2009-05-28 (PreU) Mei and Belle meet a Brawler.

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Mei and Belle meet a Brawler.


Who: Bellerophon, Mei, Stratta, Skutters
When: May 28th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave


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Enclave Garden

Nestled just outside of the enclave is a complex, neatly organized garden. The plants are kept neatly but somewhat unweeded. A wooden deck with a bit of an over hang has a wooden plaque listing the plants and what they do. Everything from medicinal herbs to cilantro to simple roses. Despite the weeds peaking in the garden is well kept.

Small fae float in and out because well, its what the fae do. A shed houses supplies off to a side. The smell of the garden is somewhat intoxicating and welcomes you to stay. A large plant with enourmous leaves is set up to make a garden seating area for human-sized visitors, a large fragrant bloom functioning as the table.

Off to a side are beautiful springs with somewhat green tinted water. Hot and perfect for healing aching muscles. The water should one need it, does infact soothe weariness and wash away aches. In the dusk hour, small lanterns light by a magical force and keep the pools well enough lit to have a pleasant atmosphere and invite conversation.

Mei is in the grass again, barefoot like normal, holding her fencing saber to try, try again. Her motions are still off but, she's managed to get it to look smooth and less 'OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY HAND HALP HALP' then when she started. Her fingers that trail behind her seem to glow just faintly. She seems to go through all of the basic stances, before restarting and trying again.

Belle pads out to do some gardening to pass the time before trying to go out into Twisted, and smiling at Mei. Her slide into the pockets of her apron, and she steps out. "Well, good morning Mei."

Mei's ear perks "Hello Miss Belle." she sort of stumbles as her concentration is broke. Her weight bounces over, putting the light weight saber in a small rack she'd neatly hidden on the porch-like area. "I didn't bother you did I?" she asked, ears twittering as she stands still. "Do you need any other plants that I overlooked or perhaps didn't know existed?"

Belle says, "Oh no, I've been up for a few hours now, you didn't bother me at all. I was thinking of maybe going to find the local market, and pick up some vegtable seeds. It'll give me a chance to see what Twisted is like, outside the Enclave. Would you like to join me?" Not only is she being nice, Belle just really doesn't feel the urge to thrust herself into this new world without SOMEONE who knows it better then she.

Mei mms a bit "I guess that would be okay, but I warn you, we have no way of knowing who or what is out in the streets today." she offered, taking a moment to wipe her brow with a towel and put on some fresh deorderant, and grab her bright red scarf like garment, that she promtply puts over her head and wraps so it trails behind her.

Belle smiles gratfully. "Ah, thank you." Belle darts inside to slip on her shin high leather boots, tuck a few coins in her hidden pockets, and make sure her hair is still braided tightly. After a moment she reappers. "So, which way?"

Mei offers her hand as she starts through the enclave "It doesn't really seem to matter, but, advice for you, Belle, Never stray too far from the path, lest you never return." she doesn't braid her hair, instead, she's wearing it straight down. Again, Mei is the worst Jedi in training ever.

Belle nods as they walk through the Enclave. "Yes, I don't think I'm quite in the exploring mood."^_^;; Last thing she wants is to get thrown off Twisted and into some other world that is even more confusing.

Mei chuckles "Don't be tense, this place is wonderful." Mei offered optimistically. "Oh and please don't look too shocked if people with obvious problems rush me. I'm the least expensive medical option around." she offered, warmly, starting out through the residential areas and on to the street, hands lazily at her side "Its so sunny for once! I'm so happy!" she almost yelled out in a cheerful tone. Definantly over excited about the sunshine.

Belle looks around as they move through the outskits of the City, smiling in greeting towards some of the inhabitants as they pass. She frowns a bit at the chaos, reinforcing Mei's comment about not straying. "It'd be very pretty if it was taken care of better." She still doesn't fully understand what Twisted is. The idea and the reality are to diffrent things to her.

Mei chuckles a little bit "It is very hard to care for something that is always changing." Mei pauses, taking something out of her hip pack and pauses to yell at some kids. "OOOOOOOOOOOI!" .. her yell causes a scatter effect for a moment before a couple rush over and are greeted with hugs. "Here you are. Make sure to give your pa his medicine." she commented to two small creepy semi-human children, giving a light pat to the kid's heads as she starts back off, towards the Shopping district. "Its safe to wander the streets, mostly, there are a lot of ruins however." she commented, quietly. "And a lot of monsters who are very odd. The Usual over there for instance is full of prinnies, which are these fat little weird flightless birds." she points out the UR.

Belle archs an eyebrow at the UR, not sure if she wants to know, but her curiosity is peaked none the less. She smiles softly at the children, not thrown off by their looks. "Really?"

Mei mms, giving a cheerful nod. "The entire city is ruins from somewhere else. I'm not entirely sure. I just kind of accept it without much fuss." she offered. She seems to be very relaxed despite warning that the place is a chaotic little hell hole in a round about way. "Mm the UR has good food, we'll stop there later, my treat." she offered, warmly. She drags Belle along, chuckling.

Belle giggles a little as Mei drags her along, but she stops, her face lightin up as she sees the Shopping Distrect. Venders in stands selling something other then food seem to catch her eye, as that's more of the setting she was used to back home. Sure they still had your standard shops, but it wasn't uncomment to see people set around the street selling their wares.

Mei's ears twitch as she steps up to an herb stand, carefully looking over the goods. "Just remember if you see something you like, get it, it most likely won't be here tommorow." she points at a few medicinal herbs, getting them wrapped in bunches and promptly stuffing them in a messenger style bag. "What kind of shop would you like to go to?" she asked, cheerfully.

Belle nods and steps up to a vegtable stand, chattering quietly with the owner. She shakes her head, smiles at him, and starts to turn away. Before she gets to far, he calls out to her, and looks slightly defeated. Handing a few small pouches, he lowers his head. Belle smiles, presses a coin into his hand and walks back towards Mei, the pouches vanishing into the pockets consealed by her long skirt. "I think this is going to be fun."

From a low-key local pub nearby comes a loud CRASH as some poor sod is pushed through out the door by a young woman. She then expertly decks him across the face, sending him into unconsciousness. She stares at him a moment, weaving as if uncertain, before reaching up her other hand, revealing the bottle of some unknown liquer. Of this, she takes a looooong swig. "THIS is whatcha get for bein a PUNK!". She punctuates 'THIS' and 'PUNK' with swift kicks to his gut, and head, respectively.

Mei lifts an eyebrow and breaks in a chuckle "As you can see the natives are restless today." she just sort of watches the guy get his ass kicked, not really making any gesture to help the guy or interfere with his ass whopping. "Oh, Jason had a present for you." she offered, thoughtfully, her eyes giving Belle a looking over "Is what you wear normal or more appropriate?" she asked, sort of looking at her somewhat skanky dress thoughtfully.

Belle covers her mouth from a gasp, not sure if she should go check or not. "Do they do that all the time?" She eyes the drunk girl, then the fallen man. "And yes, He gave it to me last night." Keeping her eyes glued to the situation, she continues. "oh I dress kind of old fashioned, I guess, always felt more comfortable with loose clothing verses tighter more form fitting clothing."

Stratta takes another long swig of her drink, and looks down, by coincidence, at the pair of Mei and Belle, and laughs. She walks towards them drunkenly, sway in her step. With a shout, she turns and gets a slight running start, giving the poor sap one more good kick in the jimmies before turning around again, laughing and fighting to keep her balance "Why the hell would ya wanna wear somethin like that. Just gonna get caught on somethin 'n pulled off, ya know". *SWIG!*

Mei ers a bit "A pervert getting his ass kicked? Oh quite common, if I see Master Skeeve I'll have him verify that for you, since I've seen him get kicked square in the ass out of the UR for skipping his tab." she rubs her head.. "I paid his tab that time.." she commented, watching Stratta. Mei's outfit isn't terrible prone to catching due to being form fitting and revealing, so she eyes Belle "she does have a point, but if its comfy..." she commented, waving at Stratta a little bit.

Belle's eye widen a bit as the girl adresses her. "Well, why the hell would you want to drink yourself into general stupidity, and lose all your wits?" She turns slightly towards Mei. "I can tuck them if I get into a fight, and they stay out of my way. I refuse to conform to an idea about fightin dress code, and even if I did, I wouldn't want to wear it all the time." She makes sure to keep her tone light, so that no one thinks she's having attitude, or being a smart ass.

Stratta raises an eyebrow, smirking "oh REALLY now, girly girl. Makes me wonnr f'ya kin fight at all". She casually tosses her now-empty liquer bottle to Mei, then suddenly makes a grab at a bit of lacy clothes in range, in an attempt to use it to pull Belle forwards, and into a punch to the face as a followup if able.

Mei's hand goes up, using either magic or the force to sling it away. Mei has been training, and when that punch is thrown.. Well, Mei takes her hand up, water forming in a ball, which she promtply smacks Stratta in the head with ( assuming Stratta doesn't dodge or move too much.) It isn't a real attack, more or less an attempt to get the punches away from Belle. "Oi don't hit her, you thunder thighed skank!" Mei, unlike Belle, is a smart ass. Once Mei's said the remark, she's backing up, and grinning with her smart ass smirk.

As soon as Stratta tosses the bottle, Belle has her skirts tucked, the amount of flowy vanishing, and a bit of thigh showing. With a quick hop to the side, Belle manages to easily step around the punch, fighting the urge to laugh if Mei's water ball hits. "I don't wish to fight you." Her body stays tense, ready to move if needed, and ready to defend herself. Just beacause she's gentle and kind, does not mean that she is weak.

Mei grins a bit "It'll distract you." she grins. "You wouldn't want me to chemically neutralize your buzz, would you?" she asked, rather calmly. she rather lazily offers Belle a smile. She shrugs a bit "If someone wants to punch me, fine, but, good luck getting your stitches on Friday night." she yawns a bit, definantly lazy.

Belle grins, herself. The skirts remain tucked and the body ready. She's not about to be taken by suprise. "Thank you, I think, but I highly doubt that a barfight is the best way to prove myself." She watches Stratt's body language, getting the feeling that she's not quite as far gone as she wants people to think she is. All the more reason to be on guard.

Stratta laughs again "BAH! Neither of you are any fun! Nothin better than a good bar brawl! No 'super powers'. no 'fancy explosions'. no 'gods and monsters'. just good 'ol persons or near-persons beatin the bloody daylights outta each other, followed by drinks all 'round by the winner. Its great!". Her body language is now relaxed. She just wanted to see how fast Belle could get the lace tucked in and ready herself. That done, no other reason presently to give a beatdown.

Jason is watching the scene from the shadows. He just headed out to check out the city to get some supplies for the enclave when he happened to just come upon this scene of giggling girls. Jason remains in the shadows hiding. He's also using the force to Hide as well. Having learned from Kreia, how to make the force flow around him, in a natural cloaking field, as he watches the scene with some amusement. He's not going to interfere at all unless this gets serious and both Mei and Belle are at serious risk of harm. ((OOC http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force_stealth ))

Mei mms a bit "You ma'am are a moron." Mei turns around, her snake hair keeping a keen eye on the drunkard. "I hope you enjoyred your shower.", Mei comments, starting for a clothing booth to examine a few garments. Mei doesn't seem to feel like talking to the violent woman, instead she's look at Qi paos. ( china dresses) More or less lifting a purple childsized outfit up to look at the seams and then she tugs it this way and that testing the fabric before taking coins out to buy it. folding it neatly as she takes a piece of tissue paper to wrap it before putting it in her bag.

Belle smiles, "Well, that may be for you, but I'd rather not fight unless I have to." She extends her hand. "I'm Bellerophon." No reason to not try to make friends.

Stratta sticks her tongue out at Mei, and shakes Belles hand "Stratta Castor. Pleased to Meetcha!"

Mei's hand flips Stratta the finger. THE FINGER. Although she's not really giving off malice or anything just plain old disinterest. She buys a rather plain brocade dress for herself, with a silk over robe, folding it similar, looking around to stretch her lower back. Mei takes out a list, putting the item away, neatly going over her list for today. "Ahah.. yep.. chekku.. nn not yet.. yep. yep.." check check check skip check check~

Belle chuckles a little bit as she untucks her skirts, the fabric falling down to flow again. "Well, I need to finish some shopping." She's not sure what else to say.. honestly.

Theres a shout from the bar, as an angry man glarse out at Stratta "Get back in here, bitch. You aint done payin your tab yet!". She glares back, responding by flipping him off, and shouting "Sit on it and spin!" in response "I gotta get back to playin. Catch ya later!". With that she disappears back into the bar.

Mei snorts a bit. "Figures." Mei takes a scarf and buys it, moving to wrap it around Belle's shoulders. Its a simple and elegant silk scarf. "Alright lets get you those vegetable seeds." she pets Belle's cheek. Her ears twitter as she sighs a bit. She watches the street crowd, curiously.

Belle waves Stratta off. Smiling, she fingers the scarf and smiles. "I got them from that nice man over there." She points at the vender. "But I could use some skirts. I'm afriad that I can't run around in a single outfit."

Mei ers a bit "Well, I suppose its doable." she smiles "Your length may be hard to find though, due to the fact that Twisted is... Well a very pants prevalent place." she rubs her head a bit, laughing, cheerfully guiding Belle through the market place to a clothing shop.

Belle says, "I'm sure we'll find something." Belle steps right along with Mei, enjoying her time outside of the Enclave, and happy to be meeting the locals. The feeling comes around that she could do a lot of good with these people if given the time.

Mei's ears twitter, letting Belle amble, sitting herself on the counter. Her legs fold, for whatever reason, a human girl of about age four or five climbs right up in Mei's lap from seemingly nowhere to begin babbling in a strange language. Mei pats the little blonde, chattering back and wrapping an arm around the child. Mei hms, reaching into her hair, promptly removing a small book to show the girl, and begin reading, quietly. Yep. Mei promotes literacy! c.c

From the bar Stratta went in to, loud rock music from a live band begins to play. Since the door is open, it can be heard all the way down the street. Brings in more patrons that way!

Jason smiles as he watches his Padawan making new friends and they head out and take care of their buildings and there Jason heads out to enjoy himself.

Mei chuckles, her arms around the little one as she pauses, slipping into the common tongue, which the child understands too it seems "Oh no, she's not my sister. She's one of.." Mei pulls out a note book, showing the girl a sketch "Mister Talben's other students. I think she calls herself a padawan. Its not a native word.. I think it means like.. Bai Shyr." she explains, obviously trying to explain the concept. "You know, like you are to Miss Ping Guo." she offered. "Kind of, I'd say a step or two higher." she ruffles the little girl, smiling a bit "Nn Come by my house soon, I'll make a full dinner and you can play with Lami again." with that the child slips off and most likely back to watching the master of the shop.

Belle smiles at Mei, and enjoys the music blaring out as she chatters with one shopkeeper. Motioning down to her skirt and tunic, the shopkeep frowns, dragging Belle into a back room. After a few minutes, she returns wearing a shorter version of her long skirt, though this one comes to her knees. She frowns, fidgeing with the hem. "I just really don't feel comfortable with my legs showing except when I'm fighting." The shopkeep babbles on about how this is a modern kind of world, not some back-assward one that Bell came from.

Mei snorts "Wear leggings." She shifts to take a small glass ball out of her bag, playing with it by letting it run and balance on her hands, keeping her motions somewhat erratic, exerting a bit of her energy to keep it from falling. "They come thin enough to comfortably wear under your skirts." she offered, lazily, her hands suspending the ball mid air. "If it really bothers you we can try another shop." she blinks as another shop keep drops a parcel in her lap, which she opens to reveal a bright green and black garment.

Belle pouts slightly, but concedes to the Shopkeep's insistance. "Fine fine, I'll try it, but will you still be able to tailor me a few new skirt sets?" The shopkeep nods, and Belle goes back to change into her former attire. With bag in hand, she walks over to Mei. "What is it about people thinking that my skirts are cumbersome or.. drab?" She sounds a tad disgusted.

Mei mms a bit, thoughtfully "Well.. on my world.. only the poorest of the poor attire themselves like you, no offense. Not the style, thats common, but browns unless deep are reserved for the lowly masses, although its far more common to show a bit of skin. Even slaves rarely wear full length skirts." she offered. Of course, Mei tends to wear a lot of more skimpy attire. "If you'd like, you can look through my dancing skirts." she offered, warmly "They tend to be over floor length and voluminous." she offered.

Belle says,"That's very kind of you. My Enclave was full of Men, it seemed only proper that my attire was modest." She straitens. "I'm hungry, you said that the UR had good food?"

Mei ers a bit "I honestly don't dress terribly modestly.. I'll try to remember it bugs you and not show up in my practice gear." she shrugs "Men are men. Take this as you will, but they are somewhat filthy beasts by nature." she starts back towards the UR, chuckling a bit. "I'm just old and a little bitter hearted towards men." she joked, waving a hand.

Belle walks with Mei. "Oh no, don't get me wrong, it doesn't bug me what other people wear. To each their own, I say nothing against what one wishes to wear. I've just been wearing this so long, I've gotten used to it, and feel very out of place in anything else." She frowns a bit as Mei makes the old comment, and says, "You can't be over.. 20.. maybe."

Mei snorts at that, covering her mouth to all out laugh at Belle's assumption "Life does not flow the same for everyone, dear. I'll take your statement as a compliment." She looks around, briefly. "I'm over two centuries in age, really." she tilts her head, sort of covering her mouth to laugh again. "I am just two races that age very slowly. If you should ever meet an elf that looks old, he or she is most likely ancient. Gorgons do not age at all due to the great curse."

Belle stares. "Your kidding." She shakes her head. "Things never cease to amaze me." She doesn't ask about the Elves, and figures she'll find out sooner or later. If nothing else, she'll find the local library and read up on them. "Well, if I may say so, for being over 200 years old, you look -faboulus-" She smiles and steps into the UR, peering around at the inside.

Mei slips in, helping Belle in to get some lunch. Her own weight settling in as she closes her eyes "Its my treat." she murmured, resting her chin on the wood as she flags down a skutter. "I want a pizza today. Whatever the cook thinks is good and some raspberry tea." she murmured.

Belle slides into a booth with Mei, tucking her skirts underneth her. As the skutter comes to get Mei's order, Belle thinks for a minute, and says, "May I have a bowl of fruit please? And a glass of water." The skutter bobs it's head and wheels off to the kitchen, the door swinging after it. Belle take a minute to look around, eyeing the rafters and the second floor. "This seems like a nice little place."

Mei's order, and Belle's order come back almost as quick as they are ordered. UR magic. c.c Mei takes a slice of the pizza to work on, hmming. Red peppers, ham, pineapple? HAWAIIAN! She sems mighty relaxed in the UR "It can be dangerous." she offered, chuckling "Why is my age so shocking?" she asked.

Belle smiles and nods thankfully towards the Skutter, popping a piece of cut apple into her mouth. "Mm, I'd assume so, I guess, considering everything else I've been told about this place." Popping another bite into her mouth, she swallows quickly and flushes a little. "It's just that.. well.. you look so young. I'm used to people living long, but looking their age, for the most part. Not living long and looking young however is a new thing for me to see.

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