2009-05-28 (PreU) Night time chatting.

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Night time chatting.


Who: Arali, Mei
When: May 28th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave


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Mei is quietly settled in the garden, a white cloth infront of her. Her fingers concentrating energy and manipulating life itself to some degree, on the cloth is a crow that looks like its been injured. Mei's concentration is pretty solid for the moment, afterall, she's focused on healing injuries.

From the enclave comes the purple-skinned Twi'lek, her arms crossed before her chest. She pauses a few feet away from Mei, silently watching her for a long moment. Then, just as silently as she came into the gardens, she kneels across from the girl, placing her hands close to the bird and closing her eyes, using the force to aid Mei in her quest to heal the poor avian, both to help guide Mei's energies to where it is needed, and to supplement said energies...

Mei's eye opens as she takes a moment to take Arali's hands.. "Go with the flow of life, it works a bit easier. Chi is flowing, always." Arali might notice that Mei's hands have a light touch. "The crow will be alright. even though I despise these things, I hate seeing death." she whispered, her hands withdrawing after a long moment.

Arali blinks for a moment, then nods, following Mei's advice. Easy enough to do. "I understand...death is truly a horrible thing." She closes her eyes, still focusing the Force to aid in the healing of the bird, her breathing slow and relaxed.

Mei's eyes are observant. "Death, while necessary, is no man's friend." she offered, pausing a bit "I am sorry if I have done something to offend you or have done something rude without knowing it." she offered, once she's sure the bird is A-OK and only resting. As Mei stops, so does Arali, leaning back and placing her hands on her knees. "No, you have not done anything to offend me. I am merely...the quiet scholar, I suppose." She looks off to the side. "I am still grieving the death of my Master, Odan-Urr. I do not know that I can fully recover from this grief until Grievous is no longer a threat to anyone else..."

Mei's eyes close "You must let the grief pass or it will consume you. I know its hard." Mei offered. "If you need help, come to me, alright. I won't push my help on you, despite wanting to." she offered sheepishly. "I worry that I've offended you and Belle sometimes because your culture is so alien to me in so many ways." she murmured.

Arali smiles softly, nodding a bit. "I understand that. It is...a long process. I was close to my Master. He accepted me when no-one else would. And while Grievous is still alive...he poses a threat to all life as we know it. My grief is painful, but it is a neccesary grief, one that adds fuel to my drive to do what must be done. I am...accomplished at not allowing my emotions to fully effect me." She clenches a fist for a moment, before taking a deep breath. "Do not worry about offending me. Your culture is alien to me, as well, and I hope I do not offend you with my ways."

Mei reaches over, gently touching the Twil'lek's hand "You must not retaliate out of vengeance. As much as it hurts, trust me." Mei's eyes are still soft. "I guess I'm just asking you to not allow your grief to over take you. I know its hard." Mei leans over, gently pressing her forehead to the Twil'lek's. She sighs a bit, rubbing her face as she backs off. "Of course.. I am a pacifist so.." she sighs, taking a deep breath. "come to me if you are injured, alright? Let me heal you?"

Arali smiles warmly, nodding softly. "I do not wish to retaliate purely out of vengeance. Grievous is dangerous. To punish Bellerophon and I for our resistance, he killed hundreds...perhaps thousands, on the planet we were on. He must be eliminated, for the good of all." She glances down to Mei's hand on hers, before looking back to the girl. "I appreciate your offer for help. If I am in need of healing, I will most definitely come to you."

Mei sighs a bit. "Just.. be true to what your beliefs are." she offered, closing her eyes. A few age lines showing around her eyes. "May I ask questions?" she asked, voice soft as she reopens her eyes, the age lines vanishing back as she settles. Arali raises her eyebrows (which are tattoo'd on, upon close examination), tilting her head to the side, her lekku twitching idly. "Of course you may ask questions, Mei. I will gladly answer to the best of my ability."

Mei ers a bit "Is Jason breaking rules by allowing me to learn with you two? I can clearly see you're both so much younger than me. I also have a child and another teacher." she scratches her head a bit, seemingly worried that she is breaking a taboo.

Arali tilts her head. "By the rules of the Jedi Order, only young children are able to become Jedi Knights. I was brought into the Jedi Order when I was still too young to remember much of anything. I remember brief glimpses of my parent's face, but I had no real chance to develop a bond with my family. It is far easier to train a youngling to be a Jedi and follow the code as it is meant to be followed, than it is to train an older child, or an adult." She bobs her head a bit. "Had Master Yoda been here, he would have forbidden Master Jason to train you, as well as Kyle. He would have also forbidden him to take on as many apprentices as he has." She pauses for a long moment, her eyes traveling over the gardens. "However, Master Yoda is not here, nor is the Jedi Order. I do not begrudge Master for his willingness to teach others...it is almost as though he is rebuilding a Jedi Order of his own."

Mei mms a bit "Let us hope it bears sweet fruit." she mms a bit "If my travels should ever allow, I'd very much like to talk to this Master Yoda you and Belle have spoken so highly of. He sounds like a very wise sage." she offered, "Although, by my age, I am considered a sage on my world. Highest Arch-Master Aetherist and what not." she murmured, thoughtfully.

Arali smiles. "Master Yoda has lived for over 800 years, and for a majority of that time, he has been the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. He is very wise, very compassionate...he can be tough, though. A few times, he almost made me cry...but he always turned around and stopped that reaction with a few well-placed words." She idly toys with her lekku, gazing around at the gardens. "I hope to see Master Yoda again one day..."

Mei mms a bit "I will probably die within the next one hundred years." she murmured. "Very young for both of my races. I may not. I am only two hundred and twenty four or so years old." she smiles a bit. "I hope you do too, when you have completed your training and can return to him and bring him honor." she offered. She closes her eyes most of the way " Is this 'Jedi' idea considered prestigious?" she asked, very softly taking a moment to pick a floral bloom and pluck it into her mouth, hand moving to repair the damage to the plant by focusing and sprouting a bud on the plant.

Arali tilts her head to the side again, her lekku reflexively twitching. "I am merely 16...young compared to your vast experience. Nearly adult by the standards of the Twi'lek." She smiles. "Prestigious? To many, the Jedi are a symbol of hope, of questions answered, problems resolved. Many others loathe the Jedi, even declare war upon them. Some of these are organizations. Some of these are Jedi turned to the dark side."

Mei's expression is soft. "I have mixxed feelings about this 'dark side' due to personal expiriences." she sighs a bit "Even the most dazzlingly brilliant light can fall to shadow, and often that light itself casts the shadow.." she takes a calming breath. "I.. have come to loathe no man or woman in existence, with some difficulty." she murmured. "I'm sure you are rich in your own knowledge, Arali. People think I am stupid here at times because I don't understand things." she takes a moment to take an item out of her pocket, offering it to Arali. Its a very special truffle that she had spent a good bit on, her fingers offering it to Arali. "I .. barely remember my mother.. Only her coldness.. I remember how my father felt, however. He was very kind. When I was about two human years, I was sold because my mother didn't think we would survive." she offered softly. "We proved her wrong in our own ways, I guess." she smiles a bit "Honestly, the only title I would like anymore is to be known as a wonderful mother or a master healer."

Arali listens quietly, her lekku unconciously twitching in response to Mei's words. "The dark side is difficult to understand...it is why the Jedi Council traditionally only trains those who are too young to develop bonds. Bonds with family can interfere with one's ability to avoid the dark side. Love...it is a glorious thing, I know...but it can also cause problems. Jealousy, anger, hurt, hatred. Any of these emotions can lead down the path to the dark side." She smiles at the offered truffle, taking it and looking it over. "Thank you very much for your kindness, Mei. It will not be forgotten." She smiles up at the half Gorgon girl, her lekku taking on a more fluid movement. "I'm sure you are already a wonderful mother, and you are very good at healing. A reputation is only what others think of you based on their own experiences with you."

Mei laughs a bit "If I am not able to love my empathy suffers." she offered. "I really don't have any jealousy, I want for nothing except lakshmi's happiness and well, only she herself can provide that." she smiled "Your species talk with them, don't they?" Mei asked, after a moment, mimicking the movement with her hair snakes, curiously, noticably observant. She's pretty fluid with her movements. Mei honestly really doesn't want anything except to have her kid safe.

Arali blinks at the question, and nods, smiling. "Yes, our Lekku are very important. They can denote status. Long lekku, like my own, are fine examples of good breeding and a prosperous family. And yes, we use them to speak. Either to supplement our own language, or as a means of silent communication." She strokes her lekku, smiling a bit. "Part of our brains are stored in our tchun-tchin, as well. They mostly hold long-term memories...but I have heard of Twi'leks who have obtained brain damage from losing one."

Mei hms a bit "I would like to be your close friend, if you teach me I can try to learn it. And we can talk, without saying a word." she offered, cheerfully to Arali, her hands resting in her lap, cheerfully

Arali blinks, and smiles, nodding. "Yes...I can try to teach you. It is difficult to learn, but I do know that Master Kit Fisto learned it with his many head tentacles, and you seem to have more than enough ability to do the same."

Mei mms a bit "Well...Gorgons communicate through touch with their serpents.." she strokes her serpents lightly "I've only managed to regenerate two.. my whole head used to be covered." she doesn't seem upset, only thooughtful.

Arali smiles softly. "I rather like the two...then again, I may be personally biased, as I have two lekku, myself." She idly wraps one lekku around her neck, to look like a scarf of sorts. A purple noodle-ey scarf. "I am a bit too fatigued to begin teaching you right this instance...but if you do not mind waiting, I can start teaching you tomorrow, after I have had a night of rest." Mei mms a bit "I suppose, Oh!" she takes a moment, digging into sleeve to remove a wrapped box much too large to of actually fit in there. "I took the liberty of getting you a few spare outfits made so you do not feel under supplied clothing wise. I wasn't sure what you would like so I had basic clothes made and an outfit from the place I lived made for you. ( So.. normal gathered pants + a vest and undershirt and a paneled skirt of see through layers that are opaque towards the top and a halter cut top. )"

Arali blinks, taking the box and opening it. She smiles at the outfit, nodding. "These are very nice...I will definitely wear these." She smiles to Mei. "Thank you for all of your kindness...I can not thank you enough. I do not know what I did to be deemed worthy of all of the things you do for me, but I appreciate it...more than you could know."

Mei blinks and stands up, shrugging "If you need a reason to be kind, you really aren't being kind." she offered, very softly towards the woman. Her smile is warm and radiates honesty for the moment. She rolls her shoulders, giving a good yawn.

The yawn is contagious, echoed by Arali, as well as a stretch. "Well...thank you, very much." She offers a small bow. "I may have to depart for bed, however...I am quite tired, it seems." She smiles warmly at the girl, gathering up the box of clothing.

Mei leans over, taking Arali's cheeks in her hand, her lips pressing to the other woman's forehead, her eyes closing as she steps back and starts over the fence to head for her home.

Arali smiles warmly, standing after Mei's goodbye kiss, and waving after her. "Sleep well, Mei. I will see you in the morning." She smiles a bit, and moves back towards the enclave, munching on the truffle Mei got for her with a smile upon her face.

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