2009-03-03 (PreU) A New person and a sale! Along with Oblivion.

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A New person and a sale! Along with Oblivion.


Who: Carter, Devi, Mei, Oblivion
When: March 3rd, 2009
Where: The UR


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This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Devi walks into the UR, the door hitting the bell above it as she enters. With her backpack on her shoulder, and her long trechcoat on, she moves quickly to the booth as far in the back as she can. The scutters glide over and look at her expectantily. "Just a cup of coffee please, cream and sugar." They bob their head and scurry off into the kitchen. Sighing, Devi runs a hand through her hair and digs in her backpack, pulling out her sketch book and some pencils.

Carter is sitting at the bar with 4 empty double shot glasses around her. To the keep she is signalling for another. Jager, her drink of choice. She notices Devi come in, but doesn't say anything, seeing as she doesn't know the other. Though she does give a polite nod.

Devi lets her gaze roam over the Newcomer and her shot glasses. Glancing outside, she raises her eyebrows at the woman. "Kinda early for shots, don'tcha think?" Granted, it's not her place to say anything but, meh, it's Devi, and she usually doesn't listen to that kind of logic.

Carter smiles and nods in return. "I'm on leave for another ten days, I've already done two and I'm bored of it." She downs the double shot in one go and sign;as for yet another. No sign of discombobulation from the prior drinks. Offering a hand she says, "I'm Carter."

Devi says, "Leave? So your military, then?" Devi shakes Carter's hand. "I'm Devi. Watch out though, I've got an Evil twin." She's not joking either. As the scutter brings her coffee, Devi thanks it, and mutters. "Wow, this place has awesome physics."

Carter unsure how to responds, just nods. "This place is new to me. The bar. I travel a lot." An airforce patch as well as a few others on her sleeves. Including one that looks like a ring with a 1 in the center.

Devi smirks as she flavors her coffee. "This place is new to almost everyone. Spit out of their homeworlds, like outcasts or something." Taking a sip, she grimcaes and nods. "Damn good coffee though." Devi looks tired, and her skin seems drawn tight across her bones by stress and exsaustion. "So, if you don't mind my asking, when'd you get here? Most people literally drop out of the sky."

Carter giggles a bit and says, "Out of the sky? Noo, I walked here. Day or two ago. Figured I may as well spend my leave somewhere I've never been." She continues to wait for her Jagermiester as she looks you over.

Devi had cropped black hair and almond shaped emerald eyes, though something can be said for the bags underneth them. She wears a purple tank top and a pair of combat boots with black cargo pants tucked in. And she looks like she hasn't slept in a week. "How are you getting back? You'll be the first person without portal powers to get back to your homeworld, I think."

Carter shakes her head and says, "Well, that is classified unless you already know about it, though the odds of going back are well. I can't say." She finally gets her drink and downs it as well, this time not signalling for more. She turns on the stool to face you and continue chatting. "What about you? You native?"

Devi shakes her head. "Nope, Planet Earth. Got dropped a while ago. Fell like a stone." Cracking her neck sharply, she takes another drink. "I've managed to point a few people towards help, and explain slightly where they are.. beyond that.. This is an odd place."

Carter nods and asks, "Odd how? Not much suprises or even seems odd, to me anymore." She leans back against the bar, elbows on it, and stretches her legs out in front of her.

Devi says, "Well, maybe a day after I arrived, I'd already met a fairy and some soul-less vampire who couldn't talk had me make a deal with a giant sticky eyeball so she could get a voice. Along with that, some random guy by the name of Caliga shows up and gives me a crystal ball. It's like out of a bad sci-fi book, ya know?"

Carter breaks out in laughter and says, "Hell, that sounds like my life. Going to unknown places, meeting unknown people only to have to kiss ass and do things for them."

Devi laughs. "You'll fit in just fine then. Bunch of weridos and crazys here, if nothing else. Of course, the people who -are- native here aren't that bad." Strictly speaking, she's talking about the NPC's that are roaming around.

Carter nods and smiles saying, "As long as I don't have to kiss too much ass. Any idea on whom I should avoid? Who I should be friends with?"

Devi says, "Well, I'm kind of a loner myself, so I don't really know a lot of people here. Guy by the name of Jack, he's ok. His gang, Faith, and Buffy and whomever else he's collected are alright." She taps a long slender finger on her chin. "You gotta watch yourself in here, though. Demonic stoned penguins.. Fuckin freaks." She glares at the rafters of the UR, and as if to prove a point, a pair of glowing red eyes peer out at her. O\/O "Shut up Dood!" They fuss at her. She flips them off and returns her attention to Carter.

Carter glances up to see what she can, her nightvision only a bit better than a normal human. AFter seeing what she will she looks back at Devi and chuckles a bit from the response. "I will be sure to avoid the penguins. By chance know Jack's last name?"

There are penguins in the rafters, with red glowing eyes, satchels around their waist. They look at the fresh meat, but for some reason descide not to attack.

Devi says, "Bastards." Devi mutters at them, then shakes her head. "Nope. Not to many people give out their last names here. But beyond the penguins, there's only 1 person I suggest you avoid. His name is Oblivion, and he will fuck wit you hardcore." She shudders as she recalls him telling her about alternet universe where Devi and Tenna were married and had adopted kids. Tenna is Devi's best friend, but Devi would never swing that way.

Carter nods to the penguins and to Devi in understanding of what she said. "Gotcha, no Oblivion. As for my name, Carter is my last name. Damned military habits." SHe says this with a smile.

Devi grins impishly. "My last name is D. Just D. So, I have to go by Devi." Too bad Devi doesn't know Arlene or Fly. They'd get on well with Carter, being marines and all.

Carter nods and asks for a diet coke. Marines? Bleh. Jarheads and what not. "So what else is around here besides the bar?"

Devi says, "Well, we've got the Weapons shop, my job. We've got a Red light district if you want some fun.. The shopping district, obvious what that is for. Plently of places to explore if you are sure you can find your way back to the Street. There's a park across the way... That's about it."

Carter thinks for a bit and says, "Well, weapons I could always use as well as exploring. What do you carry if you don't mind my asking?"

Devi laughs. "We have almost anything and everything you could ever dream of. Hell, we've got holy hand grendes!"

Carter giggles and asks, "You have pet rabbits that can tear a man's head off?"

Devi says, "Uh, maybe not that, but if you ask for it, chances are we going get you a trained rabbit that'll tear off a man's head... WHy would you want that though?"

Devi says, "Not in stock anyway"

Carter sits for a while thinking quietly though she does say, "The Holy Hand Grenade reminded me of a movie I saw."

Devi says, "The people who own the shop can get their hands on damned near anything. So at least the people of Twisted have access to any kind of firepower they want." She reaches into her boot, and withdraws a crystal dagger, making it glint in the light.

Carter looks at the dagger and asks, "What's that besides a dagger, if it is more?"

Devi shakes her head. "Just a dagger, made of crystal. A hell of a lot more solid then the steel ones, and it doesn't rust." If Devi unloaded what she had on her, she'd be showing off just as much arms as Carter. She may be a hermit, but she's a well armed hermit.

Carter adds with after thought. "What do I need to get 14 of those?"

Devi shrugs. "14? You got money?"

Carter nods saying. "I have earth money as well as a few gems that are quite rare on Earth."

Devi nods. "Yeah, we can set you up. Just lemme know when you wanna do it. I'll show you where the place is."

Carter smiles wamrly and says, "Thanks, we don't have to do it now though, I do see that you wanted to get something done on your pad there." She refers to the scetchbook.

Devi waves her hand over the book. "I've been trying to work on this sketch for about a week. It's nothing but doodles." She drains her coffee cup, leaves a few bucks under it, and stows her book away in her bag. "Plus, I can finish it while I'm workin." Standing up, she slings her backpack over her shoulder and starts moving. "Well, if you go down 'Another way' you should see the shop. Come in whenever, I'm usually there."

Carter nods and says, "Will do. I will go through my stash and see what is worth trading. If your headed there now, I can come with."

Devi says, "I am actually, just came in here for some coffee to try and wake me up."

ACROSS Center for Munitions and Explosives

A.C.M.E.? The name of the shop isn't the only thing suspicious about this place. Every type of weapon you can think of decorates it's badly built walls. Infact, part of the theme here is that if they don't have it on display, it's in the back. Most of what is on display is bladed weapons, some magical, some not. A keen eye will notice many of them are cheap knock-offs of each other, but then why would you put the good stuff where the public can touch it? Also, for some odd reason there's a large amount of costumes on display apparently done in the style of various people on Twisted. Even a Gegoshi costume? So weird...


Devi enters with Carter following behind.

Unlocking the door, Devi steps in and flicks on the light, stepping behind the counter and dropping her bag on the floor.

Carter steps up in front of the counter and waits a moment. "I have everything for trade with me if you want to see it or shall I wait to try and haggle?"

Devi flips open a notebook for the inventory, a finger sliding down till she finds the entry she's looking for. Tapping it a few times she looks up at Carter. "And how many did you want?"

Carter says, "14, more if you got em. Though any additions to the blade that enhance them woudl be nice and traded for."

Devi chews on her lip as she looks through the book. "Um, we've got 14 but not all of them are standard. Let's see. 3 that have Fire enchantments, 4 that.. rot the flesh? Ew. 4 that can pierce everthing but the Zealian stone, and the other three are like mine. No rust, less likly to break the tempered Steel daggers."

Carter nods and says, "I'll take them. If my trades equal them." At this she starts pulling pouches from pockets all over her uniform as well as her wallet.

Devi says, "Alrighty." Devi vanishes into the back room for a moment, returning with a box. She opens it and double checks, making sure that it is what it's supposed to be. "Let's see what you got. We take all forms of money, but no bodily fluids. You're total is going to be 150 even."

Carter raises an eyebrow and asks, "150 what? If it's currency or a measure?"

Devi says, "I usually speak in dollars. If you've got something that is equal or over that value, we'll take it too, and give you currency of your choice (if we have it) for change."

Carter opens her wallet and pulls out $50 Earth, then ruffles through a bag. After a moment she pulls out a peice of titanium/unknown metal allow. "How about this? Carefull, it's real sharp and really really light. Got it in a trade."

Devi takes the chunk of metal and sets it on the coutner, looking over it, she takes one of the unbreakable daggers and stabs it. It barly dents the metal and Devi nods. "Yeah, we can take this, but I'm not sure how much we'll be able to give back in change. I don't know how we would price something this strong."

Carter smiles and says, "Then I will have to buy more stuff won't I? What would you recommend as far as concealable armor?"

Devi grins. "Well, depends on your style. We've got reinforced leather armor, though I'm not sure it'll mesh well with your uniform. Mage armor, from the Oblivion World." She's speaking of the game, mind you, not the person she mentioned before. "Um.." She flips through her notebook. "Kevlar, like the cops back home use. Oh, we've got Dune style shields. Starts out as a small device on your hip and when you active it, it'll make a force field in front of you." Devi looks up at Carter to see if any of these things might strike her fancy.

Carter smiles at the mention of Dune. "Won't stop anything slow moving though will it? Though I hope the hunk of metal there covers the cost of one."

Devi grins as Carter picks up on the Dune history. "No, but it'll stop a bullet at least. And this chunk of metal will cover your daggers and most anything else in the store, aside from the cannons and the ray-guns."

Carter nods and asks, "If that is the case, you remember the movie 'Lost in Space'?"Carter shows a small clip of the armor and asks, "You got that?"

Devi smiles widly. "That's... really fucking cool! Let me look." She sets aside the notebook and pulls out a binder, dusting off the top. *THWAC* as the blue binder lid hits the counter, and Devi hunches over it. Page after page gets flipped as she's muttering to herself... After a few minutes, she curls her lips and pulls out another book. "We must have."

Carter raises an eyebrow and asks, "Is that by description or name of item?"

Devi waves a hand at Carter. "It's by descrption. Excel, my boss, didn't belive in keep records of what she had in the store.. So I had to do it. AH! Here we go." She taps the page a few times and slams it shut, moving into the back room again. A loud bang comes from the room, and Devi's muttering at it, as she russles trough boxes, sliding them behind her once she's done. After a few minutes, she comes back out, lugging a piece of armor over her arm. It's a dark silver, unpolished but clean, that will slip over someone's head and onto their sholders.

Devi waves a hand at Carter. "It's by descrption. Excel, my boss, didn't belive in keep records of what she had in the store.. So I had to do it. AH! Here we go." She taps the page a few times and slams it shut, moving into the back room again. A loud bang comes from the room, and Devi's muttering at it, as she russles trough boxes, sliding them behind her once she's done. After a few minutes, she comes back out, lugging a piece of armor over her arm. It's a dark silver, unpolished but clean, that will slip over someone's head and onto their sholders.

Carter smiles and takes the armor and daggers. She removes all her trowing knives and survival knives, replacing them with appropriate ones from her new collection as well as sliding the armor into it's rightful places. "I would say we are even, what about you? I have more if you ever have anything you think I need."

Devi lifts the metal and sets it in the floor, quickly putting away the binders and scribbling in the notebook, the change in inventory. "I'd say we were. And I'll keep an eye out if anything comes in that you might be interested in." She smiles.

Carter she tests muscle pressure plates in the armor to see how well it works and says, "Thanks hun."

Devi leans her arms on the counter. "That's what I'm here for. I'm begingin to feel like a guide." She cackles.

Carter smiles from within the sealed overlapping armor. She then triggers the release and feels it slide into itself and into near nothingness. "I love it. Just like from 'Lost in Space'. Though you have only guided me here. I would say your a productives sales person than a guide."

Devi shrugs, "Well, that is what they pay me for after all. To sell stuff. Plus, I can take almost anything that I want home to play with it!" She grins like a little kid in a candy shop.

"Oh, i can imagine you get to take them home to play with them. Some are still a little sticky, id wager!" comes a voice from off to the side. Looking over, theres Oblivion, looking at some of the larger artillery, and grinning wickedly

Devi eyes Oblivion as Carter vanishes out of the door. "Great timing, at least I sold something to her before you scared her off." She glares at the Mazuko not trusting him at all.

Oblivion sighs "Oh, Devi Devi Devi... is that any way to treat an old friend? After all, i've not really done anything to you, now have i?" (least... not yet i havent)

Devi asks, "Un huh." She shuts and slides the notebook away. "But I know what you did to me before. The other me." Devi's spent a lot of time staring into that crystal ball and watching her history here. Granted she can't hear anything, but some images speak for themselves. "But tell me, what did I need so badly to allow you to take my soul?"

Well, now that she KNOWS her history, somehow, the facade is no longer needed. Any trace of humanity in his expression departs, leaving his usual, decidedly evil smile "Oh, i didnt take your soul anywhere. However, what you gave me you gave of your own free will. Nothing your real half did was forced upon her."

Devi says, "She. What she gave you. She may have been here first, but I'm real too. What did she need? Why'd she agree with it? What did she want?" Devi's skin is still tight over her bones, from sleeplessness, the bags under her eyes obvious in any lighting.

Oblivion laughs "is THAT what you believe? That your 'real'? Oh, i suppose in a manner of SPEAKING, you are. Believe whatever you like". He leans against the wall "Why should i tell you about someone ELSES buisness deal? Hhhmmm? After all, even by your own logic, your two seperate versions, which means it isn't entirely your buisness, now is it?". He picks up a small pistol on the counter, looking it over "Unless, of course, you can.... give me a good reason why."

Devi grins her teeth. (Shit. Screwed that up didn't I.) She makes circles with her hands. "To learn from 'my' past mistakes? The power of wisdom?"

Oblivion smirks "Again, WHY should i tell YOU about the circumstances of someone ELSES deal? If someone buys a weapon from you, with a private contract, what right do I have to be told of its details without being involved in it from the beginning? Thats bad buisness, you see."

Devi sighs. "Fine, use your logic. If I am the same person, or a part of, then I have a right to know. Using my logic, if I am spereate from said person, she is running around with my face. REgardless of how I came into being, I am part of and yet still seperate from her, so it is my right to know."

Oblivion crosses his arms, and smirks "Im partially interested. Can you explain to me just HOW you came into being? If so, i MIGHT consider telling you. Depends on what you have to tell me. This place links to all dimensions. That there can be two of the same person, from two seperate timelines, is perfectly possible. Unless theres something your not telling me...."

Devi leans back on the wall, sitting on her stool, thinking on how to say this without saying anything imortant. "Look. I saw Devi curled on her floor, in pain, then I appeared. Logic dictates that I came around because her mind was going through something tramtic." She's a sharp kid when she puts her minds to things.

Oblivion says, "I think the word your mean is 'traumatic'. You misspelled it in your last pose". Blink. What? Hes nuts, you see. "SO you just 'appeared', and did what exactly? Wondered what you were doing in front of yourself? Helped her up? Left? Right?" Seems there is SOME direction to his line of thought.... even if a bit skewed.

Devi narrows her eyes at Oblivion. "Do you know where she is, Oblivion? Your feared and hated General?"

Oblivion says, "Oh, im sure shes around somewhere. It IS Twisted, after all. Just hafta listen for the explosions"

Devi grins evilly, as she fingers the gun in her pocket. "You lie fairly well."

Oblivion tilts his head, snickering "Oh? You speak as if you know something more than you let on. What could you possibly know that I do not?"

Devi says, "It's funny ya know, how you deal with a split person. Memories seep in, the mind struggles to keep in contact with it's lost half." Her eye twtiches unnaturally. "Do you know how I'm connected with her /Master/?" She spits the word out, filling it with frustration and acid. "I'll tell you. She dreams, I dream. She does something while I'm asleep, guess what? I DREAM IT! I havn't slept in weeks. Since that first one." She goes to rub her temple, only to find the gun in her hand against her head. Giving it a startled glance, she slips it back into her pocket. "You have no idea where she is. She's not here anymore Mrs. Torrence.."

Oblivion laughs aloud. Something about all this he finds very funny. (Part one complete..... 'Good Devi' is finally starting to accept who and what she is). He grins from ear to ear.... literally. Its kinda creepy. "So then you are FINALLY coming to terms with what you REALLY are. You are real, indeed. As real as a persons shadow. Now that you know you ARENT a seperate being, just a piece of another, and you know how your connected, you prove that you have a reason to know about your little deal. That is, IF you still really want to know. After all, you might not like what you hear"

Devi regards him with glazed cool green eyes. "Tell me."

Oblivion holds his hands to the side, in a mock 'savior' manner, his smile returning to normal length "She asked for power. For the ability to accomplish what she wanted. I simply gave it to her."

Devi says, "And what did she want so badly to ask for this kind of power, and disregard her humanity?"

Oblivion shrugs "Nothing. She simply wanted to be able to accomplish her own desires, to finally no longer be a weak link, i suppose. As for her humanity, that depends on what you define that as being."

Devi says, "And she got what in return for her desires? Enslavement?" Devi leans forward on her stool, her voice starting to shake. She swallows and looks off to the side, almost ashamed at her outburst. She really is trying to understand, but it's hard for her. Rolling her wrists she cracks them, then looks back at Oblivion.

Oblivion smirks "Hardly. While it IS true binding her to myself was the only way to give her what she desired, i deliberately left her free will intact. She would have to obey my orders, but what she did outside those orders, and even how she accomplished her orders, were her own decision. I kept my interferance with her choices as minimal as possible."

Devi says, "A dog on a leash, in any manner is a dog on a leash." She forces herself to lean back on her barstool and fold her arms. "And what now? What if she comes back from where she's been and decides that she doesn't want to 'work' for you anymore? What then?"

Oblivion smirks "Her power stems primarily from myself. I can try to reestablish the connection, if it doesnt occur on its own just be her return to this space of existence. Otherwise, there are several 'possibilities'. She may begin to 'leak' power, and end up eventually 'drying up', until she no longer exists. She may 'attach' herself to someone else and become bound to them instead. She may start binding to non-powerful mortals, draining them dry, before conecting to others, making her an energy vampire, of sorts. Since her power stems from my own, it matters little. She cannot hurt me, and since her free will is intact, i have nothing to be worried about. Her choices have always ended up interesting and entertaining. So long as she has that will and creativity, i doubt THAT will change anytime soon."

Devi nods mutly, and rocks on the stool. "What about her and I? Do you know what's going to happen if we merge again?" She doens't have all the answers, but he might be able to help with that.

Oblivion again shrugs "Any number of things. You, as you precieve yourself, will almost definately cease to exist, returning to being a part of your original whole. That is almost a definite. She may or may not retain your experiences, memories, and the like consciously. Split personalities are like that. Seeing as you are simply a projection of another aspect of her own mind, projected by her via a constant focus of power, that your even still here with her outside the dimension is unusual". He grins Ferally "I cant wait to see what happens"

A dagger flys out of Devi's boot and into her hand, via a spring she installed in the boot itself, and she fiddles with the dagger as she thinks. "What if I don't want to go back?" She murmurs lowly. What if she's happy with her life and doesn't want to merge, what if, just if, she found a friend she can connect to on a basic level that isn't Tenna with her 'You just need to get out more.' Someone who might understand.

Mei slips in and adjusts her hair. She's still enjoying her new found curves. Then again she looks pretty scuffed up from treasure hunting. She adjusts her pants a bit, not really peering around.

Oblivion eyes the dagger, smiling "That isnt up to me, silly girl. 'Evil' Devi and myself have been aware of you for some time now. I told Devi it was for her to deal with however she wished. Ultimately, im not getting in the middle of it, nor making a decision for either of you. I suggest you have a real hard talk with yourself at some point, young lady". He starts laughing again at the joke. Then Mei slips in, prompting an evil grin from him "Aaahhh, the little scaley healer of lore. What brings you to this quaint shop of destruction?".

Devi eye's flick up to see Mei and her whole persona changes. The dagger vanishes, Devi's eyes showing false life again, her posture restructering and seeming taller and better then before. She even manages to smile convincingly. No need to let someone see her in conflict with herself. Except maybe Jack. He might be one to understand. Maybe. Her voice is solid again, and she cheerily says, "Hi Mei."

Mei spots Oblivion and just makes the damnedest little startled noise something like 'ashiofahsfhaso' She sort of watches Oblivion "I need more explosives.. The usual, Devi." she commented, tossiing a bag of gold and attempting to avoid getting too close to Oblivion. Her fingers adjust her stockings a bit as she knocks some cob webs off of her hair. "So, still seducing the innocent, eh, Blivvy." she commented, dully. She reaches up to yank at her shoulder, handing Oblivion some shed scales..

Oblivion takes the scales and pops them into some astral hiding place. hell have fun with those later. That isnt just a fly in your soup, sir! "It isnt seducing if whats offered is taken freely, with no trickery on my part, little Mei"

Devi ignores the conversation, and asks Mei, "Nitroglycerine right?" Before Mei can confirm, Devi's off to the back room, leaning her head against the wall and fighting back the urge to do something stupid. She takes a minute to herself and to feel like she's regained control over her own body again.

Mei holds up a finger "Dear Sir you are not reputable, nor are you particuarly fond to me." she commented, dully. She cracks her lower back. She hops up to sit her ass on the counter, giving off very neutral vibes, her hands on the counter, lazy fingers tip tapping. "So what brings you here dear Lord Oblivion?" sarcasm!

Oblivion leans back, amused at this, sensing exactly what Devi is feeling, but keeping it to himself "Oh, boredom, and interest in good conversation. Not much else to do as of late, you see. Aside from the circus being in town soon."

Mei eyebrow raises at that. "The circus? What variety of circus." she examines her nails a bit. "I'm afraid I'm not much for clowns, but I used to be decent at walking a high wire.." she murmured, reaching into her hair to pull out some red nail polish, neatly painting her finger nails. "Dare I ask what you're up to, or is it a secret?"

Oblivion shrugs, grinning sheepishly "Im not sure. All i know is that the circus went out to go down the road, and might be back sometime soon. Or maybe not. With Twisted, one never knows". At mention of what hes doing, he snerks "Sorry. If you want that same old 'sore wa himitsu desu' line, go find Xellos. Thats HIS trademark, after all".

Devi comes back round to the front of the store, the jug in her hands. Setting it on the counter, she takes the proper amount out of Mei's bag and stows it in the register. Withdrawing the notebook, she wrights down some info and turns it around so that Mei can sign it. "What do you need Nitro for, if you don't mind my asking?"

Mei takes the paper to neatly sign in glimmering letters. "Who's Xellos?" she asked, almost dumbly. "Oh.. I'm fixing a problem." she commented, examining the Nitro before focusing her hand and letting it poof out of existence. "I have plans.." she commented with a chuckle.

Oblivion gets a thoughtful expression "Plans, eh? THIS should be amusing.....". He looks to Devi "Speaking of plans, i have some of my own. Well be in touch. After all, Tenna IS still single. Might just ask 'er out on a date!". With a smug grin, he vanishes.

Mei snerks a bit "HE doesn't have genitals, you know." she hops down, giving Devi a tip "For being so quick. Be careful with Oblivion, he's a tricky bastard, darling." she murmured, her ears twitching as she starts towards the door and off!

Devi waves and looks at the tip. "Thanks!"

Oblivion's voice can be heard in the room a moment as Devi guh's "Unless YOU want to take her out on a date.... She might like that!".

Devi exclaims, "Oh, fuck off man!!"

Oblivion can be heard saying "Im SURE Spooky could be applied VERY creatively!". That said, hes gone.

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