2009-05-07 (PreU) Harley Quinn is at it again.

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Harley Quinn is at it again.

Summary: If anyone's found their homes burglerised and the fridge empty, Mei seems to have just found out why...

Who: Harley Quinn, Mei
When: May 7th, 2009
Where: Housing District

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Housing District

The housing District is fairly nice, compared to what it used to be. Most homes have nice lawns, though the area is rather spread out. In the distance, a large Castle looms, a perma-fog surrounding it. The Jedi Enclave shines though, as people move through it, tending to the care of it. A school house rings it's bell twice a day, presumably to signal the start of classes. This place is almost picturesk, almost.

Darkness. The time that most people of Twisted call night time. Aside from a stray dog and a homeless man talking to himself there's nothing out of the ordinary. At least till a fiant sound, almost like someone tapping, echoes out of the shadows. The female clown, Harley Quinn, can soon be seen. Her tounge hangs out comicly as she prepares a massive mallet to smash in a random front door. "3... 2... 1..."

Mei is carefully climbing out of her puddle, in a white nurses' uniform with cap and everything. Harley gets a glance, mostly due to noise, but Mei doesn't seem like an interfering bystander so maybe she'll get off without getting hit by that mallet. "Oomf.." She hops out and shakes out her shoe, somehow dry. She takes a moment, focusing on her uniform to carefully fix it. She does however watch the clown and the door curiously for a moment.

>>THWACK<< Harley smashes the mallet against the door, obviously oblivious to Mei's appearence. The mallet, being far too large, does next to nothing. Glaring angrilly she readies it again. >>THWACK<< Her head spins as she takes a step back. "Aaah, come on! I don't wanna do this like a common theif! Where's tha fun in that?" Crossing her arms she takes a moment to think, shrugs, and readies the mallet again. "Well, it can't stay closed forevah!"

Mei pauses "You know that person doesn't lock their door, right?" she asked, taking a moment to look around and dig out a small packet and a pipe, carefully loading it and lighting it before stuffing the tip in her mouth to begin puffing and get it going, lazily. She sits on a fence post to watch, just relaxing before going out to do GOOD DEEDS!.

Harley lets the mallet hit once more before pausing, her head flopping down saddly. "WHAT? ...well..." She tumbles backwards to lay on her back and look up at Mei, "Seriously? Where's tha fun in that? Ya might as well have a sign on tha door sayin' ROB ME PLEASE." Rolling backwards onto her feet again, closer to Mei now, she turns and twirls around the mallet bringing it up over her shoulder. "So what'cha doin' in that git up? A hot night with the ol' boy toy or ya tryin' ta draw blood from stones? Anychance ya might be willin' ta fork over yer wallet ta help a poor girl out?" She grins, but beneath the makeup it's impossible to tell how much of that was ment as a joke.

Mei ers a bit.. "I don't have a wallet, sorry." she offered, taking out a small coin purse to dump two copper coins and a silver coin into her lap. "I was on my way to work, I only take enough for a snack during my shift." she offered holding the coinage out co-operatively, leaving her nurse bag alone ".. the only thing of any real value I have are my clothes and you're so much bigger that it just wouldn't work out."

Veins pop out of of Harley's forehead as she lowers her mallet, hands grinding angrily across the handle. Anger and spite practicly drip from her lips as she growls under her breath "...so ...much ...bigger?" Enough with the mallet apparently as she tosses it to the side and draws her gun with it's cork loaded into the barrel. "Now listen 'ere, Girly! I'm the same weight I was in college, an' that doesn't mean ya can go around mocking people an' callin' 'em FAT!" She slides the hammer back. "'Sides, I'm tha apple in mah puddin's eye an' I don't need some dressed up tart tryin' ta make me feel bad! SO YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW!" Wow, struck a nerve didn't ya?

Mei blinks a bit "You're over half a foot taller than me." she blinks "I never called you fat." she offered, pausing. "I'm just really short." She sort of visibly winces. "Please don't hit me, If you hit me I can't go give stitches or get home from my shift and eat the crab legs I managed to snag last night.." she sort of waves both hands at Harley "Please don't hurt me come on now, look you're much taller than me and you definantly have a much lower BMI than I do.." she insisted, standing up so that if worse came to worse she could dodge a smack by falling over or trying to run.

Harley's fire doesn't seem to diminish much, "AN' YOUR EATIN' CRABLEGS!?!? Do ya know what I had for dinner? Do ya?? I had ta eat some stuff I found left on a bench in tha park." She begins to sob, "I coulda had somethin' better but I snuck out ta look for Mistah J an' got lost on tha waaaay baaaack." She rubs her eyes on the sleave of her costume, smearing her clown makeup, and re-aims the gun at Mei. "...*sniff* so excuse me if I'm not on tha top of my game!" She looks ready to fire, but hesitates at the last second lowering the gun again. "Dangit, now my mood is ruined." She drops to a sitting position on the ground and sighs. "Might wanna run off somewhere, Girly, before I change my mind..."

Mei ers a bit and concentrates all of her energy for a split second, her hands going out as she glows, a neatly packaged lunch appearing in her hands. "I only got crab legs because the fish monger couldn't pay my price." she offered quietly, moving to set the lunch down gently in Harley's lap. Its .. a wrapped steak fajita with a small cup of sour cream, a cup of salsa, and well, probably a really really pretty piece of cake. "I didn't mean to make you think I'd called you fat, alright." Mei sort of drops her coins in Harley's lap too and starts dusting herself off, carefully giving herself a looking over before starting off.

Harley sniffles as her eyes grow wide, "Th-that might be the nicest thing anyone's done ta.... WAIT A SECOND." That was fast. "I thought ya said ya didn't have any thing an' now yer givin' me money an' food outta nowhere!?" She draws her gun again as she rises to her feet, cradling the food with her free hand. "What kinda clown do ya take me for? I don't need pitty from a gal I was gonna rob! It doesn't work that way!" She looks down at the package in her arms, distracted. "Gee that smells good-I-I mean, come on! Yer holdin' out on me! I was gonna let'cha go an' all, but if you can pull stuff like this outta nowhere ya gotta be more worth my..." Hunger wins over greed in the end as she drops down and tears into the food with tears of joy running down her cheeks. "Oh god... it's soooo good."

Mei ers a bit "I said I didn't have money, thats the money you demanded. Really. If you think I'm lying about the money you can go through my pockets.." Mei carefully turns her pockets inside out before shifting down to carefully put a hand on Harely's forehead while she eats, going into her nursing bag to take out a hankercheif and attempt to daub away the tears. "I'm low class and honestly only get good food because I get paid in it half the time." she offered, considering "Although if you'd like a can of tea, I have one in my bag.." she offered, thoughtfully, just gently trying to be a comforting force. Afterall, she's nice to everyone.

Harley looks up and glares, "AIGH GWAMPH MERRFA GRUMPHA MUMPH" Translation: "I don't need your pitty!" Choking down the mouthful of food she has, the clown shakes her head. "No, no no.. it's not over yet! You gotta be better'n that! I'm gonna prove it! Just you wait!" Once more she's shoving food in her mouth as quickly as possible. If it's not obvious yet, she can be quite stubborn. "AN' ANOTHER THING! Yes... yes I would like your tea too, please!" She smiles happily before resuming eating. At this rate she might eat the wrappings too.

Mei takes the tea out, setting it infront of Harley "Calm down, okay?" Mei asks, sitting down carefully. She looks around, hesitating for a moment, giving a come hither gesture "Lemme give you a tip.." she again looks around "Something big is going down very soon in the city, And there's likely to be a lot of explosions. If you're going to loot shamelessly then that is the time to do so." she smiles cheerfully at that and sits straight, hands in her lap. Since Harley seems to insist that she still has items of value. Harley raises an eyebrow between bites and stares, "Explosions? Whaddya know that I don't know?" Her full attention is focused now, even the food is ignored for a brief moment as she stares with intense intrest. "Don't leave me hanging!"

Mei mms a bit "Not much but since I'm one of the few working medics I got told to be on alert and exect to pull a straight 48 hour shift when the fighting starts. Jason had the information." she smiles a bit "I'd rather you loot when you're least likely to get caught, thats all. I have no real dislike or like for you.. even though you've technically held me up." Mei shrugs. "S'not the worst thing anyone has ever done to me." Mei seems .. very neutral on being robbed as if it happens all the time.

Harley waves her hand dismissively, "Naaah, ya ain't such a bad gal yerself. I mean, it's nothin' personal. I'm just havin' a bad day is all. Normally I don't stoop ta mugging people but, well... y'know... Anyways, I'll get off yer back." She stands and brushes herself off. "Hmm... so some guy name Jason, huh? I guess I need ta learn who the big players are around here now..." She does a bow and smirks, "Well, nursey. You have people ta save an' I have people ta rob. Maybe next time tha meals on me, okay?"

Mei pauses, yelling as she starts dashing away pretty fast "Its Mei, if you need a medic, ask for Mei. I'm reasonable on my rates." With that Mei is back to tugging her hair up into loops.

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