2009-03-13 (PreU) A Usual conversation in the UR.

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A Usual conversation in the UR.


Who: Kajin, Kyoko, Mei, Prinnies
When: March 13th, 2009


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The Usual Restaurant You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Kyoko is presently behind the bar, pouring batter into a wafflemaker, and after a few moments using a spatula to pull it out and place the fresh waffle on a plate, and placing it before a customer. Seems its breakfast time in the UR. Her arm, looking MUCH better than before, is actually in a sling, rather than bandaged all to hell like before.

Mei slips in, carrying her medical bag and a small bag of loot over her shoulder, hair mussed up and a little black smoke reside on her skin.. "Ehehe.. Oh! Hello Kyoko!" she waves, cheerfully, her weight bouncing over towards her friend cheerfully.

Kyoko places a plate of sunny-side-up eggs and some bacon to the stoned prinny at the end of the bar *hey, he hasta eat TOO, ya know!*, and turns to smile at Mei "Greetings Mei! Would you like some breakfast?"

Mei ohers and thoughtfully nods "I'd like some, whatever you think would be good. The ice demon bird things eat bird eggs? Isn't that kind of weird?" she murmured phillosophically, hopping onto a stool infront of Kyoko "Is your arm feeling better today? I brought you a present for it.." she offered, cheerfully, her legs folding.

Kyoko laughs "A customer who was in a few days ago told me what they really are. Their not really birds at all". She goes to the counter, as a plate is delivered. Yes, Sung Lo is just that damn fast. That, and theres a temporal trick to the UR. whatever you order is made, but time works differently in the kitchen. So to them, its however long it took to cook. To YOU, the customer, its seems to me instantly delivered! She places the plate of scrambled eggs, sausage, and hash browns in front of Mei. "Actually, it's doing better than I ever believed it could be again. I can twitch my fingers! I haven't done that in decades!". It's suppressed somewhat, but she's exuberant about this. Like someone with a snapped spine suddenly finding they can begin to walk again via some means.

Mei takes out two small bracelets for Kyoko "These are special, they will jingle, but only for you. So when you are more recovered, you will be able to hear soft music where ever you go from them." she offered, cheerfulness in her tone. She takes her fork to explore the strange food. "I honestly don't understand those Prinny beasts. But I am from a land of sun and sand. " she shrugs, taking a large bite of eggs. "I'm so very happy for you, Kyoko."

Kyoko takes them, then bows humbly "Thank you, Mei". She places them within a pocket on her UR waitress uniform. Suprising, shes wearing the uniform with slacks, rather than the skirt. Pockets are wonderful things! "I wish i could repay you with more than free food. Unfortunately, i have no real skills that are... what was that word.... marketing? Markable?". She hands another customer their plate of toast, and refills the syrup container on the bartop.

Mei shrugs "You are my friend, it is payment enough, Kyoko. Besides, I am doing so out of honest hope it betters your life." she offered, calmly. She stretches her shoulders, nibbling hashbrowns and eggs again. She seems to cheerfully bounce in her seat, although she might just be wiggling. Who knows. She pauses "Don't get down on yourself, I am sure you have a good many marketable talents you just haven't found, afterall, you've lived through horrific things and you manage well enough here, that alone is more than most humans can bare." she murmured. "You have skills, you just haven't shone a light on them yet. Did you read the herbalism book I left for you?"

Kajin pushes the doors open coughing some making some strange faces, not paying attention to where he's going his forehead blatantly meets the door frame which makes him recoil leaping back out side. The door shuts infront of him with a click, followed by mild cursing and likely nursing his forehead. One should worry more about the door frame though...

Kyoko nods "I did, although I've only managed to memorize the making of the simplest of mixtures. There was a spare morte and pestle in the UR storage they allowed me to use, so i can practice as i go". She looks up in suprise as Kajin runs forehead first into the door frame "That must have hurt".

Mei turns around and burrows her face into her fingers "Mister Kajin are you alright?" she asked yelling rather loudly, trying to hold back giggles.. "That poor door frame." she commented. She shifts over to hop down and move to hold the door for Kajin and you know, check for concussions. "Well Kyoko, I think you'll catch on, you're a very bright girl."

Kajin grumbles some attempting to not tear the door off it's hinges. Much to his surprise, almost running into Mei and, or, making the poor small girl fly around like a ragdoll when he swings the door open.

Kyoko goes to get someone elses food to deliver as Mei assists Kajin, hiding the blush of semi-embarressment. Shes over 40. She hasn't been called a 'girl' by anyone in a LONG time, especially not by one looking as young as Mei does. It lasts only a few moments, however, as she distracts herself with further work, bringing a cup of hot chocolate to a small child having breakfast with his parents.

Mei waughs at being yoinked , her body rather gracelessly falling over mostly onto her face and chest, her weight kind of staying down for a very long moment "H-help?" she mumbled. It is probably pretty likely she ends up falling face first onto Kajin unless he backs up. But falling on Kajin is much like hitting granite. Poor Mei looks rather flattened compliments of Kajin Kajin isn't that rock solid... he's just rather clumsy. He grofs when hit with a Mei then blinks a bit realizing he just used someone to hit himself. Sighing he looks down and catches her with his free arm. "Ok, I know I'm durable but you don't have to body slam me.."

Kyoko looks up with some alarm, but sees him catch Mei, and nods, going back to the tasks at hand. Why the prinny ordered eggnog, we dont know. its a prinny, after all!.

Mei holds her nose, making an awful face "You're the one who opened the door like a crazed person." she murmured. "Are you going to carry me?" she murmured, wiggling a little and letting Kajin support her weight while her head de-homogenizes itself. She sighs a little.

Kajin is taken a little aback from the suggestion then looks at Mei critically. "Carry you? You look fine to me... oh whatever.. sure." He sighs and reaches down plucking the small woman by her waist as though she were dirty laundry. "Where am I carrying you to?"

Kyoko eyes the situation, smirking slightly as Mei suckers a ride out of the guy.

Mei squeaks and squirms "Back to the bar, I'll buy you breakfast.. Wow, your butt is huge." she commented, peering at Kajin rather lazily. "This is far more fashionable than walking!" she announced, getting chipper again. She makes a face at Kajin, pecking his cheek. "My Hero!" Kajin sighs shaking his head setting her on one shoulder. Walking with heavy steps that make the floor almost shudder. Stopping at the bar he looks up at her. "Breakfast? Sure.. But I'm having a brandy with that." He states plainly. Setting her on the counter he slumps into a seat quietly.

Kyoko writes on a notepad she places on the bartop "Brandy to drink. What would you like to eat with that, if anything?"

Mei's arms pet Kajin "Okie dokie Mister Kajin. Kyoko, this is Kajin. He is very odd. even for a human." she chuckles, her hands resting on the bar as she takes her time to flop into her stool, legs folding neatly

Kajin says, "How does her ribs sound? ... ... I'll take chorizo and eggs. Add a jalapeno and a side of wheat toast... with strawberry jam."

Kyoko writes it all down on the bartop, tears off the note, then takes it to the window. Seconds later, it's slid out, with everything he requested. The plate is placed before him on the bartop "Welcome to the Usual, Mister Kajin" she says with a smile.

Mei ers a bit "I'm not meaty enough to provide a nutricious snack. Nor do I have fatty tissue in the chest area to make the ribs tasty." she offered, casually. Her toe taps lazily as she takes a moment "I'd like a some of those waffle things.." she commented, chipperly Kajin looks up, obsidian locks draping his face. He stares at Kyoko for a moment then nods. "Been here before.. but It was a Gas station before I walked in." He says looking at the food, then nods grabbing the Jala-PEENO he dices it and mixes it in with his food, then applies the jam to his toast. Reaching for a fork he looks at Mei, "Who said I'd be eating for nutrition? Let alone ingesting."

Kyoko pours batter onto the mold, and closes it for a few moments "Waffles coming up!"

Mei peers at Kajin.. "I haven't got enough cleavage to even joke about serving it up." she sniffs at Kajin and tilts over, nipping his forearm with her fangs harmlessly, intentionally trying to only graze him with her teeth. " Of course her hand soon begins to poke at Kajin with a butter knife lightly."

Kajin leers up at her, arm twitching with the fork, instinctually thinking she was going for his food. Being the youngest always made him defensive of his food. Peering at her he shrugs. "It's not about the volume. It's how you use it."

Kyoko a-hems at the two, then glances at the small child sitting at the bar, then back again.

Mei coughs "Some try to eat my kind back home, Kyoko, because we are exotic." she commented dully, her fingers spinning the knife as she takes a moment to nibble her waffles a little, making a face at Kajin, as if he's on drugs. "Must of hit his head harder than a thought."

Kajin blinks looking at them then the kid. "I wasn't saying anything. How you use what you acquire can make anything a delicacy. Fat content just gives it a salty taste, seasoned right lean meat can go a long way. The fatty tissue just makes sure it has the moisture enough to be cooked right." He says taking a fork full of the spicy food in his mouth.

Kyoko blinks, and decides shes going to avoid this conversation. Ugh. The thought of being eaten, something that more than likely almost happened when she was injured in the wastes, makes her feel ill. As for the conversation of female anatomy and how parts 'taste', well, she is NOT going there, as it is an improper topic of conversation, particularly in public, as well as in a place of eating. She does blush a bit, however, despite herself.

Mei peers over at Kajin's food, "Whats that?" she asked, peering at the Chorizo "Can I try a bite? I'll give you a bite of my waffles?" she offered. "Besides, you're upsetting the civilized woman between us. I think she'd much prefer to avoid it. Don't you?" she asked, taking a moment to lean over and whisper something to Kajin, ears flickering.

Kajin ponders that thought then looks at Mei then Kyoko. "This? Eh.. sure. Don't let it linger on your tongue too long." He says holding up a for full, due note the eggs and Chorizo is mixed as always. There's a juicy jalapeno in the mix too. "And don't say I didn't warn you either." He says holding it still, "Beside, eating is a way of life... We all serve our purposes. I'm sure there's something out there bigger than me waiting for it's lunch... I'd preferably remain in one piece though."

Kyoko cant help but ask "W-why bother going out there, then? If it's so dangerous....?". She looks honestly concerned.

Mei takes the bite from Kajin, cheerfully, sort of observing the flavor before swallowing "Nn.. Not as hot as the soup I had last night, very tasty." she commented, she blinks "Because the bird who never leaves the nest, shrivels and dies. We must be enriched through expirience." she offered, voice soft and cheerful.

Kajin nods knowingly. "Take it from the guy who used to wait hours on end, staring through a tube for his mark, only to squeeze something and watch that thing on the other end blow up." He says taking another bite munching in quiet. "Life is life. We kill things to eat don't we? We work to eat, there's no difference."

Kyoko looks between Mei and Kajin, the latter making her pale a bit. Meis words make sense, although shes still afraid to go outside after LAST time, but Kajins words unsettle her. She cant imagine doing such a thing....

Mei ers "Kajin don't force it. Kyoko, I'll go outside with you sometime, I promise and we'll have a lovely time, alright?" she offered, She offeres Kajin a bit of her waffle in trade for the spicey food.

Kajin blinks and opens his mouth to take a bit, munches for a while then swallows looking at Kyoko. "Outside ain't that bad though. Find the right place and it's breath takingly beautiful." He explains trying to think. "Imagine a lush environment, tall green leaved trees jutting high in the air, a gentle welcoming mist about the ground, light vegetation about the bases of the trees. All encroaching a large untouched serene lake, crystalline blue waters like a pure gemstone, flawless and perfect."

Kyoko refills a customers glass of coke, still looking somewhat unnerved "I've heard other patrons tell of such sights, all adding that such can be simple deceptions of the eyes by something dangerous"

Kajin says, "That's only if you don't see the cliff before taking that last step."

Mei mms a bit "Next time Skeeve is about perhaps we can take you on an adventure." she offered, cheerfully, her legs kicking. "Be kind, Kajin, she's had a very rough life."

Kajin smirks some and keaps eating picking at his food a moment. "Who hasn't? But lets not get into mine. You'd rather not hear about what... humans do." He says with a bit of a sting to humans, as though he hated his own kin? Continuing on his way with his food he closes his eyes enjoying it.

Kyoko is clearly frightened by whatever images her imagination is conjuring, coupled with whatever else she might have encountered. She gives a polite nod of her head, and moves to retrieve a plate of food needing to be cleaned, as a patron leaves "F-forgive me. I know little of such things. Better for me not to speak of what i don't know".

Mei clears her throat "is.. that some sort of hateful comment aimed at me because unlike you or Kyoko I am not human?" she asked, looking a little uncomfortable from what jin said. She sort of awkwardly stares at her waffles, her eyes downcasted, very shy it seems.

Kajin shakes his head. "When you spend fifteen years getting shot at by other people.. humans, you tend to wonder why you fight at all." He says taking another bite then downs his entire glass of brandy.

Kyoko glances at Kajin, curiosity in her eyes, but she quickly suppresses it, resuming her duties in silence for the moment, color finally returning to her features as she calms down a bit.

Mei keeps her head down "I was involved in a war as a medic, long ago. I'm not terribly fond of such." she offered, voice quiet. She sighs "Kyoko, please give me something with grenadier in it." she mumbled. yes she wants pomegranite liquoer.

Kajin looks over at Mei and smirks, "On what scale of war were you in... No never mind. Something I'd rather not reminisce about." He looks at his empty brandy, from rim to bottom in one drink. Frowning he takes another forkfull. "It's allright I suppose, war. Reminds you of what's important." He says staring at the glass calmly.

Kyoko goes pale all over again at mention of a war.... "One m-moment please...". She doesn't handle the alcoholic drinks as well as some others, and a substitute bartender comes out and mixes the drink for Mei. Kyoko, retreats to the back rooms for the moment.

Mei takes her drink her hands wrapping around her drink quietly "I'm a very good medic.. Bye Kyoko." she murmured, seeming to loose her occular focus and just watch the drink.. "I lost a lot that war.. I ended up returning home though so I guess I survived for a reason." she offered, voice soft.

Kajin shrugs some. "When your a sniper, you tend to not have anything to lose in a war." He says taking another bite, chews for awhile before speaking again. "Besides your spotter. Even then, you just stare down a long narrow tube and watch people die. Up close, even if your a dozen miles away."

Mei mms a bit "I really don't think its appropriate to speak of what I lost that horrid war at this time, Mister Kajin." Her eyes close as she curls her hands into fists and takes deep noises.

Kajin shrugs some. "Like I said. Nothing to reminisce about. Just takes a special sort of person to do what I did."

Mei's arm shifts over to wrap her arm around Kajin's side "Since Kyoko has left I should probably think about going to get some rest, these memories are very painful and are all dredged up and making me feel very light headed."

Kajin ponders that watching Mei leave then shrugs, looking at his meal he shakes his head and eats the last bite. Chewing with a bitter expression on his face then swallows, "Genocide isn't war... but... she doesn't need to know that." He says standing up then pushes away from the bar righting himself then turns to slap some old silver coins on the bar. "Hell... surviving a genocide is a little more than losing things." He smirks some then wanders off, likely to go practice hurling stones or reinventing gunpowder, but he doesn't know that it doesn't exist already.

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