2009-05-04 (PreU) A skirmish to be remembered.

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A skirmish to be remembered.

Summary: So, Star Wars Mania is running through some of us, urging us to start a new story line. Thusly, Bellerophon and Arali are born. This is the opening scene for this line.

Who: Arali, Bellerophon, General Grievous
When: May 4th, 2009
Where: Planet of Adari

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The planet of Adari, a peaceful one, having kept it's importantance in the wars, flourished. The people were well, trade was booming and their sector of the Inner Rim seemed quiet for a time. The Enclave outside of the main space port was empty however. It was no mind to the people as the Jedi's randomly left, leaving the only current Padawan behind. The skys are blue, and it's almost a perfect day. Almost.

It is, however, peculiar to the two companions whom have just recently touched down in their ship that the enclave is empty. The Draethos Jedi, Odan-Urr, and his Twi'lek padawan, step carefully from their ship; Arali remains close to her master, following just on his heels as he approaches the single Padawan whom remains. "Where is your master, Padawan? We need fuel and supplies for our upcoming journey." The Draethos glances about briefly, before turning his eyes back to the girl. In the meanwhile, Arali fidgets behind him, her fingers laced together as she leans from one foot to another.

Bellerophon looks up from her gardening, a favorite past time of her. Ohing, she stands up, dusting her hands. "I apologize, but there are no Master's here right now. I would be happy to show you to the proper areas, however." She bows slightly with respect, glancing over the pair.

Master Odan-Urr bobs his head in a respectful nod. "Thank you, Padawan. If you would please lead the way," He gestures at Bellerophon, signaling her to go ahead and lead them. The purple-skinned Twi'lek glances at Bellerophon curiously for a moment, before averting her eyes, quite intent to silently remain on her master's heels.

Bellerophon nodding, she turns. "Right away, Master." She pads silently through the enclave, and comes out the other side, the space port shimmering in front of her. "The port is only a few minutes a head of here, Master, and you should be able to find all that you need there. They are quite fair, I've been told." She smiles softly.

In deep Hyperspace aboard the Typhon's Storm Count Dooku and General Grievous are having a Chit chat. The Cyborg General says, "Thank you for telling me the location of this Jedi Enclave, I will enjoy adding more Lightsaber's to my collection." he says with amusement. As Dooku starts to board is Solar Sailer he turns to look at the General. and Comments, "Oh General, Some of the Padawans here might prove useful to my future plans. If you find any, If at all possible, I want them Alive, and Unspoiled." He says as Grievous bows to The count, "As you wish." He says with some disgust. The ship is less then a minute away from the attack.

The Draethos smiles, as much as a Draethos CAN smile with their lack of lips. "Thank you again for your assistance, Padawan." He bows his head briefly in another respectful nod, then moves to walk towards the space port, his companion right behind him, offering a nod to her fellow Padawan. He pauses, suddenly, lifting his head towards the sky (not noticing as his Padawan nearly runs into his back). "...Something is strange about this planet..." He shrugs, shaking his head as he continues on his way.

Bellerophon nods back, the warm smile still on her face as she watches the pair wander off. The masters, or at least the Head of her Order should be back soon, they never leave her totally alone for long. She turns and walks back towards her garden to wait, and finish pulling weeds.

The duo make their way to the space port, busying themselves with the purchase of supplies and fuel, and the means of getting it all to the ship. Arali waits nervously, never liking these stopoffs for fuel and supplies. "Arali, I know you are anxious to get our mission under way, but you really must work on your patience." The Twi'lek nods. "Sorry, Master." Taking a breath, she composes herself, waiting as calmly as she can for the transaction to finish.

General_Grievous not yet having dropped out of Hyperspace Makes the preparation for Dooku's launch, and the attack to come. Finally as the Ship Typhon's Storm Drops out of Hyperspace Practically right in orbit of Adari. At that point several things happen at once. The Hangers of the Ship open up as hundreds of Vulture Droids launch, Count Dooku Launches off the ship. And the Typhon's Storm opens up with some Orbital bombardment. General Grievous attacks first the Port as a hail of Turbo laser fire will rain down onto the port, second it will attack the communications of the area in an attempt to sever any distress call. As this is going on Droid Drop ships disembark for landing.

Bellerophon sighs wistfully, her mind wandering. Then the sound, and the disturbance in the air strikes Bellerophon like a bat. The tools fall from her hand, and she turns slowly towards the port. "Oh Gods." Standing up, she runs out to the view and gasps as she sees the bombardment. "No." Turning on her heel, she bolts down the corridors and halls of her Home, dashing to the communications room. "I've got to call the Masters!"

By instinct, Odan-Urr and Arali both have their lightsabers out and ready for action as the first attack is launched. The Draethos barks out, "Arali! Come, find that Padawan! This is no ordinary attack!" Arali nods, doing as instructed and running back towards the enclave as fast as her feet can carry her, her master going to see what aid he can offer to the people of this planet. "This does not bode well..." This is said after his Padawan is out of earshot.

Arali locates her fellow Padawan without too much difficulty. "Padawan! We need to call the masters, now! They're attacking the communications, but our ship can still carry a distress call!" Without another word, she's off, feet carrying her lightly over the ground as she heads towards her ship.

Bellerophon feels Arali entering the enclave grounds, and cusses as the communications fails. "Damn." Hiking up her floor length loose skirt, she bolts to the closest window, and jumps from the balcony, running after Arali. Her heart races as her fear rises, and her hopes are that the ship isn't far away.

The attack is well placed to eliminate most fighters and aerial defense units. It won't take long for the flying droids to get into the air and begin attacking places. The Droid Drop Ships appear as they settle down near the Space port. IF there was no disturbance in the force before, there is now. Out from the very first drop ship the Knight slayer comes. General Grievous is able to see the Enclave from here and there he issues his orders, "Surround the Jedi Enclave, Do no let them out to assist the populace." And there Grievous gets on his wheel rider and then starts to tear off with a number of Drop ships landing where the supposedly hidden Jedi Enclave is supposed to be as hundreds, no thousands of battle droids start to deploy.

The padawan reaches the ship, quickly turning on communications and sending out a distress hail, specifically tuned to all Jedi ships. "We're under attack! I think it's Grievous! Please send help!" She screams this into the receiver, halfway on the verge of panic. Odan-Urr never focused on lightsaber training, being the scholar he is. Studies, balance, that's all he taught...now she wishes she had spent more time with the training droids, and less in the library with her Master. The Draethos, sensing the attack's turn towards the enclave, immediately begins fighting his way back towards it as swiftly as he can, leaping over droids and deflecting blasts from them, all the while cursing under his breath. Why didn't he sense this? How could he not know what was to come? The Dark Side clouds his vision, just as it does Yoda's...

Bellerophon wrings her hands as they enter the ship. A crackled voice rings through the comm system, "Who is this? We're on the way! ETA 15 minutes." Bell leans over, speaking, "Master Digani! Please hurry!" She leans back, wringing her hands some more. "Damn."

Over the local bands comes the horrendous voice that would at the very least cause concern in most Knights, The voice of Grievous. "Jedi make peace with the force, for your end is nigh. But fear not I am not with out mercy, I shall grant you a warrior's death." Behind him are special Manga guards which will be used to help subdue the Padawans here. Their Staffs set to a high stun to knock the Padawans out. The Wheel rider Grievous is on is trailed behind by transports, holding the Magna guards which soon reach the Enclave. The Cyborg Brings his craft to a stop as he dismounts and starts to Approach the Enclave with a few dozen magna guards behind him..

Arali frowns as Bellerophon wrings her hands, pacing a bit herself. As Grievous speaks, her eyes widen, and she pulls out her lightsaber. "What's your name?" she asks quietly of her fellow padawan, weighing the saber hilt in her hand. "...We may become one with the force today...and while I can say I'm not ready, I will face my fate head on." She glares out over the display, reaching out for her master through the Force. And from behind, Odan-Urr comes, leaping over droids as their heads slip from their bodies, removed by deflected blaster bolts. Immediately the Jedi Master sets upon Grievous, regardless of what may come at him; he must protect the Padawans until help arrives. Too bad the Draethos always fancied himself a scholar over a fighter, and his battle meditation is useless against droids...

Bellerophon smiles tentatively. "Bellerophon, though most people call me Bell." Her eyes glance over the the speaking, Grievous' words ringing in her ears. She wrings her hands harder. "This planet has been peaceful for almost 400 years.. Little to no issues... Why now? What do we have that they want?" She sets her mind to the task of figuring it out. Her order isn't that large, a mere 50 Masters. She bites the bottom of her lip. "I'll not accept that fate.." She paces. "No, I will not accept -that- fate.."

The cyborg General watches as the Jedi master comes to die, and there as he moves to the Odan-Urr jedi. He pulls his cloak off and grabs two Lightsabers, Two blue ones from his side. The blades ignite as he laughs out, "Only one Jedi, How Foolish you are!" And there as the Magna guards seemingly watch Grievous launch his attack on the Jedi. Lashing, slashing flipping and attacking with his droid Agility, "Go Take the Enclave and take the Padawan's captive!" He orders making the Jedi Master realize as he is fighting a foe who has giving him a choice. Turn and risk being slain by Grievous to save the Padawans, or keep fighting Grievous and hope he can slay the cyborg general.

It is all that Odan-Urr can do to fend off the general's vicious attacks, remaining silent. He is confident in his Padawan's abilities, though he, too, regrets not spending more time in the training room and less time in the libraries. With a snarl in his native tongue, the draethos attempts to send a heavy force blast against the General, if anything to knock him off balance. He knows that he is not likely to survive this, but to rid the galaxy of this menace...he is willing to face that possibility. If only so his padawan, the sweet twi'lek, may have a peaceful existance.

The purple Twi'lek smiles. "Nice to meet you, Bell...I'm Arali. I wish we had met under better circumstances." She grins. "Well, Bell, I don't plan on going down without a fight! How about you? Let's make our masters proud." With a small grin, she twirls her lightsaber hilt in her hand, before deftly leaping out the hatch, ready to face the Magna droids with all she has, her purple blade bursting into life. In a loud, clear voice, she announces to the coming droids: "There is no emotion...there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no death...there is only the Force." Her mantra, it seems, to keep calm, is the jedi code. Something master Odan-Urr was passionate about, and in turn she is passionate about.

Bellerophon taking a deep breath, she nods, and smiles, her former nerves flowing away with her serenity. She pulls her lightsaber from the folds of her skirt, and steps out of the ship. She says nothing, choosing to active her lightsaber, a light blue hue. Setting her feet, she waits, her body tense and ready.

General_Grievous is a onslaught to the Jedi Master and then as he brings both arms down onto the Jedi master, "You are Doomed and your Padawans will belong to Count Dooku soon." he taunts the Jedi Master, "He'll break them, make them dark Jedi. Take comfort you will not be alive to see it." The General then Redoubles his attacks lashing right, left, up, and down. The Cyborg begins using insane random style attacks spinning one saber in a rapid spin, and the other as a lightning fast stabbing tool aiming at the Legs of the Master.

The Magna guards enter into the Enclave even if it means blowing the Door off with thermal detonators. As they enter into the place with both Droidikas and the Heavy Cortosis battle droids. One Even Speaks, "Surrender Padawans and you may live to join the darkside." he says. Instead of giving the Chance The Droidikas begin to fire canisters into the Enclave, and these erupts into a gas cloud of skin absorbing paralytic agents, to begins fire and spray the agent through out the Enclave.

Odan-Urr can hardly fend off the attacks, a few scratches appearing on his scaly skin as he does his best to defend himself, and generally keep the cyborg busy. "My padawan shall not fall, nor will she give in to the dark side. She is stronger than you think." He hardly flinches as the blades stab at his legs, barely avoiding losing his limbs (though he is getting wounded very quickly). Several times he attempts to push the general back, push him off balance, though more than anything, he is buying time. The Twi'lek snarls as the droids speak, stepping into an open stance with her blade in one hand, pointed at the droids. "Never." However, he eyes widen as the canisters are fired into the area, and she catches a whiff of the gasses. No time to spare, she leaps forward in a Force-assisted jump, bringing her blade down towards the droidikas. If she can resist long enough to destroy these damn machines, her and Bell will be safe, and the Jedi will come to rescue them. Too bad the drug is already slowing her down, despite her attempts to fend it off with the Force...

Bellerophon's eyes narrow as she spits at the one who spoke, "Surrender and you may die another day." Bell's eye's narrow more once she smells the gasses and she panics, fleeing the area. She's quick on her feet if nothing else.

Grievous gets a signal and says, "You fool You die now!" and then he lunges at the Master to lock his single lightsaber up Adn then his Arms open, and separate as Grievous suddenly has not one pair, but two pairs of Arms as he grabs hold of two extra lightsabers at his waist and takes hold of two green lightsabers and turns them on. He will lash out with them to try and Bisect the Jedi Master at his waist. If the Cyborg is victorious he sends his signal to his droid forces to begin destroying anything and everything possible. ---------- In the Enclave The Shields of the droidika's will hold against the Lightsaber strikes as They branch off to keep shooting the canisters into the Enclave, The Magnaguards will move up to start combating the Twi-lekk padawan and working to try and keep her in the gas cloud as others move to hunt Belle down.

Master Odan-Urr is caught off guard, his lightsaber locked above his head. He watches in silence, strangely enough not bothering to break away, simply...watching as his death nears. (Arali...stay strong and do not succumb to the dark side.) He closes his eyes as the blades cut across his middriff, and he falls to the ground. "I will become one with the force...and I will be there when you are destroyed, alone and cold, by your own technology." The draethos smiles...then, his body dissapears.

Arali fights with several leaps and flips, trying to avoid the gas cloud and fend off it's inevitable effects, swinging wildly at the Magna guards. However, being in tuned to the force means she 'hears' her master's last words to her...and feels his life flicker and dissapear. "MASTER ODAN-URR!" She screams shrilly, losing her grip on the force momentarily. This is enough, and she drops to her knees, weak, her lightsaber waving weakly in front of her. "Master...no..." She drops her saber as the drug takes it's course, falling to her hands. "...Help..." Then, she's out, paralyzed by the gasses. Aware, but incapable of doing anything but watch as her entire life unravels...

Tears run unchecked down Bell's face as her long legs carry her light frame across the landscape. She's been running the soft hills since she was a child, and knows them well. She knows the droids are behind her, giving chase, and just the though makes her legs and arms pump faster, lightsaber de-activated, but gripped tightly in a fist. Her control is lost, and sobs rack her chest as she runs from her fear as well as the droids.

A couple Magna guards are in hot pursuit of Belle as the Ones in the Enclave look down and there as they start to place Force Restraints on The Twi-lekk to keep her under control as they also inject her with a large dose of tranquilizer. To fully knock her out as they will collect her. The Magna guards in pursuit of Belle are fast as they leap jump and run. They have to be in order to keep up and battle Jedi. One will try to make a leap at Belle To bring his Staff down on the Padawan's back to deliver a very powerful stun blast to paralyze the human girl.

A glace back reveals how close the Droids are, and she skids to a stop, her lightsaber keying on. She twirls the lightsaber towards the Driod's midsection, hoping to slice him in half. Her twirl will continue even if his shields are up, the saber spinning in her hand and returning to point forward, she jumps, striking downward on the second guard.

Arali is of no concern, paralyzed as she is. She does take a sharp breath as she feels the Force Restraints on her, and the last of her fight fizzles out as she feels the helplessness of being cut off from the force. She can't move, she can't reach out with the force, she can't do anything. Silently, she vows to kill Grievous, destroy him as he destroyed her life. Dooku, too, for ordering this attack. Suddenly, the dark side doesn't sound half bad, if it will give her the opportunity to destroy those who took her dreams from her. As the tranquilizer takes it's course, her eyes flutter, and she loses consciousness, her only thoughts of revenge...

The Magnaguard is cut in half as the five others also arrive on scene to get the Padawan. More in the distance are seen as the Magnaguards begin to communicate with each other and begin a highly co-ordinate attack on the padawan. Their radio singles allow them their own Battle Meditation of sorts. Two will lunge in to attack, one lashing for the legs, the other lashes for the body, half way through the attack the other two remaining Magnaguards lash out for the Padawan as well. Striking for the sides and back to subdue the youngster.

Bellerophon goes into something akin to rage, her tears stop falling, and her deep eyes fade down to a flat black. Her form improves considerably, focus showing that the girl has talent, but needs tuning and refining. She jumps again, aiming to use the guards as stepping stones to the forces coming from behind them. Her lightsaber follows her moves, slashing low in hopes of crippling the guards.

Sadly for Belle her new friend is being placed in a sealed stasis container for transport to be taken back to the Typhon's storm. Grievous has no idea how soon the Republic ships will arrive and hearing his magna guards are having trouble with one little brat decides to grab the upper body of that Jedi Master and his lightsaber. There The General will get on his Wheel rider and take off dragging the upper body to the Sight of Belle's Battle. If Fighting four magna guards were not bad enough the fact Grievous is showing up is worse. The droids cover for one another using numbers to parry and block. Soon The Wheel Rider will scritch to a stop and Then he will throw the upper half of the body at Belle hoping it will break her spirit and allow one of his guards to strike and stun her.

Bellerophon says nothing, feels nothing, and goes about trying to dispatch her enemy. The sight of Grievous only heightens her rage, but as the dead man's top half flys at her, she sees what it is, and Grievous' goal is met. She hesitates for a moment, but it's enough for the guards to strike her. She falls to her knees, eyes locked on the man that was alive not more then 10 minutes ago. She couldn't say anything, and the guards strike her again, her body convulsing and falling limp to the side.

Grievous cackles in a pleased tone as the Guards beat the Padawan into submission. One Even injects the Human with a Dart of toxins to knock her out as she will meet the same fate as Arali, Force restraints, and a stasis container will be brought. With perhaps only minutes to spare her looks down at the young girl and says, "The populace of this world will pay a heavy price for luring me into this trap. Get them on the shuttle, We have no time to loose. Kill everyone you find." he says and starts on his wait with his two special captives....

Bellerophon's eyes never leave the dead Master, her lips fighting to mummer, "Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Serenity." Her dark eyes roll up into her head as her body relents and she passes out.

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