (mis)used her powers in the name of convenience once more.

Faith says, "Oh Hell, I forgot about that thing 'Gi. Don't suppose you'd be a pal and let me borrow it woulda ya?" she grins then calls to Ranma, "What's that Ranko?" as she leans over the couch.

Ranma boggles at Usagi, but nods, "That's pretty convenient!" She doesn't know what it's really for, of course. She gulps a little at Faith's pose and the way the long sweatshirt rides up, reaching up to tug at her collar even though she's not wearing a shirt. "It's .... the hot water thing." She goes into the kitchen to put on a kettle. "It's easier to show you than to explain."

Usagi tosses the pen over towards Faith. "Sure, enjoy." And, even though she's not clean and dry, one wouldn't call her outfit particularly warm. She curls up in a small ball on the couch and tries to get comfortable and warm again.

Faith grins as she grabs the pen out of the air and holds it up, "Disguise pen..." she ponders for a moment then smirks, "Dress me up like Lara Croft!" And one nifty little sparkly lightshow and she's dressed in a tight tank top and really small and tight shorts. "I love this thing." she grins and hands it back to Usagi as she plops down on the couch, "Oh, Ranko. Don't drink the water! It'll make you piss blue. Someone spiked the water supply in the building."

Ranma tries not to ogle Usagi's fanservice stewardess uniform also. What's an aquatransexual to do? She eyes Faith nervously and says, "What exactly is it spiked with? I wasn't gonna drink it ..." She peers at the pen and wonders if maybe the secret can hold a little longer.

Usagi takes the pen, tucks it into the pocket on her breast, and relaxes. "Multiple apocalypses on the horizon... I need hot chocolate! Or firewine. one of the two." she grumbles under her breath. "What were you going to do with the water?" she asks curiously.

Faith glances at Ranma, "It's Methylene Blue if I recall. Just makes you piss blue for like 3 or 4 days." she shrugs and looks to Usagi, "Sorry, no hot chocolate. All we have is coffee, Nyannichuan Water in the fridge, and the firewine. oh, and beer."

Ranma's eyes light up at the mention of Nyannichuan water, then she translates from Chinese and grumbles. "If you had the other kind, it'd be pretty cool," she grumbles, still topless and attempting to dry her shirt on the stove as the water heats. "Sorry about the apocalypses, but as far as the water," she pours it over herself before it gets too warm, and turns into boytype shirtless and slightly blue Ranma-kun.

Usagi's reaction probably shows JUST how much of a virgin she is. At the sight of a naked male chest, she turns bright red, hides her face in her hands, and mutters something about "Shirtnowplease!" Martial artist... without shirt... wow. didn't know guys were built like that... stupid freaking hormones, she needs to find her Mamochan soon!

Faith blinks at Ranma topless and slowly licks her lips as she's looking at him like a hungry guy would a 24oz porterhouse, "Mmmm, as B would say... Salty Goodness." After a few moments she blinks... "Okay... Explain. You a guy or a chick?" Dammit Xander! You need to get back here so Faith can drag you off to bed.

Ranma is pretty ripped, but wasn't expecting either of those reactions. He's only a couple years older than Usagi, and isn't cut like a bodybuilder, but he's well-toned and clearly pretty buff. "Uh, sure," he mumbles to Usagi, and puts it on, blushing hotly himself. It's still damp, but at least it's warm-damp rather than cold-damp. "I'm a guy. That's what I was trying to say before. You've got nyannichuan water, it'll change anyone into a girl that isn't one already, and then they'll be cursed to forever turn into a girl when splashed with cold water, and back to normal with hot water."

Usagi is so glad she went with the magic pen when it came time for changing clothes as it sets in. "So, this really clears up the whole female fiancee issue, Ranko." And she wonders, but dosen't postulate aloud, if his parents were psychic when giving him such a girly name. It's gonna take her ages to stop blushing. Wow.

Ranma says, "Actually, it's Ran/ma/. I ... Ranko is a name I use for an alias rather than having to explain the whole confusing mess to people I've just met." He sweatdrops a bit, because given their current outfits, Usagi and Faith are still pretty hot. "But yeah, that's why I have female fiancees. Or had. I don't think they're here, though my father's master is, he's the one that tried to grope your friend Rei."

Faith blinks, "Wish you had told me beforehand, I wouldn't have been making plans to hook you up with my friend Willow." she grins. "Yeah, we'll have to put him in some pain. Does he do that kind of thing often?" she shrugs, "I've been using the Nyannichuan to make coffee with since it's at least clean water."

Usagi leans back into the couch. "Well, that makes more sense, I was wondering if your parents were psychic. There will be no hard feelings for my attempts to thrash the pervert soundly, will there?" A few seconds go by, "But... I really don't think I should try in my fighting outfit. the skirt's way too short."

Ranma winces at Faith using Nyannichuan for coffee. "Well, it's a good thing you're a girl to start with or things would get awkward. Don't feed it to your dog or c... ca... to you dog or hamster or anything, though." He rubs the back of his head. "Happousai? Absolutely all the time. It's like the only thing he does, to be honest. He's a huge perv, always stealing underwear or copping feels or peeping." He shakes his head to Usagi, "Hah, beat him as much as you like. He'll enjoy short skirts yeah. Don't worry about getting hurt, he won't fight back, but he won't make it easy, either. He's pretty hard to catch up with. The best way to get him to hold still is to flash your chest at him, that's what I do."

Somewhere on the muck, Munin has connected.

Faith smirks, "Maybe I should get rid of the stuff?" she wonders, "Hey. Maybe I can put a few bullets in the pervert to slow him down?" she shrugs, "Well, what do you two want to drink?" she asks as she stands up. "Should I throw a few frozen pizzas into the oven?"

Usagi nods. "Food good, I haven't had nearly enough today. As to drink, after today... really tempted to go for firewine." Well, if the water's not safe to drink, after all... and she is still a bit chilled.

Ranma shakes his head to Faith, "I doubt bullets will slow him down much. He carries these sort of homemade grenades, be careful of those. Ah, yeah, pizza would be awesome. And whatever you have to drink."

Faith heads into the kitchen, those tight shorts plastered to her ass and tosses a pair of pizzas into the oven and turns it on before pulling out the case of water and dumping it into the sink to drain. Well, all but one bottle that she hides away for a special occasion. Then she pulls out three glasses and a crystal bottle that will be very familiar to Usagi and comes back to plop on the couch, setting the glasses down on the table and pouring a few fingers full into each one.

Usagi leans back, letting the alcohol breathe in the tumbler for a moment. "So, we now know that there's an apocalypse headed our way by way of an old enemy of mine coming back... how's progress on the apocalypse headed your way, Faith?" she asks, stretching those long legs out in front of her.

Ranma admires Faith as she joins him in the kitchen, where he was warming by the stove. He flushes a bit and hurries out to the couch, taking a seat and taking the glass of wine. "Thanks," he says to Faith and takes a sip, sitting back and relaxing with a sigh. Watching Usagi's legs as she stretches out, he mumbles, "Happousai pretty much counts as an apocalypse for me, too."

Faith shrugs, "We're making progress translating the prophecy now anyway. So far it's mentioned Red, Jack, B, you, and me in it. In order, The Red Witch, Death, The Golden One, the Moon, and the Fallen One. And we know it involves something called 'The Arks of Doom'. Other than that, gotta wait till we have more translated." she picks up her glass and takes a drink. The firewine is sweet tasting, like drinking really good fruit juice, with no alcoholic taste at all to it. And as they discovered before, the only side effects seem to be a loss of inhibitions and getting hot, but that takes awhile. she stretches her legs out to to prop her feet up on the table too as she leans back.

Usagi tilts back her glass, carefully sipping and letting the heat spread through her. "I'm mentioned in a prophecy, that can't be good news." she notes aloud, slowly warming up after having been caught and trapped in the sudden downpour outside. "Ranma, I just realised we didn't really explain things well. Mind telling me what you figured out from having phobos and deimos pop up and go from there?"

Makoto knockknocks at the door, carrying a homemade lasagna and dressing casually. Ami's not home from the library and Makoto got bored. She thought she'd come visit her upstairs neighbor. ^_^

Ranma looks blank as Faith describes her apocalypse. "I dunno what any of that means, I'm glad you do." He stretches out his feet and takes a deeper sip as he enjoys the fruity taste. "This isn't like the sake my pop drinks," he says thoughtfully, warming up as well as he sits, dressed in his normal outfit next to Usagi in a fanservicey stewardess outfit and Faith in a Lara Croft cosplay outfit. To Usagi, he mumbles, "Well, it's Princess this and Planet that, I mean, it's all like the Sailor Senshi kind of stuff, right?" He doesn't actually make the connection, though, since there is some magical protection there. At the knock, he hops up and opens the door, cause the girls are so relaxed, and also in case it's Happousai, but what he sees instead of Makoto and ... lasagne. "Oh! Hey there!"

Faith snickers a bit at Ranma not making the connection and looks towards Usagi, "I take it Rei is one too? I think she was sensing the Slayer essence in me..." she shrugs and starts to get up and get the door when Ranma goes instead, so she sits back down, leaning over the edge of the couch to see who it is, "Oh Hey Mako-chan! It's okay Ranma, she's a friend." and sits back down in her seat before she gives Usagi a nosebleed from being bent over. "We've got pizza in the oven. Grab a glass and sit down." didn't see the lasagna around Ranma.

Usagi releases the hold of the disguise pen, sitting on the couch now just slightly damp, hair still pretty damn soaked from the rainstorm, and asks Ranma, "And what, exactly, did the leader of these Sailor Senshi look like?" Come on, he's got to have enough brains to put it together with a hint like that, right? And then, the door is a pretty welcome distraction from the seriousness. "Makochan!" Usagi springs up from the couch, sets the glass on the table, and races to the door, going to hug her friend.

Makoto blinks at Ranma in his costume for a moment. "Did you hire a butler, Faith? usagi-chan!" she hands Ranma the lasagna and hugs Usagi warmly. "Good to see you!" she smiles brightly at the unexpected gereeting

Ranma and Usagi together will make short work of any feast, not to worry. He's the only one -not- in a costume! He takes the lasagne, though, and brings it to the kitchen, hands trembling with the effort of not scarfing it completely. He nods to Faith and was letting Makoto in anyhow, based on the lasangne. He wasn't turning away a pretty girl with food. It got him into trouble with Akane, but she's not here now and he's taking full advantage. He considers Usagi's question, and allows, "A bit like you, only really regal, and with... I dunno, sort of like you looked when they called you hime," Now things are starting to dawn on him. "Um.. wait a minute?" He scratches his head while Usagi comes up to glomp Makoto.

Faith snickers a bit and stands up and pouts. No one hugs her like that. "Nah Mako, this is Ranma. Ran into him in the UR the other night." she looks towards the kitchen, "Hey Ranma, bring another glass out for Mako would you?" then walks over to the two girls.

Usagi smiles happily. "Makochan, I'm so glad you're here! I was gonna come downstairs later to brief you." She just about pulls the other girl into the apartment. "I found Rei today, and she was very upset. I then found out from Phobos and Deimos that she's been getting... really bad visions. Death Phantom's returning, the senshi going bad, something about betrayal of the neo-queen, and I don't know if that means I'm gonna betray or be betrayed and I don't wanna do either!" by the end of this long runon sentance, she's babbling and close to a full out wail.

Ranma nods to Faith from the kitchen and brings out another glass of the firewine, passing it to her and grinning. "I -have- been a waitress before, but not just now." Usagi and Faith will understand that right away, of course. He falls silent as Usagi explains the day's activities to Makoto, deciding that it's a good time to slice the lasagne, so it'll be ready for everyone. And then, well, since he's there, he'll put a slice on a plate for everyone. And since the plates are ready, he'll sort of put them out on the table for everyone. And since they're already on the table, he digs in, all fair and square!

Makoto smiles and nods, ruffling Usagi's hair lightly. "We allways get through in the end, Usagi-chan. I never doubt it anymore no matter how hard things get. " She looks up to the only guy in the room. "Nice to meet you, Ranma-san. Umm.. pop for me please? I'm not one for alchohol." She shuts the door behind her and makes her way over to the couch with Usagi. "I thought you might be hungry. I didn't know you had company allready."

Faith shrugs, "Don't have any pop. Didn't get to shopping today, with all the drama at Rei's and all. Sorry. Pretty much just coffee, firewine, and beer at the moment..."

Usagi whews. She needed the reassurance from Makoto on that issue. Sometimes you just need to hear that from someone else. "Well, this wasn't exactly a planned thing, Makochan..." She reaches up to adjust the position of one odango. "Looks like we're all served and ready to go, food wise."

Ranma smiles to Makoto, "Nice to meet you, too, Makoto." He shakes his head to her, "We don't have anything safe to drink other than this, sorry, but don't worry, you can't taste anything. It's like fruit juice." He reminds Faith, "You just poured out the last of the good water, so no coffee." She did hide some, but Ranma didn't see it.

Makoto nods and takes the glass with a nod to Ranma. "I'll give it a shot." She sips at the glass and relaxes a little against the back of the couch. "So what are we doing tonight?" If Ami was here she might suggest something naughty just to watch the blue girl turn red, but it's now the same without her.

Faith grins and sips her firewine, which you really can't taste the alcohol in. "Just sitting around and trying to get warm. We were out in the rain at Rei's for awhile. Other than that, we're taking suggestions. I've got a TV and a dvd player..." she shrugs. "Any ideas?"

Usagi tilts her head to one side. "Hey, did they ever make any movies about us, Makoto? Gotta admit to being curious about that..." she grabs a plate of lasagne, and curls up on the floor next to the couch, digging in with great gusto and many happy sounds of appreciation.

Ranma finishes his lasagne first and his firewine also. Feeling much warmer now, he fans himself a little and burps. "Ah, that was awesome," he declares, smiling widely. "No plans, that I know of," he admits to Makoto.

Makoto ooohs and nods to Usagi. "Remember that mess with that plant woman and that old friend of Mamoru-san's? Movie made it seem a lot easer on us, but it was kinda fun to see an anime of it."

Faith snickers, "Seems like we're all getting made into movies and tv shows around here. And comic books too." she picks up her plate of lasagna and starts to eat, "Mmm, good!" she grins.

Usagi nods. "I remember. Diverting that asteroid... now that was hard, no way I could have done it if I had been alone." She thinks a second. "Lemme guess, they used music in that sequence to make what looked very boring from the outside seem cool?"

Ranma shakes his head, smirking. "If they made my life into an anime, it'd be rated R for the number of times I pop out." n.n;;

Makoto grins "Yup. The voice cast can really sing. there's allways a sense of dramatic timing in sh..." she blinks and looks at Ranma. "huh o.o??"

Usagi looks between Makoto and Ranma. "Ranma's sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy... and isnt very modest when he's a she." She explains with a shrug.

Faith snickers loudly at what Ranma 'popping out' sounds like when he's a guy, "Well, to be fair 'Gi, he might have clothing malfunctions as a guy too you know."

Ranma says proudly, "I've got nothin' to be modest about." ^_^ Though he glances sidelong at Makoto, who's in the same order of magnitude as his girltype. Seeing Makoto's look and sighing a bit, he hops over to the kitchen, splashes with cold water, and turns into a girl. She then takes the rest of the kettle water and changes back to a guy.

Makoto wows softly. After all the odd things she's seen, something this comparitively simple doesn't faze her. "Cool!" she grins. "Best of both worlds, huh?"

Usagi gets an eeeeevil thought, and giggles. "Hey, I wonder what it'd be like to go around as a guy..." She pulls out the pen again, and throws it into the air. "Disguise power, transform me into a boy!" And before Makochan can call her out on what Luna'd call a misuse of senshi ability... Usagi's transformed into a boy. A bishie boy, no less, even though the hair's short.

Faith blinkblinks at Usagi... "Did 'Gi just change into a guy or have I already drank to much tonight?" she wonders, "Makes a pretty cute guy actually."

Ranma chuckles at Makoto's comment, "My pop says stuff like that. Tactical advantages to either form. It's kind of a pain when you change by accident, but ... I guess there's good parts of everything." He gawks at Usagi and mumbles, "Changing at will'd be a lot better. But you look very bishounen in the stewardess outfit. Nice skirt," he teases, nodding to Faith and telling her, "She changed. It's strange."

Makoto blinks at usagi and laughs! "We'll have to show this to Ami sometime... Minako might fall for you on the spot, though!" she takes another sip of her drink. Rei would just take luna's stance. Ami.... Might want to study how the pen can do this sort... wait.... Makoto blinks and looks up to Usagi again."maybe this is how the starlights pulled off their disguises? Some variant of this power?"

Usagi thinks a second, and nods. "I wouldn't be surprised." She stands up and strikes a pose. "I've used this form only once before, when going after a youma that was targetting grooms." He giggles, which sounds... kind of disturbing... coming from such a cute guy. "I think the line I used was... 'I'll be your groom, for our wedding in Hell!" then transformed. And yep, I just changed Faith.

Ranma snickers at Usagi, and puts the whole thing together finally, "So, you really -are- Sailor Moon? Wow!"

Faith smirks a bit and stands up and walks around Usagi, checking him out. "Not bad, not bad at all 'Gi." pausing to bend over and poke lightly at her bottom with a finger before moving on, "You could really mess with people's minds with that thing." she smirks again before sitting back down and finishing off her lasagna.

Makoto chuckles and digs into her own meal. "With something like that I guess it wouldn't matter if you liked guys or girls."

Ranma hrmphs at Makoto, "I only like girls, though, no matter what the curse makes me think." Wait, that didn't exactly come out right.

Usagi blinks. "No matter what the curse... -makes- you think?" That's an odd way to phrase things. Though, Faith poking his butt makes him jump about a foot and let out a rather girlish squeak. "I think to really mess with people's heads though... I'd have to stop reacting like a girl..."

Makoto raises her glass to Ranma's statement. "Don't worry usagi-chan. 'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who jump and squeak when a girl grabs their backside. i saw Naru do that to Umino once and he allmost ran off."

Faith snickers again, "Yeah, I've met some pretty girly guys in my time 'Gi." she grins, "I knew this one guy that liked to wear silk stockings all the time." she shrugs, "You probably ought to practice walking though if you're going to do that."

Ranma tugs at his collar and turns all kinds of red. "I mean ... well, I'm not in a disguise, when I'm a girl. It's a full change. Body, brain, hormones and glands. Doc Tofuu explained it once." He smirks at Umino and Naru, even not knowing them.

Usagi looks at the firewine in the glass, remembers the photo, and lets the transformation fade, returning to a girl. eep. "You're right, Faith, the balance is way off..." and at Ranma's statement, she nods. "I see, your body may react, but your mind goes 'boys ewwwww', right?"

Makoto smiles. "Well it would be amusing to comfuse the heck out of Ami-chan one night." she laughs a little, her mind not quite used to drinking at all.

Faith takes another drink of her firewine, but isn't drinking it heavily tonight, just enough to warm up. "Thanks 'Gi, Ranma's enough of a temptation. Xander better get his ass back her soon or I'm going to find a hunting dog and track him down." she smirks.

Ranma nodnodondnods to Usagi, "That's one hundred percent it." He blinks at Faith and ehs, "I'm a what?" he wonders. He scratches his head and looks at the others.

Usagi looks at Ranma. "Are you blind? You, especially shirtless, well... it's no wonder the girls chased you back home, that's all." She says with a small blush, and nods in agreement with Faith. "And I really want Mamochan to show up as well..."

Makoto grins widely. "You're cute, Ranma but the last time I let a guy touch me was... the _last_ time I'll let a guy touch me." Now as a girl you're cute too, but I have Ami-chan so.... I'm rambling, aren't I?" she shuts up and sips her drink again."

Faith smirks, "18 months is a long time when you're used to getting some action once or twice a week. " she shrugs, "Slaying things doesn't help. And the harder the fight..."

Ranma looks puzzled at Usagi, but nods, "I guess so, yeah." He blushes at Makoto's comment, grinning, "That's too bad, Makoto, a loss for guys all over the world." He finishes his drink and leans back in his seat, grumbling, "Four fiancees, give or take, but martial arts is the only kind of action I've ever gotten. I mean, Shampoo tried a couple times. Not that I knew what to do. But Akane always stepped in and hit me with a hammer. It's not like ... anyhow..."

Usagi reaches up to rub her forhead. "Total virgin here as well. We were waiting, then..." she closes her eyes against the memory of his star seed dissolving in the caldron, the last time she saw him... "Mamochan... I don't even know if he's alive or dead..."

Makoto puts an arm around usagi's shoulders and hugs her reassuringly. "After all the time you two have been together it's silly to think he's gone. You even saw him in the future, didn't you?"

Faith... definately not a virgin. "Yeah, shit happens like that. Better not to wait if you don't have to, otherwise you might never get the chance...." she shrugs. "Yeah 'Gi, I'm sure he'll show up here eventually."

Ranma nods to Usagi and repeats Makoto's comment, "Yeah, this place is .... well, just because someone's not here doesn't mean they're not someplace else. And that means they can come here later. Or sooner."

Usagi nods, leaning in against Makoto's hug. "Yeah, but in the future... we were in a city made of crystal... somehow, I don't think that future's going to happen here, that in this place, I won't ever become a queen." She wipes at her eyes with the back of her hand, and knocks back the rest of the firewine in the glass... which, as she's only had one sip, was mostly still there. "I just... I keep seeing things and thinking, I want to show him that, or tell him about something I thought... then remember he's not here... are you sure he's going to show up?"

Makoto smiles warmly and kisses Usagi's forehead. her glass is empty now. "It's a storybook romance, usagi-chan. And there's a _lot_ of time before Crystal Tokyo. We won't be here forever.... Unless Crystal Tokyo's here but either way, Mamoru-san was there."

Makoto grins. "And I'm rambling again!"

Faith nods, "Yeah, looks how many people I know have showed up since I've been here. Sooner or later he'll show." she grins, "Heck, it things go the way they have been, Ranma's girlfriends should show up any time."

Ranma pats Usagi on the shoulder, "It'll be fine. This place is kinda wierd, but that just means it's more of a challenge to turn it into the place you want it to be. And anyhow, even if this isn't the place, you need to train for when you go to the place you're going to want to change." Now who's rambling? He winces at Faith, "It's bad enough Happousai's here, worst thing that can happen is my pop shows up, or Akane." n.n;;

Faith blinks at Ranma, "... Okay, I can maybe understand not wanting to see your dad if he keeps engaging you to people... But why don't you want to see your fiancee?"

Usagi shakes her head at Ranma's statement. "This world is seeped in Chaos... it makes my skin itch sometimes, just being here. I don't think this is a place we can turn into Crystal Tokyo. So, yeah, I'll go with hope and think that someday, we'll find our way back."

Makoto pats Usagi's shoulder and lays her head there, humming softly the song from the sailor moon movie she was talking about earlier.

Ranma says to Faith, "Well, there were some good times, and she's kinda cute when the moment is right. But there was entirely too much of me getting hit on the head with a mallet." He awws to Usagi, "Well, maybe we can find a way to get you all back home, then."

Faith blinks, "Tell ya what. If she shows up and starts hitting you, come find me. I'll hit her back for you." she grins. "Not me, I'll stay right here thank you. If I go back home, it's to prison. And since technically I've escaped..."

Usagi almost absentmindedly hugs Makoto against her side, mentally drifting as the alcohol hits her digestive system. "Isn't getting hit in the head with a mallet abuse of the kind that could land someone in prison?"

Makoto seeps to have dozed off as the alchohol gets to her, lightly mumbling something about 'getting Yuki home'

Ranma ehs at Faith, "Prison? That sucks." He shrugs and takes a stoic breath. "If Akane shows up, I'll deal with it. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy being free of the fighting and strife for a bit and on with honest challenges like an apocalypse, that I can really deal with." He says to Usagi, "Nah, it wouldn't ne manly to whine about something like that. I just try to think of it as a toughening up exercise. I've had worse. It's just not where I want to go in a relationship." He peers at Makoto? "Ano, does she need to go home?" he wonders.

Faith asks, "Trust me Ranma, I've been there with abusive parents. An abusive husband or wife is probably not something you should even consider. So you either need to start hitting her back or get the hell out of dodge, no matter what anyone says." she peers at Makoto and leans over to nudge her awake, "Hey Mako, you're dozing off. Want one of us to help you back to your place?"

Usagi lightly hugs the sleeping Makoto. "I've never been in an abusive situation, but, Faith has the right of it, if she comes here... we'll help you, even if it's just making her see what her actions look like to those outside your dynamic."

Makoto blinks and snaps awake at Faith's words. "Cause her momma will be missing... huh? Oh!" she nods a little."Maybe i should be getting some rest. Seems to be tired in here..."

Ranma nods to Faith and Usagi, "I know. I mean, I even kinda like her. But there's only so much a guy can take." Not that he hasn't earned more than a few of the beatings. But some of them weren't his fault. "Thanks." He waves to Makoto, too, "It was nice meeting you. I should probably head out, myself."

Faith nods, "Yeah, it is getting later Should get some sleep." She stands up, "'Gi, if you want to take the couch, I'll take Ranma to bed with me." she takes a few steps than blinks, "Wait, that's backwards. Ranma, you can have the couch if you want. And 'Gi can crash in the bed with me..."

Usagi thinks a second. "Get cold water for Ranma and all sleep in a big pile on the bed?" She offers, trying to keep things simple.

Ranma acks at the first plan, though there's one part of him that seems to really like it. He smiles to Faith as she amends the plan, still pretty happy, "Thanks. I don't actually have a place yet, so I've been camping." Or that? He heads to the kitchen, and splashes himself girly. "Thanks. I'm still used to sleeping next to someone, I don't sleep very well alone."

Makoto looks around "Where's Ami? I dun like sleeping alone either. she gets to her feet."Maybe she's down at home now.

Ranma asks, "If she's not, I don't have a problem making room for one more? Maybe you can call down and check?"

Faith peers at Ranma then shrugs, "Yeah sure you betcha. That'll work." and she picks up an over sized Hawaiian shirt and pulls on before stripping out of her tank top and tight shorts and walking over to climb into the bed. WHile it's not the best bed out there, Faith has gotten some good sheets and a down comforter and feather bed to put on it, so it is pretty comfortable.

Makoto waves a hand and smmiles. "I'll go... an if she's not there I'll hide under the blankets to surprise her!" she waves and gets a silly grin. Yeah. She's a complete featherweight

Ranma grins at Makoto as she strips off her damp silk shirt and her pants, leaving her in just boxers. "Good plan," she agrees, crawling into bed with Faith. She's not a complicated sleeper, but she's a guy so it's all right. No wait, she's a girl, but doesn't need to be modest, no wait ... it's too complicated. Ranma yawwwwWWWwwWwwWwwns.

Usagi strips out of most of her clothes, remaining in panties and underwear, due to lack of anything better to sleep in, and crawls into the bed on the other side of Faith. She yawns once, and is quick to drop off.

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