2009-04-25 (PreU) It's a bird, it's a plane!

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It's a bird, it's a plane!

Summary: So we havn't decided if this is out of the Storyline loop or not. We're gonna treat it as not until we decide.

Who: Devi, Morrigan
When: April 25th, 2009
Where: Aensland Castle


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[Aensland Castle] Gates Ah the castle gates! Tangled roses bloom along the walls, making the castle more forbidding in appearance. The road way is cobbled near the gates. Two stationary golems stand near the entrance to the castle, a series of portcullis prevent unwanted advances. Along the inside of the gate.. Within the gates one may notice an abundants of arrow slats and ceiling slats. Judging by the nice lovely red tone of the stone beneath and drainage pipes, one may assume this little murder trap has been used several times.

Morrigan is settled over the gate, legs folded, a glass of wine in her hand, boredom reigns supreme "I wonder where those strange lesbians got off to.." she swirls the wine.. "I should raise some chaos, shouldn't I?" she asked toward a little bat fluttering along her shoulders, lopsided grin on her lips.

A loud ripping noise claps through the night. The air is pulled through a tear in the sky, but seals after a skinny girl falls through. -THAWCK!- She lands just outside Aensland Castle, groaning as she trys to gain hold of her surroundings. "Damn. Either Caden hits hard or I've figured out how to rip time and space. Wouldn't that be fuckin lovely.." She sits up, rubbing the back of her head, and checking for major injurys.

Morrigan hops down, gracefully walking over to examine the stranger, steps rather lazy as she bends over to lean face to face "My my. What ever do I have here?" she makes a gesture "a girl fallen into my web perhaps?" she looks to the bats that are swarming with a grin. "What brings you to my domain, human child?" she blows a kiss with the laziest expression on her face.

Devi blinks as the woman gets in her face. "You've got a.. well, fuck, nevermind." She stands up, brushing off her ass and looking over Morrigan out of the courner of her eye. "What am I? What are you lady?" One eyebrow rises as she looks at Morrigan's top layer of curve. Devi doesn't bother keeping her distance, or being overly weary. "Man, I know of at least one dude that would like to meet you." Caden, as nice and strong as he is, needs a woman. It'd season him properly.

Morrigan snorts "Men are just playthings for powerful women. If you train yourself one well they might entertain you for a good year or two, sadly, most are boring." she offered, considering "Let me see, what do human women like again.. Ah yes would you care for some chocolates or a glass of wine ?"

Devi turns, not really having expected the answer given. Smirking, she hops a slight bit and hovers in mid air, her legs folded neatly over each other, matching her arms. "No, thank you, I don't drink wine. But I'll tell you what I miss. Poop Cola. I know they serve it in the UR. I've been away for a bit, and I'd kill for some poop cola."

Morrigan claps a bat flyinig off. "Go go or I'll lock you in with those stench ridden sasquatch and river men." she points at the bat, shooing it. "An interesting man is worth his weight in virgins, which given earthen men's fascination with them, is worth quite a bit." she joked, settling to sit similarly. "Now then, you're an interesting one, what brings you to the Queen of Makai's doorstep?" she asked, still grinning.

Devi says, "The who of what?" Her face is totally blank, suggesting that she's never heard of such a person. And how right she is. Queen of De Nile maybe. *knee slaps* Oh sorry. Devi leans forwards a little bit. "Is it the crack? It's the crack isn't it?" She tsks in a shameful manner, her eyes glinting in ways that it never did in the DragonBall world. Arctus was fun, but he's yet to bring that glint of joy out.

Morrigan grins lopsidedly "My home world is called Makai, its near one of the human worlds. I happen to, due to my father's death and all, be queen of it." she pauses, looking at her breasts and pointing "This line is where the fat of my breasts comes together. Unless you're looking at my hind end which I suppose does have an ass crack.." she pondered, tapping her legs. "The human men in blue uniforms cause quite a fuss over exposed hind ends and bare breasts on the human world, it is very much fun to run around naked." she nods "The chaos is very stimulating."

Devi nearly chokes. "Oh god, I love forginers. Stimulating, yes, I'm sure it is." She mutters under her breath,"For soemone, if not the cops." Smiling, she inclines her head towards Morrigan,"I didn't really mean to plop on your doorstep, miscalculation I'm afraid. I was actually tring to get over to the Intrega's Arms Hotel to make sure my friend hasn't destroyed the place, but I guess I overshot... or something." See, this is the reason Devi became an artist and not a doctor.

Morrigan chuckles "Should I pay them a visit for you?" she gleams across her eyes, the bat returning and dropping a can in her hands, which is soon offered to Devi. "And I'm not a foreigner ya weirdo." she reaches over, quite firmlyy poking Devi in the chest. "I'm a g'damn succubae." she then gives a thumbs up goofily. "Don't yeh forget it."

Devi starts to reply, when the can is dropped in her hand. "Sweet angry Jeebus." She pops the top, ignoring the mineute overflow of bubbles, to chug a few swallows down. Breathing a contented sigh, she leans back on the air. "Oh yeah. That's what Teacher is missin." She smiles softly as she enjoys the aftertaste but snaps back after a second. "Sorry about that. Naw, Tenna would only drive you batty if you showed up. And who you callin a weirdo?" She cocks that arrogent grin of hers and snickers.

Morrigan grins a bit "Oh I doubt that, If I can deal with those milk hungry japanese perverts, I'm sure your little friend couldn't do much. Besides, do you know how annoying a skeletal orchestra is?" she shifts, balancing her weight on her palms. "Hairy knuckled compulsive masturbating japanese business men. I tell you, they're disgusting little creatures. Scotsmen, now, that is where its at!" she chuckles a bit, her feet bending to rest on her ass, lazily.

Devi cringes slightly. Nevermind that she's a virgin, the whole idea Morrigan just suggested sounds... less then appealing. Raising her eyebrows in obvious distaste for the subject, she replys,"I'm sure it is, thankfully, I don't worry about that stuff." And while Morrigan would over take Tenna physically, Devi is sure that the neverending squeek attacks would drive Morrigan right up the wall.

Morrigan is part Lilith. Can handle it, really. "Oho.. so thats it." Morrigan slips up around Devi, with a snicker, sniffing her lazily. "virgin~" she taunted, grinning somewhat widely "I can smell it." she teased, settling to just relaxedly float around the girl. "You should move on and date, it isn't healthy to completely shun the world." she teased, her fingers moving to carefully set one on each of Devi's shoulders. "Lets see if I can't bring out your features.." Morrigan chuckles, a bit darkly. "Lets see lets seee.. Something dark something sexy perhaps.." Morrigan attempts to, assuming Devi doesn't swat her away, change Devi's clothing into a form fitting purple pleather halter and black leather pants that show off the curves, oh and stompy boots. What the hell is sexier than stompy boots? Hooker boots, but they wouldn't suit her c.c

Devi eyes Morrigan and rolls her green eyes skyward. "Yes, I am, and no I don't need to get out more. Any guy that hasn't revolted me, has shunned me, so fuck dudes." Rather Cynical, yes but considering her histroy with guys, it's not unfounded. Devi does jump however, as Morrigan poofs her into a new outfit. Looking on it, Devi pales visibly and her eyebrows nearly disappear into her bangs. "Holy God." She rolls her shoulders and a trenchcoat covers her rather unmodest clothing. "Holy God." Seems like Morrigan has put our dear girl into a form of shock.

Morrigan pfts "You have nice form, you should show it. It isn't that low cut, your navel is covered. Your shoulders are striking." she grins a bit "Yes you should fuck dudes, just not vampires." she shakes her finger from side to side. "Vampires are disgusting denizens of Makai and all idiots." She cracks her knuckles and grins "Maybe I could make your mammaries another size." she chuckles "You like nothing about it, dear child? I assure you, I'm considered very fashionable in both the human world and Makai."

Devi stutters slightly as she fights to speak cohearintly."But I feel half nude!" Keep in mind that she's lived covered up, except in thin strap tank tops her whole life. "And no, I shouldn't fuck dudes. STupid ignorant things. Their only after... that.." She nods her head to emphisize her point.

Morrigan snorts "If it wasn't fun I wouldn't suggest it. Loosen up. I'd show you yourself in a mirror but I'm afraid that you would reject my insistance regardless." she offered. "It really isn't so bad. You're mostly covered! Really!" she shrugs "Just your arms are bare. If you fight, these clothes I garuntee would not get in your way. The boots really are pretty standard for the 'I'm not into men types' really!"

Devi pulls open the coat long enough to look at it. "I've never worn anything this form fitting in my whole life." Oh if some people could see her now. The arrogent Devi... in Pleather. Someone would roll.

Morrigan reaches down carefully, taking Devi's leg "Maybe looser pants would do you better hm.." she concentrates "Hm that strange woman I'll mimick her pants.." she snaps, simple cargo pants that sit low on Devi's hips and help give her some curves. "Have confidence girl, you're cute and you've got some muscle tone. Show it. Men are more afraid to fuck with a woman who can visibly kick their sorry asses to next week than some small little sow who lacks the esteem to deliver a boot."

Devi arches a hesitant eyebrow, but wriggles in the pants. "That's a bit better." Her shoulders roll again, the trench vanishing into thin air. She knows she's got a good form, and if she didn't when she left, Teacher has certianly made her get one. Not to many people can train in 100x gravity and stay fat, or have a lot of fat on them. "You knwo, I still havn't gotten your name. I'm Devi." Is she actually trying to 'make friends'? I think so! Being on DBA has done her some good.

Morrigan offers her fingers. "Morrigan Aensland. Queen of Makai, manipulator of world events, et cetera." she grins "I'm telling you kid, you could be the next vampire savior. You have every bit as much latent ability as Donovan when I started watching him." she offered, "You know, you can come here in your dreams anytime. The succubae of Makai feed on stimulation, dreams, actual interaction, it doesn't matter. Maybe you can help me get those crazy lesbians all riled up." she offered, cheerfully "And then we can send them out on the stupid men of Twisted and laugh until our sides hurt."

Devi grins. "Ah, titles. Currently, I'm Devi D, Mazuko General and Student of Cale Santans, Lord of Hell. But none of that really matters." She laughs. "You ain't half bad for a succubae, I just might. But I'm not getting any lesbians riled up. Not my thing thanks." She grins. And all men are stupid. With maybe the exception of Teacher, Arctus and Caden. Those 3 strike Devi as not as retarded as the rest.

Morrigan grins.. "Oh I didn't mean sexually, that isn't any fun, not that I'm sure I couldn't have a harem of women if I wanted. I meant to get them all upset at someone and let them loose on them. Maybe that council that the people in the town either worship or hate." she offered. " Or that strange suited hero that threatened me." she waves a hand. " Not that I'm afraid of him. What is he gonna do? Spank me? I have done no wrong doing, only put others up to it." she offered.. "A spanking on the other hand might be hillarious."

Devi nods, mulling it over, as it were. "Yeah, sure. I got enough experiance in this town that I'm sure I can do something." She smiles and looks up sharply. "Well, I guess I better be getting back. If I'm not there when we get to Namek, Caden will have my ass." She starts flying back up to where she fell from. "Oh, if you see a black girl named Tenna wandering around, tell her I said hi, and I'm getting out more, will ya? Thanks." A firey aura stikes around Devi as she flys full speed into the sky. The ripping noise is heard and the vacume starts sucking for a moment before the breech seals itself again, and Devi D is gone.

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