2009-04-14 (PreU) It's like a mix between a shammy and a towel..

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It's like a mix between a shammy and a towel..


Who: Hlin, Hrist, Mei
When: April 14th, 2009
Where: the UR


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This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Mei is settled, infront of the fireplace on a pillow, A grown man is sitting beside her, his large muscled arm over her small lap. She's quite noticably in a nurses' uniform, cap included, giving the gent stitches. Its not exactly ideal but hey it is amusing. After a moment she wraps the stitches, and pats the man, sending him off "Stab'em dear, a pot of tea and some stew!" she commented, getting up to wash her hands.

The front door to the usual would, at this time swing open. A young woman looking to be in her teens stepping in. Black hair drifitng down the sides of her head to end just above her shoulders. Over her eyes is what appears to be some kind of blue visor, while from one ear dangles a gold earring of a tree. Her body is covered in a long jacket, underwhich may be glanced some kind of tight outfit, a similiar tree emblem stitched into one shoulder, but also with a dragon beneath devouring the roots.

Mei cheerfully greets as she flops down, gettiing her tea to pour a cup and comfortably leaning against the fireplaces' decorative facade, putting her medical supplies away. "Hello Miss." she called out, taking her time drinking her tea.

The woman turns her head, smiling and giving a nod. Looking for a place to sit, or perhaps even someone to get a drink from, "You wouldn't happen to be the staff here, would you?"

Mei shakes her head no. "Just ask the scutters, They'll get whatever you like without much fuss." she offered, taking a moment to set her soup on her knee and begin taking small bites of it. "I just do work out of this building due to the bar fights and the excercising injuries that happen." she offered, smile spreading as she cheerfully takes a large bite of her soup, her shrug showing as she smiles brightly.

A nod, as reached up, flicking a switch on the side of the visor. The crystalline material seeming to vanich revealing her gold eyes. Looking for a place to sit, and deciding that near that fire would probablly be the best, "I hope you don't mind if I join you then? It seems here may be the safest place if bar figths have a tendancy to happen." She extended a hand, "My name is Hlin."

Mei takes the hand to cheerfully shake "I'm Mei Hebi, oh do join me. There aren't -that- many barfights. As a whole I'd say the UR gets destroyed more than bar fights erupt." she offered, giggling a little bit as she stretches out, taking another bite of her soup "Neeeeeeeeeeh Stab'em Miss Hlin would like to order." she called out, cheerfully going back to her soupish stew.

Hlin slid back onto the couch, smirking as one booted leg was lifted to rest on her thigh, "Some ale, and some of that soup...erm, Stab'em." she says to the scutter.

Mei rests her back against the warm fireplace facade. "IS there anything I can help you with?" she asked, taking a sip of her hot tea and then a bite of her soup, her posture actually quite prim and proper.

Hlin blinks, "Hmm? I'm not sure Miss Mei." she muses, smiling a bit, "I don't have any injuries needing the help of a nurse."

Mei chuckles "Well then, I'll just offer you company. Its very nice to meet you." she takes her time to finish her meal, the scutter dropping off Hlin's order. Mei bounces a bit, "So are you enjoying Twisted?"

"Hmm? Well..I suppose that's a matter of opinion...so far I find it quite...dull." an honest answer probablly, but alas, she lifted her soup to her lips drinking from the bowl.

Mei ponders that, legs shifting "Oh that will change. I'm sure you'll get some noise your way if you look for it." she offered, taking a sip "Or maybe I'm just unlucky. I really can't tell." she offered.

Hlin laughed, "I'm not sure noise is what I want to attract or make. Usually I like to be quiet or watch from a distance...training and all that."

Mei shrugs a bit "Hanging out in this building, you will eventually attract a commotion, it simply can't be helped, but you'll manage, I suspect." she offered, voice suprisingly up beat.

Hlin blinked, "Well I have no intention of spednign eternity in this building, mind you." she chuckles again, spooning her soup up before reaching to drink her ale.

Mei mms a bit "I like watching people here." she offered, taking a moment to take a bite of sandwich, her cheerful expression showing. Her body hopping up to sit beside the stranger. "So where are you from? Are you new to Twisted?"

"Hmm? Usually I do a lot of watching myself...I suppose you could say." At the closing of distance Hlin smirks, not seeming to mind, "I'm...new to Twisted, though not to the ideas of multiple worlds. My world, is referred to as Gaia, though I am from a place we call Imperium, which floats above it."

Mei nods confusedly and just settles in to offer a thoughtful 'kyuu' sound "My world doesn't have a name." she shrugs a bit, sitting indian style lazily as leggings pop on her form so she doesn't look like a sluuuuuuuuuuut.

Hrist tipped her head, "I supposed I should explain...you see..." she held up her hands, "Gaia..." she waved ehr hand low, "Was long ago brought almost to ruin by wars. We, in Imperium escaped the surface, and kept all the knowledge of technology and magic safe, and now guide those left on the surface so that when they're ready we can teach them again."

Mei ers a bit "My world is simply a world. It has deserts, mountains, oceans, and lots of wars because the humans are toppling the demons. I'm really probably quite lucky I ended up here as I'm not a terribly popular woman back home due to being an archmaster aetherist and all." she shrugs a bit, nodding.

"Archmaster Aetherist? I am not familiar with that term." Hrist set her bowl down, leaning back into the couch.

Mei pauses "Oh I make potions, like healing potion, greek fire, stuff like that. Well honestly anything that can be made into a potion that fits in an ether bottle." she offered, taking out a sample, "Here, have a healing potion." she offered.

Hlin reached up, accepting it, looking over the contents curiously, "Interesting...primitive, but no doubt effective." she blinked, "I'm sorry. I'm used to things such as Nanomachines programmed to utilize healing magics now."

Mei ers a bit "Its actually pretty sophisticated alchemy, but, I guess my world is considered highly primitive, given that I've seen so many technologies in this world." she hesitates, showing the phone Tyler had given her.. "Like the magic talking box."

Hrist blinks againd, and laughed, "Wow...Now that's something I've only read in history books." she muses, lifitng her hair to reveal a device over one ear. "This allows me to do all the things that can, and a bit more."

Mei ers a bit and shrugs.. " I don't really know how primitive my world is, but I know its magically very strong and I miss some parts of it very very much."

"A world being magically strong is not necessarilly bad...I know of worlds the magic is so advanced it makes our magitechnology look primitive." a shrug, "The differences are in the use and application."

Mei smiles a bit "I'm really not a terribly good mage either, I'm afraid I'm considerably below average because it was forbidden for me to study more than how it flows and works." she offered, lazily to roll her shoulders.

"Oh? And why is that, if you don't mind my curiosity." she tapped her chin, "We usually only restricted studies or access to things to those who had previously abused it."

Mei ers a bit "Because literacy among property is heavily monitored?" she offered, coughing "Although I am free now, as I've been emancipated." she offered, concentrating on her tea to lift it up to float infront of her and soon enough taking it to sip on.

"So, you were a slave then?" she deduces, thinking on this curiously.

Mei nods a bit "Emphasis on past tense, please." she offered, taking another sip of her tea, her snake hair sliding out lazily to flick tongues at the stranger, her own expression somewhat neutral and dull.

"Oh I have no intention of putting the emphasis anywhere. If there is one thing my own observations show, is how terrible such a practice can be." she shrugged, "But you are free now, which gives you the chance to do whatever you wish."

Mei mms a bit "I opted to learn a bit of magic and have a child. " she offered, cheerfully, her ears twitching as she pauses a bit "Stab 'em could you bring me some of those cute tea sandwiches?" she asked, over cheerfully. "Its nice.. to make money for myself." she offered.

Hlin blinked a bit, "Well, then I think that's good. Though..where is your child now? It seems a bit strange not to be with one's children." Mei mms a bit "My darling is sleeping and being watched over. I have to work you know. To afford dreadfully expensive things such as her education and protection." she offered. "She is not alone. She is never alone." she cheerfully added, smiling brightly

Hrist nodded, leaning forwards to scoop up her ale again, and finish off the last of it, before signalling for another. "And My guess is, your work as a healer is part of that?"

Mei nods cheerfully "Of course it is. Then again, I do other work too." she makes a face "Long story on that." she offers a small grin. She yawns a bit "mm its a very quiet day." she offered, relaxing fully.

Hrist nods, not pushing for the story behind the comment. "Yes it is. Perhaps thankfully so. As long as it's not too quiet of a day I suppose."

Mei mms a bit "I am suspicious that something will happen yet." she ofefred, cheeerfully, her ears twittering as she smiles at Hrist, taking her tea sandwhiches from the scutter to begin nibbling on.

"You seem more anxious of that than I would expect most people to be." she tipped her head, accepting her new mug of ale as well.

Mei mms a bit "well, the UR gets destoryed semi often. It always reappears right as rain, but, still." she pauses "Except that Bar. IT has never gotten destroyed." she offered, lazily, taking a few bites before going to the next crustless sandwhich lazily.

Hrist glanced back to the bar, then to Mei, "Really? Now that does sound interesting at the very least."

Mei nods a bit "I've actually hid in the bar for safety before." she offered, lazily "You can smack it with a sword and it won't dent. I've seen major explosions do nothing more than knock over glasses."

Hrist hmms, "Curious. Though I don't think I'll try my luck. I would not want to be fined for damaging everything but the bar after all."

Mei chuckles a bit "I've never actually seen anyone get billed for destroying the resturaunt either." she offered, lazily "this place is really quite weird." she offered.

Hrist just blinked, "And if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to get me to blow the place up."

Mei shakes her head. "Just commenting. I don't really want to see anything violent." she offered. Her laughter escapes as she adds in "I just want to make friends and be nice."

Hrist chuckles, "Well, I'd say you were already on that road before. Though you did indeed pique my curiosity as to what this place uses to keep itself constantly repaired."

Mei smiles a bit "Well, I'm glad then." she offered, voice cheerful "I have no idea. I kind of assume its somewhere between the will of life itself, magic, and a dash of evil." she commented

"Well that's certainlly an interesting theory, but why evil?" she leaned back taking a gulp of her ale once more glancing to Mei.

Mei mms a bit "Well its either good energy or evil energy that makes people attack this place, right? Evil is just a guess." she takes another bite of sandwhich, proving once again she is a bottomless pit.

"People attack the place directly?" now this is certainlly interesting if so. Hrist sits up, "Are you sure it's not people attacking each other and they just happen to be in here?"

Mei thoughtfully takes out her notebook "Well it attracts people, which given its tavern status is normal, but, I've seen people intentionally blow the structure up." she mentioned. "Regardless of who was inside. " she offers sketches she's done, quick and not the best, of the building reforming itself.

Hrist accepts the notebook flipping over the pages curiouslly. "Hmmm...well that is certainlly strange."

Mei settles back "I agree its totally weird, but it wouldn't be Twisted if everything was normal." she offered with a cheerful shrug. She seems content to just chatter

A nod from Hrist, "The name seems to say it all, if you ask me." she smirks, "Twisted indeed."

Mei laughs a bit "I agree." she offered, grin spreading as she takes a moment to sketch Hrist, making notes carefully about her.

Hrist blinked, leaning back again, "Do you sketch everything?"

Mei ers a bit "I'm preserving information." she offered. "If I sketch it then others will be able to follow my information and follow my foot steps incase something happens." she offered, cheerfully.

"Something happens?" Hrist lifted a hand to tap her chin, "What are you worried may happen?"

Mei ers a bit and moves a hand up, making a slit gesture. "I honestly am not confident that I will survive the day at any given time, to be honest. Someday my luck will run out and I want to leave messages to make life easier for Lakshmi." she offered, calmly.

A hrrm from Hlin as she drew her hands back, behind her head, resting back against them. "A worrisome prospect yes, but constantly worrying about it could lead to worse."

Mei shrugs a bit "Its also for the sake of referencing knowledge, you know. Bad habbit." she waves a hand "Besides, my daughter is aware I am a neurotic mess." she offered, cheerfully.

Hrist hrrms again, closing her eyes, "If you say so...but try not to get too wound up in worrying."

Mei smiles a bit "If it is my time, its my time." she offered, her cheerfuly. "I can't worry too much but I must pay attention to what is around me." she offered, staying soft spoken and gentle about it. " I worry more for my daughter than myself, to be honest."

"You're an interesting one Mei. I like you." Hrist smiled leaning over, "If you need any help and I'm around...be sure to ask...being to fatalistic is never a good thing."

Mei chuckles. "My problems are my own fault for my foolishness." she offered. "Falling in love without a care was a stupid thing to do. Being harmless is worse." she offered, smiling gently. "I'm glad you find me interesting. I would hate to be considered vapid and empty."

"Given my old job, I find it rare to find anyone as such." she motions to the sketchbook, "You just need to know what to look for to see the interesting parts of a person. Besides...my old commander was mroe vapid and empty than you. 'He' was a machine."

Mei giggles a bit "I'm relatively harmless I choose to be such." she offered, her ears twittering "I suppose, my pacifism is why I've had some trouble." Somewhere on the muck, Zarek has dropped a connection.

"Well, there's no fault with choosing to be a lamb and not a lion." She sat up, "Not to mention your seeming cheerfulness."

Mei mms a bit "I suppose its my assumed gentleness that makes so many draw near to me. " she offered, she shrugs "I'm very .. hesitant to learn methods to violence." she offered, smile showing. "I can't help but be cheerful. If you spend your day growling, it is no suprise you are dog tired at the end of the day."

Hlin laughs at that, "I suppose you've a point there." she smiled tapping the device on her ear, activating the visor once more. "Best to do what you're good at though, and become better."

Mei concentrates a bit and holds out her hands, summoning a marshmallow "I'm good at making potions, I'm wonderful with children, and I'm highly literate." she offered, contently "If I can work on my bad points, maybe I can be loved someday."

"Well..I can't say I can summon marshmallows from thin air." she laughed, "I'm an intelligence gatherer, among other assorted things."

Mei mms a bit "If you're gathering information on me, I do hope it isn't to use against me." she offered, calmly, not at all phased. "I can tell you a good deal, you see."

Hrist shifted, looking to Mei from beneath the visor, "I'm not gathering information on you. I'm simply gathering it on the area, we're new to this world, so learning of this place is natural."

Mei pauses a bit "Well, I can answer questions, but I cannot assure I know the answers or that they are not biased due to my opinions and my unique expiriences here in this world where worlds meet." she offered.

A chuckle from Hrist, "And you don't need to stress about that." she deactivated the visor once more. "Those questions may come later when I'm actually on duty."

Mei hms a bit "Well, this is the best place for a burger around, and is always serving. Even after the resturaunt is destroyed, the bar is serving, the kitchen is back up in about a quarter of an hour." she offered. "This is information a girl must know."

"Oh? Well..." she looked to one of the scutters, "Cheese burger for me please!" she then loked back to Mei, "Girls need to stick together too."

Mei laughs a bit "All the girls I've gotten close to have vanished or become whores for power." she offered, quietly "Actually a cheeseburger, with the water buffalo mozerella would be lovely for me as well, and a half order of the sweet potato fries." she gestures to the scutters. "Most of the menu is wonderful here." she offered, cheerfully

Hrist blinks, "Now that just doesn't sound good at all." she shrugged, "Hate to say it, but I already have a lot of the power I want...only thing I don't have is a boyfriend." she laughs.

Mei pft "They're both pains in the ass. Power brings responsibilities.. Boyfriends.. well.. I'm in no shape to give advice." she grins lopsidedly leaning over the arm of the couch. "I could go out and be a power hungry whore too, but I'd rather not be. " she teased. "You don't come off as a whore though.." she offered, lazily.

Hrist leans over and winks, "Like I said...I already got the power I want. Guess it's a benefit of the job." and then she shrugged, "And I don't think I'd be a good date for a boy anyway."

Mei pauses "Why not, you're cute as a button?" Mei asked lazily "Although a lot of the women here don't seem to care for the bed fellowship of men.." she murmured, thoughtfully. "Personally I'm just a sucker for companionship, details are unimportant so long as the personality is right."

"More I think I'd bore them with details." she laughed, "Besides, only men I know are other members of Jergand...they're a bit too traditional, girls should be seen and not heard."

Mei makes a face "Goodlord if all men subscribed to that, I'd never of been bedded." she joked, her laugh rolling out. Then again, she barely looks twenty. Curse of monster blood and what not. " Then again, I got hushed with kisses a lot in my last relationship. I am a bit neurotic."

"Really?" Hrist leaned in a bit more winking, "Not necessarilly a bad thing." she then leaned back again crossing her legs once more.

Mei blinks.. "Yeah.. you haven't heard me shut up.. and I've had a lot of boyfriends, given my age. Only three serious ones though..." she pauses.. "Men seem to like my hips." she offered.. "Given that I'm bottom heavy and all. My former husband apparently liked my curves a lot, and my inability to shut the hell up."

Hrist smirks, "If I may, Mei?" she tapped a chin, "You're pretty interesting, both in the way you talk, and yes the way you look...Based on what I scanned, you're a mixed breed...are you not?"

Mei ers a bit "Yes, I'm a half gorgon and half elf, why do you ask?" she murmured, cheeks pinkening. Not that her dark skin isn't odd enough around twisted since most of the populus falls in the 'paper white' category of skin tone.

Hrist says, "It's intriguing. All of my people are human...but we long ago began experimenting with blending in features of other species into ourselves, making people better at thigns than others."

Mei ers a bit "I have no problem with humans, their ignorance can get old, but, a lot of very lovely people I adore are human, you see." she smiles brightly. "On my world, the humans have decided that demons are the cause of all the ails, and murdering us like its going out of style." she offered, quietly.

Hrist sighed, "I can't speak for other worlds...our world had been seperated from the wars. We humans have Gaia, The elves claimed another, and a race we call the children of shadow have theirs. Though Imperium has contact with these two worlds...the rest of Gaia knows nothing of the existence of even this place."

Mei mms a bit "My world is .. evolving or somesuch. I suppose my people's age has ended. The age of magic will likely die with my people." she offered, warmly. "It is sad, yes, but it is a path of life and no longer effects me, as I am here and no longer living as property there." she commented

"They will soon learn magic will never fully go, and will come back. We found out the hard way." Hrist folded her hands in her lap, "But as you said, you're here now, no need to stress anymore."

Mei mms a bit "Well Magic .. is a fussy mistress and needs proper watching, and while it won't ever fully go away, it will take the humans eons to re-discover what they are so tirelessly burning from the great libraries."

Hrist nodded again, "On a happier subject, those burgers their cooking certainlly do smell quite good." she smiled, once more putting her hands behind her head.

Mei pauses "Books.. ones I've written being burned makes me sad. I'm still hoping to someday have a pupil." she murmured, giggling as she nods "It will be even better when its here. The worst part of being a gorgon is tasting it before its in your mouth." she points at her hair, grinning a little

Hrist remained quiet at the book burning, but smiled again as the topic turned again, "I imagine that can make your stomach quite anxious." she laughed.

Mei nods cheerfully, tilting to offer a small and sudden hug, cheerfulness plastered across her face. "It drives me nuts, and if its a bad smell I can't even talk." she pauses, watching the skutter deliver the sandwiches, causing Mei to stuff a fry in her mouth first.

Hrist is surprised by the hug, but returns it, smiling. "Hmm, well, I'm sure that would not be pleasant at all." she laughs, turning to glance at the burgers, "And they certainlly look delicious."

Mei smiles a bit "Its okay to be friendly, right?" she asked, toward Hrist, taking her time to eat her fries, offering one to Hrist cordially.

"Of course!" she laughs a bit, accepting the fry and biting into it to chew. "Mmm...those are good, a lot different than the ones I've had before."

Mei nods a bit. Her left eye flashes gold "Oh bother, well.." she stuffs her entire burger in her mouth "Sweet friend I need to be going. Time to check on the wee one." she gives a small bow, and giggles. "Find me anytime, the locals know where I dwell."

Hrist lifts her own bigger, tossing a nod, and a wave, "I'll make sure too. You seem pretty knowledgeable at least. I hope everything is alright back at the homestead."

Mei laughs, heading out, her cheerful steps bouncing before she simply vanishes!

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