2009-04-19 (PreU) When I dream?

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When I dream?

Summary: So Dansha and Mei get to meet a new member of the Twisted populace.

Who: Alessandra, Dansha, Mei
When: April 19th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street


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The Twisted Street The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the gray clouds occasionally touches its surface. A fight seems to have taken place here. Many of the buildings are utterly ruined and there are chunks of stone embedded in the street.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Mei is rather calmly out and about, pulling a small wagon loaded with ... limes? it looks like limes with both hands and straining.. "COME ON" Huff, puff, yank tug, hiss. Her hair is upset too, as can be witnessed by the flailing around. "Where the fuck are those 'hur hur I'm so strong' assholes when you need one?" she puffed out, letting go of the wagon handle to rub her biceps a little bit... "f.. bastards.." she mumbled.

Dansha wanders out from Park Rd, her tattoos flickering dimly as her 'friends' pour information into her mind. Once she see's Mei, she jogs over and starts pushing the end of the wagon. "Hi again!" She quips cheerfully.

"I couldn't have made a wrong turn...I walk this way every day..." A teenage girl of around 18 walks around the corner from an abandoned alleyway. Her clothes are plain (a shoulderless long sleeve shirt held up by two straps, a pair of jeans, and tennis shoes), and over her shoulder a bag of equipment is slung, including a long pole strapped to her back. The poor child looks quite lost, her bright green eyes searching the street and buildings for some familiar sight. "How on earth did I get lost?" She spots the two girls pushing the wagon across the street, and not noticing anything alarming about them, chooses to casually jog towards them. "Oi~, do either of you know where the East Side MMA school is at?"

Mei pauses "Hello Miss Dansha. Is Miss Water doing well today?" she asked, taking a lime to offer it to Dansha. She tugs her hood back up "Too heavy for me. I guess I'll have to take some out." she pauses. "Er East is that way? But a School?" she asked confusedly, her hands pushing into her cloak to adjust something, long elf-style ears twitching.

Dansha smiles at Mei as she takes the offered Lime. "Water is fine. She always is." Dansha laughs. "Thanks. And I'm sure between us, we can get this cart where ever it's going." She turns as the girl questions. "Um... East Side MMA?"

A look of confusion passes over Alessandra's face. They don't know the school? It's only been in the papers at LEAST once a month, thanks to her. Just about everyone knows about it. "East Side Mixed Martial Arts. You know...the one that made the front page of the paper last week?" A frown mars her features, and she hefts the equipment bag further up onto her shoulder. "I was on my way to teach class...but I guess I made a wrong turn." She lifts her arm, checking the sporty-looking watch there on her wrist, and her expression changes to a concerned one. "I'm going to be late..."

Mei ers a bit and adjusts her hair "I don't think it .. exists, that's all." she pauses.. "Is it like Ranma-chan's Anything goes school of martial arts?" she asked confusedly, ears twitching as she stretches her back. "I very much appreciate it Dansha, I just wanted to give limes out to people so their spirits perk upa little."

Dansha's widen at the girl as she shakes her head. "There's no East Side MMA here. We've got a Dojo in Zeku Kari district I think, but.. that's all." She tilts her head and puts her hands on her hips. After a moment she snaps her fingers and laughs. "Ah! You must be from somewhere else! That's a good reason, don't you think, Mei?"

The girl blinks, adjusting her bag once more. "Doesn't exist? That's absurd...I've been going to that school since I was old enough to walk." She frowns a bit. "And I couldn't be somewhere else...this is Memphis, isn't it?" Once again the confusion shows on her face, her hand clenching the strap of her bag.

Mei pauses "Oh yes, I had the damnedest time figuring out why I couldn't find the Beh-Azar Market." she offered, cheerfully. Her yawn roles out as she stretches her shoulders and arms. "Memphis.. ?" she fussed, trying to place the location. "I really can't think of any memphis attached to this world, the only one I know is the ruins of a royal palace way out in the desert near where a river used to run."

Dansha grins cheekily. "This," she points towards the street, "is Twisted Street." In a very anime style, she twirls, dramatic music flaring softly in the back ground. "A nexus of worlds, a range of opportunity just waiting to be taken!" She stops and everything goes back to normal. "You got sucked here, most likely."

This can't be real. It has to be a practical joke. Nexus of worlds? Ruins of a royal palace? "...Ha, that's funny...aren't you two a bit late for April Fool's day? Seriously...where am I, and how do I get to class?" She smiles good-naturedly, clapping a bit. "Jori put you up to this? He really is a joker, always trying to play with my head." A small giggle. "Seriously, though. I'm about to be late for class if I don't get there. What would they think of me if I was late to teach my own class?" Poor Alessandra, she's in denial...

Mei hehs "I'm afraid they'll have to go on with their lives dear.", tone serious, hands moving her hood back down so her pointed ears show. "You know, no one's blown up the UR in a while. Dansha, I bet you one gold coin it gets blown up this week!" she offered, tone perky and cheerful. She pauses a bit "Who is Jori? What is.. April Fools day?" she tilts her head, looking confused.

Dansha grins at Mei. "I'll bet ya 2 coins." Her eyes twinkle mischievously, and she points down towards Park Rd. "Ah, you caught us, Lady. Go down that road and take a left, and you should find it."

The girl peers at Mei, looking almost equally confused. She pauses in her stare down of Mei to peer suspiciously at Dansha for a moment, before her eyes widen, and her emerald gaze snaps back to Mei. Pointy ears? That could be a costume...but what about those horribly realistic snakes? One quivering hand raises, pointing at Mei's hair. "You.. I just noticed.. you have snakes in your hair.." Then, her eyes roll up into the back of her head, and her feet give out under her.

Mei mms a bit "That it gets destroyed or stays up?" she stretches her back and hips, undulating a bit, just visibly relaxing. She ers a bit.. "Yes. I have snakes in my hair.. What of i-.. shit.." she focuses her energy into her hands, "Marshmallow! SUMMON!" she soon summons a number of fist sized marshmallows, to coat the ground and break Alessandra's fall. Yeah.. catching ? Not gonna happen. Alessandra is big enough that Mei'd end up on the ground too. Her fingers dip into a pouch to take out a small, wrapped item that she offers to Dansha "Smelling Salt, open it and run it under her nose, please. I'm not opening it because it tastes horrid."

Dansha nods. "2 coins that it stays up." She kneels by Alessandra and runs the open smelling salt bottle under her nose until she starts to wake up. "Geez, such weak constitution." Dansha's tats flicker again, and Dansha shakes her head as a reply.

Alessandra lands softly on the marshmallows, thankfully, not bumping her head when she does fall. As the smelling salts are waved beneath her nose, she jumps, rolling onto her stomach and hopping to her feet in a defensive stance in one lithe movement, her emerald eyes wide in confusion. Then, slowly, she relaxes. ".. Sorry. I'm.. slightly intimidated by snakes.." She rubs the back of her head, glancing down at the marshmallows she was laying on, then back up at Mei. "...Either this is the best practical joke in the history of man, or you're not lying."

Mei ers and keeps her distance "I'm .. uh.. sorry my face and head offend you..." she offered, cheeks red as she takes out a tissue to blow her nose, ear twitching a bit more as she takes a cricket out of another compartment on her belt to offer to one of the pieces of snake hair. "I didn't know I looked so fearsome.." she asks toward Dansha, hands going to her face "Is the fact I'm not wearing makeup that apparent?" she asked, eyes watering a little.

Dansha blinks as Alessandra jumps up. She caps the vile and meanders back over to Mei's side, handing the bottle back. "You're not wearing make-up? So what." She shrugs. "You look fine." She's a tad sad that Alessandra didn't fall for her joke of direction, but oh well.

Alessandra flinches at Mei's reaction, gently putting the equipment bag on the ground. She then waves her hands in front of her, shaking her head. "Nonono, that's not it at all!" She frowns. "You're a very pretty person.. VERY pretty.. I'm just not really accustomed to seeing snakes.. growing out of people's heads. That's like something out of The Odyssey. Like Medusa.."

Mei ers a bit "I thought maybe by her standards I'm hideous or something." she offered, pausing "Although does that count as my first knock out because she fainted?" Mei joked, a little bit, taking the salts to put back into her pouch, yawning wide.. A bubble appears beside her as she pauses.. peering into it before taking it into her hands to hold it to her lips "Lakshmi Shyuehwa.. Put that book back right now or I will come home and spank you until your bottom is purple. Go play with your friend from preschool and Midori." Obviously a threat from another location. "Humans always assuming because something isn't like them its a monster or a savage. p'shaw." she waves a hand. "Poor woman, raped, rejected from a temple, and left to be murdered by a self righteous little boy. My poor ancient ancestor.." She shook her head, hands clapping together, since the bubble has vanished.. " I hope your soul is at rest and receiving nothing but the very best of luck and most wonderful of treatment."

Dansha leans back against a tree and watches, an eyebrow raising after Mei scolds through a bubble. "I'd count it as a knock out, even if just for fun. Oh! Or you're beautiful presence overwhelmed the Lady's fragile mind, weighted under the stress of appearing in a new world!" *sparkle sparkle* Dansha giggles.

Alessandra blinks. "I've never seen something like you, though.. Gorgon, right? In my schools, Gorgons are nothing but a myth." She shakes her head. No WAY this can be real. It must be a dream...so she'll just play along until she wakes up and gets ready to teach her class. A very weird dream, though.. maybe it's that sushi she had last night. "I really didn't mean to offend you, it's just...not every day that I get to meet a gorgon who talks into bubbles."

Mei covers her mouth, laughing at Dansha. "Oh I'm yelling at my daughter who's touching a very expensive book that could easily take her hand off.. " she rubs her head a bit "I should probably get home and scare her out of the study." she offered quietly "But I really am a half-gorgon? I don't think this is a dream.." she pauses "Or I'd have Miss Dansha there rub my back and anoint me with fragrant Osmanthus scented oil."

  • donk* Dansha's suddenly wearing a Japense style Kimono and making tea on the ground. (Sweatdrop) "Just imagine what she'd do if -they- came out." Her tattoos flicker again, seeming to react to her comment.

Yeah...this MUST be a dream. People magically changing clothes like in an anime with weird, interactive tattoos, girls with snakes for hair lamenting the horrible treatment of a mythological character from Ancient Grecian times. "If you're a half-gorgon, then why doesn't your gaze turn people to stone?" She peers curiously at Dansha's comment, her fingers fiddling with the strap that keeps the wooden pole attached to her back. "..They? Who are -they-?"

Mei ers a bit "Because my left eye is not my own. I do not have a stone gaze, also, the whole half thing comes into play." she pauses "I can turn myself into stone though.." she peers at Dansha "I like them tho.. they are most fun."

Dansha sighs as the tattoos flicker brightly now, and 4 beings fade into exsitance. They're larger then before but not by much. About the size of a toddler. A old looking Tree-man, a Living Flame, A fluid tear-drop of water, and a stone/earth golem. Infected with Dansha's silliness the paper fans come out and another *donk* is heard as they strike a pose. "You just had to ask.">.>;;

Alessandra inclines her head towards Mei curiously, eyebrows raised. Huh. Iiiiiiiiinteresting. Then, she glances to Dansha, her eyes widening as the four small...things come into existence. She wavers a bit where she stands, then slowly sits down upon the ground, her legs crossed, staring in disbelief at the beings. Just a dream, just a dream, keep telling yourself that, Sandra, and you'll wake up soon enough. "...What are those?"

Dansha waves a hand dismissively towards them. "Elementals." The fans vanish and three stand over the still kneeling Dansha as Water flows over to Mei to say hello. Dansha grins slyly at her friends. "Annoying little buggers too." Fire flames up and spins around, tiny fists shaking in the air as he complains at her. Tree-man and the Golem sigh as Water ignores the lot of them. Dansha points and laughs at Fire's reaction.

Mei greets Water with a bow of her head, setting a coin at the elemental's foot. "Alright now I do need to be off." she grins a bit "Dansha is very normal for Twisted, I however am not. I wish you well, if you need refuge, seek my home out, or look for Jason Talben, he could likewise send you to me or at least let you sleep in his garden." she bows her head, jumping up and then promptly vanishing when she lands, leaving behind glitter and a few more small coins.

Alessandra blinks at all of the goings-on. She does file the name that Mei mentions down into the back of her mind, as Mei seems nice. Then again, this is a dream, isn't it? She seems to be in a bit of shock, nonetheless. "Those...look like something out of a movie." She remarks dully, staring quietly at each of the elementals in turn...

Dansha waves to Mei's former spot and stands, stepping around her Elemental friends. "Not quite. Anyway..." She folds her hands behind her back and rolls back on her heels. "So what are you going to do now? It's a whole new world here. Kinda fun, and eh, kinda crazy."

The girl blinks, putting her hand on her equipment bag. "I.. I don't really know what to do. I'm sure I can't exactly go home.." She glances around. Just a dream. A long one. Might as well do what she can to make it an enjoyable dream. Carefully, yet almost effortlessly, she raises to her feet, slinging the bag back over her shoulder. "What do you recommend, since you appear to have much more experience here than I?"

Dansha points towards the Restaurant, shining in it's personal light across the street. "I'd go there. They'll feed you if nothing else, and someone is bound to come in that can point you towards something else helpful." She shrugs and her tats glow brightly as the elementals fade from view.

Alessandra watches the tattoos glow brightly, blinking a bit as if trying to clear her head, before glancing towards the restaurant. "Yeah.. that sounds like a start." She nods a bit, shifting her equipment bag and starting to slowly walk towards the restaurant. "Thank you.. Dansha, I guess?" At least, that's what she gathered from Mei's mention of her. Dansha says, "Yup!" ^_^ She tosses her lime in the air, snatching it as it falls.

Alessandra turns, and waves to Dansha. "It was a pleasure meeting you, you then. I'm Alessandra. You can just call me Sandra, though. That's what everyone who aren't my parents calls me." She smiles a bit, then turns and walks towards the restaurant.

Dansha grins lightly and waves. "Enjoy the skutters!!", she calls out to the retreating figure. Humming softly to herself, she strolls back down Park Rd to go visit the Park itself.

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