2009-04-06 (PreU) Coffee Talk, With Jason Talben

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Coffee Talk, With Jason Talben


Who: Hild, Jason_Talben
When: April 6th, 2009
Where: The Grand Library of Twisted

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The Jedi Exile here is sitting down at a private table reading the more conventional books. He has a small glass of Juma Juice beside him. He is turning the page in a book on Jedi lessons. methodology, history, and trying to get information to better enhance and beginning the building foundation of a Jedi order here in Twisted. He of course is naturally hoping he won't be opening a can of worms, due to the neutrality of the Library he is more or less totally focused on his reading for the moment.

Hild-sama strides into the library, apparently heading for the newspaper section. Her manner of dress is leaving more than a few male patrons with nosebleeds, and one pour virgin teenager with a nasal geyser to deal with. Her smirk says that she's enjoying toying with the males in this manner. Around her, however, is a palpable aura of darkness, as if it is seeking from her very pores. It's rather like being in a convention of Sith actually.

The Jedi Exiles was not distracted by reading that he would fail to notice the dark aura enter. He looks up to see the sourse expecting one of the many would be dark lords of the Sith he has fought to have come strolling into the library. When he sees it is some form of Dark Woman, while he can not deny her physical beauty he simply raises an eye brow (vulcan style) and returns to reading his book on "Jedi Culture through out the Ages". Naturally Jason's not masking his Lightside aura, and should stand out fairly well.

Hild-sama doesn't seem particularly angry or threatening with other's in the library, save for on greasy haired individual that gets a bit to free with his hands. Whatever whispered words she says to him has him running out of the library as white as a sheet. She picks out a few newspapers and sits down a few seats away from Jason, seemingly paging through them looking for something.

Jason notes the Man running out of the Library taking a drink of his Juma Juice. Jason does have his thoughts hidden and secure from scrying. He is also trying to get a sense of how much Power Hild is radiating. Depending on how strong she seems will determine entirely how he will deal with Hild.

Hild-sama is withholding the bulk of her power to be sure, but what is leaking out is still a staggering amount, at least in these 'close' quarters. She just seems to be going about her business and looking through the newspapers for something, getting up and getting a few more after she finishes the ones she has.

Jason can sense the staggering power Hild has, and even though she is holding most of her power back. Jason is not about to risk sticking his hand into a nest of gundarks and cause trouble with a being he has no clue what she is, what she can do if angered, or how she would fight. So unless she starts causing troubles the local security forces can't hand, he'll most likely keep his nose to himself.

Hild-sama smirks a bit to herself. It's not like she can't tell that someone is poking at her aura with a measuring stick. "Did you manage to satisfy your curiosity young man?" she asks in rather pleasant tones as she cocks her head and looks your way.

Jason raises his eyes to Hild as all he says, "Your senses must be beyond human if you could simply sense me soaking in what I felt." he says and he takes another Drink of Juma juice as someone comes over to fill his glass, as he thanks the waitress.

Hild-sama smiles, "You might say that. You might also say that I'm just very observant." she flags the waitress down and orders a cup of coffee, double cream and 2 sugars before looking back towards you. "Rather a quaint little library."

Jason nods as he keeps his eyes mostly focused on his book as the warrior of light turns the page, "That it is, very, very unique I will admit that. One I never imagined." he says being Polite mostly.

Hild-sama sighs, "However, it lacks the easy of finding things that my own library has." as she goes to get more papers. It appears she is looking up reports on the pair of Councils here, thought what specificly she is trying to locate is still a mystery.

Jason has his nose buried in a book so he has not entirely been looking at what she is reading. "Most personal Libraries are like that, My own system was a mess, yet I knew exactly where everything was. Despite the apparent mixture of topics and knowledge."

Hild-sama smiles, "The wonder of proper indexing and search criteria." she sighs and shakes her head, "How hard can it be to find one individual in this town.."

Jason interjects a small joke on his part. "That can depend on weither or not they wish to be found. You would be surprised how hard it can be to find some one, if they have the power and resourses required to 'disappear'."

Hild-sama says, "That is true. I may have to go to more extreme means to locate Herr Major." she smirks, "Not that all his hiding is going to do him any good in the end."

Jason will recall the name of Herr Major, and takes mental notes of what he feels as well. Jason thinks as he says, "Be cautious, he may not take kindly to being found against his will, and you get more then you bargained for."

Hild-sama smiles, "Oh I do hope so. It wouldn't be any fun otherwise. It would be rather disappointing for a member of the Hell Council to be a limp noodle."

Jason lifts his head up and looks at Hild, "Then I wise you the best of luck with your endeavor." he says almost hoping that the two dark siders will ultimately destroy each others. Truth is Jason knows very little of the councils, and knows which one is good, the other Evil. And knows which to support.

Hild-sama smiles, "Thank you young man. It's nice to find someone that's polite these days." as she flips through a few more papers, "Bah. Maybe I should do this the easy way and send people to find him for me."

Jason simply nods his head as he returns to reading his book. Being something of a speed reader he has finished the book and has now picked up yet another-one of Jedi Methodology, "A lot of problems can be prevented with a simple exercise of manners."

Hild-sama chuckles, "Quite. That's a lesson that I've done my best to instil in my daughters. I do wish some of my youngest friends would learn that one as well. Honestly, just because Usagi isn't the way she thinks she should be, it's no reason to be rude. And especially no reason to be insulting."

Jason says, "Everyone is exactly how they are supposed to be, personal choices determine what you will become. These choices made in a day, a moment's distraction, or second of rage. All effect the outcome of the future. And choices no matter what they are, only guide one. If one desires to become something they are not, they will work for it, struggle for it, Only though hard honest effect can you achieve one's goals and desires."

Hild-sama smiles, "Perhaps I should give you this young lady's address. I think she honestly believes that Usagi betrayed her by trying to change herself for the better. One would think a shrine maiden would be more willing to listen, especially when a blood oath of truth is offered." she shrugs and her lips quirk up a bit. "It's so refreshing to be able to have a civil conversation with someone that follows the teachings of order"

Jason thinks to himself as he once more perks that Eye brow at the comment of order. "And would this person who thinks Usagi betrayed be called Mei?" he asks.

Hild-sama smiles and shakes her head, "Close, but no. I wasn't aware that my daughter and her had any particular problems? In any case, the problem girl goes by the name of Miss Rei Hino."

Jason blinks and thinks, "I hate it when I only get part of the information." He says it more or less out loud and asks, "Well sadly I seriously doubt I could help you resolve this, but I wish you the best of luck on it." he says. Despite the fact Hild is to him a darksider, he still has respect for family, any one's family.

Hild-sama is ark, this is very true. But she doesn't appear to be overly evil. "Perhaps. The young girl is so angry though. I thought perhaps calmer heads might prevail in reasoning with her to at least her my daughter and myself out without accusing us of lieing constantly." she raises a shapely eyebrow, "Perhaps I could fill in some of the information you think you are lacking? As one civilized being to another." she stands up and carries her coffee cup over to your table, "May I?"

Jason looks up at Hild and the young man makes eye contact with hild. Hild most likely would see the face and body of a young man in his prime, his early 20's but Jason's eyes show the wisdom and spirit of a man who would be will into his one hundreth birthday. "If you wish, but I can not promise I will be able to resolve things or offer suggestions to your liking." he says softly putting his book down.

Hild-sama smiles and slides into the seat across from you, crossing her legs under the table. Hild's eyes, aside from the rather unusual shade of them, hold a weight far beyond the years her visage shows. As well as both joy and sadness. And something very... ancient. If one could only say one thing about Hild, it's that she has an undeniable presence about her. "Anyone other than myself and Usagi is likely to have better luck than we would." her lips quirk, "You'd think we were out to destroy the world with the way Miss Hino was acting."

Jason listens to Hild as she comments, "Well given the impression you give people, you have to understand, most people tend to naturally assume that is the goal, conquest, or enslavement of the world or what ever. When you scared the man who ran out, I expected you to simply kill him." he says and folds his hands as he listens to Hild.

Hild-sama snorts, "I should have allowed him to be free with his hands instead? Oh certainly, I could have. But he really did nothing to deserve that. A scare, perhaps a bit of pain, is a much more effective teacher." she shrugs, "The impression I give can't really be helped. Even Urd, my other daughter, who should know better seems to think that I should be able to shut it off."

Jason shrugs and says, "Well I know virtually nothing about you, so I am hardly qualified to really judge your abilities of what you can and can't do. I only have my personal experiences to rely upon when encountering something. And I have been proven wrong here on many occasions."

Hild-sama smiles, "I think that perhaps telling you what I can do at this point would both upset you and sound like bragging, neither of which serve any purpose. But who is to say that my ruling the world would be any worse than things are now?" she shrugs once more, "Perhaps the two best things to remember are, one, that nature always seeks a balance and, two, that nature abhors a vacuum. If I weren't me, someone else would be. Now, perhaps, you would enlighten me as to what information you think you are lacking regarding Mei and Usagi?"

Jason thinks as he decided to counter the second comment, "I have to admit Nature and the Force always seek balance. But as for nature abhorring a Vacuum, Where I come from there is the Mynock, a creature of space which is perfectly adapted to living in the total vacuum of space. The Space Slugs of the Hoth systems massive worm like creatures inhabiting Asteroids in the cold vacuum of space." he says with a hint of a smirk, "Now from what I was told, that you seduced Usagi into trading her soul to you to become a demon. I assume you are the being who did so correct?" he asks.

Hild-sama smiles, "Not that sort of a vacuum. If there is life and matter in it, it is hardly empty now is it?" she chuckles a bit, "Trading her soul?" she actually giggles a bit "My dear Usagi is quite in possession of her soul. She wished to become my daughter of her own free will. Took me quite by surprise in fact. And while it is true that Demonic wishes always do have a cost associated with them, her soul was not it. Usagi is as she always has been. For the most part anyway."

Jason listens to Hild as he takes the words she says into account, finally he asks, "And what was the price if you would be so inclined to tell me?" he is clearly appraising Hild, his eyes show deep though and inflection. Jason himself was by no small means unskilled of persuasion, in fact he was quite a skilled diplomate in his days if unorthodox. The Exile also listens to how words are spoken and flow to determine truth or what not.

Hild-sama smiles, "Her innocence, to put it simply. Her view of the world and how she thought it is had to be given up and she had to be show the truth of existence." In this, she has no reason to withhold the truth.

Jason looks over at Hild and he gives a smile that comment, "Her View of the world? how one Views the world depends entirely on one's Point of View. The only way you could change that is by forcing something upon her, such as another set of values, changing her mind. How we perceive the world around us depends entirely on our own experiences. You have your view of the world, she had hers, What did you do to /show/ her the /truth/ of the world as you understand it?"

Hild-sama smiles, "I showed her what some mortals are like. and I explained to her just what demons do in the grand scheme of things. Why we exist and have to exist. A simple truth of the universe. As for forcing something upon her..." she shakes her head, "In something such as this, there can be no force. Even demons have to obey some of His laws. First and Foremost of these is that all beings must have Free Will to choose their own path."

Jason notes exactly what Hild Said, "I note you said, some mortals, I have no doubt you showed her the worse and most vile of mortals, just because you claim all beings must have free will, does not stop manipulation." he says at the end of his words he heightens his voice just a touch on the Manipulation hinting he knows the game very well, "Perhaps I will need to show her now all mortals are alike, Showing her while flawed there are some mortals who are good and noble." he says

Hild-sama smiles, "I had no need to show her the good side of mortals my dear. She knows that side very well. You see, for many years my daughter Usagi was a champion of love and justice herself, not entirely unlike your kind. When she was mortal, she was one of the best of them. You may show her, if you wish, but I do not believe it will change anything."

Jason looks at Hild and says, "We shall see. The powers of Light and darkness wage eternal war, neither one can over come the other. Only when the light yields willingly does darkness triumph." he says. "And You will not interfere, unless you admit you are scared she will renounce your power, which will only serve to prove my argument, That darkness is never stronger then the light." he says.

Hild-sama chuckles openly at that, "Is that what you believe? Perhaps in your universe it is true that darkness is seeking to remove the light, but that will be it's own downfall. Neither light nor darkness can exist without the other. My job first and foremost, and that of those I rule, is to make sure that Order does not consume everything and weaken it. We ensure that life is always pushed that little bit beyond it's comfortable boundries to force it to grow and change. We don't seem to be stronger than Light and Order, we seek to equal it."

Jason simply smirks, "Then you understand why I have to bring her out of the darkness you have given her. I will prove to her that the power you have given her is not worth it. Weither by deed, by word, or by action. I'll bring her out of the darkness." he says clearly challenging Hild.

Hild-sama smiles, "You act as if I've turned her into some horrendous monster that's going to devour the young from the shadows. Just because we are dark, does not mean we are evil you know."

Jason says, "haven't you, you have given her powers and abilities that are not natural for her. Increased her strength beyond what she should have at this time, all with out the wisdom of know how to properly use it, knowing how much to use, when to use it, or more importantly when to with hold it."

Hild-sama chuckles, "Oh dear. While yes, Usagi is a demon with all that entails now, she will be ages growing into her powers. A few millenia at the very least. She can't even teleport on her own yet. In time, she'll grown into her powers. And some day, in the far distant future when the sun that is so hidden her fails to burn, she'll become my equal in every way. It is my fondest wish that she someday have the wisdow to use that power to shape a future where Light and Dark, Chaos and Order, can mingle freely together. Much as you and I are now."

Jason closes his eyes and he says, "And I will do all I can to ensure she rejects that power. And if she can not be turned back to the light, I'll do what it takes to stop her, permanently, long before her powers ever start to awake then."

Hild-sama frowns at you, "Young man. Up till now we have been civil. But I do not take threats to my daughter lightly. To either of my daughters. I suggest you keep a civil tongue in your mouth lest you incite my ire. I will not permit anyone to hurt my family, no mater which side they might be on. And I assure you that even my husband would not deny me the right to do vengance upon any that does bring harm to them."

Jason looks over at Hild unimpressed at her warning as he says, "You are a creature of darkness, you have corrupted a servant of light. It is my sacred duty to do all I can to bring them back into the light." he says looking at Hild with a deadly seriousness.

Hild-sama smiles, "You can talk to her and try to show her that your way is better. But the moment you raise a finger to harm her, you will have to deal with me. And pray that I choose not to get my husband involved. He doesn't like people harming his daughters."

Jason looks to Hild and says, "I have no intention of raising my hand to harm her, but should she raise a hand to me in hostility I will defend myself."

Hild-sama says, "As long as things stay civil, you needn't worry about that. You should choose your words more carefully though. Talking of stoping someone permanently can only be taken one way." she chides. "Threatening any mother's children is never smart. And I love both my daughters very much. Even if Urd did decide to follow her Father and become a Goddess."

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