2009-05-28 (PreU) WOO! Saki!

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WOO! Saki!


Who: Devi, Lina_Inverse, Skutters
When: May 28th, 2009
Where: The UR

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The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface. A fight seems to have taken place here. Many of the buildings are utterly ruined and there are chunks of stone embedded in the street.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Rolling her shoulders, Devi perches on the high roof next to the UR. After being in the DragonBall world for so long, she's not sure if she's happy to be home or not. She's not even sure that she's going to stay. Cale's face flashes in her minds eye, along with images of her and Arctus, the unlikly friendship they built. The rain randomly drizzles down on her head, idle fingers playing with bits of her shoes. Hell, she still hasn't changed out of her Gi.

Carter looks up as she steps out of the building and can't quite remember if Devi looks familiar or not. She waves up though in greeting.

Lina got to do breakfast a little earlier today! Well, being that it's raining she was in a bit more of a hurry to keep from getting wet. Now... she's done and it's still not finished raining. She pauses past the front and watches some woman wave while looking up above her and she stays right where she is. Oh great! It figures someone's lurking directly over her head. Yes, she's arrogant enough to worry about it being something for her to worry about. "Maaaaan, this sucks!" To noone in particular.

While Devi's eyesite is decent, she can't remember if she knows that person or not. And not many people randomly wave to her. Most run in fear or start spouting that 'You'll never get away with it, Joker!'. Devi hmms, suppresses Oblivion's strong presance in her soul, and jumps off the roof. At least she can go down there and say hello. For a brief moment, Devi grins impishly and considers testing the strenght of Lina's skull. She laughs and lands beside her, slinging an arm casually over Lina's shoulder. "Oh, it's you! Hi Carter!"

Carter smiles and says, "Hi! Wow's it's been a while. What's new?" She walks over and offers a hug.

Lina senses the movement and starts to say something, probably something along the lines of a spell...! That's a bit too late, though, as Devi lands right beside her and tosses an arm over her shoulder. "Ah! Wha-" Then the other woman's coming over to say hi, get a hug...? What is going on?! "So... Why exactly is a total stranger... A total -wet- stranger being so chummy with me all of a sudden?" Slowly, she tuuuuuurns to look and see who this is.

Devi grins and hugs Carter, wishing she had more of a converstaion before the woman starts walking back towards her apartment. Ah well, who do we have here? "Ah, you don't remember me?" She laughs and looks down at Lina. "I see your still kinda small, huh?" Yes, that's right, Devi remembers Lina, and what pushed her buttons so long ago. She bounces away though, and tries to shove her hands into her pockets. Tching, she poofs. The Gi is replaced by her normal wear. Baggy cargo jeans, and a purple tanktop, the Kanji for hell on the back this time. "You don't remember me at all do you?"

Lina looks only briefly after the hug-lady as she goes, then attention goes back to Devi with whom she's happy to finally disengage. Ah-hem. Capefluff, "If you..." Pause. She looks long and hard and then remembers. Gah! Point! "You were the annoying woman who was throwing candies at me in that restaurant! Ohhhh no, I didn't forget! You owe me for the bill that day!" She whips a slightly worn receipt out of one of her hidden pockets. She KEEPS that stuff! "Pay up!"

Devi laughs loudly. "Ah! You do remember! Fantastic! But I won't pay the bill, I'm afraid." Her eyes glint, and that grin creeps up on her face. "I'm glad to see your age does not interfear with your memory." She vanishes, appearing on Lina's shoulder in chibi mode. She's wearing a fake mustash and a lab coat. "how does that make you feel?"

Lina clenches her fist and smushes the receipt. She was willing to at least let that matter drop. She still has a few more issues to address, especially now. After stowing away the crumpled receipt again she looks down at the ground, calmly tolerating the presence of a chibi'd up Devi on her shoulder as if she were used to that sort of thing. "How's it make me feel?" Out comes a slipper, which she attempts to swat you with! Revenge at last! Although the petty and mostly harmless kind. >_<

Devi grins, and vanishes, returning to normal size, and laying on a couch in the middle of the street. "Angry, yes? Did your mother not love you enough?" (Insert bad accent) Cackling, she stands again. "Come on! I'll buy you a drink!"

Lina gets a little goose-bumpy at the mention of her immediate family, though not for any reason that's apparant. She hopes. Still, though, she pulls down an eyelid and sticks her tongue out, "Bleeeeh. Figures, you're probably some kind of crazy demon too." Her hands come up in a bit of a resigned shrug gesture, "Sure. But if you try to leave me with the bill...!" Letting the threat hang works for her since she's not really sure what she'd do about it 'till she caught up to you again.

Devi laughs and steps into the UR, hopeing Lina is in tow. She hops onto the bar, and smacks her hand down. "SAKI! Bring Saki!" The barkeep widens his eyes a little but shrugs and runs off to get 2 saki cups and some of the drink itself. Devi pouts slightly at Lina. "I'm not a demon... exactly."

Lina is there! She's more or less content to see what it is you want, anyways. The staff all seem to be on guard with her coming back, though she doesn't seem to notice. "Not exactly, huh? I guess it's never so simple." She takes an adjacent seat. Oh, alcohol. Uh oh. She's totally not someone that should have anyone feeding her liquor of any kind! "So anyways, this is just random mischief right?"

The Barkeep comes back, sliding the cups towards the pair, and being kind enough to pour the first round. Devi takes hers and downs it, sighing audiably. "Wow, ya know, this stuff doesn't seem that bad." Yeah, she's never had Saki before. She pours herself another, and raises her eyebrows. "Random Mishief? I would never do anything like that. Not at all."'

Lina takes her cup and gulps down the contents. Chu~ "Hmm?" As you declare yourself above something like random mischief. "Well, if it's not random then there's a reason. Riiiiight?" She swipes the bottle and pours another shot. "I've spent a good long while being followed around by all kinds of things. I guess I can take it if there's someone else stalking me even here!" Ulp.

Devi drink and pour. She pokes a few fingers at her face. "Hmm, my face is getting warm. Eh, it's nothing. My reasons are my own!" Shot number 3. That little mushroom cloud comes out after this one though, and she headly pours another shot, setting it to the side for the moment. "Do you know how many worlds there are? I just came from one. I think. I'm not quite sure how I got back here, but eh."

Lina hmm. She takes her time with the next shot, not wanting to get sick or anything in front of Devi. "Awfully weird way of thinking. But okay then~!" She swings her legs idly while staring deep into her sake shot 'till you speak up again, causing her to stop and look up. "How many? I have no clue. I've been trying to get as much info about all of that as I can on my own but I have to really put the ass into it." Ulp, three down. "So it's a really slow process. Figuring out how all that works, I mean. I think I may be able to open one but... Probably not a great idea, truthfully." She breathes against her hand to whiff the alcohol on her breath. Oy oy, little too much too fast already!

Devi leans back on her hands. "I got stolen and taken to the Dragonball world." Her mind reels at the thought of being in two places at once, even if the world time is diffrent. She pokes towards Lina. "Any way, where've you been? Itsh been ages."

Lina poked! Starts to sway to one side while pouring number four, resulting in her pouring a bit of the saki on the bartop instead of into her glass. Oops! "Well, I tried one of the portals. It wasn't what I was looking for so I came back." Pause. Hic! Shot! Slam. "Damn yeah!" Hic. She switches back to sober and serious, "Though it seems, here, it's been almost two years. At least, that's what someone told me about the last time they saw anyone I knew."

Devi nods nods, her head looking like it might get caught in the motion. "Theses portals should be sued for mal-advertising." She crincles her nose. "And what is time anyway." She mutters something about Namek, and that damned brother Icer, and takes another shot. "The universe is messed up anyway." Oh! "This could be your welcome back party!!!"

Lina snorts! "Yes, if I could get money out of those things I really would, too." She sets her glass down and pushes it away for now, having done more damage already than she'd meant to do. "It sucks, that's what it is! Gah, back here!" Pause. Wobble. Hic! "But I've been back a few days now." Eyes. "It's not a party without food!" Some of the staff hide. She only just ate! They haven't had a break yet!

Devi smacks the bartop and wobbles. "I want crackers. AND CHEESE!" One of the skutters flip her the finger as best they can, but do bring the order. NOM! Devi greedily puts together a few and swallows them down. "You've missed fun! Lots of fun. Well, fun for me, anyway."

Lina peeeeers at you, then swipes a few for herself and starts to devour as well. "Fun huh? Fun like what? Then again... I noticed it seems really quiet lately. It's crazy still, sure... Just quieter. Though nobody's tried to kill me since I got here. That's certainly a change!"

Devi says, "Fun, like... uh... oh! Attacking the populace with water ballons that temporairly stain their clothing and skin! 2 people were very purple for a while, but then again, I was very glittery for a while." She looks outside. "I think this whole place is in a major flux, sucking people away and whatnot. Lotsa people have vanished."

Lina chews the crackers noisily while listening, "Water balloons... Yeah, I think I'd pass on that. I've been down that road before - not's'fun!" She looks outside too, "Some of them I'm not so sad to hear about them leaving. Others, well..." She has a few in mind.

Devi grins and downs her last cup. Her face is red and it's obvious that she's kinda far gone. To much Saki, to fast. Oh well, she's a newbie at it. "Well, Lina, it's been real. I need to go check on my apartment, then the store."

Lina has a bit of the red face going too... but thanks to some of her previous associates she's gotten quite used to alcohol. Even... if she really doesn't hold a substantial amount of it well. "Oh... You know my name. Did I ever ask yours?" Hmm? o_-

Devi winks, "Devi D, at your service. Bye!" She poofs out, leaving an I.O.U note in her spot. Drunk giggles echo through the rafter as she goes off to her apartment to make sure Tenna hasn't burned it to the ground yet.

Lina takes one look at the I.O.U. and just screeeeeeeeeams!

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