2009-03-11 (PreU) Death, revenge and a rescue. And Chili Dogs!

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Death, revenge and a rescue. And Chili Dogs!

Summary: Last TP plot, Evil Devi got stolen into DBA. Well, she's come back to claim the other half of her mind. So this log is going to start on DBA, and end on Twisted.

Who: Cale_Satanas, Devi, Hild, Kyle, Mei, Oblivion
When: March 11th, 2009
Where: DBA, Twisted Street

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Cale phases into existence behind Devi, "I think it's time. You need to reunite or permanent damage could result."

Devi looks up from her sketch book, a rare moment when she's not got her walls and her barricades up. "How'd you know?"

Cale just looks at her with those strange eyes of his, "You know how. My little exchange wasn't a one way thing."

She sighs and sets her book aside, folding her hands in her lap. "I suppose your right. I wanted to see if anything would change." It hasn't, and she knows it. Good Devi will take the same course she did.

"It's only temporary, you're not done here yet, and I've sensed..trouble...that you could help with here." He clasps his hands behind his back, "If you're still interested in this world that is." His eyes flick towards the desert where Arctus is training, "I know he'd be sad to see you go for good."

She glances out towards where Arctus is and laughs. "Yes, I'm still interested in this world, but I'm sure Arcuts would only be sad to see a good challenge go." She sighs again, remembering the pain she suffered when her mind first split and stands up.

Cale shrugs, "I think it's more than just sad to see a challenge go. When I tested him he'd never opened up as much as he has to you to anyone." He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Did you want to say good bye?"

She looks at Cale, her eyes full of sorrow. "Can I come back? Back here, I mean."

Cale nods, "When you're becoming whole again."

She nods. "Then no. I am not going to have another person worried about me. I'll not be a burden to his mind..."

Cale nods again, "Your decision." He suddenly phases them both out...

Cale_Satanas phases back into existence, his hand still on Devi's shoulder as she appears along side, "Well, I'll be back for you no later than two of my world's days. I should be around so reach out with your mind. I'll leave you to it."

Evil_Devi jolts as she's drawn through time and space, gasping as she returns to her home world. Devi says, "Yes, Teacher.. And... Thank you."

Cale_Satanas nods, "Of course. See you soon." he fades out.

EDevi looks at Cale as he fades, and takes a deep breath. Closing her eyes she exhales slowly and whispers her own name.

Devi is torn from her apartment, sucked through the walls, and everything in her way. She's let go at the last second, getting slammed on the ground. Groaning, she rubs her head and sits up, gasping as she see's her twin. Nothing is said as the two survey each other, but Devi can feel her mind and body reaching out towards EDevi with her red eyes, and odd clothing.

Evil_Devi sighs as she surveys her counterpart, knowing the path that she followed is the same. EDevi starts walking forward, her steps measured and unfaltering. "You followed my path... I had hopes for you you know." The softness she showed Cale is gone, replaced by bitter harshness. Stepping towards GDevi, she surveys herself, pure and mostly untainted feeling anger and spite for the people who've tried to help GDevi. "Fat lot of good they did you huh... Where's Jackie boy, your protector?" She smiles, but there isn't any life to it, just a shadow of emotion. Cale held Devi in a physical form, and forced her to feel human again, and while she had set aside her bitter attitude, seeing herself on the ground brings all of it back to the surface.

Devi looks up and bares her teeth. "At least now I know why you're so fucked up." She stands up, dusting off her ass, two parts of a whole fighting to not merge on the spot. "And I don't know where he is. I'll make due without him I suppose." She tilts her head back arrogantly. "So why are you here?"

Evil_Devi shrugs. "Why should I speak it? You know what it is, why I've come back. Do you really want to fight it?" She eyes GDevi with disdain. After all most people hate a part of themselves, but Devi gets to look that part in the eye. She breathes deeply, trying to remain calm, and not blow her top. Last thing she wants is Teacher having to come back and stop her from killing.. well, I guess killing herself.

Kyle is walking down the street, the opposite direction from Mei, headphones planted over his ears. A new addition of some mechanical device locked on his wrist. At the sight of the two Devis he curses under his breath, glaring at the darker of the two. He pulls off his headphones, watching for a moment.

Devi notices Mei, and swears under her breath. She hopes nothing bad will come of this. "'Teacher?' What have you turned into? Some school girl?" The words drip with acid as Devi prays that she can keep EDevi's attention away from Mei. She knows whats in her head, and the plans that EDevi has for Mei.

Mei's not worth the merit. She carefully takes a bit of salt from a pouch to mix into a pink potion right there, her quiet expression really quite dull. Of course she's paying close attention to the two Devi's. If Devi wanted to kill her, it wouldn't be a fair fight, which may explain why Mei is working on making something to cheat.

Evil_Devi's hand flashes out, unseen to the normal naked eye and grabs GDevi by the throat. EDevi bares her teeth in return, a insane glint hidden by her red eyes. Her Gi flaps in the soft breeze as she grinds her teeth. Making a disgusted noise she drops GDevi back on the ground. "I've been getting stronger. And after I collect you, I'll be going back to learn with Cale some more." She glares. "Are you going to rejoin without a fight?"

Kyle turns to the side, as if he suddenly finds the building next to him immensely engrossing, but anyone with sharp enough eyes will notice him still watching out the corner of his eyes. He snaps open the holster and eases his blaster out, making sure the gun and holster is on the side of him turned away from the Devis. He flips the safety off with his thumb, but makes no other moves, and his eyes never leave the evil Devi. Apparently not over that little Silent Hill horde.

Devi smacks weakly at EDevi's hands, gasping as she's dropped again. "And what if I don't want to go? What if I'm happy here? What if -I'm- comfortable?" Her voice is raising now, waving tone from the stress that's weighing on her mind.

Mei seems to add dashes of this, dashes of that, carefully corking the mix and shaking it, tucking it up behind her ear to take out another vial and tinker with it, her skin showing as she leans against the brick, using her deep tan to hide in the shadow.

Evil_Devi stalks up and gets in her face. "I know what you've seen." Yes she's referring to dealing with Sickness, something that OOCly hasn't happened yet. "Your not happy here. Left by your so-called friends. -WE- don't have friends. And it's likely that -WE- never will. We'll turn into old bitter virgin ladies with to many cats and a weird smell." She hurtles a thought into GDevi's head, of their date with Jack, and the fact that he dropped her for a good week afterward. "You think anything, /anything/ is going to change? No. At least with Cale, we've got a chance of being something more then an insane girl with no focus or point." The words are hissed out of clenched teeth.

Kyle is still just watching out of the corner of his eyes, waiting for the evil Devi to make a move. He tries to remain still, but no one would miss him in his outfit on this street.

Devi backs up a few feet, her hands dashed into her pockets. She can't sleep, dreams about what EDevi is doing at the time. The ring? She wore it, and sucked the life energy out of an old man. Sucked him dry. Devi glances at Mei, the stares at the ground, not saying anything. She mulls over what's been said, digging at the ground with the toe of her boot.

Mei's hand whips the first potion vial at E. Devi "Be gone with you child." Mei doesn't seem terribly afraid today.. " Associating with any Satanas will only bring you a lifetime of grief and a negative association." she called out, her weight suddenly lithely upwards onto a lamp post "Still planning on killing me Devi?" she asked, her fingers extending into claw. "Leaving my orphans to suffer?" she asked, the appearance might be a bit more startling than either of the Devis or Kyle are aware she possesses.. Her dark skin glints with scaled undertones, her green eyes nearly washed in the blacks, a few spiky scaled projections running down her arms and lower legs..

Evil_Devi kicks back on thin air, crossing her legs, a glance thrown over at Kyle. She know's he's there. Mei as well. And she's going to try her best not to hurt anyone. Well, she'll at least try. She's afraid of screwing up to much. God knows what the merge is going to do to her anyway. What will she be when she goes back to greet Arctus? No. She'll not be a monster. But she waits, letting GDevi think about it all the while injecting hurtful memory's into her head, trying to sway her decision. As Mei makes herself known, EDevi looks at her. "You." Her legs drop and she stands. Mei's got a good arm, if nothing else, but EDevi's been training in 10 times earth gravity and generally feels lighter and quicker all around. She smacks away the vial, the thing bursting into air. "I'll tell you this once." EDevi makes sure to look her in the eye. "You know nothing of Cale Santanas. He is a good man. I will hurt you if you continue to spread lies about me 'killing' your child." EDevi's eyes glow brightly as she struggles to contain her anger. Her fists glow and she turns back to GDevi. "Your answer."

Kyle points his blaster right at the evil Devi. "Well, I just want to blow out your brains for trying to kill me." And with that he pops a few blasts off at her. He knows that wasn't her intent, but it's much better sounding than almost hurting me. Then again, that might have been her intent. He remains pretty steady as he sights down the gun at Devi, realigning it after recoil.

Devi sighs and nods. "It's inevitable I know." She looks at Mei, thankful for her try to help, but knowing that this has to happen. One mind split in halves turns sour and nothing good can come of it. She crouches as she hears the blasts set off, her arms above her head. She peers out after a moment.

Devi sighs and nods. "It's inevitable I know." She looks at Mei, thankful for her try to help, but knowing that this has to happen. One mind split in halves turns sour and nothing good can come of it. She crouches as she hears the blasts set off, her arms above her head. She peers out after a moment.

Mei's eyes examine her claws "You did, technically you know. Death is not nearly as permanent as the human mind things. Mostly through magical poisoning and making me fled in under six hours after birthing. I refuse to comment on the goodness of any person here. Maybe you should learn some control. If it gets you off you can act like some saint, but you aren't." Mei's foot taps, her ass plunking on the lamp, her fingers curling in the metal, her serpentine curled fangs showing "I'm admittedly not in a good mood, whore. No one can free you from the bondage you put yourself in." She really seems less the fluffy 'love love happy' Mei than normal. "Besides, if you kill me, you'll have a much bigger problems, lovely.. As I have six lovely ticking psychological time bombs that I personally recruited due to their potential." Was Mei mean enough to psychologically work revenge through magically nasty children? Plausible! And damn underhanded. "I propose a cease fire and a bit of a bargain... If you leave me and my lovelies alone, I will leave you and yours alone.. I just don't want you unraveling my plans..." she whispered, voice hissing the S'es. ( Okay I don't know. She's hissing okay?) Mei's hair seems to reveal more snakes than normal, she's up to six. "Kyle if Devi wishes to play with herself, its her business, Boy."

Kyles blaster bolts fly true... til they impact with an armored head. The shots pop loudly as they connect, sending a wash of sparks each time. The figure peers back at Kyle, smiling "Thanks! I had a kink in my neck that needed working out!". He looks back to Devi, ignoring Mei entirely "Well.... THIS is definitely interesting. Hope you don't mind if i watch" Oblivion wasn't there when he fired. funny thing 'bout that.

Evil_Devi nods at Devi, her head flying around to the shots fired, and Oblivon appearing. "Thank you Master, I'll need to talk to you after all this." She turns her attention to Mei. "My oh my, well well, did the witty kitty get some claws finally?" Her anger struggles against her restraints and break free, the power and emotional control that Cale has been teaching her discarded for rage and the taste for blood. She blurs and its right in Mei's face, her hands glowing and flashing at Mei's wrists. Please keep in mind that Devi is moving at the speeds shown in DBZ, and is stronger for her training. "Who's the whore? Who for dumped? Who got left behind? WHO'S THE ONE THAT LIES TO EVERYONE THEY MEET ABOUT ME! I WON'T KILL YOU BUT I WILL LET TEACHER DEAL WITH YOU. I'VE BEEN GONE AND I'VE LEFT YOU ALONE! I HAVE NO ONE FOR YOU TO BUG SO GUESS WHAT YOU LIEING SNAKE? FUCK... OFF" At her last words, she blurs again, her hands engulfed in purple fire, her body shaking as she returns to her position. "AND YOU, HUMAN! I WASN'T AFTER YOU! YOUR ASS WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME!" The street beneath her bends inwards, her force pushing it so.

Kyle hits something with a finger and the energy cell drops out of the blaster, he fingers another off his belt, one that has a crystal partially sticking out of it. All the while talking rather calmly. "Mei, as much as I respect your opinion.. shove it. This is a little something called revenge. And I know you weren't after me, but still..." He levels the blaster again, aiming for the evil Devi, and if Oblivion is in the way, so be it. "Suck on this you God damned Mazoku bastard!" Wow, Kyle's got a really foul mouth on him when he's pissed. Any one with the sense to do so could feel these blaster shots charged with astral energy, now where did that come from.

Devi merely watches the going on's waiting for the time to join to come. She's mostly resigned her self to this. Maybe then she'll be able to function properly. And she feels the painful urge to rejoin on top of everything else.

Mei's fast. Even Caliga noticed that much. Mei's wrists are taken.. "Of course I'm a whore. Its the only way a demoness gets ahead." She soon while being held flips her legs up, her boots attempting to land quite firmly in Devi's gut. " If your teacher wishes to kill me, he can feel quite free, but is it worth it? You have no control." Mei's overall demeanor changes, deep blue taking over her coloration, hair changing to deep black, her weight dropping down. She seems to snerk at Kyle. Mei's weight seems to slip from Shadow to Shadow "Devi, do you know why I have eyes like I do?" she asked, amused. "Good day Oblivion. No embraces.." she holds her arms around herself, despite the fact she's in a more gorgon appearance, she still has curves and feminine grace.. "Oh my.. Oh my.." she chortles "Bastard." Mei is off her rocker and its aparent..

Oblivion takes the first blast square in the back. He didn't expect THIS! These STING! He turns quickly, and begins opening small dimensional pockets in reaction to the bolts, into which the bolts fly in, vanishing. Two of them he actually redirects this way, one going at Kyles gun, the other at his firing arm. He also goves for grazing hits. He doesn't want to kill or maim at the moment, just disable, so this lil spectacle can play itself out "Ah ah ah..... manners. You should wait for the lady to finish her buisness, THEN ask for her number. So rude.....".

Meanwhile, several cats lined up on a fence nearby are promptly shot by blaster bolts that appear from the 'out' door of the dimensional pocket, thus giving the place the name 'Cats Killed Ally' weeks later!

Evil_Devi phases through Mei's kick and does manage to get back to her spot. She casually disregards Mei's changes. Odd things don't bother her anymore, and she's taken to simpaly not giving the person the satisfaction of suprise on that mark. "I don't give a shit why you are what you are. And I don't think Cale will kill you. Like I said, a good man." She growls. "Enough of this." She turns to Devi and wraps her arms around her, seemingly crushing her. They both scream, the sound echoing off the buildings and vibrateing the surrounding area. 2 voices fade into one, and Devi D, Mazuko General, and student of the Lord of Hell have become one again. For a few minutes, she's got dual voices. The tones are diffrent but the same, suggesting the mind merge in still working. "Go ahead, Mei, if you want my blood, try me." Devi's eyes flicker between the emerald green and the consuming red glow. "Fight me, taste murder of someone who's done you no physical wrong. ATTACK ME! Or StAnD iN tHe ShAdOwS lIkE aN uNlOvEd, UnWaNtEd BeAsT!" The Devi's scream at her, their torso leaning towards her with every word. "BrInG iT tHe FuCk On!" She screams in pain as she waits for the next move.

Kyle moves his blaster out of the way in time to save it, but he ends up taking both shots himself. Fortunately, as directed only grazing shots. This only makes his eyes go darker. His eyes go wide at Devi, "Damn... I can't.." He doesn't aim his gun at Devi again, but keeps watching, making sure to keep Oblivion in his line of sight, maybe he could tell those bolts weren't aimed to kill.

"I don't want your blood, you don't have any.." Mei's voice rang out. " I do think you're a horrible girl though, so disgusting. Although all beings are disgusting." Mei seems to of changed for her own protection " You want me to attack, it won't happen.. I have always been unloved and unwanted.. Such is the curse of my existence.." Mei's body changes again, more monsterous, serpentine.. a naga? yes. Is it an illusionary spell, a shape shift, or simply an unraveling of Mei's physical state. Mei's upper body lifts, rapidly until she's taken to perching on an awning.. "You're still a marked woman, Devi.. No matter what you do, no matter what you say. I'm not going to submit to your will, as you may have figured out, I have freedom." she leans foreward, letting out a shrill, biting cackle. Mei seems .. a lot less harmless than she had been in previous times. Was she hiding it, or was it simply something she learned how to do.

Evil_Devi fumes and shakes, her head twitching as she struggles to remain in contact with the world. Her eyes continue to flicker back and forth between green and red, her voice still dual. "I wAnT yOu To TeLl ThE tRuTh! StOp LyInG! oThEr ThEn ThAt LeAvE mE bE. Do NoT pUsH yOuR iSsUeS oN mE!" She seethes at the very sight of this thing, that turned everyone against her. She was supposed to stay gone, if she hadn't come back this wouldn't be a PROBLEM.

Cale_Satanas appears in a seering blast of deep red in front of Devi, his red eyes with their four extra tear shaped pupils spinngin abotu the center trying to bore into her mind, "Devi! ENOUGH! Get control of yourself!" His form begins to lose shape, almost draining into shadow as his aura grows. His form becomes jet black as the red of his eyes fills the sockets, casting their own light, "You are too close now to slip back. Focus! Maintain yourself!"

Mei smiles a bit "If I'm such a liar, why does it infuriate you so much, Devi darling?" she asked, leering at Devi, her body coiling on itself, tail tip twitching, dangerously. Every inch of her body poised to strike "Now, I could summon mother and get my end but if you want a fight, you must strike me.." she whispered, grinning widely, over widely..

Kyle backs off even further at the appearance of a new person. He knows he's way out-gunned at this point. Anyone able to read body language, or martial arts can tell he's gone into a very defensive stance. The odd thing is, he's smiling, but it doesn't touch his eyes, it's almost emotionless, and probably a bit creepy.

Oblivion turns away from Kyle, now that he seems to no longer be a threat to the events occuring. He turns and watches, smiling "You should listen to him, Devi dear. As fun as insanity can be, without control, it destroys the balance of things. Even one such as you and i are bound by THAT law. What fun is a slobbering beast blowing stuff up willy nilly, anyway?" >})

Evil_Devi screams at Mei, and is pushed back by Cale's apperance. The ground beneth Devi cracks as she pushes with her power. "I hAtE yOu. AlMoSt As MuCh As I hAtEd SuN. YoUr NoThInG bUt SHIT!" Her form quivers, her mind torn between listening to her Master and Teacher, or tearing Mei apart with her bare hands. One of Devi's hand reaches up to grasp Sun's Soul chamber.

Cale_Satanas narrows his eyes at Devi, "You will BACK DOWN...and I will deal with this..." He turns to Mei, "I hope you know who I am, Mei. IF you want to keep my sister for longer than the next thirty seconds you will back the FUCK OFF! I have little tolerance for parents who start fights and who resort to tactics such as yours." His power pulses across the street kicking up a dark wind. His face slides into a grin, his fangs the only thing showing in his shadowy form besides his eyes at this point. THe tear drop shapes slowly meld into one spiked spiral around his pupil, "I'm giving you the one chance..." His eyes flick to Oblivion taking him in for a moment before returning his attention to Mei.

Mei cackles at that "Hate me all you want, But I am no threat to you." she pauses attention split. "I have started no fight, Devi started it a good long tiime ago." she seems to resonate calm, popping back to normal to form a water disk "I cannot pull from the river styx again without giving myself to the process if you harm my treasure I will most likely go beserk and unleash myself fully and be eternally caged under Etna for my deeds." she begins chanting.. the spell not taking shape where she's standing.. Its actually focusing over something else. She seems to be sending it through the disk.. Its an ancient protection spell invoking her ancient ancestor's name. The process seems to make Mei bleed considerably, as if the spell itself was drawing from her life.

Evil_Devi whispers to herself, in that jagged insane voice. Her mind fights to right itself. Small incohearent words, riddled with curse words as a tear manages to escape her eye, rolling down her cheek only to be evaportated. At Mei's comment, blood rushes through Devi's head, filling her ears with it's insistant pounding. Her body continues to twitch, half of it seeming to lunge towards Mei, the other half holding it in place. Her voice is torn out of her mouth, "I dId NoThInG mOrE tHeN fUrThUr A cAuSe ThAt BoTh Of Us WaNtEd. STOP IT!" She curls and uncurls her fists, the purple shroud flashing in and out as she does so. But on the up side, her eyes have stayed the glowly red of the Mazuko and the duality of voices start to fade.

Mei's fingers curl around the disk forming something, her body protectively wrapping around something.. Something pale and small, her fingers clutching tightly, the protection spell seemingly complete, her head tucking down and body surrounding the small item. She seems to be threatening to kill herself on the spot to make the spell nastier. "I wanted nothing more than to live a simple life." she whispered, her fingers clutching into what appears to be black strands. Her body is protective and soon silent, Her eyes wide and careful, warning. Fear seems to of made her more dangerous than normal. "You leave this one alone.." she whispered.

Lighting arcs down from the clouds forming above, obliterating a wooden stand in a hail of wooden shrapnel and the crashing of thunder. A whirlwhind forms on that spot, obscuring the form of a woman within. Slowly the whirlwind dies.... Hild-sama steps out from the disappating winds, the long streamers on her gown floating down around her as they settle. Her very presense is like a inky black pool of darkness to those that can feel it. The Daimakaicho has arrived. She glances around to look at those gathered. This can not but bode ill for someone.

Oblivion s smile widens as all this goes on. He isnt imposing his will on Devi in any way. This is ALL her choice. That was why he picked her to begin with: that fierce will, which he has left intact and avoided imposing on as much as possible. Makes things SO much more interesting. On one hand, Devi is handling things well despite being of two minds at once..... on the other, Mei isnt making it easy for her. He is so intent on watching this little drama unfold that he doesnt even notice Hild appearing.

Kyle can't help but notice Hild arrive, he mutters something under his breath, something like, "Freaking over-powered beings." He moves off to the side, close to an alley mouth as if that could protect him. He' still in that defensive stance, but otherwise, keeps watching.

Cale_Satanas stares at Mei, his eyes trying to bore into hers, "Devi. Focus yourself, think of what you've begun to gain." He addresses the next bit to Mei, "Your spells can't protect anything from me. I suggest you calm down before you make another orphaned Satanas." He looks over to Hild for but a moment before trying to make eye contact with Mei, "Just look me in the eyes, Mei...and your fear will disappear."

Mei is every bit motionless, her head shakes "I'm not dumb enough to look someone stronger than me in the eyes.." she whispered, "Especially with the spell up.. " she whispered, voice cold and protective of the parcel. She tosses an item to Cale, eyes closing.. "My stone gaze is in effect, you don't want to look me in the eyes.." She tosses an item to Cale, quietly, her fingers un moving. Every hint is up that Mei is still watching what is going on infront of her. Hild causes more of a start, her grip changing, her facial scars appearing, as well as the deep ones across her back she'd worked so hard to hide. Ancient words are uttered again, this time a small chant of serenity.

Evil_Devi the twitching fades and Devi begins to normalize. Her body stills and her hands unclench. She turns calmly to Hild, and looks her up and down. Then she returns her attention to Mei. "Just another by-stander, I suppose." She speaks of Hild here, not having seen her before and not knowing what she is. As for Mei, Devi talks softly, the words not directed at Mei, mostly to herself. "What I have to gain. Yeah." Her grin comes back, the wide unnerving one that she's used so often. Tears run down her cheeks as Mazuko wins out over Human. One twitch of hostily towards Devi will cause her to lash out at Mei, the humanity locked away in the back of her mind.

Hild-sama walks calmly forward, her shoes making a soft clacking against the ground that is somehow deafeningly loud. She pauses as Kyle moves near to the alley and turns her head to look at him, her eyes piercing. Then a smirk dances across her lips and she turns to walk in his direction.

Kyle mutters under his breath at the approach of Hilde, he draws himself up as much as he can, without loosing the defensive posture. His attention never fully leaves the conflict going on in the street, but most of his attention is now focused on the woman approaching him.

Oblivion smiles "You have learned well, indeed.... i sense from more than myself?". Now that shes back, and the mental link reestablished, he can see her thoughts... knows of what she knows, for the most part. He is impressed, by both her and her teacher.

Cale_Satanas moves so fast that anyone not able to follow the speed of light wouldn't be able to follow the movement. He grabs Devi about the shoulders, holding her. He casts his attention back to Oblivion, "I know your kind. I have the blood of my world's version of you in my veins. I don't agree with what your type of power does to a person. She has potential far beyond what you give her. ANd if you try to taint her I will destroy you utterly." His eyes narrow as his shadowy form looks back to Mei, "I would stop what you're doing. If I wanted to take my sister from you it would be simple. Right now she has a chance for something I didn't. A mother and a parent. She also can protect herself. SNap yourself out of this funk and think of her for a moment, and the pain you cause her by your actions." he snorts and drops the ring, "My father's indescretions are his own." He suddenly fades from sight, taking Devi with him back to his world.

Oblivion LAUGHS with true madness "Oh, how WONDERFULLY interesting. You dont see THAT sorta thing every day!". HE smiles evily at where Cale had been standing "Sadly, you misunderstand. I dont force such things on creatures. I give them when they are requested, if such amuses me. I merely gave her what she asked for of her own free will". With that, he starts laughing again, slowly vanishing from sight. Good to know his general is in good hands.

Hild-sama stops a few feet in front of Kyle and looks him over, the smirk never leaving her face. "Yes, you look like you'll do nicely." she grins, "My daughter has expressed an interest in something to assuage her hunger." she lets that hang in the air for a moment. "Perhaps you can tell me where I might find good chili dogs in this town? My chefs have never prepared them before." Wait... She went through the trouble of an interplanar teleportation for CHILI DOGS??

Mei's arm shifts, to block the attack with her left arm, her breath coming sharply, eyes opening as she turns herself in an attempt to protect herself. "I simply want left alone." she whispered. Cale might catch her glance. Mei's eyes are open as she tenses herself noticably. She does however lock gaze with Cale, giving a quiet message it seems, The attack seems to of been what she was expecting. Her mental voice is a lot softer and older than her physical one. "Lamichan.. lets go home.. Poor sleeping one.." she mumbled, starting off to vanish soon after unless stopped, protection still in place, tension visible on her frame.

Kyle looks completely dead pan for a moment, he couldn't do it better if he was drawn in an anime. He just raises his hand, pointing a finger at the Usual. "Um, they have good food. I'm sure they have chili dogs." Well, when a goddess asks, you respond, otherwise would just be impolite.

Hild-sama smiles, "Thank you. If they have bad food though, I'll have to come back and destroy your soul." she says cheerfully. Then takes his hand and drops a golf ball sized flawless diamond into it as payment before turning and heading towards the UR.

Kyle blinks, "My.. soul?" His eyes buldge even more at the diamond dropped in his hand, and hopefully pockets it before anyone gets a good look at it. He offers a rather well done formal bow to Hilde. "Um, pleasure to be of service."

Hild-sama heads into the UR to see about chili dogs for her new daughter.

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