2009-03-13 (PreU) Rooftop water fight.

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Rooftop water fight.


Who: Devi, Mei, Xue
When: March 13th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street - Another Way


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Twisted Street - Another Way

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

Xue is actually sitting up on a rooftop for once, out in the open, enjoying the moonlight in a rare time it's out in this strange place. Her eyes are distant, as if lost in thought.

Mei is out, carefully holding a crystal infront of her, walking very very slowly, somewhat tranced. Definantly following some variety of magical power. She's pretty dull looking.

Evil_Devi isn't so dull looking, with her balloons of warm water that will turn you temporarly purple. Since her last attack didn't go so well, she's done better this time. Out of nowhere, a door will open in the sky, and drop what is close to 300 balloons on the whole of the area.

Xue blinks as shes suddenly warm and wet..... GEE that sounded dirty. She looks down, and sees her entire arm is... purple? She sweatdrops. As much as she likes the color, she doesn't need to be COVERED in it! Her eyes flash blue, and the water covering her freezes over, flaking off in small flakes. This, of course, doesn't remove the purple color, but shes at LEAST not soaking wet. She stands up, and begins to look around, specificly up at the door that served as the source of these things -.-

Mei's ... pretty much flattened by the attack, her body sort of flooding out a bit, her ears flattened.. "Ow.. ...." actually she coughs and sputters before swirling her hands to form a large bubble of water.. her pink satin mage armor is ruined.. and .. wah.. she begins focusing her energy out to throw her hand up and sort of let non purple water rain down on herself.

Evil_Devi cackles in the sky as she watches. Mei can go ahead and try and take a shower in the middle of the street, but the purple on her skin and clothes won't wash off for at least 3 hours. Just long enough for one to really embaress themselves and feel like they are explaining all day what's happened to them. "VICTORY FOR ME! Oi, does this mean you two are all washed up? Oh! To bad it wasn't green, you could be 'green' with envy!!" Devi appers laying on her back on nothingness in the sky, holding her stomach as she giggles madly. "Oh you should have seen your faces." She rolls up into a sitting postion, her legs crossed, as she melodramtically wipes her eyes. "That was fun."

Xue gazes at the newcomer, speaking a few words in a language Devi wouldnt recognize, and her eyes glowing with blue light a moment as she observes the floating person. While the spell attempting to analyze Devi functions, she smirks "Effective, but simple. I fail to see the purpose, aside from... well, slight amusement". Her hand, suprisingly, is NOT at her sword presently.

Mei takes a moment .. and smiles, taking a stone from her bag to hurl at Devi with a rather lopsided grin. Should the stone hit Devi, it would explode in pink shimmering glitter, the variety that just keeps glimmering for a full day. ... WHy is Mei carrying pink sparkles? Probably best not to ask. If it misses.. some NPC will be sparkling all day... like some variety of gay tinkerbell...

Evil_Devi grins at Xue, and points at her and laughs. "Yer a piece of work, kid." Devi giggles. Xue's spell will show Devi as an asteral creature, and a Mazuko if her scan goes that far. Devi rolls her head towards Mei, and grins evilly. "Hi." Devi 'takes one for the team as it were' and lets the stone hit her, covering her in sparkels. Sprouting wings, she cackles again.

Mei smiles cheerfully "You're a super star, Oblivion spawn." she rather daintily steps on her toes, not looking that bad in purple. however the cute curls she'd spent time putting in are relatively ruined.. "Those sparkles will follow your essence where ever you go Devi." she bounces on her toes, shaking excess liquid off and producing a towel from a small pouch through some variety of magic to dry her long dull as dishwater hair out.. "teehee." she commented.

Xue raises an eyebrow, her eyes narrowing, but her smirk remaining in place, as her spell tells her all she needs. An archmage as old as she isn't used to being called 'kid' however.... and knows full well that signature, from her encounters in Neotokyo and Metropolis "So is THAT what you are.... interesting". As the sparkles cover Devi, and her name is revealed by Mei, she crosses her arms, appearently not worried in the slightest "Oh, so YOUR the Devi whos been causing all the ruckus ive heard about...? MOST interesting". She otherwise doesn't seem in a rush to do much more than stare. It WAS just a water balloon, after all, and colors can be removed magicly.

Mei smiles cheerfully "You're a super star, Oblivion spawn." she rather daintily steps on her toes, not looking that bad in purple. however the cute curls she'd spent time putting in are relatively ruined.. "Those sparkles will follow your essence where ever you go Devi." she bounces on her toes, shaking excess liquid off and producing a towel from a small pouch through some variety of magic to dry her long dull as dishwater hair out.. "teehee." she commented.

Evil_Devi laughs. "Well, Mei, at least I can be mostly ok with people playing jokes on me. I'm not going to get my big bad friends to attack me." Devi smiles and turns to Xue. "Well, I've never really done any harm. Regardless of what people think or say." Devi casts a digusted glance to the gorgon below her. Not even bothering to twitch, Devi changes Mei's clothes into noodles and smirks.

Mei is naked...? She makes a face "I don't believe I even have any friends, Devi D..." she commented, now nude, although she really doesn't have much to hide, Pretty standard, No pubes, a tatoo around her navel, a piercing in her navel flesh, and really not a whole lot of body fat. "She makes a face again, wrapping her towel around her tan-line free body."

Xue hhmm's, and shakes her head at the goings on. Her eyes flash blue once more "Ya know, it ain't polite to do that to people. Clothes and equipment can be hard to come by, specially here. THAT makes you NOT as harmless as you think. Suggest you leave her be, unless you want to make something of it.... ?". Shes no sailor senshi, or even entirely good, but she CAN play the hero, too.... on occasion.

Evil_Devi waves dismissivly towards Mei. "Yes, fine, call them what you will, hired bodyguards, whatnot." Devi shrugs, and vanishes, giving Xue a mocking salute, clicking her heels. "My manners ain't what they used to be." Devi grins and causes Xue to suddenly not be wearing any boots. The boots will be found hidden in the area, along with Mei's clothes. Devi's not entirly evil, but she does have a rep to keep up.

Mei's fingers go to her hair "I do so wish she hadn't done that, it was a gift from my new master." she mumbled.. " So I'm going to have to try to figure out where he bought it." she shrugs "Like anyone would defend me Devi. they just happened to follow my lead for a change." she takes a breath "Oh don't bother. The creature tries to kill babies obviously they are beyond any sembelance of reasoning." With that Mei takes from her belt a roll of bandages to wrap around her chest to cover them up.

Xue stands there smirking. Her boots go... nowhere. Her astral barrier, raised when she saw Devi do what she did to Mei, works as intended. It's not invulnerable, but it would take more effort to break than just moving objects would require. Peering down from the rooftop, she points to a heap off to the side "Are those them?". Being high up has it's advantages. She drops to the ground, and raises an eyebrow "i've met many creatures that would happily kill a baby just because they could, but that were still intelligent enough to reason with, with the right method employed".

Mei's fingers peer around to see if the pile is her clothing, her hands reaching to raise the garments with her fingertips glowing "We've met before, you showed me the protection glyph.." she offered quietly, "Devi D is a part of Oblivion the Mazoku and exists simply to create chaos, they both wish to harm my former husband through my child.. needless to say the child is no longer a means as she is dead and well my dear former love could care less about my safety or hers, he fled once I was suitably pregnant." she offered, sighing "I apologize for my over share." she murmured, examining the pile of clothing carefully.

Xue shakes her head "Aahh... now i remember you". She nods "Oblivion is known to me.... he was insidious in Neotokyo.... destroyed an entire commercial district in a matter of seconds. If he has minions now, even that he's here.... this doesn't bode well". She does give a rare sympathetic look "I can relate to abandonment more than you would think. Let me know if you need any help with anything. That includes defense".

Mei takes a deep breath, tapping the garment to pop it on, the bandages and towel poofing "I am an apprentice under Skeeve now, the flight from Oblivion opened up my magic in horrible ways, would you care to have some tea?" she takes a soft breath and sighs "I know nothing of Oblivion, nor do I necessarily wish to go head to head with any such beast, I will however do what I can to obliterate that hellbeast bitch of his. I do believe he called her a general." she mumbled.

Xue nods, sweatdropping slightly at the outfit "Skeeve is DEFINATELY one of the most competant mages ive ever met. Your in good hands with him.... and some tea would be nice, thanks". She manages a light smile "I know enough. Of her, i know little more than what she is. If she is his general, than she must be quite powerful. Genera and Priest are given by mazoku to their minions only when said minions are second only to themselves, and completely loyal."

Mei rolls her shoulders.. "Skeeve is just teaching me proper magic, I'm only capable of doing anything of value in crisis through ancient magic." she mumbled.. blotting her clothing dry. Definantly Skeeve's work. She concentrates, taking a tea pot out of a small void "its really quite odd, the other Mazoku was quite pleasant to me. I was very fond of dear little brother." she murmured.. She settles onto a small stack of milk crates, eyes closed as she makes the kettle whistle, tea cups appearing. "Skeeve was casually teaching me for quite some time, only recently has he become a proper teacher." she offered.

Xue raises an eyebrow "'Ancient' magic?". In her world, theres just 'magic'. "Mazoku are as intelligent, in many case moreso, than any other sentient race, and just as varied. That you might find one here as such is no suprise. She takes one of the cups, sitting simply on the ground, leaning against the wall "Well, no sense teaching yuo all out if you werent at a certain level of skill yet. It's likely to avoid wasting his time on someone he wasn't sure would go the distance.

Xue raises an eyebrow "'Ancient' magic?'". In her world, theres just 'magic'. "Mazoku are as intelligent, in many case moreso, than any other sentient race, and just as varied. That you might find one here as such is no suprise". She takes one of the cups, sitting simply on the ground, leaning against the wall "Well, no sense teaching yuo all out if you werent at a certain level of skill yet. It's likely to avoid wasting his time on someone he wasn't sure would go the distance. *fixed*"

Mei ers a bit "Its older magic that is more powerful but far more dangerous and draining.. it tends to come naturally and in times of danger.. For me its usually healing or protective.. I put myself in a coma for quite some time." she pauses, offering one of the simple earthenware cups to Xue, her small smile showing. "I do believe in parallels Mazoku are like the great shadow lords of the outlands of my world.." she offered, pausing hesitantly "The other Mazoku I've been around was Phibrizo, who taught me a few very handy tricks and allowed me to summon him once." she murmured.. "Which I guess was a shocking revelation to some.. I liked him very much and appreciated his company."

Xue nods "Sounds like what we call chaos magic back home. The caster, rather than shaping the arcane, just summoned it and let it take whatever form it wanted". She accepts the cup, and stares at Mei, her gaze piercing, as if she was looking right into Mei's soul. Which she isn't. "I know who that is, too. In the sphere their both from, Phibrizo is the second-most-powerful mazoku in the world. Oblivion, to my understanding, isn't even a fracion of that, and any he has now has likely only been gained since coming here, since he was destroyed in Neotokyo".

Mei mms a bit "Perhaps when you destroyed him, the magic simply sent him away instead of destroying him." she offered. Mei's soul is a rather terrifying patchwork of memories ; so it is best not to look there. "I.. have a great respect for Phibrizo, Oblivion, not so much." she offered, quietly "I'd much rather avoid his bullshit." she takes her tea to sip "Divorced and digging graves, not exactly the freedom I imagined when I arrived here." she commented, watching the moon and becoming quiet.

Xue laughs slightly "I didn't destroy him. I just heard about it later. An entire family of mages, among others, teamed up, immobilized him, and then dealt a finishing blow to him, is how i was told the tale". She shakes her head "As for respect, be wary where you place it. Simply because you saw one face of Phibrizo doesn't mean it was his nature. He WAS called 'hellmaster' for a reason, and was very fond of innocent manipulation. The easiest way to control someone is to let them think THEY are in control". She takes a sip of tea "Freedom is never what people think it is. Much knowledge is needed to truely take advantage of 'freedom'. Knowledge Skeeve can give you. As for the bullshit, i've found it never seems to stop following some"

Mei smiles a bit "Phibrizo probably does not scare me because I am a monster to some degree, species wise, not that I act like a monster." she commented, taking a sip. "ANd I do agree, I've learned my lesson about offering my friendship out so freely.. I trust Skeeve because he is aware of a few tidbits about me and has done nothing to exploit those tidbits at this time." she murmured "I am building an orphanage in the near future, your protective spells would be most appreciated at that time." she commented dully.. "I have yet to find a pure water source here that is free of unpleasant memories or its own will or deep enough for me to submerge fully in without a good deal of work, can you think of any salt water bodies of water that are deep?"

Xue smirks slightly "What makes a monster, what makes a man....". She nods "I'm going to be making a refugee run from an outlying area of Twisted to the road. Any children in that group ill be sure to bring by. As for water, it's VERY scarce here. I can't find really any non-corrupted sources. The only way to make such here is to collect a large amount, and cleanse it, unless the taint you mean is different"

Mei smiles a bit "I have .. a fresh water source, if you ever need to take a bit.." she murmured.. "But it is highly enchanted, which could be a challenge.. " she stops, biting her lip "I can hear sounds within water if I am trying to uncorrupt it, most of the water I have found in this place yells viciously.. and it is very hard to work with." she offered, quietly, her smile showing.

Xue nods "Unfortunately, i'm no geomancer. I can command the arcane flow of ether, but little with regard to spirits. Enchantments, however, i can usually handle". She smirks, finishing her tea, and standing "Can you blame it shouting in this place, though? Everything seems touched by a chaotic hand here in some way, even before coming here... " he offers back the cup "Thanks for the tea, but i really need to get back to the Usual. The last of my beacons are placed, so i need to prep for going out there soon".

Mei smiles a bit "I think .. This place is where you go when your home world grows tired of your antics." she winks, standing up. "I'm not a geomancer, but I am skilled at finding water." she offered, taking out a small vial to hand to Xue. "Here, an energy restoring potion, use it well." she offered, collecting her teaset to stuff back into nowhere and prepare herself to leave "Hopefully I am less purple when I return to the outside world."

Xue takes it, and nods "Thanks again. I imagine i'll need it, although i don't intend to go alone". She makes an arcane gesture, and a glowing purple portal opens before her "It IS a pretty color... if it doesnt fade, ill think up a way to get it to go away magicly. Until next time, Mei!". she steps in, and it bursts like a soap bubble a moment later, small particles of magic drifting like grains of sand, before they to wink out.

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