2009-04-09 (PreU) Itchy...Tasty...

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Summary: .... and it haz a taste for UR patrons!

Who: Kyoko, Mazurek, Mei
When: April 9th, 2009
Where: The UR


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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Dansha exclaims, "Lucky, yeah. I've been stuck with 4 of them." As if on que, her arms and face glow, and 3 other fade onto the table. Water, Fire, and Earth. At least that's what Dansha thinks. Water and Fire are firly obvious, as they are exactly that. Their voice cry up at once into her head. Fire shakes his fist at Dansha, giving her a piece of his mind!

Mei watches the water spirit, slipping into the seat across from Dansha. Mei's voice perks up chattily "Hello there. Oh how lucky indeed. The four elements." she offers her hand to the water spirit, her bindi glowing a faint blue as she giggles. "I sadly really only have any power within the element of water." she offered, giggling.

The miming from the iguana has the 'tender sliding over a little notepad and a writing utensil. It does not take long at all for the large creature to write on it and pass it back, returning to a waiting game for whatever it had ordered.

Water flows over to Mei, and touches her hand. She projects her voice towards Mei's mind. (*Why hello! Finally, some one who might understand our issue!*) Dansha mummers at Fire under her breath. One could assume she's not saying plesant things about the fiesty element.

Heart was unfortunately not invited

Fuck heart.

Poor Quami

Mei's voice is cheerful now. "Oh what is it?" she takes a moment to gently stroke the element with more conjured water. "I'm Mei Hebi, I'm a healer around here and quite highly tied to the element of water." she offered, making a cheerful giggle or two

What was ordered by the iguana was apparently a vegetarian dish and some orange colored drink. Nodding to the 'tender the lizard takes the items and wanders over to a table in the middle of the place, settling back in one of the seats before beginning to eat.

Water would smile, if the face of it were more interacte.(*Dansha is a guardian. But until we can train her, she has to allow us to join with her completly.*) It pouts, as much as it can. (* She refuses to accept what we say as truth.*)

Mazurek remains oblivious to most of the conversation going on, considering he would only be hearing one side of it anyway. The chewing of the vegetables is slow and deliberate, with the wide-set gaze resting solely on the plate in front of it.

Mei leans over to rest her chin on the table. "Oh you should train Dansha, being chosen by elementals is a very big deal. Its an honor!" she commented, keeping her eyes on water with somewhat of a mesmerized expression

Theres a slight tremor that can be felt through the floor, and a distant thump....

Dansha shakes her head. "Oi oi, birthright my ass! I've done nothing, I am nothing. AT least not like that!" Water tsks and shakes it's head. Fire jumps in with, (*BULLSHIT! You think we'd waste our time on nothing! Pathetic little girl. BAKA BAKA!!*) Dansha glares at Fire. "Can it, flame." (*NO! DISGRACE! BAKA!*)

Mei giggles a bit and shrugs "If you have the power, you should learn to use it and enjoy it. I'm harmless because of my choosing the path of the healer." she offered, giggling a bit as she takes out a marshmallow, from her breast pocket.

The iguana at the central table finally looks up from his meal when the sound of thumping is heard amongst the tremors. While the others might not feel it his feet are also on the ground. Despite this the beast just continues to eat, looking to the other two now.

The coffee in Dansha's cup starts vibrateing, and the Elementals stop, looking around. Dansha's cream skin glows and they fade away, leaving Dansha confused as to why. Then she looks down. "That's never happened before."

There it is again, a little stronger this time. A closer THUMP followed by a shake. The water in the glasses has a ripple in it. Moments later, there is yet another, although this one isn't from outside. It's from the doorway. Kyoko stands there, back against the door, white with fear, and looking somewhat in a panic. She looks to the side as theres a loud THUMP of another step, this time the liquid in glasses VERY visibly shaking.

Mei's fingers thoughtfully go.. "We .. should get the fuck under the bar." she offered, voice careful and cheerful. with that Mei is up, her hood getting yoinked up, her cackle rolling out.

Dansha eyes widen and she takes her que from Mei, darting towards the bar. Peering over it, she finds herself in front of the Lizard. Eeping slightly, she shuffles comically to the side.

The louder and louder thumping, followed by the increased shaking, makes the lizard more alert with the passing seconds. The arrival of another, white with fear, has the lizard washing down the food currently in his mouth. Unlike the others, however, there is no outward sign of alarm. Rising from the central table and NOT at the bar, all of the vegetables are taken from the plate in all of the hands before he crosses the room toward the door. The pace is very casual and unrushed. Even the tail remains fairly still other than a slow sway.

As Mazurek stands, a VERY large foot can be seen taking a step through the window, mottled and twisted. Almost immediatedly after, theres a terrific CRASH as the roof caves in! Why does it cave in, you ask? Cause the large T-Rex just stuck his head through it! He moves to snap at the group running for the bar, such as the one he was chasing, but misses due to being slowed down. Crashing into rooftops and builds does that sometimes, depending on the movie. Kyoko meanwhile is muttering something about SOMETHING trying to kill her whenever she goes outside. As it crashes through, she slows down in her rush towards the bar, staring in abject fear of the immense beast.

Dansha screams in a rather girly fashion. You must forgive her, she is still young.

Mei pauses. "Fuck." she commented, taking a moment to cast a water barrier and ass bumping Dansha in against the Bar.

Mazurek stops the moment that the window is caved in by that huge foot. Raising an eyeridge even as the roof is also pierced by a rather toothy predator maw, he looks up and barks something out in a rather gutteral language. Unlike the others he has not fled to the safety of the bar, but rather remains in the spot he ended up stopping in. The only movement in his case, even if there is debris falling around him, is the large tail swaying. The dinosaur is merely glared at.

Kyoko is too scared to move, and simply stands there, eyes wide, and shaking in fear

The large creature looks at Mazurek, since hes standing right there in front of it, sniffs a few times, then ROARS a deafening roar, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. Over all, it looks pretty messy. Mutation, necrosis, and injury cover its mottled body. Theres a third eye on one side of its face, small mouths covering it from head to toe intermittantly, bulbous growths, and in some places raw muscle lacking skin, or even the gleam of bone in places. Not a pleasant sight.

Mazurek's eyes close as the creature's bad breath washes right over him, the blast of the noise also having him rock backward and forcing him to use his tail as a counterbalance. When the roar stops they open again and a casual inspection of the beast is then made. He speaks again, this time apparently to the creature itself, the gutteral tones sounding like a question this time around. Not likely to be understood, but...yeah. This warrior does not seem to be afraid of the thing.

Dansha shakes in her boots, and teleports through the kitchen and out the back door. She only moves 10 feet at a time until she gets outside.

Mei starts to help Kyoko.. instead she bends over to promptly throw up on the floor

Mei is the hero of the day.

Kyoko is knocked off her feet by the roar, ending up right in the path of Mei projecting herself. Eeewww! Getting knocked down seems to have knocked her out of her paralyzis, however, and she crawls behind the bar in the hopes of hiding, appearently not stopping to care about being covered in mess.

The beast lunges forwards, intent on biting the tasty morsel before it. Whatever Mazurek said, it either doesn't understand, or doesn't care.

Mazurek is not one to just stand around and take a bite. When the beast lunges for him he leaps to one side while throwing a handful of vegetables right into that gaping maw. Immediately afterward he settles to a crouch and launches into the air to try and leap up onto the thing's head.

Mei's courage is back! She takes a moment to take a wine bottle and whip it at the monster before promptly ducking the fuck down under the bar! She's so brave and wonderful!

Kyoko is behind the bar, a mess and terrified. Nuff said.

The thing gulps as it devours the veggies thrown into its mouth, and is about to raise to meet the leaping lizardman when a bottle of wine hits it in the face, shattering and lodging some glass into the flesh, while the wine and its alcohol content in the wounds make them burn. It roars, and lunges at Mei as she tries to duck, momentarily forgetting the previous target.

Mazurek lands somewhere on the head, legs spread a bit while he rides it. However he wasn't anticipating the help from down below and he gives a shout when the beast lunges toward the bar. He wasn't prepared for the sudden movement and ends up being knocked backward, rolling a few times until he manages to wrap his arms and legs around as much of the girth as possible, digging his sharp talons right into the flesh of the beast. He's passed over some of those mouths and some other growths during the journey. When he comes to a stop he has only just barely missed one of them. Lucky this time around.

Mei's head pops back up, taking a large wine bottle to chuck at one of the eyes, and not Mazurek.. She blinks a bit "Oh crap... ruptured my sleeping pow...d.... zz...." and with that she falls back into the cabinent apparently to sleep it off. Afterall. she's safe! its impossible to break the bar.. and she's encased in it!

Kyoko pulls the comotose Mei furhter under where its safer, and she cant be pulled out easily.

The creature thrashes around, now focusing on whatever is on its back, as talons dig into it. It steps on and smashes more of the URs structure as it tries to loosen Mazurek from itself. Another loud roar escapes its bellowing maw in the meantime.

Mazurek grunts and holds on as tight as he can while more of the structure is torn apart. He is hit by multiple chunks of the debris, which cuts into his vulnerable hide and causes a bit of bleeding. What better way to cause a predator to go further berserk than by being able to smell a bleeding prey but not able to get to it? His claws are dug in nice and deep and, despite being jerked about and banged up he maintains his hold on the thick flesh, likely opening up some more bloody injuries in it. He's doing a pretty good job of keeping the vegetables and holding on at the same time, no?

The chaos-rex smashes into another building, luckily one with no one know to be living in it, and steps on the occasional person who doesnt get out of the way in its thrashing.

Mazurek gets cut up more with the exit from the restaurant and even further with the smashing into a home, some of his blood actually spraying a bit in the area. The journey and the jarring knocks him about more and more and this time he comes very close to being bitten by one of those mouths. This one in particular is dangerously close to the secondary left wrist, the claws having just missed passing right over it.

Mazureks claws usually wouldnt be likely to hurt the beast much, but its chaos-tainted, malformed, and horribly infected as a result of being in the wastes for so long. Its flesh is softer than it usually could be in places, thinned by the corruption. Places like where his claws are presently. As his claws run down its back, it ROARS in pain and stamps back off to the wastes in a full running charge, the only place it knows, really.

The mad-dash of the beast out toward its home causes it to run through a few more buildings. Because of this the lizard is unable to maintain his hold for much longer and ends up getting knocked off the creature, tumbling down its back and getting flicked by the tail, only to crash right to the ground off the main path a bit. The landing alone is enough to knock him out.

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