2009-05-30 (PreU) A hen with some gunpowder?

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A hen with some gunpowder?

Summary: elle and Arali rush over to Mei's house come morning to warn Mei of the impending doom.

Who: Arali, Bellerophon, Mei
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: [Tidal Citadel] Study


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[Tidal Citadel] Study

Elegant, a flag with a gorgoneion is hung behind a high backed mahogany chair. The desk itself appears to be made of some magical material, the surface free of clutter beyond quills and a plain journal. The walls are lined thickly, with leather bound volumes. Infront of the desk, two highback silver upholstered chairs are present, facing the desk, a chair between them with a brandy decanter, a human skull and two glasses. Roses are often placed in the window sill, filling the room with pleasant scents. A large painting of a dark skinned woman with serpent hair wearing a bra and skirt carrying a spear and a shield is on the wall.

Mei is settled, in the window seat. She's holding a piece of paper to her chest, smiling softly. Her books however are stacked a bit hap hazardly around the room from the floor, some with delivery tags meaning she'd just purchased them recently. Her hand extends, putting the drawwing on the wall. Its .. a strange flowing crayon drawing. Probably by Lakshmi. Mei is treating it like the greatest treasure in existence.

Belle knocks on the door, leaning in. "Mei?" Without really waiting to be asked in, Belle stands in the middle of the room, facing her friend. "I need to talk to you." Her face is somber, and serious. Even the lighthearted smile in her eyes are gone, and she feels tense and worried.

Mei pauses a bit "Please, come in. Have some tea and cookies. It isn't much but it should ease your mood." Mei shifts, sitting up properly. Her ears twitter a little "Have.. I done something rude to get you this way, or .. did I leave food that is against your cultural policies and offends you?" she asked, looking seriously concerned.

Behind Belle, the purple-skinned Twi'lek follows. She does offer a precursory glance around the room, always having felt most at home among books...but there are much more pressing matters at hand than books. When she speaks, her voice is gentle, yet her face is hard. "No, Mei...you've not done anything wrong." She closes her eyes. "You are in danger..."

Belle laughs softly, "Lord, of course not. But," the jovial expression is gone. "This has nothing to do with customs. It has to do with your ex-husband." Belle finds a chair, postioning it to face Mei, as close as she can without sitting on books. She nods as if to confirm Ara's comment. "He came to us last night, in the form of a young teenage boy."

Mei's smile forms, warmly "I am always in danger. I do not worry about it. Oh he showed up as the boy again. Quite odd behavior from an ancient entity. I would try to forget him if I were you, his antics are simply around to get you worked up and upset. He's.. a very strange unsensible man." she offered, voice staying light hearted and warm. She .. doesn't seem worried at all. She does however pour the herbal tea, neatly, for both visitors. "If I was to worry about every little thing that could harm me. I do fear I'd be catatonic in a ball."

Belle says, "He said he's coming to kill you and take Lami."

Arali nods silently. She remains silent, preferring to allow Belle to tell the rest. She's not good with words.

Jason has finally woken up, and had made his way from the Enclave and has begun to come to Mei's place. He's At the entry way awaiting to be admitted.

There, Belle said it. The basis of the whole thing. "He told us in 2 days time, he would come for you. He also brought a Jedi with him, dropping him off it seems, as he left. Master Bishop Guyan. He and Master Talben will be putting together a plan for Lami and your safety. He feels very capalble, and I think we should trust him." She looks down at her hands, wringing them harshly as she did so many weeks ago. "Between just Arali and I, though, we will do everything we can to make sure this horrible thing doens't happen." She looks up at Mei, feeling her out.

Mei clears her throat. "Well, if he's set on it, I will surely die." she offered, rubbing her head. "If it is my time, you should not interfere." she bows her head, just gently. She seems more at peace with the notion than she should. "I would suggest not going up against Caliga." she murmured, her fingers dipping into her blouse to pull out a vial, her dark eyes concentrating on it. "I would prefer none of you involved in this personal fued. Caliga will rip you to shreds and .. I could not stand the idea of it being my fault. even if I lived.. would it be worth it?" Her face shows definite sadness at the news now. "Spare yourselves the pain. I am not worth your blood." she shifts, fidgetting. It is clear rather unpleasant notions are running through her head.

In the first act of emotion since she arrived, Arali suddenly sweeps down, wrapping Mei into a tight hug. "Mei...I have already lost my Master, and thousands have died in part thanks to me." One lekku snakes forward, touching Mei's hairsnake. "I've already made my decision. I will gladly give my life to protect you...you are a kind and loving soul, and I could not bear losing you, too." She remains silent for a moment, closing her eyes, before she releases the hug. "Nothing you can say will change my mind, Mei...I will protect you until I am no longer able to."

Belle says, "No." Belle moves through the books and finds a spot next to Mei. "I for one will not just stand aside and watch him strike you down, and tear Lami away from you. You are my friend. What about that beautiful little girl? Is she not worth it enough to stay alive and help her grow? Watch her become the woman you want her to be?" Belle nods at Ara's blatent emotion, agreeing completly.

Mei's arms go around Arali, gently, holding her close. A very clear and soft look on her face. "I am quite sure my will would be respected, as no one would want a quiet little girl who doesn't talk to anyone who is unwarm." she gently nuzzles Arali. "I'll be alright, really, I'm ... not nearly as helpless as everyone seems to think.. although.. facing Caliga.. would be troublesome. Perhaps I should seek out the man who nearly landed him in a coma.. or perhaps I should take the path of least resistance and prevent your injuries. I.. I cannot let you stand up to Caliga. He is not flesh and blood." she shakes her head.. "I.. suppose I should consort with Mother Echidna.." she whispered, her expression dry, if the two are paying attention deep sadness is visible on her face. "Its a shame I used my centenial wish to aid him in recovery.."

Belle fiddles with a part of her skirt. Something felt very off in the speechs that Caliga gave last night. Master Guyan said that Caliga -wouldn't- kill Mei. Aside from that, Caliga seemed to change the feeling mid story. First he was taking her and killing her, then the next he was testing the Gurdians, and then he said something about being stuck in another world? Belle wringes her hands as she mulls it over in her mind. "Please Mei, do not insult us by refusing our feelings, love and concern. This is not your choice. It's ours. And we -will- do whatever we can to make sure nothing happens" Belle's eyes remain downcast as she continues picking apart the threads of last nights conversation. Her pose is uneasy, and it's obvious that something is bothering her, but most would assume it's the threat.

Arali closes her eyes, breathing deeply. "I will not simply stand by and watch you come to harm, Mei. I refuse to. This is my own wish...I can not simply stand by and watch someone whom I have come to care for be brought to harm, or killed, again." She reaches out, running her fingers along a book. "Master Odan-Urr was a scholar...a kind man. When he died, I was forced to stand by, unable to do anything. I won't do that again. I would sooner die." She doesn't give voice to her thoughts...that she would do anything to prevent this from happening...the dark side never held such temptations before now...

Mei mms a bit. She gently draws Belle into her arms, holding the second girl against her shoulder, her fingers rubbing. "Did you stop to think my protection is how I show my love?" she takes a moment, eyes closed as she rubs her cheek in against Arali, trying to soothe her. "Caliga.. could blast my middle to the point of a human's death, rip my limbs off, and disentegrate my legs or whatever he aims to do. It wouldn't kill me. It would hurt very badly and take a long time to heal, but it wouldn't kill me. I can only die a very specific way." .. Mei unlike Caliga, is smart enough not to go spilling how to kill her. "I still don't quite get why he'd want to kill me. I've made sure not to go around spilling his secrets. I may not be able to love him anymore, but, I do respect him and understand his existence." she mumbled. "I ." Mei's heart gives off a somewhat odd flutter, "Oh bother. My protection had best not be in the hands of men. they're really all retarded beasts on a basic level.." she mumbled.

Belle straitens her shoulders, brushing back some stray hairs. She needs to talk to Master Jason and Master Guyan, and she is also very curios to see what they come up with. "Well, we've got two days, and two Jedi Masters. I have a theroy Mei, but I need to run it past Master Jason first." She picks up her skirts and hugs Mei tightly. "If anything happens, if you need someone to talk to, anything. We're right next door. Well, up and next door, but we're here for you." She taps Ara's shoulder. "I'm going back. I want to make sure there is something for the Master's to eat when they get up before heading into stratagy talks." As she heads towards the door, she stops and turns around.

The Twi'lek gently pets Mei's hair, sighing softly. "Apparently, it's some...test. Some sick, demented test...that man is dark." She frowns, and steps back as Belle turns to leave, nodding softly. "I will do everything I can to help you, Mei...as will Belle, as will Master Jason." She then nods silently. "Mei, we need you and Lakshmi to come with us. I for one will not allow you to go unprotected, with this looming threat...we will set up a room for you and your daughter at the Enclave. I won't take no for an answer." She smiles weakly to the gorgon girl.

Mei shakes her head "Honey, Caliga is grey. He isn't light or dark. He's just a very bored lonely old man. As troubled as I am, I assure you he is not all bad." she reaches, stroking Arali's lekku. "I do not stay in the enclave because of the danger I have put myself in. It is my fault this is happening because I fell so hardly in love with him. Don't think too harshly of him. He's always going to be important to me. Even now that he wishes me dead he has a large part of me with him and I have it in me. I can't cut it off or seal it away no matter how hard I try." Mei's eyes water, the left one giving off a bit of blood instead of tears. Since it isn't her eye.

Belle says, "I wish you'd understand that if we didn't care that we wouldn't be putting ourselves through this. It's all for you and that little girl. " Belle turns and leaves the room, letting Ara and Mei finish their discussion without her.

Arali closes her eyes, nodding. "If you will not come to the Enclave, then I will stay here with you." she smiles weakly once more, her lekku twitching in response to Mei's touch. "I will not allow you to be alone until this has come to pass...however it may happen."

Mei mms a bit "I suppose I should give you two gifts. while I appreciate concern.. when the world thought I was dead.. no one looked or investigated. I had to lay with my newborn and suffer heart wrenching sadness at being attacked on that sacred day. I have a hard time believing in such. Its .. common apparently for women like me who give themselves whole heartedly to be taken advantage of and left to loneliness, thats all. " she murmured, seemingly having a hard time grasping that the two actually care.

Arali tilts her head to the side. "Mei...I do not give love easily. It has been trained out of me since I was a child. I care for you deeply, and had I known you back then, I would have been with you, helped you as much as I could. I'm sure Belle would say the same, as well as Jason. You are truly loved, Mei, I just wish I could get you to see..." She frowns. "Please come back with us to the Enclave...we want so badly to protect you...it's almost frustrating that you do not wish to accept." She smiles sadly.

Mei sighs a bit "Fine.. but.. I'm going to go get some comfort items." Mei heads off, taking a few journals with her. And soon returning with a medium sized bag of things Oh, and a sleeping little girl. Who is oddly enough in carbuncle pajamas, complete with ears! Mei clears her throat "Maybe I am hesitant to take help because .. so many of my friends go away or shun me to turn away to darkness. I can't bare that pain, I'd rather be stabbed with ten thousand swords." she whispered quietly.

Arali smiles softly, looking relieved as Mei agrees to join them at the Enclave. "Of course, I expected you to pack some belongings." She waits as Mei goes to get her comfort items, smiling as Mei brings Lakshmi. "She is beautiful." She listens to Mei, and nods slowly. "Understandable...but we are Jedi. We will never abandon you." She bows. "Please, let's go to the enclave..."

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