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Summary: Having been MIA for faaaaar too long because of her "duties" *coughcoughs*, Nancy returns! ...or more accurately is rediscovered where she discovers the current state of Twisted Street with a slight bit of denial. Maybe this means more council logs in the near future?

Who: Mei, Nancy
When: May 25th, 2009
Where: West Beach - Pier


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It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. - Douglas Adams

West Beach - Pier(#3014R) You stand upon an old pier looking out onto water that seems to go on forever. Turning around you can see the long wooden pier leading back to the beach where it begins. The view here is very peaceful and the sound of the water only adds to the effect. You almost feel like you could step off the pier and into another world...

Mei is walking, very quietly, hand in hand with a small girl. She seems to be talking "If you ever come this far from home again I .. I will have to punish you. You had me worried ill for you." she scolded quietly, pausing to lift the itty bitty girl up into her arms, nuzzling the soft black hair before sitting down. The child's small voice perks up "But Mama... wanted fluffy candy." Mei sighs a bit "Cotton candy? But you can get that at the Usual, and I would of been more than happy to take you to get it." she murmured, sitting on the pier, to watch the water below. "You need to be careful. You're so cute and innocent, Twisted is full of scary people who would eat you or worse." she murmured, holding her hand out to focus on some of the water, lifting a ball up to show Lakshmi a little fish that was near the pier in the water, it seems.

Faintly a dense fog begins to roll in. This... can't be natural. In only a few seconds everything, even the fish, vanishes within it. Not many would realise there isn't anything scary about this fog, there's no air raid sirens going off in the background or anything, but there is an odd charge in the air while the fog is at it's thickest. As quickly as it comes, it begins to fade away leaving nothing out of the ordinary in it's wake. Nothing but a woman standing on the edge of the pier looking sad that is. Even when the air isn't blowing, the dress she wears blows in the wind. It's almost as if someone spliced her into a movie where she didn't belong. Come to think of it, the light seems to have gotten a little softer here almost like a dream... maybe this is a dream?

Mei startles, visibly. Lakshmi however takes a moment to bite Mei pretty good on the arm. This of course causes Mei to yelp, loudly. "Damn it. Oh shit..." she spots Nancy and well.. she could ignore the fog and the fish vanishing.. but Nancy.. Well she remembers Nancy.. "This isn't good, please stop draining my blood, you know you're too big for that." Mei whispered.. Lakshmi looks up at Mei and sorta makes a snotty little kid face in the process. Nom nom nom ; snackies! "Because she's a council member. Finding council members? thats not good." Mei whispered, softly towards the child.

Nancy doesn't seem to notice much of the bickering or biting going on behind her. She doesn't seem to notice much of anything as she sits down on the edge of the pier and stares blankly. Oddly enough, the water doesn't touch her feet. Instead it seems to part around them as if it was afraid to touch them. Looking down and sighing, the girl kicks the water making it retreat further. It would almost be comical if the girl didn't look so patheticly sad. Suddenly a loud chime goes off. Nancy pulls a small pad out of her pocket, stares at it a moment, and tosses it into the water.

  • splish*

Mei ers a bit and moves over, slowly, whispering with Lakshmi still.. "No no.. someone from before you were born." she squats down, setting Lakshmi on her back. "Er Miss Nancy, are you alright?" she asked, very gently. Her arms behind her, as if she's preparing to dash off if Nancy does anything scary or you know... attacks..

Nancy's eyes go wide as someone says her name. She briefly seems to panic, but manages to compose herself before looking up hesitantly. Realing it's not somone from the Council or TASK, she relaxes. "Hi! ...I'm... I'm fine I guess. I just needed someplace to go and not be important for a few minutes." She raises an eyebrow slightly as she strains to remember if she knows this person. She knows her name after all. "Umm... have we met before? My memory isn't as good as it used to be..."

Mei ers a bit, and nods "We met at Spencer mansion. You were with Miss Guarlesia and Concordance..." she commented quietly. "Er What is troubling you?" she asked, the tot peeking to reach and try to poke Nancy in the cheek, the gesture alone causing Mei's hand to jerk and grab the fingers before they connect. "Tsk. Keep your fingers to yourself." she scolded, noticably still a little tense. She sits down, the tot climbing around to her lap to stare at Nancy with her freakish little purple eyes. Mei's toes don't touch the water because she's short!

Nancy smiles as the child tries to get her attention. After scooting over slightly to give Mei more room she frowns. "Oh." Her mood shifts as she starts to feel bad for forgetting. "What's... troubling me?" The girl stares out over the water again. "I'm not sure... I think I'm just a little overwhelmed. I used to dream of getting out and being around 'real' people, and now..." She sighs again. "I wish I could run away..."

Mei ers a bit "I wouldn't consider the council normal people." she offered, very quietly. She pauses and eyes Lakshmi. Lakshmi after a moment, takes out a wrapped chocolate to offer to Nancy. "Er I'm Mei, and don't worry about forgetting me. Alright? I'm unimportant. This is Lakshmi." she pats the child, ears twitching "Its so quiet here, and smells so much fresher than the streets.." she offered, quietly. Well at least she isn't being reffered to as 'Caliga's woman' anymore.. thats kind of nice.

Nancy forces a smile again, "Hi, Lakshmi!" Her gaze goes back out over the water as Mei comments on the area, this forces her to smirk. "If only you knew how much trouble I would be in if they realised I put this here..." It takes her a moment before she elaborates, "I had to bring a piece of home with me. Even if 'home' was kind of a prison." Her smile widens a little as she stops talking.

Mei mms a bit "Well.. " she pauses "I don't think they're quite smart enough to quit fussing all over themselves to come investigate whats here." she offered, voice soft. "Are you going to trick me and hurt me or are you actually nice?" she asked, voice soft and curious. Lakshmi reaches over to touch Nancy and watch her. The tot then goes about sticking her tongue out. "Hi. Has chocolate!" she stuffs the treat into Nancy's hand. Mei pauses. "We met before this little monster was born." Mei's hand amusedly pats the tot. "So I was considerably more rotund."

Nancy laughs, "I think your safe..." Her newly found smile faulters a bit as suddenly sticky candy is given to her but she forces it back, "Um... thank you...?" She nods her head as Mei continues and shrugs as she thinks over the comment about people coming to investigate. "Yeah, that probably won't happen. That's what they let ME out for." Her voice changes as she starts to mock the Council, "Oh, yes. We're terrified of you but we're going to let you out after a few centuries to go around to every world you can find and write stupid reports about them! Don't worry, you can take your time, but if you don't get it done by the time we randomly decide later we're going to scream at you and threaten to lock you back up." The smile is gone as she sighs again. At least she has this weird stickiness in her hand to keep her from staring at the water anymore. o_O;

Mei's child was nice enough to give her wrapped chocolate! Its not totally sticky. Mei pauses a bit "Er.. I'm sorry that they're cruel to you. Not that I can change it because the only thing I'm really known for is well my big stupid mistake." .. Lakshmi lip wibbles.. causing Mei to nervously pat the child on both cheeks "Not you you. not you. I promise. I love you very much." Mei lifts the child to heft up and kiss. "Stop trying to make me feel guilty, you're still in biiiiiig trouble my cute, loveable little girl." Mei shifts the child, zerberting her belly lazily to cause a squeal of giggles.

Nancy laughs at the interactions between the mother and daughter. Hard not to. Wrapped or not, the candy is sticky. It was in the hands of a child, after all. It takes several minutes before she realises what it is, and peels it open. Popping it in her mouth she ponders before playing with the wrapper. "If it makes you feel any better, I've got no idea what 'mistake' your talking about!" She giggles slightly as she holds out her hand. Fog begins to form around it into a ball. The world around them seems to shift and the sky's colors invert. Then... it's all gone and the world is back to normal, save for a container of candies exactly like the one Lakshmi gave her in Nancy's hand. The girl winces dramaticly and sighs again. "Y'know, I probably shouldn't have done that." Too late now. She reaches in and grabs another one guesturing for her new friends to take one too. "Help yourselves."

Mei laughs a bit "Oh Marrying Caliga was my big mistake." She takes a candy and takes exactly one for Lakshmi, unwrapping it before letting the toddler have it. "We are no longer together." she makes a sour face. " Next time somebody hits him in the face with time he can deal with it himself." she murmured, quietly, her voice soft as she blinks.. "Oer...What do ya know.." She sorta shifts Lakshmi in her lap, hugging the randomly passed out tot as if its' normal behavior. "mm nah, Lakshmi does stuff like that all the time, they don't really pay attention to small stuff like a package of candy." she offered, aloud. "If you'd like, you could visit us for supper, I still enjoy cooking and you can meet people who you know, have a sense of concious and actually care about this fucked up place we call home."

Mei holds out her hands, concentrating and gently tugging it up from the bottom of the water, shaking it out. "You could take it to Tyler and see if he could fix it, or lie and say you dropped it accidentally. Council members still have accidents, right?" she asked, voice gentle. "Or you could say Lakshmi did it?" she rubs her head a bit. "Or I could try to get all the water out of it for you." Mei eyes it, thoughtfully "I've got some agility with that sort of thing." She offers it back regardless.

Nancy's face lights up as the device is offered back to her. "Thank you!!" She clutches the wet thing tightly and then frowns. "I'm probably better off just being honest about it. If I say anything else I'll have to admit to ignoring it and not doing what I was supposed to." Her head tilts to the side and she smirks, "Who knows. Maybe if I bide my time sooner or later someone will come along and throw the rest of the Council into the kinda prison they had me in. A few centuries alone would suit them fine, I'm sure." She grins mischiviously. "It could be like a vacation for them!" She laughs again. "Anyways, my luck Concordance has a recording of everything I said and is just waiting for me to return back so she can start yelling at me."

Mei leans over, suddenly gently hugging Nancy. "Well just so you know.. You are welcome to visit me. I would.. prefer not to have more council members in my home ... and most certainly NO Task members. They're all disgusting bastards." she mumbled, face scrunching in distaste. "I feel sad about this world.. Twisted. Task and the council only care about other worlds.. but.. damn it Twisted is my world now and where I intend to stay settled. I have a beautiful child born here, and there are people who struggle to live on Twisted, yet when we get attacked and people die.. we get responses like 'Well you handled it fine yourselves!' and its wholly depressing."

Nancy blinks. "Is... is it really that bad on the street?" She spends most of her time on other worlds and rarely sees the goings on here on Twisted. "No one's told me about people being attacked! They made it sound to me like they where trying to protect people! Even Concordance started talking again and being active because she said she was concerned for everyone's well being." The girl is clearly confused. Have they been lying to her, or just leaving out details?

Mei mms a bit "Well.. no one died in the last attack because Tyler is a genius. But it was really nasty! No one helps the people of twisted. We could all die tommorow and no one would care. Concordance would probably just wait until more people arrived and pretend to be an angel of light again." Mei's feelings towards concordance are pretty evident. "Task.. doesn't do a fucking thing for the people. They all just show up, wave how powerful they are WHEN CONVINIENT and leave us fucked most of the time." she sighs "Come meet the people of twisted. They are for the most part wonderful people." she offered, voice gentle.

Nancy wobbles slightly. It's already been put on the table for her. If she doesn't do what they say, she's going to be imprisoned again without another chance of release. But she can't just sit back and be quiet of people need help. "Let me... let me go and face the music over this padd, and then... yes. Maybe it is time I spent more time listening to the people here." Her eyes show the faint begining of watering as she weighs what going against the Council's orders would mean to her. "Maybe I can ask Gegoshi or Guarlesia to help me get out of having to check in for awhile?" Her eyes seem more determined than they have in years. She HAS to do something...

Mei's arms go out and hug gently on Nancy. "Listen, ask them if you can study us for a while." she grins "They want detailed reports on all worlds, right? Well Twisted is always changing and we're definantly a world!" she insisted, trying to give Nancy some ideas to help her. "I don't want you to go away so don't get in too much trouble." she leans up, and in an odd gesture, but one typical of Mei, kisses Nancy on the forehead. "Although by talking to the people of Twisted, you could learn about the worlds they come from too." she offered, ears flicking at Nancy a bit. "Ask if you can use interviews to help in your reports maybe?"

Nancy nods as she ponders Mei's words. Her brief look of confusion from the forehead kiss is soon extinguished as she focuses on what she's going to have to do. "Those... are good suggestions. Maybe I should have been doing that to begin with...?" She bites her lip thoughtfully, "I'm glad I ran into you today..."

Mei ers a bit "Well I'm not at all hard to find, and I like piers and the seaside, so when I can, I'm often near water." Mei's smile is warm and genuine. "I'm sorry if I've gotten you worried. I just genuinely feel that twisted is my home and.. I can't just give up, pack up and go back to where I came from. Lakshmi was born here. This is her home." she offered, leaning a little on Nancy.

Nancy shakes her head, "No... I'm not worried. Maybe kicking myself a little for being so self absorbed, but not worried." She's lying of course, but only a little. Concordance's wrath is scary. "This is as close to a home as I have anymore. There has to be a reason cries for help would go unanswered, but that doesn't mean it can just continue like this..."

Mei's eyes close "If you ever need a break and can come out, you're welcome to borrow my guest room and rest there. Although my home is often loud and full of whatever Lakshmi has tried to sneak in." she rubs her head. "hopefully people will let lakshmi live safely without trying to force her into things."

Nancy snaps out of her concentration and laughs, "Thank you, Mei.. but I don't sleep." She grins. "Everyone should be able to decide for themselves what they want to become. If it is within my power, I will see to it that it stays that way." She smiles, "I promise."

Mei shakes her head "No promises. Had enough of them broken." She smiles, taking a moment to take both of Nancy's hands, giggling warmly "Just be my friend and visit. I can have people from whatever world you want to know about show up for dinner and chat with you. I know a good majority of people on Twisted because I really don't sleep much since I work all the time and I guess I am pretty popular since I'm a medic and all." she laughed, her expression cheerful..

Nancy can't help but smile at Mei's infectious mood. "I will bare that in mind Miss Mei, but I've probably troubled you more than my fair share today. Let me find out what trouble I'm in for damaging Gegoshi's device, and we'll see what happens from there..."

Mei giggles a bit "You haven't troubled me. Lakshmi troubled me by taking a dash outside to look for cotton candy when I fell asleep at my desk." She kicks her legs back and forth. Mei's mood is almost always like this too! "If anyone ever hurts you, come to me. I can heal it." she offered, her hands touching Nancy's nearest one to hold and just keep near. Mei is touchy. ._. very touchy.

Nancy doesn't resist, but then she likes having people close by. It's a shame no one has questioned the cemetary in Nancy's presence. Smiling she nods, "I will remember that." Has she ever been injured before? "I hope that I never have to take you up on that offer."

Mei mms a bit "Me too." she settles in. "I'm sorry that you're Concordance's slave. You seem so sweet, not entirely horrible like the TASK members' I've met." she offered. She yawns widely, rubbing her cheek in against Nancy's shoulder, watching the ocean. "I used to watch the sea.. when I was young."

Nancy blinks at her new friend, but shrugs it off quickly. "I stared at this sea for many years... I used to imagine that somewhere on the otherside of the water was the answers to all my problems. Like there was another world over there that I just couldn't see." She sighs, "I should get going..."

Mei's voice gets a little soft "Someday.. someone is going to kill me or I'll simply die. Try not to be sad." she stands up, standing atop the water, or possibly levitating herself just a bit before stepping properly on the pier "There probably was. It was probably here." she offered, cheerfully. She starts toward Twisted street itself, carrying her child and moving slowly.

Nancy blinks at the randomness of Mei's statement and nearly falls into the odd water below as she stands and changes subjects. Catching herself before she makes a fool of herself she stands and blinks again as the two walk away. She doesn't quite know how to respond to the statements but ponders the validity of them. So, the girl waves as a dense fog rolls in to take her away once more. Soon nothing remains on the pier but the bucket of candies which will likely become a snack to the seagulls should they ever find their way back here...

Mei will most likely return to grab those snacks when she remembers them and has Lakshmi tucked in properly.

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