2009-05-30 (PreU) Cal and NNY's BOGUS JOURNEY pt 1

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Cal and NNY's BOGUS JOURNEY pt 1

Summary: Yeah, I'm going a little crazy over the idea of a new NNY log. I miss the maniac. There's a large part of my personality buried in there and it makes me feel good to get to drag him out again. AAAAANYWAYS, Caliga detours into the plains of Hell in Part 1 of an adventure around the Underworld. Today's adventure brings them to meet the oookie spooky Xipe Totec, better known as Pinhead!


This is a NNY log after all and he's pretty TICKED OFF. Expect lots and lots and LOTS of profanities.

Who: Caliga, Johnny_C, Xipe_Totec
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: Hell

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Mouth of the Canyon(#2956R)

Somehow you’ve found yourself staring down into the depths of a massive canyon which breaks up the seemingly endless planes and plummets down into the surface of the ground below. From here you can see vast skyscrapers reaching up as if trying to escape. It’s as if an entire city somehow fell down into the depths below. Much like everywhere else around here, there’s no signs of life. But that almost feels like a bad joke in these parts…

Hell, home of the damned and forsaken. Really a nice place to vacation in at times. A pair of really awesome sunglasses adorn Caliga's face as he struts through Hell, drawing strange looks from its denizens, wondering just what in the blue blazes he's doing. He whistles a loud tune, having waltzed right on through the waiting room, swam across the river, causing the oarsman to stare in awe as someone does a backstroke in a river filled with the souls of the damned. "Now... Lets see... Part one. Find the maniac. Part two. Talk to the Hell Council. Part Three... Kill Hild. Part three can wait though. Other fish to fry first."

Of course, passing through the endless wastes of hell, the only denizens here are in hiding. Vast emptiness is all that greets him until he makes his way to one of the abandoned cities. Literally sunk into the ground within a crater, this massive metropolis seems fine, if not empty. No sounds, no moving people or vehicles. Not even a neon sign glowing to show the way. Faintly the sound of something scuttling can be heard somewhere in the maze of buildings below. Scuttling... scraping... something is moving down there and it's very slowly getting closer. The only way to find out is to proceed downwards, but then why would you want to run from this calm serenity. Is that burning flesh you smell in the distance? That's only a mild summer breeze in these parts...

The shades are adjusted as Caliga seems to be grinning slightly over this. "Welp. Don't sense the psychoman anywhere, so I guess I may have to go onto Part two of the plan. Well. Maybe part one and two can be combined.." He laughs loudly before leaping off the edge of the canyon, diving headfirst down into the cavernous expanse. He turns his body to land on his feet, a loud *KATHUD!* echoing out through the sirene silence.

The Forgotten City(#2148R)

Reaching the bottom of the canyon, you find yourself at the edge of the ruined city. Paved streets branch out in all direction amongst fallen buildings. A dense fog seems to clutch onto the ruins tightly as if protecting them from whatever may pass by. The old decrepit cars and bit of newspapers which litter the streets force an air of silence on the landscape. Even the stale air itself seems to imply death, or the wake of some great tragedy.

As the dust settles around Hell's newest intruder the faint scraping noise comes to an abrupt stop. There's a long moment's pause before the distinct sound of metal clanging against the broken pavement rings out as something runs not away, but towards. A glass window breaks. Something smashes against a wall. Where it not for the chaotic energies raging around this universe it would be easy for Caliga to detect something about his stalker. But that chokingly thick layer of chaos and rage which binds everything in this relm together should be too great, even for him. If only there was somewhere or someone to ask for directions...

"Oh! A native!" Caliga seems to be enjoying this excursion quite immensely as he breaks into a light jog, heading straight for the area where the sound of breaking glass came from. "Anyone seen a madman roamin' about? He answers to Johnny, and he's got a serious hatred for the word wacky. I mean come on, wacky! Of all the words to hate, why wacky? Why not silly? Crazy? Really. Wacky?"

From the second story of the shop comes a scream of rage. Plunging out of another window, a thin figure dressed in bloodied robes or maybe an apron of sorts, and weilding a bladed weapon the size of his body comes SCEAMING out of the building in a shower of glass, the weapon aimed directly at Caliga's head. Depending on how Hell's intruder reacts the figure will eventually hit the ground, the weight of the weapon he weilds alone will fracture the pavement around him. His body is as black as the void, and if that's not obvious enough his burning red eyes peering out of the goggles on his head should make him very easy to identify.


"Yo!" Caliga simply waves his right hand at Johnny, as he nimbly dodges the incoming blade. "You seem to be having one heck of an adventure Johnny." He blinks at the spiderwebbed pavement, and laughs, trying to decide if he should humor the poor boy, piss him off even more, or try the tactful approach of redirecting his anger elsewhere. "So. I gotta ask. Why in the world would you decide to go and have wacky and bizarre adventures in Hell, when you know.. You're still alive?"

Johnny pays no heed to his words as he goes to strike again, he screams once more as he charges fowards straining to lift the massive seven foot weapon at such a level as to split his opponent at the waist. Hopefully Caliga will think to move again instead of trying to block it. There's not much in the universe this weapon won't cut through effortlessly. How in the Hells did Johnny get ahold of it? "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU GODDAMNED SON OF A BITCH! YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU DONKEY RAPING, SHIT EATER!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'VE HAD TO GO THROUGH THANKS TO YOU?!? DO YOU?!?!?" Assuming Caliga will move out of the way Johnny will spin around on his heels holding the weapon extended in a deadly spiral around him. Taking it from him probably won't work. He's gripped it in a tight death grip, if you'll pardon the pun. The spin will throw him off balance causing him to say hello to the cracked pavement with his face. Poor NNY.

"Yeah, I brought your pathetic ass back to life, helped get rid of all your baggage that was making you mopey and pathetic to begin with..." Caliga nimbly leaps into the air, and lands on the flat of the blade, riding it around like some sort of amusement park ride, until NNy's face collides with Mister Concreate. "YOU put yourself in the position you're in. You're alive you dumbshit. You have to eat and sleep sometimes. Obviously, you forgot about that after the whole Metropolis affair. Dumbass."

Johnny pulls himself off the ground, blood dripping freely from open wounds that the darkness wrapped around him is already trying to heal. "GrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRR SHUT UP!!! YOUR THE ONE WHO FUCKED UP MY LIFE! FUCKED UP MY HEAD! TURNED MY FRIENDS AGAINST ME! YOU EVEN STOLE MY LAST BURRITO!!!" Did he? It hardly matters. "I'VE KILLED PEOPLE I SWORN I'D PROTECT AND IT'S -YOUR FAULT-!!!" Actually, on that last one he's telling the truth. Caliga's damage to his already damaged mind certaintly had a hand in that. By now Johnny's back on his feet, holding the massive weapon in front of him and wobbling slightly from the weight. "Fucking faggot. YOU STUPID TURTLE HUMPING SON OF A BITCH!! YOU TOOK HER FROM ME!!! YOU TOOK THE ONLY PERSON I FUCKING CARED ABOUT AWAY FROM ME!!" ...what?


"..I don't even like burritos!" A slight vein twitch appears upon Caliga's forehead as he vanishes, and reappears behind the maniac, moving to plant his right foot right in the back of the mans head. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING?! I DIDN'T TAKE ANYONE AWAY FROM YOU, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF USED ANAL CLOTH!" He grumbles loudly as tries to center himself, instead of slipping into the maniacs frame of mind. "You fucked your own life up. You fucked it up on Earth, you blew it to hell on Neo-Tokyo, you masterbated and shit on it on Metropolis, you gangbanged it on Chronos, and you've done nothing but point fingers on Twisted. For fucks sakes..."

The maniac stumbles, nearly falling again if it wheren't for the blade in his hands hitting the ground first and keeping him upright. He listens to the counter-rant long enough for his head to quit spinning. "FUCK OFF YOU FLACID, ZIT FACED, CHUNK OF MOLDY COW-DUNG!!! At least -I- never fucked over the only fucking people I had on my side when they FINALLY where going to give you enough of a chance to redeem yourself BY FUCKING OBLITERATING THAT GODDAMNED COUNCIL!! You damn well FUCKED THAT UP, DIDN'T YOU!?!?" He doesn't bother lifting the weapon again. Maybe he needs a break from it. "BUT ON TOP OF IT ALL, YOU! YOU DICK-BRAINED, USED TAMPON!! YOU FUCKED WITH -MY- HEAD! YOU FUCKED WITH -MY- HEAD AND TURNED EVERYONE AGAINST ME AND BEFORE I COULD FUCKING COME TO GRIPS WITH ANYTHING I FUCKING KILLED SAMANTHA!!!!! YoU FuCkInG MaDe Me KiLl SaMAnThA YoU DOuChEBAG!!" Oh shit... his rage pushes him over the edge and suddenly the maniac is lifting the weapon effortlessly, waving it around to match his fury. His eyes are now nothing but tiny red specks beneath the goggles on his face, goggles that seem to be warping and contorting into a glare of anger. "I ReMeMbEr it AlL NoW, CaLiGA... EvERyTHiNG!!!!"

The man slowly narrows his eyes, and lowers his head. "I take blame for Sammy. However, I turned no one against you Johnny... and you know this... You turned them against you. Yes, I sealed your memories, brought you back to life, and tried to allow you to have a natural restart, instead of being a god damned tool of some lazy fat baby in a chair." He points his finger directly at Johnny's face. "AND, aS yOu CAn SeE, You ARe aLrEaDy fAlLInG bAcK INtO oLd HaBitS." He lifts his head up to meet the maniacs gaze. "I've come to take you back to Twisted Johnny. You're not dead, you don't belong in this retched place. Hate me, blame me, do whatever the fuck you want, but I fucking tried to help you. You chose your actions on numerous worlds. YOU made the choice. Not me. I didn't carve the doughboys, you did. I didn't kill all those people, or lock them in my basement. YOU did. Don't you FUCKING DARE try to blame me for all of your god damned problems."


Obviously something of all that registers in his head as the weapon seems to take weight again. Guilty of damaging his own life or not, he poses a valid question, "WHY DID YOU TELL DEVI NOT ACT LIKE ANYTHING HAD HAPPENED? WHY DID YOU TELL THEM TO PRETEND LIKE I HAD JUST ARRIVED?!?!? -THAT- TURNED THEM AGAINST ME!" His voice deepens as it falls darker into almost an ambient growl, "...you took away both my mind and my identity for what??? SoMe kInD oF sIcK pErVErTeD PleAsUrE?!?"

"Because, what would you have done, if you found out you lost all of your memories, of the evils you commited. I could only take away so much without destroying you. Like it or not, you are needed. You were about to destroy everything, like you already had once before! I told the only person who showed any sort of feelings towards you besides 'Oh, the crazy guy' to pretend like you just arrived, so you could be eased into it. You know the exact moment on Metropolis this all became the snowball effect. Once you were on Twisted, what did you do? You created Tabitha. I screwed up, but unlike the others, who furthered it all, or just outright treated you like a reject, I saw something in you to become more then the universes bitch." Caliga sighs and lowers his hand, slowly shaking his head. He reaches into his armor, and pulls out a cigarette, as his form then changes into that of a teenaged boy in a red jacket. He reaches into his left jacket pocket, and pulls out a lighter. He lights the cigarette and takes a long drag. "Would you have rather been the cause of the destruction yet again?"

Johnny drops his weapon into the ground, the blade piercing the street and going about 3 feet into it. He shakes his head a moment before covering his eyes with his palm. "...I'm a flusher..." He lets a long pause ring out before continuing, "That's the only important thing I have to do in the entire universe. It's the only thing I can do without SCREWING UP. It's what I'm SUPPOSED to do. I've come to grips with that. Jeeze, no wonder I'm fucking IN HELL. You took away the only thing that made me remotely important in the whole of existance." ...so what was Chronos then? "Fucking Christ... I get it." He pauses another moment to think. Picking up the weapon he cracks a hole into the pavement leading down into the sewers below. "WAIT. DIABLO FUCKING LIED TO ME THEN!!! GODDAMMNIT!!!!!" He doesn't hesitate to drop down into the sewers below as he scans around. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!!!" Wait? What about Caliga? Johnny seems to have his own goals in mind now...

"Onward we go! Time for phase two!" Caliga grins slightly as he gives chase after the maniac, leaping down into the sewers with him. Of course, it doesn't take him long to catch up to the raving lunatic. "So. As you can see, I'm risking my neck coming after your ass, when you have a horned crossdresser making you promises. Kinda funny in a way 'ya know?"

Tunnels in the Darkness(#4120R)

Extending outward from the Sewers are large numbers of winding tunnels, each one stretching into the depths below and the seemingly never ending darkness. The farther you travel, the greater the heat seems to be as if traveling into a great furnace. After a distance, the crumbling tunnel walls seem to fall away revealing vast nothingness which goes on in every direction. Where it not for the metal railing one might plummet to their deaths in the unending blackness. To make matters worse at various points the walkways seem to break, cutting off abruptly and forcing one to leap onto the next section. It’s too late to go back now. The only way to go is down, and the further you go the hotter it gets. At the lowest levels the metal itself has begun to glow from the intense unseen fires. Tread carefully…

Johnny does a good amount of ignoring Caliga as he uses his weapon to cleave through a heavy iron gate revealing the darkness below. How the maniac came to know the way around this place is something of a mystery, but it probably explains the weapon he carries as well. Carefully dragging his new toy along the metal railings (so as not to cut them too deeply), the weapon sends an ungoddly noise through the air as the metal is scrapped upon by more metal. After the third or forth junction makes the maniac leap onto another baddly balanced walkway, he finally decides to aknowledge his companion. "...I haven't forgiven you. I just have bigger fish to fry..."

"Hey, so do I." Caliga merely continues to follow Johnny, eyeing his sword from time to time. He knows full well that while the maniac may be pissed, its not like he'll be turning his attention back onto Caliga any time soon. "After all is said and done, I'm taking your ass back up top. I'm pretty sure Cruxie would like to see ya, since his grand escape from here."

The maniac raises an eyebrow at that. "Wait... Crux? Crux was down here? Goddamnit.. he woulda been fun to run around with. I swear, I don't think I've seen him do anything but sleep. I wonder what he did that was so bad he ended up down here?" If he only knew... "There's these things down here. Big mean fuckers. I call them Pyramid Heads because... well.. they have these big pyramid head-helmet-thingies. They carry the most bad assed giant weapons! Hard as FUCK to kill... Took me the better part of a month to get this puppy." He refers to his knew blade obviously. "Their clothes ain't too shabby either..." This explains the blood soaked rags he's wearing. Eww.

"The fucker has a mean punch. That shit hurt." Caliga grumbles slightly as he continues following the maniac through the muck and grime. "Pyramid Heads? Sounds like they'd be fun to kick about. But that can wait. Priorities. First things first, a fine how-do-you-do to the Hell Council, then we go back up top, then I come back down later on and kill the wannabe Hell Queen."

A Decision(#4408R)

At the farthest level down you can go, you find yourself standing outside a massive metal pressure door. The hand wheel seems connect to several blades which extend out into the frame of the door. The blades are called as such because they appear to be sharpened to a razor’s edge. Is this massive door here to keep things in, or to keep things out? A faded old sign hanging beside the door warns that travelers who pass through this door can not pass through it again. There’s a chance it is only there to scare people, but are you willing to take that chance?

Their progress through the darkness as lead them not only closer to a seemingly unbarable heat, but a door seemingly built to keep out the whole of existance. Johnny looks up at the door as he listens, but spins around as something said catches his attention. "Wha-what? You pissed off CRUX enough to HIT YOU? Fuuuck. I tried pretty hard to push him to that point when I first met him. I didn't think he had it in him..." He shakes his head as he touches the door, sending the handle spinning open. "Those Pyramid Heads? If you kill them? They let you roam about freely." He smirks as he pushes the door the rest of the way open. "...then again, I'm the only one I've seen walking around freely like this... Maybe I'm the only one stupid enough to try to kill one?"

"I know quite a bit about the Advent. Partly in thanks to you, and then his teacher. The guy contracted me to fight Crux during the tournament. Surprised you missed that. Finals came down to me and Cruxie. Sunovabitch cheats. He hit me with the god damned time stream. Of course, I won, but still. That hurt." Caliga grumbles as he rubs his face, seemingly remembering actually being caused real pain. He then grins as Johnny explains about being allowed to roam freely. "Well, I've got something else thanks to you that may help in keeping the nasties at bay, but, yeah. You're the only one dumb enough to kill one."


The sight around you is a gruesome one indeed. Bodies litter the floor haphazardly. Some of the heads have been removed and put on display along table which stretch from one end of the hall to the other. Candles are burning everywhere. The smell is not of decay, or of burning wax, but burning flesh. These candles will never go out, and should someone cross this dark room with any form of light in their possession, the corpses here will scream out in anguish as the light casts upon them. As the door leading to the worlds above is blocked, the only choice for one who finds themselves here is to climb over the bloodied corpses and try to see if there’s somewhere less horrible beyond. Of course… you could always stay here…

Johnny grins stupidly, his tounge sticking out in the process. Clearly he's proud of his accomplishment. As they step through the doorway it slams shut tightly behind them causing the blades built into lock to spin and lock into the wall around it sealing it, seemingly, forever. As they stand in the darkness the air has noticebly changed. The heat is gone, and a bone-chilling cold has taken it's place. There is the slight smell of rot in the air and abruptly the room becomes brightly lit thanks to dozens upon dozens of candles burning on the corpses of those who've chosen to give up instead of attempt to go further.

Perhaps giving up isn't the best choice of words. In the white light coming in from the far end of the room, chains dangle from the celing. A tall, dark, silohette comes into view slowly making his way towards the duo. The candle light licks off the multitude of pins and needles jammed into his skin, the flesh cut into perfect squares around his head. This man with souless eyes caresses a small puzzlebox as he glares angrily at the intruders. His voice echoes off the walls, the deep dark sound that Johnny's angriest screams can only fail to imitate. "ChILd... yOU'vE rEtURnEd, AnD yOU'Ve bROugHT SOmEonE wITh yOu. A pLAymATe? SoMEoNe nEw TO jOIn OuR rAnKs?" As this demon scans over them more carefully, his eyes narrow more as recognition hits him. "...CALLIGA. YoU Do NoT BeLOnG hERe... YeT... WHy hAvE YoU CoMe? WhAt BuISnEsS do YoU HAvE iN mY DoMAin?" This being, this... Pinhead, will possibly be like nothing Caliga has felt before. He's not just dark, or evil... he's pure. Nothing in Hell save for the Great Old One himself will ever come close to this thing's demonic pressence.

A simple wave is given to Pinhead as Caliga then bows towards him. "I've come to reclaim one of mine. The maniac is mine, by both the old rules and new. No claim was laid down upon him until I came along, and I laid claim. My name courses through his veins, as you can very well see. I've also come to pay greetings to those who claim rulership upon this realm. Surely you know of the false one who roams about, claiming this realm as their dominion. They have caused me unrest, which is why I have come to speak to the council. I wish safe passage to cleanse both Hell, and Twisted of their presence. Other then that, I have no desire to remain here. My boredom is not great enough to use this world as a vacation spot. You have your duties, and I have mine." He slowly rises from his bow, and smiles politely towards Pinhead, reaching into his jacket to pull out another cigarette, his previous one long since gone. "I do not wish for a war between the councils to happen, yet if the one who lays false claim continues their actions, one of the factions will be forced to act upon it, taking offense upon the other for preventing the rampant back and forth trips."

Xipe Totec's glare doesn't change. Infact, it seems to grow darker as he listens, "I dOn'T cArE AbOuT YoUR PoLiTiCs oR thE oNEs HeRE... I SeRvE bUt OnE GoD, AnD iT iS nOt YoU... I WiLL AlLoW YoU To PAsS BuT kNoW THiS. I GuARd ThEsE ReAlMS. I hAvE DoMinIOn HeRe. YoU MAY hAVe ImPoRTAnCe In YouR WoRlD, BuT yoU hAvE nOne in mINe. YoU mAY TAkE ThE ChiLD BeCAuSE hE doES NoT BElONG... BuT iF yOu ComE iNTo my REAlM uNiNViTeD AgAiN, I WilL TaKE GreAT pLEAsURe In SHoWInG YoU THe WAY I DeAl WitH PRoBlEMS." Striding across the room he hands a Lament Configuration over to Caliga and eyes Johnny a careful moment before turning away and heading back out towards the entrance. "NoT EvEn YoUR PrECiOUS CouNCilS KnOW of ThE DEpTHS Of MY SuFFeRiNG. ...As FOR thE WoUlD-BE QuEeN... ShE WouLd Do WiSE To PrAY YoU REacH HER BeForE i do...."

Johnny blinks as he listens to the conversations and promptly elbows Caliga as hard as he can in the ribs. "Fuck you. No one owns me, dick..."

"Shut it Johnny." Caliga nods his head towards Pinhead, before following him. "For me to deal with her properly, I will be returning in three days time to traverse the expanses of Hell on foot. While she is wannabe, I do need to play it careful. Now...Johnny. Lets go see the Transvestite Devil, shall we? We've got quite a bit to discuss with him. I must obtain permission for my goals, and you of course, need to get your retribution. Kind of fitting for it to happen in Hell of all places though..." He snickers quietly to himself, before moving to stand beside Pinhead at the entrance. "I will simply disable her. She's laid claims to your domain, so I believe its only fair you get to have your pleasure for showing me the grace of not removing my head upon sight."

Xipe Totec glares again, "I ToLd YoU... I CaRe NoT FoR PoLItICS. Do WHaT YoU WiLL, bUt Do NOt CRoSs Me..." As he steps into the light, Pinhead is gone.

Johnny glances around in confusion as the strange demon disappears. "Oooookaaay, that was intresting." He ponders it all carefully before shrugging it off with a bit of a song, "o/~Sweet transvestiiiiite..." That's a first.

"Well now, lead the way Johnny. You know the way better then I do." Caliga pockets the Lament Configuration, as his cigarette suddenly springs to life. "You meet all sorts of fun and exciting individuals in the most unexpected places. Remind me not to piss that guy off. He most likely would give me a really good run for my money."

Xipe Totec shrugs as he scans around the landscape. "Hmmm. Good plan, but you forgot something. I... have... no... idea..." He looks around more and shrugs again. "Y'know I knew that we had to come down here, but I'm not sure where the fuck we're going after that. I'd guessssss...." He points randomly. "That way!! That's where I found the Pyramid Head at." Sounds as good as any direction...

Johnny shrugs as he scans around the landscape. "Hmmm. Good plan, but you forgot something. I... have... no... idea..." He looks around more and shrugs again. "Y'know I knew that we had to come down here, but I'm not sure where the fuck we're going after that. I'd guessssss...." He points randomly. "That way!! That's where I found the Pyramid Head at." Sounds as good as any direction...

The True Hells - Endless Wastes and Fissures(#3154R)

Standing here amongst the wastes you are in the middle of nowhere, the central hub of travelling between the damned and more damned regions; though it's paradise to the truly evil and despicable.

The surface of this plane shifts with each step you take in a different direction, but each is just as horrible as the next. There are no pleasant places on this plane- just different degrees of disturbing, desolate and dangerous.

You stare upwards and what seems to be thousands of miles above is a solid surface- literally skies of blackened glistening staglamites in the billions upon billions, creating the impression of razor-sharp droplets gathering in black skies above. This however is not the truth, it is another surface trapping you both physically as well as the myriad of other methods denied to you.

Thousands of plump demonic cherubs with bat wings, who are used as low-level servants as well as just food, fly ahead for miles above. They can turn air and indeed anything (they can eat anything) into body mass. They're the only food around... better like eating demonic cherub meat.

There are gates in the distance, structures of jutting black molten-like rock mixed with veins of red and marble in a mish-mash of spiked horror. These lead to other dimensions on the same level equally as horrible.

"Righty then. Onwards. If we find another Pyramid Head, I may have to jack its sword. Maybe its helmet too. I kinda like those." Caliga grins as the cherry on the end of the cigarette glows a bright red for a few moments. "Just so you know, what I said may save your ass if it comes down to it. Those who are of my status really don't like having to go against another of the same status. It gets tedious and becomes an overall pain in the ass. And since its been stated in the only real place it'd matter, really? Don't worry about it."

"Blah, blah, blah." That's Johnny's ingenious response to it all. Although he does wonder briefly how Caliga knows a fucking thing about Pyramid Heads when he's only just encountered them here. He shrugs it off as he paces into the distance. "Look cock-sucker, I don't fucking care what you think you know, or what bullshit title you've claimed for yourself. Whoopty-fucking doo. I got to play god to a pissant planet full of Zealous idiots who wanted to save the future. Did that make me God? Did that make me give a rats ass when I had the opportunity to leave? Fuck no. We are scum. This is life. Or.... after life. So y'know? When walking around in Hell with someone who hates your guts? SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don't want to hear some bullshit about status or who's dick you sucked. We have better things to do..." He strains his eyes beneath his goggles, "...although another Pyramid hunt could be fun..."

"Exactly. Besides. I told you twice already. You're fuckin' alive dipshit. You ain't the scum of this world. You're the livings problem, and I intend to keep it that way. So. Lets try to find where they're hidin' at. I want one of their helmets." Caliga laughs loudly as he starts to float in the air next to the maniac, easily keeping pace.

Dis Outer Walls - Cerebus Gate(#2821R)

The Cerebus Gate, Entranceway to Dis and a Gatehouse forged the size of a mortal stadium turned on it's edge into an equally massive wall formed from what can only be described as mix of molten rock and onyx forged into a black and jagged yet strangely facinating substance. If it wasn't constantly splattered with blood or bodies with screams from within it might actually be considered asthetically pleasing. However, the True Hells are only asthetically pleasing for those who dwell here- masses upon masses of which you are now a part of.

The Gatehouse has gates constantly left open, one of which is broken in half right down to the center from some massive weapon. What creature could do that to such thick practically stone-formed gates as thick as a house? Completely unseen, though there are outlines of another second gate (Falling down gratings) probably equally as hellish that can come down in the event of conflict. Which is constantly in the True Hells.

Demons almost the size of the gates and small creatures winged with glowing eyes, to Liche lords and magnificent creatures with pale skin pass through this gate. The occasional Succubus with slaves passes with a small crowd, or a demon lord (And everyone clears the path). It's ripe for activity, kept free of carts or stalls for pain of torture. In fact, some denizens look like they'd torture you for kicks without a reason. That's the place you're about to enter- Dis, the one of most populated and diabolical cities in all the True Hells.

Looming out of the nothingness around them comes the massive city walls of the City of Dis. Sounds... souls... people! This place is as alive as a city of the damned can get! Johnny lightens up a bit as the citizens take notice of the two and begin to get out of their way. It could be Caliga's power, or it could be Johnny new weapon, but either way no one seems to want to mess with them. Making it towards the town center, NNY peers around and sighs. "Okay, so if I where the prince of darkness... where would I be?" His eyes lock onto a food court of sorts. Something foul is roasting inside. "That way!"

"No.. He'd be in there." Caliga points at the tower off in the distance. He glances at the people roaming around, some quite interesting to see, some he wants to kick sheerly out of principal. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a 'BOMB SUPER CHEESE BEAN BURRITO WITH HOT SAUCE!' that seems to actually have just been microwaved.. How in the hell does he do that? "Sure. I stole your burrito. Here." He hands the burrito over to Johnny, then points at the tower. "Now, thats where we are headin', got it?"

Johnny's eyes scan over and go WIDE as he spots that which forces his mouth to salivate. Y'know, that probably would have won him over from the start of this scene. The maniac nearly drops the blade as he lunges for his tortilla-wraped treat, but soon he abuses it by using the Great Knife to cut open the wrapper. Classy. Between a mouthful of food he nods, "Sore... sore... mmmmngat way eef good enough." Yeah, he really cares where he's going at this point.

Tower of Despair - City of Dis(#2206R)

Within this half destroyed tower, snapped in half but never falling, you can see pieces of the structure that float in the air as if in mid explosion. However, that is not the point of interest. In the center of the tower's inner floor is a monsterous hellgate guarded by two massive demons who bar passage except to the most elite of Hell's denizens.

"So. This is pretty cool." Caliga looks over at the hellgate, whistling loudly. He then looks over at the demons guarding it, seemingly not really willing to allow them to pass with ease. "Hey, Johnny... ready for your first lesson in flyin'?" A sadistic grin rises on Caliga's face as he suddenly vanishes, and grabs ahold of the back of the bloodsoaked apron, nimbly lifting the boy off the ground. "Whatever you do, don't hit the ground, okay?" He takes careful aim, and launches the maniac straight for the Hellmouth, before phasing into view next to him, leaving two very confused and pissed off guardians. "It's okay! We washed our hands.. well, at least I did!"

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