2009-05-11 (PreU) Just 'dropping' in..

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Just 'dropping' in..

Summary: First: Mei and Cassie... I'm not sure when this happened, because I didn't have a date on it, but it was before the big attack on Twisted by Grevious

Who: Cassie, Mei
When: May 11th, 2009


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[Tidal Citadel] Hallway

Well its, a hallway. The glowing orbs float and dance in the air. the chair is marble and checked, the hall has art and such.


Mei is standing in the hall, bewilderingly petting Lakshmi's squirrel-fox. Lakshmi appears to be sitting on the wall eating ice cream. Mei's reaction is somewhat dull "You shouldn't eat that, it'll hurt your stomach really bad considering you can't digest cow's milk. You can't sleep in my bed tonight, you know.." Mei's hand scratches her head. Her hands comfortably hugging the lil creature.

After falling through a puddle, Cassie lands in the Throne Room. "What the?" Small spirits float around her as she stands. They motion her the best they can towards the hall where Mei and Lami are. She knocks lightly on the wall, peering around a corner. "Hello."

Lami waves, and hops down, to skitter past Mei, kind of wobbling before peeking around the corner up at Cassie with wide eyes. She'd be really stealthy if she'd quit peeping. Mei smiles, setting the squirrel fox down and offers a wave at Cassie, cheerfully

Cassie waves and steps in, lifting her arms to silently ask for a hug from the child. "Sorry, I just kinda.. heh, well dropped in." She grins, hoping she's understood. "Nice place though." Mei could totally fit like 3 of Cassie's houses in maybe her ball room, Cassie is sure.

Lami hugs on close to Cassie, her ears wiggling as she leans up to very gently give an ice cream ridden kiss to Cassie's cheek "I would be very careful, Lakshmi may get very sick very suddenly because she got into ice cream from creation knows where and I'm aware she has an intolerance to it most times." she offered, moving to pet Lakshmi and pat Cassie's shoulders. "You are welcome here. I hope it isn't too weird for you."

Cassie smiles, riseing and wiping off her cheek. "You wouldn't get sick on me would you, sweetheart?" Cassie giggles, and smooths down Lami's hair. "No, no weird at all. Just.. Ya know, very large. Through your enrtrance did give me something of a start. You need signs." she grins.

Mei chuckles "I am quite sure those who wish to visit me know." she offers a quiet sigh, smiling as Lami nods "Not get sick!"

Mei sort of chuckles "I'm not sure how bad it will be because I haven't seen how much she's eatten. I just know it will be fun tonight." she shrugs a bit. Lami however busies herself with nomming against Cassie's hair playfully, sort of watching around. "Ca-ssie!"

Cassie giggles, as her hair arks out to dodge the girls hands, then dart in to tickle her nose, or the side of her arm. Cassie kindly enough squats down to make room for th two and looks up at Mei. "So you doing ok?"

Mei nods a bit "Of course I am, I can't see any reason for me to be doing poorly." she offered, smiling "Would you like some sweetened cold tea?" she asked, cordially. Lakshmi however begins to toddler flail and sneeze from the tickling, biting at the hair with her goofy little fangs "Want wiggle hair too!" she announced, trying to get her hair to go after Cassie back.

Cassie says, "Oh I'm not saying you would be doing unwell, but I just worry about people. Especially people that live alone. And Lami here, is the cutest thing ever, I don't imagine you get a lot of adult conversation? And yes, please, that would be lovley."

Mei shakes her head "I work a lot, leaving Lami with the spirits here to work." Mei admitted guiltily. She settles in to watch Cassie's expression "She is adorable, and alllll mine." she admitted, pausing "I see Mister Skeeve and Mister Talben at least once a week each for tutoring. I feel continuing my education is most important so I can eventually pass my education on to Lami." Mei starts off to get the tea. Lami continues trying to get her hair to wiggle, soon deducing that grabbing her hair and tickling Cassie with it is the best method.

Cassie plays with Lami until Mei returns, giggling as the toddler attacks her with hair. Cassie raises her finger, motioning Lami to wait. The long black mass flows up as Cassie concentrates. It splits, braids, and goes up into a giant heart. Grinning, Cassie shifts it. The hair flows like water and shifts, Lami's face made in hair. Cassie wiggles her eyebrows and the hair flops back down. Once Mei returns, Cassie continues her conversation. "What are you learning?"

Lami squeals, hugging Cassie tight all the while. Mei pauses a bit "Magic from Skeeve. And Jason keeps insisting I learn about his Force or whatever." she offered, cheerfully. She pours Cassie a cup of the iced tea, holding it out before producing Lakshmi's sippy cup, which is readily taken and drinken from. "I don't quite understand why Jason wants me as a pupil, honestly."

Cassie nods her thanks and sips. "Mm, that's good. Maybe Jason just doesn't want to be alone either. He felt like he was used to have others like him around him, and maybe he's trying to recapture that. And if it can help keep you and Lakshmi safe, I say why not." She shrugs idly. "If nothing else, all knowledge is worth having."

Mei smiles cheerfully "It honestly can't hurt at this stage. I'm used to having people around me and haven't quite been normal since everyone pulled away from me so suddenly." she offered, voice gentle and soft as she takes her own tea to drink, sitting down on a large pillow, the entire citadel is riddled with pillows really, for sitting purposes.

Cassie says, "Pulled away from you?" Her brow furrows, as she doesn't know this story. Realizing how that must sound, she waves a hand. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry."

Mei mms a bit "Well.. all of my friends rapidly either betrayed me, stopped caring and checking on me, or simply vanished away within a month before Lakshmi was born. I'm going to consider my former husband in that category too." she whispered, settling to sprawl back, eyes closing a little uncomfortable. "It is alright to ask questions, really. Even if it hurts, you have a right to at least ask." Lami scoots over to curl up on the pillow, reaching back to take out a large stuffed white rabbit that she snuggles for a moment before curling in against Mei. She's looking kind of toddler drop down tired.

Cassie shakes her head. Some of it may have been due to the temperal flux that Twisted is always in, but for the most part Cassie doesn't have to worry about that. "Well, I'll be here for ya. I'm no substitue, I'm sure, but still." She smiles softly and her mind races to find a lighter subject so she can avoid the ones that hurt Mei.

Mei smiles a bit "Its probably my own fault, so its alright. You don't have to make such promises. I just want to appreciate you as you are while it lasts." she admitted quietly. "It isn't your fault that everyone left me, nor would I ever accuse you of such. It also is not your fault that Lakshmi is such a little pain in the butt." she joked, pointing at the sleeping toddler with a lopsided grin. "Don't worry about my feelings so much."

Cassie shrugs. "I can't help it. Trenton says it'll be my downfall one day." She smiles softly and swirls her tea around in her glass. "But I don't mind. Downfall or not, I'd rather die know I tried my best to do right by the people I know, then spend my life stuck in a hovel, to mistrusting to come out and see the sun."

Mei mms a bit "I tend to lock myself away and hide when I'm hurt. Because its easier to be alone sometimes, not because I enjoy being alone or any such nonsense." she offered, cheerfully towards Cassie, smiling warmly.

Cassie smiles sadly,"I'm just happy I have Trenton." She forces her smile to brighten and she stands up, setting her glass down on a table. "Anyway, I should be going. "

Mei shifts to stand up and offer her arms to Cassie "Come by anytime you want, sweety. If I am home I'll chat, if I'm not, Lakshmi should be home, yes?" she offered, sweetly

Cassie nods, and hugs Mei. "Thank you, I will." Breaking from the embrace, she starts off towards the exit. "I'll see you soon, thanks for the tea." Flashing a smile once more, she allows the spirits to show her the way out.

Mei seems to take her time, taking Lakshmi to bed, and probably herself as well.

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