2009-05-28 (PreU) Drunk Antics

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Drunk Antics

Summary: Log contains : Drunken Antics, Skeeve, Profanity, and an anti milk agenda

Who: Alessandra, Mei, Oblivion, Skeeve, Prinnies
When: May 28th, 2009
Where: The UR


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Sarah is lounging at the bar, sipping on a drink. Contrary to type she is not reading a book of any type - rather, she's watching on in vague amusement as the silverware is having pitched battle on the bar's counter with the salt and pepper shakers.

Mei slips in, quietly, carrying a few things with her and agitatedly digging through her clothing, her eyes squinting.. She soon flops right in Sarah's lap, purring faintly "Hey you." she whispered, keeping an eye on the silverware.. "I believe that is what the humans call.. fucked up." she murmured, snuggling in a little bit more.

Sarah shrugs a little at that, patting Mei lightly on the back. "Morning. And yes, I'm sure it is. But it's entertaining, isn't it?"

Mei mms a bit "What are you up to today?" she asked, taking a moment to lazily yawn and nuzzle right in against the bigger woman's chest.

Sarah is a little armoured for that to be *too* entertaining. "You know, I'm just not sure?"

Mei hms a bit " Wanna go play dress up or actually do a lesson?" she asked, quietly taking booooth hands to rub sarah's cheek "I kinda gotta know who wins this though.." she murmured, watching the silverware.

Well, the silverware has the numbers advantage to be sure, and it's not too much longer befre they've mopped up what's left of the shakers. "We could do a lesson now, if you'd like."

Mei mms a little "Here or at your place?" she asked, quietly, her fingers curling in to lightly ruffle any hair sticking out of the back of the hat affectionantly..

Sarah smiles faintly. "Here's as good a place as any, my dear. So, what was the last thing we'd worked on?"

Mei noticably blanks on her face. "I .. don't know I think.. we were playing with ice and I was getting frustrated because I'm kind of sucky with cold because its uncomfortable for me." She does however hold out her hand, forming a snowcone, which she hands to Skeeve, cheerfully.

Sarah grins a little at that. "Hey, that's pretty good, considering the trouble you were having with that last time." She takes the snow cone. Somewhere on the muck, Tyler has disconnected.

Mei holds up her hand, forming a small bottle of syrup, which she uses to flavor the snowcone. "I have to keep up with my daughter you know, and figuring out how she was getting ice creams, sherberts, and snowcones was a top priority." Mei focuses for a very long moment, an ice cream bar dipped in chocolate appearing.

Sarah can't help but laugh a little at tht, takes a bite. "Gotta know your priorities, that's what I always say. This is pretty good, actually."

Mei snickers a bit, taking a nibble of the snowcone. "Take the ice cream, I can't eat it. Cow's milk does a number on my system." she offered, she chuckles a bit. "Lakshmi... requires constant attention.. so I'm never really paying full attention to anything or anyone." she admitted, quietly. "Lakshmi is teaching me and its hard to keep up. SHe's going to be a lot better mage than I ever will be." Mei offered, a tiny hint of annoyance in her tone, however, a lot of pride comes through as well.

Sarah starts nibbling on the ice cream and snowcone alternately. "Thanks. And I can understand how children are like that. They're worth it, though."

Mei laughs a little bit "Well.. right now I'm kind of working on control with her.. since well.. thats what she needs. I'm not sure what I need though, besides a swift kick in the ass."

Sarah can't help but smile a little bit at that, wistfully. "It can be difficult dealing with children more powerful than you are."

Mei nods a bit. "I may have to call in a lot of favors when she hits puberty." she offered, laughing softly as her head lays on Sarah's chest again, nibbling the snowcone. "I'm getting better at using magic to mend wounds, but the old way is still the best."

Sarah smiles faintly at that. She's sittinga t the bar, a lot of silverware and salt & pepper shakers strewn haphazardly across the surface of said bar, and Mei is sitting in her lap. "If you ever figure out something that works, let me know, eh?"

Mei pauses a bit "We really have a very sloppy student to teacher relationship, my sweet." she commented, thoughtfully. She reaches to Sarah's shoulders, closing her eyes and focusing "To be honest.. I can't feel a difference between Chi, Magic, and Jason's 'Force'.. so its all confusedly jumbled to the point where I'm not sure which I'm using at any given time." she mumbled,

Sarah shrugs just a little lightly at that. "Which is understandable at your level of proficiency, I think. I don't think I'd be able to feel a difference between chi and the force myself."

Mei's ears twitch "Well.. I think my problem is.. fundamental no. Because on my world.. Chi and Magic are pretty much the same. Chi is internal, magic is any external manifestation of it." she waves her hands, sighing a bit. " I'm sorry I'm getting neurotic again." she mumbled, rubbing her temples. She sways her hands, taking her time to neatly braid a bit of her hair without touching it. "Is it possible I'm doing everything wrong and no one's noticing?"

Sarah just smiles a little, shakes her head. "Well, while technically I can't say no because if you were, we wouldn't know; but I don't think you are. So why worry about it?" Getting a little more serious, she continues, "Confidence is important with magic. If you think you're going to fail, you probably will. So it's important to not."

A jingle marks the enterance of a new customer. It's Alessandra! She walks in, a dreamy expression on her face, and she moves to the bar, seating herself and placing her elbows on the bartop, smiling at the wall. She doesn't recognize Sarah, so she pays her no mind, seeming to be in her own little dream world.

Mei mms a bit. "Well I feel pretty confident most of the time. I'm just having a very weird day." she murmured.. "And I want to get some new clothes.. or may be just wear something older. I wish a lot of my clothes hadn't burned up or turned to nothingness again." she mumbled.

Sarah pats Mei on the back a little, offers Alessandra a little wave without really thinking about it. "Well, possessions are just that. You can always get more of them. Hi, Sandra."

"Burning clothes.... aaahhh, that takes me back...." comes an amused voice. Looking over to the side, Oblivion is there, hanging from a roofbeam by his legs, smiling to himself as always in that infuriating smirky manner

Alessandra's eyes widen, and she turns, staring at Sarah as though the other woman is some kind of monster alien. It's now that her potty mouth shows itself. "...Who the fuck are you, and how the fuck do you know my name?" She looks rather tense, like she's ready for a fight or something.

Mei mms a bit "Wanna take a bag of money and pick me up some clothes?" she eyes Oblivion. "Oh what a wonderful day. You smell like lime popsicles." she commented towardshim. "Woah watch your mouth, This is the snazziest dressed mage in all of Twisted. The finest floozy in this existence." she commented, sorta blinking "You know.. you're dumber than the shop keeper who kicks me out every so often but seems to have amnesia for the event. She eyes Sarah and takes that purple pimp hat firmly in one hand, her other extending so a bucket of hot water appears and dumps over the soon to be his head. "Seriously.

Sarah , at Alessandra's rather fervent invectives, actually chuckles a little. "Oh, right, I forgot. It's a convoluted story with a simple end; I'm actually-" She cuts off as Oblivion appears out of nowhere, turning to fix him with a steely glare. "I thought you'd gotten bored of this place by now. Wh-" As the bucket of hot water rushes over her head, Skeeve splorfles a little, spitting out a mouthful of water and a fish, turning to look at Mei with a flat expression. "I'm just curious. Do you get experience points for killing that dramatic moment or something?"

Oblivion pulls out a speaker with an Ipod, and which plays the final fantasy battle-victory music! Ghostly letters appear above Mei saying she earned 500 experience, 5 gp, and 2 spell points towards her espers. "Bored? Of a place THIS chaotic? NEVER!" >})

Mei touches the bridge of her nose "What in blur blazes are expirience points?" Mei eyes the bartender. "I want a .. you know what, give me a drink full of mystery. I don't care." she eyes Oblivion and smiles. She opens her blouse, carefully and exposes her lace covered breasts.. Yep she's trying to wear a bra. Nothing is really showing on her though.. "I feel so perky! Look it fits me just right. Its so pretty and lacy and cute!" Mei's just full of perkiness and happiness and excitement!

Alessandra stares, watching Sarah turn into Skeeve. She looks completely freaked out by this revelation, gripping at the bar. She looks absolutely terrified right now!

Skeeve just sighs heavily, holding his face in one hand. "Oh boy but this got complicated quick." Letting Mei fire her opening volley at Oblivion, he takes the opportunity to address the frightened Alessandra. "I have a curse. I can explain later, but it's not dangerous at all."

Oblivion smirks at Mei evily "I'm sure youll find yourself a girlfriend right-quick, too, with a chest that nice. Unless you want your Ex back, that is". A prinny nearby holds up a sign saying 'below the belt. 5 yard penalty!'. It then disappears as its grabbed from behind by Kibi, and pulled into a portal of some kind.

Mei pauses "Why would I want Caliga back? He's gross and needs tiny combs." Mei then proceeds to get sloshed.

Alessandra is just...staring at Skeeve. "...You turn into a girl." She wrinkles her nose a bit. "Curse?" She frowns, a bit in shock from watching Sarah turn into Skeeve.

Skeeve nods a little at that, replacing his hat and trying, in vain, to wring out his shirt a little at that. He glances sideways at Oblivion, then shrugs. "A curse. Cold water turns me into a female version of myself, hot water turns me back. But I'm still the same person."

Oblivion says, "I still think its 'hot water turns me into a male version of myself' in reality, and your just in denial.... even if Egypt doesnt exist here"

Alessandra tilts her head to one side, and shakes her head. "You scared the crap out of me...I thought you were some crazy psycho stalker who was mad at me for flirting with Rystan, or something." She rubs the back of her neck, ordering a soda.

Skeeve taps his chin thoughtfully at Oblivion's comment. "Well, probably in some alternate universes... but that's neither here nor there, I suppose. And no, I'm not some crazy psycho stalker. I'm sorry to have frightened you."

Oblivion makes a blatent 'attempt' to 'whisper' to Alessandra "Dont listen! Shes actually a psycho crazy stalker instead!" >XP

Alessandra sighs a bit. "I was just in the best day-dreamy state ever, too." She giggles a bit. "So, Skeeve, do you have any advice on whether or not I should run away from a guy named Rystan? I probably wouldn't listen if you told me not to get involved, but it's nice to have advice." She blinks at Oblivion, and narrows her eyes. "Who the hell are you, and why are you trying to whisper to me like you know me? I don't know you, stop whispering at me."

Skeeve shakes his head a little at that. "I'm afraid I can't give you advice on this 'Rystan' fellow, but this... is Oblivion. Oblivion is.. well, actually difficult and a little dangerous to classify. Think 'force of nature'."

Oblivion waves at Alessandra, smiling "Aaww, Skeeve here gives me too much credit. Im just your local glowy-eyed troublemaker! Nothing more!"

Alessandra tilts her head to one side, glowering at Oblivion. "You're kind-of annoying. Do you have many friends, acting the way you do?" Well, she certainly says it how it is. She then smiles to Skeeve. "Well, I'll take that as good news, that you aren't screaming and

Skeeve just snorts a little at that. "You'd take it as good news no matter what I said, wouldn't you. And I'm sure he is." He leans back against the bar, staring up evenly at Oblivion. "I imagine Oblivion doesn't believe in friends; he's a mazoku. They feed on negative emotions."

Alessandra smiles at Skeeve. "Probably would take it as good news, I'm sure." She giggles softly. As Oblivion speaks of Rystan, she tilts her head in his general direction, eyebrows raised. She knows of Mazoku, having watched Slayers a few times, but she doesn't say she knows what Mazoku are. She just mentally files Oblivion down as someone who she doesn't want to mess with.

Skeeve just starts laughing at that, genuinely amused. "I hope I'm not the only one who sees the irony in *you* calling someone an annoying asshole." Oblivion smirks "Oh, no. On the contrary. I simply am referring to someone even MOREso than myself, is all" >}P

Mei returns from the bath room. She pauses "Isn't Rystan the thief I sent off to his death...?" she asked, sorta looking around "Also.. what the hell did I do with my pants?" she sorta looks down at her now short skirt. "Oh Oblivion you're so wonderful, aiding me secretly into finding happiness. And not the bogus bullshit you find in greeting cards!" Mei staggers on over to wrap Booooth arms around Blivvy if she can. yeah Sloshed Mei is lulzy.

Alessandra blinks, peering over at Mei. Thief? Eh, thieves are fine. "Rystan's pretty nice, actually..." She smiles a bit, sipping at her soda with a happy expression on her face.

Oblivion laughs, although his eyes have that evil gleam to them again.... wait, they ALWAYS have an evil gleam! Never mind. He reaches through the astral plane to pull a bottle of hard liquer from behind the bar, and pours some into Meis glass "Oh, im just doin my part, little Mei". This is too amusing to not continue to promote.

Mei eyes Skeeve, dashing over to agiley hop in his lap "Skeeve! I want something pink and cute!" Mei's clothing changes again! Into a purple bikini, fishnets, and heals "Woo!" she pauses.. eyes getting huge. "We should go find Talben. Today is a marvelous day. The world is so full of love and justice and happiness.. and I just feel so bright and chee hic.. cheerful!"

Alessandra watches Mei, her head tilted to the side. "...Wow." This is about all she can say in reguards to that. That's why she doesn't get drunk. She hates not being in control of herself.

Skeeve just laughs cheerfully, "Ah, can we get some coffee over here, please?"

A prinny in a bungie harness drops from ther rafters, delivers a tray with the pot of coffee, then rebounds back up, disappearing wence it came!

Oblivion simply smirks evily, refilling Meis glass of liquer whenever it gets low. If Meis speech is bothering him, theres no outward sign of it.

Skeeve pours the pot of coffee into a big glass, and murmurs a quick illusion spell, giving the coffee the apperance of something pink and frilly. "Here you go, Mei, just for you."

Mei takes the coffee and makes a face "I can't have strawberry bubble tea with pineapple jelly beads?" she asked, nose wiggling as she takes cheerful sips of the coffee, making a face and gathering sugar and non-dairy creamer to fix it properly so it isn't groce.

Oblivion offers a shot of burbon with an illusion to look like a pack of cream, whistling innocently.

Mei's face darkens, the creamer taken firmly in both hands.. "MAN FUCK YOU OBLIVION. I know you don't like me but THIS? HOW COULD YOU?" she suddenly sobs and burries her face in Skeeve's chest. "He's trying to killlll me." she sobs more. Sob sob sob!

Alessandra blinks quietly, watching all of the goings-on with a rather baffled look on her face. She really doesn't understand what's going on right now... Skeeve looks a little bewildered himself, and pats Mei. "Uh... it'll be alright. Just don't drink it."

Oblivion LAUGHS! Oh, he seems HIGHLY amused by that. He gives Mei a smile, which of course doesnt reach his red-glowing intently evil gaze, and comments "Little Mei, if i had wanted to kill you, i would have done so during one of the ample opportunities prior to now. Even garunteed no one would have ever found you. However, you still live. Meaning logicly...." he vanishes, appearing in front of her, face to face "... i don't want you dead". He then disappears again, and doesnt reappear

Mei sniffles and cries on Skeeve.. "I can't have miiiiiiiiiiilk." she whined out. burrowing her face in Skeeve's chest more, stopping to down her coffee and annoyedly throw the cup at Oblivion. "If you didn't want me dead you wouldn't of tried to give me milk!" she whined. She fist shakes "I HOPE YOU SHIT MAGMA YOU BASTARD."

Skeeve idly pats Mei, still a little confused by her extreme reaction. "You need to calm down a little, Mei. No more alcohol for you."

Mei snffs. "I'm lactose intolerant. I can't eat cow's milk." she mumbled.. "I need to lay down." she whispered, dizzily.

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