2009-05-08 (PreU) My life got flip turned upside down...

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My life got flip turned upside down...

Summary: So this is the story all about how ....

Who: Jason_Talben, Mei
When: May 8th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave

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Exercise Room Equipment lines the room. Balance beams, swords, ect. Seriously write a desc for this room or I will. <3.

Mei's hands are extended infront of her, her eyes closed as she concentrates her will, her hands shifting rapidly as she turns to stone, her brow sweating. Her fingers stay limber. Obviously she'd taken Jason up on his offer to let her excercise here. After nearly a full minute, she rolls from seemingly nowhere in a graceful boneless manner, rolling up onto her feet, her arms going back up as the stone duplicate vanishes.. "ff... huff....."

Jason watches from a distance as Mei exercises in the room. A number of training machines are here to help with muscle builds. watching the Gorgon he move over slowly as he watches her produce the stone statue and nods, "Interesting." he says passively. He know sof magic from his world, but there had always been so much confusion between magic, the force, and which was which.

Mei turns startledly, to look at Jason "er, hello Jason, you snuck up on me." she holds her chest, embarassedly smiling, noticably a bit sweaty from the exertion. She darts towards him with possibly a startling burst of speed, a cheerfulness on her expression as she stops, ending up on her toes.

Jason watches as Mei darts up to him and he smiles and matches her speed as he uses the force to pull off his own burst of Speed away from her and to the Side as a playful smirk rests upon his face. "sorry I startled you Mei, I am glad you seem to be enjoying your self here." And he opens his arms almost as if to invite Mei into a game of Tag if she dares to try and tag the Jedi Master...

Mei's expression gets a bit less cheerful as she darts after him. She's pretty fast and using natural ability on that ; afterall she's good at running from other monsters being monster bait and all. She cheerfully seems to follow him, extending her arms to tie her hair back off of her face, a pink head pand pushing her bangs off of her face.

the Exile has lost his Robe as he uses the Force in this Simple game and moves trying to duck, dodge, and flip out of the way of her touches. He has a smile on his face and even has his tongue stuck out in a goofy smile, and then is a high jackalope like voice he says, "Fast as fast can be you'll never tag me." he says almost breaking out in a hard laughter.

Mei's weight bounces, light as feathers on her toe, her ears twitching as she stays very still very suddenly, watching him with her sharp cat like eyes. Her body soon darts after him again, her grin showing "You know, I'm not Lakshmi." she teased.

Jason trips up on some pads on the floor and he rolls and slides trying to avoid Mei's hands, "And if my former masters found me playing like this they'd be very grumpy." and he does a series of ducks, dodges, rolls looking more like a court jester then a agile expert warrior. Still as an adult he's not about to make this easy for Mei to tag him. As she said, She's not Lakshmi, so no need to let the tag be easy....

Mei takes advantage of the trip up, whispering a few arcane words for a Haste spell. Probably something learned from Skeeve. She darts after Jason to try to catch him with the speed up, her chest heaving just slightly from the exertion. While its all just goofy fun, it does serve a purpose ; it is getting Mei off of her cookie eatting ass and excercising herself physically.

Jason yelps out when he sees the spell go off and he says, "Now fair no fair! Next time try to Use the Force." he says and as Mei gets closer he is forced to remain off balance twisting as she lashes out to try and tag him. Finally he falls flat on his ass and most likely Mei will land ontop of him. "Omph...." he says with a sore rear and says, "Not one of my most graceful moments."

Mei stops last minute, arms going out to prevent falling on him, her arms firmly cementing in the floor, her body somehow managing to stay in a handstand right infront of him, balanced precariously on her thin arms. She pants, her knees bending foreward towards her stomach, toes curling a bit as she concentrates, spinning just a bit as she with draws her arms and lands a bit loudly on her feet, "Oomf.."

Jason nods and says, "Nice save." he says slowly standing up. "You should work on Channeling the Force through your body, you'll find it faster then casting a spell." he looks around and walks over to some small light weight barbells and asks, "So have you been lifting any weights at all?"

Mei ers a bit "I don't really do well at lifting weights." she offered embarassedly "And I've never really used them other than once." she murmured, her balance neatly on her toes. She's obviously had some gymnastic training. She hops over, slowly to focus herself and neatly balance a dumbell infront of Jason. "I'm never going to build strong arms, Especially considering I'm a bit middle aged already." she offered, seemingly not upset or really even phased out of cheerfulness. As an afterthought she reaches to tap him. Right on the chest.

Jason smirks as Mei taps him on the Chest and there the Exile does his own back flip and lands on a slender pole roughly a half inch wide as he stays balanced and there he starts to walk down the tightrope he's got placed in here slowly and carefully balanced. "Just because you won't build muscles doesn't mean you should not work out, to get some modest strength."

Mei climbs onto the tight rope as well "This I've done. I have strength, it just isn't good for lifting." she offered, dully, putting the dumbell down idly, her weight balancing " I used to have to excercise on a ceiling beam ... over the living quarters, it was nearly a palm's width. I was supposedly good at it." She puts her hands down, standing on her hands on the rope. If Jason is paying attention, she's very noticably manipulating her internal energy.

Jason watches Mei as she tightrope walks and says, "good use of your energy," he comments and does his own tricks. He flips onto the rope blackflipping and such.

Mei's weight balances, as she rolls to one leg, arching the other in a slow motion, her hands moving over her head as she shimmies just slightly, her voice humming a faint melody. "I used to dance on a rope.. a long time ago. A very long time ago. It seems like a life time ago." she lifts slowly, inhuman grace showing.

Jason watches as Mei's movements work slowly. He slowly walks the tight rope and nods, "I see, all these are standard training exercises where I come from." and there he slowly gets down from the rope. The Exile looks over at Mei and asks, "Would you be interested in learning the Basics of fencing?"

Mei pauses "Fencing. The only weapon I really have ever had any natural skill with was darts, and only because I can line the tips." she pauses.. " If you'd like to try, I'll try, but I garuntee nothing." she shifts, so she's sitting on the rope, weight bouncing suddenly in a contortion with her chest on the rope, legs bent over to rest her feet on her shoulders, balancing neatly before rolling and unrolling to land neatly on her toe tips. "Tada."

Jason claps his hands firmly. and says "impressive. I think we should start out with just fencing swords." and he pulls out from two cases here some very fine rapiers and offers Mei the choice of one.

Mei ers a bit and looks at the weapons, lifting each witha bit of her own energy before selecting the lightest, noticably examining it, and holding it tip down in both hands. She's obviously held a sword in a resting position before, probably when she greeted people.

Jason nods as he takes hold of the Rapier and shows her how to hold the blade in a fencing style. As he slowly will guide her through the motions of using a simple series of stances. Mei's body honestly is liquid to move, she's very flowing and easy to correct. For the moment it really takes both hands to keep the blade up, mostly due to the fact she's very short.

Jason comments, "I will need to get you a smaller blade." he says. Slowly he uses the force and channels it into Mei so it will enhance her strength allowing her to better handle the blade as he explains, "Feel the force as it flows through you, and start to channel it as I am channeling into you."

Mei seems to follow the example well enough, her hands are shaking as she twitches her ears "You really have no idea how awkward this is for me." she whispered, taking a deep breath and continuing to follow his example

Jason smiles as he places his hands on Mei's shoulders to help try and claim her down. "Inhale slowly to fill your lungs, and imagine yourself at peace, calm. When you were at your most centered." he says trying to help her feel not as awkward.

Mei mms a bit "Its just the holding of the weapon, thats all." she does as directed, oddly projecting the sound of flowing water around her, possibly through magic, or her own affinity towards the element. It could also just be a sound that puts her completely at peace and in her center. "I'll do my best."

Jason nods as he watches as Mei should slowly start to steady her had as he takes a different approach. "Imagine a room filled with one thousand fountains flowing serenely, smoothly." and there he closes his eyes and starts to recall the Room of a thousand fountains fromt he Jedi temple on Coursant. The Exile does his best to weave a Force illusion here in the room echoing the sounds of the waters, the echo, and does his best to make it seem very real. "Now move the blade as you would a paint brush, slowly carefully following my movements. When Mei opens her eyes she will find herself in a different room entirely...."

Mei seems just slightly confused when she opens her eyes. ".. Thank you. I'm really just not used to holding any variety of weapon." her hands move very slowly to mimic him. It is a bit rough, despite her whole concentration, or perhaps because of her entire concentration onit.

Jason notices her movements and how they reflect her state of mind as he says, "Slowly, don't focus on it as a weapon, focus on it as if it is an extension of your hand, your arm. A part of you. Let your energy flow through it slowly." he says and once more goes over some very simple stances.

Mei seems to follow, she does have trouble with it, but she did admit its a weakness of hers. She follows, keeping her mind calm and relaxed as she smiles, trying her best.

Jason slowly guides her through a very simple battle meditation lesson. "Think of it not as a weapon, but a tool. Something akin to a hammer, or screwdriver." he says, "It is only a weapon in your mind because you make it so." he explains. HE uses the force to try and bolster some of Mei's confidence as a drop of sweat breaks on the side of his face. He is channeling a great deal of energy to maintain both the illusion of this wonderful large room, AND to try and help bolster Mei's confidence. He is very good at hiding it, and while he can channel it effectively, it's still something of a burden.

Mei follows it, she swats at him, very carefully trying to block the energy into her from Jason, her ears twitching as she calmly nods, taking time to slowly repeat it. "Jason, after this, let me cook a bit of dinner, I'm feeling fatigued from practicing Tteppa Allayn."

Jason carefully parries the blade swats and he makes a reduction in the energy from him to mei once she has made it clear she doesn't like that. "I am doing what Any Jedi would as a teacher Mei." and there he carefully shows her some slight moves or mor correct forms of attacking. He'll spend only a bit of time. on this maybe fifteen minutes as the illusiuon melts away and Jason inhaling deeply says, "I think that is enough for a basic lesson."

Mei follows as best she can, nodding as she smiles "you're wearing tired." she offered, cheerfully, her expression cheerful as she offers the blade back to Jason, in actual appropriate stance to return a weapon, handle towards him, hands very delicately touching the blade.

Jason nods and carefully takes the blade from Mei's hands. "Thank you, Such illusions are very consuming. And not easy to maintain due to the extreme energy they take. Were it not for the minor nexus here, I could not have held it for as long as I did." he says and places the rapiers in their case and carries it over to a storage location. "So what did you have in mind for dinner?"

Mei considers that for a moment "Something simple and quick, mm Do you like stirfries?" she asked, carefully, trying to see if he recognized the term first, ears twitching.

Jason listens to Mei and he hears the words Stirfries? "What's that?"

Mei smiles a bit "Here, lets go to the kitchen, I'll make one, if you don't like it, I'll make roasted peppers for you. Its rice with vegetables and a meat. I'm very partial to them." she offered, ears staying twitchy.

Jason nods and offers to join Mei, "I'm not really a picky eater. When you can travel to tens of thousands of planets and some worlds have races which are extremely different from humans you learn to accept a lot of cuisines." he says and joins Mei

Mei heads for the kitchen, taking a large pan, She takes a second pan.. "We'll have noodles over rice, the buckwheat would be healthier.." she pulls out soba noodles, starting to boil them while the wok-style pan heats up with a bit of oil at the bottom. She calmly takes a knife, with supreme grace, "Ah pick a meat, beef chicken or pork would be best!" she cheerfully stated, slicing vegetables up and measuring spices. A lot of hotter spices.

Jason thinks as he is asked to select a meat and thinks, "Beef please." he comments. "I have been learning alot about some universes, how humans originate on a world called Earth. Where I come from, humans have been out in a galaxy for so long, that the human homeworld is lost to history. No one really knows where or what region Humans originate from."

Mei takes the beef carefully. She slivers it neatly, putting the vegetables in first, carefully tending to them. "Lets see.. Humans were born from the earth a Millenia and a half ago on my world. In a place called Kulika and simultaneously on Crescent Island. According to legend, a heart broken woman threw herself into the sea after invaders slaughtered her children. Her wish was so strong the powers that be granted her wish, manifesting reincarnations of her children as humans, three men and five women washed up on the black sands of Kulika from the foam. The Crescent island legend says they simply formed from barren rocks embracing one another infront of a raiding party of Lyrans. The Lyrans were so touched they blessed the new creatures, like none they had ever seen, with the name for love ; Huma." she told quietly "I like the second story better, it is less sad. Although I suspect they simply washed ashore from lands the other races hadn't found yet, like Svela or the continent East of Pe-Arlun." she offered, adding the meat and tending it as well, soon dumping spices and other seasonings, smiling all the while.

Jason listens and nods, "Interesting, Very interesting." he says carefully listening to the tale. He's not about to ask questions about it or debate it he's really worn down mentally. "where there are so many views of how humans came to be it would last from here until the end of the year for me to explain all I know." he says. "Although I can tell you that the human race did more or less split off into other varations, There are the Miraluka, the Mandalorians, Corelians... the list goes one and on."

Mei mms a bit "Of course Humans change, to be honest, they're the most versatile of the races on my world, save for Cephaelia. Cephaelia are much like humans though. Horrible beasts if you cross one. I suspect Cephaelia are just humans who have adapted to the underwater kingdoms.." she pauses thinking "Pe-Arlun's human population was called Arlinas.. Beh-Azar in Sjallimare called them Beh-Sanari or 'Desert Dweller' .. Honestly Elves only manage in the highest, purest mountains where the wind whips. They are found on most of the continents really though." Mei takes the noodles, straining them before dumping them in with the other and tossing, her hair tossing in toasted sesame seeds before she gestures at a plate. " Gorgons live in the wasted deserts, and only in the wasted deserts. Harpies live between the two. Sirens live only in the forbidden straight where the water is nearly boiling hot. Cephaelia live near Kulika island ; it is implied the woman from the human legend became the first Cephaelia and still rules them." she added thoughtfully. She looks nostalgic, as if remembering a wonderful journey.

Jason nods as he says "I recall my own past. I grew up on a world called Dantooine. It was plains, grasslands, farmlands. The entire planet was like one big grass land. I resided there with the Jedi Enclave where I was being instructed in the ways of the Jedi. I recall many a nights I would sleep outside under the clear stary sky... Some times dreaming of adventure and excitement." he says recalling many things.

Mei considers Jason and clears her throat "I slept out under the stars .. most of my life, except the last thirty years or so." she sighs a bit "I am from a world of diversity. Icy mountains that touch the sky itself, floating islands, coastal towns, deserts of heat and misery, glacial valleys, I'm not partial to those.. and just forests. I .. think I've been to a grassland but I can't quite remember. Pe-Arlun.. oh gods above the smells. It was wonderful and oh so foreign to me. I've been nearly everywhere but the smells. Anise was popular and though I am not partial to Anise it was so nice. The sun was warm but not stifling. I could of lived there very happily." she offered, a bit longingly. " Although.. I do not miss the smell of opium dens." she sets Jason's dish beside him. Stirfried (but still soft) noodles in a sweet and spicey sauce. She takes one, pulling chopsticks out of her hair to whisper a few words before digging in. "I should of stayed settled in Pe-Arlun."

Jason watches as Mei takes her Chopsticks and there the Jedi fiddles with them and after a moment gets them in his hands correctly. "I see. Opium dens, Yes My universe has something similar, but it is called Spice." he says and there starts to eat slowly enjoying the taste. "I have been to many worlds, Planets that are one massive City sprawling across the Planet. A planet that has one city on it, massive. A desert tomb world of pure evil and darkness, and a graveyard world. A world where the souls and spirits of those killed in a terrible war echoed across the surface of a planet that was crushed in gravities terrible grip."

Mei mms a bit "I ... lived in the great catacombs of creation for ten years when I ran away from my owners the first time.. I .. felt horrible sadness, the catacombs exist because of the great plague that killed a majority of the non demon races when I was small. A few of the demon races also got infected with it and mutated. it was dreadful. I am quiet lucky I was immune. It.. is actually where I met Meju." she commented with a blush, smiling fondly.

Jason nods and says, "Malachor V was the site of a terrible battle, One where I...." and ther Jason trails off as if recalling something so horrible, and he shakes his head firmly. and tries to get out of what he was feeling.

Mei reaches over, her arm going around him her lips pressing to his forehead. ".. I can't remember what happened when Meju and I went to Sarul to assist with the medical crisis there. I shouldn't of went really, I should of stayed. We got caught in a conflict and I ended up heart broken and back in my master's hands after fifty years of freedom. I was weak and needed support and even though I hated them it was better than being alone." she commented, looking a little ashamed. "I went to Sarul pregnant, very much so. I left unpregnant and as much as I try to remember I cannot remember anything other than placing Meju's ashes in the ground, except a small bottle of it that rests on my night stand for memory's sake." she offered, not really overly upset, seemingly just mentioning it to lessen the pain. "I assume I miscarried but I can't.. remember."

Jason listens to Mei as the Exile swallows. "I went to war, I fought, killed. I always remembere dI was fighting, and killing so others would not have to. I became a general. At the final battle of Malachor V I was forced to use a terrible weapon. A weapon which destroyed the entire planet of Malachor V. I Watched as the fleet of my enemy was crushed in the terrible grip of gravity. I watched as my own fleet was destroyed. Countless thousands died, but the war was ended by that one act."

Mei takes a breath "Jason.. you cannot let it weigh too heavily on it. So long as you are a good person now, that is how I will percieve you." she offered quietly, her small smile showing. "I think no less of you knowing that. You are aware of my profession, aside from Medic I know. I assume you know that an Aetherist makes more than healiing potions, including deadly hemlock elixers and to be honest many sedatives much like opium."

Jason nods and says, "I Never fell Mei, You see out of all the Jedi who followed Revan and Malak to war to end this threat. I was the only Jedi who returned to face the judgement of the council. See the Jedi council pasted judgement upon me. I defied the council when they insisted the Jedi wait and fully understand the threat that was attacking the republic. They Exiled me from the Jedi order." He says and leans back. "But I never forgot why I went to war. I went to war to fight and protect others. To fight so others would not have to, and protect those who could not protect themselves." he says.

Mei smiles a bit "I was an aetherist because it made the most of my memory and wits. Also a cute healer is a rarity in my land, it was a novelty that attracted many many customers from far across the oceans." she offered, cheerfully

Jason smiles and nods as he eats now and says, "Yes Very pretty. Bet all sorts of patients had all sorts of aliments when you were around."

Mei mms a bit "So long as they paid it was fine. I was much cuter before my face was shredded. Although even after I had to wear the patch they still flocked because I was considered an exotic finery. Some would pay to have dinner and try to bargain bedding me. Master never allowed that, thankfully. But they would sit and hold me near and often treat me to things I normally could not eat due to the strict, read inexpensive, diet the masters had me on."

Jason head shakes and says, "Slavery is one of the most despicable practices I have encountered. Still happens in my universe. Mind you I did not entirely Object to selling slavers into slavery. Giving them a taste of what they put others through, Poetic Justice so to speak." he says

Mei mms a bit " In retrospect I suspect I'd of died. Siang was lucky, she was sold into being a Bride, because she developed breasts sooner than I and had much better posture and at the time a gentler disposition than me. I was always dirty and gnawing on inappropriate things like arms or chairs.. Siang was a lady." she offered with a shrug.

Jason nods as he asks, "Let's change the subject this is an old one sore for me." he says and leans back to relax after finishing his food. "Thank you for the Dinner Mei."

Mei smiles and shifts over to sit beside him. She yawns a bit "Thank you for taking me as a pupil." she leans her head on his shoulder and just rests, contently making a happy rumble from fullness.

Jason nods and smiles, "Of course, and perhaps someday, The Jedi order here will be strong. Able to help protect and defend those here from the threats of other worlds. I am just very surprised no other Jedi have ended up in this place because I have not sensed any."

Mei mms a bit "Just because you cannot sense it does not mean it does not exist." she pauses "There are techniques to hide very effectively." she offered, smiling. "You just do not know them or how to get around them. I am sure another jedi is here, waiting to be found." she offered, energetically.

Jason nods and says, "Most likely, I know there are such Techniques. Even with in the Force there are methods of making one's presence so small, so minor as to be completely undetectable, even to the wisest and strongest of Jedi masters. I know I learned it myself."

Mei mms a bit "If you were hiding, you would not broadcast it." she offered. She smiles "Jason with time you'll find another who knows, maybe even another small enclave. I hope you do." she offered, cheerfully.

Jason nods, "Very true, and all things lwill come of their own time. If there are other jedi here, in time when it's right they'll show. I just hope it won't be too late by then. Something that happened to my order resulting in it's destruction, was over confidence and arrogance in their own powers, and convinced everything they did was right."

Mei smiles a bit, laughing "It is a very mortal thing to do. You know? Although even the gods make mistakes." she offered, patting him "Ne You still owe me a trip to the springs sometime." she pauses, and opts to tease him just a little "And the otehr day, you should of just swam naked, it would of been fun to watch!"

Jason does turn red as he says that and he says, "Mei, my body is covered is Scars and burns. I may look fine in the face, and on the hands. I only made sure they would be unblemished so as to have a bit of ease in my life. Easier to interact with people. The reason I kept, and keep the scars on my body is because it reminds me of the pain, the suffering I endured for others. To make sure I never ever forget, it's my duty to protect and help others."

Mei covers her face and laughs further "You do know this is only an illusionary projection right?" she points to her face and stands up, taking a moment to drop her dress and the robe, the illusion also dropping. She's riddled with scars. All of them old at this point. Only a small scar that runs along the back of her neck is a new scar. "And you think it would bother me?" she asked, smiling. "I'm a pervert and scars are a fact of life. One must accept the beauty in them." She probably just hides them so she doesn't have to explain to Lakshmi how she got 'boo boos' or explain to drunks.

Jason head shakes and says, "I knew it was an illusion. But We all have our issues as much as I look upon the heart of someone, and see them for who they truly are they can be more beautiful then any paining or crystal cavern. But sadly one also needs to worry about how people address you in day to day life." he says and stands up to hug Mei closely...

Mei giggles a bit, tugging her dress back up. "I like my scars. WHen I am alone sometimes I take ink and trace them. They form a pattern that means words in the old language, its coincidental I'm sure but amuses me." she poofs the illusion back up and clears her throat "Its a good thing I'm not curvy with huge flopping breasts or I couldn't get away with dropping my dress despite wearing an undershell.." she commented, jokingly as she hugs back. "You are my friend, Jason. Please promise me to stay as such as best you can?" she asked, cheerfulness dancing in her voice.

Jason nods and he continues to hold Mei protectively and says, "I am your Friend Mei, and I will do all I can to remain such. But time changes all people. And while I know the many tricks and seductions of the Dark Side, I am not immune to it. But as long as I am with the Light I will always be your friend." he says knowing nothing is certain in life.

Mei nods cheerfully and shrugs "There is a possibility you will be my friend even if you fell to darkness. I'm almost sure of it. Because I am sure you would retain your personality and heart. You may judge light and dark as good and evil but I still feel that without light there is no darkness. As it is said the brightest light casts the darkest shadow." she leans lightly against Jason.

Jason listens to Mei as she compairs something, and she has no idea how wrong it is for him. "Mei, if the Darkness, My universes Darkness takes hold of me. I will change, I will change in ways you would not think possible. It will take hold of me and turn me into a twisted mockery of everything I stand for. I have learned of tales of Jedi who used the Darkness to try and help others. They fell and when they did, there was nothing of the kind compassionate jedi. The Dark Side of the Force Mei, not only corrupts the body, but it effects the mind like a drug, twisted, turning, and destroying everything you once were." he openly tells Mei.

Mei mms a bit "Maybe, maybe. I suppose I'm immune to it because the only time I've fallen, that I remember was by trusting in people who took advantage of me. Normally to gain an upper hand on someone else." she takes Jason's hands and closes her eyes, her will focuses and draws in, then flashes out, washing over Jason like a hot bath. Her expression calm

Jason reaches down to take firm hold of Mei's Chin as he makes her look directly into his eyes. Fully of dead seriousness. "Do not Ever, ever think that again. No one is immune to the Darkside of the Force. Two jedi whom I followed, Revan and Malak, both were considered paragons of the Jedi order's ideals and strengths. They went to war, taking thousands of jedi with them, each and every one of them fell to the darkside of the Force, and they waged a second war after I effectively ended the war I left." he is very serious and very scared Mei claimed she was immune, "Remember always no one is immune. It is so seductive, so insidious you might never notice each and every step you take until it's too late....." he says softly and holds Mei tightly.

Mei waves her hand, moving his hands from her face. "Please do not take hold of my face. It makes my scars hurt very badly." she whispered, her expression uncomfortable. "I have no intention to turn into a selfish selfcentered cow. Nor do I see anything associated with such to be anything I ever wanted. The only thing I've ever wanted in this whole entire life of mine is someone to love, and I have that." she smiles. "I'll surely die within one hundred years due to no longer having a goal to fulfill and fuel me." she admitted, warmly, her expression staying jolly.

Jason keeps his hand from her face, "Mei.... " Jason holds her and almost worries. But he will continue to train her, "Just be careful in all you do alright." Jason Yawns out very widely clearly the old man is very tired. "Forgive me I am fatigued."

Mei sighs a bit "Do not worry so much about me. I have a very good memory and do take what you say seriously. I just refuse to let such thoughts fatigue my happiness, because happiness may not rain on me tommorow and in the sadness I would like to recall such happy times and relish them like fine chocolates." she offered, taking a moment to hold him. "I trust you, and I want you to trust in me. I will not fall like Usagi. I will not become anything other than what I am. If it happens, I accept now that you or someone who loves me will promptly take my life. Its how life goes. Alright?" she pats his knuckles, again trying to reassure him, eyes closed, her age showing for a moment, slight wrinkles and all.

Jason nods as he yawns out, "I under stand, it's just I lost so many friends, I don't want to loose anymore, even though it is unavoidable, in some way shape or form." Jason allows Mei to reassure him as he says, "Now I must rest, You are welcome to stay here, if you wish, there is plenty of room." and Jason slowly turns to depart for his chambers, "Good night Mei, and rest well."

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