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Summary: Taking a short break from all his Duties Jason has Lunch in the UR gym, meets two friends, two old, another new. Later has dinner With Mei, her Teacher Skeeve, And hooks up with kyle and later helps him complete construction of his First Lightsaber.

Who: Alessandra, Faith, Jason_Talben, Kyle, Mei, Skeeve
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: The UR:Gym, Jedi Enclave

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Jason is in the Gym not working out, not sparing, not, meditating. No, he's watching a few holograms battle it out with various styles of marshal arts. He's got a Ring side seat as he is eating of all things a bowl of mint chocolate ship ice cream. The two combatants he is watching are none other then Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

A young girl, with a bo staff attatched to her back by a strap, and a bag at her side, steps into the UR's gym, blinking silently at the hologram fight before her. "No way...Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris?" She giggles. "My heroes." She knows it's a hologram, but it's still seriously awesome. She glances over at Jason, and gestures to the seat next to him. "Is this seat taken?"

Jason smiles as he hears the girl giggling and he nods, "Of it's not taken. Please join me, ah you know of them. I been doing some research of earth culture, and from information I had been able to gather these two are renowned as two of the greatest fighters on earth." he says Jason clearly looks and sounds human, but there is no doubt he's not from earth. "Jason Talben, pleasure to meet you." he offers his hand to Alessandra.

Faith steps into the gym carring what looks like a mass produced katana that you'd find at any flea market and sighs, "Damn, I was hoping to get some practice in before anyone else got here." she mumbles to herself, then just lurks at the doorway and kinda peers at the fight.

Alessandra grins. "I'm from Earth, and I bet I could give them a run for their money." She removes the Bo Staff, setting it down gently on the ground. Strange, there's an odd metallic clinking from within the staff. "I WISH I could have met Bruce Lee before he died, though. He totally revolutionized the way we do martial arts, and fitness in general, on earth." She seats herself next to Jason, leaning back in her seat.

Jason looks over to Faith as she enters the place and says, "Oh they're holograms, I was doing some research of earth's warriors." he says and as he finishes his Ice Cream a Skutter wheels in to take the bowl away as Jason actually thanks the Robot. "If you would like to shut the program down and run your own, by all means." he says. "I had read of Bruce lee and his contributions, most of what he has introduced is known to my universe."

Faith shrugs and motions to the sword she is carrying, "I'm just kinda teaching myself to use this thing. Rather not embarass myself in front of an audience thank you, so I'll wait till you're done." No need to mention the last time she tried one of those katas on the scrolls she was given that she cut all her clothing off of her own body...

Alessandra giggles. "Oh, I know they're holograms. I could probably, at the very least, stand a chance against Bruce Lee in a fight...then again, I've been training in martial arts since I could fit into the uniforms." She smiles brightly, standing and slipping her shoes off, then removing the long-sleeve shoulderless shirt she wears, revealing a tank top. She puts this on top of her bag, and moves over to the holographic projector, peering at the buttons thoughtfully.

Jason nods at Faith as he says, "Ah, if you wanted a sparing partner I would be more then willing." watching as Alessandra get up and head over to the control he takes a moment to look the staff over for a moment both with his eyes and the Force. Looking up at alessandra. "They are impressive fighters, and some of the best are those who trained from extreme young age." he comments.

Faith shrugs, "My problem is more trying to learn the forms from some scrolls I was given than needing to spar."

Jason nods as he says, "Ah, text reading, interesting, if you wanted I might be able to give them a look see if I could help you." Jason doesn't seem to be bothered by Faith's inner darkness. He casually looks over at Alessandra to see what she is doing for the moment. Before lifting up a diet soda for a drink.

Alessandra smiles softly. "They're amazing fighters." She punches a few buttons, and the hologram of Chuck Norris dissapears, leaving Bruce Lee standing in the center of the sparring area, waiting for Alessandra to join him. She steps out from behind the console and into the center, promptly doing a few stretches to warm her muscles up. "This should be fun. I don't expect to win, but it'll be a good learning experience." . Faith raises an eyebrow at Jason, "You read ancient Japanese?" she wonders.

Jason looks over at Faith, "No, I don't. But I am sure I could learn reasonably fast. When you speak, read, and write numerous languages, tends to be fairly easy to pick up new ones." he says "Besides learning with someone makes it easier, you can both laugh at each other's mistakes." he says with a good natured jest.

Faith snorts, "The... person... who gave me the scrolls decided to just stick the knowledge of how to read it into my head to 'save time'."

Jason looks over at Faith, "Oh, That wasn't smart. Just because they gave you the knowledge doesn't give you the experience of using it, all it's extreme subtleties. My sympathies." he says and watches as Alessandra is getting ready for her sparing with her hero.

Faith says, "Well, since it's for reading scrolls, it'll probably be okay. I'm not likely to accidently call someone a psycho slut when I meant to tell them their shoes are untied or something."

The black-haired girl finishes her stretches, standing and sliding into an effortless stance, facing Bruce Lee's hologram. All is silent for a moment...then, suddenly, the two simultaneously launch at each other. Both easily block each other's attacks, a twisting mass of human limbs flying at one another. Both are excruciatingly fast, for humans. Both are talented fighters, the only difference being a lack of experience on Alessandra's part.

Jason nods and says, "ok, Point." and he leans back to watch Alessandra as she spars. He is picking up the way she moves, and counters. He would offer advice on how to improve, but he's not about to ruin her sparing with Lee. "Not bad at all is she?" he asks faith as Lee might very well be the more experienced fight, given when Jason set him up it was at the height of his skill and power.

Faith shakes her head, "Nope, not bad. " she cocks her head to the side as she peers at the fight.

Bruce Lee does manage to land a few hits on Alessandra, and she in turn manages to land a few hits on him. They are in pure sparring mode, so they pull their punches, but even so, if an untrained person were to get involved with this, they would, at least, get a few bruises... [Spoofed By: Alessandra]

Jason nods as he picks up the basics of the fighting style and watching with rapt fascination starts to wonder how he would do against the master of martial arts with out use of his force powers. Shouldn't bee too hard for him to stand a change. "impressive both of them." he comments and leans back.

Faith shrugs a bit at that, "I'm not really into that kind of fighting. Most of the things I fight aren't really into fancy martial arts."

Jason nods as he asks, "Sort of street fighting, anything goes?" he asks off hand of faith.

The sparring match continues for what seems to be a long time, sweat starting to give both fighters a sheen to their skin. It seems, for the most part, to be an almost even match, with Bruce having an advantage due to his strength and experience. However, Alessandra is eventually knocked to the ground by a well-placed kick to the solar plexus. She coughs a bit, sitting up to catch her breath, before standing and bowing to Bruce Lee.

Faith nods, "Yeah, street fighting would be a good description for it. And you pretty much use anything you can get your hands on as a weapon."

Jason nods and says. "Most dangerous style of fighting too, never know what to expect." he comments. Jason looks as the fight is don and there he claps his hands a few times and says. "Impressive, most impressive." he is naturally referring to Alessandra as he finishes off that soda of his.

The hologram flickers and dissipates, and a sweaty Alessandra begins a cool-down session of stretches, smiling. "Not as bad as I thought it would be...I must be better than I thought I was." She giggles a bit, sliding down into the splits.

Faith nods a bit to Jason, "Works really well when the combatants are trying to kill each other."

Jason smiles and nods, "I normally prefer to incapacitate those who fight with me. Be surprised how effective it is to take out some one's right elbow and left knee." he does notice the figure of Alessandra and for a moment those primitive impulses rise up as he shakes his head pushing them out of his mind and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Alessandra is currently in the splits on the floor of the sparring area, touching her toes on each side. Her skin shines with sweat, and it appears she has been exerting herself. "Oh, I am quite aware of how effective that can be. In my world...I can't get into a fight unless it's self defense, otherwise it would be considered assault with a deadly weapon." She smiles.

Faith says, "Most of my fights don't really have the option of just subduing them..."

Mei sorta blips in. wearing a purple feathered hat and her normal black dress, although her leggings are missing. "MM.." she yawns, sort of floating to visit Jason. She balances on a large weight, and takes a moment to fold her legs, her petite frame stretching out. "Good Morning!"

Jason nods as he says, "Regrettable when they force that issue, but with some sadly you can do nothing less then kill. Yes one should never strike first, unless of course you know it's now good." he comments Looking over as MEi comes in he smiles, "Good after noon Mei, it's good to see you again." he says to his friend.

Alessandra slips out of the splits, performing one last stretch, before returning to her seat next to Jason, smiling at Mei. "Hello, Mei! Good to see you again. I love the hat!" She looks thoughtfully at the hat the girl wears, rubbing her chin. "...Isn't that Mr. Skeeve's? I'm sure I saw him wearing it last time I saw him..."

Mei's hands go to her hat. "Its still morning.. I just climbed out of bed." she commented, sorta brushing her hair down. "Mm thought you were dead." she commented off handedly towards Faith, giving a finger wave before waving to Alessandra, a bright smile on her face. "Jason, always teaching." she commented, quietly Her fingers move to float an over sized exercise ball out of the supplies, rolling it slowly along the floor to her feet. She hops up onto it, standing on the ball, hands on her ass as she walks forward. "When your lesson is complete, I would very much like a bit of your time." she points at Alessandra "Why yes, yes it is Mister Skeeve's. I wonder when he'll notice I've taken it." she murmured, her grin showing. "You're just attaching to all my teachers, aren't you?" she eyes "Careful around Skeeve, he gets frisky." she warned.

Alessandra giggles softly. "I just met Jason here. He was watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fight. I got beaten by Bruce Lee...I wonder if I'll get beaten by Chuck Norris whenever I try that, too." She smiles at Mei. At her remark about Skeeve, she blushes a bit. "Well...I kinda have my sights set on someone else...he's really sweet, and is a bit closer to my age group." She goes bright red, and busies herself with pulling a towel out of her bag, wiping the sweat from her skin.

Jason looks over at Mei, as she says, "Actually I was watching some Holograms battle it out when the two ladies here entered into the gym. I was in the middle of a bowl of ice cream, and a soda." he says. Listening to Alessandra and Mei talk, and how Mei swapped Skeeve's hat. Jason instantly gives off a mock shock. "Mei, I am surprised, Taking things that don't belong to you. I'll need to discipline you." and then he lifts up his finger and shakes it at her a good ten or twelve times. and then he says, "And for good measure." shakes it three more times with a over dramatic motion. "let that be a lesson to you...." he says trying to keep himself composed but failing as a smile cracks his mouth, "You do look wonderful in the hat." he says with a chuckle.

Mei giggles, covering her lips. "Skeeve is an old man." she grins at Jason and chuckles "If he didn't want things to vanish, he would not of given me a key to his house and pretty much his guest room." she offered, laughing. "Chuck. What a weird ass name." she eyes Alessandra "Still in your 'different crush every week' phase, eh?" she shifts over to wrap both arms around Jason's shoulders from behind, leaning to whisper in his ear. "I fear I am being watched lately. I'm hoping I am mistaken."

Jason hugs MEi back as a friend and smiles having heard her whisper and nods to her, "Well Mei I was wondering if perchance you might be willing to spend time at the enclave. There have been some complaints on the cooking, or rather my cooking. And I could use some lessons after all the wonderful meals you had treated me too. I assure you there is plenty of room, and if you want I could let you and Lakshmi have one of the Empty Quarters of the jedi masters." he offers Her. Truth be told Jason doesn't really know how to cook.

Mei leans to pause "I visit your enclave daily. I can work more in the kitchen if its wanted." She rubs her cheek on Jason's shoulder, her ears twittering. "I just spent yesterday at Skeeve's because I felt nervous and needed to unwind." she murmured. "But I very much like my own house. Its right next door. I don't think you'd appreciate my late night shenanigans." she offered, smiling, a pause however escapes. "Are you worried I am not practicing enough or?" she asked, a little concern in her tone.

Jason looks over at Mei and says, "No I am not worried about your training, or practicing. I was thinking getting some cooking lessons on my part. The enclave is a place of safety and protection." he says and laughs, "Oh I doubt anyone would mind a couple of jokes here and there." And then he attempts to send a message to Mei Telepathically through the Force. Jason whispers, "I will take care, and see if this is true, I will not allow harm to come to you." to Mei.

Mei's ear flicks a bit "I .. spent time with a council member yesterday. I can't be sure if it was a coincidence or something else." she offered. Her fingers move to her hair. "Well thats why Lakshmi and I have been over with Skeeve." she murmured. She smiles a bit and shifts, to float her weight down from the ball to rest on her feet. "Skeeve thinks you're doing a fine job with the fencing lessons."

Jason nods as he says "I see, well if you want for your own well being, you are more then welcome to stay at the Enclave. Mind if I ask who it was you ran into, some one with a bad attitude?" Jason is starting to come to the conclusion that the TASK council may need to be disbanded and a new one instated. His own order while it help great power in the republic, was never above the law.

Mei shakes her head. "I met with Nancy, who is very ... strange feeling." Mei offered. She seems to take a few breaths. "I would rather not drag you into my dealings too deep, Jason." she offered, calmly. She offers a moment to take a chocolate from her blouse, unwrapping it to stick it in her mouth. "I don't think Nancy would do anything beyond information gather on me. She's very nervous, and has a warmth under the loneliness."

Jason nods as he says, "Perhaps, perhaps not. Like you I am not entirely Fond of the council. You have mentioned someone I should get in touch with, Who was it?" he asks Mei. Jason is trying to formulate a plan to try and get a local government up and running perhaps with a police force and maybe some military to help protect the city.

Faith says, "Jack thought it wasn't safe for us here, so portaled a few of us out to another dimension for our safety. I'm just now getting back here to poke around and look for those of us that didn't go with him."

Mei mms a bit "Tyler Everett." she offers an address card from her hair, lazily. She sways a bit. " I would be careful what is said aloud, Jason. You'll get your hands stained too dark to ever fade." Mei warned, quietly. Her eyes close as she listens to a song, noticeably listening to it for the moment, soon picking up the lyrics to sing along with faintly, moving with graceful sways of hier hips. "In blinded mind you are singing A glorious hallelujah The distant flutter of angels They're all too far, too far to reach for you" Mei's voice sings out, her hands moving in symbolic language. "It will never be safe in twisted. In safety we fade to nothingness, Faith. However, when civilization fades, its that balance we crave."

Jason takes the card and says, "I'll be sure to look for him. As for stained hands, we all have our burdens to bear. Mine is to protect others, to help them grow, survive, and become better tomorrow." he says. HE listens to Faith and comments, "Well I hope I'll see jack again soon, perhaps if some of my plans come to fruition."

Faith shakes her head, "I don't think he'll ever show back up here."

Jason nods to Mei and Faith "Pity. Well Mei, I'm pleased your elder teacher in happy with the lessons I have taught you." and he leans back trying to figure out how to accomplish his goal. Jason clearly has some worry about him as he seems semi lost in thought.

Mei mms a bit "That is foolishness. Not my problem, however." Mei stated firmly. Mei's ears twitch, her toes tap as she to takes a comb out, brushing her hair. "I am on a fool's errand, I tell you." she watches Jason, her ears flicking a little. "Maybe you don't care about Twisted, but damn it. I can't go back to some other realm, Twisted IS my home." she stated, stamping her foot. "Abandoning a place because it isn't what you wanted isn't really an acceptable." her hands go to her chest. "I will die here if I can, its where I've placed my roots to grow. I wish to grow old here and.. I have a family here. Its what matters to me." Mei seems absolutely adamant about that to her.

Faith shrugs, "I think the whole think the whole thing with that guy in green that day at the hospital got to him."

Jason nods as he says, "I am not about to leave the people of Twisted to their fate here either, I have to do something to improve their quality of life." and he listens more to Mei preaching as he comments to Faith, "Guy in Green?"

Faith says, "Yeah, calls himself Parallax or some shit. Looks like he got mugged by gay leprechauns with a spandex fetish if you ask me."

Mei pfts. "You can't give up on something because it isn't how you want it to be. That is exactly the uppity bitch behavior that got Twisted this way!" she yelled suddenly. "You cannot simply leave somewhere willingly because it isn't what you wanted. If it comes to it I will die for this place because gods above and below this place is a wonderful shining gem of existence and the most simultaneously wonderful and horrible place I have ever been. You're a fucking quiter. All that talk about being tough? You don't fucking know tough. You know how to run away better than me. I'm a god damn coward and you top me. I may be a coward but I have pride for tomorrow and courage to try to do what I can. Sure Twisted isn't some shangri-la but its home. I will not run from this existence even though it is NOT the existence I wanted." Mei's expression is dark and angry at Faith. Her body turns, taking a deep breath, fingers clenching hard. She releases, allowing gentle washing of her inner existence.

Jason listens to Mei as he places his hand upon hers to help calm Mei down as he says, "Relax Mei, Relax. Everyone has a right to their opinions, Hell even I some times just can not take the stress and need to retreat for a while. We will make Twisted better, I promise you. It will just take some time to accomplish it." he looks over at faith and almost pleading with her not to feed into the fight.

Mei noticeably quivers. her hands going up to her face, she lets out an annoyed screech when Faith leaves. "If people viewed Twisted as a home instead of just another crossroads... maybe it wouldn't be bad." she whispered, ears flattened as she puts both hands on her face. "I ... I ... loathe that shitty behavior."

Jason watches as Faith suddenly leaves as he listens to Mei's screech and he shrugs his shoulders, "Well some people can't view this place as a home." he says and leans back, "I know for a fact it was hard for me to come to think of it as a home. But when I saw how so many people need some measure of strength and security here I had to stay to help them." . Mei's hands cover her face more and she shifts in to lean on his chest. "Its harder.. to not view it as a home when its all you got." she whispered, her weight shaking with either rage or hurt from the concept that no one cares. "Maybe .. this isn't a huge deal to anyone else.. but a birthplace is an important place. Lakshmi was born here. This IS her home world." she whispered, her eyes closed.

Jason wraps his arms around Mei and holds her, "It's alright Mei, it's ok. I promise you this place will start to improve soon." and he nuzzles Mei's cheek and kisses her forehead.

Mei's arms shift to hug, lightly, just leaning "Its an uphill battle. Even if I could go to the place I came from, I don't want to. " she whispered, just resting her face on Jason, eyes closing "Wanna go make some comfort food?"

Jason nods to Mei and says "I would love to go get something to eat." and he will let Mei lead the way as he keeps his senses open for anything that might tell they are being watch.

Mei leads Jason away, to the enclave it seems. Her motions are a lot more graceful than normal. As if she's been very deliberately trying to be less awkward.

Enclave Garden Nestled just outside of the enclave is a complex, neatly organized garden. The plants are kept neatly but somewhat unweeded. A wooden deck with a bit of an over hang has a wooden plaque listing the plants and what they do. Everything from medicinal herbs to cilantro to simple roses. Despite the weeds peaking in the garden is well kept.

Small fae float in and out because well, its what the fae do. A shed houses supplies off to a side. The smell of the garden is somewhat intoxicating and welcomes you to stay. A large plant with enourmous leaves is set up to make a garden seating area for human-sized visitors, a large fragrant bloom functioning as the table.

Off to a side are beautiful springs with somewhat green tinted water. Hot and perfect for healing aching muscles. The water should one need it, does infact soothe weariness and wash away aches. In the dusk hour, small lanterns light by a magical force and keep the pools well enough lit to have a pleasant atmosphere and invite conversation.

Skeeve chuckles a little, leaning back into Mei's hands, as he alights onto the ground. "Oh, nothing important. I got thrown out of a museum for interrupting a tour group." He clears his throat. "With a fireball."

Mei... snorts, laughing at Skeeve, watching the brick BBQ pit lazily "You really are a pest. Let me put some supper on and you can tell me what it is you were after, my dear." she murmured, bending down to kiss Skeeve right on the cheek. Mei stands up straight, headed back to the large plate of meat to float the pieces up, and lay it out ; she appears to be cooking chicken breasts of the boneless variety. THis whole 'lift shit with your mind' thing? Great. She doesn't have to touch raw chicken!

Skeeve grins a little at that, leaning in to peer over Mei's shoulder. "So what're we after?"

Mei snorts "What is it you were trying to nab at the museum, Skeeve?" she eyes his face. "I'm making my special barbequed chicken.. I assume you'll be wanting some." she murmured, leaning to cheek rub with Skeeve, taking her brush to float it to the further away pieces and apply the soy based sauce. When it hits the hot chicken a heavy ginger garlic smell rises up This coating is lightest..

The place is calm as a figure comes out into the garden. There Standing in his trademark black robes Jason Talben comes out into the open. "Welcome to the Jedi Enclave Skeeve is it? It's a pleasure to finally meet one of Mei's other teachers after all this time." he says, "Good evening Mei."

Kyle seems a rather average looking guy in his early twenties. He stands six feet tall, his build rather average. Very little about his face stands out, not the type that would stand out too much in a crowd. His one striking feature are brilliant emerald green eyes. His blond hair is an unkempt mess on his head, usually held back out of his face by a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses perched on his head. He wears pretty casual clothing, usually a pair of roughed up old jeans and a drak green tee-shirt. His one constant is that he always wears a rather beat up old leather jacket, in faact he rarely takes it off. One oddity is he wears a belt with a holster, holding some style of high-tech heavy blaster pistol, a modified and customized one at that. The belt also holds a few back up energy cells. A strange technological gauntlet covers his left forearm, his entire right arm is in another gauntlet of similar design, but goes all the way up to his shoulder. The right gauntlet has vents along it and is a bit bulkier around the forarm, and above his hand the gauntlet has a single lens. Carrying nothing. (Currency: 2 EXP)

Skeeve smiles a little at that. "Oh, nothing special. THey just wouldn't stop talking int he planetarium." He looks up as Jason Talben comes in. Unconsciously, he straightens up, offers a hand out to the other man. "Yes, Skeeve Plowse. It's nice to meet you; I've heard a lot about you."

Mei's expression is cheerful and warm as she waves to Talben, working on dinner still it seems. She chuckles a bit and takes the brush in hand to brush a few more of the pieces of chicken, using her arm. One point of concern might be that she's actually leaning on the hot metal to do this. No sign on her face gives away discomfort.

Jason smiles as he Shakes hands with Skeeve and when he hears about how Skeeve was told about him Jason instantly says, "What ever it is, what ever it was, What ever was done. I didn't do it, it's all lies. Didn't do a thing." he says and looks left then right as if expecting spies about.... Still after a bit he cracks a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Sorry I have a weird sense of humor."

Kyle heads in, probably only a bit behind Jason. Though not close enough to actually enter with him. He's got his nose buried in a book, and an older looking one at that. He flips the page as he continues to walk along, surprisingly not bumping into anything. He does look up as he finally comes into the garden though, raising a brow. "Hey there."

Skeeve pats Mei lightly on the shoulder, with a grin. "It's wonderful to actually meet a Jedi with one for once." He blinks, looks down at Mei's arm. "Doesn't that hurt?"

Mei ers a bit "Not especially." she commented, blinking and holding her arm up for Skeeve, showing him the only slightly pinkened skin. She snickers "I'm kind of heat-friendly." she murmured towards Skeeve. "Also I'm actively channeling water there.. " she offered, grinning lopsidedly. Her Ears twitch as she steps back to hug Skeeve tightly, expression bright and warm.

Jason looks down to Mei and he is also wondering if Mei was in pain as he says, "Evening Kyle, Seems Mei is cooking something." and he nods to Skeeve, "Yeah Lost a lot in my travels, but thankfully my sense of humor, and my Sense of Style," he says running a hand over his black robes, "was not among them." and he inhales deeply through his noses as he asks kyle, So how goes construction of your Lightsaber Kyle, and Mei, what's cooking doc?" . Kyle finds a bench to sit on. Closing his book, he sets in beside him, smiling slightly. "Oh, it's all done, just waiting for you to give it the final inspection. It was a tad more difficult that I was expecting, but fortunately aligning the gem on my gauntlet made that process go a bit faster." He looks over towards Mei, sniffing the air slightly, before he looks at Skeeve. "Hello."

Mei doesn't get the reference, obviously. She confusedly states "My special grilled barbeque chicken. The Rice and vegetables are done." she murmured, quietly. Mei looks a little bugged, her arm staying around Skeeve as she holds out her hand, lifting the chicekn to flip it, using the brush to slather a heavier coat of sauce over it. Garlic and Ginger are the heaviest scents rising, although a lot of other spices come from the brown sauce. "If it hurt I'd of moved quicker." she commented dully.

Skeeve offers a casual wave to Kyle as he enters as well. "A pleasure. Name's Skeeve." He just grins in response to Jason's claim, and remarks, "That smells quite delicious, Mei."

Jason nods to Kyle as he says, "If you want me to inspect it now I can." and when Mei misses the joke me makes it a point to treat her to the looney tunes cartoons he found. As he starts to remove his outter robes before he sits down. "Mei you will need to teach me cooking sooner or later. A number of the hopefuls here are shall we say complaining of my cooking." and he says, "Kyle here is one of my students Skeeve, He's come far very quickly. Though I suspect it is due to his natural knowledge of the force from his universe."

Mei giggles, rubbing her cheek against Skeeve. She lifts the chicken once its got sear marks, and sets it on the table. She them uncovers the rice "I can easily do that, but you may simply lack the ability" she offered, warmth in her tone.

Kyle shrugs, "Left it up in my room. So whenever you're free I guess." HE looks back over to Skeeve, "Ah, Mei's mentioned you. I'm Kyle." He looks back over to Jason, actually blushing a bit. "Nah, I just pick things up quickly."

Skeeve blinks a little at that, grinning. "I may simply lack the ability to do what?" He leans back against the stonework, folds his arms, and smiles, amused. "The pleasure's mine, Kyle, I'm sure."

Jason nods as he leans back as he says, "alright Still impressive at the rate you learned Kyle." and there he tilts his head as he heads over to a rock and after a slight kick it lifts up showing a fridge, "You three care for something to drink? I got juice, some light wine, soda, of various types." and he gets out for himself a 24 oz diet pepsi.

Mei mms a bit "You.. You lack the ability .. you know never mind." she threateningly points at the pitcher of water, raising a brow at Skeeve. She tilts to press in against Skeeve lightly before flouncing to the table. She flops down and without much conversation serves herself enough for four grown men, taking a knife to cut the chicken daintily before taking her chopsticks to whisper a small grace, shoveling in rapidly. "Something cold!" Mei holds up a hand, grinning a bit.

Kyle thinks for a minute, staring at the fridge. "You really keep things in the oddest places you know that?" He leans back on the bench. "You know, I could go for some eiswein if you have any. If not coke will do. It's been a while since I had anything to drink though."

Skeeve grins a little at that. "I'll have what she's having." He fishes out enough food to feed a bunch of people, and starts devouring it with little in the way of pomp or circumstance. "So what do jedi do for fun?"

Jason gets something cold for Mei he knows she will like, something he's seen her drinking before, Kyle will get the last Eiswein, and he'll get something for Skeeve if he asks. "You should try to find the hidden compartment in the Library, it's where I have a hundred pounds of gummie snacks." As he comes over Jason will get himself a decent sized meal for him self. "What do I do for fun, Well I enjoy long walks in the cook of the night, watching the sunrise, and could perhaps win a few rounds of various FPS like Doom, Quake, Halo, those sorts of things. Doom 3 being a favorite of mine."

Kyle takes the glass and moves over to the table but doesn't serve himself. He brings his book with his, setting it down as he leans back with the glass, sipping. "Mm.. good stuff." He looks over to Jason for a moment. "Any Swedish fish in there? Because I swear to god, I'll get a bulldozer to get my hand on those."

Mei's voice rises, in comment. "They don't hit on debauchees." she teases Skeeve, reaching around to wrap her arm around him, leaning. Mei pauses "Oh, Lakshmi found that. Sorry." Mei commented and kinda admitted, suddenly serious, and pink tinted. Skeeve gets a comfortable lean on him as she eats, definantly eating enough for a small family. She soon sets to bite Skeeve's sleeve. Its got what reptillians crave..

Skeeve grins a little at that, wolfing down his food in little to no time. "So what's up with swedish fish - are they a specific breed or something?" He wriggles his sleeve out of Mei's grasp, or at least tries to. "Hey, I'm going to need that!"

Jason looks over to Kyle as he asks, "Swedish fish?" and then when Mei says Lakshmi found it he says, "Leave it to a toddler to find the candies hidden." and he starts to eat and takes his time to eat. He's enjoying the company as he finally says, "I don't remember the last time I sat down to a home cooked meal with my friends and family...." he says.

Kyle looks between Skeever and Jason, his eyes wide. "Heretics!" He smiles though, leaning on the table. "No, they're a type of gummy candy from back home. I could eat tons of them, oh how I miss them." He sniffles slightly, actually looking upset for a moment. "I'm sure I can find them somewhere though."

Mei KYUUS at Skeeve! She squeaks and tries to bite at the sleeve while its being yanked away. Mei pauses... "Oh! The red things.." Mei reaches into her bag to toss a small container of them to Kyle. Her grin showing. "I bought them for Miss Nancy she seems to like sweets so if I bump into her again I could cheer her up."

Skeeve just snickers a little. "And suddenly I feel out of place again. It's been a while since that's happened. So you're teaching Mei the ways of the force and to become a jedi, like her father?"

Jason listens to the jokes and taunts as Skeeve's last comment gets the attention of the Jedi master, "like her father?" and he looks at Mei also asking if she had left something out as he clearly does not get the reference.

Kyle grabs the package out of the air, ripping open the top and inhaling with a sigh, "Oh my darling lovlies, how I've missed you. Never leave me ever again." IT's not creepy, honestly. He looks at Skeeve then back to Jason. "Really bad Star Wars reference. I'll explain it later."

Mei ers a bit "My father was an illusionist and an Ascetic.." she tilts her head.. "What are you on about?" she asked, just looking horribly confused. Yes. Mei is trying to make sure she's on Nancy's good side. She blinks a bit, looking entirely confused as all hell. She looks to Kyle like he might know what Skeeve's about. Mei sighs and reaches over, stuffing her hand up Skeeve's shirt, aiming to nipple pinch him in retaliation.

Skeeve snorts a little at that. "It's just a bad jo-OWWWWWWWW!" He squirms, grabs his chest. "That hurt!" He makes a fake teary face in Mei's direction.

Jason looks over at Kyle, "Ah from those movies in your world. I get the feeling if I see them I am gonna have some serious issues with how the Jedi order was in it." and he takes a drink of soda as he relaxes. "So Skeeve, You know of my universe as well as Kyle?" Finally when he has finished his meal he says, "Wonderful Meal Mei, You are an excellent Cook." and he bows to his student in respect and thanks.

Kyle looks at Jason for a moment. "I don't think so, from what I can tell, they seem to be almost disgustingly identical. It's creepy really. I mean, I'm a little creeped out that Arali identified the Obi Wan Kenobi action figure, even though to me it looks like the actore who played him in the movies." HE shakes his head, "I'm not even going to think about it." He pulls out one of the little red fish, looks at it, with a big smile, and bites off the head.

Mei snerks "You'll get over it." she snags Skeeve's hat, plopping it atop her head, goofily. "I .. like to cook. But its really all alchemy." she murmured. Her arms wrapping in along Skeeve's shoulder. "Maybe I should take to living here, Away from Lecher man the be pimp hatted!"

Skeeve laughs a little. "I'm familiar only in the most vague of senses." He pats Mei a little. "I'm not completely a lecher!"

Jason nods as he says, "I see, Still wish I knew what happened to Vader and his crew some time ago." and he leans back as he starts to collect his dishes, "Let me get your dishes." then when he notes Kyle biting the head off he says, "Meanie." to the effect and starts to get things collected.

Kyle points the decapitated fish at Jason. "There are rituals for eating these you know! The precepts must be obeyed!" He nods his head and tosses the rest of the gummi into his mouth, chewing.

Jason asks, "is it anything like eating off the ears of Chocolate rabbits first?"

Mei is lost! She settles to stand up, her arms around to kiss Skeeve "You headed home or are you going to crash my house?" she asked, warmly.

Skeeve grins a little. "I may take off - I'm still a little peaked to sleep yet. Sorry, Mei." He pats her lightly on the shoulder.

Mei grins a bit offedly.. "Who said I was headed to bed." she asked, noticably teasing Skeeve. She shifts, propping into his lap "Right here would be fabulous if you'd rub for me. I'm a little sore from getting tackled into a door frame by Lakshmi's best friend."

Kyle nods, "Similar, but these are better than chocolate bunnies." He smiles eating a few more fish, making sure to bite the heads first every time.

Skeeve just shakes his head a little, leers at Mei a little as he idly starts rubbing her feet. "You kids these days..."

Jason will head inside to put the dishes in the washer before coming outside. Despite the lack of droids Jason feels more in touch with this place, more attuned to it. His senses open and he is clearly relaxed. He'll sit down next to kyle with some gummy worms and offer them if some one wants them. "Hehehe, You have a point. Skeeve, you do know all are welcome in the enclave so long as they come in peace correct?" he was about to ask why he had not come by sooner to inspect Mei's newest teacher, but chooses not to.

Skeeve shakes his head a little in return at that. "Actually, I hadn't known that. Ambitious project. I hope it works out for you."

Kyle flips open his book again, idly gazing at the words in it. He politely refuses the worms as he continues with his fish. Fish are superior to worms after all, the food chain says so. Except on those plaents where worms are the size of buildings.

Mei mms a bit "I'm older than you." she teased Skeeve.. "I need to go try on the lingerie thats kinda hot since its custom fit and may need tweaking before its wearable for me. " she teased, her weight shifting to stand on Skeeve's knees, weightlessly, her weight bouncing to kiss Skeeve's lips, just once. "You still have the key so if you wanna tag." she teased, starting off before giving Jason a kiss on the cheek and even applying one to Kyle's cheek and starting off.

Skeeve grins, patting Mei on the hip as she takes off. "Enjoy yourself, Mei. Take pictures!" He shakes his head a litttle. "Man, it's just creepy the way you eat those things."

Jason nods to Skeeve, "Yes, Won't be the first time I Laid the foundation of the Jedi order." he will return Mei's kiss before she leaves as he places it on her cheek. "I just hope I am not biting off more then I can chew. But with the doors open, those who have the inclination, and devotion can help Build the foundation of the order. Provide security to the People of twisted." he says.

Kyle pats Mei on the shoulder, giving Skeeve an almost wicked grin. "I've eaten them this way since I was a kid. I do it with animal crackers and gummi bears too. I think the reason was they suffer less if you decapitate them outright." He sips some of his wine, wine and gummies a gourmet's choice. He smiles and turns back to his book, still keeping an ear on the conversation.

Skeeve just smirks slightly, chortling a little. "So what are your plans for tonight, then?"

Jason crosses his arms as he things, "Well, I was thinking about inspecting Kyle's Lightsaber and if he's prepared and made it correctly show him how to charge and active it to night. If he is up to it that is." he says looking over to Kyle.

Kyle nods without even looking up from the book. "I'm always up for any training. You know that." He pops a few more fish bodies in his mouth.

Jason stands up as he gets his over Robe, "Then go and get your lightsaber, and meet us in the Meditation chamber. If Skeeve would like to join us that is." he offers Skeeve a chance to witness this important milestone for Kyle if he is willing.

Skeeve stands up straighter at that. "Actually, I do have business I have to be about. Thank you for the offer, however."Jason nods as he will shake the Hand of Skeeve. "It was a pleasure to meet you, and if perchance you have time in the future, perhaps you could tell me of these other jedi you met that had no sense of humor?" he asks.

Skeeve grins a little at that. "It's a story for another time, to be sure" He shakes Jason's hand in return. "It was a pleasure to meet you. You as well, Kyle."

Kyle closes his book and stands, draining the last of his wine. "Good to meet you too, Skeeve." HE tucks the packet of fish into his pocket, and heads back in, probably towards his room.

Jason nods and says, "I am sure it is, take care and may the Force be with you." Jason offers the typical jedi well wishing to his new friend.

Meditation Chamber This is the Meditation chamber, it is sound proofed, very still, and calm. The large room is able to hold a large multitude of people each one able to rest, relax, and meditate. The floor is very soft, and while there are some pillows on the ground for more traditional styles of meditation, there are also couches, chairs, where one can relax and reflect without being in the way of those here.

Jason is in the meditation room awaiting for Kyle to return with his lightsaber. He had made the blue prints he gave kyle so that his power cell would need charging, and that will be done by the force. As is per tradition with all lightsabers. There he stands having prepared a special seat for kyle to help him charge the saber, if he constructed it correctly.

Kyle walks in carrying the saber at his side. He seems to have deviated from the standard a bit, adding his own personal touch to it. The hilt is long, almost as if a double sided saber, but it is still a single blade. He walks over to Jason, holding it out. "Here you go."

Jason when he accepts if seems to roll it in his hands even rubbing his fingers. he Jedi master runs his hands over it and says, "It will give you good leverage for defense," and there he needs roughly five minutes to focus on the crystal, "Well done, All that needs it to charge it through the force." and he leads Kyle to the seat. and he almost drops the saber on the small platform and he blushes, "seems you have made a saber only you will be able to wield. The Crystal like mine is uniquely intune with you and it as you can see effects those who handle it." he says proudly.

Kyle coughs slightly, looking at the saber. He takes the seat, watching as Jason places it on the platform. "How so? You mean it's uncomfortable for you to hold?" HE looks down at it again, tapping his lips. "Odd.."

Jason smiles as he says, "No just a slight numbness to my fingers." and there he says "Sit. This room is at the very center of the Force Nexus I found. It will help you channel the force into your crystal and then into the power cell for charging. When you are calm and centered we can begin." and he leans against the wall as Jason answers, "It's uncommon, but not unheard of for some crystals to allow only the maker to use a lightsaber."

Kyle smiles slightly, "Huh.. interesting." He takes a few breaths, letting himself relax. He manages to center himself much faster than he was able to just a few short months ago. He nods to Jason to signify he's ready.

Jason smiles as he says, "Now open your senses to the energy around here. Feel it as you draw in breath, picture your self breathing that energy into your lungs. As the Air fills your body and transfers to your blood feel the energy fill your body, but do not expel it. When the energy reaches the point where to feel like you might burst when you exhale reach out with your mind and lift your saber into the air, with the blade lens pointing up. Feel the saber with your mind...."

Kyle closes his eyes, slowing his breathing even more. He opens himself up to the force, letting it flow inside of him. He pulls on it slowly, either out of caution or out of just not being able to gether the energy together that quickly. Soon he's holding what he can, a small amount, but more than he's been able to do so far. Slowly the saber floats up smoothly, rotating till the lens is directed at the ceiling.

Jason watches as Kyle lifts the saber up smoothly and there he says, "See the construction and the path the energy will take to form the blade, where it leaves the lightsaber, and where it returns flowing back into the saber. As you exhale picture your breath as the energy in your body, and the energy around you, flowing into the part of the saber when it returns. Don't force it let it flow naturally." he says and offers Kyle no help, it would only detracted from what Kyle has to learned, "As the blade accepts more and more, you will feel when it is fully charged. When it will accept no more, reach out take hold of your saber, and turn it on." Jason has sensed that Kyle has placed his Gem perfectly it will not explode.

Kyle moves the gathered energy into the saber, once again pouring it in slowly, almost as if he's afraid to over charge it. It takes a few minutes but soon the flow slows to a trickle, and the cuts off. He keeps the saber floating though. He opens his eyes and grabs the saber, looking at it for a moment. He presses the switch in with his thumb, smiling as the deep orange light emerges. "Well, I'll be damned."

Jason smiles as he looks proudly to Kyle and says, "Congratulations Kyle, You would officially be A full fledge Padawan were we in my native universe. And I know you most likely won't wear it, but here." and he opens up a small box and there he pulls out some tan robes and over coat. He offers it to Kyle, "Padawan robes. If you felt inclined to wear them." he says.

Kyle takes them, looking them over, "Well, I can while I'm in the conclave, and training. Would probably be best. Out in Twisted though.. not that I'd be embarassed, but some people might want to pick a fight, ya?"

Jason nods and says, "I know but in time my student you will find those robes will provide far, far better protection then any armor ever could. Trust me I know." Jason says, "most jedi robes of my era can be equipped with a number of under and over lays. Most are treated and empowered by the wearer to act like armor even passively. Offering absolute freedom of movement as well."

Kyle releases the button, the energy blade disappearing back into the hilt. He turns it over in his hands again. "True, true. Just needs some getting used to, you know? I mean, sometimes I still wake up expecting to be back home in my old apartment."

Jason nods and smiles, "perhaps perhaps not. But even if this is a dream, how you act and live in it can be just as important as if it was the waking world."

Kyle stands up, clipping the saber to his belt. It would look out of place, except for the other techno-gadgets he wears. "I guess that's true enough. I've been studying some of my home world's philosophy, some of it is remarkable similar. Some say dreams are just us in another.. uh.. dimension for lack of a better word."

Jason nods and smiles, "Well maybe Mei was right, we are all dreaming when we are here. but who knows. And Pholosiphy is kinda endless."

Kyle laughs, "I said some of it is relevant. Not all of it. Besides, it gives you a headache after a bit, even if it is good to know."

Jason nods, "Yeah We can leave it to those trained in it and to historians."

Kyle sits down on the floor, crossing his legs under him. He yawns, covereing his mouth a bit too late to hide it. "Any more student come recently? Just curious."

Jason head shakes, "No not recently most are still not too sure they are willing to make the sacrifices to become a jedi." jason yawns himself. He's not been sleeping too well. He's been busyt as hell last few weeks, training his students and trying to fulfill his duties of a Jedi to the public.

Kyle seems to pick up on that easily enough. "You're wearing yourself out. You should get yourself some rest once in a while." He crosses his arms, looking at the Exile with a bit of a smile.

Jason leans back and nods, "Yeah I hoping that soon you, Arali, and Belle, can start picking up some of the things I am doing. It's really taxing me to try and help all I can. I'm just not sure how to organize you three and who would be the leader. You know knowledge only some masters would have, yet they grew up with the force from day one...." he says

Kyle leans forward putting his elbows on his knees. He takes on a tone that makes him sound like he's quoting someone or something. "The hallmark of a true leader in knowing when he has to step back and let another lead. Each should lead in their own element."

Jason looks over to his student and asks, "Where did you get that very true remark..." Kyle smiles slightly. "I said I've been studying. Trying to broaden my knowledge as it were, you know. so I can do things other than make large impressive machines that blow up."

Jason nods and says, "Some how given your knowledge of things, you might make the best choice of leader. but even then, there would be a chance of your information turning out wrong...." Jason clearly has a challenge to make this choice.

Kyle shrugs slightly. "Always a possibility. I'm not much of a leader though, I've never been good with people. Sure I can memorize things, and work with my hands, but I can't inspire people and I know that."

Jason listens to kyle's words as he said, "Interesting choice of words. Almost reminded me of Kreia, yer not her in disguise are ya?" and he starts looking kyle up and over again...

Kyle laughs, "No, but you're right, it does sound a lot like her. I just can't do it for different reasons. She was creepy, people just naturally didn't like her. I'm just not good with people. I put my foot in my mouth a lot, or end up getting stressed out."

Jason nods as he says, "Well I shoudl get some rest, as should you. I will need to put you through your tests tomorrow. See how well you can channel the force. So get a good night's rest my friend."

Kyle stands up, bowing slightly, actually being slightly formal for once. "Sure, still can't call ya master though, right?" He smiles slightly, okay, so not too formal. "I'll be sure to go to sleep in a bit."

Jason smiles as he looks to Kyle, "Arali and Belle call me that, only because it is natural for them, if you really wanted to, you could." he says and to be honest the title is starting to grow upon him.

Kyle laughs, "Well, you are the only Jedi Master here. He scratches his head. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow then." HE bows again and heads for the door."

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