2009-03-30 (PreU) The Fate of the Damned.

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The Fate of the Damned

Summary: Two former enemies meet once again, a little more is revealed about the Inquisitor and some of Xue's own history as well.

Who: The_Inquisitor, Xue
When: March 30th, 2009

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Abandoned Shack

What at once first appears to be nothing more than an abandoned shack soon makes you question your judgement. Stepping inside you feel an undescribable dark pressence. Something wicked sleeps inside here, even if it's not visible to the naked eye. The walls are decorated in graffiti, and the wooden floor is dirty and covered in trash. Aside from a few crates and boxes there's no furniture here, perhaps the local children already took most of whatever might have been here. At the back of the room is a small door and an old staircase that leads upstairs.

Xue warily enters the strange shack. Seems no ones home. The dark feeling has her ill at ease, and her sword is drawn, and glowing with pale blue light in the gloom, in the event some unknown evil should make itself known in an unpleasant manner.

Someone is home in fact, as the mage enters she would come across a rather peculiar sight. The Inquisitor stands in the middle of the shack, three other men surrounding him. With a sigh he lunges at one, gauntleted hand closing around his neck. With a swing he smashes the poor fellow against the floor, where his body dissipates into a fine mist. A quick turn and his hand grabs another by the back of the head, and drives his fingers into that one's throat, with the same effect of dissipating him into mist. The third man turns to flee, but he doesn't even take a complete step before he's immolated, leaving nothing behind but more mist. All this mist just seems to seep into the armored man, who right now, isn't even breathing heavily.

Xue's jaw drops through the floor.... figuratively. Not by what she witnessed this man do. THAT she's seen before. Which exactly why she is so shocked. She also turns a VERY pale shade of white, and her eyes go wide. This is probably THE one person she hoped never to meet again. One of the few she truely fears to any extent. "You.... you WOULD do something like that to souls here....". She also does something else none here have seen her do. Visibly shakes. However, it's only for a moment, before she seems to vanish, moving faster than most mortals can track, swinging once at his neck as she passes, leaping off the wall beside him, and spinning for a shot for his neck from the other side.

The Inquisitor stands up striaght, looking right at Xue, he doesn't show any expression, the mask would hide it anyway if he did. No smile, nothing, just an almost blank stare. He doesn't flinch at her lunge, only bringing up one armored arm, the blow deflecting harmlessly of the metal with little more than a nick. As the helf-elf spins so does he, the same arm moving to catch the next blow as well. He twists his arm around, attempting to get a hold of her sword blade in his hand. He doesn't say anything, his blank stare once again directed at Xue.

Xue turns to roll around behind him, but stops as her sword becomes immovable in his grasp. Her eyes are now glowing with purple light, and the sword has small wisps of blue flame coming off the blade. The armored gauntlet holding her blade also becomes coated in small amounts of frost, although to him it wouldn't be harmful in the slightest. She speaks a momentary word of power, invoking a pillar of coldfire to erupt under him, and explode upwards. At least it won't light the place on fire.

The Inquisitor looks at the sword in his hand, and the blue flames, nodding to himself. He stands perfectly still and shows one slight expression, a smile, barely visable at all. As she speaks the words of power however his smile fades, the cold fire does erupt, but it seems to be shoved behind him, spreading out like a fan, the magic spell though is deflected away from Xue, even though he could have as easily sent back at her. He shrugs slightly and releases the hold on Xue's sword, dropping his hand back down to his side.

Xue hops backwards. All this is not lost on her. She knew very well he could have sent that back in her face, and actually made it able to hurt her despite her cold immunity. She also knows he could kill her in hand-to-hand without batting an eyelash, seeing as it took Latran and their other three companions all attacking at once to FINALLY take him down last time they faught. The fact he ISN'T has her puzzled, and while she doesn't lower her guard, she doesn't attack right away either. She finally finds words after about fifteen seconds of staring him down "How is it possible.... you should be dead, and that mask locked away indefinately...".

The Inquisitor crosses his arms over his chest, watching the half elf for as long as she stares him down. "I am dead, you and your companions saw to that, though I must say, I didn't have my full facilities at the time. As for the mask, I am guarding it, I know better than anyone what it is capable of, and being dead I am not bothered by some of the more dangerous pitfalls. Who better to guard it, yes?" He doesn't launch any attacks, but then, he hasn't this whole time, at least not against Xue.

Xue is clearly agitated by his presence. Her sword stays up in a defensive posture, pointed towards him "Yet here you are, absorbing souls, just like you were doing before."

The Inquisitor shakes his head. "Souls of the already departed. If you took your time to notice, they left no bodies. And in fact, souls that until revently were confined in hell." He closes his eyes for a minute. "Two were murderers, one took special pleasure in killing women. The third enjoyed taking advantage of helpless women." His eyes reopen, returning his emotionless gaze to Xue. "I simply intend to return them to their punishments."

Xue eyes him cautiously, sword lowering somewhat. "So you work for the Hell Council...". Seems she knows about them to a small extent. She has seen and heard enough to know they aren't as big a threat as some would have everyone believe, but their true motives are unknown to her. How to respond to THIS, however, she has no clue. He must be speaking SOME truth, or she'd be dead already. "So things ARE escaping from the hells.... and your the bulldog sent to hunt them down?". She has seen some hellish things in the wastes, although avoided contact with them as much as possible. She doesn't say this with scorn. It actually is a perfectly reasonable theory, and things escaping from there are NEVER good, obviously.

The Inquisitor lowers his arms again, hand going to his sword, not in any attempt to draw it, just a habit from lounging that he developed from being a warrior. "Yes, I am in the employ of the Council, it seemed.... prudent." As always it's hard to get a read on his exact emotion towards this, "Bulldog? Perhaps, but that is a gross underestimation of what I can do, as you know." He finally shows a smile again, with teeth, but the mask makes it look almost a malicious snarl, and the smile never touches his eyes. "I have business to attend to, these souls need to be cast back into the pit. Well, two of them will be at least."

Xue keeps her eyes on him, glaring. She slowly moves to sheath her sword, the flame going out, and her eyes returning to their sharp blue color. It's against her bettere judgement, but right now, she can't do much about it anyway "Allright. Be aware this place is not devoid of heroes of some ability as well. I find out your back to your old 'habits', i'll get the most powerful beings i can find and come to replay 'ancient history'". Suprisingly, there IS a hint of sarcasm in her tone at the end, despite the subject being discussed.

The Inquisitor shrugs slightly, obviously not too taken aback by the threat. "If that is what you so desire, but as I said, the mask has no corrupting influence on me, anymore." He turns slightly as if to leave. "If you come across any errant souls, please tell me, they will cause no end of problems if left to wander free. Oh, and if you like, you may call me Jarys, I feel I owe the courtesy of my name to one of those who killed me." He turns fully, black flames engulfing him the sounds of souls screaming in torment escaping from the portal, the echos fading away as the portal closes again, the Inquisitor once again gone.

Xue blinks. THAT was an unexpected response. In addition to discovering lore long-since lost, even to her: The Inquisitors real name. She steadies herself against the wall, shaking like a leaf, and feeling sick to her stomach. Its been some time since she honestly felt fear that intense, and she is definately not used to it. (Latran is gonna shit himself when he hears about this one..... ). She opens a portal of her own, and vanishes through it as quickly as possible.

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