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Summary: The siblings from Chronos, together again on Twisted! Its truly a time for celebration!

Who: Caliga, Miriam, Zarek
When: May 29th, 2009
Where: The Church


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A towering cathedral, filled with beautiful woodwork, and many stained glass windows. The pews are made of cherry wood, and the light from the stained glass images shimmer nicly upon them. The images are of this. 1) A valient Knight fighting a 6 headed beast. 2) The Knight buring his blade into the beasts hearts. 3) An image of... Princess Zelda? Regardless a sign is posted at the door as you enter, and the doors of the Church is never locked.

The sound of a pipe organ gently fills the air of the church, leaving one feeling at ease and comfortable within its blessed walls. A lone teenaged boy in a red jacket sits in the front pew. He gently shuffles a deck of playing cards, moving his hands a few feet apart only to arc the cards from one hand to the other. The strangest thing of all is that the attendantes who take care of the church seem to be absent, making one wonder who is playing the organ.

Zarek takes this opportunity to arrive into the church, the lanky, blonde haired man surveying the church with a scan of his head. One would assume his eyes to be likewise scanning, but the long bangs that make the eyes impossible to see kind of make this hard to determine. But assumedly he can see, for he doffs his hat, a soft, raspily whispered voice jabbering on to itself as he walks in, both feet and cane tapping against the cold floor in rhythmic succession "Ah a church, so pretty, so empty. Miriam always does speak of the nice churches, all lovely, all soothing. But she isn't here, no, no not at all." His words yammer to and fro, holding an entire conversation with his own self as he walks past the boy without even a second thought... Although most people would find his constantly jibbering tone to be a bit... distracting to say the least.

The teenaged boy slowly climbs to his feet, arcing the cards one last time with finese, before turning and bowing towards the newcomer. "I've been waiting for you, Mister Zarek." A slight grin appears on the boys face, before raising his gaze to meet Zarek's. Crimson iris' with a single black circle traveling through the center is the most striking feature of the boy, as the gaze seems to peer through everything that is the person on the end of it. "I must thank you for keeping a watchful eye out on the gorgon and her child."

Zarek pauses in his ramblings, tilting his head in an altogether uncomfortable looking manner as he looks over the figure addressing him. "Oh you know me, yes, yes you do, so popular I am, most people don't know my face, no no, they're dead, so lifeless, so droll. Oh but you know me, indeed you do, but do you know me, no I do not think so. And it is that you know miss snake, so lovely, financially sound." his tone maintains a calmly interested rasp of a speech pattern, changing in octave without ever changing in the emotion given to it. Twirling his cane before takking it against the floors, he bows deeply, before overcompensating by leaning back the other way to the point of nearly falling before properly righting himself. "Oh your thanks are not needed, for the money is good, so good, so easy, so boring."

"Oh. Well, I have a good idea where you could be from, Mister Zarek. But lets keep that secret quiet before the higher ups of this realm decide to see who is traveling back and forth." The boy scratches his head before trying to decide how to proceed with this one. "Well, she likes to make herself to be a victim. Thats neither here nor there Mis-.. No, I think I will call you Z. Much much easier this way." He nods his head in silent acknowledgement before starting to walk around the pew towards the aisle.

Zarek says, "Oh, here, oh there, oh where I am from isn't important, no concern, no business of yours, none indeed. But secrets are fun, people pay for secrets, people die for secrets, so I do enjoy secrets, I do. A victim here, a danger there, the pay is good you see, so very very good, and such easy work, indeed so easy. It buys gifts for Miriam, so many gifts, they are piling up you know. Have you seen her? No, no I suppose you have not, for she would have met me before you, for I have many more gifts than you have you see, so many more." His voice trails on. He could likely go on about the amount of gifts he has for quite some time, but fortunately his attention is easily shifted away from one subject and onto another "Oh a new name, so many names now. Assassin, murderer, criminal, liability, dear brother, dear bodyguard, and now Z. So short, so quick, such a pointy letter. I rather enjoy it Mr. jacket, indeed, so kind of you, so suspicious."

"Well, the time sailing king has roamed these parts before, Z. So I do have a good idea where you are from. Those in charge of this realm, would also think that information would be important too. So be weary of it. Now. On to business. I already know how you're being paid Z, so don't try to play it off as money." A soft smile creeps onto the boys face, as he makes his way towards Zarek. "The snake woman must not know that you have met me. Too many arguements and misunderstandings. Such a real hassle. So. Allow me to introduce myself, since you are in a very precarious position. I am Caliga Satanas. I am the father of Mei's child. Don't you see the resemblence?"

Zarek says, "Oh kings, so kingly, so rich, so eager to pay for favors done, so quick to decide the sword is better than the payment, so quick to let their princes take the throne." He reminisces on his own. Such is the life of a travelling assasin for petty countries and townships. But that has nothing to do with time sailing kings, Zarek just likes to focus on words that trigger memories. "OH money yes, the money is good, but there are other goods to be had, so nice, and convenient. Not as cozy as home, not as quick to recover, but nice enough, so nice indeed." He says, twirling his cane between his fingers with excellent skill as he listens to Caliga, lolling his head from side to side with each alternating word. "Ah you are he, indeed you are, I have been told, but I can be quiet, oh yes, so very quiet, but quiet has needs, so many needs, so many new shoes for Miriam you see, so very very many." He says... could he be asking for money to keep it under wraps? It's hard to tell, but whatever the case, he does get closer to Caliga... uncomfortably close as he lurches forward to put his face up to Caliga's in a decidedly personal space violating manner, his bangs meeting Caliga's eyes with nary an inch between them. "Oh ho, so you do resemble, ever so slightly, ever so noticably, ever so boringly."

A loud laugh comes from Caliga as Zarek seems to invade his personal space. "I should have guessed you'd want payment." He reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a small sapphire pendant attached to a thin piece of string, which seems to be dripping with magical energy. "This good enough?" He takes a deep breath before slowly starting to speak once again. "Now. Onto the business aspect. I'm always going here and there. So. I'll tell you this. Now that you've made the mistake, and wandered onto Twisted, you won't be allowed to return to Chronos. You will be forcefully brought back to Twisted, and put before the Council. So while keeping this in mind... Your best bet is to make a permenant residence here. One suitable for you and your sister, so you may continue to perform your duties protecting my child and her mother."

Zarek snatches up the necklace with a speed that... is rather likely given his skinny frame, holding it up to the ceiling as he inspects the jewel carefully "Ah, how nice and lovely and lovely and nice." He says, before pocketing the gemstone "Miriam will find it quite pleasing, indeed she will, so happy, so small." He babbles ona bit longer before breaking away from Caliga's personal space, turning to stare at the statues... and staaaaaaaaare at them, leaving things silent for an uncomfortably long period of time as he looks it over with a slack-jawed attention-gone stare before turning back to Caliga. "Oh indeed, councils are irritating, so hard to agree, so eager to eliminate disagreements, so bothersome, but so good for bussiness, so very good." He says... appearantly all that world hopping stuff went right over his head. "Oh I do stay, I do indeed, at miss snake's house, with the happy little pools, so happy, so many creatures in them, such lovely creatures. And such a nice house, Miriam is sure to find me there, indeed she is, dear sister, lovely sister."

Caliga seems to laugh at Zarek's mannerisms quietly, before leaning against one of the pews. "Z. There is bound to be retaliation for my actions, as I will be going to a forbidden zone, even to the members of TASK. So. You current payment will be doubled, to be more proactive in your duties of playing bodyguard. Relics and gems from long forgotten civilizations. Within /my/ home, I have huge vaults of these things. All of which are useless to me, but if it will keep someone close to me safe, then I will willingly give them up. I may very well have to create a link from my gardens to this realm as well... Such a hassle that one would be..."

Zarek thinks on this for quite a while. Another uncomfortably long period of non speaking fills the air, the silence deafening for some period of time as Zarek stands as silent as the grave. Finally breaking the silence with a >TAK< of his cane, he grins his unsettling grin from ear to ear "A hard bargain, an easy bargain, all too easy, but easy is good, but easy is boring, but easy pays well, indeed it does." He speaks, his raspy tone changing to and fro at the drop of a hat. "Such excellent new gifts, Miriam shall like them, then Miriam shall come to find me to get her gifts, so wise, so clever dear sister. Very well, mr jacket, I will continue to protect miss snake at a higher cost, oh such a hard bargainer you are, so very smart to double my payment for the same job." ...It's hard to tell if he's mocking Caliga or just too insane to realize just what he's saying, really.

A grin that would make most feel nervous slowly starts to crawl onto Caliga's face. "Very good Z. I do like when things go smoothly. Now. In two days time, someone will come to kill the woman, and take her child for the secrets hidden within her. He will be dressed in black armor, and be as handsome as the gods. But do not lax up. You seem to be quite cunning, so maybe you will do well..."

Zarek would be nervous... if he actually had any common sense left in his brain. Sadly all of that stuff got radiated out of him several decades ago. To this effect, Zarek simply bows deeply again, his head mere inches from the floor as his leg is lifted into the air to counterbalance such an unusual stance. Tilting himself back up with only a -little- bit of overcompensation in the other direction this time, Zarek grins his own unsettling grin and says "Bodyguarding is boring, so very boring, but other assassins are fun, for they try and they try and they scream and the beg 'Why don't you die' but no, no they are far too fun to stop playing with, so very fun. I do look forward to seeing this assassin, mr jacket, please hurry, please do and bring me something to amuse me. So very long since then, so very quiet since I took my nap, such a long tiresome nap it was."

There's a hint of a breeze inside of the church, but soon enough it fades away, the cry and groaning of dead spirits in torment sounding as Miriam appears in a corner. Her proceilin white face looks left and right through the chapel, and she places her hand on the wall next to her, red hair spilling over her arm. The scar running down the left side of her face looks redder than it ordinarly does, which is to say, it looks fresh rather than old. She looks to her hand and then leans over, kissing the back side of it, and then doing the same to the wall next to it as well. She whispers something unheard, or unintelligble to it then, before starting the walk towards her brother.

"Two days time Z. He will come." Caliga seems to be rather sure of this, as his gaze then turns towards Miriam. "Oh? And who might this lovely young woman be?" He bows towards the girl with a bit of flourish, slowly raising himself upright. "Oh, the resemblence is uncanny Z! Is this the dear sister you were speaking of?" His eyes study over Miriam for a few moments, before he starts smiling like a child. "I can see why you wish to shower her with all sorts of presents. You are quite a good brother."

Zarek taps his cane on the ground anxiously, his unsettling grin fading as his attention is brought to the figure walking in. Ah! It's his dear sister! Bits and pieces of his jagged edged memory flash here and there. Some missing dialogue. Some with the wrong dialogue. Some with no visual pictures and just dialogue. "OH dear sister, you have come back, so clever, so smart, I knew you would find me here if I got the right gift, such a clever sister." His raspy voice noticably happier than before. He grips his cane tightly with another loud tak onto the ground, reaching into his pocket to pull forth the necklace he was just given by none other than the man standing before him "Here we are dear sister, is this the piece that you wanted so eagerly, so quickly you came, or was it the golden swan ornament? That is at my new residence, not as warm as Dorino, no it is not, no glowing lights, no comfortable neighbors in their empty houses, so empty, so full. But it is nice indeed, so very very nice." His attention is mostly set on Miriam now that he's found her... but he does take the time to address Caliga once again. "Oh how rude of me, so shameful, so silly. Dear Miriam, dear sister, this is mr jacket. He is paying me for a job I am already doing, isn't he so nice?"

Miriam takes the necklace from Zarek's hands as its offered to her, dangling it between her thing fingers. She turns it over and looks to Caliga, "So beautiful." She says, without overly much expression in her voice. She wasn't sure if the voices were telling her the truth this time, but for once they haven't lied to her, she has punished a lot of things to get here, and some have punished her, but here she is, which is the place she needed to be. Or was it wanted? Either way, she's here now. She looks over to Caliga, still dangling the necklace from her fingers, "Mr. Jacket sounds rich, is he rich?" She says, addressing the question towards Caliga rather than her brother.

"Its Caliga, Miss Miriam." Caliga seems to chuckle, noticing that the oddness surely has to be in the genepool with these two. He reaches once more into his jacket, and pulls out a medium sized sack. He tosses it towards Zarek, as the sack has a slight amount of heft within it. "An advance on your payment from Mei for the next two months. So be sure to refuse her politely when she tries to pay. You've already gotten your first payment from me."

Zarek is eager to put his hands on Caliga's sack, snatching it up with one hand, allowing his body to spin with the momentum for a turn or so before stopping himself abruptly with his cane, weighing the bag carefully as he peeks the bag open with his other hand "Ah, how generous, paying in advance, so thoughtful, so honest. Honest people are the best after all, indeed they are. 'I will not fight you' they say, 'you are just a pawn' they say. But they all die, so dead, so sad so very sad." He says, off in his own little conversation. He returns back to Miriam's attention now. She's the whole reason he kills things. That and it's fun.... Miriam's never minded before, after all. "Of course it is beautiful, did you think your brother would get you something unbeautiful, so ugly, so hideous? No no, only the best for my dear sister. She is unwed you know, dear sir, such a rare beauty, so tender, so delicate." He off-sides to Caliga... and by offsides he means he's literally right beside Caliga... -lit-te-ra-lly-.

There's so much to consider with real people here now, or living people, or people that aren't demons or spirits. Unless Mr. jacket is one, this is possible, one can never know, although, she supposes she does know, since Caliga isn't whispering and talking to her. Not like the dead rabbit that's running underneath the pews, she knows she's the only one that see's that as well. She's very good at seeing such things. ... These words having hung out in her brain for a span of time, she looks back to the necklace dangling between her fingers, "Never, dear brother." She says, wondering if any dolls will be forthcoming, but her brother is working, even know, always working so very hard. Isn't he impressive? Her head lolls to look at Caliga, though she says nothing to him.

"Oh, while I will admit she is quite beautiful, I'm afraid she doesn't peak my intrest. I'm still techncially married to Mei. Even if she may hate me." Caliga seems to chuckle at this for a moment, before turing to move towards the entrance of the church. "I look forward to seeing how you fend off the oncoming entertainment Z. I do hope my money was well spent."

Zarek bows oh so deeply once more, grinning his unsettling grin as he stands upright, offering his arm to Miriam as he says "Alas, dear sister, mr jacket thinks your scar is unappealing. Perhaps he prefers little girls then, so scandalous, so horrible." Geez, try not finding his sister appealing again! "Very well, mr jacket, in 2 days, I shall meet this interesting handsome man. Maybe he will like Miriam, she is still available you know, so lovely, enjoying long walks on the beach and knitting in her chair indeed. And if he does, he will die. And if he does not he will die. For he -will- die, so assuredly, so certainly." the deranged assassin is in high spirits it seems, offering the sack -o- swag to his sister "Ah, a sample of what awaits you when we arrive at home dear sister, do you miss Dorino? You've been gone so long, indeed you have, so no, no I do suppose Dorino was boring, so boring and lifeless."

Miriam turns her hand left and right, the necklace dangling back and forth between her fingers, before she looks but doesn't take the sack Zarek holds out towards her She looks inside, eyes passing along all of the beautiful things contained therein. Her brother must of went to much effort to obtain these for her, or is doing so now. Either way, it's very kind of him. He's a good person in that way. She looks at Caliga, shaking her head, "Little children are not for touching." She says in a minor scolding tone, "The places you stay after you leave are unpleasant." She adds a moment later, though what she's referring too is hard to interpret.

"Always good advice." Caliga seems to turn and grin towards Zarek, before blowing a kiss towards Miriam. "Enjoy your trinkets Miss Miriam. I will see you in two days time, Master Zarek. Don't disapoint me. However, do try not to lose any limbs." With that, Caliga suddenly vanishes, as the attendents of the church slowly start to become more noticeable.

Zarek nods in agreement with his sister as she points out that children aren't for touchin's "So true dear sister, he truly is -that- kind of person, mr pervert is, indeeed he is." The deranged assassin twirls his cane with fervor now as Caliga bamfs out with a warning to not disappoint. And Zarek has no intention to. He's lost a few limbs. Usually they grow back... usually... "Ah but sister, I do try to come home often, indeed I do, but this and that and then I must go looking for you again, for you wander off so suddenly, so curious, so hard to find."

Miriam turns her head towards Zarek as he addresses her. "Yes, it's true. There are many people who want my attention, even now." She turns and looks over to the exit of the church, taking a step towards it, then looks down at her feet, "Is the new home beautiful, brother? Do I have a beautiful room with beautiful things that are beautiful?" She asks, and then suddenly, she's gone as quickly as she appeared, the light moan of spirits echoing through the church.

Zarek nods "Of course dear Miriam is always popular, so popular, so hard to find a nice man for..." He contemplates this turn of events, rubbing his chin for... quite a while... Those synapses can take a while to fire sometimes. As he turns to answer Miriam's new question, he finds... she's gone. "Ah, dear sister has lost interest again, so fickle, so tricky dear sister. Ahh I suppose I shall have to find a new item to catch her attention again, indeed, so expensive my dear sister." He contemplates before staring at the statues with a slack jawed expression, grip on his cane loosening up to the point of almost dropping it.... Before calmly takking his cane on the ground, placing his bowler back upon his head and dissappearing in a blur and woosh of air throughout the room.

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