2009-03-03 (PreU) A break down in mental communitation

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A break down in mental communication


Who: Devi, Jack_Karrde
When: March 3rd, 2009
Where: The Integras Arm's hotel

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Integra's Arms - Roof(#1208R)

A simple rooftop without any noticeable differences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scorch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit different, huh?

Devi is standing on the roof edge, hands in her pockets fingering the gun from before. Sighing, she looks out on the depressing skyline and wonders what she's going to do about all this..

And the door opens and a figure steps out. Hey, it's Jack? Where's he been? And he blinks as he sees Devi, "..Oh..hi." he says after a moment, "How're you Devi?" he asks as he walks over to her.

Devi looking over at Jack, she gives a short chuckle. "Not very good. You forget about me Jackie?" She shakes her head and hops off the ledge back onto safe ground, her fingers caressing the cool metal in her pocket. Muttering to herself, she paces. "I hate being stuck like this.."

Karrde hmms, "No..just been busy. Very busy." he says softly as he looks at her, "..Long story but people expect too much from me now that I'm the Guardian of the Time Gates." and he hmms, "What's wrong?" he as he notices her pacing.

Green eyes regard him, lacking the normal fire of life, drowned in confusion. Devi's skin is drawn taunt over her bones, making her look older, and the bags under her eyes stand out against her pale skin. "Would you understand?" She ponders him for a moment.

Karrde hmms, "I might. I've been around the block a few times in my life so I've seen a good bit of odd things, and off the wall things. So sure." he says with a shrug. And Devi, he don't look much better. His eyes are strained, and he's carrying that weight on his shoulders again.

Devi nodding she mutters more. "I guess I have to trust someone sooner or later." She stops and looks at him, admiring the fact that he's gone on despite everything else. "I'm not real, Jack." She watches his face to see how he reacts.

Karrde taps his chin, "How do you mean?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow. And he leans against the small building that has the door leading down on it.

She chokes out a laugh. "I'm not real. Devi. Evil Devi. She went through something and... created me! I'm nothing but a shadow of what she was before she came here. I.. I've seen it, what she's done, and what she's been through. Hours and hours over that damn ball, and dreaming." She clutches her head. "Oh god, the dreams, Jack, their terrible. Everything she dreams or does while I'm asleep, I dream and it's killing me to know these things!" Her voice starts shaking and cracking with stress.

With a stoic expression Jack listens to it all, "..Hmm..you and here still seem connected from what I can tell." he says as he walks over to Devi and just goes to hug her. "Shhhh...just relax." he won't lie and say it'll be okay. He can see what's happening here..the two halves calling to each other, wanting to be one.

She stiffens. Not having been touched in a non medical way for a few years will do that to a person. After forcing herself to relax a little she continues, her head buried in Jack's chest. "She'll come back here, Jack, from where she is, and I'll vanish. And I'm not sure if I want to. I'm all alone here, but what she feels hurts so much more."

Karrde sighs, "No one's alone." he says softly. "And Devi..you are real. You think..you feel..you care. That makes you real." he says as he runs a hand through your hair. All the while he's thinking of ways to find a way to fix this..that if they become one, this Devi is the one in control. And he mentally sighs. Dammit, he's doing it again, getting in over his head and all.

Shuddering, she breaks away from the contact, not being able to take the emotions it brings on. "I'm her. A clone as it were, and when we merge, I'll die, unless I take over. Then what? I'll be some lonley bitter Mazuko General, spending her days in the asteral plane and being hated by the people here? How am I supposed to deal with that?" Her hands are shoved uncerimonusly in her pockets again, and her fingers idly continue strokeing her gun. Should she tell him what she almost did today?

Karrde says, "...You can be you. That simple. If you take over you can MAKE your own choices, not be bound by the choices of who that other one is." he says softly, "Trust me..I know what it's like to be bound by what people see you as. And I know you can change yourself. You're too good a person and I'd hate to see you go."

Running her hands though her hair, she clenches two big clumps, then thrusts her hand into her pocket, withdrawing the silver revolver, loaded with holy bullets. Flipping it in the air, she grabs it by the barrel and sends it hurtling to the ground as hard as she can. The sound of something cracking can be heard over the roof top. "Fuck."

Karrde blinks a bit as she does that and he looks down, "..You shot a cat." he says in a deadpan tone.

Devi grunting she squats and looks over the gun. "Naw, just cracked the stock." She rolls back on her bum and stares at it. "It's funny ya know, most people don't even fully apperciate their life until it comes to an end, and here I am.. She killed a person Jack. Cut their throat and relished the blood because it filled her with something that wasn't totally empty. Now she wears the soul around her neck. And all because no one cared about her." Her tone is tired and soft.

Karrde sighs, "Can't say much. I've nearly crossed the line before. And yeah...about not knowing what you got till it's gone, I know how that goes." he says softly and he picks up the revolver and breaks it open and empties it. "Holy bullets? Being sure aren't you?" he asks softly as he puts the bullets away and stows the gun in his coat. "But yeah...well..people care about YOU Devi. That should mean something."

Devi nods. "Yeah, Holy bullets. I was almost thinking of shooting Oblivion today if he didn't give me the answers I want. Stupid thing ended up at my temple... And Jack, Tenna cares about me. You might. No one else does. I'm a mere fixture here. Someone who happens to be good with weapons." She sighs. "The only think I'll be able to do is balence her out. And then will you still care about her? Even if I'm in there, with all the horrid things she's done?" She shakes her head. "Did you see what she did the other night to the Street? Those.." She shudders violently," Mosnsters she let loose?"

Karrde sighs softly, "..Yeah I heard, big whoop. I've seen and done worse."

Devi buries her face in her hands to hide the tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm scared Jack. And I don't know how I should handle myself until this whole thing comes about."

Karrde sighs as he goes to hug her again, "I wish I could help you. But you're still my friend no matter what. So that should count for something." he says softly.

Devi sighs in turn and takes a moment in Jack's embrace to chance feeling safe, even though she knows the feeling is fleeting. "Thank you.", she murmurs. "If nothing else, it felt good to just talk to someone about it. You were the only person I thought might understand it."

Karrde nods, "...Because I've seen and done so much over my life?" and he shrugs, "Well, good to know some stuff I picked up was worth it in the end." he says with a chuckle.

Devi peers up at him, her eyes starting to puff slightly. "No, because your so old." She smiles at him. "No, it's because you feel.. well, I don't know how to explain it."

Karrde hmms, "Hey, I ain't that old." and he hmms, "Just say what it feels like." he says with a shrug. Simplicty is the best policy he thinks as he stuffs his hands in his coat pockets.

Devi says, "You feel.. like you've been through this in some manner before. That you're like me in some ways. Alone and always have felt.. outside the circle of life around you." She lowers her gaze, and digs in the dirt with the toe of her boot.Devi says, "Maybe I'm just stupid."

Karrde hmms, "No..you're right." he says softly. And he sighs, "All my life I've been the outsider, the rogue that people turned to when all hell was breaking loose. But when they didn't need me, they didn't know what to make of me. Back home I commanded armies, but the higher ups didn't trust me and redid the military and tossed me out. Among the Senshi of my world I was Sailor Saturn's big brother, but they considered me not part of the team. Just..there. They were happy to see me save their asses when they needed it, but they considered me the outcast." and he sighs softly as he looks out at the city, "..And even here, it starts again. The Senshi consider me the New Sailor Pluto, but I don't have half the skills with the Gates she does. And the Scoobies, save Faith, don't trust me. They think I'm dangerous." and he gives a laugh as he shakes his head, "Doesn't matter, in the end I'm me, a warrior, Jack Karrde. That's what matters."

Devi folds her arms, and looks over the skyline agian. She still doesn't feel like anyone. The thought of being someone's figment has unnerved her, and she's not a warrior either. She's nothingness in solid form.

Karrde sighs, "..So yeah, I do know how you feel. Just a ghost wanting to be seen as a person, wanting to be judged for WHO they are..not what I've done or what others has done."

Devi nods. "It's not going to change though, is it? We might find someone who is the same, but in the end we'll be alone and on the outside, watching other people live their lives like we're on the outside of a glass ball..."

Karrde hmms, "In the end, we're all alone in the world. Trying to find someone to connect to. It's how things work sadly. Trying to fill that void in us."

Devi sighs. "That's a refreshing bit of wisdom there Jack." Her light tone is starting to seep back into her words as she snerks at it.

Karrde says, "..Well, sadly it's a truth of the world. But would you rather I do a song and dance routine next time?" he asks with a chuckle.

Laughing, she grins up at him. "Only if you wear those old 50 style barbershop clothes, and you've got a cane."

Karrde hmms, "Okay...that's too far." he says with a wink. And he hmms as he thinks, "..I think there might be a way you can stop the dreams for the time being so you can sleep."

Devi says, "I think maybe a good nights sleep will make me feel better. It's always helped before." She's open to suggestions.

Karrde hmms, "Okay..you and here are linked. Right? At the shop..do you have a ring of mind blank?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow.

Devi nods at the linked bit."I have no idea. Never looked for one before. If we do, it's in the catolages. They label themselves most of the time."

Karrde nods, "Okay...wanna go look?" he asks with a lifted eyebrow, "Better than sitting here. And the reason I asked..the link is there..but the ring will make it so your mind is invisible to her. It's a defense against psionic creatures like mindflayers and the like."

Devi says, "I trust you Jack, and if you think it will work, I will try it. I need some deep undisturbed sleep."

Karrde nods and forms his glaive. "Shall we see? There might be something else there that could help as well." he says as he taps his glaive on the ground, forming a portal to the shop.

Devi nods, and steps into the Shop.

ACROSS Center for Munitions and Explosives A.C.M.E.? The name of the shop isn't the only thing suspicious about this place. Every type of weapon you can think of decorates it's badly built walls. Infact, part of the theme here is that if they don't have it on display, it's in the back. Most of what is on display is bladed weapons, some magical, some not. A keen eye will notice many of them are cheap knock-offs of each other, but then why would you put the good stuff where the public can touch it? Also, for some odd reason there's a large amount of costumes on display apparently done in the style of various people on Twisted. Even a Gegoshi costume? So weird...

Karrde steps out of the portal and closes it, "Handy thing this." he says as he deforms his glaive. And he looks around, "So..where do we start?" he asks as he looks around.

Devi flicks on the lights, and moves around the counter, whipping out her handy books and flipping though the pages. Tapping the page a few times, she nods and opens a cabinet, withdrawing the ring. "I think this is it."

Karrde nods, "See what else they might have that could help you just in case Devi." he says as he hops up to sit on the counter. Setting the ring on the counter, she flips through some more. "There's a sleep ring, but I'll stay in that sleep til someone comes and takes it off me.. That's no good."

Karrde shakes his head and hmms, "So that's your best bet." he says softly as he pulls Hydra and twirls the gun idly. Somewhere on the muck, Faith has connected.

Devi says, "I guess so.." She stares at it, then scribbles something on the pad, slipping the ring into her pocket. "Mm, give me that gun back. I'll have to send it in to get fixed."

Karrde nods as he pulls that revolver from his coat and sets it on the counter. He does the same with the bullets, "By the way..one thing. If you're going against a Mazoku, use Astral based attacks." he says with a smirk.

Sliding the gun into a slot, she stows the bullets away. "Holy works too. The joys of seeing another mind includes seeing some of the weaknesses."

Karrde nods and offers her Hyrda. "Here." and the instant she touches that gun. Well, imagine touching a Heaven's Judgement. Powerful weapon he's got.

Devi shuts the the book, and touches his gun. Gasping, she withdraws her hand and stares at him. "Damn.."

Karrde smirks, and shrugs and pulls a black version of Hydra. "Hell's Damnation." he says as he puts the guns away, "..What can I say..I know people."

Devi shakes her head. "Can you give me a lift back to my flat, Jack?"

Karrde nods and smirks as he forms another portal as he hops down from the counter, "Sure..and you get some rest. I mean it. And if your counterpart causes problems..let me know." he says with a hmms, "I might think of a way to deal with her without hurting you." and he steps through the portal.

Devi steps through with him and into the hall of the Hotel. "I will." After a moment, she wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a hug. She whispers into his ear. "Thank you for helping me. It means a lot." She steps back and looks at him somberly. She wants to be his friend. Her heart hurts to much to deal with it alone, but if she has to.. She will. "Goodnight, and I guess I'll see you around." With that she darts into her apartment.

Karrde nods, "...See ya Devi. Like I said..I'll be around." he says softly. As she darts in Jack looks at the ceiling, "..It's what I do best..be around." and with that he vanishes back to the Gates of Time.

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