2009-04-22 (PreU) Welcome Back Cassie.

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Welcome Back Cassie.

Summary: Cassie appears after the 2 year stint away from Twisted. Thankfully, her return is peppered with Mei and her child's cuteness.

Who: Cassie, Mei
When: April 22nd, 2009
Where: Housing District


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Housing District

The housing District is fairly nice, compared to what it used to be. Most homes have nice lawns, though the area is rather spread out. In the distance, a large Castle looms, a perma-fog surrounding it. The Jedi Enclave shines though, as people move through it, tending to the care of it. A school house rings it's bell twice a day, presumably to signal the start of classes. This place is almost picturesk, almost.

Mei is out walking down the road, her hand holding Lakshmi's "Now why did you come crying? Are you okay?" she asked, taking a moment to take the little girl's other hand, the girl responds by curling her legs up and soon waling up Mei's front until Mei lets go and suddenly wraps both arms tightly around the lil one. "Mm so cute!" she commented.

Cassie is standing outside her home, tending to the small flowers she had outside her living room window. Her long black hair braids itself neatly to make it easier for the girl, and she hums a light but happy childish tune as she works. She peers over her shoulder and smiles brighty as she sees a mother hugging her baby. She lifts a hand waving to the pair.

Mei blinks, heading over "Hello." she offered, leaning to kiss monster on Lakshmi's cheek. even making loud kissy noises until little devious giggles erupt from the little girl. "How are you today?" she asked, balancing Lakshmi in her arms, even leaning down to om nom nom at the lil one's shoulder. "It is actually sunny out today, I'm so glad!"

Cassie smiles, and adverts her gaze as she speaks. "Hello! Yeah, I'm glad the sun is out. To much rain is depressing." She looks up into the sky, a hand shielding the light from her eyes. Stepping down off her stool, she walks over to the pair, wiggling her fingers in greet to the baby.

Lakshmi leans over to take Cassie's hand and examine it for a long moment before reaching over to attempt to tickle her, trustingly. Mei snickers audibly "I'm glad it perked up, Although the rain feels nice on ocasion." she offers a bright smile. "I'm Mei, its nice to meet you." she murmured. Cassie watches Lakshmi play with her hand and giggles, shuffling away from the baby, playfully. "I'm Cassie, and it is nice to meet you." Her eyes are kept downcast again, until after she finishes her statment. It's nice to meet Mei because she doesn't look like she's going to try and suck out Cassie's blood, or squish her like that Dinosaur thing, so long ago. "I'm kinda new here. Well, I was here before but I'm back now." She laughs at herself. "Well, that didn't make any sense. Would you and the baby like some tea?"

Mei considers that "I would love some tea, would you like some sandwiches and we can have a bit of a picnic." Mei considers Cassie. "You simply got twisted out of twisted for a bit. Right?" she offered cheerfully. "Don't look so down, I like happy people the best." she offered, voice perky as she squeaks at a play nip from Lakshmi.

Cassie grins happily. "Great! Please come inside. It's not much, but I think it's nice." Cassie motions for them to follow her as she opens the door into her home.

Simple Home

As the name states, this is a simple home. Light yellow paint seems to invite people to come and enjoy themselves. A small hallway leads back to the Bedroom, leaving the Living Room and the Kitchen open. There's not much furniture, a soft couch, a small TV and a coffee table. Over all a very cozy home, but obviously a very lonley one. The air is tainted with a faint hint of vanilla.

Mei follows, cautiously, letting Lakshmi down, her expression calm as she vanishes for a split second, reappearing with a large plate of very neatly prepared sandwiches, an assortment of them. She keeps an eye on Cassie. "So do you live with family or by yourself?"

The slight refreshing breeze flutters through her open windows as Cassie gets up on her stool to fill a teapot with water. "Oh no, by myself. Well, Trenton is with me, but he doesn't really take up that much room." She giggles to herself again. It's kind of a joke, if you know who Trenton is. After setting the pot to boil and retriving the cups and serving tray, she walks back into the living room, motioning for Mei to just set the sandwhiches on the table. Squating down, Cassie wraps an arm around her knees as she smiles at Lakshmi. "And who are you, Miss cuteness?" A finger reaches out to tickle the side of Lakshmi's neck.

Mei sets the tray down, neatly, her ears twitching as she settles incomfortably. Lakshmi jerks at being touched on the neck, startledly jolting to a stiff standing position due to generally not getting tickled there "Lami." she mumbled, soon taking one of the sandwiches to chew on, probably making a mess for Cassie in the process. It looks like a ham and cheese with lettuce and tomato pieces. "No touch." she points at her neck. "Bad." she elaborated, moving over to put a slice of tomato from her sandwich with a bite mark on Cassie's knee. "ucky!"

Cassie yanks back her hand, not having meant to scare her, but can't help giggle as the tomato is left on her knee. "Well, hello anyway Lami. I'm Cassie." She stands up gracfully and tosses the tomato into the trash can, tending to the whistling tea pot. After a moment, she comes back with a nice tray of tea. The tray is silver with white china cups, little pink cherry blossoms paitned on them. Along with the tea, there is a bowl of sugar, honey, and cream. Cassie makes herself a cup and sits down on the couch. "I'm happy to have met someone, anyway. Not to many people seem to be out today."

Mei takes a bit of tea, eying Lakshmi "If you touch the cup I'll have to spank you." she clears her throat "But I do still have your juice cup." Mei reaches into a pocket to pull out a sippy cup. " See?" Lakshmi takes the sippy cup and climbs up to sit right beside Cassie, while eatting her sandwhich. Mei considers "A lot of people here, seem to avoid going out due to the monster attacks and what not." she offered, voice quiet and gentle. Lakshmi seems to be analyzing it. "Like me. Purple!" she comments after a moment, pointing at her own eye. due to the fact her eyes are off colored and a pale purple too.

Cassie smiles at Lami. "Yes, we do have purple eyes, huh?" ^_^ Cassie's still very careful to not lock gazes with anyone while she's talking. "Oh so those are still going on? Gosh, I'd have thought something changed, aside from the lay out of the City." Cassie reaches out, taking a sammich and idling munches on it. "I hope that they stay far away from us then."

Mei mms a bit "Well, I hopeso too, you shouldn't look so shy though, neither Lakshmi or I will hurt you." she offers, taking a sandwich herself to take a few good bites out of it. "Personally I haven't seen any attacks through here, but, that could change at anytime, knowing twisted." , Mei offered. Lakshmi soon opts to climb right into Cassie's lap and peer up at her face, making goofy little faces and clucking her tongue.

Cassie looks up and smiles soflty, looking away again. "No, it's not that I'm shy, I just don't like hurting people." What does that mean? She pulls an arm around Lami's back to make sure the child doesn't fall or slip off, and crosses her eyes, sticking her tounge out playfully. Her hair undoes itself from the braid, shaking loosely to curl up against the couch at Cassie's waist.

Mei pauses "Hurt us? By looking at us. Surely we don't seem that weak to you." she teases. Lami reaches to pet the hair, liberally depositing some crumbs with lazy cheerfulness, taking a moment to give Cassie a little kiss on the cheek. "rar! dinosaur. Rar!" she makes stampy motions, kicking Mei who seems to ignore it.

Cassie smiles at the baby. "No no, I don't. But my eyes do things without permission. Actually, they tend to swirl when I talk, dragging anyone that looks into them into a trancelike state, and causing the person to relive the most horrid parts of their life." She looks up to Mei when she pauses, her hair perking up and reaching around on it's own to ruffle the tips at Lami's nose.

Lakshmi squeals at the hair "LIKE MOMMY'S!" she snags at it, trying to find the snake parts, actively climbing up to try to feel around for snakes confusedly. Mei pauses "Lakshmi's eyes can draw you in, quite deep actually. So it wouldn't be too bad. I'm afraid my mind wouldn't be able to choose just one worst memory." Mei mused, eying Lakshmi. "Lami quit it, that probably hurts her."

Cassie winces slightly as a stray toe yonks a piece of hair. Laughing she sets Lami down on the floor. Leaning forward, the black mass curls around Cassie's face reaching out to play with the baby. "I dunno, last time I didn't know about it, and bad things happened. Well, to a bad person, but still." (* Why havn't I tried sunglasses? That could work.*) Another of Cassie's talents, unknown to her, is to broadcast her thoughts to those who are telepathic.

Mei's eyes close "Oh she's looking for snakes in your hair." she commented. both Mei and Lakshmi look at her. Mei can really only hear broadcasted thougths. Lami perks up though, ~ You should try!~ she takes a moment, taking Cassie's cheeks in her hands and lightly smacking in, gently, it is definantly a play gesture. Mei seems relaxed. "Don't dwell on it. If you make me relive something horrible, it will be alright, I won't hold it against you." she offered. Lakshmi takes her sweet time to pet Cassie's hair and tickle it back.

Cassie says, "Snakes? Oh there're no snakes in my hair. It just has a mind of it's own. " Cassie jumps a little bit at Lami's voice in her head, but the look of startlment melts away into one of fondness. She sqishes her lips, making that odd fish face, wigging it at Lami. "I'd still rather try my best not to. You both seem very nice." It's about time that Cassie meet someone like that too. She's met quite a few people, but it's always littered with bad ones.. Or uppity ones. Stupid Lalorien.

Mei giggles a little and lets her hair creep around. Lami reaches to just simply hug her friend. ~You talk in heaaaaaads tooo!~ Lami asserted, cheerfully, her weight climbing back in to snuggle against her new friend.

Cassie hugs Lami back. (*I guess I do, huh?*) "So how old is she? She's adorable too."

Mei mms a bit "Its really hard to tell because she was born here in Twisted and well time flows weird here. I estimate she's twenty six months old." she offered, shrugging. Her expression is cheerful. Lakshmi nods. "Big girl!" she yawns a bit, head bonking Cassie gently.

Cassie leans back to let the child lay a bit more comforatably. It's really kinda cute, considering Cassie's size. "Just over 2 huh? Wow, you are a big girl." She smiles. Turning her attention to Mei, she continues. "So, how long have you been here?" Twisted, that is.

Mei really isn't any larger than Cassie! Well a little fatter but, that doesn't mean much. "Me, oh about..four years I think. Like I said, its impossible to figure out exactly. I was here long enough to fall in love, get married, have a baby, and get divorced." she offered, softly, smiling. "Lakshmi is my treasure.{" Lakshmi reaches up to poke Cassie's nose "Got nose!" she pipes out, cheerfully.

Cassie covers her nose with her hand and gasps dramatically. "Oh no! Give my my nose back, Lami, please?" She grins under her hand. "That's a shame to hear, I'm sorry." Trenton kinda wakes up in Cassie's head, a new presence in the air. Not that anyone can see him, but Cassie's face grows a little brighter as she hears him talk to her.

Mei's ear perks towards the feeling of someone else. Lami seems to forget the nose and curiously look around. Yep Mei and Lakshmi are *both* sensative to magical presences. Lakshmi soon enough opts to burrow in face first to Cassie's tummy. Mei clears her throat "Nothing to be sorry over, it didn't work out. I'm happy as I am now." she commented, petting Lami's back.

Cassie giggles and squirms away from Lami, and into a standing position. Finishing her cup of now cool tea, she collects the tray and takes it to the kitchen, setting it on the counter for now. She murmurs up to Trenton,(*Good morning Love.*) "Either way, you've got a beautiful daughter."

Mei's expression is soft "Yes I do, and she means the world to me." Mei's arms reach over to pick up Lami, petting calmly at the child's back.. "You have a snot trail.. how gross... that must be the human in you." Mei makes a disgusted face, taking out a hanky to daub at Lami's nose.

Cassie giggles. Glancing up at the time, she makes a grumpy face at the clock. "I'm sorry, I've got to go run some errands." She folds her hands behind her back. "I forgot to go shopping, and lack the stuff for my dinner."

Mei smiles "I should get going too, its time for me to get ready to go out and make my hospital rounds. I had a lovely visit Miss Cassie, do come visit me some time, I would much enjoy your company. It must be lonely living all alone." she offered.

Cassie smiles softly. "And the same goes for you two. I'd love to see you guys again." She bends down and lightly bonk's Lami's nose. "Will you come visit me again, Lami?"

Lakshmi pauses and nods "Play real soon!" she commented cheerfully, her arms going back around Mei, a yawn ripping through her and like that, toddler narocolepsy takes over.

Cassie smiles again. "Thank you for sitting with me Mei, it was lovley."

Mei nods a bit. "Come anytime, we're at home quite often." she starts off, petting Lami's back and humming a soft night time lullaby as she walks, pretty skilled with toddler-grapple skills.

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