2009-05-06 (PreU) Hell hath no fury like a Loth scorned.

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Hell hath no fury like a Loth scorned.

Summary: Well, due to RL taking the Inquisitor away from us... I've improvised! So, Maz and Alessa pick back up to find someone to train Maz so he can be suitable enough to be a body guard for the Goddess

Who: Alessa, Mazurek, Zaknafein
When: May 6th, 2009
Where: Hell


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It's been a few days since Alessa's anger with her newest subject, but she's managed to let it go. A good beating will turn anyone around, with enough patience. Either way, As the Inquisitor suggested, Alessa has tried to turn over Maz to him so that Maz can be trained a bit better. They sit at the Spire now. Alessa is camped on her fluid ball of razor wire, looking unpleased to say the least. "Where is he? Damn." She looks down at Maz, the around the spire. "I can not have one of the Pyramid heads teach you anything. They lack the mind to teach, and hold only the drive to kill." She taps a finger against her chin.

Mazurek has recovered quite well in those few days from the beating. He is one of those that heals quickly and by the time the meeting takes place he is almost completely recovered, a few cuts still present. He is seated on the ground beside the spiked ball, the time it is taking to wait seeing him spending it in meditation, complete with crossed legs and slightly spread arms. When he is spoken to he speaks in just over a whisper, "What of the other denizens, then?"

Alessa hmms, "Well, there is the weapons Master.. But I'm not sure if he'd teach you." Zak was always particular about who he trained, and even Alessa couldn't really go against him. She could cleave his soul maybe, but Zak was too important for that kind of thing, with skills that rivel the best of one particular race.

Mazurek finally opens his eyes to look up to her, "One would need only to ask, I'd think." He is so relaxed that he actually goes so far as to lay back on the ground, gazing up at what passes for the sky in this particular part of Hell.

Alessa says, "Damn." Curling a lip in disgust, she turns and rolls out of the spire and through the city to a small house tucked in between the other buildings. Sliding off her ball, she folds her arms across her chest, and roughly kicks the door. The wood vibrates in the frame, and after a moment, a tall skinny being opens it up. "What?" His voice growls out, white hair notable in the low light around the area. He keeps his face in the shadow, but one look at his body would tell anyone that he's a fighter at heart and soul.

The iguana does not remain lounged along the ground for very long. Just after the spiked ball moves away the lizard is on his feet, trotting in order to catch up so as not to get lost along the way. After the arrival at the door and its subsequent kicking, he steps back and waits for the occupant to open up. He stays within sight, two arms held behind him while the other two are crossed while he looks over what can be seen of the body, appraising the figure in silence.

The Figure eyes the pair, and the Pyraimd head that always follows Alessa. Alessa looks up at him. "I want you to train my newest servent. The inquisitor has fallen off the map again." She frowns. The figure grunts and walks away from the door, leaving it open. "Leave the beast, you two can come in." Alessa nods, motioning the PH to stay put. With that she walks into the dark house, expecting Maz to follow after.

Mazurek looks down to the other servant when it is called a beast, but says nothing about it. He somehow knows that he wasn't the one that was called that and he follows the two into the home. He doesn't hesitate inside, apparently quite comfortable with the darkness.

Mazurek relaxes a bit in stance, arms dropping to the sides once more and allowing the drow to look him over in full. The name that is revealed means nothing to him, which might end up being a good thing. When the elf speaks directly to him he finally speaks, "I am seeking to serve the Lady here as a bodyguard. She has sent me on a quest to prove my ability to do such."

Zaknafein rises out of his chair, and stands, folding his arms. A raised eyebrow arches to Alessa and she nods, confirming the statement. "And do you think you can prove yourself?" He's always been tenitive of Alessa, the girl reminding him vagely of someone else he knew in Life. But having been cast into hell, he hates just sitting and not doing anything.

There is a shrug from the iguana, who then nods, "I may be rusty with my skills due to how I arrived in this world, but only time shall really tell if I can prove it."

Zaknafein nods. "Fine. You'll come to me later today and we'll see if you have anything worth training." Turning to Alessa he says,"I'll expect my fee for this, you understand." Alessa rolls her eyes. "Yes, of course Zaknafein, I'll see to it."

Mazurek raises his brow slightly, "Later today? Where will I be meeting with you, then, sir?" He looks fairly intrigued at the possibility of sparring with someone soon.

Alessa stands as she waits for the conversation to finish. "You'll be meeting me here. Now leave, and prepare." Zak turns and blows out the candle, slipping into a back room afterwards. Alessa grunts softly, and motions to Maz. "That's all we'll get out of him right now. He tends to be touchy. Let's go." She opens the door and steps out, climbing back on her awaiting ball. "We'll go back to the Chambers."

Mazurek follows her out without a word, not really needing to say anything until the door is closed behind him, "Alright. That will give me more time to prepare. I will concentrate on completing my own healing during my meditations."

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