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Who: Arrankhar, Jason_Talben, Mei
When: May 8th, 2009
Where: Housing District, Jedi Enclave

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Jason has for the most part locked the Enclave down and sent most people home. He's made sure that the place and all it's valuables were taken out And now most of what remains is common place items. Jason has gotten into his Armor and has both anti droid blasters, and some other needed items.

The large Komodo has doffed the uniform that he has been seen around in all this time, which ends up leaving him in nothing more than his thick emerald-colored hide. This gives the view of some mammalian traits to the torso but that is the only true oddity. He doesn't even have the weapons he had on the other day, either, having been busy preparing.

Mei is slipping back into the residential areas, a cart lead by a mule with her, she seems absolutely relaxed, which is strange. She's also wearing a rather carefully made nurses' uniform, complete with cap and red + on it. THe cart is covered carefully layered. She seems to of gone about life as normal. "Lets see.. " she looks at a clip board.. "Ah yes.. send Lakshmi off to stay with dear uncle." Mei looks up, waving at Jason. "Oii~" she sets her clipboard down and smiles brightly, leading her ass towards Jason, lazily.

Jason looks over to Mei and he notices Arrankhar as he waves them over. The Exile is in his full armor. Light, flexible, and while providing good protection will not impair any movements at all. "Greetings Arrar... Arrankhar. Forgive." He says for the mispronunciation of the name. "Greetings Mei, I see you two are ready. Can you feel the calm before the building storm?" he says. Jason casts his eyes towards the wastes and says, "I managed to find some people to manage the weapon's store allowing you to Join the battle Arrankhar."

Arrankhar waves a claw dismissively, "If you have trouble with the name, my friend, just shorten it how you see fit. It rolls off the tongue of my reptilian kin more than it does the softskins." He then looks around, tail flicking, "The feeling of something threatening is rather palpable. If there was anything resembling the natural world here it would probably have gone silent by now."

Mei mms a bit "The city is very calm and quiet. I had very little work to do officially." she pauses, digging into the cart to dig around, soon falling face first in, digging out a case of potion vials. "I visited my stock house this afternoon and rummaged up some goods." she grunts, trying to get her feet to go back to the ground before just laughing and staying so precariously perched. "Well I'd hand you the case but its too heavy for me to get back to my feet with.." she offered. "I'm not getting how your name is hard, but it might be because of my heritage. or because I'm skilled in speaking many languages. It sounds like a Kobold name really." she mused, shifting to sit on the edge "I bring healing potions, explosives, smoke veils, and my own armor melting concoction number thirty nine. It will not burn human flesh but can melt through diamond armor." she offered, kicking her feet back and forth. as she digs a carrot out of the cart to offer to the ass, who lazily eats it.

Jason smiles as he comes up to Mei and there he looks into the Cart. "Thank you Arra. Kinda odd I have trouble with names given my order is known for Diplomacy with all sorts of sentient beings." He gets the cart ready and says, "Well then Let's hope it will do well on the army. I honestly wish I was wrong about this." Unless Mei stops him he will effortlessly take out the case. "I managed to enlist a number of other supers so to speak as they are called and convince them to help. They are gonna wait until the enemy first the first shot, last thing I want is to get a massacre started by accident." he says and looks to the direction of the TASK council. "I tried to tell the TASK council but all I got was thank you for your concern, and telling us."

Arrankhar slowly shakes his head while he listens to the two, "Sounds like the local government doesn't give a crap about what is going to happen. Then again, doesn't this place repair itself or something anyway?"

Mei pfts "TASK won't do a thing. They're all too busy doing their own thing." she offered, grinning. She doesn't stop Jason at all. "Medical supplies have the rod of asclepius emblem." she points to the snake around the staff symbol. "TASK doesn't care about us, the people, so long as their beloved egos are left alone." she offered, quietly and calmly. She doesn't seem to even harbor ill will today. "mm Jason, would you like a supper before whatever hits, hits?" she asked, invitingly "You too, Mister Arrankhar."

Jason nods as he says, "I fear that is true Arra, I could understand the building and such, but the loss of lives... If they do nothing during this attack. And as much as I hate to say it IF needed I will be more then willing to shall we say remove the current Task Council and work to place a new one. One that will actually care to protect people." he says. looking to Mei he smiles as he says, "I think that would be lovely." Jason says, "I would Like something to eat."

Arrankhar nods, "I haven't eaten yet today and the work I did to help set up the weapon shop has me hungrier than I would care to admit. My effects are at the Usual if we're not heading there to eat."

Mei mms a bit "That is dangerous talk. The problem is.. Task is not a police force, they meerly protect the other worlds and make sure we aren't polluting pristine worlds' cultures and over twisting things." she offered quietly "The Council is .. ineffective.." she digs out a small communicator.. " If you wish to form a government for the city, I have someone you should talk to." Mei pauses. "I can bring dinner right here, if you'd like it now." she offered, cheerfully.

Jason listens to Mei as he says. "Their Job should not only extend to protecting the pristine worlds, but also protecting those here from the dangers of other worlds. If they are so absorbed in keeping the worlds seperate then they should have set up a secondary force to deal with threats here." he says and listens to Arra and MEi, "Who is this person I should speak to for government?" he looks to Mei, "As for location just about any place would be good."

Arrankhar shrugs, "All of this isn't my area of expertise. I'm not familiar with anything here yet. I'm good with eating anywhere we can. I'm sure I can get back to my things in time to meet the threat."

Mei smiles a bit, putting the device away. "Mister Tyler is the person to see, I'll try to get him to come for supper at the enclave sometime soon." Mei shifts, hopping down to stand on her toes before moving over and wrapping both arms around Jason, kissing his cheek in a gentle hug, obviously for good luck. Mei pauses.. "I'm the ex wife of a TASK member and have personally met with multiple council members." she offered, rubbing her head. "Its all very arwkard, and I'd prefer not to think too much of Caliga today." she murmured, she starts for the large puddle, sitting on her rump to drop her feet in before she vanishes within, to get supper and bring it up to the surface.

Jason nods as he listens to Mei, "Then I will be sure to expect him. I just hope things do not come to Violence with this government. I have a way to prevent one person from gaining all the power. But setting up a democracy is not easy." he says and places his arms inside his pockets. When Mei kisses him he blushes firmly as he looks to Arrankhar, "Your armor... you Know I might have some Armor that might fit you in the Enclave Arra. You might like it, do you go for medium or heavy armors?"

Arrankhar can't help but smile when Mei kisses Jason. That smile would have become a look of surprise if his attention hadn't been drawn away by Jason's question, missing Mei's disappearance into the puddle entirely, "I do not wear armor. All I have is the jumpsuit you've seen me in before. Even Kevlar is too bulky and stretches the fabric too much."

Mei takes a good five minutes to return, a small statue looking ceramic monster carrying a large pot full of steamed crab legs. Mei appears next, carrying a pan of steak and potatos. She also seems to be carrying cous cous... by balancing it on her head. Keramos ( the monster thing..) Sets the pot down and takes out dishes and silverware, excusing himself as a picnic table is pushed up from nearby.. Mei sets her food down and cheerfully smiles "There we go."

Jason listens to Arra, "Well you might be surprised. Where I come from There are all sorts of races with all sorts of physical builds. I assure you given time you would find something. But from what you say Light armor would be the Way to go. But until we can find something for you here." And Jason reaches into his pack and pulls out two arm bands. He hands the smoother one to Arra first. "That is a Verpine prototype energy shield. It will deflect and absorb a number of energy blasts. This is a Mandalorian melee shield, it will deflect physical attacks. IT won't stop them but it will reduce their effects." he says and shows Arra how to use them and how long they will last before they burn out. When Mei comes back he smiles and says, "Shall we enter into the enclave, some place more peaceful then out here?"

Arrankhar rubs his muzzle in thought while he listens to Jason, his attention entirely focused upon the man that he misses the arrival of the other two. The instruction in regards to the shields has him shaking his head, "I am afraid that I will have to decline using those. Injury is part of battle and one cannot be overconfident with their abilities." He then bows, "If you really think I should have them, though, I will keep them with my other effects."

Mei mms a bit "Yes but you get to push the stuff, its all too heavy for me." she offered, laughing as she gathers the plates. "I've never worn armor except specialty silk that absorbs magical attacks." she offered, cheerfully. She stretches out to pick the dishes up and hold them. Her ears twittering lazily

Jason nods as he says, "Still Soldiers should be protected on the battle field." and he will sorta insist Arra at least take them. "I use light armors most of the time, Due to the fact most heavier armors impair my powers." When Mei has gathered her supplies he turns to the enclave and with a wave of his hand the door both unlocks and opens as he smiles, "Come, despite this time of trouble we can enjoy the comfort of the Enclave." he says.

Arrankhar does keep the shields, going so far as to place them on his wrists, arms, or whereever so they are out of the way. After that is done he takes what remains of the supply of food and heads into the enclave, following whoever is leading the way.

Mei giggles a little and follows Jason and Arrankhar she pauses.. "Keramos, please take Lakshmi to dear Uncle's house. Thank you." she bends to kiss the little statue, gently bumping it with two of her knuckles before continuing in behind her friend and Arrankhar, weight bouncing as she moves cheerfully

Jason leads the way tot he main area. The place is fairly empty and deserted, Jason has even emptied the Library as he comments. "I should have made this place more hidden and secure." he says and sits down as what looks like a cooking place is set up. The Exile comments. "I hope this will not be our last meal together my friends." he says and starts to collect drinks for the meal.

Mei's hands go to Jason's once he has them free to gently hold them and close her eyes. "We must not think about such horrible things and only look optimistically to the future." she offered, ears twitching. She moves over to gently plate up crab legs and steak all around.

Arrankhar comments while he follows, "I don't think it would have been good to hide it any more than it is. Where would folks go if they wanted to spend time meditating in absolute peace?"

Jason nods and holds Mei's hands firmly as he says, "I know. Positive thinking is the best route. Arra, When I can identify their leader that is my primary target. I'll do my best to isolate him from his army and either capture or destroy him." he says and sits down to allow Mei to cook some meal. He opens a can of Diet Pepsi slowly drinking the ice cold can.

Mei cooks very calmly, seemingly having precooked most of the meal ahead. Everything is just heated up so its warm. She takes a moment to just watch the two "So serious. Jason, do you have any wine?" she asked, calmly, "For the steak and a glass for me?" she asked. Not that she had ever had a drink infront of Jason or Arrankhar for that matter. Her fingers take some of the potatos to slice smaller.

Arrankhar does not have a request for a drink, nor does he linger around the table. His belly growls rather loudly and insistantly while he heads to a window to gaze outside, "Destroy? You make it sound like the enemy you expect is not living."

Jason listens to Mei and says, "I don't think so Mei, sorry." he says and he gets out a couple glasses from a small cabinet. "I don't know why but the evil I feel while the rage come from a living being the centerpoint is not something I would detect from a living being, not in the conventional sense of the words." He will get the glasses out and set them on the table.

Mei's expression is warm as she serves the food, giving generous portions of food to both friends. She pauses to give Arrankhar a kiss on the forehead, gently, her ears twitching as she sits down beside Jason and cups her hands together .. whispering a few words, most likely prayer.

Arrankhar rejoins the two when the food is ready, taking a seat where there is room. Just in time for a kiss to the forehead, which has him looking to Mei inquisitively, "What was that about?" Without even waiting for a response he starts to dig into the food he was given, barely chewing it.

Jason leans back as he also remains silent to respect Mei's prayer Then when she is done he will behind to eat slowly. He notes some things in his mind for later filing. "The meal is wonderful Mei." the human does not seem to be offended by any thing today as he asks. "When this is all over I think there will be quite a Mess to clean up and after all that and stress I was thinking perhaps trying to start a carnival. Something to let people safely blow off some stress safely. What do you think?"

Mei pauses "I wanted to." she offered, taking a crab claw cracker to open the legs, daintily nibbling bits of the crab legs with some grace. Her legs fold as she just sort of sighs, looking a bit flushed and thoughtful herself. "Like a seasonal festival?" she asked, her body shifting to lean on Jason, sharing warmth just ever so gently trying to relax him.

Jason thinks and says, "Sound good. Some cultures have a festival of Spring. A celebration of Life and the coming rebirth." he says and looks over to Arra. "What do you think?" Arrankhar pauses in his eating just long enough to remark, "I would offer to...help...with the mess but I don't think my version of helping would be good for anyone, especially the squeamish." He then shrugs, "A victory celebration is not uncommon when it comes to war."

Jason hmmmms. "I understand." he closes his eyes and looks around. AS he starts eating and drinking he says, "It's almost time." Jason hates the waiting and he hopes this place will not be damaged or destroyed. He's put alot of work into it. "Well Let's see I may know some people who could help plan a festival for the city while people do clean up."

Mei helpfully hugs Jason's shoulder. "I will help you clean up." she offered, warmly. "I've cleaned battlefields before." she offered, her arms retracts and she works on her steak, not really chewing, due to not having teeth.

Arrankhar does have teeth, but he isn't using them more than to just grip the food and tear into the meat. He swallows the food mostly whole and while he eats there comes something that might be disgusting to the civilized folks. Just like his animal cousins, a fairly stringy glob of saliva hangs from his lower jaw. He does nothing about it, however.

Jason finishes his mean and washes it down with a drink and says, "I have to go. I need to get into position for the attack." Jason Stands up as he takes hold of his large over robe and puts it on over his armor. He also grabs a head band and places the blue visor over his eyes but the clear blue band is see through as it appears to have a number of data symbols on it and inside as they sort out. "May the Force be with us."

Mei takes a moment. "Stay still." She holds Jason back for a moment before biting her thumb and doing something somewhat odd. She takes her thumb and presses it firmly to his palm, uttering a few words before letting go. The place the blood had hit probably stings a bit since well, she's mentioned it before, she's poisonous. "Since its what you believe in, May the force be with you." she taps his head "And may the love of gaia herself grace all of us."

Jason accepts the blood and the bond he can feel. He doesn't entirely tell MEi everything but he doesn't want to scare her or make her worried but there is something else that has him concerned, he needs to find two people who are in serious need of help.

Arrankhar does not pay any attention to the conversation between the two until after the meal is finished. Only after he is finished does he finally tend to that irritating bit of saliva, wiping it away with a cloth, towel, or whatever it is that is nearby for cleaning. He didn't even crach open any shells or take meat from steak bones. All of it was swallowed whole.

Jason finally heads out of the door and looks around, "Take care my Friends." and Jason departs the enclave.

Arrankhar rises to depart as well, heading out to retrieve his effects.

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