2009-03-16 (PreU) The gentleman appears...

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The gentleman appears...


Who: Mei, Zarek
When: March 16th, 2009
Where: Tidal Citadel, Zealous Ruins


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Zealous Ruins You find yourself amidst the ruins of a large palace. If you have the ability of sensing magic you'd realise that nearly everything here resonates with a magica aura. Here and there small stones literaly float from the abusively large amounts of power stored here. Because of the broken and fallen walls and celings not much of the palace is explorable. In the back of the room rests a large golden throne atop a small platform. Behind it glowing blue is a swirling vortex which even now seems to want to pull you inside. Too bad the world of Chronos is a protected world. Violating the Council's order is a serious offense...

Amongst the shattered remains of this mysterious relic of the past magic is abundant. Clouding the area with its overpowering presence, even swirls of magical mist rise and fall. Still, the magical levels here aren't dangerous by any means. Certainly not enough to kill someone. Yet there, hidden beneath a pile of rubble, a hand can just barely be noticed. Not a skeleton. Not even a decomposed hand. A hand attached further into the rubble, however, clutching what appears to be a fairly ornate cane, bejeweled in polished onyx gemstones.

Mei seems dull or oblivious to the danger. Mei is infact digging for artifacts, artifacts of what? Who knows. Upon spotting the hand however, her fangs show "Aa Meat." she murmured, seeming to notice the magic now, her head tilting as she taps her chin "Oi oi.. Get up.." she nudges the hand with her toe tip. If there is no response she begins digging with her gloved hands to try to see the condition of the body with careful and quiet consideration towards the stranger.. " Er er oi oi.. You concious?" she asked, cheerfully, curious eyes showing themselves.. "C'mon come on.. answers! Please!" dig dig dig "Although if its a corpse so fresh as to radiate magic.. I should probably keep it for next time I lose a limb since its better than a human limb." she murmured, calmly.

No, no responses at all. The kicked body moves only as much as the foot pushes it, though its death grip on the walking cane seems tight. Further moving of the rubble reveals a young, well dressed gentleman. Well, the garb was nice once at least. It's a bit tattered and torn through the ages now. Where once a bowler hat adorned his blonde head now is mostly the ring of the hat. His fancy black suit is likewise in disrepair, revealing the aged white shirt beneath. Pants and shoes likewise have seen far better days, though the corpse itself looks as youthful as if it were still alive!

Mei seems to ponder and simply claps her hands together "Keramos please give me a hand." she called out, voice cheerful and content.. soon enough a rather small golem pops out from behind some of the larger chunks of rubble to move the rocks for the tiny woman. Of course Zarek is soon heaved up in the gentlest way a golem can. "Do be careful, whatever it is, it might just be sleeping, y'know.. Like I did for a long time. Should we take him to my Study?" she asked, getting a cheerful nod from the golem, and with that she carefully removes the hat remnants, leaving them on the ground, figuring that if the man awakens it'd be nicer to give him a new one over force him to keep the raggedy old one. She exhuberantly starts off, letting the golem struggle with Zarek's weight. Go on a diet, tubby.

[Tidal Citadel] Study Elegant, a flag with a gorgoneion is hung behind a high backed mahogany chair. The desk itself appears to be made of some magical material, the surface free of clutter beyond quills and a plain journal. The walls are lined thickly, with leather bound volumes. Infront of the desk, two highback silver upholstered chairs are present, facing the desk, a chair between them with a brandy decanter, a human skull and two glasses. Roses are often placed in the window sill, filling the room with pleasant scents. A large painting of a dark skinned woman with serpent hair wearing a bra and skirt carrying a spear and a shield is on the wall.

Mei seems to march cheerfully through the watery facade of her home and into the rooms. A corpse wouldn't get a chance to admire architecture really. Mei pops a small cot into existence through some variety of magic, letting Keramos lay the corpse out. She seems to settle on her desk, taking out a book as if trying to look up a cure. Mei's home is on a crisscrossing of magical energy and whatnot, it just gives off that wonderful magical energy mages love. Like crack, but magic.

And love it the corpse does. Quiet it remains, but silently and quickly the body begins siphoning up the magical energies in the room. Assuming that golem is immune to magical radiation it should be fine. Golems can't really have their systems shut down sans magic in offensive format, one would assume. Still gripped in his hand, the shiny onyx glimmers in the light, soft swirls of magical radiation swirling around the gems before being sucked back in... All the while his dead face is contorted in an unsettling smile... it's always been there, but no matter what the situation, through eyes hidden by his long bangs, the smile seems unnerving,.

Mei's ear perks, fingers turning a page, engrossed. Mei doesn't seem to notice ( or mind) the radiation. She's just quietly skimming away at her manuscript. Keramos sneaks off quietly to return with tea and some variety of cookie to go with it, setting it on the table. "Thank you Keramos.. Would you mind asking Midori to send me in a bit of soup?" she asked, voice soft. Her legs fold as she sets the book down, pouring herself a glass of the tea, and bringing to her lips to very carefully sip.. Its green tea, high quality stuff. "Hm.. Whatever should I do.. hm.." she sighs, "I wonder if just blasting a cure spell out would at all do.." she mumbled, quietly to herself, toes tapping as she takes her eye patch out.

Usually it should take months for a irradiated corpse like Zarek to come back to life. Months surrounded by intense radiation. That's how long it took him the first time. And longer still for his sister Miriam. Years in her case. But perhaps because his body has been irradiated to the point of reanimation before, a slight twitch can be seen in his hands... just ever so subtle before the hand grips his cane tightly once again, barely moving beyond a twitch or a tightening of the muscles now and again. But moving nonetheless. Mei tilts up and moves over curiously to poke the twitching hand, tea still being brought to her lips. Her finger again goes POKE POKE "Oi oi are you alright?" she asked, taking a sip of her tea, ears twitching, and eye flicking between normal and pupiless rapidly. She seems very curious about the stranger now. She pauses to bend juuuuuuuust slightly over and hold her fingers out. Her body settles beside the stranger, on .. a small table, her upper body leaning over the stranger still.

Alright? Well, considering he has no pulse, heartbeat or breath in his body one could say he's doing more than well! The eyes hidden behind his blonde bangs slowly come to focus on Mei... His ears are working, mind rapidly rebooting itself with various thoughts of what has occured and asessing his current situation... This is all made difficult by his brain constantly switching tracks as it were, bringing more madness than sense to his predicament. Slowly the mouth begins to move, speaking unspoken words. Adept lip readers may read out the 'good morning, how are you?' before words finally begin to join in time with the voice "I am fine, so very fine, so happy, so cheery, yes I am. Have you seen my sister?"

Mei pauses "I'm afraid not, I only saw you. If you rest a while longer I will go back out and try to help you find her?" she offered, quite cheerfully, her fingers lifting her tea to her lips, as if Zarek himself was no weirder than any other patient "OH your hat was destroyed and your clothes are in disrepair, May I lend you an outfit until you're rested enough to get to a shop?" she asked, rubbing the back of her head. She offers the hand that had been in her hair to the stranger "I am Mei Hebi, it is very lovely to see you awake and talking." she flickers her ears.

Zarek says, "Oh dear oh dear, no sister, where has she gotten too, big sister, dear sister, dear Miriam." He says, trying to sit up. His body, however has not taken in enough radiation and he only falls right back down after getting about an inch off of the table. "Oh my it seems I cannot walk. Too weak, too lazy." Rolling himself onto his side, and keeping himself balanced by relying on his cane. At least he can always count on that. "Oh dear, oh me, I must take a nap in Dorino. Such nice mist, so deadly, so lively. Could you please point me in the direction to Dorino, miss Hebi with your pretty name and pretty eye. Zarek is my name, but so busy, such a hurry."

Mei visibly stops and takes out a small gadget, both of her eyes are visible.. "Please find me the location of .. Do-ri-no..." she murmured into the little phone like device, causing a slurry of annoyed beeps and a sudden 'Location forbidden!' message comes out of the phone "Er I don't believe I can take you there or even point you there, considering my communications device is being uncooperative.. But I can offer you some soup and a pillow to prop your back up on. I'm quite sure your sister will understand that this realm twists and turns everything uncomfortably at times." she offered, she blushes a bit "Er my name isn't terribly pretty being that it means plum snake and all." she reaches over, carefully touching Zarek's forehead.

Zarek's forehead is covered by his long bangs, but even then, it's cold as ice. Not enough radiation is around to bring him up to his usual body temperature of 103.2 degrees. "Oh my, oh no this is not good. I need to sleep in Dorino you see, such pretty mist, such horrible atrocities. Otherwise I'll sleep and sleep and never wake up, so tired, so sleepy." He says, head turning from side to side as he looks around the room he was kindly brought to. "Oh but snakes are pretty and plums are pretty, so purple, so sweet. So plum snakes are pretty too, miss snake. You are too kind, so nice, but I must be on my way you see." He says, trying to force his way to sitting up... of course unless Mei stops him he's going to wind up falling flat on his face against the floor. His body either needs more time in this area of minimal radiation or shorter times in an area of high radiation.

Mei stops the stranger gently by wrapping an arm around him "Please stay and rest. If this area wasn't doing something for you, you wouldn't of woken up.." She ponders, carefully taking his hand "Please allow me to move your body and get you into the chamber I secret myself when I am injured to recover.." she offered, voice gentle as she waits for permission to touch the stranger further. "Is that alright mister Zarek? There is no sense hurrying when you cannot make it out of this study."

Zarek's attempts to flatten his face against the floor are stopped by Mei's hands. His altogether unsettling smile turns over to her now "Oh but such a hurry, so many things to do, so many people must die, so many must live. And Miriam won't arrive unless she has many shinies, so pretty, so sparkling...But oh my, oh me, my body is being a rascal, so unwieldly, so ungrateful. I should hurt it until it listens. But maybe being nice to it will work too, ask please, say thank you. Alright miss snake, you may take me there, but only there, no further. Unless Dorino is where, my hometown, my house."

Mei reaches slowly to wrap both arms around the stranger, melting through the floor to appear in what appears to be a laundry room. A giant serpent is curled within a somewhat large natural pool, a large reptillian beast likewise napping. She carefully moves Zarek into the water, with difficulty, The water is fairly hot to touch and gives off a ton of magical energy.. "Just rest your aches and let the water sooth your weariness, but, you may be cut off from Dorino, considering I don't know where it is. Do you know what your world is called?" she asked, quietly, settled to sit on the edge of the pool, making sure her patient doesn't drown. Her feet dip in, a soft sigh escaping as she coos. "You can feel the energy seep in, always so nice. You musn't tell a soul about this place, its my sacred hideaway and the heart of this home!" she warned, very softly. Afterall, who would think Mei's place of power was something as mundane as a laundry room.

Zarek is rather ungracefully pulled into this rather plain room. Who would imagine a plain ol laundry room would house such a depository of magical radiation. "So wet, so warm, so nice." He says, letting his unseen eyes gaze up at the ceiling, resting his cane on his stomach as the magical energy begins to surge into his body now, the closeness of the radiation picking up his body's muscles intensely. "Yes yes, this will do nicely. I shall nap now, so sleepy, so tired. Please to not let me sleep more than three days, I would hate to miss the sunrise, so pretty, Miriam would enjoy it, she would."

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