2009-04-09 (PreU) You're telling me you can cut THIS frying pan with that knife?

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You're telling me you can cut THIS frying pan with that knife?


Who: Jason_Talben, Mei
When: April 9th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave

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Enclave Walkway This building is, or rather was one of the older abandoned buildings of Twisted. It has since gained new ownership. Over the course of a month or so, the building has been steadily rebuilt, repaired, and repainted. The owner, Jason Talben has effectively rebuilt a large warehouse into some form of enclave. The building in the distance is large, easily half a football field square and is easily four stories tall.

Those who can feel life energy can and would sense there is a faint nexus of such energy here. The place seems well cared for with a few grounds keepers wandering around tending to the landscape. There is also a slight aura of peace here. The outer building has two large doors which are at the end of the walkway. There is nothing intimidating about this place at all. There is a general feel of welcome to anyone.

Above the door in the three most common written languages on Twisted are the words, "If you come in peace, You shall be welcomed in peace. If you seek peace, May you find it here. If you seek knowledge, Perhaps you shall find it here. Welcome to the Jedi Enclave."

Jason is sitting under a tree in the shade reading a book.

Mei is quietly out, Lakshmi with her, fingers around the little one's hand. It seems they've been flower and herb gathering. "Aa, Jason, may I have a moment?" she asked, pushing her hood back and letting go of Lakshmi's hand, the child dashing foreward to offer a basket of medicinal herbs to Jason cheerfully. Neither of them are really dressed flashily or showily, Mei in her normal drab garment and Lakshmi in a bright blue, simple yukata. It has fishies on it.

Jason smiles as he looks at Lakshmi and smiles as he starts to take the Backet from the Child and nods, "I have some time yes." he says and sets it down beside him, "Thank you Lakshmi."

Mei pushes her bangs back "Its about Usagi, I would recommend giving the works a bit of time." she pauses, watching Lakshmi chase a butterfly around before starting up again " There are much stronger people just as upset as us about her stance change." she clears her throat "Even though she is not evil, it upset the balance quite sorely and its a big enough matter that someone who can make me physically tremble from their power decide to act." she offered, voice quiet, soft even. "I would keep most quiet on this information as I'm not sure I'm supposed to share, but I would be heart broken if something happened to such a dear friend because I kept my mouth shut." she offered, bending down to kneel on the ground beside him, her skirt being too short to sit indian style and be decent.

Jason listens to Mei as she warns him about the position on Mei and he relaxes some. "I see, well If they are indeed upset over this perhaps they will go to the source of the problem and deal with Hild personally. Regardless I still have to attempt to return her to the light. I thank you for your warning and I will be careful I assure you." Jason says as he thinks, "I have managed to get hold of something that hopefully will even the playing field between me and these super powers." It's true, Jason has indeed changed some how. His natural light, his inner light has some how gotten stronger. Just barely at the edge of perception but it's there.

Mei smiles "I think things will be smoothed out. I have faith." she offered, her hand goes out to take his hand. "You don't want to start playing against them Jason, give the works time to go, not too long, but a short while, alright?" she leans her head on his shoulder, sighing " It is very hard to believe the unexpected twists I have gone through since my arrival. I was freed. I was taken as a pupil without any sign of talent, I was loved, I married, had a child and was abandoned." she shrugs "I really am probably being selfish in protecting you this way. So I'm sorry."

Jason listens to Mei as he asks, "What are the works?" he says and swallows hard, "Mei I can not sit by and do nothing when people suffer under the hands of others. It's not possible for me. When I was still a padawan, there was a terrible war raged by the Mandalorians. They slaughtered people by the millions. Millions, destroying entire cities in one blow. Conquering entire worlds. To them all they wanted was the honor of the fight, wining or loosing did not matter. Slaughtering women and children, did not matter. I could not sit by and do nothing, while I had been trained to defend and protect, but the Jedi order, chose to sit and wait viewing the future in an attempt to find the perfect time to enter the war, to find the source behind this war. Content to allow Millions to die every day." he says explaining his devotion to helping others. "I disobeyed the Jedi High Council, and went to war following two Prodigal Jedi Knights Revan And Malak as did hundreds, because They like I could not stand by idly and let others suffer." Jason says, "I saw so many horrible things, and paid a price beyond belief."

Mei takes Jason's hand stroking along his knuckle "I do not say do nothing, I ask you to give this a bit of time. Usagi's enemy was upset about the shift." she hesitated.. "I cannot say who was contacted Jason, as there may be people listening, but I would trust the person with my soul itself which is something. I am saying patience is important, and keeping your mind sharp. Times are changing Jason. Things beyond us happen here every day. I have no faith in the council or in TASK. I have faith in my belief and in my wish." she gently grips his hand turning her head away to check on Lakshmi who seems to of been tackled by a small squirrel-fox creature ( think nausicca). "Do not mention this to Hild, or Usagi, but things are changing." Mei's smile might be off settling, hinting she still knows more. "I really wonder if I'll ever be as nimble as I was before I lost my eye."

Jason listens to Mei as she councils Patients and he recalls lessons from the Jedi council, the lessons of actions From Kreia. And he says, "I will wait as long as I can, but once Usagi starts causing harm to others, weither good or Evil, wither or not the entire world of twist views such evil ones disserve such a fate, I must act. And I will not be speaking to Hild any more, I have little to discuss with such a creature of darkness anyway." he says. After listening to Mei he hears her comment about getting her shape back, "Perhaps you can if you work hard enough for it. Mei I want you to take a Look at something." Jason reaches into his robes and pulls out the handle of a Shoto Lightsaber and offers it to Mei, "Here hold this." and he shows her how to hold the blade. "That is a short Varation of my Lightsaber, The traditional weapon of the Jedi Order. The idea of attempting to train you as a Jedi has cross my mind Mei, if you are interested."

Mei gently nods "I understand, Jason. really I do." she pauses a bit "I really don't think I could be a good trainee.." She sort of fumbles with the blade "I'm somewhat against weaponry personally, being that I use darts to inflict damage and run away like a pansy." she offered. She ers a bit "Why would you want to train me? I'm just a weak want to be doctor with a history of being a poisonous prodigy.." she offered, quietly holding the lightsaber in her hands awkwardly.

Jason smiles as he says, "Jedi are keepers of the Peace, Guardians, protectors, mediators, and healers. You have shown me you know of the healing arts. The Force I am sure I have told you is very much like your powers, you could learn. There are plenty of healing techniques I can teach you. Through the force you can use it to enhance your own physical abilities, strength, dexterity, speed, reflexes." he offers.

Mei smiles "May I think this over? I do warn, I have somewhat poor eyesight during the day, and.. some loose ends that you have said are not really allowed." she sighs a bit, "I also am not a good pupil, given that my last serious teacher I ended up entwined with." she rubs the back of her head. "I apologize for the hesitance, I'm sure a number of the younger men and women here would jump at this. I am just old and shyly hesitant to enter battle." not that it hasn't stopped Mei from entering frays and doing protective measures/clean up.

Jason listens to Mei and he smiles, "Well Loose ends if they are personal issues I would not worry about it. The Old Order for example forbid the training of adults, only the most unusual of circumstances would allow that rule to be broken. By adhering to the old ways the Jedi order grew stagnate and complacent. Which ultimately lead to their destruction, Seeing as there is no Jedi order here, and I would be starting from scratch... I think exceptions to the standard rules should be allowed. I will allow you to take as much time as you wish, but this path is not an easy one. But with dedication and patients you could become one of the greatest Jedi Healers of all time." he says and there he takes hold of his lightsaber and showing Mei how to hold the one he gave her with a red button up on top and the emitter away from her, shows her how to turn on the blade. if she turns it on the blade will ignite in a bright Blue, as he says, "To the Sith, th dark counterparts of the Jedi, this is a weapon. To the Jedi, it is a tool, a symbol of light, hope, and peace." Jason says, "in my universe, simply by showing this weapon, even inactive can stop fights, arguments, and make people listen to you."

Mei still seems hesitant "I am already over two centuries in age. I technically have a marriage. I am known to be weak and accept that, not that it is entirely right. I also have Lakshmi, who is, and I hope always will be the center of my existence due to how my race is." she clears her throat. "I am not sure I would be a good pupil and I have to confess something because you've brought this up." Her mouth moves slowly into a very quiet whisper, quiet enough that the wind wouldn't carry it at all.

Jason listens as he will accept the small saber back as he nods and listens, "The choice of training is ultimately yours to make." Jason listens to Mei's whisper and nods as he also whispers back not with the his words but his emotions and he sends his message through the force to Mei.

Mei's hand gently holds his. as she nods. She knows. She smiles a bit "Let me get some clarity through meditation, it will help me figure out which way to go. She watches Lakshmi nearby, covering her mouth to hold in a laugh The toddler has somehow managed to get stuck upside down in a tree. "Lift your upper body first and then untwist your legs, be careful not to hit the ground at full force. Just concentrate your mind and go.

Lakshmi manages the first part .. and the second, failing to heed the last part.. Which causes a sudden, and near instant gesture from Mei, a large marshmallow to appear under the tot to break the fall, resulting in a very startled but soon bouncing toddler.

Jason smiles as he looks over to Lakshmi and he laughs, "Ahhhhh, I'm glad my childhood years are over, but sometimes Nostalgia come back to me. I doubt you would be any more difficult then I was Mei, but take your time, it is not a light choice to make. The path of the Jedi is not an easy path to walk. But while the road is hard and Long, it is well worth the rewards."

Mei chuckles "The hardest and most painful thing I've ever done was bearing Lakshmi. In itself I was ill for the entire pregnancy. It was difficult and even now, its difficult, but, she's something worth fighting for." she offered, voice careful. "She changed me. Although I worry for her. She's going to be strong, I can't tell if its physical or not yet, but she's already able to naturally work wonders. She is going to probably be the death of me once she hits puberty." Mei makes a praying gesture before laughing. " The children of twisted are rare, exceptionally. Very few are actually physically born here. Its a fascinating study actually." she offered, quietly.

Jason nods and says, "There is power in her, that much is clear. If perhaps the day comes, I would be willing to offer training for her, withyour consent." he says not knowing exactly who's child he is dealing with here.

Mei shakes her head "If Lakshmi chooses to physically train, I feel compelled that I should entrust her to her Father or her Elder half brother. Both of them are so strong and could teach her a good deal about the half of powers I do not understand or have first hand expirience using." she pauses, taking out a small note book to show to Jason a few quick notes, actually she has meticulous notes on near everything she's expirienced on Twisted. "This is Caliga Satanas, my former lover and teacher. He is .. a very strong man. He is Lakshmi's father. He is .. very powerful. He can be a hateful creature but I very much found him to overall be very kind. I strongly suspect his mannerisms and attitude are largely dependent on how he is treated." she murmured.

Jason nods and says, "You need not tell me anything you do not wish to tell me Mei, but anything you do, will not be shared." he says and he waves his hand at the note book and smiles, "Mei, you and your daughter are welcome here at the Enclave should you wish to stay for a while. This is a place of peace, and light. If you come in peace you shall be welcomed in peace."

Mei shrugs "It is common knowledge that Lakshmi's father is Caliga, we were wed and had a child. Which I'm going to assume is normal even in your world. Lakshmi and I have a few more errands, I need to make some deliveries. " she pauses. "I would be careful around Caliga if you meet him. To very gently put it, always be peaceful and don't draw on him. He's near impossible to read, even after a long time as his lover I still cannot read him unless he's angry, Anger being the easiest." she pauses "Do you eat meat, Jason?"

Jason listens to Mei and he nods, "I understand and will heed your caution of Caliga, he should also at least be partially disposed to me, even if he was the most evil person in Twisted, I would never abide any one trying to harm another just to get at someone else. And yes I do eat meat." he says

Mei chuckles "I warn more out of him being somewhat unpredictable. He'd only attack if given a reason, I think. Well I will have some supper sent for you when I am done. I wanted to make sure you are not one who avoids meat. " she pauses "Do you need dishes at all, I could probably make you some, they'd be simple in design and only in colors I can extract from the earth, but I would be more than happy to give them to you"

Jason head shakes, "No I do not have a need for such, Seems that when I attempted to build the Enclave everything for it's most basic needs just fell right into place with in a week, it's how I was able to get it up and running so quickly. But thank you for the offer Mei. I will keep it in mind should I have such a need."

Mei shakes her head "You do not offer a gift with expectations. You offer it because you wish to." she smiles a bit "Besides, a bit of well cooked dinner would do you good. I'm sending that regardless. Its a tradition to warm a new home, and I suspect your enclave is such for you, with a meal, and a way to remake the meal and share it again later." she offered.

Jason bows his head and nods, "Thank you Mei, and indeed it is my home, and my hope it will be come the home of many more to come. Perhaps a Future of Jedi Knights will be born here." he says and has hopes for the future and prays that his dream comes true.

Mei smiles, considering "If I should die unexpectedly, I request you plant a plum tree here." she murmured, somewhat out of the blue "It won't bring me back, but I am named for a plum blossom and should like very much to be remembered by a tree." she commented, quietly. Her fingers going out to wrap around Jason in a hug before she withdraws.. "Lami-chan!" she gives a sharp trilling sound from the back of her throat, causing the tot and the squirrel-fox to come dashing along, Lakshmi right into her thighs.

Jason nods and smiles as he says, "I will honor your wish, Should I still be here, and if the day should come when I become one with the Force, I ask. Do not mourn me, Don't curse the one who laid me low, death is a natural part of life, and when I die..... Then truely I can rest easy." he says hugging Mei firmly as they prepare to leave.

Mei smiles a bit "I would mourn, as it is nature, but I would not dwell, I promise." she offered. "Mourning is a natural, somewhat selfish response to such a loss. Besides, the best way to honor and cherish a memory is to move on or do something in that person's name." she starts off, lifting Lakshmi up to kiss gently. "Farewell, we'll meet again soon." she called towards Jason, Lakshmi yelling out a bye bye and waving.

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