2009-05-11 (PreU) A present and conversation.

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A present and conversation.

Summary: Jason and Belle, third floor social room.

Who: Bellerophon, Jason_Talben
When: May 11th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave

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The Enclave is getting back into better shape. Thanks to The help from some various people of the City in thanks for his forewarning of attack. The Enclave has been more or less repaired. The Library is getting it's books and items that had been removed for the safety of preservation, put back where they belong, and Jason seems to be working on some of the newly donated Console games. Checking connections and system link lines. On one Large Plasma screen TV, shows what looks like An FPS, Fairly gory too. ((Think Doom 3))

Belle steps out of her room, pale cream skirts rustling around the floor as she moves. Peering into the Social room, she grimaces. "What is that?!" She's never really seen anything like that before, and the visuals gross her out.

Jason looks over to Belle as she comes in and he finishes checking the two systems links out he nods and says, "Ah, called Video games. There are a number of various entertainment systems which are used to play games. This is one of them." and with that he turns the two systems off as he stands up. "Ah Belle, how have you been doing lately?" he asks with some concern.

Belle laces her fingers together at her waist, still staring at the grotesque image. "Who's want to play something so horrid?" Shaking her head, she tucks some hair behind her ear and looks to Jason. "I'm settling in well. I've been keeping busy by studing what I can, puttering about in the garden. Granted, I haven't ventured outside the Enclave as of yet, but I'm sure I'll get around to it sooner or later." ^_^

Jason nods and says, "Apparently some humans do." He nods and doesn't tell the Student he enjoyed it as well, well not yet at least. "Ah well, city is fairly calm right now. there is a shield in place to protect it so we don't need to worry about Grievous any time soon. Speaking of which....." he says and reaches into his robes and pulls out a box. "I gave Arali the other one to help ease her pain. But I wanted you to have this." and he holds the box out for Bell to take. When she opens it it will show a Lightsaber Crystal, If she is up on her jedi studies she'll recognize it as a Firrkann. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Firkrann

Belle only arches an eyebrow at the game, and nods at the information about the City. "That is good to hear..." She knows how it feels to have her home destroyed, and her heart goes out to those who suffered damage from the Attack. She frowns in confusion as she takes the box, opening it. She looks up at Jason, then back down at the crystal. "Are you sure, Master? I mean, there can not be many of these crystals around." She doesn't want to be a burden, to his home or his collection, and tends to worry about it quite a bit.

Jason nods and smiles, "Yes I am sure. It served me well in my days. Just as the other did my padawan." he says softly. "I am certain you will put it to good use. You will find the Mechanical room will have all the tools you need to put it in your saber, unless you wanted to construct a new one with that as the focus?" he asks. Slowly The jedi master will lean back against a couch.

Belle nods and smiles warmly, tucking the crystal into the pockets hidden within the folds of her skirt. "Yes, thank you. I haven't quite decided if I'll build a new one or not." Yeah, she tentative even in her small decisions such as this. But it ensures that she feels it's the proper path. Kneeling on a cushion, she leans against the lower part of a couch. "And what of you, Jason? I've heard what you did for us, for everyone when Grevious attacked. Are you well?"

Jason nods, "Yes, I have fully recovered. It is starting to feel like home here again." and as he looks around, "I wanted to let you Know that Arali has gone off on an meditative retreat to clear her mind and soul. So you might not see her for a few days. But I am sure she will return." he says. "Well I suppose the time has come." and he moves to sit down on a cushion and relaxes, "You have Questions, The time has come for you to ask, and I will answer as best I can." he says.

Belle takes a deep breath. "Well, as I'm sure you know, history is written by the winners and is always smudged in some way. I'd like to hear from you what happened in the Mandalorian Wars. And maybe give some light into the more... difficult decisions that you made.."

Jason nods as he leans back and seems a bit uncomfortable, but answers. "Then I will start at the beginning. The reason I went to war was to protect others. Many Jedi Knights, Two in particular. Revan and Malak Crusaded across the Republic to gather Jedi knights, to fight the mandalorians. I was personally recruited by Malak himself. Like many Jedi Knights I could not simple sit back and let millions die while the Jedi Order at large did nothing. They trained us to protect, and serve others."

Belle nods, her eyes glued to his story, understanding somewhat the difficulty of knowing that a populace is getting slaughtered, but throughout her training, the Jedi Council word is law..

Jason smiles as he said, "Fifty years prior, Exar Kun had been defeated at Yavin Four. When the mandalorians began attacking systems out side of the republic, it was no surprise the republic chose to stay out of it. When the Mandalorians launched their first attack. The republic petitioned the jedi council for help. They said they would, but sat back to look through the force, past and present. The jedi order felt there was something Else behind their attack, they wanted to discover it, and then figure out how to best defeat it. Revan who was a master strategist, was able to see through the force that by the time the Jedi council acted, most of the republic would be under Mandalorian rule. Even I could see that, it's why I made the difficult choice to follow them to war."

Belle says, "You set up the new council, trained the new jedi's and reestablished our placement in the Universe. Did you not try to get the new council to understand the mistakes of the past one then? Surly, if you believed so strongly that you could not abide by Council order to go out and disobey them, why not instill that into the new Order?"

Jason smiles and says, "I did, I did, but you are ahead of your self. You must remember the great span of time that separates the re founding of the Jedi order after the Dark Wars, to your era. That's what? Nearly four thousand years?" he says. "There were a number of conflicts. The first being the war with the Dark Jedi Exar Kun, Of which I was not apart of. The mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil war, and then the Jedi purge or the dark wars."

Belle says, "I do not understand. If the principals set down at the founding are not followed in the future, even four thousand years, what's the point, aside from peace in the time that those founding were set in?"

Jason smiles. "I would imagine at the core they are the same. You see as old Jedi masters die, new ones come in. They read the past, and in their wisdom interpret it as best they can. They add their own teachings to the pool. And time grows on, Like a flower from a seed grows and changes. So does the jedi order grow and change, until nothing of the seed remains." he explains it.

Belle says, "History mentions you on the Dark side? And did you ever find.." She snaps her fingers as she prompts her brain to recall the name.. "Um, Reavn?"

Jason head shakes. "No, I never found Revan again after I left at the end of the final battle of the Mandalorian wars." He says and thinks carefully of how to answer. "Yes then history was preserved. During my battle in the Mandalorian wars I did indeed drak on the power of the Dark Side. As I did to help restore the Republic, and The Jedi order. But it's extremely difficult to explain how I am able to use it, without being corrupted by it."

Belle nods. "I only really have one more question." Her gaze lowers to the floor, then rises again to meet his eyes. "How were you ever able to survive with the Force wound?" History speaks of him severing himself from the force, and Belle can't even begin to imaging how that felt, or understand how one could do such a thing.

Jason leans back and closes his eyes, "It was not easy. It was hard, and I struggled every day. But I never, ever gave up. I struggled to survive. And during the ten years I lived with out the force. I discovered I had strengths and abilities that the Force had hidden from me." he let's Belle digest that information as he explains. "I think that is why I cut myself off, I refused to give up, surrender when I knew there was another way. So when Malachor V was destroyed, I did the only think I could. Through pure force of Will, I severed my connection to the Force."

Belle nods somberly and stands up, walking over to lay a hand on his shoulder. "Even though all this happened before I was even thought possible, I'm sorry you suffered, Master." Her hand falls back to lace with her other. She does not pity him, as he deserves more then that for what he did for everyone, but she wishes that there had been a way to keep him from his pain. "I need to go think about this. Sort it out and add to notes in my studies." She bows slightly and turns, her skirt flowing slightly behind her as her strides carry her away.

Jason slowly he stands up and rests a hand on Belle's shoulders softly and reassuringly. "I suffered for a reason. what that reason is I do not know. If i had it to do all over again, either staying and heeding the words of the Jedi council and not follow Malak. I would still choose to follow Malak and Revan to war, I don't regret my past, all the choices I made, made me who I am now. Now Rest well my Padawan. We will talk again in the morning of you wish." he says and fuzzes her hair lightly.

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